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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  August 13, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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earlier tonight they celebrated the happiest day of their lives. >> today we learned the united states is more multiracial and urban as the white population continues to age and shrink. the portion of white americans dipped below 60%. everybody that is everything other of than white is growing in number. jillian: it is friday, august 13th. an evacuation from afghanistan, the pentagon sending thousands of troops to kabul to get embassy staffers out as two more major cities fall to the taliban. >> the border patrol overwhelmed as migrant encounters hit a new high. >> a search for a brazen shooter, the shocking footage of a gunman opening fire on the streets in new york city in broad daylight as voters send a
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clear message to president biden. "fox & friends first" starts right now. >> you're watching "fox & friends first" on this friday morning. i'm ashley strohmier. >> i'm carley shimkus. we're going to get straight to a fox news you alert as president biden leaves for vacation in telling wear, the u.s. sends 3,000 troops back to afghanistan. >> they're going to help evacuate the u.s. embassy as the taliban takes over of three more afghan cities. jackie ibanez joins us with the latest. >> reporter: the taliban captured two major afghan cities, the second and third largest after kabul. the provincial capital is reportrd to have fallen. this comes as part of a week-long blitz. the taliban's growth shown on the map, you can see it in the red. they've captured 13 of afghanistan's 34 provincial
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capitals. while kabul isn't directly under threat yet, the military is not wasting time sending 3,000 troops into kabul to help embassy personnel and other americans evacuate the country and an additional 3500 troops out of fort bragg as a standby force in case they're needed. >> nobody is abandoning afghanistan. it's doing the right thing at the right time to protect our people. >> this is not an evacuation, this is not a wholesale withdrawal. what this is is a reduction in the size of our civilian footprint. >> reporter: president joe biden on the other hand refused to take questions on the issue ahead of his delaware departure yesterday. this as senate minority leader mitch mcconnell released a statement saying afghanistan is cay reasoning toward a -- careening toward a predictable
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disaster. president biden should commit more support for afghan forces, without it the taliban may celebrate the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attack by burning down the embassy in kabul. back to you ladies. >> thank you. combat veteran joey jones who lost his legs while serving in afghanistan says he's concerned about america's leadership. take a listen. >> what makes me so mad about this is we have a man in the white house that couldn't predict this, that told us just a week ago nothing like this would happen and those are the people that are going to keep us safe, that are in charge of our borders, that are in charge of a virus that's spreading across the country, that couldn't see this happening or did they know or did they want to lie to us because biden knew he would be the president that lost afghanistan. >> envoys from the u.s., china and other of countries are in
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qatar right now, trying to accelerate the peace process. turning now the border crisis, homeland security secretary mayorkas announcing july migrant encounters hit a 21-year high during his border visit yesterday. >> griff jenkins joins us live from washington with brand-new exclusive audio recordings, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carley and ashley. remember vice president harris' please don't come message, clearly that isn't getting through. secretary mayorkas announcing more than 212,000 encounters in july, a five-fold increase over last july and a number we have not seen since march of 2000. >> the situation at the border is one of the toughest challenges we face. it is complicated, changing and involves vulnerable people at a time of a global pandemic. >> reporter: but behind closed doors in this leaked audio talking to border patrol agents,
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mayorkas says the situation is more dire than he is publicly willing to admit. >> [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: this as outgoing border patrol chief roddy skatt in a farewell message to agents does not mince words. >> whether it's covid, whether it be the massive crisis on the southwest border right now or whether it just be the general tone of society and the anti-police movement, there's a lot of stress out there and we would be fooling ourselves to think that it's not getting to some of us. >> reporter: mayorkas met with local leaders like democrat congressman henry cuellar whose district sees many illegal crossings a week, he is pleading
