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tv   America Reports With John Roberts Sandra Smith  FOX News  August 5, 2021 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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>> eye mask at disney world starting july 30th. will you be masking up to go see joe? >> i think you already know the answer to that one but i know we are supposed to be nice so i'm going to be nice. i think it would be comical if we did have joe biden delivering some of his famous gaps, but either way he looks great. >> i agree. thanks everyone, here is "america reports." >> sandra: how involved is the biden administration in promoting critical race theory? officials said it was an error for the educational department handbook to include links to a far left group but now a former top trump official wants to see the documents behind how that decision was actually made. >> john: rests vote will join us with more in his efforts and also coming up at ice director tom homan and the worsening crisis of the border. former secretary of state mike pompeo and the growing nuclear threat from iran and dr. marc siegel on reopening schools and
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edit the spread of the delta variance. >> sandra: but we begin with a new 911 tape and police in atlanta asking for help at this hour from the public in the search for witnesses who may have any information on an especially brutal stabbing happening and a very popular park. hello and welcome everyone, i'm sandra smith in new york. >> i'm john roberts in washington. a woman in atlanta making it gut wrenching call to police after she found her partner catherine janice dead in a park last week. police found and janice died of multiple stab wounds and what they called a gruesome scene. >> we are now hearing some of that housebreaking phone call after police received the audio of the initial calls. >> i'm at the park, i was
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searching for my girlfriend because i couldn't find her and she's dead. please help. >> jonathan, what's the latest from where you are. >> makeshift memorial has been set out outside of the main entrance of piedmont park, a combination of joggers and pedestrians seen in or near the park around the time of the crime. investigators say these are not suspects but potential witnesses and police would like to speak with them to glean any information for the person responsible for the murder. police have also released at 911 call from katie is a long domestic partner at mott clark who discovered the body's just after midnight on july 28. >> what's the address of your emergency. >> i'm at the entrance of piedmont park. i just was searching for my
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girlfriend because i couldn't find her and she's dead. she's here. >> is that someone is dead at piedmont park? >> yes. we just need help. please. >> john, you use to live in atlanta, i'm sure you remember the dogwood festival usually attracts huge crowds and that is this weekend and piedmont park with stuffed up evening patrol. city officials are trying to reassure residents and visitors alike that this park is safe. john, back to you. >> john: i've spent a lot of time at piedmont park, how things have changed. jonathan serrie for us. >> critics are slamming cnn's canceling of the cuomo scandal as the governor's brother, the network top anchor remained silent. the new york ag reports how deeply involved chris, was in helping the governor respond to obligations. at the top is almost former
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communication director is. all of this as "the new york post" reports of former facebook executive was working with the governor's team to smear one of his accusers. let's bring in joe concha. that's a lot to take in. you were on yesterday i believe when ari sort of dropped that bomb on us and mentioned this communications director, formally of cuomo's team. inside cnn helping with the messaging of this. >> are a connected the dots, right, former cnn so he kind of knew the executives over there. that was like a light bulb that went off and said okay, there's a connection there is to the y in terms of what's going on. but we see that "new york times" story and an anonymous cnn executive decides to go to the times to say, you know what? we gave chris cuomo the option to take himself off the air because we saw apr disaster and
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ethical disaster coming. no, you are management. you don't give anchor the choice whether he wants to stay or not, if you are the manager then you manage. why is cnn petrified to go on the record to comment as to why they're 9:00 p.m. anchor is currently on the air every night this week not covering the biggest story of the week. so that's one. and a number two, why is this executive in speaking off the record? that's right because when you put someone off the bus, it's better to do it from behind so you can see who's doing it. >> sandra: interesting and then this facebook executive danny weaver who previously worked for cuomo actively helped to smear one of cuomo's accusers. that's a big deal. >> social media, facebook getting involved in politics and actually helping the democratic party. amazing. we also saw one of the founders of the me too movement also looking over that statement as well. in addition to chris cuomo rating statements for the
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governor, again to push back on sexual harassment allegations by 11 staffers, some 30-35 usual younger. this whole thing stinks to high heaven. facebook, you have the executive that worked for the cuomo campaign, everyone is involved and no one is coming out looking good. >> sandra: then to learn that the anchor cuomo was so connected to governor cuomo's messaging, the brothers getting together on this, this is directly from the ag report on the outside consultants involved in all of this. none of them, says the report was officially retained in any capacity by the executive chamber or any individuals involved. nonetheless they were regularly provided with confidential and often privileged information about state operations and help make decisions that impacted state businesses and employees. that's another bomb.
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>> and that's another democratic attorney general so you can't even say that's a the partisan witch hunt. it's amazing that chris cuomo was allowed within 500 feet of a studio this week. if management was really doing their job they would say you have to recuse herself and they would talk about the story but you have to wonder, what is at&t? the parent company of cnn thinking about all this when they see all this unfolding on this network and any of its programs and they are and that's 50 or 60 years ago, and that's because they are doing things like this. i finished off with the cnn coverage on a full screen of cuomo on last night's prime time shows on the network. anderson cooper spent in the 8:00 hour 3 minutes and 29
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seconds. cuomo prime time zero. don lemon covered it for 60 minutes and anderson cooper had a lengthy bill gates interview and still had more coverage then obviously zero chris cuomo. >> amazing. i wonder if governor desantis was in the same spot? he would need 25/8 instead of 24/7 to cover that on cable news. >> sandra: thanks for bringing herself to studio today. >> is my pleasure. >> john: i like a good western. white house briefing is now underway, the education secretary expected to face questions on reopening schools. the delta variant could complicate reopening plans and with the vaccination not available for children under the age of 12 questions remain about how best to keep kids safe in the classroom. dr. marc siegel joins us now with the latest on all of this. what kind of effect do you think the delta variant could have on getting kids back into schools? the education secretary says
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they are doing every thing possible to try to make it happen. >> i think we took the politics out of the schools would be open, period. very concerned about randi weingarten's words to try to get them open and i'm also concerned about her saying that she's not in favor of mandating vaccines for teachers but she is in favor of mandating mass for students, for children. that's so hypocritical and let me explain why. the sciences behind a vaccine and we know the vaccine works against the delta variant. i'm encouraging more than ever although i was encouraging this at the beginning that 12-17-year-old to get the vaccine, get the pfizer shot. but do they realize that no one has ever studied a mask against the delta variant? using information prior to the delta variant, we just learned that the delta variant caused a number of children with covid tragically to increase -- >> sandra: that's a big deal that you are saying that.
