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tv   Fox Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  August 7, 2021 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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that does it for us. we'll see you back here tomorrow 5:00 p.m. eastern for the big sunday show. we are going to be here. same group. esa booth, abby and me. fox report with jon scott live from new york city and four seconds.after months of negotian the senate is now one step closer to passing a bipartisan 1 trillion-dollar infrastructure and spending package. president biden calls a historic and long-overdue investment. good evening i am jon scott and this is "the fox report". t1 meeting for a second consecutive weekend the senate passed the vote of the 60 vote threshold needed to clear a key procedural hurdle to move
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toward final votes and includes $550 billion of you spending for public works spending over the next five years but not a guaranteed slamdunk if it clears the senate faces a rocky road ahead in the house. we have fox team coverage with the reaction from the white house. first available go to congressional correspondent, live on capitol hill. >> good evening it is increasingly doubtful the senate even approves the bill tonight or tomorrow gop tennessee senator is stringing out the time allocated after 67 of the 100 members voted to break filibuster he opposes stepping on the gas. >> is absolutely no reason to rush this process and attempting to limit scrutiny of the bill than the democrats artificial self-imposed driven timeline.
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>> is referring to what comes next once a senate approves the bipartisan bill turning to the democrats three.$5 trillion infrastructure bill the stall tactic exasperated —- exasperated chuck schumer. >> we can get this done the easy way or the hard way in either case the senate will stay in session until we finish our work. it's up to my republican colleagues how long it takes. >> when she breakout filibuster they get 30 hours to impede passage but there is another one the senate must deal with and that's why this may not finish until next week. there are 44 standing rules in the senate but the senate truly only has to. unanimous consent and exhaustion and either could speed up the process. jon: from washington. thank you. passage of the bipartisan infrastructure and spending bill would be a huge success for president biden who largely campaigned on the promise to work with both
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sides of the aisle. but his three. 5 trillion-dollar reconciliation bill still looms in the background and our team coverage continues live in delaware teach you good evening the president a little while ago when the reporters were shouting out asking about the latest on immigration he did not answer tonight that may crystal-clear the last few days he thinks the only way the economy clause back from covid is by the federal government standing if you trillion more dollars. >> 90 percent of the jobs created by this legislation will not require a college degree. 90 percent. it is a blue-collar blueprint to rebuild america. reporter: we have this new video the vice president has been in her office next to the senate today handling with democratic lawmakers oh about
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the way forward for infrastructure and the administration defense pushing for this big infrastructure package at the same time they celebrate better than expected july jobs report. >> if the economy is so brazen to celebrate jobs being created. >> did you say 900,000 jobs created is pretty good? >> in my is the president still pushing for the pandemic era relief package is like the eviction moratorium? >> one of the biggest pieces he's pushing for is the infrastructure package and also the build back better agenda. a lot of those are long-term investments. reporter: the president played golf and went to church near
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his home in wilmington nothing formal but we do expect him to be there for the final push assuming they are barreling towards final passage beginning next week. jon: peter, thank you. new york governor cuomo could face criminal charges after one of the 11 women identified in the state bombshell report released earlier this week filed a criminal complaint alleging that governor groped her. cuomo denies the allegations that albany county sheriff is investigating the sheriff —- the governor has remained at his home since the report came out on tuesday sometimes working next to his pool. alex hogan is live with an update. reporter: the ag office says it will fully cooperate with the albany sheriff's office with the criminal complaint received on thursday the sheriff says this investigation is still in its infancy and because of how high-profile it is will likely take a while.
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>> the last thing we want to do is re- victimized the victims and have them tell their story over and over. i read the report as well. i have read our reports that we took from our victim. again, i commend them with the bravery for coming forward now it's time to begin the investigation. >> the staff member accuses the governor of putting his hand down her shirt that claimed he has denied that attorney fired back at the investigation thing he sexually harassed 11 william one —- women the lawyers claimed they never received the report until the release calling in an ambush despite the fact he authorize the investigation. >> the governor deserves to be treated fairly like anybody else in this country accused of something. this investigation was conducted in a manner to support a predetermined narrative detail the attorney
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general's office fires back this was the attempt to undermine and politicize the process taking away from the bravery displayed by the women, says he has no intention of stepping down a small group of people gathered today outside of his office holding signs that read stand with governor cuomo and do not resign although according to a fox news count there is enough now to impeach and convict it just takes a simple majority to impeach then you need two thirds of the senators, would have to step down during the impeachment trial and the lieutenant governor would temporarily assume power. the judiciary committee began a fact finding inquiry that they expect will wrap up by september the last time in new york governor was impeached was 1913.
