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tv   Gutfeld  FOX News  August 6, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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"the ingraham angle." make sure you check out my show get tammy bruce exclusively on fox nation and my social media hub. greg gutfeld takes it now. ♪ >> we have to get more people vaccinated. i said 350 million americans of already been vaccinated. >> that's about 19 million more people than we have in america. but it's not like he is paying attention. he's just thinking about jell-o for lunch.
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>> i lost my pen. oh, boy, happy friday, everyone. or as cat likes to call it, com on, liver, you can take it day. glad to see she recovered from last night. we are also pleased to have companion back on. there she is. apparently she had gone out wit kathy last night. as a kid growing up in the 70s
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, i loved science fiction movies. my favorites, planets of the apes. the omega man, and of course fried green tomatoes. as a kid i imagine the future i frightening and weird. battling roving bands of marauders, who can forget mad max and the sequel to road warrior, riveting tales of dystopian earth. where survival becomes a daily challenge for them there is kur russell and escape from new yor and later los angeles. funny how those walls worked. a very funny film societies thinking in crime and ambivalence. i love these movies because lik job a hard remaining employed, assumed it couldn't happen. and less a could be caused by one major event like a meteor strike or a nuclear war or
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hillary becoming president. i had no idea that society through hits in inaction and cowardice could let it happen t a by day, slowly, into lo and behold the dystopia shows up at your front yard like a naked amway salesman. but that's what happens. the local news says so but they're ignored to. in america has become the frog sitting in that pot of slow boiling water having no idea that enzyme he will be a french guy guys appetizer which means it is time for things don't loo good. did you ever hear of burgerville ? it's a famous chain of burger joints, surprised? in portland, and i had to close one of its most popular places due to rising crime, homelessness, and human waste.
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apparently, they're customers prefer their cheeseburgers without a side of. amazing, your business closes because your literally tired of all the. denver spends more on the homeless then students are veterans. new york too. have you been to new york lately ? have you been to any major city it's like burning man minus the good drugs great some city streets look like the inside of charlie sheen's mouth. and san francisco, a woman lean outside a car window eight brandishing an ak-47. i guess pelosi is handling her own security now. in minnesota a man beheaded a woman on a severe street this week a woman shot another woman dead on the busy new york city streets before casually returning to her white double parked suv.
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how did she not get a parking ticket? i'll tell you why, the driver had the hazard lights on. talk about priorities. there is nothing worse than getting of park it ticket on to of murder. woman kills her husband in indiana, chops them up, and get the kids to help dispose of the body. i used to complain when i was asked to take out the trash. i guess it's a good way to get kids to do the chores, at least you turn tragedy into quality time with the kids. in other news, an elderly man gets brutally beaten, i'm not talking about joe biden's lates approval another in a wheelchai gets tossed and ransacked. but would be chokes her out and drove her off the subway. stray gunfire strikes people sitting on the bus in queens, men casually walk over and slug elderly women on the street.
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that is ten minutes of research on my part of the past week, just ten minutes per the same time it takes biden to answer the question oatmeal or cream o wheat. meanwhile, what do you hear fro the media? lips turns of classic. >> if you watch a certain state tv, and you listen to conservative media, you would think entire cities are just enthralled invites empires and whatever. we went out for a great dinner in new york city tonight. people walked up to us and said thank you for i watch you every night, and can't believe they thought they were going to do a double take. >> that clip has been played more times than bingo at the villages. and it should, a politician, th loudest voices say to fund the police within they deny it and later they admit it, that's exactly what we want. >> you can get that off, i'm going to make sure i have security because i know i have
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had attempts on my life and i have too much work to do, there are too many people that need help right now for me to allow that so if i end up spending 200,000, if i spend ten more dollars on it, you know what, i get to be here to do the work, so suck it up and defunding the police has to happen. we need to defund the police an put that into a social safety net. >> and know her slogan for the reelection campaign, suck it up. really, you expect me to believ people voted for her, in major cities all over life is changin for the worse, it's incremental but an actionable. i think about this a lot, when i'm not fantasizing about stuar bernie. i think i figured it out, it's perfect storm of distraction an exploitation, we are distracted everything we need an abundance of food, news, cat videos, instagram and tik tok keep the kids enthralled.
