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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  August 5, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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#1 prescribed for td. learn how you could pay as little as $0 at >> covid health mandate and the border crisis igniting a war of words between the governor of florida and president biden. writer's interest racing at the president for criticizing his state's pandemic response. he now points the finger of blame at the white house, charging that the president is importing the virus by not securing the border. this is "outnumbered." i'm kayleigh mcenany. here my cohost, emily compagno, fox news chief legal analyst and anchor of fox news and iced
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stomach night, mcknight, shannon bream, host of "no interruption," tomi lahren, and the cost of fox & friends and host of the -- brian kilmeade. welcome, everyone. as the delta variant spreads and covid cases are on the rise, the president is saying rest states are to blame. rushing onto governors like florida's rhonda sanchez over his tough stand against covid restrictions and mask mandates. >> some governors aren't trying to do the right thing. >> kayleigh: the governors fighting back, implying it is the president doing the wrong thing on many fronts, including the border. >> joe biden suggests that if you don't do lockdown policy you should "get out of the way" let me tell you this: if you are coming up to the rights of parents in florida, i'm standing
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in your way. if you are trying to impose mandates, ruin their jobs and livelihoods and small businesses, you are trying to lock people down, i'm standing in your way, standing with the people of florida. why don't you do your job, get this board are secure and until you do, i don't want to hear about covid from you. thank you. [applause] >> kayleigh: well said from the governor of florida. brian, you can sense the fear, the trepidation coming from the bite in white house. this has nothing to do with covid, these attacks on governor desantis. you wouldn't have thousands of covid positive migrants released in texas, with another 1,500 yesterday. without covid, that would be happening on our border. this is about fear of a rising star in the republican party. >> brian: they want to distract from the major story, the delta variant we are unprepared for, that now we have a chance for a year to digest
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how to and how not to do it. trying to give us this pandemic. they are being blitzed by it. no one is reporting that they are being hammered by their own variant on the diseased. they say "let's go after the rising numbers in florida." you know what the governor said "don't make? "mask mandates should be decided by the parents." texas said the same thing when it comes to parents. you know what else is being said? we've been through this before. we will not be ordered around by a guy that hit in his basement for a year and a half and wanted to ridicule from the outside. we are in a situation that's pretty much uncharted. i will take that to the governor of texas and florida, especially florida. i love the way governor to sanchez -- i'm not taking any questions. tighten up the border, not to distract you.
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it's the same thing you are criticizing me for, and i'm done. close the book, leave the stage. i don't think biden wants this fight. i think he wanted the distraction, and desantis went right back in his face. >> kayleigh: he did. tomi, i think that was the model on how to respond on covid that we saw from governor desantis. since the beginning of this fiscal year up to june, there have been 1.1 million contacts on our southern border of illegal immigrants crossing. this comes as an april, "the new york times" told us we don't have the testing, they don't have the testing to do this. they are releasing these immigrants across country. this is how we fight back in this messaging battle. >> tomi: i'm glad you brought up what is happening in texas paid thousands of illegal immigrants that are covid positive are in a state of disaster because the biden administration will do their job. these cities and states are having to pick up the messy, infected cases. i will also say that the failed
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extremity of the lockdowns and shutdowns and mandates, we artie saw that that didn't work last year. when it comes to florida, let's keep in mind how many liberals fled from other states like new york, california, and states like florida during the pandemic for freedom. now, they want to reverse course and shame governor ron desantis when many of them moved there for the leadership and freedom for biden, by governor ron desantis. keep bleeding, being strong, standing for freedom. ron desantis has a bright future ahead. it gives us a lot of hope when looking at these restrictions, these mandates. we are looking at governors like desantis and others saying "thank goodness for you, because you are protecting our freedoms." >> kayleigh: shannon, covid-19 has provided a juxtaposition between states. there's two models: the florida/texas model, or new york/california. responsibly, governor desantis