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jon: from her new york newsroom, thank you. our "fox nation" special the collapse of cuomo it airs tomorrow night here on fox news channel. new jersey governor murphy announcing all students in preschool through 12th grade have to wear masks inside schools this fall regardless of vaccination status. the executive order also applies to all educators , staff and visitors. murphy cites the recent and rampant spread of the delta variant in the significant number of students who are unvaccinated. the governor announced the order on friday more than 100 demonstrators gathered outside to protest. a shooting near cooper's field kills one man happening near the baseball stadium shortly after the rockies game ended one man died and others in critical condition no suspects have been arrested the active
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investigation is underway. meanwhile in new york a woman is shot in the back of her head hours after attending a friend's funeral. before we show that chilling video and mighty hard to watch. the footage shows a woman walking up behind the victim, and shooting her on a crowded street. she died at the hospital. the victim's brother believes the attack on —- attacker might have followed her from the funeral. they have a possible suspect but no arrest has been made. and in atlanta police may have a break in a gruesome murder of a woman and her dog walking a popular park last week a potential witness has come forward and is cooperating with the investigation. and where the murder took place. what do we know so far?
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>> we spoke to atlanta police earlier today who say investigators are still tracking down means in this case. authorities tell us the man seen in photos where they were stabbed to death has come forward and is cooperating. investigators are hoping he and other witnesses they are looking for may have information that could help crack the case wide open. so far no arrest in atlanta police have not publicly identified a suspect. they brought in the fbi to assist as authorities examine the 40 -year-old victim's dog for traces of dna evidence. they were found stabbed to death near the main entrance of piedmont park in the early morning hours july 28. and her domestic partner tells
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the local station she be can one —- became worried so tractor location they released her frantic 911 call after she was discovered. >> please help. >> a dead body and piedmont park? >> yes. please help. >> you could tell she was not alive. there was a lot of blood. and her neck was slashed. it was very clear. >> city officials try to dispel rumors of a serial killer on the loose or to say a hate crime that the da is urging people to avoid walking and piedmont park alone. >> at this time we are asking that you go with three or four friends and that you are not alone at night.
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and that we just make sure that we all take safe precautions. reporter: you can see them memorial over my shoulder. and now it tops $20000. jon: what an awful story. charles watson thank you. bringing into the discussion the congresswoman from new york republican house small business committee and the foreign affairs committee. we will get to the crime situation in a second. but first, the status of new york governor cuomo? do you think he will remain in office? >> i think is position right now is careless as feature of governor for a number of reasons. number one, i think every major democrat that across the nation demanded his
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resignation in the sexual assault allegation that we also see political maneuvering that would ascend to be the governor the lieutenant governor is almost on a campaign trail she jumped on a subway put on a hat and says now she has to campaign. so we see that as a sign and he's huddled in the mansion with people who got them into this mess in the first place like his press secretary who is basically been his bulldog so it doesn't look good for him and he is receiving advice from his brother cnn commentator chris, after serving in the state assembly nothing comes to the floor unless it will pass and then to indicate they are putting the impeachment together but
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how soon they come to the floor. the minute they hit the floor they know they have to vote and he will be automatically removed as governor on an interim basis and then to await the senate trial. it doesn't look good. jon: is there a double standard at play? he is the governor one of the largest states in the country we look at then now supreme court justice went to read his confirmation hearings with 40 -year-old allegations that were backed up if at all were treated as gospel by many in the media and in this case you have 11 women who have come forward as adults in recent months talking about cases that happened in recent years and it is largely getting ignored. >> it's a different case i would like more to the bill clinton case although he ended
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up perjuring himself they never really had any evidence. some of them are staffers in the governor is retaliating even going after some of them. and potentially that is a charge against them and he has no more friends in albany other than inside staff. one of the closest staffers and political operatives, he is behind bars because he was involved in that pay to play scandal and now over his tenure has been riddled with scandal which is why he doesn't have too many friends left to defend him. i'm just shock to his behavior but the lack of friends and the fact that we are not even getting into the nursing home scandal that was sadly dropped by the doj at the national level and the people that died