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keeps the boys glued to the screens because there's no stopgap, and they cancel cultur decides whether we live or die, we are the luckiest generation of spoiled brats in the history of the world but because of tha we stopped minding the store an in walked the worst of the worst . the radicals who said to themselves while these suckers are nose deep in their phones, we can do this. now there and every power center , they're the professors, judges, social media honchos even kindergarten teachers for it i got to live in the movies that i love, but sadly, it's going to end like planet of the apes. spoiler alert.
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>> happy friday, everyone. is so sweet, you can get a cavity in your eyeball just by looking at her. emily companion no. she knows financing like i know dancing. writer and comedian and, he is like a plastic fork, sharp and snaps and is sometimes spotted laying on the street. that was the most upbeat monologue i've ever written, emily. >> happy friday. >> happy hour has begun.
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i have a question i've been thinking about this if it goes really bad and the world splits between wards of fiends and marauders, and good people trying to survive, which side would you beyond? to give the good ones for sure. >> why not just join the bad guys and then you'll be safe, emily? >> because more days living in hell is not worth one day of living freely and happily. and i feel like we are seeing that play out in the city of portland. they are small business owners are now paying for armed security and for bulletproof vests. this is on top of all their los revenue during covid on top of their cost with covid complianc from the government and protection in all that stuff an this astronomical west coast taxes, and now their livelihood have been burned down in a 100
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day plus riot there prevented from operating their small business because of smeared on the wall. my friend who earns a bar there got into a fight with a bum tha was wielding a machete, he is there all the time. this is the reality that is facing the small's and its owners. >> you know why he's mad, they call him ginger because he is has red hair. the point is the government is breaking its duty, it's not protecting its citizens anymore it's not prosecuting crimes, there's no penalty for any of these violent crimes. they are not preventing other from infringing upon your right to why should we pay the salaries of these guys advocating their duties that ar incompetent because clearly they're still going to get elected over and over by the left, so i think we should all stop paying taxes very that's m idea, i'll see you in jail.
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>> a true revolutionary. coming it's not as good as it sounds. >> it sounds cute like little mice. >> you see that here in new york , the love i have her pen station to get to the subway. you have to walk in pen station the living is no pleasure either . it's just so horrifying what ha happened and none of it is surprising when you look back we've gotten to this mode where it's punishing people who are productive and rewarding people who refuse to contribute. when you get to the homeless issues, there are people who ar mentally ill, drug addicts, you need to help those people. to give the others are just sponging a. they are under 30. i know them. they're on my block. >> they're not interested. >> i have offered them food and they get fussy. they have requirements.
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is that free range? i am free range, my food has to be free range. >> it's very depressing when yo look at that burger place i oka they market it is flame broiled on the burning federal building next birkhead. >> they need to rebrand say com here, take a dump in the parkin lot. >> that's why you're not in marketing. >> people who no longer ask if you can use the restroom, they just assume they can use the dining area or the parking lots. >> heather, you are an optimist. i made you really set in the green room, i was crying. >> it's tough to be an optimist given the monologue, but i thin the empathetic argument should not be increase the welfare state and you bring up a good point that some of the homeless do need help, but in general, i you look at the july jobs repor this morning, it was great,
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954,000 jobs added, the and employment rate down to 9.4 percent. the empathetic argument is actually giving the homeless at job and getting them education and skills training, it's not just continuously give the mone denver pays on average, more they spent on homeless and they do on k-12 education and on average for homeless person, they are making about the same as the median person's income that lives in denver. why would you work? >> i am moving to denver. i love their omelettes. cat, i see america as like a semitruck that went down a blin alley, so you can't turn around you can only go in reverse. >> i know nothing about driving a semi semitruck, or driving.
