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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 6, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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photographer and editor, kyle rothenberg, frank merola, justin welsch, who runs the show. i would also like to thank the people of hungary for being so nice to us.ho we will see you back from america, monday night, 8:00 p.m. eastern. ♪ ♪ >> sean: all right, welcome to this special friday edition of "hannity." covid confusion. joe biden's pandemic failures. tonight, we are bringing you a special "hannity" investigation into what is the disastrous handling of covid by the administration and by joe biden himself. we began this investigation on january 20th, 2021. that is when joe biden, well inherited a country that was fully on the mend. every single key tool to battle covid-19, it was in place.
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it was handed to him. three vaccines had been developed by donald trump and his administration, and it had been distributed in record time. now, they were already in use. by the time joe took over, over 1 million shots a day were going into the arms of the most vulnerable american citizens. in fact, biden himself was already vaccinated before he ever entered office. therapeutics like regeneron and ivermectin, as well as other proactive treatments and practices were already helping covid-19 patients all across the country. our southern border was pretty much completely closed, 30-year low in terms of illegal immigration, slowing the spread of covid variants from all around the that lowest rate of illegal immigration in decades, that was president trump, that was the state in mexico policy, that was a huge success. he built a nearly 500 miles of new border wall, that was a success.
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the insane policy of catch and release, that ended under president trump. the message was clear: take this deadly pandemic seriously, do your research -- i've been saying it over and over -- talk to your doctor, your doctors factor in your unique medical history, your current medical condition, and then youn have to make your own informed decision about the vaccine, therapeutics other preventative measures, and then live your life. now, president trump gave president biden every tool that he needed to get this country back to normal. sadly, joe biden, he squandered them all. now, let's start with the vaccines. last year, while president trump was working with scientists at major pharmaceutical companies to expedite safe, effective vaccines, joe biden kamala harris, their friends in the media mob, their press secretaries, well, they were
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busy selling doubt and pushing anti-vax, anti-trump conspiracy theories. why? all for political gain. take a look. >> we will have a vaccine by the end of this year. is that possible, in your view? >> oh, brian, it is another day of potus in wonderland here. >> that is an ambitious timeline and health experts are not sure it is achievable. experts wonder if that timeline is perhaps dangerous. >> will we getin the best vaccie in this timetable or will we just get a vaccine? >> a coronavirus vaccine that trump says could come out this year, talk of a vaccine, experts say he would need a miracle to be right. >> sean: how interesting because i don't trust n kamala harris or joe biden. now joe biden is demanding everyone in america take the vaccine, all while i refusing to give his predecessor, of course any credit for the historic development of the vaccine, the
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distribution of the vaccine, the development of therapeutics. in fact, joe biden kamala harris never retracted all the conspiratorial comments they made onon the campaign tra. they never corrected the record as per usual. in his politics at its worst. all the while, he spent almost the entire campaign -- joe biden was hiding in his basement bunker. obviously hiding his cognitive decline. and worst of all, they continue to make vaccines a political issue, allti while refusing to follow the science, their own mantra. one recent example, look at what the cleveland clinic prestigious medical institution told us. they say those that had covid-19, infected with covid-19, developed natural t-cell immunity, and the cleveland clinic says that means they do not need to take any vaccine.ed are we going to follow that science? joe biden, democratic party they know better, and yet they are now demanding that everyone
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get vaccinated, even those with natural t cell immunity. and apparently, they now support mandatory vaccinations, even you know, those who have religious or medical exemptions rare medical conditions. what is this, one-size-fits-all medicine? we are going to listen to dr. joe biden and dr. kamala harris and dr. media mob? what happened to follow the real science? and ofof course, the mixed messaging from the white house well, almost impossible to fully track at this point. first, biden could not shake his obsession with forcing americans, got to wear the mask at all times, even fully vaccinated americans got to wear the mask. remember, he was fully vaccinated, with jill biden fully vaccinated, outdoors socially distant, they are wearing their masks, and they go to see jimmy carter, former first lady roslyn carter, and inside their home, 96, 93 years
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old, they take off their masks and they are right there next to them, which they've been telling us not to do. declared aiden then new policy. vax or mask, remember that? well now it is vax and mask and vaccine mandates and mask mandates and other draconian new restrictions and the possibility of yet more shutdowns. at biden request, and they seem eager in implementing all these new mandates. federal officials are now also calling on children as young as three years old to wear masks at all times in school. the nih director, genius that he is, he actually instructed, in the last week, parents to wear masks around their children inside of their own homes. at this point, we don't even know if schools in certain blue states will open in the fall and biden is still refusing to rule out a new round of these draconian lockdowns. now remember, just a few weeks
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ago, it was biden, other top democrats, media mob, they were declaring victory in the fight against covid-19. they promised that life could finally now return to normal. they said i promise. take a look. >> so if we can get the overwhelming proportion of the population vaccinated, by, let's say, the end of the second beginning of the third quarter by the time we get into mid-fall of 2021, we could be approaching some level of normality. >> what does 70% mean? it means that we can now return to life as we know it. >> the biggest takeaway is that getting vaccinated is our ticket back to normal. >> sean: now, our future is again uncertain. breakthrough cases, false promises, new mandates that do more to hurt american businesses and strip away american freedom. the actual battle of the pandemic. think about this.
