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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  August 4, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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medal there. the first gold medal for a black woman in wrestling for the united states and so happy. her mom will get the food truck and she said she can't wait to get home to celebrate with her husband and her dog. >> bill: and her dog, i got it. >> dana: dogs make the world go round. see you then. >> sandra: new york governor andrew cuomo re in for harris today. the list of powerful democrats calling on cuomo to step down has exploded. it includes governors, members of congress, the mayor of new york city, and even the president of the united states. virtually everyone is in agreement that the attorney general's brutal report detailing the governor's sexual
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harassment of 11 women is too damning to ignore. >> president biden: some embraces were totally innocent but the attorney general decided there were things that weren't. >> no elected official is above the law. the people of new york deserve better leadership in the governor's office. i continue to believe the governor should resign. >> he absolutely should resign. with the attorney general's report it is not affirming the accounts but adding more. >> 11 women coming forward is deeply, deeply disturbing. he should resign. >> sandra: at the state level things are just as grim for cuomo. 74% of new york lawmakers have called for his resignation or impeachment. the assembly speaker says they will move quickly to wrap up theron going impeachment investigation. but the governor says he is not going anywhere and in the face of all of the evidence, there is this.
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>> i never touched anyone inappropriately or made inappropriate sexual advances. i am 63 years old. i have lived my entire adult life in public view. that is just not who i am. and that's not who i have ever been. >> sandra: the "new york post" cover sums it up like this. it's official, cuomo is a creep. bryan llenas has more. >> we get more details from the 165 page report. a selfie taken by an unnamed executive assistance with the governor in the executive mansion. the assistant says cuomo was groping her before the photograph. later he would put his hands under her blouse. there is a separate criminal investigation. >> there were several occasions on which the governor grabbed
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her butt. executive assistant number one had vowed she would take these violations as she put it to the grave. she was terrified that if she spoke out, she would lose her job. >> former aide charlotte bennett said the governor made inappropriate sexual remarks and put her in uncomfortable situations. he is singing to her. ♪ do you love me, do you really love me ♪ ♪ do you care ♪ >> the governor denied the allegations yesterday in a taped video response that included a montage of photos of him kissing and touching people and politicians. bennett said the video was inappropriate and the governor knew what he was doing. >> he was coming on to me and he insinuated that survivors of trauma and sexual assault can't tell the difference between
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mentorship and leadership and sexual harassment itself. not only insulting to me but every survivor who listened to him yesterday. the victim blaming is not okay. >> the report detailed allegations of unwanted touching from a 30-year-old state trooper who cuomo allegedly personally asked to be on his private security detail. the ongoing state assembly impeachment committee is meeting on monday. the decision will be whether or not they will impeach immediately if he does not resign or whether or not they will move forward with an ongoing drawn out impeachment investigation. sandra. >> sandra: bryan, it is remarkable to watch these developments and there he stands still not stepping down in the face of all of this growing pressure. great to have you, bryan, thank you so much. the a.g. report opening the door for a host of civil lawsuits from cuomo's 11 accusers. albany county district attorney says it may not end there. >> the allegations early on
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certainly led myself and other prosecutors with concurrent jurisdiction to believe that criminal activity in fact had taken place but we will conduct our own independent investigation and it will be done quickly. >> sandra: mercedes colwin is a legal analyst. the attorney general opened the door right away in her announcement of the findings yesterday saying he broke federal and state laws. can each of these 11 victims on their own go after cuomo? >> great question, sandra. always wonderful to start my day with you. you are exactly right. what james said is essentially there are two paths here. there is a criminal path and a civil path. all of these individuals, if the statute of limitations have not expired they can sue the state of new york, governor cuomo. the enablers. who were the aiders and a
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betters. they cannot do it necessarily under the federal laws. that's only a 3 hyundai window. the state and local laws have a three-year window. depending on when these allegations occurred they can bring those allegations in court. that's just the civil side. it has nothing to do with the criminal side where the statute of limitations is different. >> sandra: resignation is an option. you think that would be the easiest for the governor. the impeachment option and then there is republican new york congresswoman stefanik said. governor cuomo must resign and be arrested immediately. she appears to take it one step further, mercedes. >> well, exactly. reading -- it's 168-page report. 179 witnesses were supported the allegations but at least gave their testimony within the report.
