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tv   FOX News Primetime  FOX News  August 6, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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this party is just the tail wagging the dog. >> one week covering washington monday a special report on the infrastructure built if you are just joining us i'm sitting in for chris. for fox news sunday check your local listings. >> think to brett thank you so much good evening and welcome t fox news primetime. all this week i've been purging you to put on the armor of idea join your neighbors and take a stand what does it mean to be wide-awake? are you prepared to do what you are the challenges we face are enormous stagnating wages
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schools and corporations rising crime cartel activity at the border and china is passing us up when they ask what can we do we go to the ballot box in two years is that an answer? no because we've been led by stupid republicans for decades. whinnied to organize and make i known we are organizing against a deteriorating american community. run for office create a media organization they curriculum. study group and put yourself ou there like an umbrella with all the responsible merits of the community that are sick and tired of being sick and tired and are ready to step up. 's tyrant hurt out of your reac
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start with them the teacher's refusal to teach the children with let parents into the classroom and expose that they are abusing children with different ideologies and we believe. the cameras are going off told him in no uncertain terms that you've lost your right to privacy with my children. i hear local prosecutors refusing to prosecute. they are next in that they won' defend us from crime on the guy that does this job you must be the other guy. support your local firemen and businesses. the dilapidated american legion posts go in there you can join and support them even if you aren't a service member. if you can ask one of them to take you to the range learn a
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thing or two or more about how to defend yourself home and family when the police are put in a box it's a good thing is cheaper than private security that is for sure. after all this time worrying about our physical health mind and a spiritual health go to church on sunday make it a habi for your family. said prayers before dinner and bed read it to your children an grandchildren. join the clubs go to the cookouts bring the chilies stay after four doughnuts organize that if it's not already happening and by people to your house for dinner. let them know you are there to
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help and volunteer be present for those in need without thriving families we are never going to rescue or rebuild of this republic. taking these steps to save a community and america was never supposed to rely on the government. all of these small steps could be more important than voting but also understand how far behind we are. our institutions and neighborhoods are ravished by homelessness. our military is woefully unprepared for a war with china it's going to be very difficult. whoever said defending liberty would be easy?
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they want you to sleep and they want you to nail. they want you to fade away can be expected. >> you may be canceled and fire you may have to give your famil permission to disavow your video. they may come after you to prov their usefulness your office ma have to study and repent for your sins. they may do an entire segment o you the least popular person in your sociology class will let
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you know about this. how much easier and more comfortable would it be to stay asleep? enjoy the world the benefits an when i comes to politics stay quiet and go with the flow. just played that counting the days until you are. meanwhile the streets fill with cops. depths of despair from this virus falling below the replacement levels the children stunted already by the mediocrity of their instructors. somewhere nancy complains that this is taking too long. >> if i could tell you that thi moment did not demand much of you i would put the hours late in the task before us are enormous. so often the left wins because they count on you to stop fighting. we don't believe everything.
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this is why this movement must be a tent. successful revolution of the man's a. without washington recalls to b british. that's an american tradition we ought to embrace. there are more robust than ther are of them and it's time that they felt that. the nation is a partnership between those that are alive those that have died and those yet to be born. >> tradition means giving a vot for the most obscure of all classes.
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it's only by doing hard things that we find a genuine happiness. in the end the failure was assumed within the republican party and becoming one more aspect to change america. this movement is larger than on political party. how afraid do you think it will be when you show them what you are made of when you show them your wide-awake. on that day they are going to b afraid. here with me are the hosts of
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the kitchen table podcast. it seems to me one of the biggest things you've done in your lives is living with your family. we are demonstrating what it takes to take the country back. i wonder what you think are the key aspects of that in your own life. raising your children in these environments. >> first of all you've done a great job of laying out the american crisis and it is a crisis. when you fight to get communism out of your schools you know yo are losing. it's not all lost because while big-time politics is great and we've been a part of that the real battle as you also laid ou is in the towns and especially in our families. some many of us need to make th decision that we aren't going t
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work with the government. this requires some very difficult choices it's now the first time in our life that we are thinking about homeschooling. >> i was homeschooled and i completely agree. we've made a lot of mistakes that's the great thing about having a lot of kids is that yo make the mistakes you have second chances. >> we are going to not give up the phones as early because it' difficult to take when this happens. >> i think there's a lot we can do as parents but we must recognize that all starts in ou family.
