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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 4, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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in the meantime, have the best night. see you at 8:00 p.m. tomorrow night. ♪ ♪ >> sean: welcome to "hannity." fox news alert. this friday the secretary of defense is expected to announce what is a vaccine mandate for all 1.3 million members of the u.s. military. coming up, we are going to break down all the latest covid-19 rules, mandates, orders, threats coming from democrats. that said get the vaccine and life is going to return to normal. get ready for your vaccine mandates, your mask mandates, draconian measures like never before. this is not real.
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also tonight while playing a weird slideshow of different people hugging and kissing each other, new york governor andrew cuomo's tonight refusing to resign. this is the governor, might soon face impeachment. we will explain why that is not his greatest threat. his greatest fear should be the real possibility of serious criminal charges. that threat is real. according to a major breaking report, the new york state legislature now appears to have the votes to remove cuomo from office. we'll have the latest details straight ahead. later, missouri's governor right here on this program, he promised a pardon to the mccloskeys who were forced to surrender their guns, pay a hefty fine and plead guilty to misdemeanor charges for defending their home last year during what was a riot. people broke down the gates of their neighborhood and threatened them. we will have the latest on that.
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mr. mccloskey will join us. congresswoman cori bush appears to be openly threatening the couple. mark mccloskey, he's decided to run for senate. we have a lot of news. they'll join us tonight. first, medical expert dr. bill conrad de blasio is now demanding in new york city that the people of new york city folt new covid-19 guidelines who arey risk losing their freedom. that their freedom will be taken away. pay close attention to what he says. speak of the delta has changed the game. unless we want to run the risk of going back to restrictions and having her freedom taken away and people losing their jobs again, it's really clear w. here's a clear message. we are saying, you want to enjoy great restaurants? amen. do you want to go to movie theaters? go to the gym? that's great and we want all that pretty got to get vaccinated. you want to work in those places coming up to get vaccinated for
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the good in the health of everyone around you. it's not that tough to do. see what he says you're going to risk losing your freedom. that's kind of strange because his measure takes away everybody's freedom. by the way, comrade de blasio, our rights actually come from god, the creator of everything, not from you, comrade bill de blasio. apparently bill thinks he knows best. he's a new york politician and a failure at that after all. so forget about consulting with your doctor or medical privacy or patient-doctor confidentiality. if you don't follow comrade de blasio's rules in new york city and get vaccinated and present your papers to anyone who requests it, you will no longer be allowed to enter a restaurant, a gym, see a movie, broadway show, go to a concert. nothing. you'll be shut out. show us your papers. get the vaccine mandated, or you're out.
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what about people that have rare conditions? they can't get the vaccine because their doctors tell them that it would harm them. what about those that had covid? we are following the science, the cleveland clinic says very prestigious medical institution, that if you had covid-19, you don't need any of the vaccines. what happened to follow the science? that mantra? as de blasio mentioned, we don't follow his orders, all of your precious freedom are not only could be stripped away but he is stripping it away anyway at the drop of a hat. a perfect example of why it's never a good idea to elect a devout, well, socialist, marxist, communist, authoritarian figure like bill de blasio. and it's not just him. biden's request, democrats across the country are eagerly implementing new mask mandates. what happened, if you get vaccinated, life goes back to normal? they are mandating vaccine
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requirements and vaccine passports, social distancing, even for kids in schools. restrictions on all businesses and breaking tonight as we reported at the top, the pentagon will announce a covid-19 vaccine mandate for every single member of our military, whether they want it or not. los angeles, by the way, they might soon mandate vaccine passports just like new york. get this. yesterday we had this genius that runs the nih, their director, actually encouraging parents at home that have children you must put your masks on at home inside your house. okay. we are dealing with lunatics. these are the same people that said if you got the vaccine, life goes back to normal. are you going to believe them now? because they lied to us because that never happened. clearly they don't believe in something called freedom. if you question the so-called experts, you oppose the
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government mandates, you're guilty of killing people. according to new jersey governor phil murray, another idiot with those executive orders putting covert positive for -- but positive people in nursing homes. >> you lost your minds. you are the ultimate knuckleheads. people are losing their life. people are losing their life. you have to know that. look in the mirror. look in the mirror. >> sean: did you or did you not sign an executive order forcing nursing homes or take covid positive patients? we are going to get a lecture from you? without a doubt the dramatic lectures from the left arm once again ramping up. at the same time, they're not going to say worried about the biggest super-spreader event that has been ongoing since january 20th right at our own southern border. the biden super-spreader. the state of disaster has now
