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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  August 5, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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that's why animals are jerks. animals are jerks. animals are jerks. we are out of time. thanks to the wonderful dana perino, buck sexton. our studio audience. "fox news @ night" with ivo shannon bream is next. i'm greg gutfeld, and i love you, america. i do. ♪ ♪ >> shannon: hello, i'd welcome to "fox news @ night." i'm shannon bream tonight in new york. ♪ ♪ breaking tonight, democratic congresswoman at squad member cori bush unhappy with critics who say she is a hypocrite for racking up thousands and spending on private security while calling for police to be defunded and taken out of your communities across america. >> i have private security
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because they come of the white supremacists, racist narrative that they drive into this country. i have to make sure because i know i have had attempt on my life and i have too much work to do. >> shannon: we have the very latest in a live report. plus, the new school year just days away but many students may not actually be able to get to class because of the shortage of people willing to take jobs as bus drivers. how that could affect parents and kids all across the country. and the mystery deepens in atlanta tonight as police relief release a 911 call from the grue stabbing of a woman and her dog in a city park. what happened, fox news investigates. we begin with the newest squad member feeling more heat tonight about her spending in light of demands to defund the police were everybody else. correspondent lauren blanchard joins us. >> representative cori bush is spending more on security than what many make in a year.
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while at the same time pushing to downsize and strip police departments that protect communities of their budgets. she says it is because her life is routinely threatened. >> i have private security because my body is worth being on this planet right now, so suck it up, and defunding the police has to happen. >> and while representative busch and her fellow squad members push to reallocate police funding to nonpolicing, safety, and community support, the idea is going to haunt many democrats in the midterms. republicans have painted the left as anti-police. >> they are lying. >> are there people who in the democratic party -- >> are there people in the republican party who think we are sucking the blood out of kids? >> i'm not sure. >> the president has been crystal clear that he opposes defunding the police. >> and representative bush can't afford private security but not all can. take a look at this video, a man beaten and robbed by a gang of five while just trying to pump
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his gas here in d.c. add a disturbing crime in minneapolis, he wanted illegal immigrant from cuba beheaded his girlfriend in broad daylight. these just her coincidence of money, as violent crime is rising across the country. check this out, 33% increase in shootings in atlanta, 44% in los angeles, and where the defund police movement is causing mass police resignationn portland. >> this is the reality. we've seen it in the last year or so with the -- it is not a spike in violent crime, it is a tsunami of violent crime. >> and here in d.c., after a recent wave of shootings and violent carjackings that gained national attention, the democratic mayor asked for about $11 million to quickly hire and train new police officers. the city council only agreed to half. shannon? >> shannon: so, lauren, breaking tonight, we've got some new information coming in on
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some other grounds and things you are covering for us. what is the latest on your second story? >> yeah, we are talking about these texas democrats who kind of have been holed up here in d.c. the governor of texas, greg abbott, has called for a new special session on saturday. that is going to start right after the current one ends. he says he is going to keep doing that until the texas state house votes on an election bill. the texas democrats who fled the state do risk arrest if they do not report to work during those session. here is the thing. there is a report out that two most lawmakers are actually on vacation in portugal, not here in d.c., and instead are zooming into caucus meetings. the report does say one of the reps called it a rumor, listen, shannon, i know d.c. summers is hot, but if it is true, this could land these two representatives and even hotter water. >> shannon: well, like you said, the governor has said he's going to keep doing this, and if he keeps doing this every 30 days, the democrats will have to make a decision of whether they are going back to the state are not. thanks for checking it for us
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and we will see later, lauren, on a lighter note, another fun story. of course it involves food, because we love to talk about that. see you soon. all right, breaking tonight, mass mandate coming with new jersey governor phil murphy reportedly writing to announce that susan the garden state will have to wear face coverings to schools. dr. rochelle walensky sang tonight the cdc needs to update its covid vaccination and death numbers, the numbers dating back to january when very few people had gotten the shots yet. all of this as the white house and ron desantis continue their verbal sparring over the florida governor's opposition to mask mandates. >> 20% of the cases we are seeing are in florida. there are steps and precautions that can be taken, including encouraging people to get vaccinated, encouraging people to wear masks. >> the hospital admissions have slowed. i don't think we have reached the peak yet, but i do think we are going to settle in hopefully this week or next week. >> if some governors aren't