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i think the problem is it's a bit far gone at this point, i mean the city was already literally on fire and the mayor took the side of the people setting it on fire, and then everyone is shocked that it keeps getting worse. i think that obviously you need to first of all acknowledge reality, that would be step one step one is acknowledging reality and saying this isn't working. this isn't working, this isn't problem social workers can solve , and i say that as the daughter of the social worker. she's dead now, but but commit you need law enforcement. or people aren't going to follo the laws. >> you pointed out to cory bush in the opening monologue and sh says she wants to hire her own private security because she's the victim of crime. i said who do you think investigates if a few of the
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victim of the crime, a psychologist, a social worker? who are you going to call? was i wrong to suit so the last scene of the ticket that finall showed up in my netflix queue after 50 years spread. >> people have to know the ending of the planet of the ape now. i don't need to say spoiler alert for it. >> even the apes are trying to leave the planet now grade up next, if schools gets closed by a democrat, republicans will ge blamed for that. plus a cooling sensation. live claritin clear. what do we want for dinner? burger...
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>> if school is out until 220 t need to, the media will blame i on you. msnbc sour face nicole ellis is earning her keep my preemptivel trying to blame republicans of kids are back-to-school in the fall. could get and want to put the pin and the idea of the republicans will blame the bide administration for kids not in school if they're not in school it's because republicans didn't get vaccinated, republican governors stood in the way of massed mandates that would make it possible. >> and want to put a pin in the idea. i want to put a pin in the idea. i hate that phrase. so it's those red state jerks that make blue state teachers avoid their work great shouldn' we be pointing the finger at th unions the chicago teachers
8:22 pm
union is setting the stage warning that the delta variant could derail back-to-school plans, but help with their vacation plans to cancún. the union ventilation upgrades, and full-time contact tracers a every school building. create another union member tha will work five minutes a day. one can assume if the unions don't get what they want, you'l be forced to spend another school year at home with your children but center at home you may as well homeschool them and they may actually learn something. apparent becoming the teacher can be the hope of human salvation. when teaching, light a fire, don't fill a bucket. that's why he was such a great arsonist. what do you think, heather? >> i think as a vaccinated parent of a six -year-old, it should be your choice whether o not you want to send your kid t
8:23 pm
school, and now i don't think it's would shutdown because of republicans not getting vaccinated, i think as you rightfully pointed out, schools would be shut down because the teachers union is not listening to the science and the data tha shows that kids are at a much lower risk than adults. we all know this at this point in time. yesterday i reacted in an interview we had on bernie and he echoed the desanto's and how desanto screamed and threw it i biden's facings said no, i'm standing in your way i'm not going to get out of your way an i'm going to leave it up to the parents in florida on whether they want to send their kids to school. i'd have to quit my job if i can't send my daughter to school . it's a big problem. >> and if you do leave your job then he's going to quote trey gaudi and stewart bernie. i hope when you're on other
8:24 pm
shows like what you quote me. >> i do, always. this isn't some kind of sitcom where other characters get to jump in. cat, what are your thoughts? >> i think it was kind of nice of nicole wallace to give everybody a heads up, you know, it's true, if schools don't open , that's what they're going to do. not the people who aren't vaccinated in our republic, but certainly unvaccinated republicans, that's exactly wha they're going to say. >> that's so true, told everybody the game plan. she might have to put a pin in it. >> joe, what are your thoughts? to keep my prediction for the upcoming school year is i will still be required to stay 50 yards from the building. >> it's weird because your always wearing a mask anyway. >> one of the original masters. this is a difficult issue for m
8:25 pm
because i'm not anti- vax, but am pro polio, i did get vaccinated, i went with guard t sell. i had i think the chicago it's amazing this christmas list the went down. in chicago, how about some bulletproof vests. at least they kid state in school. one of the things i think we learned in these lockdowns is i you need to do the remote learning, why do you have to do the remote learning with the horrible teachers in your schoo district. >> get the best available to everyone. that is my. they get the best biology teacher, the best math teacher, and their charismatic.