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said "get vaccinated, but we are in a different place. we are not locking down. we have a vaccine." the numbers help. as tomi just pointed out, there have been nearly 300,000 residents that have come to florida from april 2020-april 2021. meanwhile, you see california and new york have had an exodus out of their states. people are choosing the desantis model. >> shannon: i think what happens here is this is a very open flank for the democrats, politically. they've got the situation where people see dissonance. they see what's happening at the border and then here in places like new york, "if you're going to go to chile, you need a vaccine passport." you can cross the border without a proper i.d., possibly having covid, not knowing whether you've been tested. these are human beings who need our assistance, especially if they are sick, but if you are asking the american people to sacrifice, give up their own liberties, mask up again, mask their kids, people will go with you if you think they are on the
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same side, but if they feel hypocrisy, which they do about the border -- it's not just republicans who have been complaining about it. it's democrats, especially those in those border towns and cities who say "we are overwhelmed. we are having to build tent cities for people. we need the biden administration to listen to us." that's coming from democratic members of congress. it's not just ron desantis, it's democrats. the american people see that that is something that doesn't line up for them. >> kayleigh: it doesn't at all. emily, going back to covid-19. president biden was dealt a very good hand. president trump oversaw the creation of them vaccine, manufactured millions throughout the private sector, working therapeutics or given to this new incoming president. ppe was in full supply in abundance, and now look at the numbers of how biden is handling this, how the american people are perceiving it. let's put this poll up. it puts the president's approval rating at 46%, down from 49% in
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may. not a great number. the president's handling of covid-19 pandemic falling to 53%, down 12 points from may. he's in trouble some waters. what do you make of those numbers? >> emily: they are not surprising. you are absolutely right that president biden inherited a recipe for success in managing the covid pandemic, including a precedence of 1 million vaccinations being administered, and twice in january, that same month this year, yet he has continued to fail and let everything fall apart. governor desantis was right to call out his hypocrisy, even though the white house thinks no one can see through their sham messaging. that's odd. any reasonable person can see exactly how, as a two models you pointed out, how they are playing out. we have a commander in chief who has allowed the southern border flood of migrants to become a festering wound of inhumane
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conditions, decimation of law and order, prioritization of narco-cartel industries, human and drug smuggling, and a super spreading catalysts as they ship these people throughout the country. we have district attorneys and governors throughout our country raising the alarm, in addition to legal nonprofits, international ngos about these conditions, about the treatment of the pandemic, this complete lack of management, and yet now we have other states joining law enforcement to help protect the border, do we are commander-in-chief refuses to come up to solidify the border and protect american citizens. this response is preposterous. for president biden to go after one of the few in leadership who has our best interests in mind is -- >> kayleigh: the american people won't stand for this. covid positive, illegal immigrants flooding across the border. you in new york, you get the vaccine mandates, got to show up with a card at a restaurant.
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they are not going to stand for this. coming up, governor cuomo is facing a looming impeachment and potential criminal charges, but he is still refusing to resign. calls are grown for cnn to fire his little brother. all of them next. ♪ ♪ veteran homeowners. while mortgage rates are still near all time lows, home values just keep going up. now's the time to refi and take out cash. the newday 100 va loan lets you borrow up to 100% of your home's value. you could take out $50,000 or more, to pay down credit card debt and other expenses. and lower your payments $600 a month. the newday 100 va loan. only from newday usa.