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are you suggesting that there something that we may not know, like perhaps the delta variant is spreading more by services than what we were dealing with before? because we knew that was initially a thing and then we found out the service contagion wasn't a big thing. >> i'm so glad you highlighted my point, i'm not saying that. they are finding a thousand times more particles of the delta variant in people's noses that are infected than the first iteration of this virus. suggesting that masks are poorest in mass at best present an inferior barrier. i'm in favor of them and i recommend them for schools but remember the governor of illinois today just set a mandatory across the in schools, before you make something mandatory from the science point of view, you want to be sure it works. these cloth masks that are flopping off of people's faces and young kids don't do well with them, your kids may or may not do well with them. an end, and 95 that's form
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sealed like i were in the office will work against the delta variant. but you'll never get a three year old to wear that. but before you start on mask mandates you have to understand why it's so more contagious because it has a lot more particles in the nose of the child. >> in so many of these kids are going to school with cloth masks and they are going to school with mass that looked like surgical mask but aren't, they are certainly not and 95 masks. are all of those masks whether they are cloth or -- like this one here that i've got, it says fox news on it. are they effective against delta? >> lets go back to precautions. i think windows should be open, i think you should have to look at ventilation, and 3 feet of distancing. the mask on top of that are not as effective as i would like. i like ones that have filters, i
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like ones that are formfitting in some schools have them. my like training a child on how to use them properly and they have to be fit very close to the face especially the nose to be in any way effective. studies have shown that cloth masks on their own or maybe 20 or 30% effective. i think they addict layer of protection but i believe less so against the delta variant. again, you should train a child on how to use one, recommend the use one, but how about a child has asthma? how about a child that can't tolerate the mask or has anxiety and i can't function with the mask on? there's only 1% risk of spread in schools anyway from kids and if we put them out in the community, if the teachers union minister get the schools closed, let's say, and i'm not accusing them of that but let's say it happens. you know what, they will spread
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it more in the community. we have to have them in schools, and we have to make it comfortable for the students and the teachers. i want every single teacher in the united states vaccinated. >> sandra: dr. siegel we are told the briefing just started at the white house and likely there's a lot of questions on the border. and a third of all new cases i will put a crazy question out there. people are questioning the cdc and that's more credibility and adjust the situation at the border. that was greatly affecting a lot of those border towns and spreading into those states.
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they are being overwhelmed. but meanwhile they are not going to touch the 19,000 kids that came in unaccompanied and at least attended to it and we don't need that and that's for sure going to lead to an uptick of covid cases. >> really quick because we are out of time, that's covid and you see that right on the right-hand side, it goes up very high and comes right back down, and that's the delta variant.
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it is not going to be the experience in the united states? >> i hope so. interesting that you brought both of those examples up. and there's only about 10% of the country vaccinated so it's for different reasons. whether immunity played a role, i think it did and i think we will see the same thing happen here. i think we will see the spread slow down for sure and september. >> sandra: that's a hopeful message. we are trying to take in a lot of information and a lot of changes. dr. siegel, thanks for taking us through it. the border, and they will join
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us to weigh in next. >> joe biden suggests that if you don't do lockdown policies then you should "get out of the way. >> and it president biden's critique, but does the president really have any room to talk? our panel on that, just ahead.
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high winds ripped through a mountain town and on the california forcing mass evacuations. the dixie fire at leveling much of downtown greenville aspire officials learned all hundred residents to get out now because help may not be able to reach them later. thousands were under evacuation orders in several counties and flames were getting several businesses and homes there in towns which date back to california's gold rush thereof. the 3-week-old wildfire is the oldest bigots in the state. fire officials say a 35% contained as of right now >> john: border town of mcallen, texas, in response to what it describes as a rapidly escalating surge in migrants.
10:22 am
in addition to the tragic news that came out this morning that ten people among 30 who are crowded into a van died when the van left the road, and they keep the posture of nothing to see here but there's plenty to see along the border and a lot of things have taken lives, too. >> a lot of lives have been lost and more lives will be lost and it will get worse than what you see right now. to the president and vice president of homeland security, wake up. they need to do their job and they surrendered this to the criminal cartels. we know longer have an operational control the border. they are taking off patrol to process aliens and over 90,000 pencil overdoses already this year. they've already arrested 8500
10:23 am
criminals and 49 of them were convicted of murder. our border is out of control on the president and the secretary and vice president are ignoring us. the northern border, people forget about the northern border. the northern border is vulnerable now because officers have been sent to process the ones that still remain on the north the border, the art processing virtually on the computer. river patrol and road patrol is virtually nonexistent on the northern border in this country is very vulnerable, the most vulnerable i've seen it in my three decade career. >> john: we seen pictures on the left-hand side of the screen there at these tents that have been set up in mcallen, simply because there are dozens and dozens of migrants being dropped off in the city of mcallen, texas, with no place to go. so they are just kind of hanging out in the streets and prompting the city to put out the statement saying "despite the city of mcallen and the department's best efforts the sheer number of immigrants being released into the city has become a crisis. a crisis the city of mcallen
10:24 am
did not create and has proactively tried to avoid for seven years. as the new mayor and that town, javier villalobos, is republican and he certainly not shy about letting the federal government know how he feels. >> absolutely. and it's not just the number of people being released but the number of people being released with kobe to. ice already has over 1300 positive covid cases and custody. they already have nearly 1300 cases. we know that endeavor is, one of the contractors, 40% of the occupants of the hotel have covid. that we know there's thousands of migrants, and they say of vast part of them are covid positive.
