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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  August 13, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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for the love of people. for the love of community. for the love of progress. citi. >> harris: we have breaking news, first of three u.s. infantry battalions are in the air right now headed to kabul with afghanistan on the verge of collapse. the taliban as you know is tightening their grip. the insureds and it's blitzing the southern part of the country claiming to call major cities in just the past 24 hours. three provincial capitals including kandahar. provincial capitals keep falling like dominoes.
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the lightning quick offensive has won the taliban control of more than two-thirds of the country, sources telling fox news u.s. officials believe the taliban could control the capital within the next 90 days. we're getting some reporting from lucas tomlinson that they are watching for it to happen even sooner than that as they get on the ground, fierce fighting right now is taking place outside of kabul. what's left of the afghan forces in the taliban. 30 miles outside the city, that's closing in on where our u.s. embassy is. critics are going after president biden. slang afghanistan is careening towards a massive disaster that was totally predictable. totally preventable. you're watching "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. kayleigh mcenany, dagen mcdowell, former state department spokesperson morgan ortagus in the center seat former cia chief of station, dan hoffman.
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right on time. the pentagon sending more than 3,000 troops back in to help evacuate our u.s. citizens and those with helped us throughout the two decades war. this happening weeks before it officially ended, the war. 35 days ago, president biden was dismissing the possibility of any of this happening. he scoffed at the idea that taliban could actually take over afghanistan. >> some vietnamese veterans see echoes of their experience in the withdrawer in afghanistan. you see any parallels between this withdrawal and what happened in vietnam with some people feeling -- >> none whatsoever, zero. yet entire brigades breaking through the gates of our embassy. six if i'm not mistaken. the taliban is not the north vietnamese army. they're not remotely comparable in terms of capabilities.
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there's going to be no circumstance where you will see people being lifted off the roof of an embassy of the united states from afghanistan. it is not at all comparable. the likelihood that there is going to be the taliban overrunning everything and owning the whole country is highly unlikely. >> harris: dan hoffman, how much of that is rooted in fantasy? some have said on the "faulkner focus" this hour and how much of it based on fact? >> dan: i'm fairly confident that the assessment of the president was receiving from the intelligence community and from the department of defense was entirely different than what the president was saying. that there was grave concern about the effectiveness of the taliban and the potential for the taliban to inflict great harm on afghan security forces. remember, we have been training them for 20 years. we know their weaknesses quite well. i think democrats have been
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critical of president trump's "i alone can fix it" and then this case president biden had an aspirational foreign policy. sought to see south asia and afghanistan where he wished to see it. we are paying the consequences right now. because the truth is clearly before our eyes. the taliban are going to put kabul under siege. our people are very much in harm's way right now. >> harris: last month, morgan, the president said those who helped us are not going to be left behind. with reporters from the white house. that better remain true. what can happen to people we leave behind on our equipment. some couldn't put bin laden in that category. >> morgan: look at the cambodians. some of the older generation are still scarred by the way in which we left. i've got to say, here is, this
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withdrawal could not be more incompetent. it could not be more poorly planned and the callousness from president biden the way he responds to this, he and his press secretary just keep saying over and over again he does not regret his decision. either member pretty well in the fall of, i think it was '19 whenever president trump made the decision on syria and he received a ton of blowback. he was able to work with his team and kept a modest force in syria that was a counterterrorism presence. what we are seeing now is the incompetence of this withdrawal plan. but president biden won't even make it to 9/11, the anniversary date when he was opposed to have all u.s. forces removed. we are going to be fleeing with her tail between her legs before he reached the 20 we will be turning afghanistan back to the taliban were refounded. 20 years ago. feelings of dollars spent, 20
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years, these commitments to return afghanistan on 9/11 2021 to exactly were refounded 20 years ago, incompetence, total incompetence. >> harris: american blood and treasure. more than 2,000 troops. more than a trillion dollars other types of resources. we have not gone forward as much as we should. the last hour, kayleigh, general keane said we did some of what we needed to do. but that's going to be hard to look at what all you can see right now is get our people out. i am paraphrasing him. >> kayleigh: yeah, it's jarring. i sat with president trump across the table from afghan leaders, the afghan president and other officials in the administration when he was negotiating with them and engaging in diplomacy. it's jarring to me to think that those same leaders i sat across from about a year ago now have
