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tv   FOX News Primetime  FOX News  August 2, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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out. panelists thanks very much. tomorrow on "special report," president biden delivers remarks on the administration's progress in fighting covid. thank you for watching "special report." i'm mike emanuel. it's been a pleasure. "fox news primetime" hosted by ben domenech starts right now. tossing it town the hall to ben. have a great show. >> ben: thank you, mike. appreciate it good evening and welcome to "fox news primetime." >> ben: the irony of the term woke is that it is designed to keep you asleep. asleep to the reality of what's going on around you, sedated from having to do anything to fix a real problem. woke messaging demands you obey and break faith with your heritage of freedom. it also serves as a religion that demands little more than that obedience. so, to take just one example of thousands that surround us, wokeness means you don't have to ask the hard questions about how public schools fail black and
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hispanic americans. just accept the narrative of systemic racism in your heart as your lord and savior. just wear the ribbon, that's all. >> wear the ribbon. >> who do you think you are. >> put the ribbon on. >> hey, cedric, bob, this guy won't wear a ribbon. >> who? who doesn't want to wear the ribbon? >> ben: for wealthy suburbanites as long as you don't share the wronicle or like the wrong tweets, you can keep sending your kids to their expensive private school no zoom lockdowns looming for them, of course. >> by the way, i would have voted for obama for a third term if i could. best president in my lifetime hands down weapon ben performative quality of wokeness workers lie so he that the drug plentily obedient. if ever by some unlucky chance anything unpleasant should somehow happen there is always selma to give you a holiday from the facts.
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today soma is in great supply here in america. properly corporate advertised with woke capitalism combining with state pressure to feel superior to others look away from the real problems and go watch awoke lady super hero. you are not one of those people. you are an ally the sign in front of your houses it in all the right colors. personally i like this sign better it's a lot older but has the advantage of being true. so what are we supposed to do with the knowledge that our woke leaders of the moment are using their messages to lull the willing and browbeat the stubborn into submission? how with we supposed to stand up to a brittle, corrupt leadership that seeks to force you to trade your freedom for the self-satisfaction that no mob will ever come for you? as with so many things, we can learn from the americans who came before us. your heritage, i remind you again, is one of revolution. the political revolution of 860 was hard-fought and it would not have happened without a group of young men who are willing to
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take a stand. as the story in john wrote a band of sleepy gotham politicians gathered in a manhattan tavern late one evening in 1860, the bosses order ale. analyzed presidential ticket and worried about the possibility of succession all while getting steadily drunker in the cozy tavern. they first heard the noise around midnight from uptown came the clash of a marching band followed by the advancing tread of hundreds of boots on the cobble stone of the bowery. tipsy and curious the insiders spilled out on the street to join a throng of new yorkers. watched as young formations of young men clad in anymore memberring black capes and soldiers caps came stomping down the island even plays blazing torch and none said a word. sober politicians shouted out who are these wide awakes? you may not know about the wide
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awakes, but you should. there were hundreds of thousands of them in 1860 and their organization stretched from maine to california. neuropathy a militaristic fraternity dedicated to human liberty they had banners and marches on baseball teams. they carried oil lamps, wore capes and wielded bats they stumped for a rising republican nail splitter named abraham lincoln. wide awakes working class populist working young men with request no power or wealth. party bosses and political athletes looked down on them as they did lincoln. greenspan noted some republican leaders even complained about the absence of the intelligent classes in the wide awake ranks which they claimed were made up of the mechanic or laborer or clerk. and, yet, he also writes: many of the movements of orders and vociferous opponents believed there was never in this country a more effective campaign organization than the wide awakes. they were there at the massive rallies that supported lincoln acting as security to prevent
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the harassment of pro-liberty speakers across the country. their symbol was a giant eye opened to see the truth. whether passionate abolitions or just fed up with the out of touch democratic president james buchanan the wide awakes were united they could no longer tolerate the corrupt old order that ran the country. they were awake to the deep reality of this corruption and they understood there could be no compromise with a regime of slavery. no looking away anymore. and the slavers feared them. one southern senator accused republicans of creating a prey torian guard to install lincoln of president regardless of the election. the wide awakes campaigned for free speech, free soil, free men. and they won. but it took the courage to stand up to organize, to take to the streets and take a stand. there is nothing new under the son. today, once again, the woke want you asleep. locked down, docile, tamed,