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>> emily: fox news alert: new york governor on the verge of facing impeachment proceedings as he has calls to step down and slew of allegations of sexual harassment. lawmakers giving cuomo eight deadline of next friday. now, the first acute or ohmic accuser, lindsey boylan, planning to file a lawsuit against the governor, with at least five district attorneys also pursuing criminal investigations. a growing number of new york
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democrats say cuomo needs to go. speak of these women deserve justice, and all new yorkers deserve a leader who doesn't act in egregious ways. >> i think the assembly has enough information to act on the attorney general's report, bring those impeachment articles to the senate as soon as possible. >> emily: shannon, impeachment, civil suits, criminal investigation is underway. are the curtain closing for governor cuomo, or as "the new york post" calls it, is this creep on the ropes? >> shannon: we just saw the video of him kissing everyone. as a former sexual-harassment attorney, i don't know who advised him to put that together. it's so creepy, i think it hurts him. you are right, he's facing trouble on so many fronts, politically, and potentially legally. there are still groups
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investigating the nursing home situation, even though the doj has bowed out. we've seen the democrats for months, and those doing it, including from the president saying he's got to resign. will that give them cover? you know he's not going to come down to impeachment, potentially criminal charges. it's up to state lawmakers there to decide if it's politically advantageous for us, or simply time that they have to do this. they have plenty of political cuff and/or from the ag's report. >> emily: kayleigh, shannon mentioned the white house calling for resignation, but they haven't committed to a position if he refuses to resign. >> kayleigh: exactly, they are calling for him to resign but no he's not going to. further than that, impeachment, when president biden was asked "do you support impeachment," he said "let's take one thing at the time." jen psaki basically said the same thing yesterday, leaving it to the state lawmakers. and then was asked "has the
9:17 am
president called and urged governor cuomo to resign?" no, he doesn't have plans to. then you go a step further "do you plan to take away his leadership role on the covid call between state governors?" why is he leading covid calls to state governors after he is responsible for 15,000 seniors being put back in nursing homes and losing their lives? she would not commit to removing him from that position. aggregated, no call for impeachment, no personal outreach to say step down, no removal of his leadership role, this was a pro forma call to resign. it was empty, has no teeth to it. the white house should be ashamed of how they handle this. they should be saying impeachment from the rooftops, but they are not. >> emily: chris cuomo was mentioned multiple times in his attorney general report, and that he participated actively in the smear campaign that this administration engaged in, and,
9:18 am
also in all of the p.r. management of his brother, including weighing in of drafting of press releases, and now the calls for cnn to take formal action against chris cuomo are coming from the entire spectrum. >> brian: i'm not going to comment on someone's -- i won't tell cnn what to do. the biggest mistake ever was a year and a half ago for him to kid around with his brother a year and a half ago, and then he breached all protocol. having said that, how do you make a stand and say he can't talk about his brother, now he is in trouble? only good news. have you ever heard of a journalistic standard? talking good news about a family member but not bad? then, there's this report today that fox news obtained, that there are indications behind the scenes that they pulled him aside and said "we know he is your brother, we know you want to help him, so help him. your job will still be here. that, you can understand, especially you, emily, as a
9:19 am
lawyer. you probably have family and friends calling you all the time asking for help. at that time, you make a decision "i've got to focus." he probably would've kept his paycheck. now, inserts himself in the process and takes the lead. if i'm a cuomo staffer, i'm like "really?" at a time of trouble, you leave me out to dry?" he alienates his staff, cnn, executives at cnn, and now the whole network is angry at your 9:00 anchor who didn't care enough about his own employer to get out of the way. in terms of firing, let them handle it. terms of who's watching, i think his numbers drop more once the spectacle ends, if that's possible. >> emily: the commentary was spot on. now the viewers are saddled with this awkwardness, last night, the ticker tape on the bottom third of the screen of chris coleman's show, talking about the governor, and the results
9:20 am
being a harasser, and then he's not talking about it, and then the handoff with don lemon, he's like "i love you." it so awkward. to bryan's point, the door was opened by chris himself. >> tomi: what to expect from cnn? are we shocked? this is another case of what we call liberal privilege. we are in a time now cancel culture. cancer culture will go after you for about anything. they will go after you about anything, tell you you need to lose your job, tell you that you to live in a hole, you were shamed, silenced, censored, and now you have a real conflict of interest, a brief of journalistic integrity, if cnn has any and all, and no call for cancel culture. i'm not saying i call for it. i think cnn will make their own decision. i would never call for someone to lose their job, but chris, as typical lane. he can't have it both ways,
9:21 am
can't have his cake and eat it too. pick a lane. another example of the liberal privilege, especially in the media. >> emily: we have seen baylor people toppled for less stomach >> emily: we have seen bigger people toppled before less. i hope we can look forward to some accountability somewhere, despite that. just ahead, the mexican government is suing american gun makers, saying it is their fault that cartels have inflicted nationwide bloodshed. critics say mexico once a scapegoat. the unusual lawsuit, next.