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the taliban within 30 miles of their capital. what the united states has done. the correct decision to leave afghanistan but how you leave is important. axios reporting members of the u.s. military are saying this is a dishonorable withdrawal. i think the facts bear that out. you have an airfield which was evacuated in the dead of night, no heads-up to the afghan army. this was about a month ago. no chance of them securing the space, that's one example of many. the translators who partnered with united states government for 20 years in some cases being left behind. one individual saying i'm going to stand in front of the u.s. embassy in like myself on fire until i get my paperwork. that's how high-stakes this is with the taliban going door-to-door making afghan making afghan women become sex slaves and forcing them into marriage. who is going to want to partner
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with the united states in a future war if the translators are left behind, murdered in some cases, slaughtered. it's absolutely incomprehensible. tackle bob gates who said joe biden has been wrong on every single major foreign policy decision in the last 40 years, countless among them. >> harris: dagen, i started looking at the information for exact numbers, and additional 1,000 army personnel will head to qatar. helping process the visa applications of afghans who work with the american military. there's so many of them we have to set up a remote situation to get that done. in the last hour, the 3500 troops have been called out, the brigade combat team from fort bragg now going to kuwait next week so they can quickly deploy should they reach our embassy and this becomes a fight on the
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way out. >> dagen: i remember watching the fall of saigon on the pictures of that. i was a kid at the time but i remember the horror in the tragedy. in the statement left on america, to all the men who served in vietnam. on a loss a nation. i will quote joe biden who said when he was on the campaign trail last year, he said he would have "zero responsibility" for what happened after he pulled u.s. troops out of afghanistan. zero responsibility. president empathy surely doesn't have any women for the women in the teachers of the children who are being left behind. i raise the issue of what the consequences are for us. the united states abandoning this country, abandoning our allies. what is the cause we are sending
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a signal as "the wall street journal" editorial board writes today when the world's rogue senses that a superpower lacks the will to support its friends. they look for other ways to take advantage. in terms of taking advantage, morgan brought up the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks. we invaded afghanistan after 9/11 to take out al qaeda and its talent than sponsors i'll point out the u.n. in a recent report said that the two groups quote remain closely aligned and show no indication of breaking ties." you throw in the islamic state in taking advantage of a security vacuum, and ethically have to ask the question, how long before there's another attack on our homeland. >> harris: let's pray it doesn't happen. if china too paid kt mcfarland and i got into it last hour, they are sitting and waiting. they would love to get your situation with we give the taliban aid not to have our
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embassy. >> dagen: they are already negotiating with the taliban. >> harris: four-star u.s. army general jack keane last hour about, couldn't we have planned this so that we don't hit them during fighting season? watch. >> this withdrawal plan doesn't make any sense. we should have done a deliberate and methodical withdrawal. do it during the wintertime when the taliban is off the battlefield and they are seeking refuge in pakistan, not conducting withdrawal and the height of the fighting season which is what we are in the middle of right now. that is what is so ill-conceived about this withdrawal. played right into the taliban's hands. >> harris: battle wise, dan hoffman. also there is this, why not go get our people before this point? right now, before they even get to kabul.
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do we have enough time? your thoughts on what jack keane said? >> dan: general keane is absolutely right. the summer fighting season is now. it would've made great sense to plan our withdrawal during the winter. nothing says a lack of operational planning like having to send 3,000 troops to go protect our people at the embassy. the administration i think wouldn't have liked the optics of doing that but they're being forced to do it. let me emphasize that the mission of the intelligence community and the department of defense has changed. it can detect and preempt threats before they are visited on our shores and protect our people in that region and beyond. it just got a whole lot harder. we know the one lesson from 9/11 is that when you give the taliban ungoverned space, they will allow al qaeda to homestead there and al qaeda will plot and plan against us. we're going to have a lot more difficulty in detecting those threats and preempting them
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without a finish capability on the ground in afghanistan. >> harris: wow. we took the beach and turned it into a scorpions nest. let's pray for people. up next, a stunning admission by homeland security secretary mayorkas who told border agents the crisis is unsustainable and that we are going to lose. he said it in person in private. but the audio leaked. next. address my fellow veterans. one of the benefits that our country gives us as veterans is the powerful va home loan benefit. it lets us refinance 100% of our home's value, not just 80% like other loans. that's a big difference. and it can mean a lot more money for you and your family. and this is the best time in history use it because home values are now at record highs while mortgage rates are near record lows. the newday 100 va cash out loan lets you take out $50,000 or more to use as you wish.