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willing to do the right thing to beat this pandemic, i believe the results of their decisions are not good for their constituents. >> i am standing for the people for florida, so why don't you do your job -- why don't you get this board are secure, and until you do that, i don't want to hear a blip about covid from you. >> shannon: and we are learning tonight more information about the tent compound set up by the city of mcallen, texas, to house illegal immigrants who have tested positive for covid but still been released by the federal government. local officials say they felt they had no choice but to erect these emergency shelters so that infected migrants, 7,000 since february, 1500 and just the last week, are not simply out walking the streets of this border city. students may be going back to school, but how are children going to get there? for many of them, that is still in question, with a shortage of people willing to take jobs at a school bus drivers around the c, districts are getting creative. correspondent anita vogel
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reports from montgomery county, maryland. >> i take the school bus every day to keep them from driving me to school without having such a rush to work. >> like many kids across the nation, kylie is looking forward to going back to school this fall, but some families with working parents wonder how their kids will get there. >> people wanting to hire drivers, and if we don't have them, we're not going to be able to get our kids. >> this has been a perfect storm. >> a storm that has left a lack of school bus drivers come as many as 44 states from coast-to-coast reporting seriously shortages. individual district say they already have a challenge pre-covid, but after the pandemic, it is all hands on deck. >> the challenges of the pandemic certainly caused a lot of disruption in the workforce that we haven't seen before. >> we are competing with other school districts, amazon, so
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there's lots of other companies that require a cdl. >> candidates must have a cdl, or commercial driver's license. they also have to be trained on various routes, have an ability to connect with kids, and they must be able to pass an initial drug test and random test while on the job. with close to 20 states now having legalized marijuana, officials say it is hard to recruit viable drivers. >> we have had a lot of people fail the drug test. that is part of the job, and unfortunately, if they have it in their system, we have to test them. >> some school districts are offering increased pay with full benefit packages for new drivers. in fairfax, virginia, new drivers are being offered a $2,000 signing bonus. other districts are so desperate, they are offering parents compensation to drive their own kids to school. one school in delaware is offering $700 per child. that is $2100 for three kids.
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but school bus transportation officials frown upon that. they insist the safest way for a child to get to school is in a seat on a tried and true yellow school bus. in durwood maryland anita vogel, fox news. >> shannon: the search continues tonight in atlanta for the person who killed a woman and her dog at a park. we are hearing the frantic phone call the bodies were discovered. >> a makeshift memorial has appeared at the main entrance to atlanta's piedmont park, where 40-year-old catherine katie janice and her dog but we were stabbed repeatedly while taking a late night walk. police released the july 28911 call from katy's longtime domestic partner, emma clark, who discovered the bodies. >> what is the emergency? >> piedmont park. i was looking, i couldn't find her, and she is here at piedmont
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park, please help. >> is there somebody there? >> please send help. >> police released security cam video of joggers and pedestrians who were at or near the park around the time of the crime. they are not suspects but potential witnesses, as investigators seek help from the public. >> going back out to the crime team know maxine, retracing our steps, talking to people about what they saw. >> with homicides up 11% over last year, the mayor has proposed the city hired 250 additional police officers to reduce violent crime. she's also trying to dispel social media claims the attack and piedmont park was a hate crime or related to other deaths. >> there have been several rumors that there is a serial killer on the loose in our city. we don't have any evidence of that. >> this weekend, piedmont park is hosting the annual dogwood festival, which usually draws big crowds. city officials stay with
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additional police patrolling nightly, the park is a funeral in atlanta, jonathan serrie, fox news fox news. >> shannon: rising crime rates and new covid data means there's plenty of numbers to dig into with team. welcome to you both. i want to go back and touch our top story regarding congresswoman bush and what she is saying about private security versus policing. here is a bit of her comment. >> if i end up spending $200,000, if i spent $10 more on it, you know what, i get to be here to do the work, so suck it up, and defunding the police has to happen. we need to defund the police and put that money into social safety nets because we are trying to save lives. >> shannon: we all stipulate, we want members of congress to be protected and safe. we know they face special threats, so it is not about that. it is the bigger question though about the rest of america and the people who can't afford private security. i know this crime issue is very close to your heart right now.
