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tv   Watters World  FOX News  August 14, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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welcome back to "unfiltered". mark we discussed the beginning of the show all our heroes arthur. our to put this up on the screen can, crisis hotline for veterans and heroes that goes it with us for "unfiltered", you back here next saturday night. ♪♪ ♪♪ jesse: >> i am in for jesse tonight. present biden has had a tough time following through on promises of policies. covid has made up made her come back, spending money faster than the speed of light and 4 cents illegals flooding at a record rate but now policies are putting americans at risk here and abroad. five u.s. in afghanistan since 2001 to fund a new government they could defend themselves but the president for the u.s.
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troops and now the taliban taking a fierce come back. >> it looks at best naïve, at worst, accurate. our understanding taliban which is clear from condition space plan to get young men and women back home and accomplish both patients and get our soldiers back we were going to make sure you're having today could not happen which what is breeding ground for good potentially be attacks from this very place. >> they are taking capitol at the capitol. president biden told us the taliban takeover was on the unlikely. >> the likelihood it's going to be the telegram overrunning everything and only the whole country is highly unlikely. >> i take over afghanistan inevitable? >> no, it's not because you happy afghan troops at 300,000, well-equipped as any army in the world and in air force, 75000
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taliban is not inevitable. >> i wish he was right. the taliban controls currently 60 to 70% of the country and afghanistan's capitol, the could be in a matter of weeks. fox news senior retired general checking. did you predict the speed of this fall? >> it's going faster than i thought it would. i thought it was likely to faster men many administrations but what's really happening, president biden has made serious miscalculations and particularly not considering the consequences of what an ill-conceived withdrawal means and we know now turning into an embarrassing retreat. one of the conditions that
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should have been established is we don't want the telegram to take over the country and put together a plan that has the conditions and make certain that does not happen when get this plan was put together with a hasty withdrawal 31 august wichman pulling in afghanistan. turning over to the afghan doing that right in the middle of the fighting season, we should have done none of that until the wintertime the taliban is off the battlefield in pakistan, but we should be doing right now is providing decisive air support for the afghan ground forces like we've done during all previous tolerant offenses in spring, summer and fall and we
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stopped all previous ones and would have been able too as well but you can't do it if you pull out all resources and that's the level we got ourselves in so they have. dan: president biden says it best army, it>> seems the talibn are picking it up in the open of prison so you all now. is there any doubt in your mind crisis comes back to celebrate what they perceive as a victory? if it's taliban takeover, it indisputably is intelligence community and military leaders understand afghanistan spent time there is an observation many, it's our conclusion that taliban takes over afghanistan with terrible the return of al
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qaeda some of them are there now there are no doubt there will be a significant reemerging and a direct result of that, the american people and that's why it makes no sense whatsoever. i believe the biden administration, despite the rhetoric is abandoning afghanistan and horrific as we watch the pills chain of the telegram's and the implications it's going to have in the region china, russia and iran benefiting, think about the implications it has for our allies. they told the president they wanted to stay take that route usual horse there which is what the militaryid wanted. can you imagine what's going through their mind now about americans resolve and are we a global leader?
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is this what a global leader looks like? i don't think so. dan: a lot of people, piercing present trump to do the same thing. were tight with the president, he valued your opinion, would present trump have done the same thing? >> we don't know for sure, we could speculate a little bit. i spoke a number of times about afghanistan. despite what he saying now despite his advisors, i'm still not convinced he would have pulled all the forces out if he had been reelected but this is what we do know when he made the decision that he would pull forces out of afghanistan, he made it clear unequivocal statement that we cannot let the telegram take over so if that was a condition, that would have put in place resources and make certain that that did not happen and if it was going to happen, i would suggest the president would have changed his plan.