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you see all of that, that supporting information from all of these witnesses. anything with respect to the grabbing, the groping, the inappropriate touching is all criminal. that certainly can be prosecuted. frankly, it sounds that that's the direction this is all heading. >> sandra: it is really remarkable when you look at the response from the governor yesterday in that taped address and then playing the videos that they were i believe all sort of shocked to see in the moment. it was really something else to be clear. criminal defense attorney jonathan turley blasting cuomo's defense of himself. he said in miss own words, listen. >> that i'm old and a little bit gropey is not something that the jury is going to take well. he talks about welcoming the judge and jury in the case. he may just want to welcome the judge. i'm not too sure a jury will be that well coming of this defense. >> sandra: a big statement. what do you think of that?
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as we were playing some of that video that he played while he was speaking yesterday. it was remarkable to see that he thought that would help him. >> it was so outrageous. we were on air at the same time. it was unbelievable. i said how could there be any attorney giving advice to the governor at this point? the fact that he is saying i'm a boomer and maybe i'm a little handsy, italian, maybe a little handsy and talks about all these issues. if you say i didn't mean it, i didn't understand it. i didn't mean to offend or hurt it doesn't matter. i do this around a country and what i say to individuals. it doesn't matter what your feelings are. it is how it is being perceived and received by that other individual. if it's not consensual it's unlawful and that's it. the fact what's going on in your brain at the time doesn't
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matter. >> sandra: absolutely. you made that point yesterday in the wake of all of this. mercedes. we'll see where the day takes us. one of his accusers, one of the victims calling him a circus act. mercedes, thank you. >> my pleasure, thanks, sandra. >> sandra: that stunning sexual harassment report is just one of cuomo's scandals. he is still under investigation for his policy that caused thousands of covid deaths in nursing homes in new york state. outspoken critic janice dean with a very personal take on this in a scathing op-ed out today. she will join us live on set next. plus this. >> we don't need mandates to know what to do. we need to talk to people about getting vaccinated to protect themselves from the delta variant and these other variants that are out there. >> sandra: so clearly the debate over mask mandates is not going away and getting more and more personal by the day. yet more messy messaging from
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>> do you think he is gas lighting you? >> absolutely. trying to justify himself by making me out to be someone who can't tell the difference between sexual harassment and mentorship. we have a report, we have the facts. he sexually harassed me. i am not confused. it is not confusing. i am living in reality and it is sad to see he is not. >> sandra: she doesn't want an apology but accountability she said. one of the 11 accusers of governor andrew cuomo speaking out there on that report showing a culture of sexual harassment and a toxic and hostile work environment.
8:16 am
the governor still under investigation in this moment for his march 2020 nursing home order. thousands of residents dying after covid-positive patients were returned to facilities. real clear politics co-founder tom bevan on that this morning. >> in the same world he probably should have argued his piece for sending 13,000 folks to their death in nursing homes and trying to cover it up, another scandal that's brewing. it looks like this might actually be the straw that broke the camel's back. >> sandra: senior meteorologist janice dean lost both her in laws. cuomo has always blamed everyone else for his no good, terrible deadly mistake. i think we're all sick and tired of this governor making excuses and blaming the victim. i would challenge the governor try to make it all about him in front of grieving families
8:17 am
someday. janice joins us now. it was hard for me to get through that knowing what you have gone through here, janice. this is unbelievably brutal and to watch his defense of what the attorney general so clearly laid out with evidence. his defense it appeared was to blame the victims. how are you doing, janice? >> you know, i don't know how i'm doing to be honest with you. i feel like i've been steadfast, kept my posture straight and i'm trying to get through it. but there are breaking moments and i feel like i'm reaching that. i want accountability and he continues to blame everyone and everything else. he has done it from the very beginning. he is like a broken record. to go in front of these women who were abused by him, assaulted and saying it is because they don't understand what i'm trying to do, you know, like i've always been this way. it is so disgusting.