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for help. >> they need help, bottom line. they're strained. they're overworked. they don't need a pat on the back. they need resources. >> reporter: this comes as brand-new fox news poll numbers show just 37% of americans completely blame biden's election on the crisis at the border. >> no surprise there. griff, thank you. >> texans living near our southern border say they're frustrated over the biden administration's apparent double standard on rules and restrictions. >> they're not thinking about the american people. you know, these immigrants, illegals, as far as we feel are more important to them than we are and they still want us to carry a card around to say we're vaccinated and have to wear a mask and these illegals aren't told anything. it's unamerican what's going on. >> laura logan has seen the crisis firsthand, she joins us later in the show to weigh in. >> a man accused of fatally
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shooting chicago police officer ella french was out of jail despite being charged in a serious hit and run while on probation for robbery. monte morgan allegedly hit a man in a crosswalk in april, leaving him with serious head trauma and took off. he was charged with a misdemeanor and released the next day. authorities plan to find him in violation of his probation but a hearing that could have put him in jail was not scheduled until august 10th, three days after officer french was killed. monte and his brother eric are charged in connection to the fatal traffic stop shooting. >> police in new york city releasing shocking video, showing a gunman opening fire on a street in broad daylight. another man can be seen darting into oncoming traffic to avoid the bullets. the incident happened on august 1st in harlem. police say the shooter took off on a scooter and remains at
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large. thankfully, no one was injured. but clearly somebody could have been injured in that situation and ashley, there's a new fox news poll out and if president biden saw the numbers he would be shaking his head. he would be very concerned. a lot of people are concerned. 81% of registered voters say they're either extremely or very concerned about violent crime and that's no surprise when you look at that video of the guy shooting on a street in broad daylight like it's the wild west. or the story about officer ella french and the man accused of killing her was involved in a hit and run accident, he slammed his car into a man crossing the street, the guy flies into stop sign and then he leaves the scene and he probably left the scene because he was on probation for a robbery. so you have to ask yourself, why is this guy on a street, why is the guy that allegedly shot ella french on the street and how many more other people, other
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criminals could be on streets like that as well. >> if you take it back even further, this is happening in cities that have pushed -- their leaders pushed the defund the police movement and when criminals see there are not as many police officers on the streets or they don't think they can do much about it because the rhetoric has been pushed so much by the mayors, by lawmakers, it's almost like a free-for-all. honestly, it is. >> that's what we're seeing right now. there's a fox news poll that shows compared to last year 57% of people say there's more crime in local communities, 19% say that there is less and nearly 60% of people feel like they are less safe today than they were a year ago and that's not just republicans, that's democrats, that's independents and that's the problem because safety is one of the number one issues that drives people to the polls and the democrats have tried to
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distance themselves from that defund the police message, remember when they tried to accuse republicans of saying that they're the ones that wanted to defund the police. >> that lasted for about two days. >> hard to do that when you have people saying things like this. take a look. >> yes, i support the defund movement. not only do we need to defund but we need to dismantle and start anew. why use the word defund? this is the word that's coming from the streets. >> suck it up and defunding the police has to happen. we need to defund the police. >> of course cori bush does know the importance of police because she says she would spend any amount of money for her own private security detail. >> she already spent tens of thousands in private security, in the same breath saying essentially that the public doesn't deserve any type of security. >> then there's this fox news poll that 77% of registered voters have favorable view of their local police department. so this is good. opinion of your local police, favorable, 77%, unfavorable 21%.