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>> kayleigh: migrant encoders of the border hit a 21 year high last month with agents detaining more than 200,000 migrants on 419% increase over last year. homeland security secretary alejandro merrick us was of the border yesterday calling the
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situation complicated in assisting the borders close. but listen to what he said privately to border officials in leaked audio fox news has obtained exclusively. >> unsustainable. these numbers cannot continue. we cannot get to a point where we were a couple weeks ago. we have to make for that doesn't happen. looking at all the policy options. our people in the field. i know very well how close the event of breaking here in this sector. it's our responsibility to make sure it never happens again. >> kayleigh: wow, harris, there's a word we've heard repeatedly from the biden administration that is the word progress. kamala harris that we have made progress on our southern border.
9:19 am
alejandro mayorkas has used that word, jen psaki has use that word. progress, progress, progress. it's a stunning, different verbiage being used in private behind the scenes. >> harris: we need transparency and what their plan looks like on what progress actually means to them, how they are measuring it. if they are measuring progress by, we sent somebody down there and that person talk privately, at least we thought it was private, and gay people kind of an out-of-the-way pan on the back and gave us an idea of what we need to do next, that's one thing. but if progress is what it should be and that is solving the crisis and the problems and turning off the spigot and putting on a moratorium. it's a whole different ball of wax. we don't know what they're looking at. which i guess is what allowed the president to say to someone like cuomo, you know, basically, heck of a ckjo of a job in the a scandal that caused him to quit, a sex scandal. i guess if your idea of progress is you just went there or phoned
9:20 am
them, thate but what we need now with nearly a quarter million people coming the border -- coming across the boerner, that's bigger than most cities in america. if that's what we're looking for you going to have to turn off the spigot. andy biggs from arizona, several are banding together and saying we need to impeach mayorkas to force him to get the attention of the administration that progress looks like doing your job. let's ask him. next white house briefing. what is progress to you? >> kayleigh: great question. i hope one of the correspondence asks that. we also heard mayorkas say it's important never to understate the situation. in that same leaked audio he called the situation unsustainable. we almost lost a sector. we are going to lose. there is a sector that's at the point of breaking. he's understating it very clearly publicly saying something different privately.
9:21 am
>> morgan: kayleigh, i thought the leaked audio is fascinating because i heard a dhs secretary who clearly is very frustrated that he can't do his job. it was someone behind the scenes. i think i agreed with a lot of what he was saying. he was saying illegal border crossings should be illegal. he knew it was a problem that they needed to keep title 42 and was evident from you, the difference in that leaked audio versus what he is saying publicly is evidence to me that he's not being allowed to do his job. not being allowed to put policies in place that he knows would stop the flow at the border. the question is why. i think it's because this administration truly does not care if he's migrants are coming over illegally. they just don't. >> kayleigh: they don't. you know morgan has a point. he's saying things that wouldn't publicly allowed to be said. he went on to praise the heroic efforts of the border agent saying i'm going to try to get you hazard pay because they are
9:22 am
dealing with covid. he talked about increasing the number of agents, he talked about ice taking a bigger role, the same i see that the left wants to abolish. is it untenable for him to say these things publicly because of the aoc wing of the party that has such a group of what's going on? >> dagen: i think he is saying they would rather talk than walk. they would rather try to control language, also fascist. rather than implement policies or leave policies in place that kept our border security. and kept drug traffickers and human traffickers from profiting off human misery and suffering, whether it's trafficking drugs or children. earlier jen psaki wouldn't call it a crisis. she referred to it as a challenge. we can take a sliver of solace in the fact that secretary mayorkas at least privately
9:23 am
acknowledges what we can see with our own eyes in terms of the video that we have shot, in terms of what we are hearing, whether it's new mayors or border patrol agents up and the border, looking at the numbers coming in monthly of the highest number of apprehensions and more in more than two decades. i think the only thing that could turn it around his poll numbers have moved against this administration so much. only 35% approve of handling of immigration. they care more about the polls than the human suffering. maybe this gets them off fair you know whats to deal with the crisis that's affecting so many americans. >> kayleigh: there is nothing like polling motivating politicians to finally act. once agents stood up to mayorkas saying this, for those of us who've been around long enough we don't need to reinvent the wheel. seen this happen before. we know how to shut it down. we need to make illegal entry
9:24 am
illegal. that's on-site common sense from someone on the ground. >> dan: it's always good to listen to the guys and gals on the ground, they usually know the situation best. i think there's three things this administration needs to be doing and we talked about the first one which isn't admit publicly we have a crisis of the southern border. secondly we've got to throw more resources of this challenge, this crisis. secretary mayorkas talked about increasing the number border patrol agents. our first line of defense by 2,000 in 2023, i think this crisis demands more immediate action, more technology and more people. third, we haven't had comprehensive immigration reform since 1986. both parties need to come together with bipartisan consensus on concrete measures to make the southern border safe. >> kayleigh: more common sense from dan hoffman. coming up, president biden makes his 18th trip to delaware after refusing to answer questions about the disaster unfolding in
9:25 am
afghanistan. is the president taking a break while his latest crisis explodes?
