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tv   FOX News Primetime  FOX News  August 13, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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report," the latest on the deteriorating situation in afghanistan. please join us for "fox news sunday." the guests will be former secretary of state mike pompeo and national institutes of health director dr. francis collins. thanks for watching "special report." i'm trace gallagher. "fox news primetime" hosted by lawrence jones starts right now. >> thank you, trace. one of the best in the business. good evening, welcome to "fox news primetime." ♪ ♪ >> lawrence: i'm lawrence jones in new york tonight democrats chances of holding ton power are looking more and more bleak as they record number of immigrants flood through our southern border. the biden administration is still trying to convince us that they have this under control. on thursday, dhs secretary mayorkas acknowledged the surge but defended the administration handling of it. watch. >> we meet challenges. we meet difficult ones. we do so with our heroic workforce.
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our expertise, our plans and our execution of our plans. here again, just as we did with the challenge of unaccompanied children in march of this year, we have a plan. we are executing our plan, and that takes time. >> lawrence: so that's what the secretary said in public. but fox news has obtained leaked audio of what the secretary is saying in private. and it paints a drastically different picture. watch. >> a couple days ago i was down in mexico omexico and i said look, you know, if our border is the first line of defense we are going to lose, this is unsustainable. we can't continue like this. our penal in the field can't continue and our system isn't built for it. >> lawrence: he said we are going to lose, it's not sustainable. he was talking about the border. those words can be will to the
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every part of the biden administration. crime is spiking. inflation. officials in afghanistan are central bling to leave as the taliban takes back the country in lightning speed. you can call the biden administration a comedy of errors but nobody is really laughing. it would be great if the biden administration would just be upfront with us. admit that they are failing. we north as dumb as they think we are. america can see the reach for the crises brought on our country. a poll shows most disprove of biden's performance on the economy, crime and immigration. if biden doesn't turn things around soon, he won't just be losing the border, he will be losing the country too. joining me now stephen miller who is filing a lawsuit against the dhs today. he is the founder of america first legal and lara logan most of lara logan has no agenda on fox nation. lara, i want to go to you first and steve, i'm going to get to you on the politics. lara, i want you to take me to the border. tell me about the numbers. what's the current state?
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you have done a lot of reporting there. what are you hearing on the ground? >> well, what i'm hearing from everyone who is on the ground is that they are breaking records every single day in two shifts. in one station on the border in stark county it's called rio grande city. they had 1107 people come across from midnight until 4:00 p.m. the next day. that was just one group over two shifts, lawrence. and they have never seen anything like this. i mean, literally you have everybody from law enforcement to border agencies to federal agencies saying that these are numbers they have never seen in their entire careers spanning 10, 20, 30, 40 years. one thing that i think is really important for people to understand is that all this does is define the border over and over and over again in terms of you know, human migration and the humanitarian aspect of this. it leaves our national security and border security out of the
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equation. and that is exactly what the biden administration wants. because the biden administration can change all of this literally like that with a nap of their fingers. they changed the policies and they can stop the flow. so what you know from that is that they are -- they are not defining the national security threat. they are not countering the national security threat. and they are not being honest about the national security threat. so what does that tell you? i mean, this -- what they are doing is by design. this is a result of no action. this is a result of the actions that they took so it's the outcome they planned for. it's the outcome they implemented and it's the outcome that they are sustaining. so the real question is how does this benefit the biden administration because they have obviously made a calculation that it does. >> lawrence: because they ran on this. the media then pushed back. he got elected on this. and now they are starting to drop in the polls. so, i have got to ask you this, stephen miller. do they pivot?
