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tv   Life Liberty Levin  FOX News  August 8, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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trey gowdy america on the podcast pretty good night and from south carolina, and life, liberty & levin is up next. >> hello america i'm mark levin and this is life, liberty & levin for a full hour and also with a speaker the house newt gingrich be before i get to news, is in trouble you better government is all levels is now under bedrooms, our cars and they are in our religious institutions and in our schools,
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and there always having excuses for all of this to be health and held to the good of the community and whatever it is. whatever happened to individual liberty and who even talked about individual liberty anymore. and i talked about the delta intent declaration at what kind of the country we are turning into, and they warned about soft tyranny. ladies and gentlemen, we are surrounded by soft tyranny is increasingly more aggressive. you see the demands when it comes to back saint rita is the bureaucrat chatting of businesses. if you see bureaucrats cdc telling landlord they cannot collect rent is ago broke rated ac present is in the united states and the supreme court ruling that said this bureaucrats do not have that authority. you see president of the united states opening up orders wide to individuals in many of whom have the virus. in our criminals, ms 13 and you name it and he could care less
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and he is doing this purposely. naked say the democrats and the republicans in congress getting together in an infrastructure bill, 2700 pages and $1 trillion and people on television so-called republicans promoting if you have no idea what is in it. la social manipulations have social engineering that's attached to the spending bills, that's not a representative republic of this on the constitutional republic, that is not a federal public, you know what that is. but thomas jefferson collie, here in a by legislature, we have tyranny by bureaucracy and tyranny by executive branch they don't want to know what they think or answer input. on the capitol building today if you want to remember house of representatives the speaker of the house rules like she some sort of a fascist and she has proxy voting. so members don't have to show up. they don't even have to show up now why did she do that, so she
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has about the back of the pockets. but that house of representatives is elected every two years because of supposed to be the closest to the people. it doesn't feel like the closest to the people you. the borders are wide open, crime is going through the roof and we have this radical agenda, colleges and universities are out of control, public schools for now brainwashing our children and hate faith and hate her country, the haider family. and corporate to don't believe in capitalism anymore are turning corporations into surrogates for big centralized governments. we have black lives matter and into effect, look at these and other democrat party, what am i talking about predict these autocratic regimes, i would like to talk about this, too bad he doesn't understand he's a nonaccredited is out of marxist and fascist regimes, what are they have. they have a focus and all through the summer, the thugs were burning cities and attacking cops. i do people and killing people in the media supported.
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they celebrated is in their candidate president could barely enter words and it was a bad idea. the vice president candidate kamala harris, she was helping support movement tvs people off pretty now this is the constitutional republican sort of thank you so happening what is happening nor empowering democratic party and empowering this one force and this is what they do it autocratic regimes. they have one party systems pretty okay california, look at new york, look at illinois predict look at some of these other states. while that will be america if they get the right. the borders are open in order to flip texas and flip florida and arizona created in there that can be no competition. and the so-called for the black, and for the people come as for the democratic party predict national is the election process, it will destroy the red state this exactly what they want. net bill is a tremendous unconstitutional disaster they don't care.