8:18 am
every day he is still in power i have to shake my head and say new yorkers, wake up. this guy is -- he should no longer be the governor of new york. >> sandra: you are sick and tired of being sick and tired. i read your piece. it was heartfelt. cuomo's response to the a.g.'s report getting a lot -- a lot -- really a lot of attention not just for what he said but for the bizarre photo presentation that we all saw play out yesterday. here is a bit of it. >> i do it with everyone, black and white, young and old, straight and lgbtq, powerful people, friends, strangers, people who i meet on the street. >> sandra: twitter users asked
8:19 am
if andrew cuomo really thought this montage was a good idea. another one saying it is next level horrific. i want to know if they asked the people in the slide show if that was cool. new york city mayor bill deblasio torching the response. >> look, his statement was laughable, his attempt to show pictures of him with family members as a defense was an insult to these women. insult to the whole notion that a public servant is held to a high standard. he should resign and he won't resign. he should be impeached as quickly as possible. >> sandra: do you believe it's in him to resign and do you believe that will actually happen or will it come to impeachment or something else? >> i don't know. i talked to a lawmaker yesterday who said there is a chance they might be trying to make a deal with him to resign and maybe they drop some of the charges. i don't know how that works out. i'm not a lawyer. but i would like to know if that is a possibility because i don't want the nursing home
8:20 am
charges to go away, okay? i don't. i think he has to be impeached. i have said for months now that i don't believe these lawmakers in albany. they keep saying they are going to do it but they've been stonewalling and i think they've been waiting for the attorney general report to come out to see how bad it was. it is pretty bad. i think you need to get your job done. he needs to be impeached and i want a mark next to his name. >> sandra: tammy bruce is arguing in a new op-ed that smug cuomo will never resign and he should be impeached. she goes on to say make no response the response by cuomo was another effort to intimidate and frighten the people who dared to have the courage to look that smug brute in the face and speak the truth. you feel you've been on the receiving end of that, janice. bottom line, though, what we're all left wondering if there is an impeachment or resignation and if he does step down, what
8:21 am
happens with that nursing home investigation? the answer is we don't know, right? he needs to be held accountable for that as well. >> absolutely. over 15,000 grand parents in new york, human beings that could have lived longer lives and we had no idea that they were going to be infected. and that needs to be held accountable. >> sandra: i think i speak for so many of our colleagues at fox we're so proud of you and support you, janice. >> sandra, thank you. it's colleagues like you, this place, i felt loved and supported and thank you, to the viewers as well, i mean, i'm not a political person. i want to go back to doing the weather, but i have to speak on behalf of those who don't have a voice anymore. >> sandra: hugs from this distance to you. >> i love you. >> sandra: thanks for joining us. >> some governors aren't willing to do the right thing to beat this pandemic. i say to these governors,
8:22 am
please help. if you aren't going to help, at least get out of the way for the people trying to do the right thing. >> if you aren't going to help or abide by public health guidance get out of the way and let people do the right thing to lead in their communities. >> sandra: president biden and his press secretary calling out republican governors over their covid policies. governor ron desantis a critic of mask mandates firing back. his office calling jen psaki's comments unprofessional and adding she might want to brush up on the constitution and learn more about the role of a state governor. "washington examiner" editorial reading, the cdc working theory is vaccination doesn't prevent transmission to the unvaccinated. even if that theory is true it is insufficient to make people mask up again. neither will further societal lockdowns help. the world cannot be turned inside out again to protect
8:23 am
vaccine refusals from their own choices. dr. marty makary, professor of surgery at the johns hopkins school of medicine. it goes back to the question we've been asking all week. why is there not more of a focus on getting more people vaccinated than telling people they have to wear these masks again? are we losing sight of the end goal here? >> we are. these issues have been big distractions requiring a 12-year-old who is vaccinated to wear a mask indoors even if there is very low levels of infection in that person's community, these are massive distractions. arresting people for not wearing masks in the capitol building. we need to recognize natural immunity. for those who aren't vaccinated and adults without natural immunity focus on that group. right now we see a lot of anger directed at the entire group of those unvaccinated including those already immune and even
8:24 am
discussion of punishing people with things like daily testing at their own expense and that's unethical. we never use medical interventions as a penalty in medicine. >> sandra: dr. mack carey, the nih director francis collins is backtracking after suggesting that parents mask up when they are at home with their young unvaccinated children. well, he tweeted vaccinated parents who live in communities with high covid transmission rates should mask when out in public indoor setting to minimize risk to their kids. no need to mask at home. he issued that reversal. a former biden covid advisor saying americans need to rethink their masks. >> we need to talk about better masking. we need to talk about n-95 respirators which would do a lot for both people not yet vaccinated or not previously infected. >> sandra: dig through this.
