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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  August 5, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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church. a marriage that lasted 60 years. thank you for your love and example mom and dad. love you both. well done #60. >> dana: i am going to cry that's so great. >> bill: two of my favorite people in the world. i'm sorry i can't be there. i want to say happy anniversary. >> dana: the first thing you told me those are your two favorite people in the world. >> sandra: fox news alert. response. "the faulkner focus". i'm sandra smith in for harris. cuomo facing the biggest political crisis of his career after the a.g. report he sexually harassed and retaliated against women in his office. he is denying misconduct. a majority of lawmakers want to go through impeachment
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including a growing number of democrats. >> it's a national embarrassment. the governor must go. i think the assembly has enough information to act on the attorney general's report, bring those articles of impeachment to the senate as soon as possible. >> this is a governor that has to go. he lost the trust of people. these women deserve justice and i think all new yorkers deserve a leader who doesn't act in these type of ways. >> we have as a legislative body an ethical and legal body to remove him from the position of power. >> sandra: lindsey boylen is planning to sue the governor. five district attorneys in new york are pursuing criminal investigations into his behavior. one accuser telling fox she would take the stand. >> would you testify against governor cuomo? >> i would. i have a definite feeling about the way his response to us
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women and that he is trying to make excuses for his behavior. the governor is not above the law nor is he above plain decency. so i think it's a disgrace of what he is doing. >> sandra: bryan llenas is live with the latest. >> we're starting to get a timeline for possible impeachment proceedings against governor cuomo. the new york state assembly's judiciary committee has just sent the following to governor cuomo's lawyers. we write to inform you the committee's investigation is nearing completion and assembly will soon consider potential articles of impeachment against your client. accordingly we invite you to provide any additional evidence or written submission you with like the committee to consider before its work concludes. cuomo's lawyers have until friday, august 13th.
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remember, the assembly's impeachment probe has been going on now for months over multiple different scandals. there is enough support to impeach and convict cuomo by our count. it takes a simple majority, 76 votes in the assembly to impeach. then 2/3 of the state senators and court of appeal judges to convict him. during the impeachment trial, cuomo would have to step down temporarily and the lieutenant governor would assume power. there is no sign cuomo is resigning. according to the "new york post," cuomo spent the day yesterday inside the governor's mansion in albany locked up with his closest advisors strategizing what he will say to the public after an independent investigation found he sexually harassed 11 employees. lindsey boylen is filing a civil lawsuit against him for retaliation. two women from the #metoo movement organization times up helped cuomo's office draft a
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letter that attempted to smear boylen as a liar. her attorney releasing a statement saying in part it was a calculated effort by the governor and his team to send a message to miss boylen and every other survivor to be quiet or face the consequences. despite criminal probes launched by five district attorneys none of the accusers have yet filed complaints. >> sandra: governor cuomo a no show at work yesterday hiding out in the governor's mansion plotting a way to save his political career as protests were held outside. blistering "new york post" cover today, creep on the ropes. small planes flying above the state capitol and governor's mansion with this message. remove cuomo now. the white house signaling that president biden will keep a hands-off approach to the scandal after calling for cuomo to step down. >> the president said governor
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cuomo should resign. the governor hasn't done so. has the president called the governor? >> no. >> does the president want to see him impeached and removed from office? >> the president made clear yesterday governor cuomo should resign and i believe we should start with that. there is a process that is going to proceed and leaders in new york spoke to that yesterday. we'll leave it to them to speak to that. the president believes governor cuomo should do the right thing and reand leave space for future leadership. >> sandra: will cain joins us now. great to see you. inside of that "new york post" cover creep on the ropes the editorial board writes everyone has deserted him. it is over. just go. why won't he? >> well, because the world has lied to governor cuomo. he has been betrayed by what he thinks or the way he thinks. the world revolves around him. think about the whiplash governor cuomo must be going through as he sits in the governor's mansion plotting how to stay in the halls of power.
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number one, this is a man who along with his brother for what it's worth was born on third base and thinks he hit a triple. his father was the governor of new york. everything in his life has led him to the moment he can see his way through any scandal because he was given power and born for power. now to have it taken away is a whiplash. add to that definitely a year ago we talk about a man talked about replacing joe biden on the democratic ticket for the president of the united states. he was given awards for his press conferences. he was lyonized on the view and everywhere else. in 12 months he has to give away his power? how is that possible? i'm sure he can't reconcile that. finally his governing style has been strength and bullying and pushed his way every scandal but pushed his way and his will across the new york political spectrum.