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i want to tie this back to eric adams who is running for mayor. his big push, former police officer, his big push is cleaning the city up. it's a very democratic city and it's showing, they're like hey, this is what we want. >> 77% of people polled say they have a favorable view of their police department. if you remember all those videos of the protests that took place last year, people filled the streets, calling to defund the police, stop police, brutal attacks, another sign, defund the police, black lives matter. so it really does seem like that is a vocal minority of people and a majority of people obviously understand the importance of policing and a year later, i mean, this was last year, a year later now cities are re-funding their police departments. chicago mayor lori lightfoot says she wants to do that in chicago. you brought up such a good point about eric adams who ran on an
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anti-crime platform. the problem is it's happening too late because people are dying in record numbers. >> i wonder how that's going to affect the democrats in the midterm elections. >> you know -- >> you know they're thinking about it. >> absolutely. inflation, the cost of things are going up, safety, those two factors, that's really what drives people to the polls. >> yep. okay. time right now, 4:12 on the east coast. a few monthss a ago investigatos from the world health organization said it was extremely unlikely that covid-19 leaked from a lab in wuhan. now they're walking that back. it's been nearly a year since a san francisco salon was forced to close, remember this video, after exposing nancy pelosi for violating covid-19 restrictions. now that salon owner is calling our leftist politics for shutting her down. she joins us, coming up next. ♪
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good morning, welcome back. britney spears is one step closer to being free. her father jamie announcing he plans to step down as conservator of the singer's
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estate but not before doubling down on his innocence against allegations of conservatorship abuse. the court saying he continues to serve duetfuly and should not be suspended or removed. britney's attorney firing back, saying, quote, this is a major victory for britney spears, rather than making false accusations and making cheap shots at his own daughter, mr. spears should remain silent and step aside immediately. it's unclear when he will step down. the next hearing is scheduled for september 29th. supreme court justice amy coney barrett denies a request from a group of eight indiana university students who challenged the school's vaccine mandate. the students lost their challenge in the lower court but filed an emergency request in the nation's highest court. this is the first time any of the justices have weighed in on vaccine mandate issues. the case went to justice barrett
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based solely on geography. while she could have referred the case to the full court, she elected to make the decision herself. now to this, texas law enforcement deputized to track down and arrest the texas state democrats who bolted to d.c. here to discuss is columnist for the federalist, eddie scary. thanks for being with us this morning. >> good morning. >> i want to get to this straight away. i want to go to the tweet from gene wu, this is on august 11th. it says finally got a copy of the warrant for my arrest. republicans want voter suppression at any cost. not today, can you chip in a few to help me continue to fight. now they want help bailing them out of a problem they got themselves into. what do you think this shows and proves to her constituents? >> well, i love this story every step of the way.
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i think that all this shows in the end is that we were delaying the inevitable. it was largely a opportunity, they're raising money off it. i hope the arresting officer will wear their mask and is hopefully is vaccinated because they all have covid and were spreading it around d.c. while they were in d.c., they turned it into a field trip for themselves, taking selfies, visiting the monuments and now we're finally getting along with the business that's supposed to be happening in texas. >> before i get to the next part, do you think there's any sort of embarrassment or even some remorse for the taxpayers because of what they've done? >> no, i don't think so. again, they have embarrassed themselves this entire time. they could have in some ways drawn attention to the issue but they come here, they make a big show out of it. that congress person in particular made himself -- portrayed himself as a celebrity, said people were asking for autographs which no one knows who he is.
1:20 am
turns out they all test positive for covid. so they've been doing everything wrong every step of the way. do i think they're embarrassed? they should be. >> right. it's also interesting to note that everyone who has to get on a plane has to wear a mask but none of them had a mask on. we saw you how that turned out. i want to talk about the filibuster, i want to talk about the highlights for the election reform bill that was passed. it eventually was passed. it was after that 14 hour filibuster. anyone who knows anything about a filibuster, that is no joke, for 14 hours. the bill has to go to the house now. it can't do anything until a quorum is present. where do you see this going from here, after everything that transpired with deputyizing of the law enforcement and trying to bring them back to texas. >> in texas they have the votes, republicans have the votes to make it happen. it will happen. the goal of the democrats who did this stunt coming to d.c. was to draw attention to it to a state level issue which there's
1:21 am
