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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  August 6, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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verbal crutch. >> i want to say publicly i have a commitment when they make the first electric corvette i get to drive it. you think i am kidding, i am not kidding. laura: to members of the press keep asking if he is kidding. that is all-time we have tonight. gutfeld takes it from here. >> private security because they, the white supremacist racist narrative that they drive into this country, suck it up, defunding the police has to happen. >> this is into fringe activist, this is a democrat member of congress, a very popular one at that. jillian: you heard it, suck it up, those words from congresswoman corey busch who says she wants to defund police officers patrolling your streets but keeping private security for herself.
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>> border cities rising up against the biden administration for failing to contain the covid outbreak among migrants. we have the jaw-dropping new stats. jillian: a democrat governor embroiled in a massive controversy, the white house would rather continue with the tax on ron desantis. ♪♪ it's my life ♪♪ now or never ♪♪ i ain't going to live forever ♪♪ >> bon jovi kicking of your friday. my family -- that is what i'm getting to the world. explain what you gave to the world. we go to talk about the show. i come out with four many bags and a dress, thank you for clarifying. if you need anything.
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>> there's a lot of stuff. looking at things, there's a lot to look at. todd: we have a lot happening for you on friday. you are watching "fox and friends first". jillian: violent crime in big cities across the country, congresswoman corey busch stands by her call to defund the police. todd: and spending thousands on private security for herself. ashley strohmeyer joins us live with more. >> reporter: the missouri representative was reflected except she defend the defund the police movement but in the same breath said it was warranted for her to have private security. >> i have private security because my body is worth being on the planet right now. i will make sure i have it, i have had affects on my life. suck it up, defunding the police has to happen. we need to put that money into social safety nets. >> reporter: tens of thousands of dollars on her private
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security is paid for by her campaign. the white house responding with this. >> we shouldn't lose the fact that a member of congress, and elected official is concerned that her life is threatened, that is disturbing. >> reporter: bush slept outside the capital this week in protest of the first eviction moratorium ending but was recently calling the credit for spending 70 grand in private security. she suggested her options were to stay on the capitol steps and stop convictions or have a possible attempt on her life. eric schmidt followed up saying st. louis had 50 or higher homicide last year. cordless's comments are credibly responsible. i can't stress enough how insulting it is to families who lost loved ones and kids whose lives of violent crime in missouri, bush also appeared to threaten the head keep's after they were pardoned for an incident outside their home as black was better protesters
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marched through the neighborhood saying their day will come. back to you guys. jillian: you are lot initially as report and going back to what corey busch had to say, my body is worth being on this planet. hearing that i immediately thought what about everyone else? what about the folks you represent, i their bodies not worth being on the planet, when you don't have as many police officers, you're seeing crimes all over. the city throughout the country, people are scared to walk out there door in these big cities and when you hear someone say that it is so alarming and upsetting. i feel this is something. >> he is literally saying her safety matters more than your safety because she's, quote, doing the work. the work that she is doing is working hard to defund the police, that is making our country less safe.