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he has gotten his way every time and how now is he going to have to give up his power? how does bullying not work and his privilege not pull him through? he is sitting there going how is this possible? >> sandra: a big question now is how the white house is going to handle all of this. no plans to call the governor said psaki about the president. president buying not weighing in whether or not he should be impeached. he called for him to resign. we haven't heard more than that. the white house is now facing backlash, will, for dismissing previous sexual misconduct allegations against president biden as he is calling for cuomo to resign. >> should there be an independent investigation of allegations against the president as governor cuomo? >> the president has been outspoken about women being respected and voices heard and allowed to tell their stories. it has long been his policy and
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continues to be his policy. those -- that was heavily litigated during the campaign. >> sandra: tara reed accused biden of sexually assaulting her back in 1993. she tweeted ask psaki, did i miss the investigation and litigation? i sure did not miss the smears and attacks on my character during joe biden's campaign as i came forward. was it safe to come forward? i think not. ouch. well, perhaps psaki shouldn't have gone down that route. >> obviously it wasn't heavily litigated. that's a joke. nothing in joe biden's candidacy was highly litigated. it was focused on one topic, president donald trump. nothing in biden's past was limited. whatever the truth may be, whenever it comes to tara reed.
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the difference is only this. as you pointed out, you have the entire not just republican but democratic political base and institution. i'm talking about every essentially democratic party chair, senator, union rep, union head and according to maris most of the voters in new york calling for cuomo to resign and you don't have that when it comes to joe biden. it is not about the truth, it is about the political pressure. it's too much for governor andrew cuomo. not enough for joe biden. >> sandra: cuomo is facing new scrutiny over the covid nursing home death scandal and now house republicans from new york including lee zeldin asking merrick garland for decisions not to open a civil rights probe into cuomo. janice dean lost both of her in-laws to covid in new york facilities. >> i talked to a lawmaker yesterday who said there is a chance they might be trying to
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make a deal with him to resign and maybe they drop some of the charges. i don't know how that works out. i'm not a lawyer. but i would like to know if that's a possibility because i don't want the nursing home charges to go away, okay? i don't. >> sandra: that is a big worry, will. janice dean shared her concerns with us there yesterday. she says if cuomo resigns or if he is impeached, she is really concerned he will not be held responsible or accountable for the nursing home deaths. >> janice continues to carry that torch. i share her concern. the sexual harassment case. these 11 cases, that's a significant number. they can't allow the public to forgive governor cuomo or allow him to escape accountability on the thousands of families suffering through the orders given from andrew cuomo when it
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comes to the nursing home deaths. that accountability can't be sacrificed in the pursuit of this resignation and i share her concern that's what could happen here. if governor cuomo resigns from these sexual harassment allegations that everyone stops. they stop focusing on the policy that cost thousands of lives and a cover-up how many lives we're talking about. >> sandra: great to have you here. good to see you. all right. texas border town placing migrants in an overnight tent city as the border crisis fuels new coronavirus fears. why cities say the federal government left them no choice. then there is this. >> joe biden suggests that if you don't do lockdown policies, then you should, quote, get out of the way. let me tell you this. if you are coming after the rights of parents in florida, i'm standing in your way. >> sandra: florida governor ron desantis tearing into the white house after president biden accused him of standing in the
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>> he can either have a free society or a biomedical security state. i can tell you florida, we're a free state. joe biden suggests that if you don't do lockdown policies, then you should quote, get out of the way. let me tell you this. if you are coming after the rights of parents in florida, i'm standing in your way. if you're trying to restrict people, impose mandates and trying to ruin their jobs and livelihoods and small business. if you're trying to lock people down, i am standing in your way. >> sandra: that was in panama
8:18 am