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whether the one we spent the supreme court so they can control when the judiciary has to say. every marxist fascist regime does exactly the same thing. the democrat party the diabolical and yet they have to have the courage and the bravery to explain it and you have to have the courage of every to explain what is taking place. these are spohn americans marxist movements hate capitalism, they hate american sovereignty, thank you. as a matter of fact, and all you white supremacist out there in the white society, here's my problem though. do the republicans in the senate have any idea what the heck is going on. in the house and they did do that in the senate, i don't think they have any idea. one of 18 publican senators including the republican leader mitch mcconnell, were busy telling bipartisan infrastructure spending deals. what kind of ridiculous this is this, they don't know what is in
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the bill. other people are starting to find out what is in bill pretty when you have somebody in the white house by joe biden who is making a supreme court decision of violating immigration laws and when you have a president oe united states allowing people ie tens of thousands and the covid-19 virus in the delta variant, bucky is insisting a lot of citizens wear masks, you know start cutting deals with summary like that it won't fix the border was creating a health disaster in our own country predict give a guy in a presidency who wants to destroy your voting system and destroy our financial system and are 18 republicans including republican leader, we have a bipartisan, is wonderful. only 500 billion of the 1.2 trillion actually going to the roads and so forth, question the republicans to come they should put their for the right,
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they should go to the market people and say, this man in this party is completely out of control. they're destroying this country from within. they're dangerous, the violating the constitution of the united states. they're destroying the finances of the united states, there attacking the sovereignty of the united states. we have never seen any thing like this before. and we are not going to participate in this period were not going to be bipartisan contributors to the destruction of this country. it is shocking to me. we just went through five years the democrat party in the and all of the rest, targeted our president donald trump who never violated the constitution and never defied a court order let alone a supreme court ruling to predict who believed in american sovereignty and an embrace american capitalism. he protected it as best he could, the market people from viruses and so forth and they tried to destroy him they tried to track him and he still under
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investigation. we have never seen anything like this, their investigating a former president of the united states again. on a quest do that sort of thing. on the press do that. now we have this. a disaster, can you pointed to anything that is working well in this country, even the grocery store lately. food prices are through the roof. have you been to the gas completely, gasoline prices are through the roof. interest rates are going up. twenty kill the housing market. and landlords are not allowed to collect rent. these people aware of the pending america and they could care less. so what are we dealing with here. all of these districting movements, these american marxist movements, the phony climate change movement, the greenfield movement, they were on capitalism and is morning new york in the 1970s. critical race theory, another destructive it horrific it racist movement. dressed up in some sort of righteous movement.
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and dressed up a scholarship pushing the destruction of our society and the only way to fix american you know is to tear down, burn it down and rebuild it. all of these other efforts in transgender movements. i mean,, transgender -ism is one thing but a movement that brady yes, attacking whatcom the nuclear family. the nuclear family is under attack and one of the ten bullet points of the communist manifesto. i'm not making this up. it is absolutely true, that is what is going on in this country joe biden busy signing executive orders left and right without your input and without congress is impotent the at radical elements after another in congress, they don't want actually the ability to even pass legislation they don't have the book devotes less than rhinos lofgren what you think aoc and bush and the other america hating marxist, what you think they keep demanding the bureaucracy institute stop that the president institute stop and that the courses institute stop
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because there minority of a minority but they have power ane history, the so-called marxist revolutions, it's another rising up against the bourgeois, is that the masses rising up and let them take over the country or chavis take over the country castro, is a relatively small percentage of the population behind them imposing their will. within my talking about here pretty ladies and gentlemen, we are in the majority, tens of millions, we need people in the senate and elsewhere were going to take these people wanting going off as were not going to be played by artisan to the destruction of this country who understand it must morning radisson swirling around in our border and what is swirling around in her boardrooms and all of the rest. i want to tell you something, this is a market marxism book is not called marxism, and is
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called american marxism. and you saw professor paul was on it must become an expert on marxism communism and cold war descent the right, you have hidden something here and what is happened here decade after decade if marxist professors brainwashing our kids, on her kids are now empowered. and you have the media next country in the journalism schools and education schools, the same thing and as i said before, there's not a time for the difference between most of the media in this country had an agenda being pushed by aoc and being pushed by speaker pelosi and be imposed by divided. when times were the difference and why, what is immediate because they've been corrected like so many of our institutions. we need to stand on our toes rather than her heels and we need say what he made bipartisanship predict bipartisanship, you need to use every tool available to you in the senate. to help stop this, that southern democrats use every tool available to them to promote it,