8:26 pm
they are basically performers. why are you putting remote learning, this is the way, this is a perfect opportunity, emily to change our education system. bring it up-to-date, do what balaton did to the gym spread. >> i love that idea. >> thank you. >> and master class. yes, it's the exact same point, i love that too because i think it eradicates all of that local infighting, this state and loca politics where the kids are the ones they get the short end of the stick, they are the one suffering for it with everyone infighting at that local and state level. if you have nationally lysed, that would be amazing, right? i would love that, what would you teach? >> widget would you prefer the long end of the stick? are you into corporal corporal punishment. when i say get rid of teachers don't mean get rid of teachers mean make teachers better and pay them so there are fewer teachers.
8:27 pm
even the audience is telling me. but my mom was a teacher, it beats being a social worker. >> he is going to she is going to haunt you later. >> those can go everywhere. >> that's true. my mom will haunt you, my mom will haunt you. what will protesters do when cops can finally sue? voltaren is the first full prescription strength gel for powerful arthritis pain relief... voltaren the joy of movement at usaa, we've been called too exclusive.
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that spin class was brutal. well, you can try using the buick's massaging seat. oh. yeah, that's nice. can i use apple carplay to put some music on? sure, it's wireless. what's your buick's wi-fi password? it's buick envision. that's a really tight spot. i used to hate parallel parking. me too! the all-new buick envision. built around you. all of you. pay no interest for 72 months plus current eligible buick owners get $500 purchase allowance on most 2021 buick suv models. ♪ >> harass the boys in blue, a new law could let them sue. if you bother them for sport, you will see them in court. after year and a half being demonized they have approved a bill allowing police and other first responders to see protesters in civil court in certain cases. under the bill, anyone who criminally harasses, menaces, o injures an officer can be fined
8:32 pm
up to $25,000 or 50,000 if it happens during harassment. it doesn't count at first remai absent edisto cat is in the clear. calfskin arrest people who harass them, although these day they will likely be released without bail and never prosecuted. with the bill would do is let officers to those who break the law and injure them in the process. as my dad always said, don't do the crime if you can't do the time. he also kept me and my sister i a cage until fifth-grade. that's a story for another time. emily, you claim to be a lawyer though we have no proof of that. the fact is they can only sue i these other people broke the law . i think this is great, i tended to get a lot egregious degrees just so i can take these cases. >> good luck with you in grad
8:33 pm
school, grade great maybe it provides a deterrent consequenc we haven't seen so far and the argument against this in part for example the naacp regional director that said it putting a chosen profession over everyone else that fought for their civi rights during the movement, but that's been a long time dead. to your point about the prosecution, or the chiefs of police aren't even letting thes guys make arrests, they have taken ten steps backwards, we were talking about portland earlier, they are less than hal of the arrests of the meager amount of arrests were actually referred for prosecution and al of the penalties were things like encouraging people to vote that's including an assault on officer. if there's not another mechanism , they didn't have recourse and if they do they're not going to be prosecuted. the counter argument, there is section 1983 people can absolutely bring federal claims for these officers that they
8:34 pm
abuse their power, so i'm all for this so at least for hearin some type of suggested accountability for someone somewhere. >> you know what i like about this? a lot of these protesters have rich parents with very deep pockets. if you want to get to the kids, get to the parents. >> i live in nassau county, and i saw one of these i saw one of these protest and i had never seen so many well fed looking protesters, but they look like they were getting out of breath from carrying their signs. >> i think this is important because people need to ask themselves in these situations, are you making society better o worse and i'm a first amendment absolutist, but if your getting in the way and trying to provok the cop so you can have a good video, it's nonsense, it doesn' help because there's a clear line between what is harassment and what is you would never say that andrew cuomo is protesting because you know that is the
8:35 pm
definition of harassment. and, the police, look, it's oka to film them, i don't like when they try to hassle people about that there's a difference between filming and screaming and interfering with the rest o that stuff. i think this is a good idea,. >> what i do is i don't film police, i film guys dressed as police officers. i find that kind of releases an urge and then i don't need to d it out on the street and get in trouble, heather. does that make you uncomfortable ? to keep may. no, i think in minority communities, they need more police, not less. more law and order, since the new administration took over there been villain eyes, there' no more law and order. in chicago, gang members outnumber police officers 10-1 income in oakland, 38 officers
8:36 pm
for every 200,000 people and in austin, texas, it's averaging three minutes longer on a 911 call and that's because they don't have the support that the obviously need too. three minutes doesn't sound lik a long time, but if your house is burning down or if your bein stabbed to death, three minutes is life-saving. >> i say that two my wife all the time. >> great joke. i know what you're going to say so why don't i just say it for you, but greg, this is going to be abuse, as a libertarian this is wrong, blah, blah, blah, blah , greg, i love your show. >> you didn't do that to anybod else. i do disagree that there is a clear definition of harassment
8:37 pm
disagree because what i might call showing my love my husband is like stop harassing me, and that is true, i have concerns i a first amendment absolutist, i agree it's awful to the climate that police officers have to face but absolutist is absolutist, bro. before we go, a quick announcement. tickets still available for the live tour. next show, it's later this month , august 22nd in nashville. you're going to be there, cat, leader i will hit memphis, birmingham, and newark. stick around. o get reliable transportation to their medical appointments. that's why i started medhaul.