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as an american, biden wants you toto follow a series of rules ad restrictions and forfeit all of your freedom and your paychecks and your medical privacy andns doctor-patient confidentiality all in the name of covid, at this late date, considering everything was given to him and handed to him on a silver platter. but there is -- this is where everything goes completely off the rails. take a look at our southern border. this is now, by far, nothing close, the single largest super-spreader event in the country that is now still ongoing. it all started on january 20th 2021. we have now well over a million illegal immigrants pouring across the border from all over the world. i think we are over 150 countries now. w many infectedec with covid-19. and because of biden's policies clearly all the restrictions are
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on american citizens, no restrictions on those that are not respecting our laws, our borders, and our sovereignty seems to care less. he halted border wall construction, he ended the president's successful stay in mexico policy, that of donald trump. he reinstituted obama's policy of catch and release. actually made it even easier. i call it process and release. nobody is turned away. he told migrants "come tono the southern border, we will take you into america." and now, as a result, we are experiencing historical levels of mass migration, illegal immigration. in the middle of a deadly pandemic. and joe biden is pretending like it's not happening. look at your screen. you see joe built dozens and dozens of new cages that were all overcrowded -- again, in the middle of a pandemic -- and people living on top of each other and covid positivity rate was through the roof and
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spreading like wildfire, but still, no testing in biden's cages, no mask mandates, no vaccine mandates, no vaccines period, and then the million plus and growing every day illegal immigrants, well, they would just shift to every state in the country, and many of these immigrants brought their racovid and variants with them and joe has never dealt with the problem, then outright lied and said there was no crisis at the border whatsoever. he even punted the crisis to the notoriously incompetenthe vice president kamala harris who until now has not done a single thing to fix the problem. that would be close the border. and now covid positive migrants they are now spreading out all across the country, on all 50 the state of disaster has been declared, for example, in mcallen, texas, just this f week, after 7,000 covid positive migrants were released into the
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city, including just 1500 in the past week alone. this year, moreus than a million migrants have been apprehended at the border. more than a million. and that is only the people that we know about. that is the same amount of people that would represent the tenth largest city in the united states of america. but biden cannot be bothered. in other words, the president is demanding that you, the american people, make every sacrifice take extraordinary measures that you get told what to do by your government, while simultaneously not lifting a finger to address this massive super-spreader crisis and that he caused at our southern border. so, we really can't trust that you know, derelict shell of a president, joe biden. we can't trust his administration. we can't trust the democratic party.en and the media mob, he lives in their protection program.
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they care about politics and power, clearly more than our health and our safety. and their unscientific unprincipled, ever-changing autocratic policies, yeah, it is leading this country straight into a massive, new health crisis of their making. now, one person has been trying to warn us all along, and he has been proven right time and time again, and that is kentucky senator, who happens to be a medical doctor senator rand paul. -- you know,us you have been warning us that this could likely you have been right. you have talked about natural antibodies. you were excoriated, even though you had covid-19, you disclosed it publicly, you explained what t cell antibodies are, the cleveland clinic now has scientifically confirmed that you are right from the beginning. but yet, the borders remain open, and now vaccine mandates mask mandates? your reaction?