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what would your message be for her? >> first and foremost, i think her comments were, moronic. i don't think people on the southside of chicago feel, who face violent threats of their lives every day when they walk out the house, they are not agreeing with her sentiment, and just to say that she deserves protection -- i know many members of congress, i have had dinner with members of congress, they do not have security details with them. she is having a special set of circumstances and advocating for those same people who are protecting her to lose their funding. it's ridiculous. >> shannon: kevin, this is something, you know, is going to come up in 2022 and going to be part of a campaign. i saw somebody, can't remember who, who put her up to saying this, because it is perfect for an ad for them, and it raises this question about defunding the police because she has made it clear how she specifically feels about this.
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npr says this: "republicans are going after democrats with a three-pronged strategy that includes attacks on crime, the economy, particularly rise in inflation and border security. what damage is this because internally for the democrats any of a member of congress out there saying, make no mistake, i meant defund the police when i said it. >> it is certainly problematic, and of course, this is a running narrative in down ballot races. and donald trump lost the white house, we lost a lot of congressional districts because of this issue. representative bush does not speak for me, i don't think she speaks for a majority of democrats in this country, and she certainly does not speak for the president, who has been in the front of this his entire career in terms of providing more resources for law enforcement, including in the american rescue package that delivered $350 billion to states and local municipalities to fund the police. that is what we believe in. to gianno's point, i know some of his story and his family is tragic. we need more resources for police. we need 200 more officers on the
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streets of washington, d.c., where i am right now. they are calling for that. so democrats need to stand with republicans and provide more resources for police, and that is why i speak so strongly on this network about that as a democrat. >> shannon: okay, let's also talk -- now that i am here in new york tonight, this is the epicenter of a conversation about boxing passports. the mayor has said for most indoor activities, gyms, restaurants, broadway, that kind of thing, by september, you will have to show at least one dose of your back seemed to be able to get inside these places. i want to read something -- he is often on fox -- has written about this, he says, "the power of natural immunity was recently affirmed in an israeli study that found 6.5 grader times level of protection with natural immunity versus those with vaccinated immunity. he points to a cleveland clinic study that found fascinating people of natural immunity did not add to their level of protection. he said instead of talking about the vaccinated and unvaccinated,
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we should be talking about the immune and nonimmune. vaccine passports and proof of vaccine documents should recognize natural immunity. i want to get you both to weigh in on that. gianno, to you first. >> yeah, i will tell you, i think the government has really did themselves a disservice, joe biden included, many folks at the cdc, dr. anthony fauci, by saying that hey, just get vaccinated, you will be all good, then the booster shots, then oh, maybe it doesn't work at all, perhaps this or that, and we originally started off with a conversation of if you have covid or if you had it, you have this natural immunity and you should be fine just as well is if you had been vaccinated. now the messaging changes on a regular, consistent basis. people are becoming more hesitant because of the changing of the messaging, and not only that, the biden administration put politics over the lives of people by allowing in these migrants, in june, 188,000, i believe it was, they said from the july numbers it will probably be over 200,000 people
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who have been let into this country. many with covid. so what are you doing? are you protecting americans, as joe biden should be as the president of united states, or allowing more covid to come into our country and more people to be in harm's way? >> that's a question people are raising and it is something the administration has been dead to figure out their message on with the border, in regard to that flow and asking americans r sacrifices to get vaccinated, masco, do all the things they're asking americans to do. there is also, kevin, this issue that continues to come up about the potential disparate impact of some of these vaccine passports. the "washington examiner" says "more than 40% of white new yorkers are vaccinated, according to bloomberg's tracker come up compared to just 33% of black new yorkers, just over 35f hispanics in the city, and there is a real concern and conversation of how this will impact different communities differently. if you tell people they can't go somewhere without that passport. >> shannon, it is a sad reality
