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tv   Unfiltered with Dan Bongino  FOX News  July 24, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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time. remember, never need to miss our show if you set your dvr and you can catch more of me at jeanine. thanks so much for watching, i'm jeanine pirro advocating for truth, justice and the american way. i'll see you next saturday night. ♪♪ ♪♪ dan: is the free world still free? here's what countries that aren't free look like. >> the war against crime in venezuela is at best gridlock. the country has the second highest murder rate in the world. >> do these criminal gangs, the real corporate corporate --
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>> the iranian regime put on a decent show today, their elections were free and fast but ask boycotts with just another deception. >> president biden reportedly over beijing action, free speech crackdown and call hong kong. dan: what if i told you all of those things were happening right here and other countries in a formerly pre-world? you have shoplifters now walking into stores, walking into stores with double bags and walking out of the stores with double bags, they are not running from just robbing and stealing, just walking out. law and order, opposite ends of the same points. as the country, other free countries around the world still free, are you free to post information on social media? should be able to do that,
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right? the biden administration clearly doesn't think so because they're trying to crush free speech right now, right here and they've shifted their target, did you catch it? from missus information to dis- information, check this out. >> is also responsibility of the people creating the content. there are conservative news outlets creating irresponsible content and sharing misinformation about the virus, it's getting shared on these platforms. dan: sorry, ms. information, even they are wrong, they are moving back and forth. the term is interchangeable these days. has this gone too far? when you've lost aco, i think it has. even the aco acl tweeted biden has gone too far. they put this out on their twitter account. member what president nixon claimed in the watergate? dangerous as chairman fpc?
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the nsa and not abuse surveillance programs by noting? it continued. no matter which part is a power, the government cannot be trusted to libby label truth or fiction any more than facebook or twitter can. welcome to the party, it's been a little while. thanks for joining in, the american civil. speaking of freedom which is rapidly evaporating in this country and around the world, one of the quickest ways to destroy a free, fair and open society is to corrupt law enforcement, got to have that. by the way, what the heck is going on at the upper levels of the fbi? check this out. >> both public testimony from the fbi and in private meetings alerts given to at least our company, i assume others as well that suggested we be on high alert that if a probe of documents appeared that we should do that suspicion, it
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might be part of a foreign manipulation attempt you want did you catch that? zuckerberg from facebook, plus october 28. did you catch what he said? he basically admitted the fbi waltzed into his office and these private meetings and suggested we should probably make the hunter biden thing go away. is this the same fbi upper levels of the fbi said it was a good idea to spy on president terms campaign? folks, listen. this is falling apart in front of our eyes. we are reaching a no return, the horizon quickly arriving. you can have a free society without good science, he got to throw signs out the window and make science propaganda and vice versa. did you see this story, the journal of the american association pediatrics, they had a study out, the study about the experiment the assessment of carbon dioxide content and
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inhaled with or without mask and healthy children. randomized clinical trial. that study was unpopular science on the left because it came to the conclusion that children without mask on for prolonged periods of time each day might suffer from hypercapnia, carbon dioxide, you're supposed to break that out. it's called respiration, some liberals are just figuring that out today. the study was retracted and the author was not happy about it, he suggesting as we seek this by greg piper that the retraction was political, the lead author said. interesting. you can't be free without free and honest press. happening here, no time soon. isn't it ironic the media, they are becoming the useful idiots of the war on free speech as they moved the goalpost on what free speech actually is, the media.
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rejected by the bill of rights themselves in a war on free speech. did you see this article by miles parks? outrage is a business model. then shapiro using facebook to build an empire. you see this gem in the article here? miles parks, npr. only covering specific stories bolstering the conservative agenda. leaders still come away from the content with the impression that republican politicians can do little wrong and cancel culture is among the nation's greatest threat. [laughter] who would have thought? conspiracy, a conservative outlet like the daily wire having the cojones to cover conservative news if that's it, put him in jail tomorrow. open the torture chambers. who would have thought? here is the worst part. you can't attack freedom without literally attacking freedom.
