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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  August 7, 2021 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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do with it so let's give her credit for sucking it up, hitting the balance beam and bringing home the bronze medal. paul: if you have your own hit or miss, tweeted to us at jtr on fnc. that's it for this week's show. thank you to my panel and thanks to all of you for watching. i hope to see you here next week. ♪♪ >> could the sexual harassment investigation into government enter promo lead to his arrest eventually? that's from the sheriff in new york in albany county. he spoke today on the first known criminal complaint against the governor followed by a formal aide who claims he groped her at the governor's mansion. welcome to fox news live, i am are fell. i, eric. >> hello, welcome to join us. i am eric shawn. developing, devastating combination for the seventh
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border from record search of migrants trying to enter our country, some of them are tested positive for covid. how many people are calling and what she says she's doing to protect us. there is no arrest on capitol hill at this hour, the senate hammering out a massive bipartisan infrastructure bill at live on the senate floor right now. primary, coming later today, if team product on all these stories. the latest from bill pollution reporting from the border. alex hogan live with more on the governor formal and more calls for him to step aside. >> the albany county sheriff did confirm unidentified woman filed a criminal complaint against governor andrew cuomo thursday night. the sheriff explaining how difficult and emotional it was for the woman and it's only
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starting. >> this is obviously a high profile investigation, a lot of information out there. we have a lot to do, a lot of interviews to do and i'm not going to russia because of who he is. >> his accuser, executive assistant number one says he put his hand under her blouse. rama denied all allegations against him including a former member of his security detail. in the 165 page report, one female state trooper details rubbing, kissing and inappropriate touching. he brought her on despite only two years experience. his lawyers argue the intentions came from a good place. >> he had been complaining about lack of diversity on his detail for a period of time. he thought she was impressive in their meeting and she said and
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understand, why can't we hire somebody like her, you know her? he was told she was excellent so why don't we hire her? reporter: the governor's lawyer product in ambush casting doubt on the stories of the accusers. the ag firing back calling it a political attempt to take away from the bravery of the women. about an hour ago rally began defending governor here in new york currently 50 of the state 62 democratic chairs are calling on promo to resign. eric: thank you. tomorrow tune into fox news live at noon, we will be speaking. republican mayoral candidate curtis about the follow-up surrounding governor promo. he went to while most office, to demand for cover step down. ♪♪ arthel: fox news has exclusively gained new images we are showing
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them now that show overcrowded, again at the migrant facility in texas similar to what was seen at the same center in march. an area set up to house covid positive migrant in one border town now holding more than three times its original capacity. bill pollution is live with more. reporter: good afternoon. when the border search starting in the spring, the of ministration set it's a seasonal thing, the sort of thing that happens every year. we are now into august, that's not true. the numbers are continuing to skyrocket the 20 her record highs. without exclusive images to show you. new images of the facility behind me, shot from a border patrol showing once again overcrowding inside. as of thursday, there were more than 5300 people in the with migrant in parts of more than 4t
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the covid recommendation with ten apart. this shows no signs of slowing down. look at this deal we shot in texas last night. we seek pretty much every day this is out here. another group of migrant across the rio grande and gave himself up to border patrol. he's our family unit that takes border patrol such a long time to process them and they don't have the resources. look at this video, these are drunk shots from yesterday, and emergency compound built by the city with the primary purpose of housing covid positive migrant released from federal custody they said we had to do this because the fence released so many migrant downtown, we couldn't handle it anymore and more and more have been testing positive for covid-19 so they had to build. look at this ground shot
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yesterday, several hundred people yesterday, initial capacity was 250. the mayor said yesterday it's well over 850 people as we are hearing more and more border agents are testing positive for covid. >> we have at least 80 agents, more than 80 have tested positive. we have at least 150 in quarantine and the numbers are growing every day. it's getting out of control and unfortunately administration is turning a blind eye. reporter: we've confirmed that they started flying migrant expelled under title 42 deep into the interior of mexico. that is a change. they've typically been putting them on a bus to bring them across the border and drop them off there. they had high levels where people were just recross again a few hours or days later. they're trying to stop them by flying them deep into southern mexico where they hope it will