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subdued, they want you to turn away from the truth and embrace a comforting lie. but it is time. it is time for all of us as free citizens to wake up. it is time to demand our leaders wake up. it is time to turn to your fellow citizens and ask them are you woke or are you wide awake? i'm ben domenech and this is the american crisis. ♪ with me tonight is radio host and california gubernatorial candidate larry elder. larry, thank you so much for taking the time to join me tonight. >> ben, it's been my pleasure. thank you so much for having me. >> ben: i want to talk to you about this regime of wokeness that we see happening across america today that seems to be used to defend those on the left from any kind of consequences. any kind of real political ramifications for their failures across the board whether it means education, crime, it
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during this whole pandemic. what is going to be your argument as gubernatorial candidate in california with a very real shot of actually taking on this new role given the complete collapse of gavin newsom's governance to make this argument in a vociferous way? >> well, ben, that's exactly why i'm running. that's why i'm urging people to go to elect and throw something in the tip jar. young barack obama living for a while indonesia with stepfather oil company executive and attending school with oil company executives. her mother felt that wasn't good enough sent him back to hawaii to live with grandparents so he attended the finest prep school in the entire state of hawaii. he comes here to l.a. and occidental college two years finishes up at columbia ivy league school and harvard law also ivy league school. michelle robinson his wife was a -- went to a government school; however, she didn't go to the closest one in chicago
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she got on a bus and went to another one that was far better. when it comes to the girls, sasha and maliyah they first attended a private school that was run by the university of chicago for people who taught there. obama was an instructor there for a while. then when they moved to washington, d.c., they enrolled the girls into sidwell friends, the same prep school that chelsea clinton went to that costs about $45,000 a year. my point is the obamas didn't send their girls to public school. michelle really went to what we now would call a magnet school and obama never went to a public school yet, the democratic party, the left, the teachers union out here in california, they are adamantly opposed to school choice. that's going to be one of the big things i'm going to be running on, ben, in this election. the money should follow the child rather than the other way around. 75% of black boys in california cannot read at state levels of proficiency. and those levels are low. 50% of 3rd graders cannot read at state levels of proficiency. i went to a high school called
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crenshaw high school. that's a high school featured in the movie boys in the hood. i just checked, ben, 2% of kids at my former high school can do math at the state levels of proficiency. this is outrageous. and when you look at where teachers send their own school aged kids, they are far more likely to send their own school aged kids to private school compared to households that do not have public school teachers in them. that's the equivalent of opening up a restaurant and putting up a sign come on in just don't eat the food. it's outrageous. one of the big furendz of gavin newsom is the teachers union. biggest funder of gavin newsom. they shut school down entire year kids are already behind. i just read a report two thirds of black parents do not want to send their kids back to the los angeles school district come the fall because they feel that those districts end up with the worst teachers, worst bureaucrats, worst principals. they don't send them to the west side or the valley. they send them to the urban schools. one of the things that i'm going to do is push choice in school. the first step towards leaving poverty is to graduate from high school and presumably one where can you read, write and compute
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at grade level that all too often is not happening in our urban cities. it's an outrage and i don't know why the democrats still get vote black and brown parents when the polls show the majority of black and brown parents support school choice. year after year after year pull the lever for the party that's not giving them what they want. i'm going to change that narrative. >> ben: larry, i want to thank you for joining me. one of the things i have to say infuriates me about this whole situation it took a pandemic for all of us to wake up to how bad things were before that pandemic. when it came to these public schools. thank you for joining me tonight. also joining me tonight. >> my pleasure. >> ben: madness of crowds douglas murray. douglas, thanks so much for joining me. i have to ask you about this approach that is being used when it comes to our politicians here in america in particular. but i believe it's happening in the u.k. as well. this performative act basically embracing wokeness as a defense maneuver to distract from the failures of your own governor
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nance and policy. what can we do to puncture that reality and to get the truth in front of people who certainly understand on some level that what they're being handed here is a bill of goods? >> yeah, it's such a pleasure to follow larry he would are to hear that because we so rarely get reminded of the facts. just the appalling levels of i will let race and numerous in america the world's foremost richest nation with the largest g.d.p. why do we allow this sort of thing to go on? why do we allow public schools to be pumping children out with so little proficiency and ability to enter the wilder world in the workplace? it's in part because we don't concentrate on such problems. there are so many problems in america that could be addressed the. there is the issue of homelessness which in state after state now across america you see why can we not -- why can we not address these issues? in part it's because we get distracted on to talking about meaningless issues.