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have you seen what's gone on in australia right now, a formerly free country? check this out. >> across sydney, retail shops will now close, small list of essential stores can remain open. construction sites across the city shut down. from midnight tonight, 110 suburbs across livable, fairfield and bank account will be sealed shut. 900,000 residents who can't leave the area, even to work. dan: >> human nature to engage in conversation with others, to be friendly. unfortunately, this is not the time to do that. even if you run into a next-door neighbor in the shopping center any other grocery shop, don't start up a conversation now is the time to minimize interaction with others. dan: this is total crazy time.
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australia, ironically, is now worse than a prison colony. you could talk to other people but the australian political leaders and i'm using air quotes, even if you put a mask on, it's real. we didn't edit that to mess with and if you dare speak out, cancel culture comes for you, the vultures. they will go right in. it's causing people to self defense. the best weapon against all of us, antifreedom warriors and cancel culture, all the paul revere's out there. you know who you are. as a friend once told me that resonated with me, the overall leaders, we've been waiting for. here to talk about this is podcast host and adam corolla, thanks for joining us, appreciate it. >> thanks for having me, dan. dan: adam, this cancel culture
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obviously is a cancerous disease infecting the country, i know you are in this is much as i am but there's no limiting feature to this at all given perfections abound, i don't know any perfect you could be walking on planet earth now, there's no limit, any one of us could be a victim at any moment. >> you know, i was talking to my son and he doesn't want to be canceled and he wants to talk about what he wants to talk about and i told him he better get good at something because if you are really good in something like if you have a skill, i used to work in the trade, i was a carpenter for a million years. if you have a skill, if you're really good at something, they will have a hard time getting rid of you. they may try but if they need you, you will get to hang out. if not, you better toe the party line because you will get asked.
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dan: i think that's the worst part of it. not trying to wax that but the prison mind created. people are self-centering in their own lives. thinking if i say this one thing on twitter or whatever social media platform, i'm done, it will spread around, we chatted about it canceling the usa, this year's approximation but it's the prison of the mind we created where people walk around with constant ever present fear if they don't toe the line, he could be over for them like that and they could be bankrupt. >> that is the scariest part. not what's being said, it what's not being said because we are all so scared that if we said something even misinterpreted that week would be canceled. i live in hollywood, i worked in hollywood, i've been in this town working for 25 years.
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the scary part is this town never stops bringing up mccarthy it's always the biggest stain in american history according to the word, mccarthyism where some people have thoughts and in this case, communism and another group disagreed so they shut those people down and removed them from their livelihood by blacklisting them. the same group who never stops bellyaching about mccarthyism is actively engaged in mccarthyism trying to depart from the bottom ties and shutdown opinions they didn't agree with so is the height of hypocrisy. dan: i want to play a clip, you were gracious enough to appear. check this out and then we will comment. >> we had a date set up and it
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was canceled last minute and we were there to talk about cancel culture and it was kind of making me laugh when you're thesis is validated in the process of trying to validate your thesis. dan: out of the tragically hilarious part is you are doing an event on cancel culture, i'm sorry, the stupidity of this is hard to process. they cancel a thing on cancel culture. >> yeah, they are insane. they have no ability to sit back and listen to what they sound like. they need a mirror to look into apprehension while. i hear people all the time say no, i am not against free speech, i just need to hear what the opinions are first to then make sure and then they can be
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rubberstamped so they can speak freely. you don't understand what that sounds like. those words are coming out of your mouth. [laughter] dan: really sometimes i wake up and look in the mirror and say i can't believe we are alive in this time right now with such stupid people. adam, thanks for participating, we really appreciate it. >> thanks, i'm enjoying special. dan: thanks. if you check out cancel in the u.s. on fox nation and crush tomorrow sunday night 10:00 p.m. eastern right here on fox news. we put a lot of work into this. check it out, we really appreciate it. our next guest, he predicted how democrats are behaving now in a piece written ten months ago before the election. former trump deputy national security advisor breaking down how his foresight sadly became reality. straight ahead. ♪♪
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welcome back to "unfiltered". democrats are so protectable and sadly many productions were made by our next guest. he wrote a piece called becoming true, democrats are laying the groundwork for revolution right
