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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  August 6, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> i have private security because they, the white supremacist racist narrative that they drive into this country, suck it up, defunding the police has to happen. >> this is into fringe activist, that was a democrat member of congress and a popular one at that. >> suck it up, those words from congresswoman corey bushes as she wants defend the police officers patrolling your streets while keeping private security for herself. jillian: border cities are rising up against the biden administration for failing to contain the covid outbreak among
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migrants. we have the jaw-dropping stats. >> do you want to know how many big macs you need for the world record? they are flame broiled. we have a new burger king. "fox and friends first" on friday continues. ♪♪ >> went up to the monitor which is 2 inches wide at this point. >> the song came up in 1997. there is a bad word, a negative feel, they are playing it right now. jillian: he sends daily notes every day but he doesn't start
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watching until a little later. >> is getting ready for the weekend. and then -- >> can't wait to see the note. you are watching "fox and friends first". todd: violent crime surges in the big city congresswoman corey bush stands by her calls to defund the police. >> and defendant spending thousands on private security for herself. ashley strohmeyer joins us with more. jillian: the misery represented was ripped by critics after the defending the defund the police movement but in the same breath that it is warranted to have private security. take a listen. >> i have private security because my body is worth being on this planet. i will make sure i have security because i know i have had attempt on my life so suck it up and defunding the police has to happen. we need to defund the police and put that money into social safety nets. >> reporter: thousands of dollars spent on her private
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securities paid for by her campaign. the white house responding with this. >> we shouldn't lose the fact that a member of congress and elected official is concerned that her life is threatened and that is disturbing. >> reporter: bush slept outside the capital in protest of the first eviction moratorium ending but was recently called hypocrite for spending 70 grand in private security. she suggested the options were to stay on the capitol steps or have a possible attempt on her life. eric schmidt said st. louis had a 50 year high in homicides that go as well as campus city, corey bush's comments are irresponsible. i can't stress enough how insulting it is to families who lost loved ones and kids to violent crime in missouri. bush also appeared to threaten the mccloskeys after the governor pardoned them for an incident outside their home as
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black lights protesters marched through the neighborhood, bush said their day will come. jillian: just to reiterate corey bush had to say, this is a quote from her, my body is worth being on this planet right now and that to me so hypocritical because what about all the people, all the victims out there of crime who have suffered, family members who lost loved ones because the crime, the lack of police officers over the last year, you look at statistics here in st. louis, 29% increase in homicides year today, 60% rise in murders in 22 major us cities in 2021. do those lives matter? todd: everybody's safety matters especially the taxpayers because we pay her salary and part to protect us from a safety perspective. our tax money pays for the
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military, the police, public safety is the government's number one function and for her to say her safety matters more than everybody else's is offensive and is a horrible thing to say and something republicans try to tie democrats do for the long-term. dan crenshaw on that point. >> this is into fringe activist you just played on tv, that was a democratic member of congress and a popular one. they have the highest social media following, they have influence on the democrat party. defunding the police is not a radical talking point. it has happened across the country. murders of got up 33% this year because of defunding the police, the social justice bail reform, letting criminals out on bail instead of putting them in jail and our communities are being killed and hurt. jillian: the white house said there is concern her life is threatened. i argue a lot of people, we
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interview people on the show, a lot of people feel their life is threatened when they walk outside in new york city or san francisco or any other big city where you see increases in crime. you see crime happening in broad daylight in some of these cities. todd: the pushback from the american people as we won't suck it up. we went safe streets and safe communities regardless whether we're in inner cities or suburbs and democrats have a real problem on their hands. jillian: sorry to interrupt. i want to make the point that i don't think we are saying she shouldn't have private security, her life doesn't matter, her life matters as much as your life for everyone who is watching. i want to make that clear. todd: when you say things like suck it up, i got to worry about me, that is not polling well and cnn highlighted that. corey bush handed the republicans a gift, no issue for democrats in swing districts