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the woke azzi. it's always about the latest french, trans athlete competition shot put long jump issue. it's always something like that. it's about something affects small fringes of people. that isn't anyone doesn't deserve their rights, of course they do. but when you talk about such fringe and niche issues and go on and on about them and police language and police what we can all say and what we are all meant to read and what we are all meant to do, at the same time as you have mass homelessness in your country, mass illiteracy and enumerous race, where children leave schools woefully unprepared for the real world and when america's competitors, particularly china, are going to in exactly the opposite direction and preparing children very well for the world we're going into, what will the future
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look like that's why i mind the woke mob. i don't mind people grousing and arguing for their corner, who does? what i mind is policing. while we in america have so many other things we need to be thinking about. and concentrating on. >> ben: it is really a incredible thing to think about that you have these debates about these fringe issues at the same time that china is essentially preparing to become the leader of the world. to displace the west as the moral authority and to use so many of these woke arguments against america when it comes -- and the west as a whole had when to documents asserting their moral authority. >> yeah. as i salse say, you know, good lucks to the woke aratti which the chinese communist party takes over they have a great time. >> ben: they will certainly weapon needs that wokeness to a greater degree than we have experienced to this point, that's for sure. douglas murray, thanks so much for coming on tonight. >> it's a great pleasure. >> ben: coming up, democrats
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reimposed draconian covid restrictions while their cities are engulfed in hails of gun fire. let's hope the gunmen are wearing masks, of course. more "fox news primetime" next. ♪ ♪ we believe at newday usa we have a noble purpose. we want to be known as america's mortgage company for veterans and active-duty service people. some of them are giving their lives right now, today, for the freedoms that we have here in this country. so for us, at newday to help those people at this point in time. it's a labor of love, it's a noble service, and that's what we're all about.
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>> welcome back to "fox news primetime." we obtained new images out of chicago from over the weekend. please be advised some may find what we are about to show you graphic. thousands of young people gathered for a three day music festival without masks. look at them. didn't they hear joe biden's dire warning about a second dark winter? many of those who claimed to follow the science became very upset at this site sight they don't like seeing people outside having fun they want you to believe these concert goers are in grave danger.
4:20 pm
that might be true they are in chicago after all. 1050 murder three times the amount of covid deaths. in washington, d.c., murders also surpassed covid deaths by a near 3 to 1 ratio in july. despite these numbers, the media and elected officials are seemingly still trying to figure out how to flatten the curve. instead of addressing the violent crime pandemic plaguing inner cities. irl podcast tim, good to see you. >> thanks for having me, ben. >> ben: you know this level of hypocrisy that we see from the leaders of america's inner cities, it's audacious in a way that i really have -- i mean, it's like nothing i have never seen before. it's as if they imagine that the american people are just too stupid to pay any attention to the level of hypocrisy and the level of government's failure to address the problems that are clearly impacting our communities. what do you think is going on here? >> i honestly have no idea.
