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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  August 6, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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b1 fox news alert: white house reaction to democratic congresswoman cori bush pushing to defund the police while keeping her own private security. the far left lawmakers firing back at critics who called out the apparent hypocrisy. >> i'm going to make sure that i have the freedom, because i've had attempts on my life. i have too much work to do there. if i end up spending $200,000, if i spend $10 more on it, you
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know what? i get to be here to do the work. defunding the police has to happen. we need to defund the police and put that honey into social safety nets. >> kayleigh: a reminder, that was not parody. this is "outnumbered." i'm kayleigh mcenany. here, my cohost, emily compagno, julie banderas, former state department spokesperson morgan ortagus, and in the virtual seat for the first time, our friend and colleague, jimmy failure, host of "talks across america" on fox news radio. >> jimmy: i want to be clear, i am just working out the drinks you guys have bought me over the years. [laughter] we will be settled out by the end of the hour hopefully. >> kayleigh: we will keep buying you them if you get through this hour. campaign filings showing squad member cori bush spent nearly
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$70,000 on private security, while demanding police be defunded for everyday americans. both don't like bush defending having armed guards for herself. >> rep. bush: i have private security because my body is working on this planet. i have private security because they come to the white supremacists, the racist narrative they drive into this country, the fact that they don't care that this black woman that has put her life on the line, they can't match my energy, first of all -- this black woman who puts her life on the line, they don't care that i could be taken out of here. they are probably okay with that, but this is the thing: i won't let them get that off. >> kayleigh: all that as progressives have pushed to defund the police over the past year. some of the victims of the recent crime surge have been children, the most innocent among us, including 7-year-old
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jocelyn adams, who was tragically shot and killed in chicago in april. just last month, 6-year-old nayak courtney was fatally shot in washington, d.c. fox's peter doocy pressing the white house. >> peter: democratic congresswoman cori bush says she favors spending that tens of thousands of dollars on private security to keep her safe and people should "suck it up, defunding the police has to happen." it didn't president biden say a few weeks ago anybody who accuses the party of being anti-police is mine? >> secretary psaki: we shouldn't lose the forest through the trees here, which is that a member of congress, an elected official, is concerned her life is threatened, and that is disturbing. the president has been clear that he opposes defunding the police. he has opposed proposed increased funding for on enforcement and increased funding from his predecessor, who as you might be aware of, was a republican. there may be some in the democratic party, including the
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attempt the attempt on mike congresswoman bush, who disagree >> kayleigh: jimmy, president biden has been crystal-clear apparently on not wanting to defund the police, except we have this sound bite from the campaign. let's bring the receipt. >> president biden: the last thing you need is an armored humvee coming into your neighborhood, like the military, who don't know anybody, they become the enemy. they are supposed to be protecting people. my point is -- >> we agree we can redirect some of the funding? >> president biden: absolutely! >> kayleigh: that doesn't seem like a trailblazer, willing to buck his party and make sure they don't defund the police. >> jimmy: let me be on record in getting this out there, the police are doing the most important job in society. this story drives me crazy. i would have been a cop, kayleigh, if it weren't for this thing called a "background check." [laughter] america doesn't have a crime problem. america has a "stupid" problem.