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we are seeing in terms of the disparate nature of vaccines in this country and we have to do a much better job of getting those communities, specifically communities of color, vaccinated. but listen, 864,000 americans got their first vaccination in the last 24 hours. that is the highest number of first doses in the last month since july 3rd, so that is an upward trend that we want to see encouraged because we know that's the shortest way to defeat this virus and end this pandemic is for people to get vaccinated, especially in those communities that you talk about, shannon. >> shannon: yeah, the messaging will continue here in new york. there have been a combination -- >> exactly right. >> shannon: gianno and kevin, always great to have you both. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> good to be with you. >> shannon: free lunch for a very big eater, and it involves some roadkill. and are you daring enough to ride this? only about a 1,000-foot drop to the ground, today's viral videos
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♪ and you might be the next one to represent our nation ♪ ♪ this summer on your tv, tablet, or any screen ♪ ♪ xfinity is here to inspire your biggest dreams ♪ ♪ ♪ >> shannon: free lunch, anyone? it is the roadkill rotisserie special. this is going to be a hard pass for me but this pennsylvania bear is getting some goodies, and apparently two dried drivers recorded this they are taking the deer off the road. they caption it "the things you see in the national forest." four air force warthogs landed on a starch on the state highway in michigan in front of a part of as part of a large-scale trag exercise. the first time a combat -- all right, now,
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"fox news @ night" thrill seekers, when you try this? suspended 300 meters above ground come about 1,000 feet, a gravity defying bike ride at a theme park in china known for activities. started out singing and wound up screaming as they got further along. i would be doing a lot of prayers on that thing. not sure i would be brave enough to try it. tweet me, i would like to know if you would. a dramatic scene in alaska, a killer whale getting beached for about six hours. bystanders pouring water on the distressed creature until it was able to swim away. no word on how i got stuck but according to one source it may have actually been chasing prey. we are told it is fine now. and stunning images out in western california, a fast-moving fire turning massive smoke plumes into a smokenado, forcing thousands of people to have to evacuate.
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and finally, #goals, watch this 97-year-old crusher zumba routine. rachel, you are officially invited to our friday night dance parties whenever we are able to get back together in studio. she is inspiring. if you have a good video of someone busting a move, yourself, your dog, please share it, hit us up at @shannonbream or @foxnewsnight on social media. go, rachel. ♪ ♪ of incidence of in-flight violence skyrocketing, tonight, the federal aviation administration is asking you to keep an eye on how much alcohol you are consuming before your flight. correspondent matt finn is tracking that. >> the faa warning airports to monitor how much booze they are serving passengers before they board a flight and the faa also asking local police to file charges against disorderly
9:26 pm
passengers more often. the federal aviation administration said there has been 3,715 incidents involving unruly passengers since january first, now investigating 600 cases, nearly double the numbers of 2019 and 2020 combined. the majority of incidents right now are people who do not want to wear face masks. now the faa administrator is expressing his concern about alcohol being served into go cups and in airport restaurants and bars. this comes a summer travel nightmares in recent days, especially at spirit airlines, which canceled more than 1,300 fights over the weekend on 100 more each day since, including today. >> canceled without reason. nobody knows the reason. this first time and last time, i tell everybody, don't take spirit. never take spirit. >> no email, no customer service agent reached out to us. it is frustrating. i hope this is a learning process for spirit because it is for us. >> i'm really kind of
9:27 pm
disappointed. i'm trying to go for a wedding, and now my plan is all messed up. >> spirit director of communications tells fox news it will be a gradual approach to get back to a steady state, saying in part "we are moving in the right direction. this is temporary and we are not going to stop until all of our guests are taken care of. we expect the numbers to start going down incrementally for the fights that are getting canceled, letting them know as soon as possible." spirit expand the cancellations are stemming from perfect storm of weather, technology outages, and staffing storages, and shannon, spirit is encouraging o check the status of the flight before heading to the airport, the airline insists the majority of flights are still going as planned. >> shannon: matt, thank you. i want to bring lauren blanchard back. she has a new survey about some of the most embarrassing food habits in america, and lauren, we love to talk about food here on "fox news @ night," so what are we doing out there that is so weird? >> okay, shannon, who does not love a late night snack at this
9:28 pm
hour? this saucy story may make you lose your appetite. insta card came up with a list of the food habits people are ashamed of. dipping their pizza in ranch -- this is big in the midwest, so i grew up watching less. than catch up on eggs, breakfas. third place, mayonnaise on fruit salad. it's not for me. >> shannon: we need to hear from people because i have never even heard of that. let us know if you are doing out there? >> and why are you doing that? the second most embarrassing, dipping fries in mayo. this is european, so i can see -- >> shannon: overseas. >> shannon, the worst one, and with good cause, this is very gross to me, most people said they did not want others to know they put ketchup on mac and cheese. >> shannon: oh... haven't tried it, so i feel like -- but i am very anti-mayo,