10:25 am
this is a danger. we just talked about mcallen, we are not talking about california and new mexico. this is a crisis of intense proportions. and there's 300,000 and that's how many are smuggling pencil in the country. how many of them are criminals and how many are gang members. we have lost control of this border under this president, he doesn't care. he hasn't taken one action, not one, to slow the flow. >> john: just talk practically, we lost control of the border and if we were in charge how would we get it back? >> we would get it back in a week. we have reestablished the remain in mexico program and the agreements to the three central american countries, they will claim asylum for each country they come to. it's not about escaping fear and persecution, but we reestablished the term policies. i've seen pictures and i sent him to fox network, i've seen how these families are being
10:26 am
treated at come under that bridge. this is the most inhumane policy as seen in my career. >> there's no question that it is a big problem down there on the border. thanks for sharing her thoughts on it. >> john, as covid cases surge from the delta variant, my modea say those who received its vaccine may need a booster shot. so why is a world health organization trying to stop americans from getting the shots? former secretary of state mike pompeo weighs in. >> plus, close ties to a pro-critical race theory group as firm as expressed the ideology of it being taught in schools. what warned the former trump official is saying in a fox news exclusive coming up next. >> this is a reflection of its critical poison, and this ideology is embedded in the
10:27 am
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>> john: at some of the top stories as across the bottom of the hour, lloyd austin expected to decide as early as this week other to make covid vaccines are mandatory for 1.3 million active-duty service members. the directive would come just days after president biden calls for all federal employees to get acts needed. the troops who opt out would have to submit to other ohmic regular testing. and after house democrats left the state for washington and blocked the bill's passage, many democrats and lawmakers are planning to extend their stay in d.c. >> john: spirit airlines canceling nearly half of today's flights leaving thousands of passengers stranded at airports
10:32 am
and travel disruptions into their fifth day. the low cost carrier has canceled hundreds of flights on sunday and blames bad weather on operational challenges. go to >> sandra: of the backlash to teaching critical race theory in schools and now a former top administration officials telling fox news of officially, the biden administration reveals that government officials are "intimately involved with the ideology and the abolitionist groups. and he joins us now. explain to us exactly what it is that you know, that specifically and it's involved in the theory to making america's schools.
10:33 am
>> we have seen a close connection between the biden administration officials and the leader of the abolitionist teaching network, patino love. bettina loved it diversity training with regard to the san diego superintendent diversity network and we know these relationships exist and we flat out don't accept their word for it, suggesting that we have walked away from this guidance document. as the director of omb there are extensive policy practices i go through for documents like this. the office of management and budget would have seen it, the white house would have seen it. with regard to giving states an opportunity to deal with cobeta and the reality is that this is something that we believe will be prevalent. and here's why. the office of management and budget has been given an assignment by the biden administration to make every,
10:34 am
critical race theory. and that's an error with regard to the inclusion of this document. >> this was a statement last month from the white house, that link to which you were referring that was up to the abolitionist, and it was up since april. the department does not endorse the recommendations of this group, nor do they reflect our policy positions. it was an error and a lengthy document to include the citation. just to be clear, this is how the abolitionist network describes what abolitionist teachers networks due on the website. build the school culture that engages in healing and advocacy. this requires a commitment to learning from students, families and educators who disrupt whiteness or other forms of oppression. so it was a link to that group on the white house for months.
10:35 am
>> that same teaching network, it believes that white teachers need therapy and we reject that, we think that's part and parcel of critical race theory. and here's the issue. the biden administration has tried to distance themselves from critical race theory as you define it. secretary cardona's said that they are going to walk through with implicit ties to still be there, it is true that they are trying to articulate a walk back but we don't believe them. and we won't believe that because so paramount to all of their strategies and the political agendas that they've instituted through this administration. >> sandra: it they hand over records that could potentially
10:36 am
show these tides between the biden administration in the abolitionist teaching network. have you heard back or gotten any of those records a document? >> they are right now on a clock of about and if they don't comply with the documents. >> is this just a regular time frame? >> this is part of responding to foia requests. at the agencies are often looking to see whether you are serious or not and we are. >> sandra: appreciate you coming on and telling the story. and we will follow-up with russ. >> john: it's good to see russ again, it's been a while. we don't know how it got in there but clearly some to put the link to the abolitionist teaching network to that school reopening brief nobody has confessed yet. >> it is, and again putting it in there is intentional.
10:37 am
robert durst is expected to take the stand in his own defense today after he was accused of murder. what we expect to hear from him just ahead. >> sandra: plus ron desantis going head-to-head with president biden over covid. pay for big expenses. or put it in the bank for real peace of mind. now's the time to use your va home loan benefit to get cash before mortgage rates begin to rise. call now.
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learn how you could pay as little as $0 at this past year has felt like a long, long norwegian winter. but eventually, with spring comes rebirth. everything begins anew. and many of us realize a fundamental human need to connect with other like-minded people. welcome back to the world. viking. exploring the world in comfort... once again. >> john: we aren't jumping back in early because in the white house peter doocy peter doocy is questioning the press secretary. let's listen in. >> an elected official is concerned that her life is threatened and that's disturbing. an elected official has to suffer. i'm not going to comment on security arrangements and i don't have any more details on that but i think we should start
10:40 am
with that first. i will say that the president has been crystal clear that he opposes defunding the police. he has said that throughout his campaign for office and his record throughout the last several decades has made that clear. he has proposed increased funding for the law enforcement with increased funding from its predecessor who is or you might know or be aware of a republican. so i would note that his record is pretty clear on this. there may be some in the democratic party including congressman bush who disagree with him. i would say the majority of democrats, would send and polling, and the majority of members also agree. >> there is concerned that defunding the police had to happen. it does not appear to becoming a democratic message even though.