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this has nothing to do with her race or gender. cori bush is stupid. why? when you demonize the police, it leads to a rampant increase in violent crime. we have endangered the black community by waging this rhetorical war against the cops. homicides are up 50% right now, which is insane. the only upside to the video is if you listen close, you can hear republican strategists high-fiving in the background, because they are like "we've got a three day weekend. the ads are done." >> kayleigh: we have heard the press secretary say "it's okay if cori bush wants to say this, it's okay if she wants to promote defunding the police. if you are so adamant that we don't want to defund the police, why would you say "i condemn what members of my party are saying?" >> julie: i think democrats reps
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are celebrating, i agree with jimmy. for her to talk about how she needs $70,000 for security, and that she's willing to pay $200,000 or $10 -- i don't know where the heck -- it was confusing. she needs to take a breath and sit down and relax. these comments are, frankly, detrimental to the democratic party. not only that, she's talking about defunding the police as an african-american woman. is she not looking at her own district? is she not looking at crime rates across the country? is she not looking at the uptick in minority and african-american communities? those are the communities that need this police presents the most, and if you look at the fatalities and murder rates in all these minority communities and you want to take cops away, you want to kill your own people? it's outrageous, and i -- if i was one of her colleagues, i would distance myself as much as possible. i'm surprised the white house didn't. >> jimmy: really quick, to add
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to that, kayleigh, if you remember after the 2020 elections, the democrats had an in-house meeting where it got vocal, and they said "please don't ever say it defund the police again." they hate her for this right now. >> julie: they don't seem upset about it. >> jimmy: true. >> kayleigh: they don't. they are trying to have it both ways, morgan. they tried to flip the script and say republicans wanted to defund the police. they got three of pinocchio's for that assertion. this sound bite is already being used within hours. this will be the midterm message, cori bush's words. >> morgan: i think the nrdc operatives should push this campaign to their letter dccc firms every time she speaks. listen, kayleigh, it's called "security for me, but not for thee." that's what she has told her district. part of me likes the way she approaches this, because you know, kayleigh, you and i know what's going on behind the scenes. there's people throughout the administration who are putting
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up talking points, saying "don't say defund the police, here is our position. call yourself a biden democrat when you're running an '22." republic ends are five seats away from taking the house. the congresswoman went out there and said how she feels, what she wanted to say, so part of me admires her candor. i think she is revealing to the voters in her district, around the country, what the base of the democratic party really thinks, and the moderate elements of the party are going to have to struggle with that. in '22, you know crime is going to be a major central part of the republican strategy, given how rampant, especially violent crime is, around the country. >> kayleigh: it is rampant, emily, and we have talked every day, it seems, about these tragic stories across the country where the associated press of this week with an article about how children are the victims of this crime wave. they said this july in chicago "ended as it began: mourning the death of a child whose only mistake was venturing outside to
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play when someone armed with a gun came into the neighborhood hunting an enemy." >> emily: it's a tragedy, kayleigh. even further compounded by cori bush's comments are now. the fact that she believes what she is saying -- she tells us to "suck it up." is that her messaging for the families of children being slaughtered in cities where the police have been canceled? she said "we are trying to save lives." those lives include the children, to quote a community leader in chicago, "becoming extinct"? numbers have doubled and tripled in the cities around the country. the percentage of children, kids under the age of 15, they have risen to an amount, the most in our entire history. gennari ricks, jocelyn adams, savanna quintero. jocelyn adams' grandmother had a great quote. talking about campaign ads, this needs to be on billboards or of the country. she said "they are shooting our
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babies at parties, friends birthday parties, and amusement parks." the trauma is not limited to just these children who have been murdered and their families. there are other children in those communities watching their friends getting shot who can't play outside anymore for fear of getting shot. "it's hard to heal when you are in the middle of a war. every day is a war zone," said we are supposed to feel empathetic for cori bush that her life, apparently, matters more than these children. >> kayleigh: we will pray for each of those children's famous. it's a tragedy. the leader of the democrat party, cori bush, calling to defund the police, only going to make it worse. coming up, "the new york post" spotting embattled governor andrew cuomo lounging by the pool, but his relaxation time may have just ended, as we just learned one of his accusers is taking legal action in albany county, and it could lead to his arrest. more on that next. ♪ ♪ time,