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because we see the only time that the biden administration starts to have some type of pivot is when the polling comes in and they start to drop. >> tragically i don't think they are going to change course on the border and the reason for that is because the left is playing the long game on illegal immigration. their view is that adding millions of illegal migrants to the country is going to push the politics of this country further left. and so for the sake of that goal, they are willing to drop in the polls to pay a price this has been and remains their highest priority. look, for example, at the budget reconciliation bill that they are planning on passing, the $3.5 trillion one we have heard so much about. they are planning on including amnesty in there. that means citizenship and voting rights for who? illegal immigrants. so, republicans are going to have to make the case to midterm voters that the democratic party is putting the safety and security of you, your family, and the whole country in grave
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danger. i will make one point on this that i think is very important. as bad as the situation is in afghanistan, the deadliest foreign policy failure by far of this administration is the crisis on our southern border. the drugs, gangs, and crime will claim thousands of lives in america this year. >> lawrence: it's so true. and people are dying as a result of those deadly drugs coming across. synthetic drugs is going to kill people. lara, i have talked to some of my sources on the ground from when i was on the border. the morale is low. what are you hearing from those border agents? i hear some are just walking off the job. they can't take it anymore. >> well, the border agents have never seen anything like this and, you know, obviously, they are completely and utterly overwhelmed. they know because the planning started very early on last year after the election. so they know that this was put into place deliberately. and what, you know, what they are starting to ask now is questions like how does the
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failure of the u.s. immigration system and the failure of the southern border how does that the biden administration steven is right about playings the long game. it's the same thing when it comes to defunding the police. sadly, it's the same thing when it comes to the fentanyl which is over 9,000 pounds already this fiscal year and not done. last fiscal year was a record and it only 4700-pound. you are talking about exponentially increasing what is a national security threvment it costs this country billions of dollars because, when you have the whole communities overdoes and addicted then they are not paying taxes, they are not going to work. they are not joining the military. they are not staying in school. it their children are notioing up in stable mommy's homes. there is all these knock down effects. let's not forget that the mexican cartels are doing. this that's exactly right. >> with an open border that is that they are the number one
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beneficiaries of the biden administration's open border. and they are also in a strategic partnership with the chinese. so, you know, the biden administration they know perfectly well what's going on here, and if they wanted to change it, they would. and they could. the other part of this, lawrence, is why are they moving children from the border? why are they moving them in the middle of the night? why are they moving them in -- under the cover of darkness? and if you look at the cities where they are going, and you actually overlay that with covid cases, spikes in covid cases number of people working on this that i have spoken to who say that there is significant correlation. so you're exporting covid all over the country under cover of darkness in order to change the demographics of this country and let's not forget the last point? look at all the media headlines about the census over the last few days. you know, which were all about oh, america's white population is down. the census confirms it. the future of america is diverse.
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yeah, it sure is you know that when you are making sure that it is as diverse as you want it to be. >> lawrence: i'm just wondering where all the elected officials that were crying at the border about the kids' safety, i mean, they are parking these kids and parents and they are like sardines and no one says anything about it within the democratic party. no aoc. no squad. no nancy pelosi. i don't even know where kamala harris is. they keep giving her job after job and she does absolutely nothing. if republicans get back in power and do nothing, they don't deserve your vote. thank you two so much. coming up chris cuomo is dancing like nobody is watching and no, i'm not talking about his show. but, first, it's happening. people getting fired from their job for refusing the vaccine. jason rantz and clay travis next. ♪ [ heavy breathing ] allergies with nasal congestion overwhelming you? breathe more freely with powerful claritin-d. claritin-d improves nasal airflow two times more than the leading allergy spray at hour one. [ deep inhale ]
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♪ >> lawrence: so, if it happened to a star, it can happen to you. broadway actress has been reportedly been fired from her gig at the hamptons set for later this month because she wasn't vaccinated this comes as the white house continues to find new ways to infringe on our freedoms. people already losing their job over the shot so what's next? the biden administration was reportedly considering mandating vaccines for anyone looking to leave their state. according to the a.p., quote: while more severe such as mandating vaccines for interstate travel have been discussed, the administration's word that they would be too polarizing at this time. i will repeat those words "at this time." so not now. but maybe later joining me now to reality seattle radio host jason rantz founder of tray clafs. jason, this is troubling because
4:16 pm
really directing and providing information for the fears they just want to force people to get the shot. is that a good idea? >> of course it's not a good idea but i can't say i'm surprised that democrats want to control everything we do. we have already seen a two, three years of democrats telling us how to think. if you don't think the way they want they try to force it or silence you. now we are in the covid world they are saying if you don't want to get the vaccine which i think is the smart move to do in consultation with your doctor only if you want it. they want to control every aspect of everything that we do and if they don't get their way after trying to convince us, they will just go ahead and force us. i think if we are going down the road of firing people, it's sending the message that you don't even have the right to make a living unless you live the way that the democratic party wants you to live. i think that's not a road to go down because there is no turning back.