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>> there is no really science that backs up going back to mandates or lockdowns. when you look at the delta variant, it got tohe england abt a month before us. it is more transmissible, so there are numbers that are rising of people who are getting it, but the vast majority are asymptomatic and don't get sick at all with this. those who do get sick, those who have been vaccinated are overwhelmingly surviving. so if you look at the death rate now, it's much less than it was in january. there is no indication we should become hysterical or go back to a lockdown. the other thing dr. fauci is dishonest about is about 100 million americans have gotten this naturally. they do have immunity. there's dozens of scientific studies showingng immunity if yu get the disease, similar if not better than the vaccine. against the vaccine. i think it is absolutely remarkable that 90% of people over 65 have now gotten it. people are smarterab than you think. you tell them this is the risk category and most of those
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people that vaccinated. above 50, we are at 70%, 75% of people have been vaccinated. so we have almost completely vaccinated are vulnerable crowd. we should be proud of this and we don't needbe anymore lockdows we do not need anymore mask mandates. most of the mandates, if you look at the time sequence, when they were instituted, the disease went up after thehe mandates. the mandates never brought down the incidence of disease, and frankly, most of the cloth masks don't work at all. >> sean: i don't agree with this one-size-fits-all medicine. we had a young girl on this program, has a rare medical condition, and she sought a medical exemption.l she got into byu, hawaii, she was not granted the exemption but in 2019, she got paralyzed for a month because of a vaccine that she had taken. now they are going to have vaccine mandates, so you can't go to restaurants or sporting events or concerts or pretty much anywhere, for example in new york, los angeles.
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what about people, like yourself that have natural immunity? again, one-size-fits-all medicine. >> well, and think about it this way, sean. if you've gotten the disease and you go just by what the cdc tells you, you are supposed to wait three months to be vaccinated, anyway, so for those three months, if you have to have a vaccine passport, you are not allowed to go anywhere because you are supposed to be waiting, but many of us believe the immunity goes along for much longer. sars, the coronavirus from 2004 people still have immunity 17 years later. a george mason professor, he got the disease, he has antibodies his doctors have told him that his natural immunity is good enough for him and he doesn't think he needs to be vaccinated. the university is insisting he be because they are taking dr. fauci's advice that one-size-fits-all, but they are ignoring the science.. they are as antiscience as you can possibly be, if you are not acknowledging the antibodies you get when you get an infection. vaccines are based on what
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happens to you when you get infected. >> sean: all right, let me ask you -- i think we are both, in many ways, in agreement on our constitution. i think we are also both, in many ways, in agreement on the idea of medical privacy and doctor-patient confidentiality senator. it seems, under these draconian measures and mandates, that all goes away. that is extraordinarily troublesome to me. >> well, you know, there are people writing these articles one woman wants us to have a no-fly list for those not vaccinated. her point is you have no right to travel. she actually has not read the constitution or the history of constitutional cases, because several of the cases have made it all thery way to the supreme court that say you do have a right to travel, so yes it is one of these basic freedoms, the ninth amendment says those rights not listed are not to be disparaged. what it was was a limited set of powers given to government, but what powers weren't left to the government were left of the
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people and states respectively so yes, you've a right to travel, you have a right to be unmolested by your government but also, they are not even obeying the science. even if you acknowledge they could take your freedom away they are not obeying the science. >> sean: good to know, again following the science and what you said from the beginning is backed up by the cleveland clinic. thank you for being with us. >> absolutely.y. >> sean: joining us now with more, "outnumbered" cohost kayleigh mcenany and fox news contributor miranda devine. you were there, kayleigh, as operation warp speed -- nobody thought this could get done in this period of time. they broke down the sequence of the virus in record time. by financially backing up these pharmaceutical companies. those companies could throw all of those resources, pretty much risk free, to getting a solution. therapeutics, vaccines, all of which they were successful in getting.
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now you see, okay, everyone is going to be mandated to get a vaccine, but we have a super-spreader event, nobody at the border even gets checked? >> yeah, it's absolutely unbelievable, sean. yes, a i was a part of operation warp speed and the trump white house as press secretary and this was the fastest vaccine ever for a novel pathogen, but president trump had the brilliant idea, i'm not just going to produce the vaccine and wait until it gets to emergency approval, i'm going to go ahead and manufacture them. so he paid and contracted to manufacture hundreds of millions of vaccines. he came in, as he always said president obama left the cupboards bare with ppe, that protective equipment, so president trump partnered with the private sector and got us ppe. w joe biden has been dealt a very good hand that he is now squandering. as you see now, upwards of 8,000 illegal immigrants with covid positive status is released in mcallen, texas, alone. ron desantis was exactly right.