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24 - seven, it is like democrat party is so radicalized now, it's only moved 24 - seven in the republican party is stuck in the 1960s and the 70s. with no foggy idea of what is going on in this country one of the bank. before return to the great former speaker newt gingrich. the fact is that with this is demonstrated as we have to rely on ourselves and we need to show up at shareholder meetings. and corporations had make a demand so we need to be the one to show up at school board meetings more than that, i lawsuits when they violate the equal protection rights of our kids we need to be the ones who collect as much data on what is going on in the school systems in the teacher unions as possible and we need to use to boycott and a mask and thank you movements against these past institutions and there are tens of millions of us if we just spend a little bit of time each day or each week being the paul
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speaker gingrich wanted break this down piece by piece. let's look at the border. to me there are so many issues there when you look at the border with the president is not doing great what is your take on what is taking place in the southern border. gingrich: the first question, we jamaican national question is where are they going. last month, when the equivalent of a city over 200,000 people come into the united states illegally on the southern border. where did they go predict what towns are the end and what states are we sent to. the fact is the biden administration is following a deliberative policy ascending people they may have covid-19 may have criminal gangs predict enter tales and refuse it to tell us are they going and how tell us how it's being handled well over a million people with last year and bring and it gets
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bigger and the word is out, not just and latin america but gonna is now become the major contributor to the stream of people coming into the united states because the word is out predict joe biden and what you come to america illegally. the question that people have to ask themselves is why did the democrats favor illegal immigration to such a degree that the state of texas moves to block at the border instead of thanking them for protecting and protecting american the biden administration followed a lawsuit to stop texas so we can have more illegal immigration. in my personal belief is this is a deliberate policy in the left because they want a friendly round the system and many people who do not understand the constitution and don't understand the rule of law and are not yet being american and
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this is not racist comment predict i think there are latinos who favor the constitution and african-americans who favorite and asian americans who favor the constitution but joe biden runs over the constitution and has contempt for it. this is exactly that you describe on american marxism in your book, these are classic anti- breslau law and why should i obey your laws kind of people in approving it everyday from the communist district attorney in san francisco will not prosecute criminals. to what is happening on the border. the border is a crisis and i think that the average marine american should ask, how many people have been sent to their town the county with her state. this administration, is so secretive, they won't tell anybody where their sending people and they're going to be
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the course for four years my guess is something on the order of 9 million people. sue and what purpose another two empower the democrat party you see a lot of these regimes, the party becomes before the country. because it's allegiance to the party read and allegiance to the party is to be to the country and you see all of these autocratic societies. when you look at the war hundred voting system empower the democrat party party and you look at what they're trying to do to our constitutional system and destroy separation of powers which is core to our system, when you look at what is going on in the border, and you look at these multitrillion dollar spending bills the really have a purpose in empowering the price in the democrat cities and states. this is not really a massive redistribution of wealth to the democrat party and democrat party base. gingrich: if you look at where the money is going to go, the
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payoff for example i think $200 billion to the teachers unions are major supporters, $200 billion of people don't want to show up and teach. you look at what is happening, what you basically have now is union allies, big-city machines, you have very big corporations in many ways resembles italian fascism and that you have an alliance between the biden administration and many of the biggest corporations so that the biden administration is actually suggested a facebook and twitter and others might do have better job of policing the american people. now this is a kind of a coalition. in the 1930s, was very dangerous and i think you're saying it come back is a combination as you point out, transition point to marxism.
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so sort of the aoc marxist level and bidens considered of moderate because he's just implementing some of the state fascism in which the government in the big because this cooperate and i think it is very dangerous. i regard the silicon valley as a great threat to our freedom. none of these people care. nancy pelosi, you're totally protected all of the time, live in a very fancy place in san francisco. nearby of the human feces near above the crimes, about all of this little things that normal people have to do because you know aristocrat made him understand the been out and by the way, ironically, it is beginning to blow up printed out think people realize this but two out of the latest polls, governor newsom is losing in california and elected governor cuomo is indicted and peach in new york.
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so the two top democratic governors in the country both may collapse under the biden's him and he tells you the global of turmoil that is beginning to build in the country. it. mark: on your point, a rush to institute the agenda, it is 50/50 in the senate. and but for the constitution they wouldn't be in the majority except for the vice president. in the house, there are four - five lead in the phony moderates who walked right behind nancy pelosi every time she tells them what she wants to do they do it. and they have no mandate for any of this prayed about because of who they are, people care they have a mandate or not they just begun we come back want to pursue that with you. the party of the people. they don't giving if the people support what they are doing or not. we will be right back.