city yesterday. florida governor ron desantis hitting back hard after president biden this week accused him and texas governor greg abbott of standing in the way of pandemic recovery. white house press secretary jen psaki tweeted this. 23% of new covid hospitalizations in the u.s. are in florida. we are doing everything we can to help the people of florida. we hope governor desantis joins us in this fight. critics blasting psaki on social media after that one person tweeting they see desantis as a better scapegoat to change the subject from their own failures. fox news radio host guy benson with desantis with this. he has championed vaccination where he was attacked and smeared. john kennedy, republican senator from louisiana joins us now. thanks for being here. is ron desantis, is he right to ramp up this fight? >> well, we live in a system
8:19 am
where both the federal government and the state governments share power. and on an issue like this quite frankly i think the decision should be made state by state by the state legislature or in some cases the governor with authority from the state legislature. i think in terms of the lockdowns, sandra, i don't think we are going to go back to another lockdown. i just don't think the american people will stand for it. number two, on the masks, my attitude about the masking or not wearing a mask, it is a side show. it is a subordinate issue and distraction. if you want to wear a mask, wear one, if you don't, don't. the mask unless it is an n-95 and worn properly, there is benefit but only a marginal
8:20 am
benefit. to me the issue is the vaccine. now, i don't believe any government should require anybody to take the vaccine. it is up to the individual. the bill of rights is there to protect our -- is not there to control people, it is there to control government. but i believe in the vaccine. i have taken two shots and as soon as a booster is available i will take the third shot. the virus came from china, the best vaccines came from america. and they work. >> sandra: what we need to deal with is the facts. i can tell you this, there is a briefing that is happening right now with the covid response team cdc director walensky is speaking right now. a moment ago the white house coronavirus response coordinator was speaking and he said they can now say that 1/3 of the new cases are coming from florida and texas. so to go back to the white
8:21 am
house saying that they want a coordinated response to this virus and hope that the governor of florida jumps in, do you believe the governors of these states are doing enough. i'll point out in you are state, the great state of louisiana, your state is bottom of the list as far as vaccination rates. fifth from the bottom. 37% of your population is fully vaccinated. so are these states doing enough to combat this virus? >> number one, it's a very ferocious virus as we know. number two, i think the governors of florida and alabama and louisiana and texas, they are all doing the best they can. number three, i think sure there are a lot of cases coming out of texas and florida. there are a lot of people in florida, duh. number four, i think one of the biggest problems we have sandra, you touched on it. nobody knows who to believe anymore. and i think if i were king for
8:22 am
a day -- i'm not and don't aspire to be -- i would appoint one person in whom the american people have confidence here in washington, not a politician, to try to answer people's questions. now, fair or not i don't think that's dr. fauci. i like dr. fauci and respect him, but fair or not about half of americans trust dr. fauci now like they would trust bill cosby as the bartender. that's just a fact. i'm not saying i'm happy that's the case. maybe dr. walensky is the answer. maybe dr. collins at n.i.h. we have to have one person. leadership matters. >> sandra: we look at the texas governor greg abbott saying he will not reimpose mask mandates or shut down businesses again. >> texas has remained open for
8:23 am
businesses during the course of the pandemic. safe practices are important. that said, one thing that we learned along the way is lockdowns are wrong during the course of a pandemic. >> sandra: it seems to be he is ruling that out, senator. i will finish off with this. i open from our brain room a daily covid report and tells us where we are. everybody looks at different metrics. new cases, 43% increase week over week in the entire country. the hospitalization rate which many people look to up 45% hospitalizations week over week in the united states. deaths are up 40% week over week. you see the polling, people just a couple of weeks ago thought things were getting better. not so much anymore. people are worried in the direction we're going. >> don't get distracted. the issue is the vaccine.
8:24 am
we need to spend all of our efforts trying to convince folks that the costs of the vaccine are substantially less than the benefit. we are doing okay in louisiana in terms of improvement there. we're up 3 or 4% in terms of vaccination rate. that's the only thing that will get us out of this. let me say it again. if you don't want to take the vaccine, don't take it. some won't. but i believe in it. i think it works. if they told me to take the vaccine, i had to take it by getting a shot in the eyeball, i would. i don't want to die. i don't want to see my fellow americans die. and i believe the vaccine works and we need to make our case but government can't require people to do it. i just don't think it's constitutional. >> sandra: that's where you stand on that. senator, you always share your mind with us. thank you for joining us. all right. florida governor ron desantis blasting president biden over the influx of migrants at our southern border. many of them bringing in covid.