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>> kayleigh: fox news alert: we have confirmed the woman listed as an executive assistant number one in the new york attorney general's sexual harassment report has filed a criminal complaint against governor andrew cuomo. she accuses him of groping her while taking this selfie. governor cuomo has denied her claims, but as the harassment scandal and other investigations threaten his career and livelihood, cuomo was spotted lounging by the pool yesterday. photos obtained by "the new york post." new york city mayor bill de blasio says cuomo's days are numbered. >> mayor de blasio: it's a matter of time before he's gone. if he wasn't a narcissist and to
9:16 am
think about other human beings he would say "i'm doing damage, it's time to go. "just get the hell out of the way. >> kayleigh: as you are facing potential legal battles ahead, which you can fill our viewers and on, he is lounging by the pool with his assistant in these photos that are not the image you want to portray after such a scathing report. >> emily: this guy keeps piling onto the pure nightmare he has, in addition to the criminal and civil and, potentially, federal accountability that he will hopefully be facing for his discussing acts. to educate everyone for a moment in terms of new york state law, obviously charges have not been brought. this is speculation on my part at this point, but forcible touching is a class a misdemeanor in this point, up to one year in jail and a $1,000 fine. that includes buttox and breast. potentially two counts he could be facing. these are considered an intimate
9:17 am
part of the body, and it's all about whether you squeeze, grab, or pinch, but for the purpose of gratifying the actor's desire. all of these points of "i meant well, i didn't mean this," it's obvious when you read the report, the fact that the first photos in that series shaky because she was physically shaken up by what he was doing to her that the images were blurry. >> kayleigh: wow, what a detail. morgan, moving from big cuomo in the governor's mansion to little cuomo at cnn, they are talking about his brother chris. chris cuomo, he is in trouble as well. he is drafting a potential statement for his brother on sexual harassment claims on february 28th, a day before he tells his viewers "i can't cover my brother fairly peered" he's a part-time political consultant. this is a journalistic ethics issue. >> morgan: right, and if i were any of these women bringing charges, may be potentially
9:18 am
bringing suits, i would look at bringing the brother into it, and saying "what involvement is there beyond what the attorney general has found?" the things we could do in this situation is condemn this behavior, and the lack of doing so and pretending "i can report on this fairly, so i'm not going to talk about it --" it's inhumane to the women who suffered this, and really, i think what is disturbing, kayleigh, when you go through the attorney general's report, this thing that -- all the behavior bother me, but one of the troubling things was the retribution the governor and his staff saw for any woman who spoke out against what the sexual harassment and sexual assault, allegedly, that he was doing to these women. that's what makes it so difficult for women to speak out, is whenever they have this all-powerful governor who will go after them and try to ruin them for simply speaking out
9:19 am
about what happened. there's a lot of scary things here, a lot of hypocrisy coming from his brother and the family members. this is a story that you can't ignore. a few nights ago, on bret baier's show on "special report," i said he needed to be taken off of a platform, and they did. i hope the democratic party is waking up to what a liability he is. >> kayleigh: we certainly hope so. we have text messages i want to put up on the screen here, jimmy. they involve chris cuomo. let's pop them up. this is a text message from the ag report. i don't love that part, but chris andrew wanted it in. these are text messages between the ag's office. "chris wants to make sure we have enough contrition in here." you would think chris was a member of the ag staff, but this is a reference to chris cuomo, a cnn host, who is apparently having a huge voice in the discussion going on in the ags office.
9:20 am
>> jimmy: the cuomo's are a national embarrassment. i know a lot about national natl harassments, because i'm a new york jets fan. [laughter] to be serious, this is disgusting. if your member the old tweets from andrew cuomo when the shoe was on the republican's foot, we went from "believe all women," to "believe all women, but not these 11." it's ridiculous. he's not resigning because it would take dignity and he doesn't have it. this undermines progress made by the "me too" movements. everyone of those resignations that were forced, and for good reason during the "me too" movement, didn't come with the weight of an attorney general port with as much evidence as we've seen here, yet he's defiantly sitting there to the detriment of any woman that wants to come forward right now. it's disgusting. there is no way his brother should be on the air. to give it this way if during they weinstein saga his brother, bob, had a prime time show that wasn't covering it,
9:21 am
you would better believe everyone at cnn would be all over this. that's why they are who they are. at this point, if we are being honest, more people trust finger sandwiches at jeffrey dahmer's house than cnn. [laughter] >> kayleigh: this text messages out of the governor's office. >> jimmy: [laughs] morgan. >> kayleigh: said ag's office, but i want to clarify, it was out of the governor's office. a cnn staffer is quoted saying this is a "disgrace to journalism." how would you feel being a journalist at cnn right now? >> julie: jake tapper has come out and spoken about how it's a comfortable come if you put it lightly, to be working at cnn when you put it on have the brother of an accused governor. they have not only made no point to correct it, but i don't understand why he hasn't addressed it. if he is able to go on there and praise the governor for his covid vaccine rollout and testing and all of that, and