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jillian: who is supposed to suck it up? todd: me? you? the american people? people suffering crime at the hands of ridiculously awful criminals in the inner-city and outside the inner-city? jillian: people of st. louis, 29% increase in homicides year today, 60% rising murders in major cities in 2021 that even their families or friends, are they supposed to suck it up? todd: even though the white house said we are distancing ourselves from this position and don't want to talk about this, dan crenshaw isn't letting that happen, corey busch -- democrats are tied to the white house, take a listen. >> this is into fringe activist you just played on tv, that was a democrat member of congress had a very popular one. a member of the squad with a high social media following, they have real influence in the democratic party. it is not a radical talking point, it is happening across the city. in american cities murders about
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33% this year because of defunding the police, this sort of social justice reform where letting criminals out on bail instead of putting them in jail and our communities are being killed and hurt. laura: biden and harris did advocate for reallocation of funds, president biden did not say the phrase i want to defund the police the relocation of these funds accomplishes the same thing. >> look at the cnn headline reading corey busch just handed republicans a 2022 gift. there is no issue better for republicans than the idea the democrats in washington want to defund the police. let's be honest. this isn't necessarily supposed to be a gift. this is what they said. to your point they had kamala harris and president biden talk about reallocating funds and a number of democrats proclaiming from the rooftops for the last
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year to defund the police. not all of them but when you have that voice that is ultimately what ends are being heard, that is the scenario and crime is one of the things in 2022-2024. >> the cnn article is backed up by the stats. usa today poll from june found 77% of americans oppose the defund the police movement regardless of race, gender, socioeconomic status. this is a fundamental american issue. it seems to me the people who don't like that, people who want to defund the police fall into two groups, couples who benefit from defunding police and very wealthy liberals who have their own money for security while the rest of us -- jillian: one more point let's not forget people might be
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saying corey busch, does it matter what she's asking for? if you recall she was one of the people who slept on the steps of the capitol demanding the moratorium be extended in the election moratorium was extended. >> that would not have happened had they not done it because the biden administration did not want to touch that. with that, 7 minutes after the hour is crime plagues the streets covid 19 plagues the southern border, leaders mcallen texas are running out of places despite setting up tentss. >> jenkins joins us with more as the leaders tear into the president. good morning. >> that is right. the streets of mcallen, texas are flooded with migrants, released by the federal government and many of testing positive for covid, 7000 since february, 1500 in just the past week, that's why the city
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declared disaster and set up these temporary emergency shelters but at a press conference yesterday the mayor is pleading for help. >> we are running out of money and running out of money fast. this -- our community is angry where before we could handle it i think we're at the point where it is very difficult now. >> this as numbers reflect the worsening crisis, hhs announcing 834 unaccompanied children apprehended yesterday with a total of 2784 in cbp customer 14,005 and 23 currently in hhs shelters. republican texas congressman jackson is worried about the surge and spread and laying the blame on the administration. >> we will take it back to president biden, kamala harris and their border policy. that is driving this and it needs to be shutdown. it will be a huge problem for this country and he is absolutely responsible. >> at the white house press secretary jen psaki was refuting reports that the administration is offering vaccines to migrants.
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>> that is not what the cbp is doing, there are indias and other international organizations who are vaccinating migrants as they come across the border. that helps keep a range of people safe in the country. >> waiting for the official release of the july numbers, the ap reports it will top 210,000 which if true would be the sixth straight month of 100,000 of numbers not seen in 20 years. jillian: thank you. >> remember one florida governor on the santa said mister president biden? >> why don't you do your job, why don't you gives border security and so you do that i don't want to hear a blip about covid from you. >> it was literally two days ago. president biden getting back with this remark. >> do you have a response to governor desantis who is using your words about don't be in the
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way and saying i am in the way to block too much interference from the federal government, your response? >>. go. as the two continue going back and forth over covid restrictions it appears governor desantis sent an email to donors using his line about staying the president's way to generate campaign donations as jen psaki accused the governor putting politics over health and safety is covid cases continue to rise in the sunshine state. jillian: in new york governor andrew cuomo cooperating with impeachment inquiry against them but won't be stepping down. he has into the end of next week to hand over evidence but following the city generate general's report that he sexually harassed a dozen women, it could only be a matter of time for articles of impeachment are brought against him. the chairman of the status of the judiciary committee said their investigation of the
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governor was, quote, nearing completion. it is 11 minutes after the hour. homeless outside one seattle courthouse is too dangerous, share 40 staffers to work remotely for their own safety. we've got that video from seattle radio host jason ran to said the season doing anything to address the problem. >> almost of the fake headline but it isn't. vice president harris's people are acutely aware of her plunging approval ratings. how to reverse the downward spiral coming up. ♪♪
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>> police arresting the suspect in officer shooting following a daylong manhunt in corpus christi, texas. it to purportedly manafort is one apartment complex where they found joshua powell is accused of opening fire on police responding to a disturbance call earlier this week. one officer was shot several times it is recovering in hospital in stable condition. >> defund for thosee but not for me. corey busch sparking a major
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backlash after doubling down on calls to defund the police despite dropping thousands of dollars on their own private security detail. >> i want to make sure i have security because i have had attempt on my life. i've got to be here to do the report, suck it up, defunding the polices to happen. >> you to react radio talkshow host jason rand. there has been a lot of fast and furious reaction from all sides coming through on this one. what yours. >> i want to thank corey busch for saying what she said, this is one of the moments they were really honest about their position here. this is about them, one of the most selfish and elite comments i think i've heard from a member of the squad in a long time and that is saying something because they live in selfishness. she sang her life is more important than yours.