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in front of our eyes. his piece was written before the election. here's some of the troubling premonitions he had from the military getting politicized, siding with democrats to suspensions of prominent social media accounts like president trumps after he was declared, after president biden was declared. former trump national security advisor in college elector, michael. thanks for joining me, appreciate it. >> thank you. dan: you wrote the piece becoming before the election, i covered it on my podcast and radio show and i was recovering you, see irony is most of what you wrote in the, sadly came true. here's a quote from the piece this was written before the election. he wrote, there are reasons to fear they might. the obama ministration has spent a great deal of capitol purging, of anyone knocked down with the program in promoting only those
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who are. michael, you nailed it right there. >> all i did in the article was quote the words of prominent democrats and from hillary clinton to joe biden to the transition integrity project to military officers, wrote an open letter to mark milley saint get ready to use the military to drag trump out of the white house, i summarized what was said over the prior roughly six weeks to two months and people went nuts. it's okay when they say, it that when we say it. i coined a term for it, it's kind of catching on even though it talking called the celebration parallax, a phenomenon where i think is in the same position, same thing but it looks different or in a different spot depending on the angle you look at it and a common example given on speedometers, if you're looking straight at it, sitting off the passenger side looking at an angle in a right reit a different number because of the
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parallax effect so that's when hillary clinton says joe biden should not concede under any circumstances, that's good. when hillary clinton is quoted, it he sank he shouldn't concede even if he loses? that's bad and you are crazy conspiracy theorists talking about me and having me on your show. dan: me and mark living or ruthlessly attacked for daring to quote your peace where you quote the democrats. i can prove to you here on the show your celebration parallax is accurate because when i mentioned you had written about these things, all these things are going to happen, they called me a conspiracy theorist and after the election they tolerated what they said was a conspiracy. before. here's a quote from time, after the election secret history of the shattuck campaign in the 2020 election, here's a quote, they are celebrating. they change voting systems and bonds and secure hundreds of
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millions and private funding and fended off voter suppression lawsuit, recruited armies of coworkers got billings to vote by mail for the first times. they successfully pressured social media companies to make the hard line against disinformation which is exactly what you said they called you and me not for talking about it. >> or first of all, once a thing is accomplished, you can do the touchdown. before, he's got to be more careful in your rhetoric. a great example is information frederick where before the balance is such because of the continued mass immigration, estate used to be read and then competitively purple but once totally blue, you can say republicans are doomed because of demographic change and about california and los angeles times after 20 years denying it would ever happen so you have to wait for the final victory before you do the touchdown but once the final victory comes, you get to go celebrate all the people who
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call crazy conspiracy theorist for saying the same thing, when we get our apology? i'm sitting there checking my mailbox every day, i'm sure it's on the way, right? dan: i got 30 seconds but the best way to sum it up and i heard from you, elect always says that's not happening and then they say is good that it is. right? they call it conspiracy theorist and take a victory dance after. >> yes and that is a common piece. writing a new article to get people the tools and information, how to recognize left-wing rhetoric and propaganda for what it is and categorize it see-through and not but it affect you. dan: thank you for joining me, i appreciate your review. thank you. >> thank you. dan: joe biden breaking now about delaware's successful businesses? joe forgot to mention one big
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perk, i take on a democrat about this outrageous comment in the rebuttal, next. >> if you know anything about me, we have more corporations registered in delaware than all the rest of america combined. combined. combined. ♪♪
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welcome to fox news live, i am ashley strohmier. the nation is facing a summer search of coronavirus cases fueled by the highly contagious delta area to. over the past week u.s. supported a daily average of nearly 50000 new covid infections, reporting to the cdc daily cases haven't been that high for months. researchers say the search continue to fall, peaking in mid october. flaming vaccine hesitancy and relax covid restrictions. at least 136 people are dead, after monsoon rains trigger flooding and landslides in india, more than 1000 people by floodwaters. some were stranded even on top of buses and highways. some missing authorities say rescuers reached the worst areas. now back to "unfiltered" with dan bongino. follow your headlines on fox news.had come.