8:25 am
>> why don't you do your job? why don't you get this border secure and until you do that, i don't want to hear a blip about covid from you. >> sandra: in mcallen, texas city officials are placing migrants into a tent city when a charity was overwhelmed. the feds have released 7,000 covid positive migrants into the city since february. 1500 this week alone. bill melugin. >> breaking news. we learned from the city of mcallen the emergency tent compound they built houses covid positive illegal immigrants who have been released from federal custody. the video we shot yet after the compound was built overnight tuesday night in the middle of
8:26 am
mcallen. housing covid-positive illegal immigrants that border patrol dropped off in mcallen. the city said they had to do this. the feds are releasing so many migrants into mcallen with the catholic charity. they were overrun and people walking on the street. so the city said they had to build this shelter and that's the result of it. they released a scathing statement towards the federal government saying in part quote, the city intends to demand relief from the federal government for the alarming number of migrants being released into the city of mcallen adding that as these immigrants are released, the federal government does not test them for covid-19. so the question is who does test them? it's a third party that does it once they're dropped off in downtown mcallen. the city has another startling stat. listen to this. they report that the federal government has released 7,000 covid-positive migrants into mcallen just since the month of february with more than 1500 just in the last week alone. we talked to local mcallen
8:27 am
residents not happy to see the compound pop up yesterday. take a listen. >> when are we ever going to get out of this pandemic? with this influx it doesn't make sense. they are closing the border to canada, but the border is open here. but law-abiding, legally vetted citizens from mexico can't pass over here yet. but this is going on? in droves. we see it every day. >> take a look at this. taking a live look at the fox drove in mission texas. overnight that tent compound was moved from the city of mcallen to right here in the park. protestors gathered outside the facility in mcallen and not happy it was placed in the center of mcallen. officials heard the criticism and moved overnight to this park here in mission, texas, where the park is closed. it is deep in there, not -- the public can't see it. we can only see it with our
8:28 am
drone in the skies. sponsors are showing up to pick up migrants. one woman showed up a short time ago. had no idea the people are covid positive. she was informed and turned around and left. we'll send it back to you. >> sandra: bill, thank you. democratic leaders facing intense opposition to vaccine mandates. will they cave to the pressure or press ahead with what many say curbs americans' freedom? the violent crime surge show no signs of letting down. more brazen and brutal attacks. some of them caught on camera. what will it take to clean up the streets? are local leaders willing to act? our power panel has that one next. >> sounds like most of the prosecutors in this country in the major cities are more focused on defending the criminals than defending the public and the victims. that's part of the problem that we are in the midst of this reform movement that is going too far too fast.
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>> this city for years and years was known as the safest big city in america. that is happening again. that is our destiny period. any doubting thomas out there, anyone who says it can't be done doesn't understand new york city or new yorkers. we'll fight back. we'll find the people doing the violence and take them off the streets period. >> sandra: that was bill deblasio saying that things are turning around in new york city but it seems like there is a long way to go. nypd is searching for this man they say he raped a 70-year-old woman at gun point in the stairwell of her bronx apartment. in d.c. police released this footage of a brutal attack a at a gas station. robbing and beating the victim and leaving him lying on the
8:35 am
pavement. mayor bottoms in atlanta says a monster is on the loose after a woman was stabbed to death walking her dog in a city park and the suspect killing the dog. listen to the harrowing 911 phone call. >> sandra: horrible to listen to. atlanta homicides are up 11% from this time last year while shootings are up 32%. shooting victims are up 12%. power panel now, guillen owe called well and judy miller. great to have you both here. sickening to hear some of these phone calls and see some of this video. in many cases the police release this video footage to find the suspect but it is also important that the public sees just how bad it is getting out there and how brazen some of these attacks are.
8:36 am
>> you know, i got to be honest. it is heartbreaking for me to have this discussion right now. recently received a call from my younger sister this past weekend. i was in italy. she couldn't reach me. but friday she was walking from the grocery store with her child, her infant child, and a grown man and grown woman attacked her to the point that she was on the ground. they were kicking her in the face, beating her very badly, and only the grace of god, only the grace of god she survived. they pulled out a gun and said they would kill her and her son. so just to know that this is going on across the country especially in places like chicago, a daily occurrence. you don't know if you will live to see another day even leaving a grocery store, which is horrific for anybody. certainly across the country
8:37 am
these urban centers, people feel under attack. this is in my opinion the worst it's ever been. >> sandra: there is evidence of that in some of the u.s. cities. judith, in san francisco what we're about to show you here, unbelievable image. police released this photo shows a woman hanging out a passenger side window of a moving vehicle holding an ak-47 during illegal racing. san francisco has recently seen an uptick in shootings more than double during the first half of this year compared to last. this is a crime crisis that is happening, judith. what is being done to stem this crisis? >> well, i think there is, as you know, sandra, police reform movement underway and my message to democrats in particular is you have got to back off the defund the police movement. >> sandra: amen. >> that movement is absolutely killing law enforcement.