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than the idea the democrats in washington wants to defund police. i think this is a bad issue for democrats everywhere. in new york there were a number of democratic candidates, he was the law and order candidate and won resoundingly. jillian: you had president biden and kamala harris calling to reallocate funding. we never heard president biden say to defund police. we heard that from a number of other democrats over the last year. i will end on this. corey bush is a squad member. they are proud of their message and a lot of people may say it is corey bush. will she have an impact? she will have an impact. look at the impact she had with the eviction moratorium. she set out on the steps of the capitol and look what happened, the eviction moratorium ended up being extended. every democrat might not be coming to defund the police, the progressive wing of the party
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and those squad members are making sure their voices heard. todd: they are getting their way. they are getting their way. in the eviction moratorium situation and when you look at the numbers, usa today put out there 77% of americans don't want to defund the police. they are in the opposite 23% presumably and they are the ones getting their way. especially when it comes to their party. interesting to see how that hurts democrats. jillian: we will continue to follow that. covid 19 plagues the southern border. leaders in mcallen, texas running out of places to put migrants despite setting up tentss. todd: griff jenkins with morris leaders tear into president biden. >> you are talking about the streets of mcallen, texas flooded with covid positive migrants released by the federal government. 7000 in february, 1500 and the last week. that is why the city declared
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disaster and set up temporary emergency shelters. the mayor is pleading for help. >> we are running out of money. at the end this is not our responsibility. our community is angry where before we could handle it i think we are at the point where it is difficult now. >> reporter: numbers reflect a worsening crisis. 834 unaccompanied children apprehended yesterday with a total of 2784 in custody, 14,500 in 23 in hhs shelters. it is a crisis. senator ted cruz says it is the administration's on making. >> this crisis is an absolute crisis is a man-made crisis. it was caused by president biden and kamala harris. they keep saying they want to understand the root cause of
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this crisis. they are the root cause. >> press secretary jen psaki said the administration is offering the vaccine to the migrants. >> that is not what the cvp is doing, there are ngos and other international organizations who are vaccinating migrants as they come across the border. to keep a range of people safe. >> reporter: pay attention for the release of the july official encounter numbers, the ap reports. 200, 10,000, the sixth straight month of 100,000 and share numbers not seen in 20 years. todd: have a great weekend. jillian: chuck schumer says the crucial vote for tomorrow to finalize the trillion dollar infrastructure bill but misery senator josh howley is urging gop colleagues to vote against the legislation saying it would promote the progressive agenda.
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>> this is a politics bill that has gender identity language in it and open federal causes of action for gender identity lawsuits, this has a climate change agenda in it, the green new deal in it so this is all fueled with porkbarrel spending. >> the bill put the government in red, the congressional budget office estimates the measure will add $256 billion to the budget deficit over a decade. todd: texas, greg abbott calling for second special session of the state legislature, it will begin 12 hours after the first special session ends. they flee to dc to flock to republican voting bill. two of those runaway democrats are missing in action. texas monthly reporting jessica gonzalez and julie johnson are vacationing in portugal. gonzalez dismissed the report as rumor. governor abbott is keeping the special session until the entire group comes back to work. >> more credibility questions
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for cnn. in a report claims the network fired employees refusing the vaccine while keeping chris cuomo on the air advising his brother a major controversy. joe concha has thoughts next. todd: doctor ben carson will join us to explain why extending the eviction moratorium brings assistant closer to a, quote, totalitarian type government. you do not want to miss it. knows everyone's unique. that's why they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. [ nautical horn blows ] i mean just because you look like someone else doesn't mean you eat off the floor, or yell at the vacuum, or need flea medication. oh, yeah. that's the spot. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ (upbeat pop music in background throughout)