9:22 am
they were able to chumming up on tv, he showed, equal opportunity here, all bias aside, reported on it. to ignore the fact that he covered up -- here he is with this giant q-tip. i'm not going to lie, these were entertaining moments, but this is before the nursing home followed in the covid vaccination fallout, the fact that chris cuomo did receive preferential treatment when it came to testing, when nursing home residents weren't getting tested. i believe if he wants to keep his job, he should come forward and go on television and address the fact that his brother is being accused criminal and treated fairly, the story, at least, if he is a journalist. >> kayleigh: i think you are right. i've got to tell you, those chris cuomo handoffs are some of the most cringeworthy moments. >> julie: so awkward. oh, man. [laughter] >> kayleigh: stomach turning. coming up, president biden stepping up his feud with
9:23 am
florida governor ron desantis over mask mandates, with a pretty snarky remark. why desantis is becoming a problem for the president, next. ♪ ♪ their history. . . two and quarter percent, just 2.48 apr. refinance now and save thousands. what's the #1 retinol brand used most by dermatologists? it's neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair® smooths the look of fine lines in 1-week, deep wrinkles in 4. so you can kiss wrinkles goodbye! neutrogena®
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lock in your rate. >> druw bowen suggests that if you don't do lockton policies should "get out of the way." that's what joe biden suggests. if you are coming after parents in florida, i'm standing in your way. why don't you do your job? why don't you get the sport or secure? until you do that, i don't want to hear of lip about covid from you. >> kayleigh: the war of words between florida governor ron desantis and president biden heating up. it started when biden called on desantis and other governors to "get out of the way schools when it comes to banning school mask mandates. the president asked about the response from desantis at a white house oven yesterday promoting electric vehicles where he took a spin and
9:28 am
electric -- watch. >> reporter: -- using your words about "don't be in the way, i am in the way," to block interference from the federal government for your response? [inaudible] >> kayleigh: president biden probably thinks >> emily: president biden probably thinks he's punching down, but he's punching up. space. there is a time and place for everything. i have been accused of being humorous when it's not there a time a million times. i sympathize for joe biden, but governor who? probably her biggest threat in 2024. you might want to know which governor we are talking. as for the governor's accusations about the border, he has a great point. i don't hear the white house when they come out and tap themselves on the back about how
9:29 am
many people have been vaccinated in this country, despite the fact that today, we have 350 million citizens in this country. i had no idea there was an influx of immigration. i didn't know it was that much, that we doubled our population. anyway, when it comes to immigration, i'd like to hear from the white house and say "what are we doing about the illegal immigrants flowing into this country with covid?" that is our problem, covid rates on the border. that something they need to be worried about, not our children in school wearing masks. >> emily: jimmy, while that crisis is happening, we have snark coming out of president biden's mouth. we get that from speaker pelosi, but is this conduct becoming of the position of the commander in chief? >> jimmy: no what. was i the only one who got a little nervous when biden got behind the wheel of a car? [laughter] >> emily: he is a former 18-wheeler truck driver, so he has experience. [laughter] >> jimmy: if you count the car he sadden outside of a supermarket and put a quarter
9:30 am
and, he has driven an 18-wheeler. [laughter] ron desantis is embracing his role as a leader in florida. they are experiencing senior vaccination rates, a democrat -- here is a phrase that gets thrown out a lot great people don't appreciate the value of it. you eat i was here the term "read the room." when you were elected to governor don mike mcgovern, you are not supposed to read the room, you were supposed to lead the room. you take the country in a direction while doing what you think is right. think about it this way: thinking about being on a commercial jet, when was the last time you are on a commercial jet and the pilot said "if it's okay with you, we are going to take off in 5 minutes, go up to 37,000 feet if that's cool, then make it to phoenix." certain positions require leadership, not readership. joe biden is deferential, has always prioritized the politics of covid.
9:31 am
for that reason, his messaging is lost. people in the backseat can tell you are lost when you start acting tentatively. the biden messaging has been all over the road. >> emily: kayleigh, with resident biden's perceived success of handling the covid pandemic, "the new york post" called it out, saying "he's not ready to admit the bigger issue. by abandoning successful policies that president donald trump put in place to control the border, as one example, biden created this nightmare." >> kayleigh: he did, and why do you think president biden 'us covid approval wasn't sky-high because he entered office? president donald trump, the vaccines that president donald trump gave him at work speed. we have a list, let's pop them up. this is what president trump did. pfizer, 100 million doses.