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it's bound to melt your mind, the next guest is the author of six bestsellers which is more than i have, so i hate him for its. his new book has marxist dopes on the ropes, it's called american marxism joining is now author and host of life, libert and levine, mark levine, how ar you? to get wonderful, how are you, greg. >> i have been practicing. we're already off to a bad star because i mispronounced her name , and become at the audience applauded for you louder than they did for me. plus, you sold 400,000 books in your first week. which is like insane, should di take that as a good sign that america is not going to hell? >> think he really should. i love the left they say what you mean i'm a marxist, glitzy, redistribution of wealth, class
8:43 pm
warfare, you hate capitalism, you talk about overthrowing our society, you oppose free speech and academic liberty, that kind defines it, but i'm not really calling them marxist, their american marxist, they're not soviet style marxist or mount types of marxist, they're homegrown types of marxist spirit. >> and we grew them. our academic culture, there now in human resources, they're all over. my problem is, market, when you talk to people about socialism and communism, marxism coming after work backwards and define those terms for them now becaus it's like they forgotten it. >> people take to say to me you calling these corporations marxist, it's american marxism, what exactly do i mean like that ? what i mean by that is if you g back and you look for climate change comes from, it comes fro the de- growth movement in the
8:44 pm
1970s and your, when you look at critical race theory which comes at a critical theory, it was invented by a marxist from the franklin school of marxism. when you go back and look at th root causes of these things, that's what it is so i'm sick and tired of calling people progressives, that's what they want to be called or i'm a social activist. you know what a social activist is? a girl scout trying to sell gir scout cookies, these are people trying to overthrow our country. to get you bro got up crt. i think part of the reason things like that have success i they have their own secret incoherent language that is meant to confuse people so when people fight it they say no, it's a destructive ideology, an then you have to explain it, an i find the best way to fight this stuff is to create a simpl definition of what it is, which is crt is essentially a racist ideology, wouldn't you agree?
8:45 pm
>> i've got one for you, i woul call it louis farrakhan dressed up a scholarship. he's a bigot, he's a racist, he hates white people, he's an anti-semite, it sounds like critical race theory to me. >> i have to tell you a story back in the days of redeye met mike berger got an e-mail from mark levin that should've been the title of the show friday night. >> how do you know it's not? >> good point. so i was so excited that you ar coming on the show, and then of course it's not you, it's a different one it some lawyer from new jersey,. >> he's a schmucker. >> but you know what, mike booker wouldn't tell me until the day of so i'm so excited that you're going to be on the panel has to be in 2008 and 200
8:46 pm
and the guy sitting there a sai that is not him, that is not hi i had all these questions, by the way, jesse watters, very lucky that his book it came out the week before yours did because you know what, very lucky. >> i will just say this. me just say this. who knows, but this book really has taken off, we are going int the fourth week, we're at over 700,000 copies already. there is a movement afoot, i don't think the media understands it, there is a movement afoot, it's a big movement, is going to be effectuated in 2020 to, but mor than that, you will see a rise like you did with the tea party and the reagan revolution, thes are all things i was involved in , i see it, smell it, tasted, it is here. >> i hope you're right. thank you so much for coming on. we will see you soon.