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the whole thing up and talking about is from these small towns in wisconsin of all places thes places that you are deeply familiar with i know this was a shock to me but what was your reaction to seeing this play out? did it really amp up the level of intensity in terms of your understanding of what's going o in the country? >> we are here slow clapping th monologue. it was good in you are right this is a call to action becaus every generation has an idea that they have to offend these american ideas and this is a challenge of what you laid out challenge of this generation. to your question in wisconsin w always thought this happened somewhere else but we realized
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it can happen anywhere in the happening in our own communitie in south beach wisconsin. people to behave so bad in this small community. >> to your point we have more kids these liberals aren't having kids. 's parent turn their kids over to school and we don't do our job educating our kids or protecting our kids from the leftists. if more parents get involved my mission is that you aren't goin to get my child. i'm going to do the job of educating them and informing them about our races our countr is. rachel very quickly what do you think is the real message? i'm sympathetic to these ideas
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but it's just too much how do i fit this into my life and still put food on the table at the en of the day? >> start small deal with your own family. start with driving and talking to them on the way home from soccer practice. i can't emphasize enough they aren't having kids but we are. they want our kids because the future does not -- it belongs to us if we can control our families and not be afraid to step out when the tim is needed. one last point we have to cance those that are going to cancel us. looks cancel them and start building an ecosystem of conservatives that support each other and these great ideas tha we have.
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>> we need to create some friction to take these steps. thank you so much for taking th time to join the. >> coming up remember when joe said we were safe from china? >> china is going to eat our lunch. >> they are bad people but gues what they aren't competition fo us. >> our next guest is woefully unprepared for a conflict with china. the congressman is coming up next. joint pain, swelling, tenderness. my psoriasis. cosentyx® works on all of this. cosentyx can help you look and feel better by treating the multiple symptoms of psoriatic arthritis. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting, get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections—some serious—
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are the americans ready? we don't seem confident. without overstating the issue i aggressive red team that had been studying the us the last 2 years ran circles around us. they knew we would do before he did it and they took advantage of it. is a former marine counterintelligence officer thi really should concern every american tell us a bit about what you found. >> the report which interviewed 70 individuals concluded there'
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a strong sense in the navy that we've lost or focused on fighting wars. this is happened due to the increased cost of maintenance a a time when we are layering on more administrative requirement therefore we've lost the circui when you add on to this a lot o the stuff that's infecting the military we need more we need warriors and we have increasingly different generals and officers because we're sending a signal that america i a systemic way races including the military which is nonsense. nobody cared about the color of anybody's skin all that matters is whether or not you could do the job. can you operate the radio? views of the things marines
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concern themselves with. we optimize the military not fo diversity or equity before lethality the basic ability to destroy the enemy. we are doing a huge favor to them and the process we've give control to china in a way that they should be able to dominate going forward in the foreseeabl future. we are climbing out of a hole t be able to continue with this. >> i'm sure the audience got th reference but we have ceded control with and are doing abou all of this the last few years but china went out and did this. the only change has been we are losing in these boardgames. this really is the most
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distressing scenario. >> we don't have this plan and we aren't investigating accordingly. i think we can do this but it's going to require us to act with a sense of urgency. >> the chinese communist party uses this narrative against us recognizing the rhetoric of the far left to divide us. >> we've allowed our general class to become these asian politicians that deploy this an way that allows them to keep their positions without requiring them to do the hard work. >> i think the risk is if the president and the secretary of defense are sending the signal that we're going to prioritize the diversity equity and inclusion agenda that there's naturally going to be a tendenc