nothing that d.c. can really do about it but, again, they were pushing for the federal congress to actually pass this john lewis bill or this other voting thing they want to do which i think they think will override what happens in texas. that's very much a long shot. they got some attention. they had a nice field trip. didn't seem to work out too well, though. >> right. let's get to this. this is about the reform bill. i want to pull up this full screen about what it does. it's new id requirements for voting by mail, adds restrictions on unsolicited mail-in ballot applications and bans 24 hour polling locations and drive-through voting. talk about why this is good for the state of techses, especially with the -- texas, especially with the issues we're seeing at the border. >> whether it's good or bad, it doesn't seem like they're doing too much there, seems like
1:22 am
common sense reforms to give everyone the security, all voters the security that their votes are secure, that the election is free and fair. for democrats to decry any of this looks very, very silly. what are they doing? they're saying everyone should get a vaccine, everyone can go to their local store, anyone can get a vaccine anywhere. if you can get a vaccine and that's easy enough and you want everyone to get a vaccine, i don't see why you can't l follow fundamental regulations the keep texas elections secure. >> i want your final thoughts on this before we let you go. >> i'm sorry, are you playing a clip? >> i want your final thoughts on the whole situation, whether it be the reform bill or the fact that they are deputizing law enforcement to bring them back. >> the two best things that
1:23 am
could happen, just talking about the arresting officer, i hope he wears a mask because all the democrats tested positive for covid. i think it would have been smart to find a black police officer. he's going to have to arrest a lot of these dems, some of them are black, you know they will make a massive show out of this with police brutality. >> don't forget to talk about eddie's book, privileged victim. we will talk to you soon. thanks, eddie. >> thank you. carley: the time is 23 minutes after the hour. after the break, we're talking to the salon owner who exposed nancy pelosi for treating herself to a day of pampering while the rest of us were on lockdown. ashley: and the field of dreams game ends in a hollywood fashion and we've got the highlights from the historic matchup. ♪
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>> welcome back. the world health organization says more research is needed into the origins of the covid-19 pandemic, saying in a statement the w.h.o. determined there was insufficient scientific evidence to rule any of the hypotheses out, this comes after the lead investigator admits the theory the virus leaked from the wuhan lab is, quote, probable, after calling it, quote, extremely unlikely back in february. dr. peter embark raised concerns about the second lab located 500 yards from the market where covid-19 cases were reported. starting next week, san francisco residents age 12 and older will have to prove they're fully vaccinated against covid before going inside restaurants, gyms, theaters and event venues
1:29 am
with at least 1,000 people. staff will have to prove they're fully vaccinated by october 13th. san francisco is the first major u.s. city to mandate proof of full vaccination. carley. carley: it has been one year since house speaker nancy pelosi's now infamous blow-out blow-up. >> i take responsibility for trusting the word of the neighborhood salon. it was a set-up. the salon owes me an you apology. >> this footage went viral after the salon owner released a security tape after hearing pelosi preach about mask wearing. she had to shut down her salon due to relentless backlash and death threats she received. she joins us now with what the past year has been like for her. good morning, erica. >> good morning, carley. thank you for having me. carley: it's a pleasure. tell us exactly that, how has the past year been for you and what are you up to now?
1:30 am
>> well, the past year, i mean, we're thankful to be back to work. we did -- i do want to mention, we didn't go back to work until february so pretty much the rest of the country started back in june, especially in the beauty industry, and we literally just started back in february. so, yeah, we're back. carley: did you open a new salon in san francisco? >> oh, no. no, i left san francisco. i am back in central california in fresno where i'm originally from. i'm actually glad i'm not in san a fran right now with what you just said about having a passport. but, you know, the thing about california is we are literally with our governor, with gavin newsom, we are still working on literally pins and needles every day, not knowing if we're going to be shut down the next day. so, yeah, that's still kind of
1:31 am
going on. carley: i was going to ask you about that. it sort of feels like august 2021 feels a little like last year because they're reimplementing mask mandates and vaccine passports in new york. how is that affecting your business? >> it hasn't affected our business yet. we are still not wearing masks and the mandate hasn't started yet. but yeah, that's how it starts. they start with little by little, by starting one thing and then pushing to another. but again, the feeling of going to work every day and knowing that you might be shut down is a terrible feeling. i haven't even actually started advertising yet because i don't want to spend the money because i don't know if i will be shut down tomorrow. carley: that's got to be tough to be on pins and needles every single day. we just played that clip of nancy pelosi saying that you owe her an apology, even though she walked into your business without a mask on and then you
1:32 am
lost it because of all the backlash. when you hear her say that a year later, how does it make you feel? are you still angry or have you let it go? >> i'm still -- it's almost like i'm in disbelief still, that someone can go on tv in front of the whole cup tri and -- country and pretty much, i'm going to say it, lie. her assistant did message the stylist the day before and make the appointment. i didn't set her up. i've had the cameras in there for over six years. that didn't happen. carley: you had security cameras on every day. that's why you put security cameras in a business, to keep them on and running. >> absolutely. carley: nearly 40,000 small businesses closed in california by september 2020. i believe she got her hair done in your salon the last day of august. do you know any of those other small business owners that were forced to shut down in san francisco and what they might be up to today? >> you know, a lot of people -- i don't.