8:25 am
we are all getting a little confused here. better masking, masking, no masking. that reversal from the bizarre comment that from the nih director. mask up at home if you're vaccinated. >> we would never say that with influenza. we would never have the culture wars like this. we've never gotten good data on healthy kids in the united states. we don't know if any healthy child has ever died of covid. we think there is a few out there. in terms of our relative risk perception it is completely distorted now. i would love to see the data on kids and masks. we've never gotten it. >> sandra: some of us are walking around wondering does it ever go away? where does it lead us. "the washington examiner" containing the coronavirus is an unrealistic goal. i will leave that thought with
8:26 am
you for a moment while i ask you what's going on in new york city with restaurants and gyms, now there is a mandate you must mask up if you enter these places, dr. makary. where does this leave us in this pandemic to have these mandates in a place like this? >> it's ironic, new york has high levels of population immunity. when we go to these culture wars that are ignited by government-induced mandates that we would never do it again for influenza. would you ever see mandates saying you need a flu shot in order to go somewhere? the risk to those who are immune is minimal. we are talking about a vaccine and natural immunity that downgraded covid to a mild seasonal virus. those who are unvaccinated have made a poor medical decision, maybe for good reasons some. they pose no threat to those who have immunity right now. i think there is a misconception that they pose a
8:27 am
serious public health risk. in the past they did. today they don't with the population-based. >> sandra: so many put the masks away and they're coming out again here in new york. we hope things improve. nice to see you. the biden administration accused of letting migrants into the country without testing them for covid or even vaccinating them. the president pushing back on criticism of that. >> president biden: the order that is sometimes critical -- criticized saying that unvaccinated people should go back across the border. but unaccompanied children is a different story. >> sandra: critics are really turning up the heat on the president now to get the border under control. we'll tell you what they are asking for now. plus former president obama saying his massive birthday celebration won't be so big
8:28 am
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ok everyone, our mission is to provide complete, balanced nutrition for strength and energy. whoo hoo! ensure, with 27 vitamins and minerals, now introducing ensure complete! with 30 grams of protein. >> sandra: biden's border crisis is a covid crisis. until now only a limited number of migrants had been offered the shots. bill melugin is live in lehoya, texas, with all of this. >> good morning. the biden administration is starting to face a lot of pressure when it comes to covid-19 and migrants down here at the southern border not just because migrants are testing positive but because border patrol agents are as well. as you mentioned we are hearing
8:34 am
reports from the "washington post" the biden administration is putting together a plan to offer the covid-19 vaccine to migrants at the border. it is offered, not mandated. look at the live video from the fox drone. we talk about how overrun the agency is down here in the rio grande valley. a shot of the bridge in mission, texas. several hundred people still under this waiting for the process. on s*urn it was well over a thousand. people keep taking out on buses and more people come there. a game of whack-a-mole. more come in when they take them out. hundreds waiting to be processed. look at the video last night. parts of the rio grande valley coming across. another group we cross. border patrol took some of their pulses and health checks. mostly family units willing to give themselves up. they'll be claiming asylum or hoping they can get a court
8:35 am