9:29 pm
just across the board. i think people either love it and embrace it or they don't. mixing it with fruit, though, is something i have never heard of, and that was the only late night snack offered, i would be able to resist that one. >> do you have any embarrassing food habits? i will tell you mine. >> shannon: okay, tell me yours. >> grilled cheese and ketchup. >> shannon: okay! >> that one is a little weird. >> shannon: almost like tomato soup and grilled cheese, so same ballpark. i would say i have been known to occasionally get the hershey's syrup out and skip putting in the chocolate milk, just kick it back and put it straight in my mouth. >> girl, you do not play around. i get it. >> shannon: i don't know i should admit that, but you cut out the middleman. drop of syrup on the tongue and you are good to go. we want to hear from the people, let me know, lauren, if anyone tweets you, @shannonbream or reach out to laura, we want to know. come back, we're going to talk about good news in just a moment. thanks, lauren. the king county sheriff telling
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♪ ♪ the one cuomo impeachment talk intensifying tonight as impeachment investigators in new york give the governor a deadline for submitting evidence in his own defense. correspondent laura ingle has the very latest tonight from new york. good evening, laura. >> hi, shannon. as the august 13th deadline looms to provide defense evidence in the impeachment investigation against him, new york governor andrew cuomo still not showing any indication that he plans to resign. >> just get the hell out of the way. in the end, maybe he could close off his career with one act of dignity and decency and just step aside, but don't bet on that. >> the political heat rising thursday as the new york state
9:36 pm
assembly's judiciary committee wrote in a letter to cuomo's lawyer "the committee's investigation is nearing completion and the assembly will soon consider potential articles of impeachment against your client." >> i want accountability not just for the victims of the sexual harassment, but i want accountability for the 16,000 victims that died in the nursing homes. >> the committee has been investigating whether there are grounds to impeach the democratic governor over sexual harassment allegations, in addition to allegedly misleading the public about covid-19 outbreaks at nursing homes and other matters. "the new york post" reporting cuomo is at the governor's mansion, working on how to next response to the attorney general's report, which found he sexually harassed 11 female staff present state workers. one of cuomo's most lawyers loyal supporters and friends and says told the governor where hes he stands. >> i was very direct with the
9:37 pm
governor, he didn't have support anywhere he needed it. i was very clear about that. >> and more potential trouble for governor cuomo, who maintains he has done nothing wrong, as at least one new york county district attorney is looking for other potential victims. >> come forward and cooperate in a criminal investigation. please reach out to our office. >> meanwhile, the first woman to publicly accuse the governor, lindsey boylan, is filing the first civil lawsuit against him for retaliation. shannon? >> shannon: laura ingle in new york, thanks, laura. vaccine mandates, a dangerous homeless encampment making it dangerous for workers, and a city attorney candidate who reportedly wants to abolish police and prisons. seattle radio host jason rantz is here to sink his teeth into these lightning round topics tonight. listen, jason, you break all kinds of stories.
9:38 pm
i tell you sometimes it seems they should be "the onion" but it turns out to be true. we mentioned briefly yesterday about a former obama administration official who is talking about the fact that if you don't have a vexing passport, maybe you should go on the no-fly list, saying this, "beyond limiting the coronavirus flow from hot spots to the rest of the country, allowing only vaccinated people on domestic flights will change minds, too. flying as i write. the case is straightforward." >> it's interesting. the bulk of her argument from a safety perspective is you are not going to catch covid on the plane because of alteration in the masks, but you will want to take them off outside the plane. this dope decided to make the argument it is actually safer to be on a plane so she should want vaccinated people on planes, not off. what is curious is if you look at the demographics of the
9:39 pm
people who are not getting the vaccine, you have a high number of people of color, so what she is effectively saying if she wants to discriminate against people who are on vaccinated, who happened to be disproportionately black and latino, so that seems to be very unprogressive of her. he hasn't really thought this through. >> shannon: some of these suggestions are definitely aimed at punishing people are making their lives more difficult. it isn't, in this case, about the safety issue because we have all flown on planes the last year and a half, a lot of people didn't, i traveled and went about my life with all the safety precautions, but if we did it then, it is hard to argue, you know, the way we are talking about this now, that it is too unsafe. the plane with filtration system may be one of the safest places, anyway. another thing you brought to our attention, a sheriff's office in downtown seattle -- or someone in seattle -- that it is so dangerous they don't want people reporting to work there. in the office. king county sheriffs as the safety and security of our employees is my top priority.