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>> emily: breaking news: richard trumpka has died. senator majority leader chuck schumer on the floor moments ago, emotional talking about his death. he was a powerful man, heading up the union, represents some
9:26 am
12 million workers. sources are saying it is believe he died of a heart attack. this was unexpended. he was 72 years old, has been a big advocate for the biden administration, a strong supporter of democrats and organize labor for many years. at the age of 72, asl at the age of 72, afl and cio richard trumka has died. >> kayleigh: in our thoughts and prayers. the mexican government filing a lawsuit in u.s. federal court yesterday, accusing tub firearms companies of knowingly contributing -- the lawsuit says, in part "defendants used freckles and gun dealers and dangerous and illegal sales practices the cartels rely on to get their guns." critics say mexico is just looking for a scapegoat. >> it's the job of the mexican government to bring these
9:27 am
cartels to justice. arrest them and put them out of business. you shouldn't blame law-abiding members of the firearms industry of the united states who comply with the law and sell guns legally. >> kayleigh: this is an unusual lawsuit, the mexican government saying 70% of firearms are obtained illegally in their country and are from the u.s. they say that these guns are responsible for 17,000 homicides. that is the mexican's claim. as a different claim made by the firearms association. what do you make of this lawsuit? >> emily: that's exactly right. this is the first time a foreign government has sued the united states manufacturers. they are arguing that 70% of those traffic illegal guns come from the united states. these guys are seeking $10 billion in compensation, kayleigh. that figure of 17,000 homicides was for 2019 alone. what they are arguing in terms of standing is the lawful commerce and arms act, which
9:28 am
protects gun manufacturers, that it only applies to damages in the united states. it will be interesting to see it, actually, if it makes it through the door on that count. on the flip side, as you started to allude to come of the argument is that -- look, these allegations are baseless. the mexican government is responsible for the crime in their own borders, responsible for enforcing their loss. there's issues being taken to the figures and statistics cited in this lawsuit, essentially that they only looked at a fraction of the firearms, using serial numbers. of course, the large portion of which would be able to be traced back to the united states. it will be extremely difficult to see if the distribution process is a manifestation of negligence on the part of the gun makers. >> kayleigh: shannon, ucla law professor adam weekley calling this lawsuit a long shot. do you agree questioning >> shannon: i think so. the conversation goes on often
9:29 am
in washington about whether these gun manufacturers should have liability or protection, where it should go. that political conversation goes on with this as well. i think it's a long shot. these gun manufacturers in the u.s. are under a lot of duress, not only legally, but you've got things like banks and funding sources claiming they will not do business with gun manufacturers anymore. the left wants to come after them legally. they will try other ways. they will be very supportive of what mexico is trying to do. they have political leaders, law enforcement leaders, regularly assassinated and taken out there. it probably is an easier avenue for them to go off to manufacturers they get a handle on that which, by most accounts, is out of control. >> kayleigh: los serial numbers, they looked at a small segment of guns. the numbers were a bit stood mike distorted. that's claim of the national shooting sports foundation, who said "these allegations are baseless, the mexican government's response before the rampant crime and corruption
9:30 am
within their own borders. >> brian: where did my to go get the idea? the president of the united states set every major city rising in crime, didn't blame the guy shooting the other guy. have of the people that deal and sell the guns? mexico says "let's sue the gun makers. they've got money. let's pseudo-gun dealers. that's what we are doing." a couple of other things. mexico, if you are upsets, tighten the border. if you tighten it on your side, we will do it on ours. that will help stop gun smuggling. as people that don't file taxes, cartels, that are more powerful than their sitting governments. maybe you want to go in top of them and stopped drilling around the edges. that would get to the bottom of it. they are not playing intramural basketball. [laughter] instead of playing basketball, why don't you shoot each other? it wasn't our idea. we make the weapons, they get the weapons illegally, and shoot
9:31 am
each other illegally. you have no ability to stop them. if you want to do one thing, i would tighten the border. >> kayleigh: they were tightening the border, when president trump -- they had a fabulous relationship, they were working with our country. now, you have mexico accusing usaid of supporting -- you have the president calling president biden a "migrant president." this relationship is crumbled. >> tomi: we had the leadership of president trump, who had to threaten mexico with tariffs, and got them to do their part securing the border. i saw it firsthand in mcallen, texas, now declared a state of disaster. but if you want to talk about funding the cartel, there are two good people to blame, and one is in the white house, the biden administration. by having open borders, you are giving the cartel and open-ended check. also, mexico is to blame as well. they're not cracking down on cartels, not helping secure the border. they are happily ushering people
9:32 am
into our country. that's why we need to make sure they are remaining in mexico. we need to get tough on mexico. i will tell you one last thing. you know who loves gun manufacturers? the american people. a record number of sales last year. we will only see that continue as long as we can. we love the second amendment in this country, and boy would we love a secure border to boot. >> kayleigh: i don't think there's a problem with u.s. gun manufacturers. they should look at the cartels. coming up, america's first ever climate czar tasked with curbing greenhouse gas emissions, like the ones coming from planes. a new report finds his own family's a private jet has been busy this year. ♪ ♪ veteran homeowners. while some banks and lenders are raising their rates newday is holding the line with their two and a quarter refi.