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be too far for them to cross again. arthel: thank you. eric. eric: meeting right now for the second saturday in a row trying to finalize roughly 120-dollar bipartisan infrastructure bill. let's look live at the senate floor, they are meeting from still unsettled business about the amendments. backward stretch this out over the weekend. they've had procedure issues and the like. no one knows about it then chief congressional correspondent, chad on capitol hill with the latest. reporter: good afternoon and it play-by-play, the same is true in the united states senate, the senate today broke up the filibuster on the bipartisan infrastructure bill but opponents can still drag it out before a final vote and there is a fight behind the scenes on changes to the bill senate majority leader chuck schumer hoped to finish the bill
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thursday. >> we can get this done the easy way or the hard way. it can be either case, the senate will stay in session until we finish our work, it's up to my republican colleagues how long it takes. >> gop members are starting up and here's why. the longer the gop can delay the bill, the more thicken hamstring democrat from the starting work on their massive $3.5 trillion infrastructure bill. >> their business is growing the federal government. i think they have to show and our kids and grandkids want to be annihilated with debt and inflation as a result. >> the senate needed 60 votes to end the filibuster on the bipartisan bill at 67 including the boat 18 gop members. eric: keeping up with that basketball analogy. they going to get into the net or one of a doing? >> we don't know the line on that yet. the fight is looming between
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liberals and moderates. many democrats want as many provisions as they came into the bill and that ranges from immigration to climate change policy and the gop is ready to pounce as bernie sanders readies the framework for that bill. >> the size and scope of chairman sanders socialist shopping list will make every disagreement with pat and manny the infrastructure compromise look like. reporter: the gop for weaponize the bill and portray it as that's running up that. eric: will keep you on standby in case we have that. thanks so much. ♪♪ arthel: california officer is in critical condition after shooting outside a police station near los angeles last night. police responded to a disturbance outside the station
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in la habra. the suspect was killed in the shootout. still not clear what exactly that up to the gunfire. another crime making headlines nationwide, this one in atlanta where there could be a break in the case of a brutal murder of a woman and her dog inside a very popular perk. investigators say a witness to the stabbing deaths of catherine and her dark last week have come forward and cooperating with the investigation. they raised the rework to $20000 for information related to the coming. charles is live with more. reporter: the county district attorney for atlanta said this is top priority as the lead in the victims family search for the person responsible for the brutal murder of catherine and her dog friday. authorities confirmed the jogger seen in photos released by police potential witnesses and
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is cooperating. investigators are hoping he and several other potential witnesses can help lead to a break in the case and her and her dog were found stabbed to death in the park in the early morning hours of july 28. the victims domestic partner, doug, w aga was worried once the victim stopped answering her phone calls and it led him to the gruesome discovery. >> i put my hands on her face and checked for a pulse but you can tell she was not a life. reporter: the meantime, fbi has stepped in to assist as authorities examine the victim for possible traces of dna evidence according to reports.
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atlanta police have not made an arrest. the reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction in the case now tops $20000. arthel: our thoughts are with him and the entire family. thank you. eric: 100 wild fires are burning. stretching from oklahoma to the california and washington post including the dixie fire in northern california. the state largest and it history. eight people so far remain unaccounted for. the fire wiped out the entire goldrush town of springtown earlier this week. meteorologist adam joins us with more on this forecast. are they going to get any relief? they really needed. >> they certainly do. the good news is the winds have kind of died down a little bit
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and that's what really starts wildfire but the thing that will help put out is moisture from a higher humidity and possibly rain and unfortunately we do not see that in the forecast. the only showers we are talking running up into the great lakes, much of the west and it's a wide area dealing with wildfires and it still bone dry. wildfires up 100 acres or more, 93 currently it takes you across the northern mountains and all the way down the west coast into northern california where some of the large fires. because of this additionally there is air quality problems and we are seeing that predominantly here this saturday on colorado and wyoming and colorado but it doesn't stop there. you might see this even if you live far from the fires. he got up into the upper atmosphere in the went rabbit and you can see it shipped across the entire country. this is our wild caught fire forecast.