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♪♪ dan: welcome back to "unfiltered". joe biden made ridiculous claims this week bragging about successful companies in his home state but he left out an important fact that joe biden wants to be the one to raise taxes, specifically corporate tax rate from 21 to 28%. he was bragging about the business. >> any time in the middle class did better in the wealthy didn't do really well. i'm tired of trickle down from i think you should be able to make billing dollars or $100 million to get the capacity to do it. pay your fair share. [applause] i really mean it. [applause] we have more corporate in america than all the rest of
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america combined. combined. combined. dan: okay, there's the creepy whisper thing again which is super nuts. joe biden again. joining me now for the rebuttal, democratic congressional candidate, desiree, thank you for joining us. appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. dan: should be we be raising taxes like joe biden wants to do? >> i am from ohio and i know how hard americans are working every single day and it is ridiculous, corporations and millions and billionaires are paying a dime in taxes while our service and wages in front-line workers are paying more than just phase out. dan: you realize you just made that up, that's totally fake.
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corporations don't pay a dime? why would you say that on a national show? totally inaccurate and incorrect. >> the data is there, we seen the data. dan: please? >> i can cite it, 55 corporations that didn't pay a dime in taxes. people watching this show, if you paid at least a penny taxes, at least a penny in taxes, you pay more taxes and many of the billionaires and corporations that have made billions of dollars in profit and president joe biden is here for the working class people and that's why people don't voted for joe biden and exide we have somebody who will stand up for the average joe. dan: you may be excited, i don't know who else is. fifty-five companies, have you looked at those? i look at that study, you know
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why they didn't pay taxes? i don't think you looked at it, it was because of a provision in the cares act that allows them to carry back tax losses in prior years and by the way, a lot of those companies, 55 companies didn't pay taxes, corporate tax because they were using democrat led renewable energy credit. i'm sure he didn't know that before you make that, i'm sorry you didn't read the study first. a single democrat in the senate. you can disagree but of course you are wrong, you're making it up. the cares act was voted on by everything but democrat so are you telling me you don't agree with the democrat in the cares act? >> arnold donald trump leadership from a corporation in america millionaires.the biggest tax breaks and people working everything obey got screwed but the cares act and american rescue plan is helping every day americans and that's why we are seeing his parents excited to receive a child tax credit, people are getting more money now to bring themselves out of
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poverty it it's working and people like it. dan: shouldn't take taxes because of the cares act and you said you liked the cares act so i'm confused, i think you are confused. so you are saying billionaires and billionaires don't pay enough, one of the top 1%? what percentage of income tax is paid, do the top 1% pay? >> i think you're asking the wrong questions. the question is why aren't corporations and billionaires -- why aren't corporations and billionaires paying their fair share? people working on the front line in the middle of the pandemic are paying more. dan: what is it -- >> they aren't paying a penny, a sent. they aren't paying a cent. dan: actually, if you look at data, you might want to try that sometime, top 1% pay 40% of all income taxes, are you aware of that? are you just finding this out? >> i really love your
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mother-in-law and how she came to this country, it's beautiful how hard-working people are working so hard, i people like my grandfather who was a sharecropper, people working in ohio in factories, they aren't getting their fair share because corporations and billionaires aren't contributing. it's the people on the front lines, you know this. it's the people on the front lines. dan: you just made all of that up, all of it. i gave you the numbers and amazingly, you're still sticking to a discredited talking points that corporations and rich people don't pay anything. i don't know what to tell you, i'm sorry, you may want to look that up. >> the data is there. you no space. it's public information. dan: i know it, you don't. thanks for coming on, straightahead. my good friend, rachel and shawn, we love them. a big surprise, i promise we
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will see their reaction next. ♪♪
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cancer culture, every time you speak out, he put your livelihood on the line. changing the fabric of the country, you need to think again. i knew in my career -- you may