1:33 am
i just know they shut -- i mean, they shut down and boarded up. the other thing too, our neighborhood, the cal hallow, marina cal hallow neighborhood was her neighborhood, her home is five blocks from the salon. the restaurants she ate up, my salon was boarded up. she never reached out to any of us in the community. carley: we're seeing it happen again today with democrats still not enforcing the rules that they are applying on other people, that's happening once again. so it's like last year all over again. erica, so good to see that you're back on your feet. you've opened a new salon in california and we wish you the best of luck. >> thank you so much. carley: you bet. time right now, 4:33 on the east coast. the louden county teacher who quit her job during an emotional school board meeting tells fox news she has no regrets. >> i saw this as an opportunity
1:34 am
to do something that i needed to door for myself and it was for my students, i wanted them to know why i was leaving. >> we're going to share more of that interview, you will only see here on fox news. >> and from our friends at fox bet, download the fox bet super 6 app and play for a chance to win $10,000. all you need to do is predict six outcomes in the fox bet super 6 quiz show. topics range from entertainment to sports. it is free to play. download the fox bet super 6 app right now. ♪ do you have a life insurance policy you no longer need? now you can sell your policy, even a term policy, for an immediate cash payment. call coventry direct to learn more. we thought we had planned carefully for our retirement. but we quickly realized that we needed a way to supplement our income. our friends sold their policy to help pay for their medical bills and that got me thinking. maybe
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>> back with your top stories. starting with a fox news alert. this just in, another city falls to the taliban, an afghan official says the capital of zabul province has been taken over. it is believed to be the 14th capital in the country to be taken over. three other major cities were seized hours before and a vet ran militia leader was caught. the pentagon stepping in, sending 3,000 troops to evacuate the u.s. embassy in kabul. and homeland security secretary mayorkas announces there were more than 212,000 migrant encounters in july. a five-fold increase over last july, and a number not seen since march of 2000. behind closed doors, a leaked audio reveals mayorkas taking a
1:39 am
darker tone while talking to agents. the biden official says the situation is more dire than he is publicly willing to admit. and police releasing shocking video shows a gunman opening fire on a new york city street in broad daylight. another man can be seen darting into oncoming traffic to avoid the bullets. police say the shooter took off on a scooter and remains at large. luckily, no one was hurt. carley. carley: ashley, thank you. president biden is taking heat on the economy as voter concern over inflation remains sky-high. a new fox news poll shows 33% of residents feel the u.s. economy is in poor condition. here to discuss, founder and ceo of r lock, connie sylvester byer and the co-owner of the guard guys, charlie bevis.
1:40 am
connie, you are a business owner and you are also a mom. there's another fox news poll that shows 70% of people are worried about grocery prices and gas prices. so how does that affect you? >> it affects all of us every single day, from fuel prices to food, all the way up to fun. for me to go out and actually have fun with my kids, i have to really kick back and look at what's our priority. school shoes are our priority right now. carley: and charlie, you own a company called guard guide. tell us about your business and how the state of the economy is affecting you. >> good morning. thanks for having me. guard guys, we're an on-site drug and alcohol testing agency so we go out and test our truck drivers and other companies that are drug-free workplaces. one of the aspects of what we do, we travel by vehicle all throughout the midwest.