4:21 pm
you know, having grown up in chicago, i personally witnessed the gun violence. i'm wondering why after my entire life they have not been able to solve it they seem to just keep doubling down. when it comes to the covid restrictions, our leaders, the mayors, the governors, we see them flaunting the rules. they don't wear masks, they tell everyone else. to say the funniest thing about chicago is they are warning us that the delta variant is on the rise. we got to bonker down and make sure we slow the spread. but only after we can make tens of millions from our big rock concerts at the same time they come out and tell us that all the black lives matter protests weren't spreading covid and all the right wing lockdown protests were. i can't believe people fall for these narrow tis and it kind of breaks my heart to see. >> ben: it really have frustrating on a number of different levels. for me in particular i know people who have experienced all manner of different criminal situations in washington, d.c. that took hours to get responses. i'm sure that you saw that footage and, in fact, i know you talked about it on your podcast recently from the d.c. police
4:22 pm
chief talking about how far behind he is when it comes to the level of manpower that he needs in order to maintain a safe city. that, to me, seems to be a scandal that everyone should be talking about and, instead, we are just debating about whether you need to wear a mask and what the penalties should be if you don't. >> it's a perfect skate goat. it's a perfect excuse. a perfect distraction there are so many places in our country that have had escalating crime and violence, especially over the past year. we have had untold riots and violence and political terror on small businesses and as soon as the bad news comes that could negatively impact their political world, their -- the democratic party, all of a sudden they have got to shift everything back to the argument about the pandemic and they have got allies in media who allow them to do it. they don't challenge them on these things very often, if after the all. and often they translate on their behalf and explain what they're really doing and why. my favorite is this study that came out of colorado, i believe, one of the universities showing
4:23 pm
that actually the black lives matter protests reduced -- may have reduced the spread of covid as if we are supposed to belief that while our cities are being attacked and small businesses destroyed. now we are seeing escalation crime and we are not getting a conversation about it i think people on the right, conservatives, disaffected liberals need to take control of the narrative and start asking these questions and not let them pull the conversation back. we have got a vaccine. they have gone and talked about how effective it is and how it's working, it's fantastic, and we're going to get those vaccination numbers up. why are you coming out with more restrictions and lockdowns. why are you trying to act like everyone has got to stay home meanwhile you get to do whatever you want. >> ben: tim, you are someone been at the front end of media innovation the last years. you created an alternate way for people to get some of this information that is never really talked about within the dominant forces of corporate media. it seems to me that you and people like you have a critical role in shifting this
4:24 pm
conversation to what really matters. what are some of the ways that people who may not have your platform but who want to try to shift that narrative as you say. how can they get involved and share information that cuts across and actually highlights the things that matter as opposed to going on with this corporate narrative? >> well, it's hard because we have got the issue of big tech censorship. we see cancel culture that many on the left deny but there are regular people with small accounts trying to express themselves. they will say something like learn to code and get banned on twitter. you do need a critical mass of people stepping up and expressing themselves and i understand it's very difficult for people who have families and children they are trying to just get through this to make sure their kids will have a better future and have food to eat and have a job to support their families. i really do believe if everybody who opposed wokeness, the hypocrisy from, you know, our leaders, if they did speak up and they were brave, then i think we would see a dramatic and immediate change. >> ben: tough go out and make
4:25 pm
that stand though, take that risk in order to shift the narrative. tim, thanks for joining me. up next, mask up or the lockdowns come back. the left's continued effort to keep the permanent pandemic is on full display. senator josh hawley on that and more right after this. ♪ ♪ millions of vulnerable americans struggle to get reliable transportation to their medical appointments. that's why i started medhaul. citi launched the impact fund to invest in both women and entrepreneurs of color like me, so i can realize my vision and give everything i've got to my company, and my community. i got you. for the love of people. for the love of community. for the love of progress. citi.
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♪ >> ben: when the covid-19 pandemic first started roughly 18 months ago, we were told that flattening the curve was our ticket to normalcy. now that we have done that the rules are suddenly changing. the democrats in the scientific intelligence are deeply disturbed rise of cases delta variant even though hospitalizations and deaths remain a fraction of their pandemic heights in january. nevertheless, threats of a dark winter linger. >> the things are going to get worse. we are looking not, i believe, to lockdown but we are looking to some pain and suffering in the future because we're seeing the cases go up.
4:31 pm
>> we are never going to go back to a pre-pandemic reality. and i do agree that we do have to become comfortable with the fact that this virus is going to be sticking around. so, yes, we have to learn to live with this, but today is not the moment where we drop our precautions. weapon ben joining me now to react missouri senator josh hawley, thank you so much for joining me, senator. >> great to be here. >> ben: this permanent pandemic is something i hear about whenever i travel, whenever i talk to americans across the country. they are very mindful of it it's the number one topic that they bring up. and they are concerned about it because they belief that we have seen over the past year an expansion of government power and government authority over the lives of everyday americans that bureaucrats and our elected leaders, too, are very unwilling that give up. that they want to keep it in place. is that what you are seeing today? >> well, they are absolutely right about that ben. i mean, what we are see something joe biden and the left using a campaign of fear and