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been declared in mcallen, texas, because 7,000 covid positive illegal immigrants were released into that one city alone. including 1500 justice past week. this is now more than a million illegal immigrants were apprehended at the border, now at 25 year high when we were at a 25 year low with donald trump's border policy. we have no idea how many more would not -- were not intercepted by law enforcement. a record number of illegal immigrants from all over the world. many with covid. none of them being tested. nobody's being vaccinated. no mandates for them. they are now being dispersed in buses and planes to every state in the country. they are all being paid for by you courtesy of joe biden. if you turn on fake news cnn or msdnc or abc, nbc, cbs or read
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the maritimes or "washington post" communal queen hear anything about this massive super-spreader event. they didn't tell you about joe's cages for kids in the middle of a pandemic that were overcrowded and layered on top of each other. in the middle of a pandemic with a high rate of covid positivity. according to the mob, the media, big tech, the biden administration, governor ron desantis, let's blame him. the guy who schools have been open though for a full year. were going to blame him? all because, why, he's not going to for 3-year-olds to wear masks? today governor desantis, guess what, he had this powerful response for joe biden and circle back jen psaki. take a look. >> joe biden has taken to himself to try to single out florida over covid. this is a guy who ran for president saying he was going to "shut down the virus" and what has he done? he has imported more virus from around the world by having a
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wide open southern border. biden rejects science because he denies the fact that people recover from covid have long-lasting immunity. that's been proven time and time again, and the data is very clear. you're trying to restrict people, impose mandates. you're trying to ruin their job their livelihoods and their small businesses. if you're trying to lock people down. i'm standing in her way and i'm standing to the people of florida. so why don't you do your job? why don't you get this border secure? until you do that, i don't want to hear anything about covid from you. thank you. >> sean: well said. governor desantis mobilized early. every single, every single sector of his government to focus on the most vulnerable, the elderly population in florida, to protect them, unlike new york, new jersey, pennsylvania and michigan oh,
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where they were putting positive patience in nursing home and killing the most vulnerable population. close the border, joel. close the border. that's the biggest super-spreader. you are responsible for the biggest super-spreader event in the entire history of the covid pandemic in this country. that would prevent thousands of unvaccinated illegal immigrants that you are processing every day by not literally enforcing the laws of the land from pouring across our borders illegally. that would stop those infected with covid-19 from getting into the country, likely infecting american citizens that you keep giving conflicting messages to. clearly trashing governor desantis is more important to joe biden. joining us now with a full report, with a very real crisis that our southern border, again, our own bill melugin is there.
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it was your drone shot, we saw these hundreds of people beneath the bridge the other night. the reality is i'm hearing from my sources on the border patrol and people every day that the numbers of positive covid cases of illegal immigrants are through the roof. >> sean, they are. to give you an idea how bad things are getting, the city of mcallen has declared a local disaster and you can see they just built this emergency tent shelter literally overnight. this was not here as of 5:00 p.m. last night. they say they are housing illegal immigrants who have been released from border patrol custody. they say the feds are essentially just dumping illegal immigrants into the city of mcallen and they don't have the space to put them anywhere anymore so they to build these emergency shelters. take a look at the video that we shot. there was a group of about 100 migrants who quickly showed up. they get food, water, that sort of thing.
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there is some ems tents. the city is essentially saying the feds have been dumping so many migrants, dropping them off of this catholic charity in downtown mcallen, the charities overcapacity. there's a risk of hundreds of migrants being left out on the streets of mcallen in the city put out a scathing statement for the federal government. they write "the city intends to demand relief from the federal government for the alarming number of migrants that are being released into the city of mcallen." they also say "as these immigrants are released, the federal government does not test them for covid-19." who does test them? a third-party desert. they are dropped off in downtown mcallen a third party test them. take a look at the staggering step also reported by the city of mcallen. they say immigrants released into mcallen by the federal government, there been more than 7,000 covid-19 positive migrants in the mcallen area since february. 1500 of which were just in the last week.