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president biden is importing covid, and guess what, his polling numbers are showing it. he is plummeting in the polls because americans are seeing this guy does not have two witsg about him, he is clueless, and he has squandered what president trump gave him. >> sean: miranda, you are living in the s middle of what looks like a vaccine mandate. one thing, if you look demographically, for example, in the city of new york, about less than a third of african-americans have not been vaccinated in new york city. that means we are going to shut them out of every restaurant every sporting venue, now they are talking about vaccine passports if you want to get on an airplane? how far will they take this, and what about this negatively disproportionately, unfairly impacting minority communities? >> well, sean, i don't think they really thought it through properly.
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this would be the new jim crow if they actually implement it. they are so in their heads, the democrat, the biden administration, trying to manipulate and weaponize this into an attack on particularly ron desantis, but on republicans, and they find that ron desantis, his defiance in florida, to be a real challenge. they know that he is a future you know, leader of the party and that he is going to be a big challenge for them in 2024 and beyond, and so, they want to preemptively destroy him, and they are going to use covid to do so. but, you know, there is nothing that you can listen to that joe bidenou and his administratn say. when they are creating this super-spreader event at the border, if they actually care
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about covid at about these cases that are rising, and the delta variant, they should be worried about some sort of lambda variant that is apparently rampant in latin america, and that will be coming across the border soon, too, so he is just a hypocrite, theyro are just usg this as another weapon of control. if they cared, they would stop those covid positive migrants pouring over the border. we are looking at, you know 2 million plus undocumented migrants coming over the border and if you even take a small like arv 5%, that's conservative of those that are covid positive, you are talking about 100,000 people, covid positive that is the entire population of mcallen, texas.iv so you are not taking it seriously. you are disposing those people around this country, at the same time law-abiding people who have beenav vaccinated, they are telling them that you are second-class citizens, you have to wear masks, you know ridiculous. >> sean: yeah, and what is
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interesting, as ron desantis unlike new york and new jersey and pennsylvania and michigan immediately mobilized every state agency to protect the elderly population -- they have a very high older population in the state of florida -- from day one. and he did not put covid patients in nursing homes. to me, this is a distraction from the border that is biden. miranda, thank you. kayleigh, thank you. after the break, rules for thee but not for me or you. we will expose the left rampant to covid hypocrisy that's coming up as the special edition of "hannity" continues. thanks for being with us. ♪ ♪
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welcome to fox news live i am jackie in new york. a woman accused new york governor andrew of groping her has now filed a criminal complaint. her account is also included in the state attorney general's investigative report. it concluded he directs only harassed 11 women. the attorney did not address th complaint friday during a hearing. his conference one hour long cuomo denied he touched anyone inappropriately. meanwhile eight people are missing is the so-called dixie fire tears through northern california. fueled by high temperatures and strong wind it. is the third-largest fire in in state history. the flames ravaged them on community of greenville. leaving the historic town of about 1,000 people in ashes. the fire is 35 percent containe a. at threatening more than 10,000 homes. i am jackie now back to "hannity."
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>> sean: all right, now, as we have been showing you night after night, failed, far left democratic leaders, they don't even, literally, follow their own covid restrictions, even as they want the rest of us, alll f you to follow their draconian orders, all ofhe them. rules for thee, but not for me not for you. that has been the driving model of prominent democrats. and we start with embattled governor -- let's start with gavin newsom, who is now - in te fight of his life, the recall rate with polls now finally having him under water. i enough covid hypocrisy has w sunk into the people of california. e you may remember, back in november 2020, remember he caught at that group dinner ritzy french laundry restaurant no masks, no social distancing all while telling everyone else in california that doing this would be putting lives at risk. and that's not all.