4:32 pm
intimidation in order to try to keep the country in a perpetual state of crisis and ultimately decentralize control and power over people's lives. it's just that simple. joe biden has got to stop forcing america to live in fear. it's time instead to talk about the end of this pandemic. the end is now in sight and how we are going to get there but that's not what you hear from this white house. you have constant drum beat of fear-mongering. you have conflicting guidance and statements. you have demonizing of people who don't agree with them or people who have concerns about this or that aspect of the pandemic. i mean, it's unbelievable. it's a failure of leadership. but the attempt to force this country to live in a perpetual state of fear is wrong and it's not leadership, ben. >> ben: one of the things that happened during this pandemic, obviously, was that parents became a lot more aware of the things that their children were being taught via the zoom classes that they started to hear these things that they didn't know was being fed to their very young children about the united states of america and more. i know a lot of parents are very
4:33 pm
concerned about that. they are speaking thought school board meetings and other places. what can be done when it comes to the threat of critical race theory, which is fundamentally anti-american in so many respects and to a certain alternate view which is much more accurate and one that is in keeping with the principles of the founding whether it comes to teaching our kids? >> well, ben, we have got to be clear that critical race theory is false. it's just not true that this country was actually founded in 1619. it's not true that this country is systemically racist. it's not true that the constitution was written and shot through with white supremacy. you can't replace lies with nothing. you have to replace lies with the truth. that's why i believe we ought to require every school district in america that gets taxpayer funds to teach our actual founding document. i'm talking about the bill of rights, constitution, declaration of independence. these are the documents that contain our founding principles. it's what unites us as americans. it's what we love together as americans. that's why i believe hey we
4:34 pm
should teach what's actually true to our kids and that's how we go after these falsehoods. >> ben: to play devil's advocate for a moment you will hear the critique from some corners that says well, that's just being opposed to academic freedom. that's being opposed to, you know, giving teachers and professors their ability to express their views? why does not apply in this instance? >> no, in fact, you are going easy on me there, ben. what the left has said this is akin to chinese communist indoctrination. seriously, that's what the left are saying. my response is if you can't see a difference between the chinese communist attempt to brainwash kids and the declaration of independence then i think maybe you are very, very confused. we are talking here about the foundational documents of this nation. i think most people would be surprised, most parents would be surprised that these aren't already taught in every school. why should this be controversial? our kids should know what the declaration says. they should know what the constitution says. they should know what the bill of rights are. and i come back to the fact,
4:35 pm
ben, this is what makes us americans. it's our history together the principles we believe in together. we need to teach that to our kids. >> ben: one more question, senator. we saw, obviously, the horrible display that happened in alaska. the chinese are at it again. recent meeting with the state department officials when it came to using these slogans adopted by blm and other groups about america's irredeem thattably racist past asserting we have no moral authority to judge them. what can be done to push back against this idea that seems to exploit so much that the left has taught that isn't true? >> well, we have got to be clear that when it comes to communist china they don't have a foot to stand on. this is the country that systematically oppressing its own people in realtime. that's fact. they are committing modern day slavery. that's fact. we have got to be clear at home. this is why it is so important to defend america. it's so important to affirm that we are a great nation of good people. and that our history is a history of greatness and of our
4:36 pm
people the american people striving towards ever increasing freedom for all americans. i mean, we have got to affirm that and say that that's who we are. and then with that kind of confidence turn and confront those who are the true oppressors today. those who want to perpetuate slavery and unfortunately that's communist chinese their imperial agenda. what we will have to stand up to. we can only do that if we're confident of the truth of who we're. >> ben: senator hawley, thank you so much for joining me tonight. on multiple occasions american federation of teachers president randy weingarten has expressed the importance of having kids back in the classroom this coming school year. for the second time in as many weeks weingarten made a veiled threat at school closures. >> so i was in florida on saturday and by the wearld florida had friday saturday sunday i don't remember exactly they had the highest level of cases of covid i think ever. and so teachers are very scared
4:37 pm
about this. i was with two groups of teachers on saturday, one in jacksonville, one in polk county, again we are very serious about reopening schools safe and owning environment for all. all educators want that they're scared that we're not going to be able to keep everybody safe. and they want us to have masking. >> ben: ben randi weingarten is lying to you. educators don't want. that mackenzie firm shedding importance on in person learning. it found since the pandemic average k through 12 student is five months behind in math and four months behind in reading. in addition, more kids are struggling with mental health issues like depression and anxiety. joining me now to react "new york post" columnist and fox news contributor miranda dewine. -- divine. i have never been more frustrated about this issue.