8:38 am
it is demoralizing the cops. recruitments are way down. every poll shows that people in urban areas, be they black, white, latino, it doesn't matter. they want more security. as you see from new york with eric adams victory in the democratic primary, he ran on a platform of better cops, more safety for the city. that is what wins. and that's what americans want and are demanding. if they don't get it the democrats will pay a price in 2022. >> sandra: just brutal. the image of her hanging out the window with that gun in broad daylight with pedestrians on the street. new jersey democratic governor phil murphy. vaccine mandate demonstrations. he ordered all healthcare employees in his state to get vaccinated or undergo regular
8:39 am
covid testing. listen. >> these folks have lost your minds. you are the ultimate knuckle heads. because of what you are saying and standing for people are losing their life. people are losing their life. and you have to know that. look in the mirror. >> sandra: republicans are demanding deblasio asking him to stop the mandates. normally the governor of new jersey is pretty calm. he clearly has had it with anybody who is showing their anti-vaccine stance addressing very colorfully those protestors there, judith. >> it's true but even though the governor has science on his side i don't think he has politics on his side. what people who doubt the vaccine need to hear are appeals from people who have
8:40 am
lost loved ones because they weren't vaccinated. because they didn't wear a mask in closed places if they weren't vaccinated. they need persuasion. they don't need to be demonized and told they are knuckle heads if they doubt the government. politics is all about persuasion. let's try that. >> sandra: i hear you seizing on the word. the demonize. i want to put this up on the screen. a former assistant secretary for homeland security who wrote for the atlantic this week titled unvaccinated people need to bear the burden. here is an excerpt from that. the white house rejected a nationwide vaccine mandate. a suggestion that the biden administration could not easily enact. a no-fly list for unvaccinated adult is an obvious step the federal government should take. your response. >> very extreme. at this point i think the cdc
8:41 am
and many government officials have really bungled the message of getting vaccinated. what's the reason to get vaccinated? it's not consistency. people said get vaccinated, you can't get it. oh, you can get it and pass it along. there needs to be consistency within the messaging of it. i would encourage people if they want to get vaccinated to go and get vaccinated. what about the people who had covid and have immunity from it? is that true still or is it not? that's the problem. i think that many elected officials democrat or republican have because there will be a lot of hesitancy when the message continues to flip on a week-by-week basis or even daily. >> sandra: i appreciate both of you. glad to have you both. all right. cnn anchor chris cuomo ignoring his brother's scandals on air again for a second time last night. how are cnn executives reacting to the fallout?
8:42 am
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>> welcome to the prime time covid command center. an exclusive tonight. not about covid. but our guest and her message is as powerful as any remedy i know. night bird is here with us tonight for her first interview since announcing she is out of america's got talent so she can focus on her fight against cancer. >> sandra: that was cnn host chris cuomo ignoring brother governor cuomo's scandal for a second straight night as the network becomes increasingly embroiled in it. "the new york times" reports when the allegations first surfaced cuomo take temporary leave. he did not. he stayed on the air. >> you want to talk about nepotism. not having to talk about the
8:48 am
biggest scandal in the country when it has to do with your brother and are you hosting cnn. that's nepotism. the cuomo family and cnn are the worst kind of nepotism the media has an example of. >> sandra: the number two executive at cnn, jimmy failla, great to see you. that was brought to my attention by ari fleischer on my show america reports yesterday afternoon and we stopped in our tracks and some of us are saying we knew that but wow, that's an important detail. >> worth knowing. a little workplace liability issue in terms of the fact that if cuomo actively helped his brother cover up harassment problem and executive on board with him doing so, it creates the perception if another staffer complained of harassment there might be a cuomo incentive to cover it up. since we name drop the cool
8:49 am
people right now, cuomo still being on the air is exhibit a of why the only people watching cnn are trapped at an airport or hostage situation. they get outrated by the yu log. he shouldn't be on the air. he should not be on the air. see part of the attorney general's report. if he will be on the air he should cover it. i don't think he should. i wonder where the colleague outrage is this. i wouldn't be cool with this. >> sandra: his colleagues are covering it. both nights he handed off to don lemon in cringe worthy moments but immediately don lemon went into the cuomo stand all. >> the reality of this is he is a central figure in the story. imagine during the harvey weinstein trial if bob had a prime time show, bob weinstein. nobody would be okay with that, including cnn. this is why they need to take more ownership of this and i don't think they will. >> sandra: do you think lelast