10:41 am
>> there are reports that they might report require all foreign visitors to be vaccinated. >> i know there were a range of reports about this but let me just give you a little bit of an update on us. at one moment. and i know you asked kind of two questions there and i promise i will address them both. one, let me reiterate and i know francesca asked this question the other day, the importance of international travel. given where we are today with the delta variant, we will plan to maintain existing travel restrictions at this point. however, what our insurance agency working groups are focusing on, and i think this was reported, are working to develop a plan for consistent and safe international travel policy and that will be done to the prism of writing consistent guidance, equitable guidance, digestive guidance and it feels inconsistent and it is.
10:42 am
that's what our focus is so that is certainly under strong consideration but it is under a policy process review right now that i won't get ahead of myself. as it relates, there is also reporting on the vaccination of migrants but that's not what the cpp is doing. there are ngos and other organizations who are vaccinating migrants as they come across the border and as they work in partnership with us, certainly that helps keeps a range of people safe in the country. >> do you think it's keeping people safe in mcallen, texas, 1500 in the last seven days. >> i think it's important to know what's actually happening in mcallen. there's actually been a -- thanks mind a disaster declaration to provide a space to provide an isolated space to mitigate the issue.
10:43 am
and what happens is dhs, into the process of what happens, the agency, resulting first and the expulsion of those. and they are required to wear the and there are steps taken as needed as this is certainly evidence of. i think we have to keep chugging here because i don't want to run out of time. >> john: are at there so jen psaki and peter doocy squaring off of the white house press briefing on a number of different issues today. we will keep rolling on here, sandra. >> sandra: on that note, that was the moment because you had the cdc this morning and that update saying, while texas and
10:44 am
florida, they have problems. they are accounting for the third of new cases in the country but the question has to be asked, are all these covid positive migrants coming across the border, is not being counted into the county and state data? because that would be worth noting that that's part of the uptick in cases. i reached out to the cbp today and they told us over the phone that they do not test the migrants in custody. that's something we knew but just a reminder, they are then referred it to a local health system for testing answer graining if they are showing obvious symptoms. john, how many of them actually then go, is another question? so to her point about the confusion around the border and how covid is being handled, it's fair to say there's a lot of it. >> i know in mcallen, texas, about 15 people have come across a border that had covid in the last week. and now governor ron desantis
10:45 am
locked in, for their responses to restrictions but he's firing back. >> i say to these governors, please help. if you aren't going to help, at least get out of the way. >> if you are coming after the rights of parents in florida, i'm standing in your way. not going to let you get away with it. why don't you do your job, why don't you get this board are secure and until you do that i don't want to hear a blip about covid from you. be one of let's bring our panel now, cassie smedley and american rising executive director. good to see both this afternoon. marie, let's start with you. have we seen fire there between joe biden and ron desantis the first in the war of words in the 2024 election campaign? >> john, this is not a political
10:46 am
fight, it shouldn't be. that's a fight of life or death. it's controlling's local school, school boards, and republican governor said he regress signing a bill. so ron desantis is trying to make this i think political but the reality is florida is in a crisis, worse than any other point during the pandemic. ron desantis should focus on letting the local school boards, districts and schools make decisions that are best for their students and i thought that's what he believed in. >> i think it's safe to say there's politics on both sides of the issue. >> i think this is a tale of you have the biden administration winning power over you versus local officials like governor wanting to empower you. we will see that play out into next year's elections are truly beyond. to marie's point, and that's
10:47 am
what you are seeing from these governors, i'm going to empower my constituents and my constituents to take personal responsibility and we will have a holistic approach about the health, the community health, economic health and mental health of our citizens. >> john: ron desantis was on with laura ingraham last night on the ankle, expounding a bit about his complaints on the biden administration. >> he's bringing in people from over 100 different countries across the salon border and so when he's lecturing people about imposing covid restrictions and a lockdown policy is, on the one hand, and yet not only doing nothing to stop the border search but also facilitating it. >> john: and maria, governor desantis has a problem with the spike in coronavirus cases in the state
10:48 am
of florida but peter doocy was just talking to jen psaki, there is a public health part crisis coming across our border every day with the thousands of people who likely have covid entering the united states. does the biden administration not bear responsibility for that? >> jen just addressed the kinds of things that they are doing to mitigate that. it's a tough challenge and there are no easy answers but the reason florida is having a spike is not the border crisis. governor desantis is trying to shift blame and score political points away from the fact that his antiscience and is authoritarian degrees is actually making this problem worse. and he talks about illegal immigrants and fighting with joe biden. why doesn't he talk about his stomach preventing his own
10:49 am
citizens from dying like they are right now in record numbers? >> john: i don't know if you heard tom homan earlier but he said solving the problem is easy, you just don't let people come back across. and it that was a crisis of the border. it's been a compounding issue month over month. and you talked about the 1500 cases in the past week in mcallen, texas, that have come over the border and we all know that you've got folks that have been sent into the state including florida and that's causing an issue for this governors to handle on their own homefront. >> john: we will hear a lot more about this. at cassie smedley and marie harf, good to talk to you today. >> sandra: school bus drivers wanted. at the urgent scrambled to fill critical jobs and at the drastic measures some schools are already taking.
10:50 am
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10:53 am
>> sandra: the nation may be going back to school this fall but how are kids going to get there with the shortage of school bus drivers across the country? districts are finding creative ways to fill open positions before classes begin. anita is live at the main bus
10:54 am
depot. >> many of the buses you see behind me have been in use for limited sunday school over the summer and the rest are being prepared for fall. as you see over my shoulder, it's not lack of buses but the problem is lack of drivers. this is a problem all across the country. all districts have said they have had a problem since before covid. the problem is even worse. the challenge of retaining, recruiting and hiring drivers is even more difficult that with so much competition in the marketplace. >> we are competing with fedex and amazon, and that's obviously how we are building a connection with the kids. >> some districts have resorted to offering parents compensation for driving their own kids to school, up to $1500 a year.