9:32 am
moderna, 100 million doses. another one, 300 million doses. when you think about everything president trump manufactured ahead of vaccine approval, it added up to 800 million doses, enough to vaccinate 400 million people read and abided just said he has vaccinated 350 million americans, more than our entire population, but the point stands: president trump handed him a recipe for success he has squandered, only dropped ten points last month, because he finally got a challenge with adult variant. he doesn't know how to handle it. it's clueless, and that's evident by his polling numbers. >> emily: morgan, kayleigh brings a polling numbers. what purpose does this attack on governor ron desantis served for present biting? >> morgan: essentially, the president's political/white house team has to look at the polling numbers come and say "someone has to take the blame for the rise in
9:33 am
covid." i think we had about, a month ago -- it flatlined around the country, about 10,000 cases. now, you were looking at over 100,000 cases this month. the polling, as kayleigh talked about, going down 9-10 points for the president. "somebody has got to take the blame, can't be us. we can't keep bleeding our approval rating on covid." that's why they made the strategic decision from the white house podium, in prepared statements, to go after governor desantis. this was a planned political hits. >> emily: coming up, top democratic women were reportedly holding a "crisis dinner was to rescue demone harris' image as her rating tanks. they blame sexism in the media. that's next. ♪ ♪ at usaa, we've been called too exclusive.
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>> kayleigh: some of the democratic party's most influential women are reportedly blaming kamala harris' low approval rating on sexism in the media. according to axios top female strategist, held a "crisis dinner" on how to combat the bad press. recent polling shows her favorability underwater. while critics made points -- that handling the bird crisis enter cringeworthy interview moments, a source familiar with the dinner says those democratic strategists see a different problem. "many of us lived through the clinton campaign. we wanted to help curve the gender dynamics and press coverage that impacted hrc. we've seen it. it's subtle, but when things aren't going well for a male politician, we asked different questions. they are not held to account the way a woman leader is. julie, sexism is the problem, could that have anything to do
9:39 am
with her being the borders are, the border being on fire, couldn't have anything to do with her being in charge of voting legislation? it has nothing to do with her failed record. it's sexism, right? >> julie: can't stand when people empower lamp sexism, gender, race, whatever, and, onr incapability. for the first time in history, if you look in washington at congress and the representative's, there are more women serving in several districts all over the country than there ever have been. you don't hear nancy pelosi crying "sexism," you don't hear aoc even. now you got the vice president of the united states calling out sexism when she sucks at her job, to put it lightly. [laughter] you can do that ask mike how about take responsibility? have a crisis meeting on "what happened to that border crisis i was supposed to find the origin of the problem with?" that is your crisis meeting, it should be on the border, not
9:40 am
just doing a great job being vice president. the sexism part is so overplayed. it's a slap in the face to all the other women on the democratic party. >> kayleigh: that's a great point. have a crisis meeting on the border, instead of a crisis committee case and meeting with hillary clinton advisors, obama advisors, with a "bridging purpose." it's not a good sign to have this kind of meeting this soon into the presidency. >> morgan: i look at this a little bit differently. i think there's a lot of blatant sexism in the media still. we can go on twitter when this show is over and see the sexist things that will be said about all of the women on this show. some people are gross and sexist. it does happen. the question for me is, if you assume there is sexism in the coverage, does not account for her low approval rating?
9:41 am
i don't necessarily see the correlation. i think her low approval rating stems from the policy issues that you represented the beginning of this segment, thinks she is in charge of, like the border. i think her team seems to be timid in the handling of her. they just need to let her be herself. they are trying to get her to be this likable person. i think she's probably at her best when she's grilling someone, when she is in that lawyer/attorney general mode. they, maybe, just need her to be in that space more more than just a happy, charismatic person that is maybe not necessarily her personality. >> kayleigh: they found a solution the crisis dinner, said "we are going to talk about her time as a prosecutor in california." how was i going to play over? >> emily: that's not an advisable tactic. as dee and attorney general of california, i lived there under both watches. she tried to toe the line
9:42 am
between the right and left, and it didn't serve her well for either party. she'd failed to take a hard-line stance against cop killers. she prosecuted almost 2,000 cases for marijuana -- a lot of times, they had her saying one thing and doing another, digital sex victims. remember, she hasn't sensed that she has based her career in part of the listing of sexual assault victims, especially children -- that was her response gave one sheet -- challenge her inadequacy on the border. she was mired in scandal for the catholic church abuse scandal as d.a. and attorney general, with her failures to stand up for the child victims. her department paid out $1 million of sexual harassment claims while she was attorney general. the list goes on. i don't think that will work, referencing her past.