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now there's release from golo. it naturally helps reverse insulin resistance, stops sugar cravings, and releases stubborn fat, all while controlling stress and emotional eating. at last, a diet pill that actually works. go to to get yours. ♪ mark: "fox news" live, i'm jon scott senate is inching closer to passing of bipartisan infrastructure package pretty lawmakers beginning today of the voting to break the filibustering events 1 trillion-dollar spending bill yesterday. in a final senate vote, possibly later tonight difference are beginning to turn their attention to their three and half trillion dollar spending bill the republicans have largely slammed amid growing concerns over surging inflation. california's dixie fire still raging after nearly a month now
5:28 pm
the largest single wildfire the states history burning more than 460,000 acres of our empire is just 21 percent contained right now. i'm jon scott and take you back now to life, liberty & levin. mark: welcome back america's,spg to me how critical these american marxism aristocrats, while they were silly liberty from the people, they always claim they are doing in the name of the people no matter if it is linden castro chavez, it is pelosi, schumer, it is a much madder they will this massive
5:29 pm
bureaucracies with the wind and election, i think mandate and they loosely claim is the judgment retorted was, the numberless to the mr. speaker. gingrich: the reason i hated trump so deeply is that trump actually starting to root them out and take on their bureaucracies and we can them. exactly right, when you have state department of the justice department, 97 or 98 percent of their political contributions under the democrats when you know we try to implement a policy, which is not, you're going to facebook dragging leaking and sabotage than regular basis. i think whoever winds and 24, it's a republican nation in her office with the intent is one of the first part of businesses being to break up the bureaucracies make it possible for bureaucrats who made the
5:30 pm
public. right now you have a layer of news media and universities bureaucrats and politicians who literally sit on the country and represent a power structure which is opposite of the american people. we've been doing polling with jon mclaughlin with pay com issues in which any 5 percent rejection on the left, 85 percent they just don't care. the best example is whether or not you should have a photo id in order to vote. overwhelmingly supported by african-americans and latinos and everybody except the hard left. which understand they will be able to cheat and steal. so just try to run over the whole country and we will see what happens in this round but historically is kind of anti-
5:31 pm
people systems ultimately get repudiated and stunning destruction. actually thing by the way, there's a lot to be learned by watching jon adams the federalist were the first people hundred people attracted to legally suppress free speech in america. they were desperately trying to hold off jefferson in the emerging democratic republican party you result was an four years, they were annihilated. by 1812, they literally disappeared as a party i think the democrats don't realize yet, there playing with real fire and they have more radical views the top doctor shouldn't list when you are a boy or girl when you are born. most americans think that is insane. to be white how to be inferior, superior to the group california. urging parents not to send their children to really good schools.
5:32 pm
spaces for minority children. the level of things they been adopted that are totally opposite all americans and you've seen this with some of the olympians who were winning opposite with the leftover trademark and think american said how grateful they are to be in america. some of them, one is a third generation her grandparents migrated after we left a mark in vietnam and she's told loosely committed is american to what a great country this is this what's going to happen, let's get more and more radical. people like aoc of 400 more communist and more clearly willing to impose on the market people and annoy death how the
5:33 pm
economy works pretty as you think's going to build houses rent houses to the people the government stops everybody from paying the landlord. this is same single put your money into housing purple people and she has no idea that works pretty. >> but for media promoting her, the democratic party and raising her vote for the president of the united states and chief of staff, targeted and constantly making sure their part of the party is satisfied but is becoming more and more of the party on in the extreme part of the parties becoming more important party. i want to come back to you in this when the world with the republicans in the senate be entering into negotiations the president of the united states is violating federal law and whose purposely keeps the border open with all of the hundreds
5:34 pm
things going on down there. is having people come into this country and he knows that, we have this virus and telling people they have to mask up the children have to mask up and so forth. he's destroying this country in many respects and republicans act like it's another day. so were so excited pretty much a sky taxi under the most appalling thing that i have ever seen from louisiana, very self-righteous these 18 republicans about how important this is and we have shown that were bipartisan. democrats don't care if there bipartisan or not they get elected in the right up to go this is just part of a strategy. the play shortfall, the play long ball, and enterprise in left field stands pretty don't think they have the foggiest idea what is going on and they certainly don't have the guts to find no one ask you about this. is something within the republican party, this does something need to happen.