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so you can watch in stunning 4k ultra hd. jillian: critics calling out cnn after release memo shows the channel 53 employees for coming to work on vaccinated, chris cuomo appears on air. todd: joe concha, good to see you. the leaked memo, quote, in the past week we have been made aware of 3 employees coming to the office and vaccinated. all three have been terminated. let me be clear, we have a 0-tolerance policy on this. what is your take? >> the greatest thing ever. let's say i am on a zoom all and doing an act you shouldn't be doing on a zoom call that females are on and you don't get the shaft as a result of doing
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that but if you are an vaccinated at cnn not only to get terminated but the president of the network says we have a 0-tolerance policy. if i am the 9:00 pm anchor who is the highest-rated anchor on the network which is like being the skinniest kid at fat camp you can advise your brother on how to beat sexual harassment allegations and smear those accusers, you incredible accusers and fake your own quarantine but there is tolerance around those acts but if you are an vaccinated you show up to work, we have no tolerance for that. i find this kind of funny. jillian: how do they dig out of this whole? at the end of the day all of this is revolving around ethics questions especially with chris cuomo. what do you do going forward for his show? so many people in government have been tied to him and his brother or come out against or 4 or whatever the case may be, how
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does he go forward with his show? >> great question. let's say bernie madoff had a show at the whole thing came out with how he scanned those people that you look at bernie madoff and say that is the guy who scammed people, when people tune into cnn they look at chris cuomo, they will not think there is the next walter cronkite, they will think that is the guy who advised his brother how to beat sexual harassment allegations. the caricature has been set. i don't know how cnn at this point continues with chris cuomo on the apps the first thought many people have is i'm not looking at a news anchor, i'm looking at an activist. how they dig themselves out of this hole, you have to get rid of chris cuomo. you can't let him on the air anymore. that is not going to happen because he has been on the this week. you think they would have pulled him off the air and put a real journalist on to talk about the andrew cuomo story which is the
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story this week but they continue to allow him to go on so that tells you the president of the network and the other executives. todd: cbs which cnn and cbs are tied corporately to some degree they didn't talk about cuomo. >> anderson cooper on 60 minutes, we can't talk about that. todd: msnbc host formerly a republican goes off on florida governor ron desantis, joe scarborough. >> you wants to have the government force kindergartners to wear masks in florida, the parents are going to be the ones in charge. >> it was he talking to? cletus the slack saw yokel? who is fooled by that? todd: run desantis, then joe scarborough. the media trying to understand the ordinary american?
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>> desantis is the new trump, trump is off the radar so they need a new bogeyman, that becomes desantis. i am a parent, you are a parent, you will be a parent one day, i have two dogs. we have a puppy this week. attacking the supporters of a popular governor not a good way to endear yourself to your viewers. joe scarborough used to be a republican from florida. now at this point, i like joe but to perform for your base. jillian: we like you. >> what kind of dog? jillian: french bulldog. >> i have two westys. take care of the dog right now. jillian: he is asleep in his crate. >> high, buddy. jillian: two monitors. todd: we can't talk about
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on-air. jillian: he likes to have snacks. >> the whole hour. jillian: they said no. >> go eagles. jillian: yes. todd: time 20 minutes after the are. missing inflation concerns. president biden and the democrats looking the other way, will it come back to bite them in the upcoming midterms? jillian: live with what it means for your wallet. ♪♪ lllll3c3c9sç0p:é " "6é8j8j
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think again. ♪ (energetic music) ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ introducing the first ever at4 lineup. premium and capable. that's professional grade from gmc. jillian: a majority of americans for restaurants. 59% of respondents should not require proof of vaccination, new york will be the first to require vaccine passports for restaurants, it is bad for business. >> we know the restaurants will be the ones that will pay the
2:26 am
price, might not be vaccinated or go back responsibly the entire time. jillian: new york city will enforce the requirement, proof of vaccine for restaurants, gins and entertainment venues. >> the reelection committee targeting 15 potentially vulnerable democrats over rising prices. with americans feeling the pinch on everyday goods, democrats building an inflation bomb that will come back to bite them in the 2022 midterms. thanks for being with us. macroeconomics are complicated enough for economists. how can republicans boil down inflation, in supposed terms to use as a weapon in 2022. >> the average person does understand it cost an extra $10.