1:41 am
and the gas prices have really hit us hard and we've been able to maintain pretty well so far but what's scary is where are the gas prices going to go for the rest of the year and into next year. carley: yeah. gas prices are up by 43% so i'm sure you are feeling that in your wallet. connie, who do you blame for the state of the economy right now? some people say that, well, it's because the pandemic and just the fact that the economy is reopening. others say it is president biden's policies directly. >> it's obviously president biden. you know, everyone wants to go back four years and this has been brought up because trump was in office and inflation's going up but there is an absolute shortage going on in the grocery store and honestly, if trump was still in office, he would gather everyone together and start saying what can we do about this problem. that's what i find disturbing
1:42 am
right now, is biden isn't teaming up everyone in the oval office and saying hey, everybody, let's get together and figure out what's really, truly going on. why are people paying double for strawberries. i sat on the corner of our local town here in minnesota and i talked to a farmer who was selling strawberries and tomatoes and he can't even believe the prices that are going on in the stores and i'm so fortunate to live in the farming community where i can just purchase it right off the side of the road but unfortunately in some of these inner cities, people don't have those choices. carley: we're going to bring in another guest here, delette schmidt, a texas rancher. she is in a unique situation. if we have her, we're going to show her on screen right now. good morning. you're in a unique situation because you are a rancher but you also own an oil change business and you say that things across the board in all of the businesses that you own are going up, the prices of things
1:43 am
are getting more expensive. >> yes, they are. good morning. they're going astro no, ma'am -- astronomically, the cost has gone up, 65% on just my oil cost and around 40 to 45 business in my other business. carley: how are you dealing with that? >> well, we're just kind of riding the tide and biden's inflation is really putting a hardship on businesses, on customers. it's very -- it's devastating to the american economy, the inflation that biden is enforcing. carley: well, you know, all three guests you come from all different states, all different businesses, but you all have one thing in common. and that's the economy is not going your way right now. but hopefully things can turn around. connie, delette, charlie, thank you for waking up early and
1:44 am
being with us to share your stories. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. carley: ashley. ashley: new york city mayor bill de blasio tears into disgraced governor andrew cuomo, warning he could do more damage before leaving office. >> i think people should keep a very close eye on him after everything he's done and a i don't know why it needs to be 12 days, honestly. i think we're all ready to move on and i think the quicker we can move on the better. he should never hold office again. whatever happens. impeachment or no impeachment. ashley: de blasio adding there are still, quote, huge questions surrounding cuomo's nursing home scandal. the disgraced democrat resigned after a report revealed he sexually harassed 11 women. president biden issued his first public show of support for embattled governor gavin newsom, tweeting in part registered voters should vote no on the recall election and keep california moving forward, this as the white house is reportedly
1:45 am
considering having biden and vice president harris make in-person campaign stops to help newsom energize democrat voters. polls show republicans are more motivated to vote in the recall, potentially opening the door for california to turn red. remember when this virginia teacher resigned during an emotional louden county school board meeting. >> i quit being a cog in a machine that tells me to push highly politicized agendas on our most vulnerable constituents, the children. ashley: laura morris tells fox news she has no regrets from her public resignation and she would do it over again. >> i don't feel diminished. actions speak louder than words. i'm excited to see what other actions people might be taking. ashley: morris said she accepted a new teaching position at a private christian school. carley: good for her, the time is now 45 minutes after the hour. there is a record number of job
1:46 am
openings, except no one seems to want to fill them. our next guest is the general manager at a popular restaurant in a popular tourist destination that's now being forced to close its doors. he has a warning for america, next. ashley: plus, the field of dreams game ending in hollywood fashion. we've got all the highlights, coming up. ♪
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>> wholesale prices soaring 7.8%, the producer price index says that's the heightest on record and with specific items like steel jumping 23% in the last year, businesses say they're facing growing pressure to pass rising inflation costs onto customers. you are already feeling that happening. and as prices go up, speaker nancy pelosi raises the maximum wage for house staffers. they can now earn up to $199,300, that's more than the average salary of congress members who earn $174,000. pelosi saying in part this order will help the congress recruit and retain the outstanding and diverse talent that we need. interesting, ashley. ashley: thanks, carley.