5:35 pm
were facing most radicalized democrat party in my lifetime, would take the last 100 years and i would state ever actually and i don't think that republicans are up to this in the senate knife interested to take we will be right back. to help keep the gum seal tight. new parodontax active gum repair toothpaste. it
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headache and sore throat may occur. this is the sound of fasenra. ask your doctor about fasenra. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. mark: welcome back and speaker gingrich argue in my book, the we need a popular movement. popular movement revolutionary, we have popular movement in the civil war and a popular movement with the tea party movement in the reagan revolution, even the trunk movement. not going to be able to rely on some great republican statesman or republican party generally to really take this on into save us, will going to have to go into the schools and the corporations and the communities and report have to be much more active people because there is power in numbers and we have a lot of numbers and said,
5:40 pm
elections do matter. sometimes less and less but they do matter partied and so i wanted to ask you, what is going on with the republican party vertically in the senate, do they not recognize what is taking place in this country. it. gingrich: i think there is a big difference, the house and republicans, largely with only a handful of exceptions understand that this is a fight to the death and that the left really wants to destroy the america we know. and the people like nancy pelosi basically is a dictator right now and is a former speaker of the house, i am stunned at how much she is violated the rules and how much she's aggravated powers and one person in the damage that is doing to the institution. so the house is a different place. have this myth of congress that we are all senators know if to talk with each other. when you get certain number of them collectively despite
5:41 pm
everything, read the washington post and the new york times, watch the networks they think, what if we could be bipartisan. what if we could be friends. i might have to sell out. but so much for america to be able to say the word bipartisan. when doing this in the late 70s, with dragon who broke with the traditional party and said no and took on the left. and again we did it when george hw bush broke his word and raise taxes. i led the effort to defeated and that was the decisive moment in the republican party in the '90s and of a sudden people in the country said, those guys actually keep their word they actually meant no new taxes. and you're back in a similar moment here people have forgotten the reason that trump emerged is that 63 percent of the republicans work totally
5:42 pm
angry with the washington leadership based on public. and in 2015, so if you ran for washington senator for washington to congressman people immediately wanted somebody who is different. it's a trump and that's why he brought the tea party, people look around and they said i'm not satisfied with these guys, not leading. my think the members in the senate you're buying get this totally funny bipartisanship in which the democrats will write this bill and it will be a terrible bill. the going to be things this bill that no republican to vote for and no defense for it. and i think that the republicans who did vote yes, should really rethink it, the pet a few days ahead and they should really rethink it to people watch the show, they are call their senators and just say, have you lost her mind. if you read the bill. do you realize how bad it is an
5:43 pm
people like senator lee and crews, but doing a good job in standing up and saying hey look what's actually the bill don't tell me about the headlines in the press conference look at what the democratic staff has written into this bill and it will be very apparent to most republicans think will become a major issue in the primaries and the republican party. and i think that people are going to say just what they did over the canal treating when the whole generation was wiped out in the senate because they voted with giving away panama canal. and people were furious. the thought was an american and nationalist the really resented doing it. so the ticket out on republican senators and the democrats. i think this bill is would be similar pretty. mark: it always amazes me the leadership blames everybody but themselves when they don't wind seats they should when he never
5:44 pm
looked in the mirror, these guys that just think they're going to fly the way through is not going to happen today, there's too much at stake. everything is at stake in people say and it's affecting their homes and their cars and their gasoline prices and affecting their children in the public schools. the idea that we don't have a more aggressive republican party this day, laying down the principles spelling out the other side is doing to our culture in every respect, is so shockingly ignorant and to me. the politics aside, when the heck are you going to stand up for your country freighted when are you going to stand up and take a stand and say you know what, were not entering into the bipartisan anything, were not running for infrastructure, were bringing this place to hold read and until we get some things on the table here, use a career that border. we can't have people coming in here who are sick, were not going to contribute to this massive national debt. now spending $1.2 trillion and
5:45 pm
only 40 percent of which is actually infrastructure mr. speaker and they said is not even 1.2 trillion, is 2 trillion. then he come behind with 3.5 trillion with a massive welfare state expansion. they said that's not 3.5 trillion that is 5.5 trillion. returning this country into the republican party to republicans mr. speaker, they stood up against slavery. they take a position had principles that are right and i just do not see it, i do agree with you, seen in the house. i don't see a of that in the senate. will be right back. of people with type 2 diabetes will develop chronic kidney disease, or ckd. did you know ckd can lead to kidney failure and dialysis? kidney alert! ckd often has no symptoms until it's too late! help protect your kidneys. call your doctor for a uacr test. it shows one of the earliest signs for ckd.