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>> lawrence: clay, i want to level with you because i have gotten the vaccine, i have talked to the doctor. i have skepticism, i have been open about that. it took some time. the doctor had to give me all the information before i was able to make that decision. why not go that direction, clay? why not just say the studies are already saying that a lot of people aren't getting the vaccine because it's not fda approved? how about you approve it? a lot of people are not getting the vaccine because of the side effects and not educated on the side effects. why not talk, speak to that. instead, if you don't take the shot, you are going to get fired from your job. >> i think you are right and, look, you got the vaccine, i have not gotten the vaccine. the reason i didn't get the vaccine is because i already had covid and i went and got my covid antibody test and i talked to several different doctors and they said hey your covid antibody tests level right now is stronger after you got your vaccine. i went and looked at all the data myself and saw that there are several studies that reflect if you have had covid already,
4:18 pm
you are maybe more protected than some people who have gotten the vaccine and that's why i think the discussion here focuses on everyone who has not gotten the vaccine as if they are recess tantaros to the idea of the vaccine, in england we know 92% of the people in england have either gotten the vaccine or they have already had covid. we don't have the studies here to know what percentage of the 30 percentish of adults that have not gotten the vaccine maybe like me and others and have had covid. we know probably 100 million people have had covid our discussion about vaccine vs. non-vaccine to me should be more of a discussion about people who have had covid and people who have not had covid that needs to be included in that discussion to be more intijt. >> lawrence: you know, clay, dr. marty makary is standing by. we will talk to him about that very issue. i think it's important to have the conversation about the science. but, jason, i have been seeing a lot of folks cite studies that
4:19 pm
don't exist about masking with kids. about covid spreading. about they are saying that studies have r. showing it was just the trump voters and white folks didn't want to do it and "new york times" has a report today only 30% of young black people in new york are actually getting the shot. so, why aren't these doctors being held accountable for putting out misinformation? >> well, you know, the thing is, i mean, if did you go and you know where to look and you are actually connecting with actual doctors which is why i'm such a big fan of actually talking to doctors, they will be a little bit more honest, i think the problem we have here is some media outlets will go to certain sources knowing what they are going to say. and it is just not accurate. and i will give you an example locally. so we heard from a number of sources here that or media outlets here that children are effectively being rushed to the icu with the delta variant and obviously as kids are heading back into the classroom that's serious and the head of the pediatric unit over seattle children made a similar claim.
4:20 pm
and so i reached out to them. i tried to get the data. i asked them multiple times. i did everything short of sending smoke signals because frankly that would be cultural appropriation. i would be fired. they won't respond. and so i actually looked at the data that's publicly available some from inside. they said there were four kids in the icu. we want that number to be zero. that's hardly a surge in the cases. a lot of the claims just don't stand up to the facts. >> lawrence: you know, clay, you cover culture on your site. i have noticed something new going on on instagram and twitter. there is pressure from other celebrities, putting pressure on other celebrities to make these psas as if americans are going to listen to them. do you think if a celebrity told them to inject themselves that is a wave convincing them? people are rejecting. >> i hope not. i hope not. i think your point is a good unwith. a lot of red states. people want to demonize and say
4:21 pm
the vaccination rate is low and blame trump voters. and the reality is in a state like tennessee, we have got a large population of trump voters, yes. we also have a large black population. a lot of those guys and girls voted for joe biden. there is skepticism on both sides because the messaging surrounding the virus has not been great in terms of the vaccine and you mentioned he argue against kids having to wear masks. this idea that kids are being protected by masks is not supported by any statistical measure of data out there that has been independently verified. if we are going to be doing this, we have to make sure we are not just embracing cosmetic theater because it makes adult feel better even if it makes kids be more challenged than they otherwise would be in the classroom. so, i just think there is way more nuances to this discussion than we're being allowed to discuss publicly. and certainly big tech isn't helping that nuance to take place. i think a lot of people, trump
4:22 pm