9:40 pm
effective immediately, due to the unsafe environment around the courthouse, administration parking garage, corrections facilities, labor unions, returning to 100% remote telework for those who do not routinely interact with the public. >> yeah, just context to this, the king county courthouse is located in downtown seattle, where the sheriff's office is located, directly asked to it is something called city hall park and for the last year has been completely overrun with homeless folks. the problem is, what happened recently last week is a homeless person went into a courthouse and attempted to rape a woman who worked at the courthouse. employees for a long time have been screaming that this is not safe and someone needs to clear out this encampment. there was a stabbing homicide a few weeks ago. the story you and i talked about, the senior citizen who had his dog kicked to death by a homeless person, that was at this encampment. for now king county sheriff's
9:41 pm
saying yeah, i'm not going to keep putting my noncommissioned employees who don't have to be here, i'm not going to put them at risk. tomorrow, there is going to be a protest, a rally outside the courthouse by female employees of the county, and they are saying look, enough is enough, start to act. as of right now, though, the city is not going to clear out this encampment. >> shannon: that is insane. it is a security issue. this is not being unkind to homeless people, that is clearly a security issue. finally, we had this race out there that involves somebody who wants to be a prosecutor but does not want to have police -- i don't know. this is what andy ngo has says. a quote here, "property destruction is a moral imperative. a far left extremist running to be the prosecutor in seattle has advocated in support of antifa rioting. nicole thomas kennedy, also praised the antifa who carried out an arson attack last year." that is according to andy. what can you tell us about the
9:42 pm
person? >> yeah, nicole thomas kennedy acknowledges she is an abolitionist that wants to get rid of police, the prison system, and she has actively said if she takes the job of city attorney, she is not going to prosecute most misdemeanor crimes. she believes the system is oppressive, that it's been used to abuse people who are poor, so she is basically arguing for the property defense, so homeless people for example, or anyone who is no income, ends up committing crimes, she's not going to go after them. instead, she wants folks to focus on the underlying causes of poverty and behavior. what is curious, going into the election was a three-way tie between a moderate republic, who is right now in the lead, somewhat shockingly. pete holmes, kind of like an abolitionist, just as not call himself that. he very infrequently charges for misdemeanors, so it is already bad. the idea of having nicole thomas kennedy in this position -- and right now she is number two and going into the general -- if the vote stands, that is so
9:43 pm
incredibly alarming. for those of us who have been talking about everything that is happening here, for someone like me following on this and reporting on it, if she gets into office, it could be the end of seattle and the downtown core as we know it, and it's already going in that direction. >> shannon: listen, people get what they vote for. these folks are not sneaking it in on you. they are telling you exactly what they are going to do -- >> she is not hiding it. >> shannon: right, and if that is that what you choose, lord have mercy on seattle, because folks out there like you and those who are covering it. jason, keep covering these stories, and we'll keep discussing it. >> pray for us, please. >> shannon: we will. thanks, jason. so, the cdc unilaterally extending a ban, some landlords say they cannot pay their bills, either, so they are suing. do they have a shot? "night court" is next.