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if you get new information, he's prone to make another decision based on that new information. he's not a prisoner of his previous decisions so we don't know for sure but i think that condition of no taliban takeover was imperative and it's a major difference where we are now. dan: thank you, appreciate it. >> ergreat talking to you. dan: for more on president bisons disastrous decision to withdraw, let's go to michael. green break i, deployed to afghanistan in the past. colonel, what you say i know you're getting text about this, those who set what did i fight for? for those who have been in and lost limbs and friends, what you say to them today? >> it's veterans like myself wo
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have shared so much blood and sweat and tears, can you imagine? they've sacrificed so much.te they are all a mix heartbroken and inferior rated, it didn't have to be this way. there were other ways to keep a minimum footprint but when i tell them, their sacrifice was not in vain. it's been 20 years without another 9/11 and without a pulse nightclub or san bernardino coming out of afghan think that's what we fought for to prevent happening and it makes me angry when people say the effort there was a failure. it wasn't. here's the thing, we are on the cusp of the 20th anniversary of 9/11 and we are going to move into anniversary watching al
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qaeda 3.0 emerge so just like when obama pulled out of iraq too soon, now we are going to see al qaeda research and once again spread the home and that to me is despicable. >> on so many levels. blue up general pattison's advice to be left right away, we got isis. it was vice president at the time biden and he bragged about it and not wanting to take a shot at bin laden saying it was risky. >> that's right. he's living up to his reputation of being wrong about every foreign policy the last 40 years but there's still time. we can sendth in the air force d sanction pakistan and stop the support and we need a new diplomatic strategy. the taliban understand strength
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and leverage and that's the approach we need to takele. >> i could talk to you two hours and still not get all the information. in congress, 3.5 trillion and 1.2 trillion so-called infrastructure series of packages is a trouble not because of your party, because the democrat party so-called moderates in the house and they get 1.2, 100 members of the left moved to 1.2, bipartisan package 3.5 first. i don't know if nancy pelosi has a way out of it. >> you are seeing are listening to the left holding to the progressives. that's why she hasef these thins couple together really what it is is a four and a half trillion dollar package. using congressional spending is one of the half an entire year, this is for the half on top of the 2 trillion be already passed for covid so we are over $6
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trillion borrowing from the chinese and can afford it and you are right, moderates are saying it's way too much, we can't do it so i don't know how she gets her. i hope she doesn't because of the burden on our kids and grandkids we can't afford in the chinese are laughing all the way to the bank and we badly need roads and bridges and port to be able to compete on the world stage. we can't just got on that without the progressive wishlist they are demanding. >> if you blow up the bipartisan deal and taken the democratic deal, especially a disaster for the country, something on background and it not good. thank you so much. >> thank you so much. >> thstraightahead, vaccine and mask mandates, devon newness joins me next and later on, mma
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brian: welcome back democrats push for control continues as mask and band-aid madness pops up around the country and around the world mainly cities and states depending if the governors are democrats or republicans more schools are requiring kids to mask up the president is all aboard forcing kids to wear masks to school. >> there are a lot of people out there trying to turn a public safety measure of children wearing masks in school so they can be safe with no political dispute.
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this isn't about politics it's about keeping our children safe. brian: forget freedom mandates are necessary says fauci. >> do you agree with the largest teachers union who said teachers should be vaccinated inside the schools and should be mandated? >> i will upset people that i think we should i'm sorry. i know people like to have their individual freedom and not be told to do something. but i think we are in such a serious situation now that under certain circumstances mandates should be done. >> . brian: does everything granada and a serious situation? of yet when it started california requires teachers and schools be mandated or be subjected to regular testing so where does towing american freedoms and and where does it ever expire joining us right
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now congressman nunez they are trying to recall governors and the scrutiny on the democratic governor got ousted. deeply the mandates and the lockdowns will be coming this fall? >> this hits close to home because my wife is a third-grade teacher i have three children all in grade school and i come from a stay in the height of the pandemic you have nancy pelosi going into a salon that went bankrupt and the poor lady lost everything that she had no mask also governor newsom when all the restaurants were closed in my area he was indoors eating without a mask. and then of course fast-forward to the obama super spreader birthday party come i think no matter what fauci or all of these guys say, we're getting a huge split in this country because
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the saying of do what i say not what i do and people have had enough. brian: it had enough of their lives and businesses being restricted so you see arnold schwarzenegger say to help with your damn freedom part of being free is your freedoms as i paraphrase what is your message to him? >> i'm glad he's gone. he was a disaster risk of her unfortunately and left to the demise of the republican party here in california but there's something more important to know what real leadership should be talking about but if you talk to people who are treating people with covid what every leader should say if you get sick don't wait get it treated there is very good tg wrong going to a doctor and getting on steroids or antibiotics and of course we
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know if you get on it early you are highly likely to survive. brian: the new push for the administration when it comes to therapeutics we saw what they did with the president of the united states hydroxychloroquine and the antibodies for people who have had it already now we rediscover how to treat an illness because that doesn't get your mask on or your kids out of school or your business closed they don't want to talk about recovering. >> because they were not pushing therapeutics all along and they made such a big deal of the vaccine i think a lot of people are my constituents are saying why are they pushing this so hard? why are they forcing us especially if you already had covid people asking legitimate questions and then of course the whole thing with them mask they are faced a purse pelosi