11:29 pm
his kids, they were back in person learning at school, while most of the rest of the state of california, their students o suffered under remote learning. and just recently, he pulled his kids from a summer camp after a mask less photo emerged there exposing more of newsom's rampant disregard for his own rules. and of course, it doesn't even stop there. he had one more restaurant incident. and in michigan, there we have failed governor governor gretchen whitmer, shut down whitmer in michigan, she was caught lying about a trip to florida while she was telling everybody else "do not travel!" falsely claimed she was in town she knew she wasn't, and then there's even more. remember when she was urging residents to stay home last summer, at the h same time her husband, yeah, he was trying to get a dock installed at their lake house and bring his boat out. and then there is disgraced
11:30 pm
governor andrew cuomo. not only iss he under fire to resign after the damning state ag report about current state female employees, a whopping total of 11 of them. he also did, just like whitmer ordered six patients at nursing homes, and then cuomo got caught trying to cover it all up. all while he inked a multimillion dollar book deal and the whistle-blower within his own administration said the reason we weren't telling you the real numbers is because we did not want the department of justice to have them. sounds like a cover up. last fall, he was exposed for this thanksgiving day plan saying that his daughters and 89-year-old mother were coming to dinner.ay despite telling everyone else in new york to avoid these gatherings, before eventually having to cancel the dinner out 's of embarrassment. and then there is far left socialist mayor, well lori lightweights violence-plagued chicago, she
11:31 pm
covered up covid restrictions in that city all while she was appearing mask less at the lollapalooza music festival in chicago. and don't forget about d.c. mayor muriel bowser. remember she was photographed mask less at a wedding reception? yeah, right after she reinstated the districts mask mandate there. then, of course, barack obama. yeah, he had a big party planned, 60th birthday. yeah, hesc had to scale down his martha's vineyard birthday bash after it was revealed that yeah he was going to have a party with 700 r people. again, ask yourself, if these leaders were really worried about covid, putting these draconian measures on us, you we, the american people, would they be acting like this? i don't think so. and that includes the, well cognitively struggling joe biden. back in march, the white house
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they were forced to defend his we can travel to delaware as it came at the very same time thede administration was now urging americans to avoid all nonessential travel. i don't think delaware is essential. out in san francisco, remember nancy pelosi? she got caught getting her hair done at that hair salon, as it remains closed, businesses h sht their doors, they weren't allowed to open legally. yeah, they opened for her. and i don't see a mask on either. more recently, pelosi caught again without herer mask after reinstating the mandate in the house of representatives. we have seen this time and time and time and time again. for example, the far left mayor of austin, texas, was forced to apologize for taking a mexico vacation, at the same time urging residents to stay home. and the san jose mayor said last year that he didn't know his thanksgiving gathering broke
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state health rules. so ask yourself, does any of this make any sense? does anyone really believe that these politicians, these so-called experts, are at all concerned with all of our safety and our well-being? because it'saf as undeniable as ever. the biden administration, the democratic party, their friends in the media mob, they have politicized the science. they use it when it is convenient, they ignore it when it is convenient. and the consequences have been devastating. all right, we have a lot more to come. coming up, more evidence covid-19, yeah, they said we were all conspiracy theorists. we knew from day one in that virology lab in wuhan that they studied coronaviruses. we also knew from day one they were involved in gain-of-function research. we were all called conspiracy theorists. remember how the media mob and democrats that this was a right-wing conspiracy? we've got the tape. we are going to prove they knew they were lying, too. joe concha and jason chaffetz
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way in the next on the special edition of "hannity." ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> sean: all right, now as more and more evidence points to the coronavirus originating from that virology lab in wuhan including a new, explosive report from congressional the mob and yeah, the media, remember allrt last year, they were lying to you again and again and again. they told you it was a debunked right wing conspiracy theory. they attackedwi senator tom cotton president donald trump, anyone else that dared to challenge their made-up wet market theory. here is a short trip down memory
11:39 pm