4:38 pm
when we see how evil these teachers unions have been. i do not say teachers i say teachers unions. but they are advocating for basically the extreme on this point that keeps kids away from the in person learning that they need what do you think about this situation and what can be done to highlight just how devastating this has been for the most vulnerable students among us? >> >> you are so right in using the word evil is not hyperbole because the way that the teacher unions have behaved, i guess they have always been like this the pandemic has expose the true nature of these teachers unions and the fact that they do not put the children first. the children are last. if they cared about children, they would have been back doing in person learning a long time ago and particularly egregious is the fact that the teacher unions are in lock step, they are indistinguishable from the democratic party.
4:39 pm
this whole man dr. that joe biden and his administration are trying to shove down our throats of equity which is really a marxist replacement for equality that if they cared about equality, you know, the kids larry elder so eloquently put it earlier in your show most damaged by the egregious efforts of the teachers unions to fill their own pockets and exert more power. >> the black and brown kids in the public schools, the poor kids in the inner cities. and they -- if it's five months behind on average, they are behind even more. and if they don't learn to read and write, their lives confined to the margins forever. america is already behind in the latest oecd tests of 80 countries around the world. america came number 8 in reading. number 30 in math. china was number one on everything. how on earth do we compete when the next generation is
4:40 pm
illiterate and i will numerous rat. we were already hind a situation where i frankly think the mackenzie report is optimistic even if they are five, six months behind, it's going to take years do you hope that silver line something that americans wake up disastrous k through 12 system has been? >> that is the silver lining because now we are talking about it. now we are aware of it. it's not just statistics, we are seeing it. the cruelty that has been inflicted on children throughout this country parents which school goes back or supposed to go back in the fall, you are going to see an army of mothers and fathers who are going to be on the path their eyes are open
4:41 pm
they're woke. >> ben: whistleblower exposes on the border next. republicans are demanding answers congressman jim jordan joins me next on that. ♪ ♪ the stronger, lasts-longer energizer max. my psoriatic arthritis pain? i had enough! it's not getting in my way. joint pain, swelling, tenderness... much better. my psoriasis, clearer... cosentyx® works on all of this.
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♪ ♪ weapon ben house republicans are demanding answers from the biden administration after a whistleblower alleged that the dhs is violating federal law surrounding covid protocols as struggle to deal with the surge of migrants. republican congressman like jim jordan are fighting to find out what's really going on. he joins me now. thank you, congressman. >> you bet, ben. good to be with you. >> ben: tell me a little bit what you have learned, what you have heard from this new whistleblower who s. accusing dhs of apparently violating federal law. >> yeah, well, i mean the first thing is are we surprised? democrats aren't follow the rules. democrats aren't adhering to the covid protocols a whistleblower came forward and said they are not detaining people they are supposed to detain. not sendings back people they are supposed to send back. they are not testing the individuals they are supposed to test. they are just releasing them all
4:47 pm
over the country as much as 75% of them aren't follow the protocols they are supposed to. but, again, i come back to the fact, it shouldn't surprise us. they have been doing that for a year and a half. we're just now have a whistleblower who is confirming what we already suspected. what i think you and i probably already knew. and now they want to ask tough questions and see if we can get some change in the behavior of the biden administration. >> ben: tell me a little bit what you expect the biden administration to do with this problem given that their attitude thus far seems to be well until central america is basically turned into a peaceful paradise then there is going to be no solving this problem. it's just something that we have to learn to live with. >> yeah. i mean, look, they caused this problem. you almost have to believe it's intentional because it's so bad. i always remind folks, remember, ben, march was the worst month on record for illegal crossings. well march was the worst month until april. april was the worst month until may. and may was the worst month until june. that's what you call a bad trend. they don't seem to care.