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for security and safety is more important than the over 100 people in her district that have been murdered this year. i'm grateful that she's finally being honest and saying i'm going to experiment, use you guys as guinea pigs for my ideology, my fringe believe that we need to get rid of police and make sure just in case it doesn't work that i am covered. >> before we get to the insanity in seattle, jen psaki trying to walk back and distance herself from the defund movement. >> the president is crystal-clear he's been opposing it, there are so including congresswoman bush who disagrees. i would say the majority of democrats in the majority of members agree we should not defund the police. >> to build on the point how bad is corey busch for the white house as they try to distance themselves from corey busch? >> so long as she continues to be honest about this it will be devastating for them.
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the campaign ad writes itself, we don't have to do any tricky editing, display the 13 seconds clip and you know where they stand and to be clear republicans aren't the ones confronting police in these cities, these are democrat run cities that folks in the community are begging for protection just like corey busch is and they are going to suffer political consequences. i wish they would turn this around and president biden wanted to be clear about his opposition to this, i would want people in my party to stop with the activism. >> see if that happens and if they can distance themselves from progressives like corey busch, a squad member with a very about voice. i don't mean physically loud but when you have people pushing so loud for something and so often for something, that is the voice that is heard. let's talk about seattle. there is a homeless and cabin that is so dangerous the sheriff
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tell staff to work remotely for their safety, tell us what is going on. >> a few different things going on at once. the videos i sent about homeless encampment attached to a school that parents are terrified of sending their kids to. you have homeless and cabins next door to the county courthouse which is where the sheriff's office is located. this particular area is overrun by homeless for a long time it is the site of all, side, a senior citizen walking goodbye with his 14-year-old daughter who ended up getting kicked together last week in the county courthouse a homeless person waited in a female bathroom, waited for a victim and it so happened that woman who was 7 months pregnant walked in and he attempted to rape her. thankfully was stopped, thankfully there was a marshall
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walking by at the time and was able to intervene but now, i'm not going to whisk the safety of my people, my noncommissioned staff just to come to work. in a few hours from now there will be a protest outside the county courthouse, my female staff members with in the building saying enough is enough, you need to clear this incumbent next-door and that has been the trendier, people saying you need to clear this and get but the city saying we are not going to. >> the question i am asking and most americans would ask in this situation, who are these people advocating for this allison kaplan? seems like the worst possible idea you could have yet it is happening for a reason. who are these people? >> the council and other activists in the seattle community are taking the position that is inhumane, that it lacks compassion to sweep any encampment and they keep saying where are they supposed to go? we've been spending tens of
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thousands of dollars on hotels by the city of the county that we are housing these folks. they take the position based in ideology, unless we get subsidized housing, actual homes, apartment complexes they are willing to let people suffer on the street because they think they can use that for leverage. that is not really working. that is a failed attempt by the seattle city council. a lot of people blaming the mayor for this and i don't on this particular issue blame the mayor for the disaster. she would go in there and sweep if she could but part of the defund movement took away the navigation, this is a specialized unit of police officers sweeping these encampments, get them connected with resources if they are saying no to the resources they get moved out. that program is done.
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>> it is all connected. great insight on orphic situation in your hometown. >> 22 after the hour, democrats panel to the metal on the green new deal with a 2700 page infrastructure bill that has quite a focus on climate change. >> president biden ordering half of all us cars to go electric by 2030. mark moran will have the climatethe joins us next.