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miss and here to break them down, the best fox and friends weekend, cohost rachel, we love her and fox news contributor and former wisconsin republican congressman, sean, you guys share the same last name, i think you are married. [laughter] i know you are both super busy, who knows what time. rachel has to get up in the morning. let's go to the story number one, i can't think of to better people to comment on this. tom hanks voiced the new cleveland guardians, who are the cleveland guardians? check this out. >> we are sitting on the rise forging into the future from are ironed out past. you see it's always been cleveland is the best part of
7:39 pm
our name and now it time to unite as one family, community together we are all cleveland guardians. dan: rachel, i'll start with you first. used to be known as the cleveland indians, kind of like a print think. who's next? the cincinnati reds, what about the yankees? that could be all kinds of connotations. >> i used to be on a military base and they used to go to the apartment building, go home, yankees so there's bad connotations there, too. thank you for having me on the show, first of all. this is awesome. i don't know a lot about sports. when i saw the logo, it reminded me babysitting and i went online and somebody else got the idea and it looked like back so i don't know, i think there is an
7:40 pm
effort to change everything we know and these minority woke people are trying to take over everything. dan: when does it stop? when you do people with indian heritage they are like we are not offended by any of this stuff. this is great, right? the democrats, they ruined everything. sport name, protect strength, warriors, you're going to wind. he rose cleveland whose years or pansies, we celebrate the things we name our sports teams after. i understand from the book we drink a little too much -- we celebrate that. this is great, right? [laughter] here's what happens, you get crazy left-wing groups, small minority to put pressure on these teams and say you're not
7:41 pm
welcome change your name and i think a lot of people might even say i want to be an indian, . dan: i can't think of the name against. >> guardians. dan: i would love it if they have fighting italians, i have not seen that yet. maybe it's out there, e-mail the show. here's the story, number two, the level of absurdity and this is hard to contain. the my neurons are dying. apparently there will be a new a moji for a pregnant man. we can't figure out if it's an actual pregnant man or food baby or whatever but here's the thing, i can't think of to better people to discuss this story than the queen of moms and kueng of dads, you have many children, rachel, pregnant man a moji, the chaos won't and. >> it is funny but it is very serious because people who came up with this are people who want to disrupt the regular family.
7:42 pm
the easiest way if you can create a genderless world, remove gender combat becomes all the more easy and they are not going after you and me, we don't care about it and you're not going to convince us that the man is actually pregnant with a baby and he's a mother, you're not going to do that, it's about our children and creating a genderless world for dads. when i look at it, i blame the feminists for this because they have this philosophy for women to be more empowered they need to be more like men so they diminished our fertility and embraced abortion and set we don't need this and instead they should have been celebrating and honoring this one thing that women can do that i'm sorry, as great as you and shawn are, you can't do it. you can participate in the process and probably enjoy that but you can't have a baby. dan: i don't think so, i watched my wife go through. shawn, i'm pretty sure you are not pregnant for any of your kids. this is the greatest thing ever, i love this video, i'm sorry
7:43 pm
about the little bit of, i promise this isn't that embarrassing from i need your hotcakes on this. no better expert in you. check this out. >> rachel. >> i have my own. [laughter] >> rachel is a cool girl, very bubbly and i liked her. she rubbed me the right way. [laughter] really rubbed me -- [laughter] >> i'm not sure how i feel about sean. he flirts with me all the time. >> all your close? >> there's no points for rolling it all out, i just might as well take it all out. >> where did you find this? [laughter] dan: i have the best production team ever and we always do a little bit of sneak attack. but sean, you had a hot hotcakes
7:44 pm
for rachel and by the way, let me say in advance, i was a huge fan of the show, i told rachel that. what were you thinking? >> two things, that's the moment we met on reality tv, the first reality couple in america, they handed me her bag but here's the problem, i'm talking about rubbing me the right way, my kids watch that. twenty-four years old, you may not want your kids to see that later in life. [laughter] but well-placed. we spend the most productive, nine kids later, 22 years of marriage and rachel is the best thing about reality tv for me. dan: i love you both, don't worry, it saturday at 10:00, it's not fox and friends. don't worry. that's how they sold the show to me. dan, saturday night. you get away with a little more. i've got to run, you know i love you both to death. thank you for doing that.