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we talked to some local residents out here not thrilled about this tent compound. >> probably not enough planes or buses to get all these people out of here. probably an overflow from the center. we get that. but again, there could've been better location than sticking them right smack in the middle of mcallen. >> you can take a look at our fox drone. there are protesters who have been gathering this evening. they are not happy with the location of the tent. they are holding up american flags, holding up signs that they impeach biden. they say that the city never gave them a heads up and it's unacceptable to have it here. i just got an email from the city. they just announced they're going to be moving the tent compound to county property over by border patrol jurisdiction instead. one less thing to mention. earlier this evening, there was a horrific crash in brooks county near the border patrol checkpoint about an hour
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north of us. there was a van that was apparently smuggling 30 illegal immigrants. the driver crashed, hit a pole. ten people are dead. 20 are hospitalized. there was no pursuit, just a horrible, tragic incident and he goes to show one of the many facets of this ongoing border crisis which is not getting better anytime soon. >> sean: governor abbott tried to stop and guess what, a court prevented it from stopping it. bill, great report. joining us this texas senator ted cruz. you've been down there, wanting everybody how bad it is. this is the biggest super-spreader in the country. i'm going to argue the high rate of covid positivity at the border, any american that is infected because joe is not enforcing the laws of this country, you couldn't blame joe biden for covid. and if you died, i would put the blame on him too. why don't they stop this super-spreader event? it's happening in the hundreds and hundreds of thousands.
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>> sean, you're exactly right. people across the state of texas and across the country are pissed. kids are dying and joe biden doesn't care. kids are getting sexually assaulted in joe biden, kamala harris doesn't care. we've had illegal immigrants in the last six months and they don't care. take the city of mcallen. releasing 7,000 illegal immigrants into mcallen, all of whom are positive with covid. put that in perspective. mcallen is a city whose population is about 141,000. that means 5% of the population of the city consists now of illegal immigrants who've tested positive for covid. the joe biden and kamala harris are just dumping their one after the other because they want to enforce the law. instead what does joe biden do? he lectures the state of texas. lectures the state of florida. he cannot stand that our states are opening. he cannot stand in our schools
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have been opening. cannot stand the people are going back to work. he wants to get back to the jackbooted thugs. will de blasio this morning, if the jackbooted fits, these democrats, they want to shutdown your business, your shirt, your church, your school, your forcing you to get mandated it's all wrong. >> sean: vaccine mandates, mask mandates, vaccine passports, but for joe's illegal immigrant population, no testing, high rates of covid positivity. spreading it out all over the country. basically nobody gets a vaccine, nobody gets a test. they get processed. they get them taken care of by the states. states are responsible for food and shelter, education and health care. >> it's even worse than that.
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the biden cages where they temporarily detain these folks, i've been to them in these tent cities where you have thousands upon thousands of kids packed and on top of each other, crandon in unsafe cages. when i was there a couple months ago i brought 19 senators with me to see firsthand what was there. the rate of covid positivity was over 10%. these biden cages filled with kids are covid incubators. all of these folks that lecture self-righteously about science, they don't give a flip about science because they wouldn't be doing this if they did. >> sean: senator. speak they care about power and control. >> sean: if they wasn't -- if it wasn't for you, they wouldn't let our cameras in those facilities. you got to videotaping you shared it with the program. if it wasn't for you and a few others, we wouldn't have been able to show biden's overcrowded cages with kids on top of each other in the middle of a pandemic with no testing. but we'll take away the rights
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of every american. what happened to medical privacy, doctor-patient confidentiality? >> you argued before the supreme court with a pretty high percentage of winning many times, senator. does it sound constitutional to you? >> the left doesn't believe in your privacy. he doesn't believe in your freedom. they try to portray it as an extreme choice. they save you think people should have individual choice, then you don't believe in science and you want everyone to die. no. i believe in science. you believe in science. this is a dangerous disease. we have taken extraordinary steps to deal with it. when it comes to vaccines, i believe in vaccines. i have been vaccinated in my family has been vaccinated. but i believe in individual choice. i think you have a right to make a choice whether or not you want to take the vaccine. you could measure the costs and benefits. in my view, there should be no covid mandates. no mast mandates, no vaccine mandates, no vaccine passports.
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and these authoritarian democrats are wanting to mandate and force and stick a needle in your arm. doesn't matter what you think. doesn't matter if you think you need it. as you noted, they don't care if you've had covid and have natural immunity. it's not about the science. it's about them controlling your lives and the contempt they have for individual americans making choices for their own families. in times of crisis, someone's character is revealed by think biden and harris i and cuomo and all these democrats have really revealed their characters. >> sean: joe biden's policies are causing americans to get sick and if you look at the percentages, some of them will die. joe, stop your super-spreader event. enforce the laws and control the border. senator cruz, thank you for being with us. here with mark, donald trump jr. is with us.