9:44 pm
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♪ ♪ >> shannon: time now for "night court." president biden's eviction moratorium already facing a legal challenge tonight. a coalition of housing groups led by the alabama association of realtors has filed a suit in washington, arguing the administration's actions are "nakedly political." the white house seemed to acknowledge they are on shaky legal grounds by going to try it
9:49 pm
anyway. the case on a fast track to the supreme court which has already weighed in, sort of, on this moratorium once, on the at least a temporary basis. specialist attorney sarah grounder and criminal defense attorney david bruno. welcome back to both of you. >> hi, shannon. >> shannon: exhibit a from justice kavanaugh, when this and came before the court on an emergency basis, they allowed the ban to go a little longer. justice kavanaugh wrote this, "in my view, clear and specific to congressional authorization, the new legislation would be necessary for the cdc to extend the moratorium passed july 31st." you had five justices, let it go until this, but justice kavanaugh made it sound like his boat was premised on congress being the ones to extend it and they didn't, sarah. >> i actually think the cdc did have a legal basis here, and that is based on their ability to take action to make sure that
9:50 pm
this virus doesn't spread, and we do know that there are high risk variants out there that are posing a severe risk to our communities, and this extension is actually narrowly tailored compared to the last moratorium, where it only applied to counties that have a high level of risk in infection. now, i do think we need to keep our renters safe here, but we also do need to protect our landlords, as well, and you know, landlords are individuals, they are mom-and-pop shops, they are also small business owners, and they are also struggling through this pandemic, and over a year, this moratorium, as well, so i think, yes, let's keep the renters safe, and it is legal for the cdc to do this, but also, let's support the landlords, as well. >> shannon: the president has admitted he is not sure it is legal. exhibit b, they say more than
9:51 pm
15 million people live in households currently behind on their rental payments, which places them at legal risk of eviction. according to one estimate, the households collectively owe more than $20 billion to their landlords, and david, you heard sarah's argument there, trying to keep people safe in a very unstable, really tough year. >> yeah, i mean, it does make sense, but unfortunately, it has to be done in congress. i mean, you referenced the kavanaugh opinion in june, right before the deadline, and they had perfect notice. in fact, the white house has done a complete 180 on this. the press secretary has said it, they need to go, that they did not have the constitutional authority to do it, and even president biden recently has said he thinks he is on unsound ground. >> shannon: yeah, he did. exhibit c, writing in "the washington post," "as of june, landlords were owed
9:52 pm
$27.5 billion in unpaid rent. almost half of the landlords, many minorities come only owned one or two rental units, they continue to pay property taxes and utilities while the cdc requires them to house nonpaying people or risk jail. landlords can possibly argue the moratorium is a taking." click final argument from you both, sarah to you, and then david. >> again, there is a legal basis to do this and for the cdc to make this decision, to keep communities safe, but let's also protect and support our landlords, so i think they have to make a different decision here about our landlords moving forward. >> shannon: david? >> sure. there's $46.5 billion in relief out there. and it needs to be disbursed. and that is one of the biggest problems that the politicians in d.c. have. if they have to get out to the landlords and tenants to assist, and congress needs to step up, but right now, the democrats are
9:53 pm
so divided and the republicans, they don't have the votes in either the house or the senate to do it. they all need to go back to d.c., get something done, because congress has to make it happen. >> shannon: okay, super quickly, does this go to the supreme court and does justice kavanaugh changes boat? sarah, then david. >> that's difficult. >> shannon: do you think they can get there, though? >> i don't think so. >> shannon: david is shaking his head yes. >> it is. the lower courts have to follow the kavanaugh decision, so it's going to get back up there, it is such a close call, 5-4 decision, but i can't see the justices wavering. i think congress does something before it gets -- >> shannon: they may have to. all right, david and sarah, thank you both very much. great to have your expertise with us tonight. >> thanks, shannon. >> shannon: some good news before we say good night, check
9:54 pm
out this incredibly patriotic community in illinois, selling 100s of american flags all over town. married to the mayor, started a facebook group appropriately named "the american flag project" back in june, local businesses have been rallying, donating, money and also services to help set up the flags. she started the project to show patriotism and pride in america. showing a community can stand together and stand for each other. lauren, what is your good news tonight? >> hey, shannon. just love to see that. i am positively excited about this story because it is about neighborly bonding. in minneapolis, one neighborhood had hundreds of people turn out for their fifth annual catch to her. there they are, feline enthusiasts, a mile and a half catwalk, admiring all of the kittens on their wings windows. started as a joke. it is like a christmas light tour but for cats. why can't we get one here? >> shannon: you could start
9:55 pm
one. we could have one in d.c. they are eating treats and everything else. it would be very fun and i would support this with dogs. separate dates, but i think we could get it done. thanks so much, lawrence. >> thanks. >> shannon: we will do that when i am back in d.c. i'm in new york. for now, good night, i'm shannon bream, and i will see you on "the five" tomorrow afternoon. but eventually, with spring comes rebirth. everything begins anew. and many of us realize a fundamental human need to connect with other like-minded people. welcome back to the world. viking. exploring the world in comfort... once again. if you have postmenopausal osteoporosis and a high risk for fracture, now might not be the best time to ask yourself... 'are my bones strong?' life is full of make or break moments.
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