voters black and hispanic voters and individuals all over the country, there is just a lot of skepticism about this discussion in general. >> lawrence: they don't care about nuances. they care about politics. >> that's true. >> lawrence: if they can, did care they would apologize on national tv for saying in the middle of a political campaign that you can't trust the vaccine because trump and his doctors made it up. so, again, undo your wrongs first before you dry shoot shots at the other side. clay, thank you so much. jason, thank you so much. >> appreciate you having me. >> lawrence: you bet. once again our so-called health experts are misleading the american public. last night national institute of health director dr. francis collins went on the record claiming vaccinated immunity is better than natural immunity. does he have the science? >> there was a study published by cdc just 10 days ago in kentucky and they looked specifically at people who had had natural infection and people who have been vaccinated and then ended up getting infected again. so what was the protection
4:23 pm
level? it was more than two fold better. than the people who had the vaccine protection than people who had the natural infection. that is very clear in that kentucky study. >> lawrence: fox news medical contributor dr. marty makary says that's not the case. claiming the study collins was referring to was misinterpreted. dr. marty makary joins us now. doctor, thank you so much for serving this audience throughout the pandemic. you have been consistent. you have said when the science was wrong and when it was right. so we appreciate you. so, separate facts and fiction from what the doctor just said right there. >> well, lawrence, i have tremendous respect for dr. collins. he has served this country well. but, you know, there are 14 studies that show that natural immunity is effective. it's durable. and it's going strong. and, yet, there has been this inexplicable denial of it and after a lot of public pressure now from our public health leaders to talk about natural immunity, they come up with this
4:24 pm
study that they essentially jerry rigged in kentucky showing that maybe it was 2.3 times higher than those with previous infection that's the natural immunity group than those who are vaccinated. guess what? the rate of getting subsequent infection in those with natural immunity was 0.09%. and those who are vaccinated in that time period it was 0.03%. the conclusion is it's extremely rare in both groups. not that it's higher among those with natural immunity by 3 continue to 3 fold. they never said what these 234 people who got infected whether or not they had symptoms out of an overquarter million people with natural immunity. and why did they pickens ken? they have got data on all 50 states. they only reported kentucky because they were using a statistical method called phishing where you run the data on all 50 states the one state that gives you the signal consistent with whether a you want to say is what you report
4:25 pm
out. >> lawrence: exactly. doctor, that leads me to my next question. what is their incentive to do that? why not be transparent? why phish? why just choose the one state that goes along with your narrative? why do you even have a narrative? why won't you just follow the science? >> well, i can tell you, lawrence, with my patients that i treat, they are hungry for honesty, when you are honest with people, they will do what you ask them to do. right now we have a of this ignoring and i think it probably came from this directive early on that we have to vaccinate every human being in america and all the public health leaders are being held by that standard by the white house that they have got to go out there and just increase those numbers. look, i want people to get vaccinated too. it's the same message. but you are going to be more effective if you are honest and say we have got to focus on the nonimmune and nonnatural immunity and nonnatural immunity adults. >> lawrence: there was a lot of super stars made during this pandemic, sadly. they have been all over cable tv. and they have damaged the
4:26 pm
profession by just becoming just straight up liars. dishonesty and that is why they want to know why people aren't getting the vaccine? because they are not being told the truth. it's not helping their case at all. thank you, doctor. >> thanks, lawrence. >> coming up liberal prosecutors across the country have blood on their hands. how their far left policies are directly leading to tragedy. one story next. ♪ ♪ your heart is at the heart of everything you do. and if you have heart failure, there's entresto.
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at usaa, we've been called too exclusive. because we only serve those who honorably served. all ranks, all branches, and their families. are we still exclusive? absolutely. and that's exactly why you should join. ♪ ♪ >> lawrence: welcome back. as violence surges in cities across america. liberal prosecutors are failing to protect their residents. like chicago where police officer ella french was murdered by a man who shouldn't have even been on the streets. emonte morgan has a long criminal history with a rap sheet that includes battery, theft, hit and run accident from april of this year. due to chicago's soft on crime approach, he wasn't behind bars and now officer french is dead. and the windy city isn't the only place where criminals are left to roam the streets.