10:55 am
transportation officials say they would much rather have more drivers. and it totting summers off with flexible schedules. meanwhile for parents and kids this is just one more hurdle to get back to school and into the classroom. >> i see signs all the time for people wanting to hire drivers, and they have work and kids at home, taking the school bus every day. and a lot of the potential drivers can't pass the drug test. and there is a problem we never saw coming. iran is just weeks away from
10:56 am
getting enough material for a nuclear weapon. meanwhile the white house is pushing to get back into the nuclear deal with iran. former secretary of state mike pompeo will be with us in that story plus marie callahan, pete hegseth and abby hornacek all coming up. is eligibility for a va loan for up to 100% of your home's value. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa. with automatic authority from the va, we can say yes when banks say no. veteran homeowners. three reasons to do a cash out refi right now. home values are high while rates are low. newday lets you borrow all of your home's value. and you could take out $50,000 dollars or more.
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starts with america's most reliable network. then we add the speed of verizon 5g. we provide security that's made for business and offer plans as low as $30 per line. more businesses choose verizon than any other network. we are open and ready for you. >> john: planning to get a covid booster shot? check with the united nations for us. moments away, mike pompeo on the push from world health officials to make americans wait before they can get potentially life-saving shots. good afternoon and welcome to our number two of "america reports." i'm john roberts in washington. hi, sandra. >> sandra: on sandra smith in new york. secretary pompeo is coming up, and are you ready to give up gas? president biden aimed to signing an executive order to get more
11:01 am
drivers to go electric. the green agenda paves the way for even more and bigger problems. >> john: crickets from andrew cuomo, the disgraced governor skipping work to focus on a survival strategy. we are live as we wait to see the governor's next montage. >> sandra: we look forward to that, all that, plus the feds so sobering crackdown on bze and america's airports. >> john: we begin with developing news this afternoon, vaccine makeroderna annncing it believes a booster shot will be needed to stop a winter brea. >> sandra: though before americans rolled their sleeves, the united nations is pushing to stop all bster shots until the rest of the world is able to catch up,hey say. >> john: the hold of the world health organization is saying the vaccine supply shod first go to developing nations nea gives us countries of the united states of "greed." it's even sparked a new term on
11:02 am
the left, vaccine privilege. >> sandra: mike pompeo is ready to react to that but first to benjamin hall in london with us. >> sondra, cassandra, it's been a debate to prioritize the vaccine market and give everyone to shots or at the same time to prioritize to get the world vaccine. frankly experts are torn between the two, but the consensus in the u.s. really has been -- the u.s., the two vaccines, so they can get the economy moving, they can get the citizens protected and then they should focus on the developing world. after all, these vaccines were developed and funded with the help of taxpayer money. as pharmaceutical companies obstruction say, a third booster vaccine might be needed as they dig into the efficacy of vaccine. the w.h.o. is calling for a total moratorium on third booster shots until at least the end of september -- 10% of the e
11:03 am
world should be vaccinated before a third dose is aloud. global public health experts argue that the long-term effect could mutate into variants that are even more successful at defeating the vaccines. vaccine diplomacy is already well underway and china has offered hundreds of millions of their vaccines to poorer countries often demanding political favors in return. russia a -- >> sandra: we are having a bit of a connection problem with benjamin hall. we will try to reestablish the connection as we will use that too much into our next interview. >> john: if they've been famously dodgy all the way back to the beatles. fox news contributor mike pompeo, mr. secretary, but got some competing narratives there. pfizer and moderna are saying americans may need a third shot of vaccine booster to protect against covid and the variance that we see popping up almost
11:04 am
weekly and the w.h.o. at the same time is saying put the brakes on. who, mr. secretary, should we be listening to? >> america has been incredibly generous. we created these vaccines that have been distributed all across the world so no one should for a moment think that we are being stingy. second, they corrupted themselves and became to the very front of this now. so to take advice from the u.n. and the w.h.o. on this issue is a joke and work worthless. if pfizer and moderna are right and we do need booster shots to take care of people that we should let them make their own choices. we have to make sure that we are taking care of of americans and that will help our economy and in turn the global economy to make sure the whole world can get what they need when the time is right.
11:05 am
>> sandra: jen psaki was asked about this in the white house briefing room. she said this, listen. >> we feel that it's a false choice and we can do both. may not just yesterday that we had an important milestone of over 110 million vaccines donated to the world and that's more than any country has said combined. we also in this country have enough supply to ensure that every american has access to the vaccine and we will have enough supply to ensure if the fda decides that boosters are recommended for a portion of the population to provide those as well. >> sandra: so the white house says we can administer that third shot of modernity if and when it is needed, and we can continue to be generous with countries throughout the world. >> i am a little concerned, and i want to reconsider. i think we can achieve this and deliver for america the american
11:06 am
vaccines, i'm very confident that we can do that but i expect that will continue. and that should be the american priorities certainly with vaccines that have been funded by american taxpayers dollars and not want to be the priority. >> john: we heard a very dire warning mr. secretary from benny gantz and he believes that in not too long from now, ten weeks, to be able to produce a nuclear weapon. he is urging tangible actions be taken by the world to prevent this from happening including possible military action. your thoughts? >> we could see this coming from a mile away. this one has a piece that at every turn they continue to provide wealth and resources. the iranian regime could have the money to do exactly what you
11:07 am
are seeing happen. they build out there capabilities in the nuclear region. know this. to the extent that the administration is weak it puts israel in a very difficult position. i heard what general gantt said, and they may well have to take military action. the united states can prevent israel from being in this place and we can go back to the policies that we had, the enormous pressure that we put on the iranian regime, this will release israel from having to make this very difficult decision and provide stability not only for israel but for our arab friends as well. there's not a prison in that region from saudi arabia or the emirates who thinks that the policy is right and, speaking of the agreement with the jen psaki, we will return to the white house to see what she had to say on returning to the jcpoa. >> our argument is that every
11:08 am
single challenge we faced from iran would be more pronounced and dangerous by an unconstrained nuclear program. so to put it another way, by returning to the jcpoa will put us in a better position to address these other problems. >> sandra: did she get that one right? >> no, she got that one wrong so we are back on terra firma. ask everyone in the region, the kuwaitis, ask the iranian people themselves. they wanted us to do what made sense for america and for them to put pressure on the iranian regime and deny them the capability to ever move down a nuclear path and to build out a coherent strategy to put the iranian regime on notice that they simply wouldn't be permitted, because it basically gave iran a green light and a clear pathway to a nuclear weapons program is sheer folly. >> john: one of the other
11:09 am
stories out there is in and around the g20 meeting in japan in 2019. you apparently, i don't know if it was given to you directly or not, it was a bottle of whiskey that was fairly rare. it was worth about $6,000 which the state department now says it can't find. any idea where the whiskey is? >> the great case of the missing whiskey bottle. and not to enormous incompetence. and if that had been at case of diet coke i would have been all over it. and this is all just crazy talk. and i'm happy to help them try to find it.