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wears the high and clock mask there's no evidence that it works in and with kids you should see try to wear them but off the chin and they are dirty and then of that does anyone any good but then how many millions of americans driving around in their car these people's minds have been poisoned it's a sad state of affairs and only because of the leadership in this country this is happened particularly the democrats were blue states are going nuts and then the red states have remained open the entire time. brian: hygiene theater and real quick why is this political the governor of texas and the governor of florida are being targeted by the administration targeting not delta but should make the decisions. >> and also it's one more chance think of all the time
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they are wasting while covid positive people are coming across the southern border and at the same time instead of taking all he knew about therapeutics to stop the flow of covid coming across the border none of this makes sense american people are starting to figure that out. >> if you look at england and india it should be dropping off a cliff in the next week or two maybe they say that because that would inspire hope have a great weekend thank you so much. straightahead we talk about this and that mask and mandate manners affecting the sports world despite the nfl having a high vaccination rate tensions are running high with coaches coming out against the rules mandated by the league. >> that vaccination decision is a private health matter for me i will keep that as such.
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>> i'm not anti- or pro- i am pro-choice. brian: the quarterback says it's none of your business it is my business joining us now another quarterback super bowl champion himself joe theismann. who do you sympathize with those who don't want it or those who do? >> it's good to join you first of all we did washington football team game with new england. it was great to see fans in the stands. is not a question siding with one or the other but it is an individual choice that the nfl the way they set that up there are consequences if the game happens to be forfeited both of those teams would wind up with a loss even more importantly than that you would lose the game check. so which side you go one?
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i believe you have to make choices as an individual for yourself. now you understand the consequences and understand if you are not vaccinated and there is a covid outbreak something could happen and it will affect everyone. not just you are those not vaccinated so that could eventually divide a locker room. these are not small sums of money that they would give up for a week you are talking millions of dollars. so potentially that exist out there i think everybody has to make their own choice and you have to do the research and talk to people i have talked to people in the nfl that say talk to other people if you are not vaccinated. talk to those who are and ask
8:25 pm
them why they did it and get as much information as you can make a decision and a judgment that is personal but also could potentially protect you. you don't know for sure people have been vaccinated i have had covid and i have been vaccinated i can tell you that so for me i still believe it is an individual choice. potential for major problem exist. brian: you have major names like hopkins or jackson and they're all coming out to say not for me none of your business you can't sideline them they need them thank you we appreciate it. >> good to catch up. brian: the liberal city crime wave is rate waging on the real impact on communities around the nation stories next. welcome to allstate. (phone notification)
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or for other eosinophilic conditions. fasenra may cause allergic reactions. get help right away if you have swelling of your face, mouth, and tongue, or trouble breathing. don't stop your asthma treatments unless your doctor tells you to. tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection or your asthma worsens. headache and sore throat may occur. this is the sound of fasenra. ask your doctor about fasenra. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. welcome to fox news live, i am ashley strohmier. the tolerance captured the city afghanistan. the countries fourth-largest city handing the insurgents control over all of northern afghanistan. the town is not backing down
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from us are going the capitol city leaving the international airport is the only way in or out of the country. the biden demonstration has become parker partial evacuation but they've not ruled out full evacuation. 7.2 magnitude earthquake leading to more than 300 people dead and 1800 injured in haiti. the prime minister set rushing hospitals overwhelmed with incoming patients. doesn't biden authorize immediate response to help hating and sending usaid administrator's power to ordinate assistance. i am ashley strohmier, act ii "watters world". ♪♪ continue to push police listen to cori bush doubling down even after she admitted firing her own private security
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because when we talk about every single year increasing the budget for police we are still dying we have to save lives we cannot be put on the back burner and i'm here to stand up for my community. >> after she was screaming on the steps of course we have to defined the police after 40 officers killed since the start of the year 130 since the movement began the consequences of the cities being soft on crime that now last week the 29 -year-old officer french murdered in cold blood chicago has the highest 470 murders already what can be done now we have the alderman from the 41st district also a chicago cop. anthony what can be done? it is the mayor's fault that is at the mayor's fault
8:32 pm
quick. >> it's a little bit of everybody bed it does fall on the politicians. we have a socialist statue in the city council that has been hell-bent on defending the police it is so bad and so out-of-control they try to take every dollar away with the computer system to help triangulate shots fired and statistically data and neighborhoods with the most homicides in the most shootings and they say it's a racist program the only reason they want to do that is they want to defined that account and then use that somewhere else in the community and they are just not working on the bright side of good they push the criminals and they vilify the police and it is so out of hand it is ridiculous.