9:43 am
>> emily: to >> kayleigh: we did a search before coming to air. com a la has yet to respond to governor andrew cuomo, wonder why. jimmy, connolly said this to the atlantic. "part of my frustration is that this industry sound bites. >> jimmy: one lester holt asked her she'd been to the border and she said yes and then he said no, she said "i've never been to europe." a lot of thought. you know it's not sexism? of a man was in charge of this story of the border, we will be criticizing him also. the fact that they are prioritizing her crisis of image instead of our crisis of border is why people don't like her. she's prioritizing the wrong battle. the border is a "now" problem. if your house is on fire, you don't help that they give you a study on the root causes of fire. all is forgiven at the border, let's go.
9:44 am
>> kayleigh: straight ahead, ks at our airports. spirit airlines canceling hundreds of flights again today here in more passengers get rowdy command of the faa teleports to stop selling alcohol to go. what's with the state of air travel? ♪ ♪ ok everyone, our mission is to provide complete, balanced nutrition for strength and energy. whoo hoo! ensure, with 27 vitamins and minerals, now introducing ensure complete! with 30 grams of protein. as someone who resembles someone else... i appreciate that liberty mutual ensure complete! knows everyone's unique. that's why they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. oh, yeah. that's the spot. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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>> rhode island mother sued by the teachers union after demanding answers on critical race. what happened to transparency? brian kilmeade joins us. congresswoman cori bush under fire for hiring private security while promoting the defunding of police who keep you safe. we will tackle that along with the latest from the border. estimates now 210,000 people enter the country illegally last month. president biden igniting a war with governor ron desantis. senator rick scott will be here. i'm john roberts, join anita vogel in me for "america reports." >> emily: the ceo of spirit airlines is apologizing as widespread flight cancellations continue for a fifth day. the budget airline has canceled more than 1700 flights, leading
9:49 am
passengers stranded at airports. this is just the latest example of the declining state of commercial air travel read the faa is asking airports to stop selling alcoholic drinks to go, amid a spike in unruly passengers. like this incident last week, when a fronting airlines passenger was duct taped to a seat after he allegedly groped two female flight attendants and punched a guy. oh, jimmy. spirit airlines, where your spirit goes to die. [laughter] >> jimmy: i love that i'm the first guy you thought of, you are like "who knows about being a jerk on a plane?" [laughter] resident expert. thank you, emily. i don't mean to make this about me, but i do have an outstanding story about this on, emily compagno, so how about that? two things we have to bring back to make air travel work. first, we have to bring back dignity. there is no dignity and flying commercial right now. you get on the plane, there some barefoot guy trimming his toenails, but you don't want to say anything because it might
9:50 am
upset him emotional support llama. [laughter] there is don't don't no dignity in flying coach. the other thing we have to bring back his alcohol sales on the plane. what people don't understand is right now, flying commercial is being treated like a college football game. when you can't get beer inside the stadium, you pregame to the point that by the time you walk into the stadium, everyone is seen triple. if you've noticed, these fights and brawls take off before takeoff for that reason. people are getting hammered. used to get on point, have drinks, might be drunk by the time you get to nashville like everyone on the ground in nashville, but now you are drunk when you walk onto the plane. it's a recipe for disaster. bring back booze on the plane, amen. >> emily: an amazing punch line, i'm here for. we will read your op-ed. i was kidding where i said "where your spirit goes to die." [laughter] morgan, what do you think? >> morgan: i don't know why jimmy is speaking on nashville. i live in nashville. >> jimmy: i love it! >> morgan: it's the happiest
9:51 am
place in the country. >> jimmy: it's the best, i love nashville. >> morgan: was, i want to shout out the flight attendants. i fly a lot. i have to fly all the time, and i try to always come under my mask, thank them, be extra nice to them. i can't imagine -- look at this video. this is wild. the poor flight attendants, what they have to deal with, people are rude -- let me tell you something: if you are mad about wearing your mask, don't take it out on the flight attendants. people are mean to flight attendants. they don't make the rules. they just have to enforce them. this is a shout out to all flight attendants. thank you to what you do. i will take that extra for a drink. [laughter] >> emily: amen. kayleigh, to those drinks, stone, or do you agree they are part of the problem? or, do they calm us down? >> kayleigh: i'm with jimmy, this makes sense. let people have a glass of wine on the plane. maybe some people have flight-phobia, so they go to the bar prematurely.