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in the cover-up. scandals have played to this governor. i served in albany. but they don't share because the press corps refuses to hold the governor accountable. they have been a lapdog not a watchdog and people are finally realizing there is a problem with this guy. he cannot handle this pressure and really isn't acting appropriately in my view for someone who is accused of pretty serious stuff what that sexual harassment in a right to defend yourself but also sexual assault allegations and that's getting more serious. jon: let's talk about the crime situation that terrible murder in atlanta park to murders overnight in denver gallup back in march ask how much do you personally worry about crime and violence? 70 percent of americans said they worry a great deal. a number say they don't worry
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much at all is at 23 percent. what is going on with the crime crisis in this country? >> it is a terrible situation i feel this from my constituents rural suburban upstate new york it comes from the rules passed in albany and across the nation for example criminal justice reforms which favor criminals over victims that is what we have been doing in new york state and new york city across the nation defined the police and tie police movement has also caused police officers to be more risk-averse they will not go out and fight the difficult crimes many don't want to serve anymore a record number have been shot or killed over the last year which is bad for police officers. people are not held accountable and then you just showed a few examples but they are some across the nation's
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right now we see a more lawless society than i have seen in many years. we really have to step it up and give the police the support they need. i have initiatives we need to back them and have good police officers policing effectively. and then those writing speeding tickets and then people will lack security and be in harm's way. jon: that is what has americans concerned. thank you congresswoman. how texas state democrats are once again able to block a controversial gop elections bill. the latest on the surge at the border. liberty mutual customizes car insurance so you only pay for what you need. how much money can liberty mutual save you? one! two! three! four! five!
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jon: the crisis at the southern border gets worse by the day take a look at donna texas yesterday fox obtained exclusive video over crating in a migrant facility in the meantime officials are raising to house the growing number of migrants testing positive for covid-19. we are alive in donna texas with more.
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reporter: more than 1 million migrants have been held at the southern border you can see just from the drone shots and has expanded in size and now appears once again that conditions are starting to deteriorate. exclusive video obtained by fox news overcrowded conditions inside border patrol donna facility once again packed into pods like in march sources tell fox news as of thursday there were around 5300 migrants being held between 40 and 60 migrants in each pod well above the covid-19 limit of ten per pod as border patrol continues to be overwhelmed in mission texas early friday morning an emergency tent compound expanded significantly overnight built to house covid positive illegal immigrants released started i capacity 250 but officials say they
3:24 pm
expected to go up at 650 hundreds were there already friday morning although not all are infected summer family members quarantining with loved ones nearby alina vehicles at the compound entrance made up of family members and sponsors wait to pick them up after they test negative the mayor says they make the best out of a bad situation. >> especially with a high covid rate there needs to be four or five or 6 percent it's 50 percent positive we have to protect our citizens no matter what. reporter: and a special response team spent the week tracking down illegal runners and desolate areas many of whom they caught trying to board moving trains. all of these illegals actively trying to get away from troopers some pulled out of storm great trains others found in structures dozens apprehended including active
3:25 pm
gang members as texas law enforcement says they have to do the job of the federal government. >> one more staggering statistic. wednesday this week the federal government says the apprehended more than 800 and accompanied minors here at the southern border in one day. jon: thank you. up next a fiery debate over critical race theory has gone viral. how this could frame the debate on this issue for the upcoming elections.
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jon: and that this is "the fox report" it's about the hour if you're just joining us here are our top stories. california police officer in critical condition after being shot outside police headquarters last night in la habra 20 miles outside the downtown l.a. the officer is not been identified the suspect died. texas democrats once again install a vote on the new election law not enough lawmakers showed up today inside the statehouse this time it's not clear where they all are unlike the public trip to dc where 26 remain. the chamber is adjourned until
3:31 pm
monday. hundreds of thousands of people are attending sturgis in south dakota the motorcycle rally was widely criticized as a super spreader event for coronavirus the cdc study linked the rally 649 cases in 29 states including one death. for more on these and other stories download the fox news app scan the qr's code on your screen. conservative radio host then schapiro got into a heated debate over critical race theory last night on real-time with bill marr. >> if we agree that history should be taught why you defending critical race theory that is not history? >> did i just say that term has been hijacked? i will go back and repeat that.