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stretching up into new england, this is a large issue. we are going to have to wait a while to get better whether. eric: that affects so many people so far away. arthel: governor andrew cuomo facing impeachment and now potential criminal investigation raising questions about whether he can continue to serve an office but what if he refuses to step down? a lawmaker who would take part in the impeachment process joins us next. ♪♪ 's
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's the war of words, president biden and florida governor ron desantis, the parent is spreading causing a surgeon covid cases. governor desantis is trying to cut off money for school district that force returning student to mass up in classrooms. experts say the children's hospitals are billing for coronavirus cases the state is smashing it covered case record. peter doocy is live where the president is spending the weekend at his house. >> the last couple of days president biden has been getting a lot of questions about governor ron desantis and even though it seems like a couple weeks ago they had constructive down from the president visited florida to address the conduct
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collapse, the president is now on the issue of covid and bringing questions about desantis by saying governor who? >> i guess i'm not surprised biden doesn't remember me. i guess the question is, what else has he forgotten? #biden has forgot about the crisis at the southern border, i can tell you that. biden has begun about inflation biden the budget of families throughout our country. >> white house officials argue when he says he's going to get the right to send their kids to class about masks and they can hold back school districts that don't give parents a choice being political when he should be scientific. >> he says his concern about emotional academic and psychological effects putting kindergarten and masks for arizona time.
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during the her early predecisional discovery about that. >> there's not and i will tell you from personal experience my rising kindergarten told me three days ago she could wear a mask all day and she's happy to go to camp and go to school. >> the president is at church right now not far from wilmington. he played golf earlier today and expect him in washington d.c. to do whatever he can to aid the passage of the infrastructure deal with all the amendments, the bill he thinks is critical to keeping the economy on track. eric: will expect that later today if not later today. on fell. >> attorneys general report and investigation criminal investigation the new york state assembly as majorities need to move forward with articles of impeachment. there's no reason to wait any longer, we have enough evidence
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and reason to move forward and remove the government because he doesn't seem equipped to do the right thing and resign himself. arthel: at new york state simply minority senate leader robert who is speaking earlier on fox news live. andrew cuomo dixon and refusing to step down and facing intense pressure to design even for members of his own party including members of congress and the president himself. the county sheriff saint the first known complaints against formal filed by an aide who says he groped her adequately to an arrest. joining us now,, republican member of the new york state assembly. as you probably heard earlier, the chair of craig applesauce's office is in charge of investigating this complaint against the governor, he said there's a lot of fact finding you and they will rush forward because it involves the
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governor. he added if an official charge is filed would likely be a misdemeanor so i'm not asking to litigate the case here with this criminal conduct complaint. however, what is your stance? >> thank you for having me here to talk about this important issue. i would say it's important and it's good that law enforcement and district attorney's counties where many of these disturbing allegations have taken place are taking it seriously the district attorney i represent westchester in the assembly as well, they are doing investigation it is important the victims are able to find peace and justice, the governor get due process, it's important for people to know this criminal investigation in the criminal proceedings should be running now concurrently with
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what we are doing in the legislature fighting for impeachment. a lot of my colleagues and majority in the senate to pass several months from up there calling for the government to resign. there calling for the governor to resign, it's not going to do anything. he's the only one with power to resign. i have the power to impeach and i think it time my colleagues and assembly exercise that power and remove the governor. arthel: the governor is still fighting. one of his attorneys held a lengthy briefing. >> for the majority of the witnesses interviewed, they were not transcribed. this would become, if you accept the report as is, without giving him evidence, i tell you that an irresponsible and new standard for impeachment. arthel: investigation by the