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>> emily: the private family jet of john kerry wrecking -- a report finding it has taken 16 flights this year alone, one every two weeks. many occurring within massachusetts, going from martha's vineyard to boston international airport. john kerry is the president's point person in an effort to lower greenhouse gas emissions. questions about how much is on families contributing to that problem. here is how we address that stomach the issue of his private jet before. >> with the only choice for somebody like me, who is traveling the world to win this battle. i negotiated the paris accords for the united states, i've been involved in this fight for years. the time it takes me to get somewhere, i can't sail across the ocean. i have to fly. >> emily: is he traveling around the world, battling this issue to martha's vineyard back and forth 1,000 times? >> tomi: this guy is ridiculous. and his mind he is.
9:38 am
i will never forget that image of john kerry unmasked on that american airlines flights. i'm thinking about a new capitalistic venture for myself, a coffee table book filled with liberal hypocrisy. [laughter] they seem to do it on a daily basis. they are rarely called on it, sides from fox news and other independent journalists. i will say this: my home state of south dakota has a permanently canceled keystone xl pipeline. then you got people like john kerry riding around in private jets, jeff bezos scooting in the sky for a ten minute joyride. you got all these liberals talking out of one side of their mouth and doing the other. it's ridiculous. meanwhile, average americans reliance on jobs and the energy sector are suffering. they are told they need to sacrifice for the greater good. it's b.s. it just shows that those liberals who put themselves on this pedestal and think they are better than the rest of us and think they can get away with anything -- the problem is that
9:39 am
usually can. >> emily: to tommy's point about the average american, most of us are sitting in airports with delayed or canceled flights watching people get duct taped to seats and beat up. this guy's going back and forth to martha's vineyard, to boston on this gorgeous jet, defending it with the hubris that he is the one that has to be there as quick as possible so he can -- greenhouse gas emissions issues. where is the calling out for this blatant hypocrisy? >> brian: for the good of earth, my favorite planet -- [laughter] -- he needs to get to idaho. his wife loves idaho, going back and forth, back and forth. when asked, he said "i have got offsets." i've got time! what else are you doing? that's right, to save the planet, you are on your yacht a lot. that keeps you out of the plane. i'm sure that doesn't burn any fuel. wait a second, it does. it's unbelievable. they want all of us to sacrifice. they never want us to
9:40 am
they want all of us to sacrifice, yet they never sacrifice. when you say "i've got questions about climate change," they think you're the worst person on the planet. it's like seinfeld. it's a perfect circle. we have closed the loop. we start with a pandemic, and back with john kerry's plane. >> emily: kayleigh, no matter what the facts say, to bryan's point, to the average american seen this hypocrisy that saw the trump administration believing in science, all they were being told is that the prior administration didn't believe in signs. this one uses science as a complete guide, and they are absolved of this hypocrisy, all of the ridiculous decisions, because under that narrative, it's been pushed by the progressive left and media that enables them. >> kayleigh: no one believes these in authentic committed activists who flout their own causes. john kerry, al gore's tennessee home, according to one study
9:41 am
coming years worth of energy in that home is enough to fuel 21 homes in this country. 7 homes, his pool. that is his pool. hypocrisy is rampant. it happens all the time. they have this excuse. with john kerry, "somebody like me doesn't have another choice." you could have accepted that award here virtually, but this is what they do. lori lightfoot sang "i know i got a haircut when no one else could, but i am the public face of the city, and i am on national television because with that was literally her response. people see through it and rejected. i believe that. to be to shannon? >> shannon: what it ends up doing is hurting their argument. when people see you do these kinds of things, they think you don't believe the underlying argument that the environment is being harmed, or that masks are necessary, lock downs are necessary. if they want you violate all these guidelines you have set up, you're hurting your own argument, because they don't believe, fundamentally, you think those actions are making any difference at all.