8:50 am
at cnn? >> i think the brother will last, too. for andrew cuomo to step down would require dignity and he doesn't have it. >> sandra: obama's 60th birthday bash is rolling back. catering trucks are seen rolling his his estate and no fly zone put in place after days of criticism that he was planning a super spreader event. 700-person affair is limited to just close friends and family ahead of that party long time obama friend valerie jarrett is asking people, get this, to chip in $60 for obama's presidential library in chicago. the journalist glen greenwald letting it ip >> he is raising money in an
8:51 am
eviction and jobless crisis planning a multi-million birthday bash ant martha's vineyard. the ethos of neoliberalism. >> sandra: it's almost hard to believe. >> think about where the economy is right now. barack obama is a guy that might have made $100 million since leaving the presidency. we're supposed to chip in for his library? like are we going to get a gas card for bill gates? it's absurd. any dollar amount for a democratic library seems a lot because they'll ban the books anyway. it speaks to how grossly out of touch they are with the rest of the world. >> dana: what's the number to which that party has been scaled back to? they started out at 700, right? i think it was 500 guests, 200 staff, whatever it was. it was big. they are going to scale it down but they did not put a number on it. did they remove the ones they didn't want coming anyway? >> that's awkward. when you get added to a wedding
8:52 am
late. some people didn't rsvp yet. >> sandra: criticism hasn't grounded the climate czar. according to flight records john kerry's private jet has made wait for it, 16 flights since january. again raises questions how much his family's carbon footprint is leaving behind. a spokesperson tells fox secretary kerry travels commercially as his role is special envoy for climate. no mention of private travels. kerry defended his use of a private jet traveling to iceland in 2019 for a climate summit. >> i understand you came with a private jet. is that an environmental way to trial? >> if you offset your carbon it's the only choice for somebody like me who is
8:53 am
traveling the world to win this battle. >> sandra: doing it for us. president biden issued an executive order effecting american drivers. the administration wants electric cards to make up half of overall sales by 2030. a little note on that. there are real statistics about electric car owners. a third of them turn them in because it's too much of a hassle. it is unbelievable to look at john kerry's use of the private jet in so many different areas of his life while telling all of us to go eliminate your footprint, less en your footprint and there he is. >> john kerry says this is a no smoking section and lights a cigar and walks away. no one can buy your initiatives. how can you take him serious? you yell at us to reduce the size of our carbon footprint. his footprint is like a size 28. that's the problem.
8:54 am
same things goes with biden and electric vehicle push. 60% of those vehicles are made with fossil fuels. it is not as if we're offsetting emissions that much. most of the gesture we make on a global standpoint are non-binding. kerry's signature achievement at the paris climate change agreement. it doesn't hold china accountable. given we're sharing the world we've created a new peeing section on our side. it's the same pool, people. >> sandra: are you into electric cars? >> no. >> sandra: some people love them. i have to say that. viewers signed a note saying don't knock it until you try it. >> the exhausting part. you have to charge it. you now have to work it into the first sentence of every conversation, electric car is the new vegan on wheels. you have to tell everybody. >> sandra: are you going to obama's party? >> i didn't make it. good news for the 250 people. think of all the food. >> sandra: you see the
8:55 am
catering trucks coming? fascinating. jimmy failla, good to have you hear in person. thank you for watching "the faulkner focus". by the way, i will see you live from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. eastern time with john roberts. this is "the faulkner focus". "outnumbered" will be on the other side of this break. veterans is the powerful va home loan benefit. it lets us refinance 100% of our home's value, not just 80% like other loans. that's a big difference. and it can mean a lot more money for you and your family. and this is the best time in history use it because home values are now at record highs while mortgage rates are near record lows. the newday 100 va cash out loan lets you take out $50,000 or more to use as you wish. improve your home, pay down debt, or just put it in the bank for the financial
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