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attorney general's office was tainted by politics. what is your reaction? >> i think that was predictable, we knew the governor's office would respond that way. i did hear the president of united states say resign the top chair resign for a moment but the governor might have the common decency to think it through and do the right thing and resign. the response and defense from his lawyers yesterday on the governor's website that shows he's going to be completely defiant and shows his strategy. i think they misrepresent misrepresent the facts themselves and rightfully responded to the accusations and the other thing with impeachment, specifically powers for rule of governor, that in itself includes a portion of due process. if the governor wants the case,
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he's going to be able to do that in the senate and as far as the criminal proceedings, can have concurrently like i said earlier, the comments lawyers made were directed at the last agree just allegations in the ag report which they provide enough evidence in that report. i read it in for them dismiss that, i think that is responsible but the big important things like a trooper, they barely even talked about that. i think they were unprepared to talk about it. arthel: that stood out to me as well yesterday. this was released yesterday and it shows 70% of your response governor cuomo to resign as you discussed, the governor on the same page but how much time does the governor have to continue to find these calls for resignation
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before he is called to the senate. you think it will get to the. >> i think it could. with everyday he was defiant, i think it's getting to where the assembly speaker and top elected officials are using losing credibility by the minute. he even declared i was a couple weeks ago -- that's an extreme amount of power for the, and he still has that power today. he's shown he's willing to intimidate lawmakers so we shouldn't delay any further but if he doesn't, the assembly majority is going to be compelled to act. i'm doing everything in my power arthel: quickly. >> they put a deadline for him to respond evidence by the end of next friday, my belief is
1:27 pm
immediately schedule us to consider a vote on impeachment. i was tough on it today and five months ago but ultimately, we are outnumbered in the new york state legislature. the speaker has a tremendous amount of power and we need to convince him and i'm hopeful we can get this done before the end of the month. i want to get it done now and before i lose you, impeachment is important because as disgusting and offensive as some of these allegations are in the attorney general's report, there's a lot of other things impeachment investigation and assembly looked up. all of those things because the vaccines are. arthel: so the bottom line before we go, there is definitely a lot of wrong ones at the governor so it's going to be interesting to see this
1:28 pm
conundrum he finds himself in. new york state assemblyman evan thank you for joining us and we'll have you back on as the story continues. thank you. eric: on the southern border, the border cities and communities have been dealing with the migrant prices for months. some of them are forced to shelter hundreds of covid positive migrants. migrants carry coronavirus, lawmakers in congress demanding action coming up, we'll talk to one of them new mexico. she has the bill she says will protect us. ♪♪
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on top of the record search of the southern border, many communities are dealing with arise a number of covid positive migrants. migrant encounters of the border steadily increased over the last
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few months but the numbers are expected to surpass 200,000 for july. the biden administration is extended the trump era title 42 policy. expels some migrants to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. cities say they're still being covered migrants in the communities. our next guest has a bill called the shield act to make title 42 permanent to protect americans from covid. new mexico republican, long part of the border. congresswoman, welcome. what were the shield act do? >> it's a great bill that would codify title 42. that's the public health order that president trump putting that allows regions to expel them illegally mexico or canada so they do a process from the water and immediately do it and
1:34 pm
i was put into play because of this pandemic. under this administration they are only allowed to use title 42 about half of the time so we could codify this into law and use it, there's no doubt it would help safety and welfare of the american people. eric: they were even going to drop it a few weeks ago and then they reduced it because of the influx? >> i don't know but it's a great topic talking points but let's be clear, they are not using title 42 hunt family unity and only using it on about half of the unaccompanied minors who coming in let me explain this, even with title 42, they were able to expel 170,000 people but we still see between 270 -- 280,000 families into the country and are expelled or tested for covid-19.