3:32 pm
>> you are literally redefining it is speaking history that is a cheap semantic trick and you know it's a make you do that on your show because it sucks. [laughter] >> i appreciate that but i will have my bed made of money. jon: joe also a fox news contributor originally wrote about this issue with media critical race theory and disconnect. the american people have shown in the polls they don't like critical race theory very much. >> 61 percent say children should not be taught and one paul says six out of ten american voters have an unfavorable view of critical race theory. said it's very core it teaches
3:33 pm
kids as young as five to see everything through a racial prism to judge others not by the content of the character but the color of their skin exactly opposite of doctor martin luther king tied. this is more division. us is currently 25th in the world in math, reading, science. ireland is 11 even aussies are 21 where the richest country we are 25 malcolm nance represents the very worst of punditry the same guy who went to twitter to urge isis to carry out a suicide attack on trump tower how does anybody keep their job as something as despicable like that and nbc news continues to pay him as the intelligence analyst. jon: and a military veteran at that. let me play another clip from that debate. >> critical race theory is the
3:34 pm
subject because the republican right made it is subject. no real school organizations. >> every democrat takes the prospectus and they will be shellacked at the polls. >> no real school organizations are mandating this for kids? that is flat-out wrong. >> yes. some call that ally on national television that is easy to fact check even ahead of the teachers union said they are putting together a warchest of money to defend teaching critical race there he in schools. it is happening already some states including florida have banded so to say it's not being taught is an alternate reality that malcolm nance often lives in. jon: other topic, while new york governor cuomo in very hot water facing possible impeachment over the allegations of sexual
3:35 pm
harassment or even assault but his brother is an anchor on cnn and it has come to light that chris was helping advise his big brother how to fight off these charges. >> those are in black and white in the ag report. you can see the letters that were drafted the statements drafted by chris cuomo that is not an anchor it is an activist how he remains on the air is a mystery to many cnn is getting killed now he's under preplanned vacation i'm sure they are thinking about next steps if jeffrey tube and is than sobel chris cuomo no accountability whatsoever. jon: the former president's birthday party the official birthday party takes place tonight for barack obama but a celebration last night. and you say there is some
3:36 pm
irony in this little celebration on martha's vineyard quick. >> look at the size of that thing you could host a super bowl. by the way how would you like to be one of the people that was asked from the invite list that's like being uninvited to the prom. jon: invited 500 people but then they said that's too many people in the covid era we have to downsize today downsize at 250 doesn't make a difference to do 500 or 250? if everybody is vaccinated in it is outside the cdc says it's okay i think i be a great add to advocate for the effectiveness and the benefits of what you are allowed to do now we have a current situation so how is everybody getting there? i have a feeling more than a few celebrities are arriving by private jet that's not good for admissions. >> look at the tent it is bigger than the house.
3:37 pm
joe, good to talk to you. stop the attack. that's the message britney spears personal conservator has for the singer's father. jamie spears is been in charge of her finances since 2008 there's a big push to remove him in a new attorney is trying to speed up the process. we are live in los angeles. reporter: britney's father is now claiming her personal conservator jody montgomery told him last month on july 9th that brady was mentally sick and had the option of a psychiatric hold court documents filed yesterday that jamie said ms. montgomery explained my daughter was not timely or properly taking her medications, wasn't listening to the recommendations of her medical team and refuse to even see some of her doctors. but montgomery's attorney
3:38 pm
saying that jamie is misrepresenting the conversation and said she did not express britney would qualify for a psychiatric hold in a statement saying her mental health and well-being is now being misrepresented and manipulated for to have a tactical advantage so will this back-and-forth help or hurt? the attorney and legal expert claypool. >> between jamie and jody montgomery will not get it done what will get it done is to get jamie out is hard-core or tangible evidence medical reports and records into psychological evaluation. >> she's pushing to have her next hearing pushed up her father says he is fine with that although not willingly stepping down from overseeing her 60 million-dollar fortune.
3:39 pm
he says the sole motivation is the unconditional love for her daughter and her protection. jon: okay. from los angeles. thank you. the california republican party says it will not endorse any gop candidates running to replace governor newsom in the recall election. party delegate say it could make voters less likely adding they don't want to discourage him from voting at the favorite did not receive the endorsement. the race is close but they are trying to defeat the recall effort. >> several missing in the area destroyed by the largest wildfire in california history how the current weather conditions are affecting the race of firefighters to put it out.s
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jon: other headlines. in afghanistan the us embassy urges all american citizens to leave immediately as a talent man continues to gain ground. president biden has ordered troops out of afghanistan by the end of the month. in thailand riots police confronted antigovernment protesters demonstrators are calling for the prime minister to resign over his handling over the coronavirus pandemic. in india officials say 500 million doses of the covid vaccine have been administered today it was announced johnson & johnson single-dose shot has been approved for emergency use.