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and better protection costs a whole lot less. you're in good hands with allstate. click or call for a lower auto rate today. >> morgan: as afghanistan stands on the verge of collapse, the migrant search on our border has hit 20 year record highs and covid cases keep rising as the battle rages over a mask and vaccines. amid all this, president biden headed home to delaware yesterday for the 18th time after spending barely 48 hours in d.c. this week. the white house insist that president is always on the clock but despite its valve transparency the administration will release visitor logs from wilmington. here's white house press secretary jen psaki. >> can confirm we are not going to be providing information about the comings and goings of the presidents grandchildren are people visiting him in delaware.
9:30 am
>> kayleigh: morgan, this pledge of transparency which we have heard from the white house was followed by more detailed articulation of the importance of these logs in the white house. the white house as you know, it doesn't just stand at the white house. the president's business continues when he's on the road. those logs are pretty important especially because the administration sat down the marker of why visitor logs are so important. they need to live up to those words. do you agree? >> morgan: yeah, i totally agree. one thing that we've learned in the past year and a half is even work from home. so i think a lot of americans have figure that out. certainly the president can do that. the problem is that the excuse that the white house just gave thing we don't want to say that his grandchildren are visiting our friends are visiting. that's not really working, right? you're either having official meetings or you're not having official meetings. i don't necessarily have a problem with any president who wants to work from home. i get, as you know, people don't realize. the white house is tiny.
9:31 am
it can feel very constricting. it's not as big as you would think. but if he's going to be working from home in delaware, that's fine. what's he working on? is he working on afghanistan? the white house could be much more transparent about what actual work he is doing. >> kayleigh: dagen and there is the curious movements of the white house, going back to delaware, he was only in the white house for 48 hours so he's going back. then we learn he's only going to be in wilmington for one day before moving to camp david. it's kind of curious presidential movement. we have a sound bite to that effect. jen psaki was asked about it. let's play it. >> this whole going back to wilmington, camp david, back to wilmington. is there something to that? >> certainly not. it's just his travel logistics plans. >> going to leave wilmington for the weekend and go to camp david? >> i'm sorry. >> why not just stay in wilmington? >> he likes camp david. a place to be outside, spend
9:32 am
time with family. certainly has a beautiful scenery there. go ahead. >> dagen: i guess being at camp david, they think the american people will think he's working? i don't know. you're hiding one way or another, whether you're at camp david or in wilmington. one other issue that we need to hear more about from the biden administration, whether it is psaki, preferably the president himself, his inflation. just this morning we found out that the university of michigan consumer sentiment index fell to the lowest level in ten years. because people are worried about higher prices. we see it in the fox news poll. concerned about inflation, 86%. yes it's because a hardship for your family. recent increases in grocery prices, 70%, gas prices 67%. also housing costs.