1:35 pm
eric: just over 100,000 a month, 751,000 but as you say, family units are not, do you think those are enough? >> i think they are a lot higher because none of these figures of the garlic, none of them are making their way across the border and let me put it in perspective, we know by the numbers over 1.2 million illegals have come into our nation and 21. only a total population of just over 2 million so looking at half the state population have made into the country illegally. eric: and there were questions about how many. they've had to set up tents from about 7000 came in last week. the city officials their claim 1500 migrants who have covid or tested positive were released and put in hotels and released into the community.
1:36 pm
what does that do migrants have covid and the federal government justice, they hand them over to an ngo who supposed to protect them but that doesn't happen. >> and here is the thing from you don't have to live in a border state to have the border problem because we are pushing people into the interior of our nation and this is what i think most americans are getting tired of, the double standard because this week we are hearing about mast mandates, mandatory vaccinations and all the while allowing thousands and thousands of people into the country with not even a test for covid so you can have the double standard. you can't close the door on a huge crisis of the border while at the same time holding american people to a different standard of living. it doesn't make sense if they are truly serious about protecting americans than the very first thing they have to do is close the border. eric: people have to get process
1:37 pm
before that happens. it's not just the migrants, heroic border agent, earlier we had -- he said 80 other border agents have tested positive for covid, 1150 of our brave border agents right now are quarantined because they have covid. here is the situation. >> the vast majority of people trying to get away you get right because we don't have the manpower to cover. we have very few people in the field because we are all babysitting or sick. eric: we are all babysitting or sick. a final reaction to the. >> we put great strain and i applaud the efforts of the men and women on border patrol, they are keeping border states as they can with the resources they have and that's why i've sent a letter for the third time asking to deploy national guard troops down to the border to help
1:38 pm
alleviate some of the stress and under manned areas of our border, they just don't have the resources and there's no reason we shouldn't take it more seriously. protecting americans. eric: have you had a reaction to the letter? >> yes, our government is not the mood to help. they do not see a crisis, there were batter play the game of politics and hold the double standard on americans than actually take action and save lives. eric: but the government is not here to respond to that but clearly there is a dire situation occurring especially with migrants coming in testing positive. thank you for joining us. >> you're welcome, thank you. arthel: doctors in the rest are sounding the alarm about a rise in children testing positive for covid. coming up from will speak to a doctor and a hotspot about what he is seeing in his hospital's
1:39 pm
and his message for parents. ♪♪
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report of the attending. oprah reportedly bowed out because of covered concerns. the former president scaled-down from several hundred to family and close friends after the outcry the party will become a covid super spreader. the 44th president turned 60 on wednesday. arthel: louisiana, florida and texas are seeing a spike in the number of children. for instance in louisiana there were you are than 800 cases among children under age 18 july 1 but by july 22, there were more than 5500. >> we have more children sick with covid than at any other time during the pandemic. the delta. have infected children at a greater rate than during the searches we saw previously.