lane about how wrong they were but remember, at the time they knew this lab,mo yeah, was involved in the study of coronaviruses and gain-of-function research. keep that in mind as you watch this. >> although the answers are still not certain, it seems likely the coronavirus originated in bats. >> it is very, very strongly leaning toward this could not have been artificially or deliberately manipulated. >> there is a significant amount isy of evidence that this came from that laboratory in wuhan. does our reporting back up that there is significant evidence of this? i was surprised to hear this today. trump world's most favorite conspiracy theories "new yorkir times" reports "senr trump administration officials have pushed american spy agencies to hunt for evidence supporting an unsubstantiated theory that a government lab in wuhan, china, was the origin of the coronavirus outbreak." >> this particular claim that the virus was leaked from a, wuhan lab, this has been disputed by many experts and
11:40 pm
scientists from around the world. >> sean: all right, this was just the latest flip-flop from the so-called experts, and of course, the failing, corrupt media mob, and just like they sent mixed messages on masks ventilators, the risk of outdoor transmission, vaccines, whichch they told us, once you get your vaccine, life goes back to normal! but now, mandates, even if you are vaccinated, they change their minds seemingly by the hour. they have been totally discredited, further exposed as nothing more than propagandists for all things new democratic socialist and their party. here with reaction, joe concha jason chaffetz. let me start with jason first then get to the media question with joe second. jason, we knew coronaviruses were studied in that lab. january 31st, 2020, and email that we now know dr. fauci got
11:41 pm
said it looks like one of the genomes was manipulated by a human, meaning gain-of-function then the flurry of emails starting on february 1st about did we possibly fund this? meaning gain of function. and then he goes out with the wet market lie. i think this warrants an investigation. i don't know, if i lied to congress, i would probably get what roger stone got, 30 guys tactical gear, guns drawn, cnn fake news cameras. >> at a minimum, the inspector general should be diving deep into this. i think at this point, therene should be no dr. fauci employed by the federal government. i think he is deeply conflicted. i think there is enough suspicion about whether or not they actually did fund this. i think senator rand paul has made more than ample case that that was actually funded, and that dr. fauci, why is he still
11:42 pm
sitting in his seat? he has flipped and flopped on every issue. i don't believe him and i think he is there in large part to protect himself, defend himself and to create this scenario so that they don't get to see what actually happened. if you have a major question and it is one of the biggest questions in the land, about the origination of this, you need to take out the person and put him to the side, give him a desk job somewhere, or better yet, fire the guy. we have the best intelligence agency on the face of the planet.. you have the national security robert o'brien, director of national intelligence john radcliffe, the secretary off state mike pompeo, the president himself saying this was happening. we should have believed him. everybody should have been reporting it, and they should have gotten on top of it right when it was >> sean: you know, joe, we have a pattern here, and that is the real conspiracy theorists on russia, russia, that was the media mob and the democrats because they peddled their
11:43 pm
conspiracy theories and lies on russia. they blame trump for a quid pro quo, but we know what was really joe and zero experience hunter. now we have the wuhan virology lab that the nih funded with taxpayer dollars involved in gain of function and coronaviruses being studied. they called us conspiracy theorists. they, again, seem to be the conspiracy theorists. >> sean, you only scratched the surface in termsns of the many media bombshells during the trump administration that ended up being dust, horribly wrong. cheryl atkinsonen has kept a running tally, and there areor 5 major examples, but the biggest piece of for propaganda and one of the most blatant acts of virus, came in the reporting on the origin of covid because the chinese themselves could not have drawn it up any better. in "the new york times," "washington post," cnn, npr, all said, no questions asked, no ambiguity, that the lab theory was a reckless conspiracy theory
11:44 pm
because it came from republicans like cotton and trump and pompeo.he how could those news organizations be so a definitiv? these journalists were expelled from china at the onset of the how could they know what the chinese were saying and how could they verify it in these situations? and look, jon stewart, of all people, put it best, making the argument that the lab theory is valid, greatest analogy, "there has been an outbreak of chocolaty goodness near hershey pennsylvania, what do you think happened? maybe a steam shovel made it with a cocoa bean or maybe it is the expletive chocolate factory." jason is right, no investigation has been more import and then where covid came from, 617,000 americans dead at home due to covid related illness. if we don't know what happened here, how and why, we are doomed to repeat it, covid-24, covid it will never end. >> sean: great analysis.