8:47 pm
>> god bless. >> god bless. coming up, we will hear what we got wrong this week. stick around. th pronamel repair, we can help actively repair enamel in its weakened state. it's innovative. my go to toothpaste is going to be pronamel repair. liberty mutual customizes car insurance so you only pay fore what you need. how much money can liberty mutual save you? one! two! three! four! five! 72,807! 72,808... dollars. yep... everything hurts.
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that we go to our shows steve phoenix sr.
8:51 pm
you were on a vacation last week , how was disney world? >> f got to say it was great. parks, had breakfast with chippendale which isn't the sam chippendale you often have breakfast with, but before i started i want to come prevent you on the nicole wallace impression, that was accurate and well done. >> a practice. >> speaking at disney, on monday , you butchered some of the beloved princesses names. hit it, mike. could get exposure to cartoon princesses from cinderella to have a positive effect on kids, he expected a girl who said her favorite princess mulan was les gender stereotyped. >> greg, the number of calls i
8:52 pm
got from outraged parents, i can't even tell you. too bad you don't host wheel of fortune because you desperately need to buy some, greg. >> okay. to be fair, to be fair, how am supposed to know. it would be really weird if i did know and i didn't have kids. by the way, this is a disability , you use what i did to mark name. >> that's what i'm saying. i butcher i misplaced vowels, accidents on certain silvers, s i had to practice saying the name and finally they seiko lik it the vin number of your car, but he says that after the interview so it was no help to meet whatsoever verity could've said it before.
8:53 pm
>> somebody is defensive. >> okay. we've got to keep it rolling. normally i would hit up cat right about now, but greg, you had a particularly awful week s i'm sticking with you. let's hear your comments from tuesday about o.j. simpson. >> let's be honest, oj was way ahead of the curve he was wearing gloves back in 93. well, actually, greg, the murders of nicole brown simpson and ron goldman where oj allegedly wore those infamous gloves took place on the night of june 12, 1994 and his trial didn't kick off until 95, aroun the time you are working for men's health although you left that job and clearly stopped taking care of yourself. interestingly though, kris jenner commented a few years ag that she may have been with nicole brown simpson when the famous clubs we're purchased as
8:54 pm
a christmas gift for oj in 1993 so you could be right after all greg. >> so you put us through all of that to say that i was right, and while you were doing that, you are actually defending o.j. simpson by saying allegedly. >> what kind of freak are you? >> a lot of people have gone through worse including watchin the show. frankly i wish we could put you on trial for the many times we watched you beat a joke to death . but we've got to keep going, an guess who have going right back too. its it's you, greg. we're going to finish where it all began. going for the hat trick here. let's listen to some of your comments at your out of touch you are with menu items at america's favorite restaurant chain. take us home, mike. >> you can't demand proof of vaccine at the border, but you can do it at times square's applebee's. that makes sense. jalapeno poppers are more dangerous than any virus from a
8:55 pm
chinese lab. while, greg, wrong again, applebee's doesn't have jalapen poppers on the menu i've been called that location just to double check. shout out to alyssa. you would've been more accurate had you guessed a restaurant at random because tgi friday's has poppers, dave and busters has poppers, jack-in-the-box is busters, even arby's has poppers . there you go. you know, i was getting a littl lightheaded and quite frankly i forgot. once again i'm out of time so i'm going have to see you aroun for it gives you later, steve. >> i will see him at home. we have this angry back-and-forth, but when we get back to the hot tub, oh baby, it's like nothing ever happened. don't go anywhere, will be righ back.
8:56 pm
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>> we are out of time. ours to talk studio at night. ♪ welcome to fox news at night, i'm chien bream in washington. raking tonight, florida governo rhonda santos blasting presiden biden accusing him of forgettin of serious issues like inflatio and the rotavirus surge at the southern border. after he forgets to know the governor's name. two different strategy for some real-world problems as the


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