4:32 pm
in st. louis prosecutor kim gardner is coming under fire from local residents shirley washington cobb. shirley's son dwayne was murdered in a street altercation in february of 2020. instead of fighting for justice for dwayne gardner just wants the case to go away. and pushing for a plea deal of only 8 years. without even consulting the victim's mother. dr. shirley [inaudible] calling for gardner to resign and she joins me now. doctor, thank you so much for joining the program. condolences for your loss. i know you are still grieving but you are not done fighting. >> no i am not. >> lawrence: you say your son warned you of something like this possibly happening. >> yes. i'm sorry that i -- i have to begin with a correction. it was my it son's son dwight killed his brother dwayne survived. >> so, yes. i am yes still in the grieving
4:33 pm
process but i would also like for kim gardner to know that she has most certainly messed with the wrong mother. i had not heard a thing from her office until i happened to call the former prosecutor on my son's case. the mistake he made was that there were two witnesses on the call. one a detective and one a victim's rights advocate. so, he said at the time absolutely not would they accept an 8 year plea deal. so, for time after time i'm under the impression during the pandemic the case had been postponed many times. and i live in the state of texas. and i had heard nothing after the initial call to the former
4:34 pm
prosecutor where he stated that there is no way we would be willing to settle for an 8-year plea deal on this case. your son was murdered. so, as time went on and something within me stated that i needed to check and to make sure about flight arrangements with the pandemic still going on. and what i needed to do in order to get back to st. louis to make a victim statement. once i tried to call kim gardner's office, having first tried to go through other assistant to no avail, no returned calls. kim gardner no returned call. until i decided i'm not going down that easily. i had about a week and a half in order to try to make something happen on my son's behalf. so i then contacted the judge
4:35 pm
and i cced kim gardner. finally kim gardner was available to talk to me. prior to that i heard nothing and had i not made that random call on about two weeks prior to what they had decided upon in terms of a hearing, they had accepted an 8-year plea deal without notifying me whatsoever. and i had, as i said, about a week and a half, to two weeks in order to affect some sort of change in my son's case. the reason i had not wanted to attend the trial itself was because i didn't want to hear all the gory details of what i presumed had happened to my son.
4:36 pm
what i ended up finding out after kim gardner finally called me back with two others was a chief warrant officer doing most of the talking, was that the warrant officer said that there were no witnesses and there was no proof through the video that they had that a weapon was used. so they are -- >> lawrence: yes, i'm sorry to cut you off. i'm sorry for that error too. we will get that right the next time. do you feel like the d.a., based on all that you have told us is prioritizing the criminals over victims like you? >> she paid absolutely no attention to my son's case. she didn't even in this telephone conference call my son by name none of the three people
4:37 pm
on the call called him by name. it was obvious she could have cared less. because, once i found out what actually happened to my son no person of good conscience other of good heart would have said that someone whose eyes were dislocated and jaw was broken was, in fact involuntary manslaughter. the medical examiner and a -- the pathologist were both willing to speak if this had gone to trial. >> lawrence: it shouldn't -- doctor, it shouldn't have taken all of that to be heard. >> no. it should not. >> lawrence: thank you so much for being so brave. we are praying for you and the rest of your family for peace. >> thank you so much. >> lawrence: during this time. thank you so much for telling your story on the program tonight. >> thank you very much. and i hope that i get an opportunity to speak in more detail some time later.