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when we come back, a massive super-spreader event now unfolding at our border. our own investigative reporter sara carter will be here with a full report, along with former acting i.c.e. director tom homan. stay with us, as the special edition of "hannity" continues. you won't get this from the media mob. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> sean: now joe biden and the democrats, they claim to care about covid and came to care about publicla safety, all while covid positive illegal immigrants pouring across our southern border in record numbers that we haven't seen in oh, 20 or 30 years, in what is now officially, by far, a giant super-spreader event, the
11:50 pm
biggest of them all, so law-abiding americans, you need to show proof of vaccine if you cityto eat at a new york restaurant or go to a sporting event or a broadway show or even a movie, buty you don't need any vaccine proved across the southern border., same people, by the way, that say they don't like voter i.d. interesting. this is aay full-blown humanitarian and security and a public health crisis. our own sara carter investigative reporter, she has been encountering sick migrants and exposed right here on this program how bad these conditions are and how sick people are. take a look. >> they had a little bit, he's been sick, there's another child here that sick, but they have been giving them some hydration with pedialyte, electrolyte asthma medication. i am going to get them walking and what i am going to do is contact border patrol so we can get someone down there to find that girl that is passed out on the road.
11:51 pm
have been walking for more than a month from honduras. she is feeling very sick extensive nosebleed, i'm going to sit here with her. we have already called the doctors. obviously, there are people that are going to come down here that are going toob help her out. there's just not enough people working, manpower, to process the need here at the border. i mean, i don't even know what we need to show here to express what is going on here, the humanitarian crisis, the national security crisis, the child crisis, the migrant crisis, there's just not enough people to help with the needs of everybody here. >> sean: here more to explain investigative reporter sara carter, along with former acting i.c.e. director tom homan. sara, i mean, just so people know, how many times, seeing people that you know are sick even putting your own health in jeopardy, knowing they likely
11:52 pm
have covid, you are calling emergency services because they are not going to make it if they don't get immediate medical attention. >> that's right, sean, and there's not enough of that. think about this, we are on the border, we can't reach 911 because all of our calls to 911 go to mexico. mexico can't respond to the emergency because it's on the u.s. side of the border. this isge happening over and ovr and over again. we don't have enough emts. the community of mcallen, for example, if someone in the community, an american citizen is sick or has a heart condition or calls 911, they may not be able to get an ambulance because those ambulance may be dispatched to the border. so this is an issue that is impacting not only the migrants but the people in mcallen. right now, there were about 7,000 people that crossed into mcallen last week. of those that were tested, 1500 tested positive for covid, but think of all of the people that are exposed to covid and all the people that are exposed to all the other illnesses coming
11:53 pm
across the border. this really is a humanitarian and national security national securityor crisis. >> sean: tom, this is now pretty much process, release and disperse to the entire country, after you put people in overcrowded cages in the middle of a a pandemic, with no testing no vaccines, no vaccine mandate no mask mandate. is that pretty much accurate what your guys are telling you the process is now? >> absolutely, and i'm shocked in my almost 35 year career i've never seen anything like this. sara is spot on, i talked toi' a highn level border patrol official today, he thinks the majority of them in the rio grande valley are sick, but of course he does not know if they have covid because border patrol do not test for covid. here's what we know, over 1200 covid of positive cases in i.c.e. custody, and i see is percentage of border crossers. w phoenix, arizona, had a hotel room, 40% of occupants have
11:54 pm
covid, and as sara said, 7500 just in mcallen, one border town, not even talking about california, arizona, numerous other border towns in texas. what shocks me is we have the first president, president in the history of this nation that is actively aiding and abetting he is complicit, he is facilitating, not only illegal immigration, he is facilitating importation of covid, he is facilitating humanan trafficking he is facilitating fentanyl coming across that borderat because half the border patrol agents are no longer online. over 90,000 opioid and fentanyl overdoses. he is facilitating a lawless border, and i'm sick and tired everybody's talking about it i'm pleading for the republican congressmen and senators talking but tough talk, but time for action. f there shouldn't be another meeting on infrastructure bill until we hold this administration responsible for what they have done to this border. people arey dying. just not american citizens. one sheriff told me this week he already found over 40 dead
11:55 pm
migrants in hisad county. people are dying. >> sean: straight ahead, my final thoughts on biden's pandemic failures as this special friday of "hannity" continues. ♪ ♪
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of your life and your destiny and our prosperity. boy, do we need an election lik yesterday. thank you as always for joining us. please never miss an episode. we hope you have a great weeken and we will see you back your monday night >> reporter: this is a special edition of the ingraham angle. a week had been our, discreetly governor andrew cuomo remaining to fight against sexual harassment allegations as he said with the complaint, what charges he could face. greg jarrett is here on that plus megan markel's impromptu royal celebrity zoom call it what is the one