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's. firing back. larry elder respond after gavin newsom describes his recall election is unfair. listen. >> 2.2 million people find a petition to have this man recalled, we are talking 25% of them independents and democrat who just voted for him two years earlier. hard to characterize this as a republican take over.
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jillian: elder is about 46 candidates looking to replace newsom. the election is set for september 14th. >> is the senate the final vote on $1 trillion, 2700 page infrastructure bill, proposed spending seems like phase i of the green new deal. joining me to discuss, mark more onoh. what do the green new deal is sneaking here? >> it is the way the biden administration can avoid an up or down vote on the green deal. they are couching it in infrastructure bill. what they are doing is the energy bands of exploration, the executive orders but this bill specifically is going to disincentive eyes single occupant vehicles which is a goal of the green new deal, empower carbon emission tracking by the states with blessing from
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the federal government, introduce a mileage gas tax, go after the internal combustion engine and seeks to believe be phased out which is one of the big goals of the climate agenda and 2030 talking about 50% mandate on electric cars. they don't want an up or down vote in congress or hearing from the green new deal so they are slipping it in to an infrastructure bill and this is going to have major impact on american society and most americans are not aware the green new deal is being stealthily implemented. >> let's talk about cars coming up in 2030, president biden his own words. >> i'm signing an executive order setting on a target of 50% of all passenger vehicles by 2030 will be electric, and set into motion an all-out effort. >> you say this is a big win for china. why? >> here's what is happening.
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the biden administration inherited an america that was energy dominance for the first time since harry truman was president, more energy exports than imports, more energy production and consumption, shutdown domestic energy and now with his infrastructure green new deal what they are doing is all we are going to do is trade american energy dominance for dependents on china, rare earth minerals needed for electric car batteries and solar and wind, we will rely on chinese slave labor, chinese labor in africa, mining cobalt. this makes no strategic sense, they talk about climate being a national security threat, there climate policy is our greatest national security threat. begging opec to increase oil production because we are shutting down our own domestic and seeing record russian influence. this is going to make america
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more dependent on not allies but foreign enemies and this is bad bad and worse and people judge is saying we have to do it because it is a moral imperative to save the climate. even if you care about climate change and think it is the greatest issue this wouldn't impact global emissions because of what the rest of the world is doing. it is virtues signaling, damage american national security. >> 3% may and june, the us market sales were electric vehicles. do people understand your last point you made that we can do all the green stuff we want but if china, india and other major polluters don't, this is going to be completely irrelevant? >> you know understand it? president biden and john kerry, he said this a month ago and john kerry has said repeatedly for the last 5 years, the united
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states emissions go to 0 they would have no impact on the climate and emissions even if you believe all of with the united nations and shouldn't believe it but this is where we are, we are transforming america based on the climate scare and they are doing it through stealth means by hiding it in infrastructure and doing it through executive orders, the administrative state is behind-the-scenes transforming america without an up or down vote of congress on what they are doing. >> the keystone pipeline workers are still waiting for the clean energy jobs. be sure to pick up a copy of mark's book green fraud, have a great weekend. jillian: 32 after the hour. of next landlords fighting back after the squad precious the biden administration into extending the federal eviction moratorium. a founding member of the coalition of property owners joins us live. >> speaking of that you heard mark mentioned earlier, john kerry steering clear of his
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private jet. his family's multimillion dollar gas guzzling aircraft locking plenty of miles. she is walking over here, carley shimkus on friday in studio with more.