9:33 am
they want to spend at least $3.5 trillion more money as inflation is going up and by the way, real wages, wages adjusted for inflation have fallen for the american people seven straight months. essentially since joe biden took office. maybe you ought to address that because it makes people, i guess the upside of inflation is that the democrats won't be able to spend 3.5 trillion, or 5 trillion on the next reconciliation package. there's no way some of these democrat senators are going to stand for that. >> kayleigh: you've got inflation, crime, the border in afghanistan. we know when the presidents in delaware, unless he leaves his home, the press doesn't get a chance to interact. we not camp david the press doesn't get a chance unless there's a special event and they are called to camp david, how important is it to hear from the commander-in-chief before monday, preferably as soon as possible on the idea, the very
9:34 am
real concept of what's happening in 3,000 troops go back to afghanistan. shouldn't we hear from the commander in chief? >> dan: i think we should. when i was chief of the cia near east division and secretary and secretary of defense gates was at an air force base at a young soldier asked him what kept them up at night and that soldier probably thought secretary gates would answer with iran, terrorism, china, russia, the taliban. secretary gates said you people do. you're all out here in harm's way behind enemy lines and what keeps me up at night is your safety and your security. we have got our people right now in harm's way in afghanistan and i think that our citizens would like to see the president on the job in the white house and addressing the nation if needed from the white house. i don't know that we can say one way or another whether kabul will still be in the hands of the afghan government is weekend. it might not be. it's a good time to be on the job and that's already getting briefed by your team and prepared to take whatever action
9:35 am
we need to take to protect our people. >> harris: that is so sobering. >> kayleigh: unbelievable. by this weekend potentially. it's a very real catastrophe, harris. then there's the question of where is the vice president? no public events on her schedule. >> harris: with all due respect i don't know what she could add to the situation. i mean, she is not the commander in chief and with the seven or a job she's been given, even if she just worked on a few of those, it would take something off this presidents plate potentially. we don't know what progress looks like. maybe the progress is that she has a list of stuff to do, not that she's doing it. sending in 3,000 troops, plus, plus, plus. extra, those in kuwait. doing all that feels a lot like the beginning to the middle of the biden border crisis when he sent in female. they wait until it's dire straits emergency, when even more children were coming across the border. so you send in fema. the emergency disaster people. now you have sent in our
9:36 am
greatest war attack. these are the people who can do it all. they are they gadget masters of keeping people alive. and you son that many of them in immediately. i pray for all those people who gave and came home with limbs and have memories of those things that happened over the two decades, those veterans, that they are whole this weekend too. i hope people remember to thank them for their service because right now it looks like the white house isn't necessarily thinking of them. i can't put words in the president's mouth but i agree with you, dan. he needs to put some words of his own mouth and speak to the american people about what's going on. >> kayleigh: absolutely and we will hold those servicemen and women heading to afghanistan in our prayers throughout the weekend and we hope to hear from our commander in chief. ahead, new fox news poll shows democrats voters becoming a squad themselves, now favoring
9:37 am
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veteran homeowners, home values are at all-time highs. you could have much more equity than you think! banks can loan you some of it. newday can loan you all of it! the newday100 va cash out loan. >> harris: watching the situation unfolding as our troops had to afghanistan. 1400 americans, their families. thousands more afghanis who helped throughout the war. the first of three u.s. infantry battalions now in the air headed to kabul where our u.s. embassy is. we learn of fighting now moving closer than 30 miles to kabul. they have been moving this entire hour. npr is reporting through their national desk correspondent tom bowman and on his twitter page. i want everybody to see this. when he reports, it's very
9:42 am
specific. he tweeted "the situation of the u.s. embassy in kabul's more dire than what this the state department is saying. mail has stopped. nearly all employees are packing up and a very small number will head to another location. staff are gearing up to destroy sensitive papers, computers, phones." the reporting of npr national desk correspondent for that network. we'll keep our eyes on it. now to a major shift in favor of socialism by democrats. fox news poll mack shows nearly 60% of registered democratic voters have a positive view of socialism. only 49 per saying, capitalism. dagen, what is catching fire among democratic voters? socialism.
9:43 am
do they know what it is? >> dagen: no, unless you've lived through it or unless you pay attention to the news or are old enough to remember to read history. this could potentially give license and fuel to the democrats who do want to pass this 3.5 trillion. it's more like $5 trillion. these are vast entitlements that they want to lay on the american people. they discourage work and try to get the middle-class hooked on government handouts. it is the anti-american dream, if you will. i want to add one thing in terms of socialist spending. we have giant entitlements. social security and medicare. these democrats, the hospital trust fund and medicare runs out of money in less than five years. it will not be able to pay full
9:44 am
benefits of people on medicare. $0.90 on the dollar may be unless they fix it. they are interested in creating more ways to get people hooked on the government rather than fixing wally already have. it's kind of shameful. >> harris: definitely. those details. morgan. >> morgan: i want to take people on the road with me who believe in socialism. you don't even need to go very far. we could go overseas. though to actually you can just go down to little havana and miami. you can go and have a cafe con leche. talk to the cuban-americans about socialism. or we can visit other parts of miami where you have venezuelans who have fled what maduro did to that beautiful, prosperous country. now it's in tatters. you don't even need to leave the country. you just need to talk to americans.