4:48 pm
it's so bad that we find out this from a whistleblower who finally said look, it is so bad they are not following any of the protocols. so i don't think we will get much of an answer from. they i think frankly and unfortunately, we're going to have to hang on and highlight as much as we can until republicans take back the house and then we can call them in for actual hearings and get more answers and make more publicity for the american people can fully understand just how egregious and just how bad the situation is. >> ben: congressman, i know that you are obviously in congress and not in a state executive position. but i think americans got familiar with the idea over the past year and a half of all of these state executives being able to do incredible things with their emergency powers. i mean, you know, heck, michigan's governor prevented people from being able to buy seeds and, yet, we have this problem when it comes to these migrants refugees that seems to have no type of solution that can happen from the state level. is there anything in terms of the pushback that you are seeing from fellow republicans across
4:49 pm
the country that you have hopes for on that? >> i think we all just need to raise the issue. i mean, look, i always go back to last fall. you are exactly right. last fall you had to be in your home by 10. in your home had a to wear a mask. you didn't have to wear a mask because you weren't allowed to have people over. at the same time they were doing all of that to us gavin newsom telling us us can't have thanksgiving with your family ben. by the way i i will go to a five star restaurant and hang out with folks and violate all the rules. it's driving americans crazy. your job, you are doing a great job and others as well highlight just how egregious and wrong this double standard is. if we keep doing that we will get to the right policy eventually. >> ben: thank you, congressman, i appreciate you coming on tonight. ♪ up next bacon bans, tiktok teens. comedian andrew heat is on the clock. ♪ ♪
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>> welcome back. joining me now was interviewed in, podcast or in comedian, abraham lincoln impersonator and author of the book los angeles is hideous. thank you so much for joining me. we are putting you on the clock for topics, 60 seconds, let the emojis be our guide. democrats are trying to destroy everything we love and they won't stop until every liberty we enjoy is dead and the next item up for them is bacon. the state of california is regulating pork with harsh safety standards that could ultimately limit the production of bacon. and you what do you think about that? >> i am of a mixed mind. on the one hand, i have a track record of being very pro-protein and anti-regulation. on the other hand, i like dogs and pigs are about as smart as dogs. it's my understanding that a lot of this is trying to keep pigs from having bad vibes which i am in favor of. we need to do is this, good legislation to keep them from having a bad life, you need to step up your game and start
4:56 pm
getting really fat alligators so if you're, fatten up those alligators because they are in enemy species. >> i don't know, i need to watch babe a couple more times before i'm convinced by you but it looks pretty good. so thank you for making that case for animal husbandry on this fox news come i think that's pretty rare. vaccine messaging campaign has been so disastrous that they are now leaving it up to the experts and that is teenage tiktok dancers per the biden administration is having them share approach vaccine messages in the form of dance. what is your reaction to that? >> this is great. normally the democrats are trying to convince us to do something, they either have lena dunham or bill nye explain it to us and it's not fun and now they are doing a tiktok and finding attractive young ladies to do dances. bring it on, this is great.
4:57 pm
a wonderful change of events. i hope this becomes the dominant form of political propaganda in the united states. >> they are like 15 years old. >> i think i'm always a little skittish about a tiktok related things because i see everything that just goes through their is a chinese but i have to say this is better than lena dunham which is not saying a lot. up next, "star trek" is set to become fully woke as the show runner is accused of bringing wokeness to the starship enterprise and more, a new production deal that will keep him in the captain's seat until 2026. what is your reaction to that? the recent series that kirk has been producing, certainly raised the hackles of a lot of traditionalist fans.
4:58 pm
i don't have a problem with "star trek" getting political or even woke. "star trek" has historically been political. my thing is it has to have a big pot. i'm worried that there and it's one way and dropping william shatner. make sure 96-year-old william shatner is available to improvise onset. >> if you just let them use the lines from his twitter account, you would definitely be proven correct about that. >> i would totally watch that show. 100%. >> finally, new zealand prime minister pleaded that she would be draped in a large white map and humiliated as they formally apologize for racist raids in the 1970s. andrew, i don't know if you've ever had blanket forts when you
4:59 pm
were a child, but did you use them in ways to atone for various sins? >> all the time. i think this is phenomenal. this is a really good development. i think bureaucrats should be brought low on a regular basis. i don't like the kind of hero worship that we give to heads of state. the top bureaucrat, the top number cruncher and if we can find out new and innovative ways to embarrass them or they can feel ridiculous, i take that as a push against monarchy and towards limited government. >> i think the blanket aspect of it is what bothers me. i'd much rather have someone leading down the cobbled street and shouting shaman ringing a bell. thank you for joining me tonight. be michael it's more of an australia thing. >> it's one of these things were i just think that the blanket aspect of this just feels like something that would come from charlie brown or something like that. andrew, thank you so much for taking the time to join me
5:00 pm
tonight. >> thank you. >> thank you for watching fox news prime time. we will be back tomorrow night at 7:00. until then, be lovers of freedom. tucker carlson is up next. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight" coming you this evening from budapest, hungary, right over the river, a place we will be telling you a lot about if you care about western civilization and democracy in families and the ferocious assault of all three of those things by the leaders of our global institutions, you should know what is happening here right now. more on that to come. a lot more. first, continuing to flo


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