11:10 am
and thanks for joining us. you know what they say, the wind, the beer, the whiskey, they are the only things that fix me. florida's governor is firing back after a fight from president biden, back and forth, a preview of what will happen? we will talk to pete hegseth on that war of words. ♪ ♪ and it can cut thousands of dollars off your mortgage payments we're holding the line on interest rates
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11:16 am
>> john: pete hegseth moments away on the smack down over the sunshine state and coronavirus and governor ron desantis firing back at president biden over covid in the border. first though, president biden set to sign an executive order in the first hour, by the year 2030. the nonbinding target as part of a series of actions the president will use to boost details with the broader agenda tackling climate change. president biden has made the ev's priority and are you ready to buy an electric car? >> i'm not opposed to it. >> i don't have one, but i have my eye on one. it's not out yet. the new ford f-150 lightning. >> when you make this a necessary thing, and of those electric vehicles are obviously
11:17 am
very expensive. by the way, you see this in poll after poll, usually about 30% of them end up returning the electric vehicle because of the process to own one and it's got some inconveniences. >> john: it is also a question about the electrical grid, particularly in times of stress which will handle that surge for electric vehicles. >> just a short time ago the white house defended the controversial opening of a camp in texas with housing migrants who have the coronavirus. >> 7,000 covered pods of migrants have been released into the city. >> i think they signed a
11:18 am
disaster emergency shelter to provide a space to mitigate the issue. what happens is dhs with the process of what happens, and a resulting first and the expulsion of the vast majority of those encountered at the border. cbp also provides migrants who can be expelled under title 42 with ppe who are required to wear the ppe if any exhibit signs of illness, local health systems for appropriate testing, diagnosis and treatment. obviously there are steps taken as needed. be three people living in the camp in mcallen, texas, are up in arms over this. it's important to point out, they referred to the local health system, don't let that get buried. that's a big deal, these health systems are inundated and they
11:19 am
actually go on their own. >> good afternoon. i want to show you, we have an ambulance pulling into this emergency camp right now and it was just set up by the city of mcallen to a house covid positive immigrants who have been released from border patrol custody. you see it pulling into ansell louis park, and this is where they decided to move this camp. thankfully our drone above is able to see what's going on in there. we have started setting up the camp once again, in mission, texas, again and ansell louis park. the city of mcallen says they have to do this because the federal government has been releasing so many immigrants into downtown mcallen that they can't handle it anymore. they say they are used usually going to the catholic charities but they can only take so many people. and these camps are specifically
11:20 am
for covid positive migrants. the camp wasn't always here in mission, texas. it was built overnight on tuesday. they had to put this up because of all the migrants being released in custody but there was some blowback. local residents were not happy that it was placed there and it was eventually moved to mission where we were earlier this morning. the city of mcallen released a scathing statement where the federal government saying in part "the city intends to demand relief from the federal government for the alarming number of migrants that are being released into the city of mcallen. the federal government does not test them for covid-19 and who does test them, it's actually a third party that does it once they are dropped off in the city of downtown mcallen. they say the federal government has released 7,000 covid positive migrants into mcallen since february alone and more
11:21 am
than 1500 of those have been in the last week. local residents we talked to were not happy about this. >> understand it is of volatile every day. and this should have been out in the public then just being told it's not there. >> we've been seeing them bringing in materials all week long and it's close to the public, the park has been closed and we are not allowed in just yet. there's a press conference scheduled in about 40 minutes were local hidalgo county leaders are set to talk about why they had to build this camp and, they recently called this week and said they have to stop dumping these migrants into the city of mcallen.
11:22 am
>> john: a war of words between ron desantis president biden, the florida governor putting the president on blast yesterday. let's bring in fox & friends we can cohost pete hegseth, and i did it again even though i practiced. sorry about that. just to set it up so everybody at home knows what we are talking about, is the exchange that president biden and it ron desantis had not exactly with each other but across the wire. >> i say to these governors, please help. >> if you are coming after the rights of parents in florida, i'm standing their way and i will not let you get away with it. why don't you get this board are secure and until you do that i don't want to hear a blip about covid from you. >> it's a choice between a bio security state and what say you?