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amongst those seeking to get into the officer ranks to respond to the political demand signal and we don't want to promote politicians we want to promote war fighters. we will continue to do more damage to the owner navy than the chinese nation could ever dream of doing. >> also here tonight the host o this podcast and author of the chinese book. i wonder if you could react to this as well the congressman is talking about his concerns that we are woefully unprepared to defend taiwan is this a primary concern for you? >> i think one of the best ways for us to prepare for the futur and competition with china is t be confident in america and
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protect american values. let me type about a story one o the highlights of the olympics has been a chinese player was screaming profanities left and right in her competition. there was some unintentional comedy but the way that the government and its diplomats go about the international busines that they get in your face and they got into the face of our secretary of space. they lectured him about what th us was doing wrong in terms of democracy and in terms of racia equality. this is something we should never have to take from the chinese government. i think what we need our diplomats and government
4:26 pm
officials that are probably scu country that will not apologize for this country on the international stage certainly not butchering communist china. >> one thing we woke up to during the course of this pandemic was how much america's corporations are beholden to china and are scared of anythin that comes to the form of a criticism or may seem like such. they are very afraid of it in s many different respects what ca be done per from the perspectiv of an american consumer to try to change that behavior on the part of those corporations? we view the chinese market is far more appealing in so many different ways. >> i'm not a fan of the boycott i don't like the idea of consumers saying you will boycott the company if they don't do the right thing. will we should do is be clear publicly about what our wishes are we don't need to buy for
4:27 pm
american companies anymore. i do think we can also just say with social media we can just say we support the democracy in hong kong. we condemn the nba. i think there are all kinds of quiz for us to do this publicly without resorting to any boycotts. >> i think this is something that should be done more and more. if there's only one side that's being heard from and it's obviously the corporation that' going to let it slide in that direction their needs to be mor people coming forward to be heard and to demand those corporations reacting to a lot of these different things they are doing thank you so much for joining me to my. >> joe is done with his carrots. he's coming with the stick what we are going to do about the very low vaccination rates.
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the latest schemas to withhold funds from a nursing home somewhat pushed the shots on their employees. when asked if they were considering doing this here is how the secretary responded. >> we are trying to be as creative as possible and considering all options. yes everything is being considered. we are starting to consider mor incentives because until the jo is done we can't live life as normal. >> instead of using the power o the us government to investigat
4:34 pm
we are now going to force a vaccine on the american workers without consulting them to see if they think this is the correct move. >> with this idea that we are n longer going to try to do this we are now just going to award the president that said he wouldn't do it but let's be clear at the roundabout way of enforcing a federal mandate. it's just a tax. this isn't the mandate if the tax. >> i know we saw the reaction that a lot of people were sayin he was pretending to not know people were. expects the question is what
4:35 pm
else has he forgotten? i know this is a situation wher they want to turn this in some way because he's infected people. >> what should we do with peopl that support those types of approach when dealing with this pandemic? it should be quite simple we should be focusing on education the idea that you are going to have a government make a medica decision for people even if it' the right and responsible one that should be alarming and it' the left that should be concerned. >> they don't like this when yo say you aren't going through with an abortion. education is the most important thing at the end of the day. i got the vaccine and i want people to have conversations with your doctor not people on tv not people blogging.
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they could manage to go three months before providing second graders with using materials to learn it home. >> take a look at this anti- police message. >> i feel safe when people listen to my feelings. i feel safe when there are no police. endeavor but his job to make sure people that are being treated unfairly feel safe two. joining me now is samantha edwards.