9:42 am
you do so at your own peril. if i was a rich person, the one thing i would get rid of the first was commercial air travel. [laughter] nobody loves that these days. >> brian: right. >> kayleigh: i would add a chef. cori bush calls for defunding the police while having private secured, saying she has private security because "my body is worth being on this planet right now." oh, my gosh. our panel weighs in next. ♪ ♪ this is a va mortgage rate watch. newday's rates have dropped to the lowest in their history. . . two and quarter percent, just 2.48 apr. refinance now and save thousands. not all 5g networks are created equal. ♪ ♪
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four bucks? that's tough to beat. relax people, my wireless is crushing it. okay, that's because you all have xfinity mobile. it's wireless so good, it keeps one upping itself. speak of the tragic 911 call after a woman and only finds her partner died at midtown park. the latest on the gruesome murder, thousands of illegal migrants, many of them with covid being dropped in a texas town, as the crisis on the border escalates. tom homan will join us on that. is iran on the brink of getting a nuclear bomb? former secretary of state mike pompeo, with the dire new warning from israel. i'm john roberts. join sandra smith and me at the top of the hour for "america reports." >> kayleigh: far left democrats accused of hypocrisy again cori bush defense: to defund the police, while having
9:47 am
her own private security. speak i'm going to make sure i have security, because i have had a chance on my life. i have too much work to do there, too many people that need help right now for me to allow that. if i'm going to end up sending $200,000, $10 more on it, i get to be here to do the work. defunding the police has to happen. we need to defund the police and put that money into social safety nets. we are trying to save lives. >> kayleigh: brian, this was not a "saturday night live" clip. this was not an attempt at satire. that was a lawmaker saying "i'm going to buy private security, but defund police. you are not secure in your neighborhood." >> brian: this clip is on cbs morning show was on, i have something else to do. i will get into that. she said that. she got a pass on it. there was no follow-up. it's okay for her to spend
9:48 am
$200,000 on security, but we have to defund the police, which every time they say that, joe biden loses another year of his life or passes out. for democrats, that's toxic, that is they are kryptonite. defund the police gets them out of the house and senate. she continues to say it. it doesn't see the hypocrisy of doing it. keep in mind, cori bush, she is steering the left right now. the left has the loudest voice of the democratic party. for republicans, they love when she speaks. she turns off independence and those in the middle on both sides. >> kayleigh: no follow-up question. we have another sound bite of cori bush. let's take a listen. >> i have private security, because my body is worth being on this planet right now. i have private security, because they, the white supremacists, racist narrative, but they havee into this country, the fact that they don't care that this black woman that has put her life on the line, they can't match my energy, first of all.