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>> welcome back, president biden
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extending the federal ban on evictions leaving property owners to fit the bill for unpaid rent. a coalition of housing group suing the biden administration of the new moratorium. joining me a founding member of the national coalition which represents 11 million rental property owners, realtors and landlords, stacy johnson. thanks for being here. i want to read an excerpt from the lawsuit brought by landlords who think this is unconstitutional, the cdc cave to political pressure by extending the moratorium without providing a legal basis, brett kavanaugh's controlling opinion was clear the cdc would not extend the moratorium pass july 3, '01, and concluded the cdc lacks authority to ensure extend and eviction moratorium. tell me what you think about all this. as someone who has been a landlord myself i know it can be difficult to pay those bills when you don't have that income coming in so millions across
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this country are really set up with it. >> this is the straw that broke the camel's back. we see government stepping in the middle of the contract between two private citizens was what gives them the right to do that? the president acknowledged the fact that it was illegal or unconstitutional as well but it doesn't make sense the government -- those other industries that are not impacted at this time could be next. think about the fact that food is important, they say shelter is, at some point, going to grocery stores to get the food they need because they are starving and when a pandemic is over they can pay it back, absolutely not. it should not have been done with housing. we consider it taking, they take our products and almost we must offer it for free to a fellow citizen to correct something they did. they shut down the economy and the burden falls on the back of
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private citizens, it is unconstitutional and i believe illegal and definitely not sustainable. >> a lot of landlords don't feel they have a voice in this. you are speaking for a lot of people you work with. i'm curious of any property owners or landlords you deal with, have any of them seen any assistance? >> my husband and i are landlords, he retired a few years ago and the goal was our income would replace his income and we've been impacted. a lot of my peers have too. the problem is it should have come immediately when the economy was shuts down. we didn't need the eviction moratorium because evictions are a last resort. we are businesspeople and want to keep our customers happy. what happened, there was a gap
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in time with assistance coming so we see the cumbersome process playing out, the money is not making it fast enough to those that need it. we call on the government to get all hands on deck, do what they are supposed to do. get the money more efficiently into the hands of those that need it. it is not going we now. jillian: eviction his last resort. people don't understand it is a lengthy process. you have to go to court sometimes to make an eviction happen. not that anyone wants to do. >> they don't. one thing would be excision of the eviction moratorium that extends the process and the tenants are accumulating more debt. you have two more months worth of rent payment, if you can't make your normal really over
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payment, you will pick them all up at once. the focus is in the wrong area and your delay the inevitable. we want the attention focused on getting the money out and government has responsibility and that they haven't made it easy. we need them to get all hands on deck and get the money out now instead of focusing on extending a process that is arbitrary. jillian: i am hearing you loud and clear. i hope others are as well. it is not easy and bills have to get paid by someone, keep us updated. appreciate it. todd: remember when president biden's climate czar said this about flying private in 2019? >> it is the only choice for somebody like me who is traveling the world to win this battle. the time it takes me to get somewhere i can't sail across the ocean. i have to fly to meet with the misgivings in. jillian: john kerry's private
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jet has been in the air 16 times in 6 years. todd: carley shimkus from sirius xm has the latest. jillian: private security for the congresswoman coming to defend the police, private jet for the climate czar, sensing a trend here? records show that john kerry's private jet, the jet his family a grade 16 flight the year. a lot of them in massachusetts and idaho where he is a part-time resident. the state department spokesperson said this about the jetblue secretary kerry traveled commercially via military air in his world as special presidential envoy for climate but these flights raise questions how much his family is contributing to climate change, they even a lot more carbon. if you're going to be the climate czar, ditch the family jet.
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jillian: if you could be a fly on the wall at a crisis in center. carley: that sounds very dramatic unless you are kamala harris. a toxic work environment, it is not good. a group of top female democrats held this? to figure out a way to defend her and they came up with sexism as one of the strategies. many of us live through the, that impacted hillary clinton, it is settled but when things are going well for a male politician, not held to account the way a woman leader is. a lot of kamala harris's coverage on the view said it is sexist and racist. it's not about her.
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todd: they did it when hillary lost, when hillary ran. hillary's coverage was better. headlines for you, you fill in the rest. fake republican -- >> we are talking kids going back to school. a lot of political finger-pointing already happening, if kids go virtual this coming school year it is the fault of republicans. >> opinion the idea for kids not being in school, republicans didn't get vaccinated and mask mandates. >> florida governor ron to santos on school mask mandates. democrats have no business talking about this issue.