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your dad put the travel ban in effect. he took a lot of heat for that. your dad was able to get not one, not two but three vaccines that help save lives. your dad helped with therapeutics like regeneron and others. your dad put in place the stay in mexico policy, built the wall and he ended catch and release. boy, a lot has happened in six or seven months, hasn't it? >> it really has. it's sort of amazing how quickly our country can degenerate with the incompetent leadership. joe biden's only legacy at this point is going to be showing america how good they actually had it under donald trump. the policies are asinine. everything you've been talking about, the whole show, absolutely ridiculous. imagine donald trump release 7,000 covid infected patients into a small town in texas. that doesn't cover the rest of the border so it's probably -- think of how much exponential spread over this disease. they're simply not willing to
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enforce rules against illegal immigrants. americans, law-abiding american citizens are not second-class citizens in their own country based on the actions of this administration. and it's disgusting. >> sean: i can't really put it any better. but you're right because mask mandates, mandatory vaccines now are happening, passports are happening. meanwhile, we're not talking about just 7,000. there is now over a million since joe biden's president, illegal immigrants in the middle of a pandemic, hardly any of them tested for covid and then transported all over the united states with a high rate of covid positivity and i'm like, you can't make this up. americans have no rights. illegal immigrants, they get treated. they get the red carpet treatment, no need to test you. no need to mandate a vaccine. no need to put a mask on when
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you're in one of his overcrowded cages that he built. >> 100%, it's insane. think about it. they are knowingly releasing covid positive patients into the united states. you can't even go to a restaurant in new york city, according to the rules that mayor bill de blasio wants to impose without a vaccine passport. you can't go eat. you can't go to the gym. you can't go public places and you can't work at them either. under the new rules. as a citizen of the united states, you don't have that choice. if you're an illegal immigrant infected with a perhaps deadly new strain of colin, the delta variant, you are free to roam. you can go wherever you want and do whatever you want with no consequences. it's literally insane. not only are they imposing a caste system, within our own country of american citizens, those who are vaccinated and those who aren't, you get to abide by different rules and get
6:23 pm
to -- they are imposing segregation. if it was the right doing it in the left commentating, they would say this strikes me similar to the jim crow laws because in new york city for example the largest demographic of unvaccinated people happens to be african-americans. now you're telling them they can't travel freely? they can't go to restaurants. they can't live their lives because they don't used to let the government impose restrictions on them? >> sean: i've got to tip my hat to you. you're a lot smarter than i am because you got the hill out of new york. i need to follow your lead and so does everybody else. >> florida is a wonderful place. i am loving it. >> sean: now you're putting the knife in and twisting it. i agree. i am a dope. good to see you. things were being with us. when we come back, legal troubles, they are real and mounting for governor cuomo. gregg jarrett talks about how real it is.
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>> sean: disgraced governor andrew cuomo remaining defiant, still refusing to take any responsibility for his behavior, refusing to resign follow the explosive findings in the state attorney general's damning report. we've also learned cuomo is now under, as we knew yesterday, real criminal investigation. one in manhattan, one in albany, and one in westchester county. none of this includes the nursing home scandal. a total of 11 women have made serious allegations and they
6:29 pm
will be fully investigated through the eeg report was clear in stating that both state and federal criminal laws were broken. ultimately that's the far bigger problem that he's facing. not impeachment, as a lot of the media in new york is talking about. here with full analysis is fox news legal analyst gregg jarrett. gregg, you broke down a lot of this yesterday. now it's not just albany. you have westchester, manhattan. forget about the politics of it. i don't see how he survives. on the legal side of it, the strong words of the attorney general. now you have three prosecutors investigating. what happens from here? >> he's in serious legal jeopardy. in the last 24 hours, four different district attorneys announced investigations into whether andrew cuomo committed crimes. they have primary jurisdiction because the accusers say they were violated by cuomo in those
6:30 pm
individual counties. albany, manhattan, nassau, and westchester. the possible crimes here are forcible touching which is unwanted fondling, groping, assault and battery and criminal harassment. people are saying why didn't the state attorney general bring charges, given what she described as the overwhelming convincing evidence against cuomo. part of the problem is she has a conflict of interest because the division in her department is required to defend the governor in various actions. see you can't prosecute and defend simultaneously. so these four d.a.s have made a formal request for all of the evidence gathered by the attorney general and they'll use that to build their own cases. separately there is a federal investigation into whether cuomo cooked the books and lied about the number of nursing home deaths in order to avoid a department of justice
6:31 pm