9:52 am
we should email american airlines on that one. morgan, totally right, flight attendants are amazing people. 85% have had to address in unruly passenger, 17% have had a physical altercation. be nice, show grace. i love our flight attendants come so well said. >> emily: julie, take us on. >> julie: i had no idea you could take alcoholic beverages to go at an airport, so i will start hanging out at airports. [laughter] i knew you could do that in new york city, but now i need to go to jfk. [laughter] >> emily: i've enjoyed it around the airport, i have to admit. coming up, think you could be the next katie k or -- you are not alone. next, how many americans told a new study that they have what it takes to compete at the world stage, and which olympic sport our panel thinks they could compete in. stay with us. ♪ ♪
9:53 am
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♪ ♪ speaker do you think you have what it takes to go for the gold? a new study finds 40% of american respondents believe they are up to olympic snuff and one sport. found three times as many men as women believe they are olympic material, not surprised, jimmy, too bad at beer drinking is not an olympic sport yet, right? >> jimmy: [laughs] you would be surprised. that's funny, m, cheap shot at the champ, i read the study and i think that everybody thinks that they can compete in the olympics is because we don't think we keep score in real life and get a true trophy no matter what happens. i could absolutely complete -- compete in the olympic louche.
9:58 am
it takes nothing at all besides sitting there. it's the one sport where you can put somebody in it who is competing against their will, and they could still win the loose. >> emily: is the one thing where weight and gravity is the only two things you need, morgan, what about you, girl? >> morgan: i'm deathly not sporty spice, so i will pick curling. the thing that looks like the duster and sweep, and i think i could do that. >> emily: amazing, totally, sweeping and skating slowly, julie, what will you get a golden? >> julie: i am a one woman dinging girl. it's a vote, a sailboat. i am a big sailor. i grew up sailing, so the one person dingy radio sailing race. i am all about it. ivory sailboats, and i don't like working with others, so i want my own vote. i would not want to share.
9:59 am
>> emily: that's legitimate, that's amazing. all right, kayleigh, what about you? >> kayleigh: my dad a d1 track athlete, i have the athletic gene in the 50% it does not believe i could ever win any sport. but if they are texas hold 'em, i could prevail, so add that ami mind good. >> emily: which is still a championship sport. if i had to pick, i would be in the equestrian sport, i think we have a picture of me competing and jumping, that one is not me, though i wish it were. that's me, that is me there, and if you look close, it is a tiny first place ribbon i got a little while ago. but it includes an animal or dancing, that's an olympic sport i would probably not have gold medals. all right, jimmy, take us home. >> jimmy: it is not an olympic sport where you get gold, it is
10:00 am
where you sell gold. >> kayleigh: not if you are up against this poker face. >> jimmy: you have chops, lady gaga. and emily, that was a shot at me with the equestrian, because you know i could not be a jockey at 240 pounds pretty one-on-one pony ride and they were like, no, we won't come back next year. the horse is upset. >> emily: but we will have you back, we loved having you on. thank you, everyone for watching, and now here is "america reports." >> john: yeah, i would've gone, that's me jumping. cori bush accused of hypocrisy over her defense to defund the police movement after it was revealed she hired her own private security. the big price tag on that and her explanation of why she needs it raising some eyebrows. former washington, d.c., detective ted williams will join us on that. >> anita: also coming up, rick scott on the latest tussle between president biden and governor ron desantis. brandon judd on the new renewed surg


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