4:38 pm
>> lawrence: we will have you back. thank you so much. doctor. >> thank you. thank you for having me. >> lawrence: you bet. the streets in chicago might be streaked with blood. one actual city is seeing a drop in crime. talked to a local reverend who helped to stop the blood shed in boston. that's next. s ♪emap ♪ that's why they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. oh, yeah. that's the spot. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ what makes new salonpas arthritis gel so good for arthritis pain? salonpas contains the most prescribed topical pain relief ingredient. it's clinically proven, reduces inflammation and comes in original prescription strength. salonpas. it's good medicine. [narrator] this is steve. he used to have gum problems. now, he uses therabreath healthy gums oral rinse with clinically-proven ingredients and his gum problems have vanished. (crowd applauding) therabreath,
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♪ >> lawrence: so we have had a lot of negative stories about crime, but earlier this week i went to boston, the big city that is bucking the trend of rising crime. crime is down across board with homicides, shooting and property crimes all lower than they were in 2020. shocking, right? the success of the city may be in part to a proactive program led by reverend eugene rivers a former gang member turned activist who showed me how the police and the community are working together. you have got to see this. watch. >> lawrence: this is where it all started for you. >> yeah. this is- we moved into dorchester in 1987. and this is where we lived. and, as you can see, there are the three bullets from the second occasion that our house
4:44 pm
was shot into. >> lawrence: that sets the scene for for how life was -- >> -- oh, yeah. >> lawrence: in the city. >> that's right. >> lawrence: y'all start this community. bring law enforcement, clergy, community leaders. >> yep, yep. >> lawrence: at one table. >> yes. lord, we thank you and praise you for your goodness and your mercy. we thank you for the young people. we thank you for the city. we thank you for the community. we thank you for our law enforcement partners. >> lawrence: crime is skyrocketing all across the country in liberal cities but not in boston, why? the community and the police are working together. and it starts with this meeting every wednesday. go talk to them. >> there are some kids who are falling through the cracks. >> we really need to make sure our children are safe. >> if this gang activity if you have any general sense? >> working with a couple of families who have just been trauma moo dyes advertised by shootings. >> 39 bullets fired. five of them came true our living room. >> i am here because i'm the
4:45 pm
mother of four children and our community deserves to be safe. >> in a lot of cities, the police and the residents are at odds. they are not having these type of conversations. so, how are you guys able to do that? >> effective community policing. >> we have got do the work on the prevention intervention side. that's our responsibility. the faith communities have to step up and this needs to be said that the boston police department was supporting this kind of academic educational cultural literacy. that is not being done anywhere else in the united states. extraordinary work that officer has done working with the young people that are with us today. >> in order to have a positive relationship, you have to have a relationship. you have got to be out there. you have got to be involved. you have got to be in the community. you know, boston police. >> lawrence: how important it is it having the police leadership, community policing here all in
4:46 pm
one location with the pastors, community leaders, working together? how important is that. >> that's very important. that's very -- even to the youth. >> together we can do a lot of things, powerful things. we can't expect the police to make an impact if we're not working together with them. >> we have experienced violence here in the city and more recently our numbers are nowhere near other cities. we have a really strong partnership quite frankly with the community and our police department. >> crime going down. >> yes. crime has been going down steadily one. secondly, even when there is an uptick, the faith community and the cops get together. so it doesn't become black lives matter, anti-cop, defund the police, none of that. >> lawrence: these kids, they respect you, i just watched them interact with you. >> yeah, yeah. >> they don't just represent you they respect other role models
4:47 pm
that are there. >> this is a result of spending 20 years on the street. >> lawrence: i guess my big question is this a model for the country? >> let me tell you something, a model that says faith, community, law enforcement partnership are the way to go. with a commitment that the faith community, a sacred institution, will provide secular services working in collaboration and partnership and transparency, this is the model. this is the prototype. >> lawrence: he says it's the model. here to react is host of sirius fm patriot. sunny, i like to support programs and people that do the work and what he has proven is if you allow the brothers to take the lead, that not only will the community respect them but the cops will respect them but you have got have the street cred. so how do we get not only the media but everyone to support people like the rev who used to
4:48 pm
be a gangster. that's where the street cred comes from. >> well, first and foremost, i would like to say thank you. a lot of people don't walk with integrity when they get into this business. it's very fleeting and fast-going. but thank you for remembering us. thank you for telling our story. thank you for making sure that black life matters because we are more than just statistics on a white paper. we are actually american citizens that are facing death, poverty and destruction every day in our cities and we are standing up. we are the generation that says it has to stop. we want something to change. but, in order to get that, we need to have an oppositional force. we can talk all day long about what democrats do. but if they are so bad, why are you losing to them? and now the question becomes if we know that limited government closest to the people has the
4:49 pm
most power, and that's where the fight is, when are we going to show up for that fight? and we have to understand that that does not mean recreating the will or rescening how fire flames. because there are already people on the ground doing the work. and if we reach out in voluntary association with the people that know the community, that knows how it works, knows who is the bad appear tells, who is the good apples, those will be the ways -- that will be the way that we actually are able to save our cities and that not just the city themselves but the residents, the people where it actually matters within those cities. and it is past time that republicans realize that you can't -- you cannot keep telling us that you care. we know that you don't care. and when i say that it's somehow like an insult. let me tell you how i know you don't care. i have been doing this for 10 years telling you this is where
4:50 pm
we need to target and this is how we need to target. you don't care. i went to your republican president in the white house and told him the same thing. you don't care. we have been -- i went to cpac and told your conservative audience the same exact message. you don't care. here on fox, every time i'm here, i remind you that you aren't showing up and that shows that you don't care. so i'm not saying it as some political argument or some plant coming from the left, i am telling you as a black conservative that has done the work for nearly a decade now it would be very nice to have a republican and conservative movement that was actually willing to help us reach out to the people that are already on the ground doing the work. >> lawrence: son any johnson, folks, host of sirius xm patriot check her out. don't go anywhere.