investigation. the law says trying to prevent a government investigation constitutes obstruction of justice. you may have false statements and perjury as well. finally, there's another investigation, sean, and took almost $5 million book deal whether he used government workers to write and edit the book. the law says that converting government resources for personal financial gain, that's a crime. it's called corruption. of course on the civil side, all 11 accusers could use the evidence gathered to bring lawsuits for money damages against cuomo and the state of new york for three things: sexual harassment, retaliation, and a hostile work environment. those are the laws that the ag, letitia james, concluded that andrew cuomo agree justly violated. >> sean: gregg jarrett, we'll keep updating the story is warranted and we'll get back to it. fact our top story tonight: the
6:32 pm
vaccine passport push, double standard, military vaccine mandate. ever-changing standards. former white house chief of staff mark meadows along with republican congressman jim jordan. mark, we start with you. i mentioned this to don jr., the policy at the border was working great. how come joe biden, now we are at, on track to have a 25 or 30-year record of illegal immigrants at the height of a pandemic thrown in cages, not tested, dispersed all across the u.s. many of them high rate covert positivity. can you explain that to me? >> obviously there is no explanation other than joe biden is missing in action. not only is he ignoring what's happening at the southern border but he's ignoring what's happening in our city. he would rather support mandates and passports in new york and give the people coming across the people across the southern border a free pass, than
6:33 pm
anything else. when we look at, he's providing buses. he's providing transportation. he's even providing jobs. he's not providing any protection to the american citizens against these people coming across. kamala harris wanted to find the root cause of this. the reason she didn't go to the border is she only had to walk down the hall to the oval office. there is the root cause. joe biden and this administration. it's really very hypocritical. washed we be surprised a lot of this administration? >> sean: you know what, three vaccines, the travel ban the president ten days after the first identified case of covid, jim jordan. that was all donald trump. regeneron, that's donald trump too. that's saving lives. especially with these breakthrough cases. how do i know? one of my friends, fully vaccinated, got covid on saturday. had a regeneron infusion on sunday and he's feeling great. here it is on wednesday. that all happened because of
6:34 pm
donald trump. joe biden didn't want the travel ban, didn't push for vaccines. he's giving more rights to illegal immigrants than the hundreds of thousands, now over a million and draconian measures for american citizens. how does that happen in this country? >> it's crazy. president trump provided real leadership, got real answers, secured the border. think about this. march was the highest month on record for illegal crossings until april. april with eyes month on record until may. may was the highest record until june. this is a bad trend. it's a crisis situation. if joe biden wants to get control of covid, secure the border. instead what does he do? he lectures governor desantis, lectures governor abbott. that's how out of touch this guy is with what's going on. frankly, sean, this is why we are going to crush -- i think we're going to win big and take back the house in the next 16 months. >> sean: if we don't, the country is screwed in a million different ways.
6:35 pm
that raises a lot of questions, mark meadows, in terms of okay, i'm not really sure. we keep hearing 57% of americans don't even think joe is making the decisions. how do you give more rights to illegal immigrants? how, if donald trump decided only going to enforce this law that i like but not this law that i don't like, how did they get away with it? >> listen, they won't get away with it. you notice that i'm without a tie tonight. i am here in wyoming. even in wyoming, they are talking about -- >> sean: i would never wear a tie again. i like this look better. it's the real mark meadows, the north carolina mark meadows. >> well, it is. even here in wyoming they are talking on the fact that joe biden is wanting to put more mandates on our kids going to school, on what we do in the privacy of our home, not with vaccine passports. yet what we see is that he
6:36 pm
doesn't have any control over what's happening. when we start to see the misdirection, the direction, the misdirection back and forth going on from the cdc and from the white house, it's an inconsistent message. the truth of the matter is, dr. fauci, when i was in the white house, said that all we are going to be able to do is slow this down. that eventually everyone is going to ultimately either have an immunity to it or get it. now all of a sudden we are acting surprised by all of this. i find it just beyond the pale that we are having joe biden trying to lecture governor desantis or anyone else. governor desantis was right. don't start lecturing us until you actually start to do your constitutional duty. >> sean: are these illegal immigrants that in many cases have covid? jim jordan? showing up in your home state of ohio? >> they are showing up all over
6:37 pm
the country. we had a whistle-blower talking about what's happening the border. they are not detaining the people they should or sending back the people they're supposed to. not following covid protocols but that shouldn't surprise us. when have the democrats in washington ever done what they are supposed to do? there's always a double standard with these guys. that's why we are going to win. >> sean: you know what, we've got to stop this. this is madness. all right. mark, i don't know. i think the wyoming mark works for you. i don't know. if you get a ranch, give me a little, you know, guest cottage. i'd love to visit. speak i tell you. the state of wyoming needs to get a new representative in the house of representatives. >> sean: you think? i love how liz cheney, you know, i love how the people that called her father a war criminal and a murderer and bush cheney lied and people died and claimed that he was corrupt at halliburton, she is now allied with them.