11:23 am
>> they are preaching at us about new mandates and new lock downs new vaccine requirements. what we did is, he said look at what we did here in florida. maintained the economy, and that's not you show, 1500 covid positive individuals released into the u.s. city in the last week. and this is supposedly the biggest thing that we are facing. this is what they are tackling, but their obsession with open border policy and this
11:24 am
administration is allowing the virus in the back door. so people flying into the united states have to be vaccinated but, and what ron desantis is doing now is articulating the way free people feel. let us live our lives and federal government, go back to doing what you are supposed to do which is securing our borders and keeping our city safe, neither of which they are doing. >> john: peter doocy asked jen psaki about that very thing, people coming over the border on vaccinated while people at home are facing vaccine mandates. and when you take a look at the latest polling, and here's a quinnipiac poll. president biden is losing a lot of points when it comes to his approval on handling covid. 53% of people now say they approve of how he was handling covid and back in may that number was 65%. both he and ron desantis have problems with covid,
11:25 am
ron desantis has a spike in cases the state. who is facing the more important or dire situation here? >> ron desantis has stood by his position from the beginning. he's not at ignoring the threat of the virus but he saying he will protect the most vulnerable and we aren't going to mandate anyone. if you are a parent you will make the choice about your kid in school. that's your prerogative and you have the prerogative to get the vaccine if you want to. you can't mandate that someone show a vaccine passport. this is the difference between freedom and hypocrisy. so if number spike is effectively saying we will address that under the umbrella of freedom. those numbers for joe biden are really bad because that's his core strength so you've already got inflation and the border, you've already got defunding the police, you've already got critical race theory and you've got all these big tech censorship and all these things that are touching people's lives which they are not happy about.
11:26 am
if his perceived strength drops by that many points, that's why we've seen other polling that shows his overall approval rating which drops 10% as well. people are fed up with an ending scene the absolute confusion of the messaging and they don't believe that we should be locked down yet again. protect those who are vulnerable, and and if you have it, you may see the first shots of the 2024 campaign fired. pete hegseth, always good to see you. what do you think, desantis biden? >> the that's what the fight will look like. really quick there has been a big question today and the covid response team seeing that up taken cases. in texas specifically. when you look at the state of
11:27 am
texas, many of them are testing positive for covid and a question would be as the uptake in cases is part of that, and we reached out to the texas department of health and human services to see if those positive migrants are being accounted for in the county and state numbers and the answer is yes. here's their statement to us. all positive covid-19 test results are reported by the persons county of residence. people in federal custody who test positive are reported as a case in the county where that facility is. that is obviously very important. it says dhs doesn't track covid cases by citizenship status and the health department does not have account of the total number of migrants in the state. it is in the state numbers. we check for head lago county texas to see if they have a pull
11:28 am
particular spike. up next, the no-show from andrew cuomo. there is word that this governor skipped work. where we are at at this hour.
11:29 am
11:30 am
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an increased risk of infections— some serious— and the lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms, or if you've had a vaccine or plan to. tell your doctor if your crohn's disease symptoms develop or worsen. serious allergic reactions may occur. i just look. and feel better. i got real relief with cosentyx. watch me! feel real relief. ask your rheumatologist about cosentyx. >> john: apparently, even governors can play hooky. a live look at andrew cuomo's mansion in albany where he has reportedly been holed up and working on a plan to try to save his job. how big of a does he have to climb to do that? >> i couldn't even actually tell you how big because it's so massive. there is no sign of cuomo and no sign that he will be resigning.
11:34 am
according to "the new york post" he spent the day yesterday inside and out walked up with his closest advisors. that's a press conference to address the independent investigation that found he sexually harassed 11 employees. according to our fox news account there is enough support to impeach and convict cuomo today. the new york state assembly's judiciary committee sent the following to governor cuomo's lawyers today. "we write to inform you that the committee's investigation is nearing completion and at the assembly will soon consider potential articles of impeachment against her client. accordingly we invite you to provide any additional evidence a written opinions that you would like to committee to consider before its work includes." cuomo's lawyers have until next friday the 13th, an ironic date. and remember the assemblies impeachment probe has been going on for months.
11:35 am
>> john: friday the 13th. a suspicious day. thanks so much. sandra? >> sandra: let's bring in maureen callahan. there is a lot to take in, they skipped work to strategize their messaging response and i am wondering how that went over. >> all you have to do is look at any of the numerous headlines. this is the dominant story of the week and it's clear he doesn't have a prayer. he doesn't have a friend left. he doesn't have a supporter left. and he seems to have missed the memo that we are in the post-me, too era and to discount the thorough investigation that tish james has deemed in with these
11:36 am
highly detailed accounts of just continual predation and bullying and sexual harassment, and to write these women off as he did in his prerecorded statements on tuesday and having heard things that he simply didn't say, i have to tell you that really struck a chord with me because there is a really particular -- particularly odious kind of sexism and misogyny that tries to dismiss inconvenient women as crazy and that's what he's saying as that statement. >> not only did he discredit those accusers and all the evidence that backs up their claims, he suggested that their misinformation or misunderstanding of these situations again, that there is evidence to back up actually happened, he suggested that these women are discrediting
11:37 am
real victims of sexual harassment. >> its gaslighting. its deflection. it makes one wonder how it was that governor cuomo came to be surrounded by a staff of such complete incompetence. these women who he was trusting, executive assistants, you know, the state trooper tasked with protecting him and her accounting was so graphic and painful to read, he was talking about when he put his hand between her breath and what she called her private parts and dragged his hand along her torso. that is really so textbook. we saw it with harvey weinstein, it's the bully's way of saying i will take what i want when i want and that includes you.
11:38 am
>> sandra: it's tough for him to hide, here's the cover of "the new york post" today. creep on the ropes. more phony woke fellas. they are really digging in at "the new york post." and there are bipartisan calls. i think he will be the last person as is often the case, and i think the people of new york deserve a lot more and my other bold prediction is that his brother chris on cnn will
11:39 am
continue to ignore the story. >> they had 0 minutes of coverage, great to have you here. thank you. >> big question, as concerns swirl over covid, we will get answers from a man who ran the cdc coming up next. because home values are now at record highs while mortgage rates are near record lows. the newday 100 va cash out loan lets you take out $50,000 or more to use as you wish.
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11:44 am
>> john: just in from the department of justice, merrick garland announcing a civil rights investigation into the city of phoenix and at the phoenix police department. at issue, how phoenix police street homeless people and accusations of excessive force. here's the attorney general. >> here's the third pattern or practice investigation i've announced as attorney general. each time i've noted that these investigations are aimed to promote transparency and accountability. this increases public trust, which in turn increases public safety. we know that they share these goals. sandra?