4:42 pm
>> the pleasure to have you on know that this type of thing infuriates you a message that i sent to the youngest and most impressionable americans what are your thoughts on how aggressive the public schools are becoming in pushing this narrative on the youngest schoolchildren. >> it reminds me of when i was in elementary school student an so much effort was put into building relationships with the police pulling away from that seems counterintuitive. we want to have those relationships be positive because we want children that are being abuse or in a situation at home to feel the ability to come forward and to share the truth about what's going on there and do not be
4:43 pm
afraid or intimidated. but there's a whole host of regions that we should hold the police in respect and teach thi at a young age why do you think this entire message has taken over the public schools? >> that's the one million-dolla question that doesn't make any sense. 's counterintuitive is not productive we are damaging the children by teaching them too not respect authority. why not teach them how to have that relationship? i know that you are very familiar with the performative steps taken by so many people that are very wealthy that goal on social media and pretend to
4:44 pm
share these views i know that you like to push back against i what could be done for those of us that want to see that era to push back against to make our voices heard and to speak the truth. >> don't be afraid i think it's fear. >> people can get canceled people get docs people get thei life threatened don't be afraid god give you a voice just use a. >> it's incredible how much can be done i know that you are a person and thank you for joinin me to my. >> the teachers union and doesn't want you asking questions and they will make yo pay if you do. >> this mother knows this bette than anybody. she asked what was being taught and her daughter school now up
4:45 pm
one of the largest teachers unions in the country is suing her. they stonewalled her questions about her child's curriculum. now she's being sued to cover the cost of the request she joins me now with her attorney. >> you had the bravery to stand up and demand something that an current should be to demand. i think they thought i would go away and stop asking questions. novel i think they know that i' not going away and the only way to get rid of me is to scare me with litigation. >> i know there is the norm is power in not being afraid of that but some people naturally are what made you think you did not want to back down on this
4:46 pm
other than stubbornness. >> we should know what our kids are learning in school because we are the only people that can stand up for this. i know that's difficult for a rhode island teachers union to grasp that you can't control everything. but the disclosure of public information is something they can't control. >> this litigation is meant purely as a intimidation tactic because there's nothing the school attorneys can't do that would require the teachers unio to intervene this litigation is to stop me from seeing what my daughter's learning. >> the way the government plays games with requests at differen levels they may have come back to you at the latest possible date and it would cost you mone to get the thing you just want to find out about what is the nature of this case and what is the argument you are going to b
4:47 pm
presenting. >> this is a brazen assault on every parent's right to know what their child is going to learn and public records laws are meant to protect the public we should know what the governmentup to it was never intended to let the knives against the people they were supposed to protect. isn't this just a classic example of having everything ou of whack in terms of who ought to be the authority figure? told the teachers technically work for you? don't you pay for salaries? isn't this your child and shouldn't you have a right to know what they're being taught? i would find this frustrating i i was in your position. what are your friends saying about this.
4:48 pm
i've got overwhelming support i've got people in rhode island contact me and people across america contacting me. i think this is all going to backfire on them with schools teaching the kids crt it's mean to be openly debated and the teacher's union and their complaint about shielding teachers from any public scrutiny they think the teacher are going to be harassed but that's not it they want to give the teachers special treatment the on the scope of public records act. >> isn't that a fundamental mistake that they are making? i wonder just quickly in terms of the aspect of it this that bothers you the most for me you are so much that goes into it. it's a bad reflection of what america really is as a nation not based on reality and it's fundamentally at odds with what we know so many respects.
4:49 pm
was there one aspect in particular that infuriates you as a mother? >> it dehumanizes everybody it' not about one race against another. this makes race about everythin and this is just not true of human. >> we need to believe that our character is what unites us not that the race divides us. >> think you so much for taking the time to join me. >> coming up tyler fisher is back and we are putting him on the clock you don't want to mis this. what makes new salonpas arthritis gel so good for arthritis pain? salonpas contains the most prescribed topical pain relief ingredient. it's clinically proven, reduces inflammation and comes in original prescription strength. salonpas. it's good medicine. [relaxed summer themed music playing]
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it's flexible if we need to cancel. cancel. i haven't left the house in a year. nothing will stop me from vacation. no canceling. flexible cancellation. kayak. search one and done. ♪ ♪ >> ben: now it is time to put comedian tyler fisher and his awesome beard on the clock, where we will cover four topics, 60 seconds each.