6:38 pm
strange bedfellows. thank you both. we will have them back soon. when we come back, the great one, mark levin weighs in on all of this and much more. he's fired up next. i'm greg, i'm 68 years old. i do motivational speaking in addition to the substitute teaching. i honestly feel that that's my calling-- to give back to younger people. i think most adults will start realizing that they don't recall things as quickly as they used to or they don't remember things as vividly as they once did. i've been taking prevagen for about three years now. people say to me periodically, "man, you've got a memory like an elephant." it's really, really helped me tremendously. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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>> sean: if you don't have proof of vaccination, you can't eat at a new york city restaurant, can't go to a movie, can't go to a sporting event, broadway show. but if you cross the southern border illegally, none of this applies to you. that make sense? here with reaction, author of now three straight weeks in a row, number one "new york times" best seller, here's the interesting part of it. merck's new book, i think it's
6:43 pm
his best and i think it's his most timely and his last chapter "we choose liberty" is maybe one of the best chapters he's ever written in one of the most important. it sold over 750,000 copies. it has outsold the next top 15 to 20 books combined. that's how powerful this book is. it's all so why i call him the great one. for the personal success, i'm happy. but we've got to get this country on track. i know you've got a lot to say. congratulations on the book. >> thank you. we do and that's the whole point of the book but i can't cover it all right now so let me just address this. joe biden is the most disastrous president in modern american history. i don't care if it's by design or by the fact that it's dim witted. it would be like if we had a polio vaccine and telling everybody to get vaccinated but
6:44 pm
inviting people in the country who he knows has polio. no president has ever done this to his own people. he is a coward and he buckles to the radical left. he's no fool. the idea that people who are vaccinated are the ones who are going to be punished, it's like gun owners who are law-abiding are the ones are going to be punished. like the successful people, they are the ones they tend to punish with the tax code. is there anything going right in this country? gasoline prices, food prices going up? anything going right? the border wide open. you're going to have people flooding into our school districts and hospitals. law enforcement is overwhelmed. towns are overwhelmed and let me tell you. let's be blunt. he wants to turn texas blue. he wants to turn arizona blue. the street politician from wilmington, delaware, the dumbest man to ever serve in the senate, the dumbest man to ever be vice president is now the dumbest man to ever be president. he's got a massive ego. he's a narcissist. he wants to go down in history as the greatest president.
6:45 pm
he's going to go down in history as the greatest disaster. he's doing more to weaken this country than the communist chinese could ever pray to do, ever pray to do. moreover, he has justified a federal, supreme court decision. he knows that the cdc doesn't have the power to extend these moratoriums on rent. he says we're going to do it anyway because he listens to this harvard emeritus professor. he has just violated the federal constitution. let me say this. i brought this up on my radio show last week. republicans, have you heard of the word impeachment? you guys going to go down to the border and align yourselves? i know you're not in the majority but you need to start explaining to the american people. this demand is violated a supreme court decision. this man has the border wide open in violation of our immigration laws. you impeach donald trump when he is out of office because of a letter? set up a phony incitement insurrection. this man is doing enormous damage to this country.