8:33 pm
brian: the latest poll from fox news if you would consider extremely concerned is 81 percent of the country survey don't you believe that america, not democrats or republicans but independence and all of us are concerned and we realize the police are not the problem? >> without a doubt. my biggest push the last two years is stop voting for parties stop voting for people you are putting the wrong people in these positions making decisions affecting your life and city and country because you follow a red or blue flag you're not looking in the backyard to see you who they support and their background and their stance on crime or even first responders because firemen are underfunded as well they are not on the right side of this it is a political move they saw the last two years and how emphasizing the anti- police movement through the last election and they will push this through 2022 and 2023 it is scary.
8:34 pm
brian: and 30 seconds we are starting the screen with various crimes and attacks in broad daylight if you go to a bad neighborhood sadly you expect maybe to have a problem but we see this in the heart of major cities. >> this is such a brazen atmosphere right now they turn the police and the enemy no respect for law and order so if you do the crime you do the time nobody's creeping in the shadow and then in chicago they put it right in your face. brian: keep speaking about a hopefully america realizes they can do something about it i hope that something besides vote then we have to make it work. thank you. brian: the consequences of the critical race theory push not only impacting kids corporate
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brian: critical race there he will infiltrate into the kids lives and now even corporate america american express has various critical race theory training with the initiative and then to review internal document showing basically the instruction manual for white people employees were told to avoid micro aggressions we are all human beings that really set me off and then a schoolteacher resigning this week they are slamming the use of critical race period she would not do it anymore. >> within the last year i was
8:40 pm
told in one of my equity trainings about white christian able-bodied females have the power in our schools and that "this has to change school board, i quit. i quit your policies. i quit your trainings and i quit being a cog in a machine that tells me to push highly politicized agendas on the most vulnerable constituents , the children. brian: it has come to this as a political agenda to infiltrate young minds in corporate america joining us now we have dinesh desousa is it so pervasive? >> i saw all of this initially in the schools and in the universities that now it looks like it has metastasized into the whole culture so yes it is in the schools but also the
8:41 pm
media and hollywood and the corporate sector. so we are seeing a real attack. and as you noted it's not just conservativism but on classical liberalism and the basic ideas of individuality to treat me as a person not as a member of a group to judge me on the content of my character or merit not based on the color of my skin is out the window so the progressive radicalism is the place displacing classical liberalism so whose agenda is this to divide america when we have the nelson part of america to get inside american express why do they care about critical race theory? they make a profit. >> absolutely. and in a few cases you have corporations run by the woke
8:42 pm
ceo but that is not the mainstream like delta airline or american express. what is really happening you have younger woke progressives who work for these companies and they are fanatical activists so they put enormous pressure to take one side and the political debate meanwhile not getting pressure from the other side they are much more terrified from the woke people that work for them are the accusations that they may be called racist so the left wields that as of the time to get the corporations to submit and in some cases against their will. brian: that americans are fighting and they seem to be fighting back on all levels and now to the teacher. thank you. >> my pleasure. >> another bizarre hunter biden story obtaining video the first sign admitting another laptop was stolen even maybe by the russians
8:43 pm
brian: with a hooker taping antics with a hooker confessing to a hooker roping in the russians the one may not be all over the hunter laptop saga which now has a third chapter you are soon to put out a book laptop hotel is this one you had a look at quick. >> hello. this laptop was stolen by the russian drug dealers according
8:44 pm
to hunter biden we have not seen that that all that information is up in the cloud so whatever laptop he has lost, this will be the third it's all up there and whoever has access to as the new york post has had can see all of his dirty little secrets there are some pretty raunchy explicit videos he felt himself having sex a lot and uploading it to the point how the count and he filmed everything in his life it's almost like he has a fear he weighed not exist if he did not film himself every aspect of his life is captured on his laptop. brian: that is bad for him but what about bad for the country? we are not focusing on the sign of the famous powerful person that him because it relates to president biden who is running our country what
8:45 pm