1:45 am
>> why don't you do your job? until you do that i don't want to hear a blip about covid from you. >> could go back in school, not so important for them. the finger-pointing that is taking place. >> the facts are incontrovertible. the inner cities are not getting the vaccine. >> not just down party lines. >> they are not getting vaccinated. >> a poll earlier this week that showed vaccine hesitancy. democrats and republicans have vaccine hesitant.
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>> reporter: i made this awkward. >> not sure. >> still ahead. the mask mandate debate getting heated in mexico. making facial coverings are filled despite the governor's orders. school board president joins us live. ♪♪
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jillian: president biden's education secretary kerry into texas and florida over bands on masks and school. the policies was getting, quote, in the way of reopening in person this fall. >> i'm worried decisions that are being made that are not putting students at the center will be why schools may be disrupted because of the politicization of the effort to reopen schools. jillian: it comes as chicago teachers union says school communities need more than masking for safety. they argument a letter that the
1:51 am
delta variant poses the biggest threat to the return to classrooms. their demands include upgrades in schools, testing plan for members of the community and criterion pause in in person learning if necessary based on covid threats. todd: over their vote to make masks optional after governor grisham announced the mandate for the upcoming school year but board members remain committed to their stance. joining me now, leon know and attorney robert moss. thank you for being here. why did you make masks and social distancing optional? >> we voted to make masks and social distancing optional because that is a parent's responsibility for the health of their children. we had parents complaining about the mandates of the mask and the
1:52 am
damage it was doing to the learning of their own children. in the school system we are given the responsibility of providing education. we feel students health and decisions about their health should remain with the parents. todd: here's the statement from new mexico public education department that reads as follows. we cannot put students, staff and families at unnecessary risk by ignoring basic safety measures. the board impairs the validity of the district to offer safe and uninterrupted in person learning opportunities. from a legal perspective is there any legal justification for the suspension? >> we don't believe there is. the public education department impeded on control by usurping the school board policies as provided by new mexico statute and seated his authority by
1:53 am
suspending duly elected board members for violating directives that are unenforceable. todd: what is your next move? >> we plan to file a pr oh today or early next week as well as responding to the potential litigation they have taken. we received a letter from them, the email friday with the first judicial district of mexico to remove the board permanently. todd: that is a temporary restraining order. is that to put the board back in position under the suspension? >> it is. todd: what message do your actions sends to the nation? >> our action sent to the nation the local school boards, we need local control of the school boards. we are a small -- we have different needs than larger districts.
1:54 am
we have diverse -- what we need to provide for the students of the school. therefore we need to make decisions best suited for those students who are in our class and so that is the message we are trying to get out, the local control is a necessity for the education of the students. todd: has your position changed in any way, shape or form in light of the rise of delta variant cases? >> know, it has not. todd: you think your position will change going forward or is this all about parental responsibility, parental rights, parental obligation? >> we have lived through 17 months of the mandates that have
1:55 am
been passed down by the department of education in new mexico. we are very near the texas border. right across the line in texas, attended school without masks, participated in sports. it was not negative consequence. but yet our students are suffering severely. we do have many students choosing to go across the state line and attend school. todd: leon and robert, keep us posted on the situation. it is one we are seeing pop up in a lot of states throughout the country but the suspension of an entire school board is somewhat unique. keep us posted. thanks. jillian: coming up in the next hour of "fox and friends first" big show ahead, joe conscious of a and doctor ben carson will all be live. todd: may i sneak in fox bet,
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super 6 apps, play for a chance to win 10,$000. the super 6 quiz show, topics range to sports. it is free to play, download the super 6 apps, don't go anywhere. the 5 am hour. ♪♪ the final countdown ♪♪
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>> i have private security because they, the white supremacist racist narrative that they drive into this country, suck it up, defunding the police has to happen. >> this is into fringe activist, that was a democrat member of congress and a popular one at that. >> suck it up, those words from congresswoman corey bushes as she wants defend the police officers patrolling your streets while keeping private security for herself. jillian: border cities are rising up against the biden administration for failing to contain


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