2:27 am
the reality on the political front setting aside economics, good or bad they accept the blame for the credit. when things don't go right. inflation in 13 years, gop was around, that was the last time inflation spiked. that would happens this time around. percentage your concerned about inflation, 83% caused hardship for recent increases in grocery prices 70%, 68%. we expect those numbers to rise, the midterms. is inflation going to get worse causing the general feeling to get more sour toward inflation.
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>> don't mess with americans bacon. what i expect to see, this is transitory. this is temporary. we are seeing a consistent upward take and earnings came out with a lot of big companies. we expect more price hikes. todd: i found this fascinating and horrifying. new report revealing a record amount of wealthy americans leaving the country up 237%, this is 2019-2020. you see the increase. i don't think the tax plan will become reality.
2:29 am
too many things will not get past moderate democrats but if i am wrong and the biden tax plan comes to pass how much worse could those numbers get? >> wealth those with his feet, maybe private jets. the reality is this. when you have constraints, higher taxes and more regulation money doesn't respect borders but much easier for them to move around, based on residency or citizenship, not residency. i'm not so sure about this. maybe i will be a resident of the bahamas. smaller scale happening when people move out of very expensive cities to less expensive areas. it happens for middle-class folks. money goes where it is treated best. will that continue?
2:30 am
we will see. todd: that hurts the speakers losing a lot of tax dollars you see when it comes to state that if they do that on the federal level could be a problem, you know the stuff we are putting on our credit card the last year and a half. >> exporting wealth is never a good idea. todd: have a good one. jillian: more than 800 unaccompanied kids stopped in one single day but instead of policing the border where policing border agents by making them wear body cameras. vice president of the border patrol council says the white house needs to get its priorities straight. he's live next. todd: we talked about this, you don't seem excited about it. i am. a big new big mac cake eating its way into the guinness book of world records. how many do we need? you won't believe it. let me tell you. ♪♪
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todd: a rhode island mom refusing to back down in her fight to stop critical race. the kids school. the school being sued by the teachers union after seeking public records on crt. not supposed to work that way. academic transparency is a parental right and now she
2:35 am
posted a picture of the lawsuit on twitter saying game on, the union filed a temporary restraining order and permanent injunction against her in an effort to stop the records from being released because of teacher privacy. jillian: customs and border patrol announced it agents will be required to wear body cameras to, quote, reinforce trust and transparency. what does it mean for those serving on the front lines of the migrant surge? joining me to react is vice president of the national border patrol council, hector, thanks for being here. the implementation of body cameras will further strengthen the ability to document every encounter and use of force incidents to investigate allegations of misconduct on parts of our personal. this is a step forward that will build upon the current utilization of other
2:36 am
technologies investigate incidents of misconduct. what is your reaction? is this the best thing to do? >> we demand accountability, they do their duty with integrity and professionalism but i am not sure body cameras secure the border. that money could be better spent on better border patrol desperately needed in the field or even additional facilities to hold people coming into custody body cameras at the end of the day support them because we could show agents do their job, it will help us to disprove allegations these illegal aliens make against that on a daily basis. but not necessarily money being a located when doing other
2:37 am
things that help secure the border. do i understand correctly? >> with the agency, i don't think the money is spent on body cameras but on river, roads, the agency respond faster, with allegations. they are pretty shocked being assaulted on a daily basis to ensure proper prosecutions with these criminal trials. >> down the lane, with migrant encounters once they realize border patrol agents have these body cameras on them.
2:38 am
>> as of right now, across the border that is aggressive. the migrant population comes across, with these encounters, with the american public are very aggressive. jillian: to that point, beheading his girlfriend, that man is an illegal immigrant from cuba, unable to deport. for first-degree arson dwelling, damaging the property and obstruct the legal process, interfere with peace officers stemming from 2020 arrest in minnesota, based on recent local arrests in scott county. this is unbelievable, to behead his girlfriend.