11:45 am
>> sandra: and experts say the mental health it is also big concern. some are calling it a state of emergency. aisha hosni is live with the details. >> there is some uncertainty over whether schools will reopen this fall and it's one of the greatest threats to the mental well-being of america's kids. they've already been through so much. there are some alarming numbers here, and both younger and older kids between mid-march and october of 2020 as compared to the same time in 2019. in colorado for example behavioral health emergency visits shot up by 72% between january and april, before the
11:46 am
pandemic. children's hospital in colorado actually declared a mental health state of emergency back in may over the number of kids seeking treatment for suicide and other mental health issues. now don't just expect all of this to get back to normal this fall, and many kids are worried about the future. >> there was the sense of we are returning to normal. the appearance right now should be having open conversation with their kids about what might or might not have been and should be prepared for the unexpected. b3 thank you for that. i also wanted to say a big congratulations to you, our new congressional correspondent who was named by the network. congratulations. >> thank you. we are so thrilled.
11:47 am
>> sandra: i guess we will be using you here in new york to d.c.? >> you will still see me on tv plenty. thank you. >> john: congratulations to jacqui heinrich as well. dr. richard besser, and please let us know. we had a dire warning from dr. anthony fauci said that the the current surgeon covid cases continue unabated and an even worse strain than the current delta strain may emerge. how concerned are you about that potential scenario? >> john, as long as the virus is spread, not just here but around the globe, and there's a mistake
11:48 am
and the virus is more contagious and that's when he takes off. let is what happened with the delta variance. it didn't arise in the u.s., it arose in another country and came here. in countries that is the they may be resistant to treatment. delta might be resistant to vaccines. >> the key is that right now all the variants that are circulating, the existing vaccines cover them quite well. i'm so eager to encourage people, to make their own decision about getting vaccinated. it's always possible that the variant will arise and is resistant. sometimes when that happened the
11:49 am
viruses don't do as well and don't transmit at it as easily but if you have one that does transmit easily we could be back to square one in terms of having to re-vaccinate people against a new strain of the virus. >> john: it seems just a couple of weeks ago, and vaccine mandates, you take a look at what delta did in both the u.k. and india and it looks like it may be fairly short-lived. and that's something that occurred in july, and in april, and by the middle of june it must back down again. based on that dr. besser, do you think that the experience with the delta variant may be fairly short-lived? >> i hope so.
11:50 am
but in the interim, we've seen more than 2,000 people dying every week, and the majority of those deaths would be preventable if people were vaccinated. i do have a sense of optimism when i see those curves but as it whips through the community's, i see hospitals that are inundated. those having chest pain or a heart attack, and we are not putting pressure on our health care system as well as people with other conditions that can't be treated. b1 the vaccines are the best way to avoid getting sick from this and there are plenty of vaccines in the country. thanks again for your house call, we appreciate it. >> sandra: next up, the push
11:51 am
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11:56 am
>> sandra: either drink it or dump it before you head to the gate. the faa is urging bars and restaurants to stop serving alcohol to go as there's a spike in unruly passengers. let's bring in abby hornacek. we've seen so many of these unruly passengers. >> yeah, i didn't know you could take things to go on the airplane. you can't. the faa prohibits alcohol that wasn't purchased on the flight. just since january alone, over 3,700 cases of unruly passengers. a lot of them involve people drinking, 2,700 involve people that refuse to wear masks. so you know, a lot of people are
11:57 am
upset. there's reasons why there's more anger on the flights. but worries because of the direction humanity is going. they've been serving alcohol since 1949. just the amount of people we're seeing and the extent. they had to duck take that guy to the seat. i hope people take a step back and realize that flight attendants are going through a lot and have more respect. >> and the delays are an interesting one. people are stuck for hours. and what about the $28 beer at la guardia airport in new york? >> yeah, i don't care if sam adams himself is brewing my beer, i'm not paying $28 for a beer. that was debunked. the company that sold the beer was a mistake. it was a glitch and it wasn't supposed to be $28 but sparked this larger conversation about the rise in prices across the
11:58 am
board. part of it is due to the port authority approved a 10% increase over street prices because of a vote that happened in 2018 that increased the minimum wage of airport workers to $19 by the time of 2023. >> this is funny. the statement from the company. sam's summer prices have been updated. no other listed prices are for 23 ounce pours. scratch that. 23 ounce pours? >> need a to-go cup. take it on the plane. >> sandra: holy cow. that is a remarkable story. $28 for a drink. >> i'll buy you a $28 beer if we travel together. >> sandra: and the i pads at the airport, i don't like it. did you get that order? >> or someone is in front of you and they say you have to order on the ipad. >> sandra: great to see you, abby. >> thanks, sandra. >> sandra: john, circling back.
11:59 am
cheers to you. >> john: thank you. abby is not the only one that didn't know you could get a to go cup for beer or drink. >> sandra: some airports have a plastic cup if you don't finish your beer. circling back, john on hidalgo county. we dug up the numbers. the total covid cases that county has seen over 100,000. new daily covid cases, 390. the seven-day average is 275. they're almost posting 100 over the seven-day average. out of the total tests 570,000, to have 100,000 cases in that county. you're talking about -- that's almost one in six. better odds, right? than one in six. people are testing positive for covid in that county. this is what you asked for. >> john: yeah. i saw that demit county is
12:00 pm
120,000. that's where the migrants were housed. >> sandra: when you break it down by city, in mission, 21% of the population is infected. >> john: it's amazing. look at the heat map. it's from south texas and florida there. >> sandra: i'm sandra smith. >> john: and i'm john roberts. "the story" starts right now with trace in for more that. >> thank you. good afternoon, everybody. i'm trace gallagher in for martha maccallum. this is "the story." the biden administration firmly stating they want all students back in the classroom next month and delivering this message to ron desantis of florida and greg abbott of texas who are locked in a war of words with the white house over mandating masks in schools. >> worried that decisions being made that are not putting students at the center is why schools may be disrupted. so we know


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