3:45 pm
in russia a woman is suing mcdonald's after she claims one of their commercials made her breaker fast during lent. in timeline heavy rains brought on by a downgraded tropical storm brought mudslides alerts have been issued for 14 cities and counties in the parts of the island nation. wildfires in siberia prompted evacuations at least two.8 million acres have burned so far. that is look at some stories from around the globe. eight people have now been reported missing as the dixie fire continues to burn in northern california low humidity high winds fuel the flames making it the largest standalone fire in the states history meteorologist adam has more on this. reporter: those fires are fueled by extreme heat low humidity and what they really need is some rain. unfortunately not a lot of
3:46 pm
that in the forecast a pool of warm air in the middle of the country and we have seen that heat off to the west drifting to the middle of the country but it remains very dry for those western states that desperately need the rain. where we have severe thunderstorms around the great lakes but the western states with the bulk of the fire activity are completely dry. what you are looking at is widespread areas with extreme drought or even wider areas with some droughts that would be a concern the coming months. we are in the monsoon and it still hasn't made up for all the drought we are experiencing these are the current wildfires. at least 100 acres or more there are over 90 many across the upper tears and then down the west coast. all of that smoke is in the atmosphere and it becomes
3:47 pm
difficult for reading poor higher-quality from new mexico, colorado, wyoming it gets into the upper levels so even if you are right here, folks well east see that hayes today it will take the smoke and rush across getting into the northeast parts of canada if there is a hayes where you are is potentially from the wildfires out west. i do want to point out we are still in hurricane season it typically gets a little busier three areas we are paying attention to neither will turn into a big storm right away but they could the next couple of days. it's good reminder is something we are watching we are getting very close to the peak of hurricane season over the next couple of weeks i think things will pick up and of course we will be watching as that gets near. jon: fox weather center. this week on "fox news sunday"
3:48 pm
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jon: on this saturday the us senate is adjourned for the evening senate majority leader chuck schumer says it will continue infrastructure build talks tomorrow beginning at noon eastern the second straight weekend the senate has been in session for the negotiation of the trillion dollar proposal. if you want to try to stay cool in the summer heat look into pool sharing apps paying customers can actually rent somebody else's private pool by the hour. foxbusiness dives into the growing summer trend.
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>> a pretty simple process if you have a pool you want to rent out you go onto this app and listed you set the price this will cost between $10150 per hour if you want a pool for any vendor party but the average is around $45 per hour. we talk to the coo who tells us the growth during the pandemic has been tremendous up to 4000 percent from july 2020 through july 2021. they now have 17000 pools in all 50 states on the platform. it didn't start out that way. >> we knocked on doors in the neighborhood we did get four pools to sign up for this belongs to lauren and you just joined as a host a few weeks ago and how has it been?
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>> it has been incredible with the amount it has been a pet project of mine to put heart and soul into this and to share with others while making a little bit of money and me meeting cool people. >> it helps to offset the cost of putting in a pool. >> shocking and chlorine all the chemicals come it has definitely help to minimize the cost. >> the average pool owner earns around 5000 or $10000 per month. back to you. jon: thank you. up next bruce springsteen has ties to olympic glory for the united states.
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but wherever you are on your journey. your dell technologies advisor is here for you - with the right tech solutions. so you can stop at nothing for your customers. >> if the glory days passed him by they are here once again for the springsteen family. jessica, the daughter of bruce springsteen and his wife patty winning a silver medal at the tokyo olympics as part of the equestrian jumping team she made her olympic debut as united states finished second to sweden in the competition. congratulations.
3:59 pm
team usa taking home the golden men's basketball for the fourth olympics in a row beating france 87 / 82 interventions lost during the opening game that ended america's 25 game on big winning streak. kevin to rent a game-high 29 points joining carmelo anthony as the only three-time gold medalist in men's basketball. peyton manning will be inducted into the pro football hall of fame tomorrow and have a guest you might simply surprisingly conceding section tom brady. making the announcement thursday night saying it means a lot to him brady will be attending the brady manning rivalry made for some memorable games but they remain close friends 80 joked he is attending "to make sure he is really done can't risk this guy coming back.
4:00 pm
congratulations paid manning that's how fox reports on this saturday august 7, 2021 i am jon scott thank you for watching we will see you tomorrow. "life, liberty & levin" is up next. mark: hello america i am mark levin this is "life, liberty & levin" mabel do something here that i think is typically done on television and even this program. before bringing on our two great guests, went to have a little chat with you.


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