date and be released into the united states. same this morning. the video this morning was part of a much bigger group that came across. border agents telling us more than 500 migrants came through this area last night and apprehended. you look at the remnants of this group some off to my left shoulder waiting to be processed. take a look at this drone video we shot this morning here. we noticed these tents going up in the city of mcallen in an empty lot. what we're hearing is they will be used as temporary housing for migrants who have been released from border patrol custody. two ems tents and other tents being built. we saw migrants there this morning. i reached out to the city of mcallen and asked the city spokesperson what is this. she told us she can't tell us any details right now because she wants to put a press release out. when is the press release coming? i hope it comes out soon. we don't have more details but we learned in the mcallen
8:36 am
earlier in mcallen alone 13% of migrants released by border patrol have been testing positive for covid-19. send it back to you. >> dana: bill, thank you. >> the thinking behind letting untested and unvaccinated migrants cross the southern border into u.s. cities in record numbers. >> president biden: we have not withdrawn the order that is sometimes critical -- criticized saying that unvaccinated people should go back across the border. but unaccompanied children is a different story because there is -- that is the most humane thing to do is to test them and treat them and not send them back alone. >> sandra: peter doocy challenging president biden on reports the administration is releasing migrants into the country without testing them for covid-19 as critics put immense pressure on the white house. chip roy calling to impeach
8:37 am
both the president and homeland security secretary mayorkas. chad wolf says quote, they have broken the system. this crisis that has been on the border for the last six months is now becoming a national embarrassment. earlier this summer the vice president insisted they have it all under control. >> exactly where we want to be yet but we've seen extreme progress. >> in five months we've made progress. still more work to be done. we've made progress. family reunification and addressing root causes. >> sandra: roger files being is a former obama administration staffer and senior aide for john kerry. welcome. t.w. kick this off for us. extreme progress is an interesting description for kamala harris to use as to what is happening at our southern border. we haven't seen evidence of that. if anything we've seen the
8:38 am
situation get worse. >> there is no doubt the biden border crisis is a matter of national security and frankly it is the largest single super spreader event since the pandemic began. we have 210,000 illegals since july. 19,000 of those are unaccompanied children as a result of the policies and rhetoric coming out of the white house. it is no surprise, right? america last is the biden policy. we are seeing it first. we talk about migrant children. what about my children put as risk by these people coming across the border. we don't know who they are or whether they've been vaccinated and don't know where they are going. when you have an open border society like the biden administration is trying to make america it makes every city in america a border city. >> sandra: these are live images, roger, as we continue to see the massive amount of migrants there in mission,
8:39 am
texas. exclusive video to fox news our flight team capturing the images right now. you are talking about record numbers of migrants coming over our southern border while we are still battling a pandemic. we know that they are carrying the virus over in double digit percentages of the number of people coming. they are carrying this virus in. why is there not a bigger effort on the part of this administration to get this crisis under control? >> first off, sandra, thank you for having me i love being on with t.w. when the hear the bride en administration being criticized right and left. maintaining title 42, the capacity to turn away people that test positive. i think that's a good thing. i think that should be celebrated or at least welcomed. the interesting thing for me in all the coverage is almost everything your colleague reported from down in texas, for example, in the fox news article about chip roy and his comments about impeachment, the bridge that is shown with all
8:40 am