2:39 am
what is going on? what is your he? >> this is what we are left to deal with the american public where we have an administration that doesn't have priority on securing the border. some of these family units dedicate our time to stop criminals from, across the border. it came across the border in 2007. the tragedy, with illegal aliens for dangerous and horrific crimes. jillian: thank you for joining us, have a good day. todd: vice president harris's people acutely aware of her plunging approval ratings, the crisis that happened as an attempt to figure out how to reverse the downward spiral.
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>> coming up on "fox and friends" we salute an american elliptic champion. u.s. army reserve first lieutenant amber english made history when she took home the gold medal, celebrating a big win for team usa on "fox and friends". lieutenant colonel allen west, general jack keane, pete hegseth and will cain. on "fox and friends" from the summer concert series, today, joel and luke smallbone take to the stage for their brand-new single. it kicks off 15 minutes from now on the channel you trust for your morning news. todd and jillian, good morning. it is an eye-opener.
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todd: the next 3 hours on "fox and friends". meantime, suck it up, not my words, that is the congresswoman cori bush said about keeping private security for herself. >> the white supremacist, and defunding the police has to happen. >> carley shimkus with fox news headlines sirius xm has the latest. our bodies are not worthy of being on this planet. >> look no further than what happens with the eviction moratorium.
2:46 am
reaction on this front, an example of what is out there. katie says i'm a huge cori bush fan but we cannot defund the police. i understand reallocating funds but this message sounds like she wants to disband law enforcement. seattle radio talkshow host jason rand was on "fox and friends" talking about the hypocrisy. >> her life is more important than yours, her security and safety is more important than the 100 people in her district that have been murdered this year. i'm grateful she's being honest. >> the white house says the big take away should be she feels unsafe. no one is saying she shouldn't have private security but
2:47 am
everybody else needs to feel safe as well. >> he should make other people feel -- >> republicans don't need campaign consultants going into 2022, just show over and over. >> they said republicans were trying to defund the police. todd: i'm not so sure calling out john kerry for his personal plane or getting through. carley: the climate czar had a private jet. that should be -- he defended his private jet use by saying he needs one because he is special. >> it is the only choice for somebody like me who is traveling the world to win this battle. the time it takes me to get somewhere to cross the ocean. i have to fly to meet with people and get things done. >> that jet has been busy this year. not sure who was on board, secretary carry travels
2:48 am
commercially via military air, special presidential envoy for climate. they say he was not on board the private jet, maybe it was someone in his family, a friend, who knows, but good luck. maybe ditch the private jet. >> between those two soundbites, i need private security for me, you don't need it. carley: remember the negative report about kamala harris's office and the toxic work environment, pulling shows she's not doing good in the polls and the neck feels report says top democratic women in the democratic party tell the crisis center to figure out how to navigate this negative press. one source that many of us live to the clinton campaign and wanted to curb the gender dynamics and press coverage that
2:49 am
impacted hillary clinton is subtle but when things are going well for a male politician we ask different questions and they are not held to account the way a woman leader is so they are taking strategy that this coverage is sexist and racist, not about her performance or a leader doing her job but everybody else. >> donald trump, really, the coverage of hillary was bad? did you see 2016? jillian: time for the good, the bad and the ugly. us olympic shot putter honoring his grandfather who passed away before he left for tokyo. he held up a touching sign that read we did it, 2020 olympic champion. todd: it starts bad but gets good at the end. a lemonade stand in iowa, 9-year-old twins selling lemonade in front of their home when a woman stopped her car, grabbed the to jar and drove off.
2:50 am
police officers turned this our moment into a sweet opportunity stopping to buy fresh cups, making up for the kids lost money. >> 32,340 big macs. meet donald corsi who holds the guinness world record title for the most big mac burgers eaten in a lifetime. >> big macs have always been my favorite food. what happens if they quit making them? they are not going to quit making them. >> he has been doing that for 50 years. >> talking about it in the break. you are in second place. jillian: i did that. >> you are thinking it. jillian: extending the eviction moratorium until october.