7:45 pm
appreciate it. >> thanks for bringing back the memory. [laughter] dan: anytime. coming up, it the other border crisis joe biden, absolutely refuses to talk about. coming up next. ♪♪
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walk back to "unfiltered". across the border record numbers, seizures of fentanyl, 80% higher than all the last fiscal year. joe biden would rather talk about taking way your accounts. check this out. >> on the only guy who ever got past legislation when i was a senator to make sure we eliminate software. the idea you need a weapon that can have the ability to fire 20 to 50 of 120 shots from that weapon whether it's a 9-millimeter or a rifle, it is ridiculous. dan: joining me not to discuss this, charlie kirk, founder and president. another fantastic turning points event, a great job organizing young men and women so big congrats but you think it registers, you are around
7:50 pm
liberals offense, unfortunately, suggesting taking way the second amendment rights from american citizens while granting nonexistent rights to illegal immigrants across the border. >> it's even worse than that, if i were to travel from cancún, mexico to houston, i have to get tested and wear masks throughout the airport but if i were to cross the southern border, we have video to show no vaccination, no testing, just welcome to the interior of our country. around this discussion around guns and firearms, it's an important thing we have to focus on here which is first of all, constitutional right and second, joe biden is understanding about how the firearms were how they function as pieces of utility for self-defense so what is the real prices here? is it that we have too many guns?
7:51 pm
is it that we have too many firearms in the inner cities and interior of our country or have we lost 96000 americans last year to drug overdoses? no surprise this fenestration has priorities backwards but unfortunately it's costing a lot. dan: i'm glad you brought up coronavirus because there's an excess there, they want to take a right to defend yourself, nonexisting rights to illegal immigrants but they want to push mask mandates and vaccine mandates on us while coronavirus cases were up five 100% amongst illegal immigrants compared to the previous 14 months. you would think they would wake up in the morning and look in the mirror and say that sounds kind of stupid but they never seem to do it. >> that's some good points. about this idea of protecting borders and regulate the flow of people, the most liberal states in the country, probably the most liberal state, hawaii and you can't get into hawaii without knowing who is coming
7:52 pm
and district contract tracing so i wonder for the people are a government hawaii, why are you xenophobic and racist or maybe it's because you want to protect your island and people because you are afraid and unregulated flow of people coming into your island might not be best for your citizens. what you have is the land of the absurd which is nothing new but this is what happens when you remove absolute truth and also when you're not allowed to have truth tellers speak with what's happening and you see it on social media and political correctness and the restriction of the flow of information and that's why your show is doing so well it is important to show the hypocrisy and double standard with all of this public policy decisions and things happening. dan: one must question, mask mandates, sadly i see mask fascists out there again, you think america is going to put up with this again? >> i sure hope not.
7:53 pm
the last year we saw a lot of things i saw americans with pushback on earlier and they didn't. i do think americans reached their breaking points with mask mandates from a standard to implementation to how harmful they are too young children in the cabal mental process, we have to push back against the mask mandates especially outdoors especially in places you have people either vaccinated or already had the chinese coronavirus. i think it's all about control but forced obedience and time for americans to take back control of the process. dan: thank you for joining us, appreciate it. by the way, i am not anti- mask, just anti- stupidity. you think it works? put it on. nobody is stopping you. coming up next, i go to the week not talking about greatest of all times.
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don't miss. michael counterculture moves around every corner. you think it is a change in the fabric of the country, think again.
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welcome back to "unfiltered". you run a here out the week often, i love doing them. we have a america's heroes we do a lot of that but once in a while we have to put out the go to the week to highlight absurdity out there amongst mainstream media and go to the week this week, which we had a drum roll, joy read and i
7:59 pm
suspect this won't be the last time. if you're constantly yelling antifa which literally is short for antifascist, thinking think, he might be the fastest they are focused on. just a thought. it's actually not a thought or a coherent one because antifa calls himself antifascist while burning down cities, beating the crab out of his people, donning new jumpsuits with goggles and spring people with pepper spray and hitting them with crowbars doesn't necessarily mean fair fighting fascist. north koreans tried this word came, to and called themselves a democratic people's republic of korea. that doesn't mean they are democratic that they care about the people or its republic. you might want to check that out sometime. before we go, don't forget, you can stream the dan bongino show on fox nations radio show
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weekdays 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. eastern time. don't forget to follow us "unfiltered" on our social media account on facebook and instagram at "unfiltered" on fox and we would really appreciate it. that does it for us tonight. appreciate your support. supporting with me dan bongino. see you back here next saturday night. 10:00 p.m. ♪♪ [♪♪♪] jesse: welcome to "watters' world," i'm jesse watters. shady -- swalwell. meet congressman eric swalwell. the guy on the house intel committee that got worked by a chain seals spy and worked with a group that denaits to terrorists. instead of writing legislation


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