those people on it is implied this is open borders. t.w. said open borders. even fox news language says drone footage showing hundreds of migrants in border patrol custody. the other articles on fox news talk about apprehensionesque up, seizures being up. if the biden administration is doing nothing who is doing all the seizures. the hysteria is at odds with what is happening on the ground. >> sandra: roger, hold on. >> to say the biden administration isn't doing anything is dishonest. >> since the biden administration declared victory and said it was under control we've had 580,000 illegals enter this country. it is an unmitigated disaster. no matter what democrat talking points you use every city in america is at risk because this administration failed to protect the border. if you want to protect the border and make things better for americans you need to build
8:41 am
a wall. that's how you keep that. >> my point to you and sandra was that even the fox reporter who just gave the report from texas was showing footage of people that had been detained. >> sandra: roger, the question is do you believe you are looking at a situation under control right now or do you agree with the bipartisan criticism of the kamala harris and her handling of this and there needs to be a new leadership? i'm sure you've heard henry cuellar say get somebody else in there. we need to tackle the crisis. nikki haley tweeted this. kamala harris might be fired for his border overseeing the crisis. we need real leadership. roger, i'll ask you, where is she? why aren't we seeing this as an urgent matter for this administration? >> it is not inconsistent to treat it in a sober policy fashion and get resources to the border at the same time not
8:42 am
projecting hysterical social media like the previous administration did. we dialed back from the reports this network did in april that all migrants coming across were being given vice president's book. >> sandra: hold on, hold on. t.w. we have to deal with the facts at hand. there is a record number of people coming over that border. obvious concerns on many levels about this. we are talking about the concern during a pandemic to have this number of people flowing over our border. we don't know their health status. >> the reason i can give you an answer real easy. the reason this administration is not taking this seriously is because they've had to deal with crisis after crisis. not only are we facing the biden border christs, the biden crime crisis and energy crisis and those are just domestic. lets not even mention the situations we have with russia and china. the biden administration is failing to lead. another example. the real answer here is build the wall and stop people from
8:43 am
coming across the border. i think where a lot of conservatives are believing that the biden administration actually wants people coming here illegally. this is part of their strategy frankly to -- >> sandra: i want to finish off. i have to wrap this up. roger, we have interviewed countless mayors both democrat and republican on the ground there in texas that are dealing with this situation, the ranchers dealing with the spike in crime. this is a real problem and matter of urgency for so many. i have to leave it there and hope to have you both back together again soon. thank you very much. thank you for the discussion. president biden praised governor cuomo as the gold standard during the pandemic. those comments not aging well. now critics are calling out the commander-in-chief. plus remember this? >> i hope you are able to appreciate what you did in your state and what it means for the rest of the country now and what it will always mean to those who love and care about you the most. i'm wowed by what you did and
8:44 am
more importantly i'm wowed by how you did it. >> sandra: back if june 2020. chris cuomo heaping praise on his brother for his covid response that raised a lot of eyebrows and when he said he can't report on the sexual assault scandal but now we find out he helped during the scandal. the newday two and a quarter refi has the company's lowest rate in history. 2.25% with an apr of 2.48. save thousands every year. plus there's no money out of pocket and no up front fees. newday is holding the line on interest rates so every veteran family can save. call now. subway has so much new, i couldn't fit it all in the last ad...