1:45 pm
arthel: what is to blame for the surge in kids getting and what can parents do to keep dealt children healthy? let's bring it position in chief and chief academic officer at the children's hospital in new orleans. thank you very much for joining us. what stands out most to you in terms of the number of children and extent of their infection? >> certainly we are seeing more children hospitalized with covid than we had over the past 18 months. the hospital today is 13 children, four in the pediatric intensive care unit. half of these children are under the age of two sets affecting not just adolescents but infants and toddlers as well. hospitalizations are the tip of the iceberg, a tremendous amount of community transmission. thirty days ago on the about 1% of the children we tested in our
1:46 pm
clinics were positive for covid-19 two weeks ago it rose to 7% and today is between 15 -- 20%. arthel: and how -- i'm sorry, those are astounding numbers, how do you treat those children infected with covid? >> we do it the same way our adult colleagues treat those who are seriously ill. they have respiratory manifestations from pneumonia, they require supplemental oxygen and in some cases mechanical ventilation and a variety of medications. arthel: is not more difficult on a tiny long? >> children are maybe more resilient than adults, they tend to be healthier. very few of the children with covid have serious underlying medical conditions. most of them recover and they
1:47 pm
recover completely. we know relatively at last about the late effect of covid particularly the delta variant and with something we are concerned about but in general where the acute symptoms are concerned, they will resolve over time in the vast majority of cases and the children will recover. arthel: that is good to hear because of course parents are worried about potential long-term effects caused by the vaccine but again he said the children mostly fully recover but we don't know long-term effects of the covid infections. what about the vaccines, we know long-term effects? >> the vaccine is approved for adolescents 12 years and older. the data we have from clinical trials that have been done have shown to be very safe among adolescents. of course we don't have five or ten years of experience but
1:48 pm
given any vaccine medication has risk-benefit calculation and certainly i think most of us in the field feel in the case of vaccines for adolescents and young adults and others the benefits of the vaccine in terms of preventing serious cases of covid far outweigh any risks identified today. arthel: understood. the government instituted a statewide indoor mask mandate including schools and children five and older. his prolonged mask wearing dangerous to children and how many continuous hours of mask wearing could cause medical harm to children? >> we don't have any evidence that mask wearing is harmful to children at all.
1:49 pm
certainly all things being equal we'd love to go without masks but given contagiousness in particular of this delta variant of the virus, masks are about the best measure we have. we know masks can reduce likely hood of transmission of the virus and of course social distancing, spacing is another approach but with low vaccination rates we have in louisiana about 37% of eligible occult are vaccinated. about all we've got to mitigate transmission occurring at this time is masks and social distancing so i was fully supportive with the governor's mandatory mask order, both are there to educate kids and we want the kids to go back to in prison but with schools have to keep it safe and that's about the best we can do at this time. arthel: you do a great job in
1:50 pm
new orleans, my hometown all the time so we appreciate your advice and good luck with everything. i know these are difficult times. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. arthel: will be right back.
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britney spears, financial
1:54 pm
freedom is heating up. her father bumping heads with her conservator in the case. christina coleman has more. reporter: brittany's britney spears is crimes, brittany's personal conservator jody montgomery scott but she was spiraling out of control and she was placed under a 51 psychiatric hold. the allegations come as they maintain possession asked conference governor of the state. full motivation is his unconditional love for his daughter and her production. court documents filed yesterday saying he managed the financial as well providing he's taken the estate and facing tens of millions of dollars in lawsuit to the value of well over 60 million. however, jody montgomery says jamie misrepresent their july 9 conversation and she says she never expressed britney was qualified for psychiatric hold motion filed wednesday britney's
1:55 pm
attorney pushed to move her next hearing to later this month arguing that jamie is dissipating his daughters assets writing, mr. spears has enriched himself at the expense of his daughter taking millions of dollars as a performer addition to $16000 a month from her estate. 2000 more when he a lot of to mr. spears. also britney mentioned her legal fight on instagram. >> i love you guys, i'm sure you guys are wondering how i'm doing. you guys know my sister i want to let you know things are not what i ever anticipated. reporter: her next hearing is scheduled for september 29. her father says he's okay with her attorney trying to move the hearing up earlier to later this month. eric: a lot of people behind this britney movement. we'll be right back.
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may not be born to run but was born to ride. bruce springsteen's daughter
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ernie analytic metal as part of the u.s. equestrian jumping team. the 29-year-old springsteen ellerbe debut. jessica is officially a lady boss. eric: that is amazing. what a talented family. good luck to her. that is it for us, we'll be back at noon -- ♪♪ >> hello, don caldwell. welcome to the big saturday show. here's what's on tap tonight. >> fox news has shocking video of the crisis at the border. migrant passing to detention center. his what he calls a disgrace and a brand-new interview. >> thank you. concerns about this. apple rolling out a safety


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