4:55 pm
tyler, are you ready for this? >> i'm ready. >> ben: excellent. topic one. if you thought hunter biden scandals were bad, wait until you see what papa joe just did, he wore a tan suit, a deeply unpresidential act not taken since his old boss was in office, which is all we remember, was barack obama's only scandalous president. what do you think about the choice to wear a tan suit out of perhaps solidarity with his former boss? >> i mean, first of all, it is hard for me to make a serious comment. when i put a suit on, i look like a homeless guy just found $100. he looks -- he looks -- i look like you if you went through two more pandemics, bend, but he looks more like the president of milk, right? ceo of whole milk, you want at the front of the team. we also can't assume that he is dressing himself, quite presumptuous, you know, you notice he will look down every few seconds when he is giving a
4:56 pm
speech. he is making sure he has pants on. okay, i'm good. 4 million people got the vaccine. okay, i wiped my butt. he's clean. >> ben: you have to make sure, all the time, as commander in chief. we might have just found the perfect getaway vacation for you, tyler. kfc is set to open up a pop-up hotel in london where rooms will feature a press or chicken button. guests will be allowed to order fried chicken to their rooms whenever they are feeling a little peckish. what are your thoughts on this fried chicken pop-up hotel? >> i didn't think we could get any lazier. and a great time after a pandemic that affects mostly obese people. i think a pop-up ventilator button would be good right next to it, just in case, but i've got an even better idea. you know what, if we are that lazy, why don't we do a sponsor with pfizer and kfc? we will put some chicken fat
4:57 pm
right in the vaccine. pfizer will go to your house while you are sleeping, give you the vaccine, you wake up, you are full, you are protected from covid. we should be eating unconscious fear if i don't know why we are still awake and eating. it is 2021, okay? >> ben: i think they should go all the way, you should have the ability to press the button, they bring you fried chicken, waffles, syrup, and a pack of cigarettes, got the whole thing covered. [laughter] cracking down on disruptive passengers may come at the cost of your freedom purely faa now calling on airports, claiming unsafe drinking causing bad behavior in the skies. i did not know they did this or i would have partaken before they shut it down. what is your thoughts on this choice by the faa? >> forget about the freedoms we lost during covid, this has crossed a line for me. isn't that why we fly? to have the drinks? first of all, i think if they
4:58 pm
can ban babies crying and people clipping their toenails, then you wouldn't need the alcohol, but the alcohol is to numb out from the grotesque experience of flying. but luckily, baby have masks on the plane, so that muffles the crying a little bit. >> ben: i don't see how a ridiculous airline, and imaginary one like frontier airlines, is able to survive in a situation where they can't give you a bloody mary up in the skies. >> but if you do drink through your mask, you don't get -- >> ben: that's true. good point. finally, do you have what it takes to be america's next olympic hero? well, a survey suggests 40% of americans think they do. basketball, soccer, and swimming being the most popular sports of choice. tyler, what are your thoughts on these insane americans who believe they can compete in the olympics? >> first of all, 40% of
4:59 pm
americans can't compete by reaching down and tying their own shoes, so i'd say if drinking before you get on a flight when you have eight seconds, a whole 40 ounces of beer, is there an olympic sport, we would crush it. our president could not even compete in the climbing upstairs conversation, so it is not looking good for the u.s. on that one. >> ben: if you had to pick one sport -- and everybody picks curling -- pick one sport you feel you could do next time around at the olympics, what would it be? >> probably curling chicken, just right there. >> ben: i chose archery, but i would like to shoot things. thank you so much. >> well, we've been missing a lot in this country. >> ben: exactly. thanks so much for coming on. thank you for watching "fox news primetime" this week. i am been dominant. joe lawrence jones will be hostg all next week. i want to say real quickly, i appreciate so much the feedback i've gotten from all of you, you
5:00 pm
can email me. i also want to say, sweetheart, i will be home soon and looking forward to not talk about joy behar for a very long time. until next time, you lovers of freedom and anxious for the fray, tucker carlson is up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening, and welcome to a special edition of "tucker carlson tonight," coming to you from budapest. earlier this week, we traveled to the southern tip of hungary come along with serbian border. it was at that spot six years ago that hundreds of thousands of migrants of north africa and the middle east all showed up, all hoping to reach the famously generous welfare state of europe. when we arrived at that border on wednesday, all was quiet and


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