6:46 pm
people with the virus, he knows they have the virus. his government knows they have the virus. they are pushing them into the interior of the country. what kind of a president does that to his own people? if he's not at least going to look out for the health and safety of the american people that he needs to be removed. i know who's behind him. but the point is that's what impeachment is for, not for the democrats to chase every republican president but to get rid of this guy. he's a disaster. again, i don't care if he's dimwitted or just stupid. it doesn't much matter. to allow people -- first of all, to tell law-abiding americans are going to wear a mask even though you've been vaccinated. little kids who do not get the virus or give the virus, you're going to be wearing masks because the nea and the aft told me to do so. isn't it time to remove this guy from the oval office or at least make an effort? so you tough guy republicans who come on here, tough guy
6:47 pm
republicans on radio, how about it? the i word, impeachment or let's start to talk about it. or the 25th amendment. it will never happen but let's start to talk about it. he's doing more damage to this country as far as i'm concerned that any single one of our enemies. that's it. >> sean: american marxism. number one "new york times" best seller, outselling the other top 15 books combined., bookstores everywhere. life liberty and live in, sunday at eight. nationally syndicated radio show, every night after my radio show. we like to take team. great one. thank you. congrats. after the break, when we come back, missouri governor just pardoned as he promised on this program he would come of the mccloskeys. one squad member is not particularly happy about it. mark mccloskey has a message for that member next.
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♪ ♪ >> sean: missouri governor mike parsons who made a promise on this program that he would pardon mark and patricia mccloskey in their high-profile gun waving case last summer, he followed through on that promise. that occurred after blm protesters broke through a private gate, marched to their neighborhood. congresswoman cori bush did not take the news of the pardon particularly well. oh, well, too bad. >> they stood there. they pointed their guns totally reckless to a group of nonviolent protesters walking down the street that had no clue that they live there, didn't care that they lived there, didn't know them, didn't want to know them. didn't want to know them. mark mccloskey is an absolute liar.
6:53 pm
he has spat on my name. and because of that, his day will come. you will not be successful in all that you're trying to do. >> sean: mark mccloskey joins us now. i've give credit to the governor for keeping his word. he said he would do it. congresswoman cori bush is saying that they were nonviolent. correct me if i'm wrong, they broke down the gate. didn't they make specific threats to human to your wife, very specific threats? speak of threatened to kill us. they threaten to rape my life. they threatened to kill our dog. threaten to take and burn our house. they threatened everything you can imagine. they said your business is gone. we are talking hundreds of people. all screaming every kind of violence you could possibly imagine. this is the same crowd that had burned downtown st. louis, shot four police officers that night, killed a retired police captain, david dorn.
6:54 pm
in the month between when they stormed st. louis when they stormed my house they shot a total of nine police officers in st. louis and i'm supposed to believe they are nonviolent? >> sean: i would say that's not the definition of nonviolence. you're running for the u.s. senate. tell us about it. >> i sure am. that was kind of an awakening. as i said before, god came knocking on my door disguised as an angry mob. the most important thing was that after that i went to work with the trump campaign and going around the country, we were doing, on the team trump bus in pennsylvania, seven rallies a day and getting out there and talking to the folks around the country. we learned that everybody is just really upset with the status quo. sick of cancel culture and critical race theory and the lie of systemic racism. they want some real change. i was listening to mark levin. it's time, as he called them, or tough guy republicans to actually stand up and make a difference. not just talk about problems but actually fix them. the world is sick. the united states is sick of being ruled by an angry mob.
6:55 pm
people like cori bush, she stood out in front of with a megaphone chanting "you can't stop the revolution. close but then she had a hypocritical gall to stand up on the floor of congress and say no one who supports insurrection sd be allowed to walk the halls of congress when she is the only person there i personally have heard advocate the violent overthrow of this country. now she gets elected the house of representatives. now she threatens me. >> sean: unbelievable. we are going to fall varies closely. i do again applaud the governor. he said on this program that he would do this and he follow through. we are going to watch your race closely. congratulations and thank you for being with us and glad that it had in the end the right and just ending. pretty scary what you're describing. more "hannity" after the break. s there with them. so when their windshield got a chip, they wanted it fixed fast.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> sean: ever think this would be a time where your government would give more rights to people
7:00 pm
that violate our laws and don't report our borders or sovereignty over the rights of american citizens? that's all the time we have. thank you for joining us. never miss an episode. let not your heart be troubled. you have laura ingraham up next. she has a great show as usual. >> laura: hey, well, we are following this on-going battle now between joe biden and ron desantis. i wonder why they are worried about ron desantis. and desantis will respond tonight. you played some of tra great video. great show. >> sean: we will watch. >> laura: i am laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle" from washington. florida governor ron desantis will respond to president joe biden telling him to get out of the way