4:51 pm
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>> welcome back, the one and only abby hornacek is here, and she is on the clock. we have three stories, 60 seconds each. don't carjack a professional fighter. a different man learned that the hard way when he tried to steal a car at a gas station parking lot. jordan williams chased him down and put a beating on him. he deserved it. >> absolutely. what struck me the most was just how casual everyone was. doesn't even bother to lock the door and then jordan williams coming out of nowhere and wearing of any pact, might i add. that was the kicker. and the thing is, jordan williams has been on a bit of the winning streak, ended in a
4:57 pm
cold so i think this is a win for him and breaks his losing streak. >> first of all, he's going to get his own line of fanny packs. but is it really fair obviously are not professional, i'm not saying i defend the guy. he shouldn't be a car thief. but he got his when. in new york, you can loot and ride without consequence but don't you dare walk your dog without a leash. officer stopped a woman who was walking her dog without a leash, they rode her a ticket when she couldn't remember the address of her new apartment, they placed her in cuffs and brought her into the station. i mean, this is a joke. first of all, i support the men and women in blue but i didn't know they were real cops, i didn't know this. >> a few things about this video first of all according to the new york city press officer, she
4:58 pm
was not technically arrested for not having her dog on a leash. they approached her and like you mention, as to her identification and she didn't have it and then they asked for her address so they took her to the local precinct and said this was an nypd who arrested her. it was the park's officers and i look this up because i was curious as well and i took this directly from the web site but part of their job is to enforce parking rules and regulations as well as health and sanitation so i think they were doing their job but couldn't they have let her walk with a warning? probably. >> catching all the people that are stabbing people. >> i don't know if they necessarily cross over into that. >> let the people walk their dogs. finally, chris cuomo was spotted partying in the hamptons. >> i am not here to judge. i am not a great dancer myself, that's probably what i look like when i dance but i don't know.
4:59 pm
i don't think i'm going to be hitting the club. i'm not hitting the club now. when i am 51 years old, i will be drinking a beer on the porch and you're invited. >> you said you are partying but i have yet to receive an invite. >> i am not going to the club. it i think we make the invite right here. as long as you don't wear that shirt, i am good to go. only he can wear that. >> it is such a dad bob. >> they have bottle service girls coming up, i don't know, i'm glad i do not see my father in the club. >> he wants attention just like when he ran out. meanwhile. we don't have time for it. they are saying we don't have time. >> 30 seconds on the clock. >> i try to argue with them seven times the thank you so
5:00 pm
much for coming on. guys, i'm going to be back here tomorrow hosting fox and friends to join me in will cain, rachel campos duffy, also hosting fox news prime time next week. also, you can catch me with judge jeanine tomorrow. thank you for being this week. i'm back tomorrow and i'll see you all later. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." this is a bewildering moment as we often note, what exactly is going on? there's a pattern. you look around for a moment, you may notice things that add up. inflation, spiraling crime, collapsing the cities. you're over 40, it could look familiar. it's the 1970s but without the


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