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>> sandra: president biden calling for governor cuomo to resign after the scathing sexual harassment report. critics are recalling biden's praise of cuomo for how he handled the early stages of the pandemic. the governor faced scandals over nursing home deaths, sexual harassments and the book deal. >> president biden: the governor of new york has done one hell of a job. he is the gold standard. >> sandra: we all remember that. a congresswoman tweeted joe biden's gold standard governor is a serial sexual harasser, grand parent murdering bully. joe concha for the hill, wow is right. >> yeah, i'll give the president a pass on that. he was a candidate at the time. april of 2020 and that was the time before we knew of any of
8:50 am
these allegations in the nursing home scandal hadn't come to light. you don't win an emmy for nothing, right? i would rather concentrate since i cover media, sandra, on chris cuomo and unbelievable that cnn allowed him to go on the air last night and not address the elephant on steroids in the room that allegations surrounding his brother, andrew. the president and others have said he should resign. the democratic mayor of new york is calling for him to be criminally charged. unless you are cnn, of course, they threw journalism under the bus again and allowed its 9:00 p.m. anchor to avoid the story after last year featuring the governor dozens of time fawning over him. you can fill madison square garden with the 15,000 dead. not a one time thing with chris cuomo adviseing his brother how
8:51 am
to beat sexual harassment allegations. he faked his own quarantine. this must be insulting to every cnn employee and the gender as a whole for that matter because he was advising his brother how to dismiss and beat allegations of sexual harassments. serious stuff. >> sandra: critics saying governor cuomo should resign and his brother should step down or be fired from his position at cnn. another writing writing cnn good luck lecturing people about decency and doing the right thing. i wonder where this will go next, joe? >> oh, well, if he hasn't been suspended already he won't be suspended going forward. if he got on the air last night and executives at the network said it's okay not to talk about your brother. he is running the show over there at this point and won't be told what to do and continue
8:52 am
to make millions and the network will continue to look the other way. cnn's all male lineup from 8:00 p.m. to midnight is now being beaten in prime time by home and garden tv. hallmark channel and tlc and have you ever heard of this channel? insp. apologies to those who may flip to the network. i had the look up what it was. they play old western tv series and movies. you are losing to that? that's how far cnn has fallen. >> sandra: stick tongue what happened last night and how it was covered on the network chris cuomo did not cover the a.g. report on his show last night and folks are cringing, joe, at this awkward hand-off between him and fellow cnn anchor don lemon. watch. >> i love you brother. i love you. >> this is don lemon tonight. the calls are getting louder
8:53 am
and louder. this is what i'm talking about. top democrats from new york to the white house calling on governor andrew cuomo to resign. >> sandra: joe, that happened. >> that was the most awkward thing i've seen in television in quite some time. for 60 minutes he doesn't bring up anything about his other. two men tell each other they love each other before the guy goes on to pummel the guy's brother. i'm sorry, i have to do this. they told me i had to do this. cnn used to be such a trusted brand in big news situations. i remember the gulf wars and the days of bernard shaw and look what they've become at this point. cnn, it's the cheesy news network and no one to blame but themselves. >> sandra: not to mention that back if march cuomo victim charlotte bennett criticized the media fawning over the governor. some clips of what she was
8:54 am
referring to. >> republicans tell me they look at cuomo and god, there is a leader. >> i heard you had a crush on andrew cuomo. >> everyone does, right? he is fantastic. >> you exposed a lot of your own vulnerabilities. >> the topic about you is your love life. >> you have been commended for clear and calm leadership. >> we're grateful across the country there are responsible leaders stepping up, one of them provided clear direction and memorable power points, new york's governor andrew cuomo. >> sandra: so many memorable moments there, joe. >> that media coverage particularly as the nursing home scandal came out that got him a $5 million book deal. a book he released in the middle of a pandemic. he can't leave soon enough. >> sandra: not to mention we haven't talked that his brother appeared to have helped draft the defense he delivered publicly at 1:00 eastern time. joe, by the way, you are our
8:55 am
media analyst extraordinaire and also a breathth of knowledge of clint eastwood. he hosts the new documentary streaming on fox thank you for joining us, joe. thank you for watching "the faulkner focus". i'm sandra smith. i'll see you at 1:00. "outnumbered" is next. ue, not just 80% like other loans. that's a big difference. and it can mean a lot more money for you and your family. and this is the best time in history use it because home values are now at record highs while mortgage rates are near record lows. the newday 100 va cash out loan lets you take out $50,000 or more to use as you wish. improve your home, pay down debt, or just put it in the bank for the financial security every veteran deserves.
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>> emily: governor cuomo remains defiant, denying any wrongdoing despite investigation by democratic voided attorney general that found he sexually harassed nearly a dozen women and retaliated against one of his accusers, not only breaking state and federal law n administration policies. i now president biden is joining the growing list of politicians on both sides of the aisle calling for cuomo to resign. this as the democrats plot to impeach him in the albany district attorney makes it clear that


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