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mark: comeback speaker newt gingrich. the american corporation, when i was young, they were pretty patriotic to. republican supported them because this is didn't support complication but perfect it but don't get me wrong, what you make of what is happened to american corporations today are what i call these corporatists. gingrich: will part of it is they fire all of the students who graduate from the ivy league schools all of their senior staff represent anti- american book valleys and the more comfortable that if the chinese
5:50 pm
communist party than they are with the republican party. the more comfortable with pink and they would ever be with donald trump and so when you see semi like the head of nike announced that nike is a chinese company. that is really staggering it. imagine in the 30s and the head of general motors would've said that gm is a german company. people would have been shocked and astounded. and yet part of it is the power of money, the chinese have been very intelligent about taking care of certain companies and punishing other companies. look at the speed at which the national basketball association is so much revenue now comes from china. and when they had somebody who the only thing that general manager did was he favored in a tweet, the freedom loving the people of hong kong. and for that, the chinese communist dictatorship said, we
5:51 pm
will close down the mba in china unless you get him under control and he had to apologize for favoring the people of hong kong who love freedom. another something disgusting about that. you know when i think back to the free americans who randomly come together as militia, and in the concorde, and took on the british army and defeated them and began an eight year war for freedom. and i think about the values and the values of washington and the values of the people of valley forge and i look at some of these leaders and i am truly disgusted by their betrayal of america and the betrayal of freedom in regard the head of nike. as a total betrayal. that's of the united states and he might as far as i'm concerned you go to the chinese citizenship and openly, we obviously operationally his.
5:52 pm
a little genocide, it is not a big problem. destroying the buddhist culture, subtly as important as a bottom line. questioning the people of hong kong, we really great sales last month in beijing grade and threatening to invade taiwan, will it understand all of these complicated issues. the stuff is nonsense we have to have an american debate and decide we want american companies that are patriotic and if you're determined to be with the chinese, you need to think seriously about where your based in about what kind of citizenship you want. mark: a new, here at home, these corporations have thrown in the administration, jim crow argument, and legislatures who are trying to take back the election system hosted fire is the even liberalizing the system still in these corporations have
5:53 pm
thrown the democrat party, most radical elements in the democrat party in my view is the republicans are in their own. it stopped protecting them and stop defending them, start boycotting them, start showing up to the shareholders meetings predict the difference between us and them is will support capitalism and freedom where's they want handouts and protection from competition. what is your thought. gingrich: we had to be the party of small business, to encourage the millions of entrepreneurs who want to gladys or something and hire people and compete. we should not be a party of these handful of really big businesses basically survive having lobbyists rather than engineers pretty you look at the defense contractors, is a real problem because more and more crossover runs and inefficient, technologically outdated but
5:54 pm
they have great lobbyists. that is a problem for american survival. sue and it's always a pleasure great to hear from our wise man i want to thank you for your career and winter and and take care of yourself. and we will be right back.
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>> welcome back america, information, knowledge and education everything. that's what a free people need. that's what freedom is all about to process in your cranium what is going on around you. to make decisions, have free will, mobility. create things, produce things. very useful and wholesome life. but there is a war at colleges and universities. the academic year is about to begin. many of your children who are going to some university or college will be facing tenured professors and a culture that
5:59 pm
rejects all of that will fight free speech and academic freedom and push propaganda. there is no academic freedom anymore on college campuses. and so many respects they are indoctrination and that's why biden and company want free education at the college level or wipe out student loans to process more of your children through their system. you are not compelled to force your kids to study and read only what these college easy and universities tell them to read and to learn. that is part of the problem. many of you have called my radio show we have thanksgiving and the kid comes back from college will recognize them anymore. 700,000 have artie purchased american marxism work i would like to strongly encourage you your children who are going to college or university or high school are armed with the
6:00 pm
antidote, the textbook for all what they will be taught and all of the efforts that of the brainwashing indoctrination. you don't have to rely on the government or the universities and colleges to tell your children what to learn get them the antidote. i will see you next time on life, liberty and levin. steve: good evening everyone welcome to "the next revolution". this is pro- worker pro family pro community and especially from america. this week as parents across the country protest scientifically a mask mandates for kids biden taps the education secretary to threaten close on the school closures in response even biden weighed in against parents


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