1:51 am
and now to this, small business owners across america are struggling to keep their doors open due to staffing shortages including our next guest who was forced to close liss restaurant. join -- close his restaurant. joining me to discuss more is the manager of the restaurant, kevin thomas. thanks for being with us this morning, kevin. >> thank you for having me. ashley: before we dive into this, what are you going to do in the meantime? are you going to look for another job? do you have another option. >> it's kind of ironic but because of the shortages, it's so widespread, i mean, most of our staff was able to get jobs almost right away after we unfortunately had to close our doors. ashley: i feel like everywhere you go, every business, whether it be a restaurant or anything else, you see a help wanted sign so i would assume that it wouldn't be too hard to find one for those who do want to work but also it says main has not eliminated that $300 weekly
1:52 am
additional unemployment benefit but they said, the department of labor said those payments will end next month as scheduled. could that mean that mcsiegels will open back up? >> you know, unfortunately, just because of the short season that we do have, i mean, by the time you shut everything down in order to fire up this engine again, i mean, it's just pretty much past time to make any kind of money before the season ends. so i mean, even with that ending, you're not really going to have enough time to generate, get the staffing, get the kitchen going, the food, everything, so it wouldn't be worth it at that point. ashley: okay. and then you also said that the government assistance is actually what's creating a long-term problem, not a short-term problem. go into this a little bit for us in detail. >> well, i mean, as you notice, since the beginning of covid last year there's just constantly handouts and this and that, you're creating an overall kind of lack of wanting to work
1:53 am
that extends over a long period of time. i mean, if you look at it, we were able to open fully, the restaurant and with the mask mandate in maine on may 24th, yet we give the free money all the way to september. what kind of -- what kind of message are you trying to send here? you're not trying to help people get back to work. you're trying to say hey, we'll keep giving you something here and there to keep you going and rely on us. ashley: and then the labor department reported that 3.9 million americans quit their jobs in june but yet the layoffs didn't change much. do you know anyone personally that quit their job because maybe they were making more with the money coming in from the government? >> i mean, i don't necessarily know anybody that's making more but like i said, before, in a previous interview, if that wage gap between what you make sitting home and what you make
1:54 am
going to work is too close together, what's $200 if i get to stay home or i have to go to work for a week. that $200 means nothing to me. so it doesn't have to necessarily be more but it just has to be comparable. ashley: right. you also said that the labor shortage isn't just with the hospitality industry. i mean, i can speak from a personal standpoint. it's also manufacturers. this is really kind of a blanketed situation, not with just the hospitality industry. >> absolutely. my brother down in florida is an engineer. he is going out in the field and doing tests that he did when he was in college and he's a he professional engineer. another friend of mine is a general contractor, he's doing manual labor. so these job shortages are across the board. we see it more so with the restaurant because everybody goes out to eat, it's something that's right there. you don't think about the guy that's packing the trucks to get you the food tore the restaurants. ashley: right. with 10.1 million job openings across the u.s., i would say
1:55 am
that there are jobs open for anyone who does want to work. kevin thomas, thanks for being with us. i'm glad you were able to find employment pretty quickly after this. >> thank you very much for having me. ashley: of course. carley. carley: the field of dreams game living up to its hollywood billing with eight home runs including a walk-off to settle it. watch. >> anderson hits it to the right, back to the wall and the white sox win it! carley: the white sox taking down the yankees to win 9-8. after the game chicago's tim anderson calling the game winning two-run walk-off one of the best games in his career, after admitting he hasn't watched the field of dreams movie. i have that in common with him. you've seen it, right? ashley: i grew up with boys. carley: they were calling it a
1:56 am
father, son movie yesterday. ashley: you have to watch it. still ahead, the taliban gaining major ground in afghanistan overnight, capturing major cities and after a began officials. we're -- afghan officials. carley: plus joe concha and laura logan join us live in the next hour of "fox & friends first." ♪ look, this isn't my first rodeo and let me tell you something, i wouldn't be here if i thought reverse mortgages took advantage of any american senior, or worse, that it was some way to take your home. it's just a loan designed for older homeowners, and, it's helped
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ashley: a fox news alert, two more cities fall to the taliban, afghan officials say they have surrendered the capital of uristan province and the capital of zabul province has been seized. it's believed to be the 14th provincial capital in the country to be taken over. carley: three other major cities were captured hours before. the pentagon now stepping in, sending 3,000 troops to evacuate the u.s. embassy in


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