about this bothers you and should concern americans quick. >> exactly the point it's not about hunter biden's drug problems and sex addiction at all that he has entrée to the nursing term the highest echelon of the chinese and russian government and had that not because of anything of personality or achievement but the son of joe biden intimately involved in the overseas business dealings enriching himself based on joe biden as vice president - - as vice president as a national security problem it's incredible hunter could do this sort of thing without being watched by the intelligence services he must've been watch they must have been aware of what he was
8:46 pm
doing and therefore they are complicit and what occurred. brian: the iris wants to recover all this money from americans have start with hunter biden where is the money and the taxes? he makes a gazillion dollars we don't see anything. miranda i cannot wait for your book. the next time is a lot longer. straightahead one of the most dangerous martial arts fighters in the world ever he will join us about his brand-new book. don't move. don't move. ♪♪ (vo) unconventional thinking means we see things differently, so you can focus on what matters most. that's how we've become the leader in 5g. #1 in customer satisfaction. and a partner who includes 5g in every plan, so you get it all.
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brian: my next guest may be the greatest fighter of all time next martial arts i was looking to spend some time that his fights when the family launched the usc i was the announcer and let's listen. >> those blows were devastating. >> they both really respect each other. >> the answer to the first
8:51 pm
competition at the age of six now and a degree black belt when he retired 465 / zero and he believes the individual's greatest adversary is themselves. >> i believe fear is very close together those as i am not afraid of anything is stupid. that doesn't feed into my mentality i'm afraid of everything. brian: that he overcomes it that's the message to make you a better person he is and then a champion master in jujitsu and offers techniques netflix
8:52 pm
is currently producing a film about his life and he has a new book just out this week called breed. and joins us right now welcome back it's great to see you again. what do you think when you hear the younger you talk about you as a fighter quick. >> it's good to hear your voice, brian. this makes me feel like i am still in the same role i conspired to do they did on my life. brian: when i call the first few sites they did not want to legalize usc but it was your brother and your family and productions in communications but this together and created the octagon you have been fighting all along. the initial comments were everybody is fearful. how can people at home
8:53 pm
overcome that fear? >> i feel like you can get smashed and hurt and disappointed so that's important but at the same time to have the courage and the capacity to control fear and surrender to a different level so the fear helps you but by the time you have to go you have to make fear disappear from yourself. brian: understood and you talked about breathing be key to your success that is what this whole book is about so show us how to breathe quickly in a way that can change people's lives by the end of the segment quick. >> yes. the idea is you breathe at the
8:54 pm
upper part of your lungs. but when you start to become more expert of breathing function you use the diaphragm and triple the amount of air you circulate in your brain and body so that helps you to control your emotions and be more connected with your brain and also your heartbeat and your heart rate so for functional breathing you can assess your emotional and physical level at much more adept so that changes a life in terms of a different perspective because you can spend seven days without food three days without water that five minutes without air and you are dead. so now how to learn and metabolize oxygen really changes your life.
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brian: you almost drown because you did not know how to breathe don't panic but that doesn't mean you did not learn and every step you make to be this world renowned fighter who by the way is the opposite of a bully because he is already proven it. thank you so much congratulations on your brand-new book. >> thank you brian. i appreciate it. brian: up next last call. ♪♪ fine, no one leaves the table until your finished. fine, we'll sleep here. ♪♪ it's the easiest because it's the cheesiest. kraft. for the win win. gillette proglide. five blades and a pivoting flexball designed to get virtually every hair on the first stroke. so you're ready for the day with a fresh face for a fresh start.
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this helps you understand where we are. that's all we have for tonight, i have important news to tell you must not only thank you for joining us, judge jeanine is next for michael. ♪♪ >> welcome to justice, i am in for judge jeanine. crime pandemic continues to sweep across the nation and few cities have been hit harder than chicago. one week ago 20-year-old officer tragically murder while conducting a traffic stop in the city. according to recent released fbi data from this first month of 202144 law enforcement officers were murdered in the light of duty, over 41% increase


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