9:49 am
this black woman who puts her life on the line, they don't care that i could be taken out of here. they probably are okay with that that, but this is the thing: i won't let them get that off. >> kayleigh: shannon, you know who else is lives matter? the babies who come across the country, have been victims of these crime waves, to. these children's lives matter. they depend on having police in their neighborhoods. this is a totally blinded politician. >> shannon: we know members of congress are under all kinds of different threats. we all agree that they should be protected 24/7. u.s. capitol police do a great job. if they fail many private security, it's a luxury most people don't have. the 51 people shot in chicago last weekend. the trick, not a conservative place, new polling cited by "usa today" shows 9 to 1, residents say they would feel
9:50 am
safer with more police. some have complaints about police and how they enforce the law and what's on there. that's in the polling too, but that's an overwhelming number of people who cannot afford private security to protect them, and say "in my community, i feel it's the one way to keep me safe." the more you take them out of these embattled communities, you were saying people who live in the most dangerous places who would have the least amount of resources to do anything security wise are going to be the ones who are most victimized by these policies. >> kayleigh: right, they suffer. tomi, everyone should take notes. this is a new thought-leader of the democratic party, chuck schumer praising her over this eviction victory that will probably be overturned. this is their thoughts-leader. was an amazing clip, hypocritical at that. >> tomi: she is certainly giving aoc a run for her money when it comes to that. oh, boy, the democratic party is in shambles. i will also say this: think about this: the democrats don't want you to have your secondment
9:51 am
rights, don't want you to own a firearm, or want to tell you how many you can own, want to tell you much ammo you can have. they don't want you to be able to defend yourself, but also want to defund your police department. then, they feel they are entitled to have protection, because they are simply more important than the rest of us. you notice, cori bush and others, when they have this private security, this private detail, taxpayer-funded, they are not calling social workers or mental health experts on one of them to protect and defend their lives that are apparently more important than ours. they are having police officers and private trained security who are armed come by the way. that's who they want protecting and defending them. they want to leave your streets, curbs, country lawless and unprotected. it goes to show the priorities of democrats are always democrats. >> kayleigh: emily, patricia and mark mccloskey, that couple that descended their home from the blm protesters, cori bush had curious words for them after they had a legal victory. she said mark mccloskey, your
9:52 am
"day will come." that sound like a threat. >> emily: everything out of this person's mouth is abhorrent. the fact that she said e.j. ane "suck it up, because i've got work to do," you know who doesn't have work to do because they are dead? all those children being gunned down and murdered in an extinction, children like jocelyn adams and robert bar and susanna quintero. they have no choice what to do with their futures. for her to sit there and you would rather me die because my body is working on this planet, so where there is. so are these thousands of people that are being murdered on the streets in those communities that are being left behind because of their idealistic commitment to defending the theiridealistic minutes to defug the police and leaving people defenseless. >> kayleigh: thank you for saying their names. we pray for their families, the tragedy of what we are seeing in this country. coming up, after nearly seven months in office, president biden is going to
9:53 am
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regional medical ♪ ♪ >> president biden becomes the latest robotic commander in chief. he made his debut at the magic kingdom hall of presidents reopens a guess on wednesday. the left like replica even delivered the oath of office. >> president biden: i joseph biden jr. do solemnly swear that i will faithfully execute the office of president of the
9:58 am
united states and i will come up to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the constitution of the united states. so help me god. >> disney says this lifelike exhibit contains some items that are special to the president including his signature aviator sunglasses. brian, do you want to guess another one of the special items, what it may be? >> what would another one of his special items b. >> it was tough. i'm trying to guess. >> one thing at disney i enjoy going to regularly, i know it took a long time to ramp up for president trump's animatronic likeness, and it seems to be a quicker turnaround for joe biden. >> does just to the right of biden and it's those peach blossoms for the state of delaware. so rather rather boring items, i
9:59 am
was going to get pajamas and, definitely the notes or maybe the string that you pull in the back. i know i'm supposed to be generous right now but that face is so creepy and audit and how they are all sort of slightly moving. it's like they are of the blades of grass underneath the water. i think his face looks like that one actor that i can't -- i don't know, i don't really think it looks like him you guys, do you? >> it does not look like him. shannon, your thoughts? >> i thought corn pops was in there with him. i grew up going to disney world and i grew up in sanford, florida, outside of orlando and it used to be that you had to have tickets to go on all the rides. when you had tickets for the fun stuff, but it had air conditioning. and so my parents were always like time to go to the hall of presidents. and we were like, no, boring.
10:00 am
>> eye mask at disney world starting july 30th. will you be masking up to go see joe? >> i think you already know the answer to that one but i know we are supposed to be nice so i'm going to be nice. i think it would be comical if we did have joe biden delivering some of his famous gaps, but either way he looks great. >> i agree. thanks everyone, here is "america reports." >> sandra: how involved is the biden administration in promoting critical race theory? officials said it was an error for the educational department handbook to include links to a far left group but now a former top trump official wants to see the documents behind how that decision was actually made. >> john: rests vote will join us with more in his efforts and also coming up at ice director tom homan and the worsening crisis of the border. former secretary of state mike pompeo and the growing nuclear threat from iran and dr. marc siegel


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