9:45 am
talk to vietnamese americans who have grown up in the shadow of china. and know what it's like to have communist regime right next to them. what that feels like whenever communism or in other parts of the world, socialism may take over. that would be my encouragement to every american who think socialism is great, talk to someone who grew up under it and see if your opinion remains the same. >> dagen: i lived to versailles a lot. conversation over guava pastries, they are delicious. >> harris: hungry already. >> dan: i served nine years of my career the former soviet union. so i saw firsthand all the havoc that socialism wreaked upon the citizens, the welfare of its citizens. i'm a big fan of capitalism but i will say from a national security perspective, that's our comparative advantage. we are talking about having to deal with china and iran and
9:46 am
north korea and other nefarious actors around the world. it's capitalism that gives us an advantage for our national security, protecting our citizens. not to mention the economic strength that we enjoy. >> harris: kayleigh. >> kayleigh: we saw the writing on the wall last january. 76% of the democrat party so they would vote on a socialist for president. we have this. the good news is, harris, you're right, they don't what socialism is. many of those polled believe in free markets. they believed socialism and capitalism do not compete. they don't get what it is. what morgan said, you want to understand socialism, go to cuba. they are waving the american flag for a reason. they are rejecting socialism and embracing capitalism. >> harris: next, called to drop the use of the word female because, and pay attention, it's not just sexist but
9:47 am
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♪ ♪ >> kayleigh: a student and the university of california santa barbara. the student is a male and he rode in the op-ed, can we as a society agreed to stop referring to women as females in casual conversation. no matter where i see that terminology outside of biology, it always feels dehumanizing, uncomfortable, and overwhelmingly sexist. dagen. he goes on to say that the term female is in -- animalistic and archaic. do you agree? >> dagen: i guess female is used in an insulting way in this
9:52 am
dudes loser circle. he writes in his bio that he likes to dance and play video games and watch anime. okay. if you read some of the comments under this piece, my favorite was "an answer to all questions that start with can we as a society, the answer will always be no." >> kayleigh: create points and i love his bio. harris, he goes on to write "at the very least the clinical term of female when used in everyday conversation gives an impression that women are different species from normal cisgender and heterosexual men and therefore less human." do you feel less human? >> harris: if different, you mean better, yes. i am a fellow gaucho. i don't like what he's doing to the repetition of uc santa barbara right now.
9:53 am
in all seriousness, i think is really overthinking it. anime can be great. you do have to mix in real life responsibilities. get off your digital devices. be in the real world. we are male and female. and cisgender and we can have these conversations about those who identify differently and want to talk about them differently. that's all fine. ironically start striking words from the dictionary because he thinks would become more like his anime characters. >> kayleigh: well said. morgan, he also said women never use the term female. it's rare for them to use it. it's only men. i disagree. i have used the term female before. >> morgan: none of this makes any sense. he definitely needs to stop eating the cheese puffs in his dorm room and watching anime, as dagen said. the problem with the left and why they would see a problem with the word female is because they somehow think it's lesser than in their mind to be feminine. i have a big problem with that
9:54 am
because i see our femininity as our strength. i was just going through the pictures this morning, kayleigh, you'll remember, being in the oval office with the president about a year ago. today is the one year anniversary of the abraham accords, big accomplishment. i was extremely pregnant at the time. i think president trump was worried i was going to give birth in the oval. i know for the rest of my life and i look back at the pictures of what we did, being so pregnant is such a beautiful moment because it showed my femininity and it showed my strength of still being in the room. whenever i put on my navy uniform, whenever i'm in the reserves, i can't wait for my daughter's old enough to understand what that means to be a female, to be in uniform. i don't see my femininity is a weakness. i find it my strength. >> kayleigh: totally agree. i loved being pregnant on air force one, very special moment with your beautiful baby in the oval. likewise for my daughter.
9:55 am
the bigger problem i have, we are four females on this panel fearing saying it's a nondefensive -- and nonoffensive term. but it's a male saying that we should be offended, the four of us. >> dan: when i was at the cia learned four linkages, three of which don't make any distinction whatsoever between male and female. russian does. there were quite a few times and it was a little bit confusing when we don't draw a distinction between male and female. i will say from a practical standpoint, leaving aside the great points you all made, i kind of like to draw the distinction. >> harris: i guess a girl looking for somebody in your line of work and you can't describe them. >> kayleigh: well said, dan. more "outnumbered" in just a moment. apr. save thousands every year.
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10:00 am
secretary. his grandfather turned 90 years old. a korean war veteran. a former new york city police sergeant. a hero in blue and served overseas. happy birthday william valentine. >> thanks for watching "outnumbered." "america reports" next. >> new developments in the killing of a chicago police officers ella french last week. one suspect out of jail even after violating his probation in a robbery case month earlier. why critics blame progressive policies. martha maccallum will join us. >> and we will hear from a new york congressman on health officials agreeing that covid could have come inside a lab in wuhan in china. why it might


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