2:51 am
todd: doctor ben carson says this puts assistive closer to, quote, a totalitarian government. he explains live after the break. you need an ecolab scientific clean here. and you need it here.
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>> what we see is government stepping in the middle of a contract between two private citizens. what gives them the right to do it. they shut down the economy. and then the burden falls on the back of private citizens to house outside peers is absolutely unconstitutional and i believe illegal want toly not success establishable. >> that was stacey johnson cosby voicing her concerns to us last hour on behalf of the realtors and ladder lords hit hard by the eviction moratorium. jillian: next guest warns our country is heading towards totalitarian type government. dr. ben carson, thanks for being here. what is your biggest concern? >> well, my concern is we are a country that is of, for and by
2:56 am
the people. and the reason that people came here in the first place is because they didn't the heavy foot of government on their neck. now we have a situation where the government is itself into everything, including the relationships between, you know, renters and landlords. and when the moratorium was put in place, we had a very different situation than we have right now we didn't have a vaccine. it was really a uncharted water and the last thing we wanted was people out there with this disease raging. the disease is largely under control now. there are loss lot of jobs available for people. we don't want to create a permanent underclass that is dependent upon the government and the fact that the supreme court has ruled this is beyond
2:57 am
the purview of the executive branch and they want to do it anyway, tells us we have reached a staple that is very dangerous in this country. if the federal government is saying it may be illegal but we are doing it anyway and who is going to stop us? isn't that leading us to a place that we don't want to be? todd: i will go one step further. this isn't the irs. this want is the military. this isn't through an act of congress. this is the cdc that is doing this. how dangerous is it that an agency like the cdc with no real authority can do something like this with so little pushback aside from the biden administration saying we don't want to do this but we are going to do it? >> exactly. also the cdc has lost a lot of credibility. so, since no one believes them. they just say well, we're going to do this anyway. and, until they acknowledge natural immunity, it's going to be kind of hard to believe anything they have to say. jillian: all right.
2:58 am
let's talk about this. rasheda tlaib introduced a $40 billion bill that would cancel household utility debt accumulated during the pandemic. this, of course, after the eviction moratorium is extended. we can go ahead and pull up here her tweet cancel water, electricity and broadband debt. i mean, doing like this it just seems like, are we are going to be living in a society where i'm not sure how things is going to get paid for if everything is free. >> it's changing the nature of america. we go from a can do society to what can you do for me society. and the problem, of course is yes, why don't we pay for everything? the problem is we run out of money. and that's what happens with every society that is seduced by this government will take care of from you cradle to grave mentality. it doesn't work it never has worked. our system has worked extremely well to provide more
2:59 am
opportunities for people anywhere and if we were a horrible place, why would people be forming caravans trying to get in here. we have a good system. we shouldn't allow others to make us into enemies. we should work together. it's called the united states of america and i think particularly, you know, we have lost our god given sense of caring for each other. love your neighbor. and instead we want to cancel our neighbor. this is not america anymore when we adopt that type of philosophy. todd: 20 seconds before we have to two and hand it off to "fox & friends." how can republicans compete with these progressive handouts come to 22? >> get involved. go to your various meetings, school board meetings, et cetera. get involved. talk about it. don't hide in the corner and hope no one calls you a nasty name. jillian: dr. ben carson thank you for joining us. thank you for your insight.
3:00 am
>> you too. todd: how many issues of this show look to 2022 to see how everything is going to turn out. jillian: 2022 definitely going to be interesting that's for sure. make sure you down loot the fox news app. todd: qr code right there. haven't pointed it out in a while. hope you have a great weekend out there. "fox & friends" it starts right now. bye-bye. sean: shocking honesty from far left congresswoman 'bush. >> i have private security defund the police have to happen. >> >> this wasn't a radical. this was s. a member of congress. >> do you have a response to governor desantis? >> you have a president who has gone down 9 percentage points. >> the white house clearly made a calculated decision to go after the governor. >> border cities rising up against the biden administration. >> i'm extremely disappointed we have received absolutely zero communication. >> our community is angry and


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