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tv   Unfiltered with Dan Bongino  FOX News  August 14, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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>> you have the i have a tiger, you just don't stop and i appreciate that and appreciate coming to this audience and i will be watching your movie. thank you for coming on. that's all for us tonight. thank you for watching. i'll see you tomorrow on fox and friends. dan bongino up next. ♪♪ dan: begin with fox news alert, tolerant closing in on the afghan capitol city of the world. taking over territories across afghanistan, the pentagon for us hey, lucas. >> the taliban surrounded 30 miles outside the afghan capitol secretary john kirby. >> the taliban is trying to isolate the city and they have throughout this last few weeks, you've seen it for yourself
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taking over border crossings, taking over highways and major intersections. u.s. maclean's to secure the airport and americans from the embassy, the rest of the 3000 u.s. troops will arrive by the end of the weekend so 8000 troops are deploying to to the middle east. 4000 paratroopers in the 82nd airborne decision to wait reserve. 1000 troops going visa for afghan interpreters. the taliban have not ceased more than half of afghanistan 34 potential capitol. u.s. spent more than $85 billion the past 20 years building in afghan army. officials say they have crumbled. 1000 troops in afghanistan, president biden overruled. 2500 u.s. troops in recent months, same number now back to evacuate americans. >> the afghan forces, what proof
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can you offer at the taliban taking over vast majority of the country and now surrounded couple. >> the taliban they have been insufficient to stop those, it doesn't mean the advantages are still there. american diplomats destroy sense of equipment being evacuated on the u.s. marines. dan: thanks a lot. appreciate it. obviously tragic situation but you hurt my position on it, i agreed with president trump and president biden, both shared the impression that our mission in afghanistan coming to an end. it has to come to that. the afghan people have to take responsibility for their own country, i fully agree with their position on back. hasty departure with no concern for protection and people being
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left behind is insane. we have sold are still out there. we have soldiers out there now watching this program tonight who lost loved ones and pieces of themselves and friends over this overseas. these people aren't statistics, they are not numbers, they are not some line in a spreadsheet. these are real flesh and blood people, these are our people, our heroes, our mission wrapped themselves in our fight overseas, they are owed better than this. i want you to listen, it's not going to be easy but i think you need to hear. this is an e-mail from a close friend i've known for a long time. he served several tours of duty in afghanistan and it speaks to the damage some of these folders and heroes overseas bring back with them. some of it isn't all physical. he's at this -- he wrote to me, a lot of people don't understand what it's like coming home from
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combat after doing things for your country. we have to live with what we've done. i feel like forfeiting any chance to see my daughters in the afterlife. anyone trump trouble and an orange bucket including the wild west. the enemy changes you. you can't come to terms with it. you watch your marines die. you watch them get maimed using losing legs, arms and private part knowing the locals new with ambushes were but they didn't tell you. usually they were 15, 20 pounds taking out a leg or both. sometimes hands and part of the arm if carry their weapon. the worst was 50 -- 75-pound. that turned you into what we call pink mist.
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we put the pieces in the back him up pieces of poncho and the kid next to him was in shock while dropping every ordinance we had. artillery and more. my friend went on to write, you hate yourself because you lived. you hate yourself because your marine killed himself when we got home, you can prevent that. you hate yourself because you get drunk text from your marines telling you they love you and thanking you for your what you did for them over there but they are hurting because you had to give them orders to kill kids. you have to carry that hate for the rest of your life. it doesn't go away. it's gotten worse. you have nightmares almost every night, you hardly sleep. your daughters died and bad ways in your dreams and you fear it's
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punishment for what you did and they may come true but america doesn't care now, you are a statistical at best. your hated at work i know that no tests. it was my choice to put in the show permission from my friend. we just left people behind. we needed to get out of there but our people are there. all they sacrifice for 20 years and this is what we do? for someone who know something about real sacrifice in combat who's been there and sacrificed a lot for us overseas, can't think of anyone better to talk about than my friend, joey. thank you for joining me tonight, appreciate it. >> thanks for having me, that was tough to listen to, there wasn't a line in the that i can't say i didn't witness
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firsthand and that is just reality. dan: when i was sent the e-mail by my friend, is about something different and it changed me forever because we forget sometimes these guys on spreadsheets overseas, they are not transfer order numbers, they are not statistics in a line, these are real people and you and i can differ and we may on what long-term strategy in afghanistan was but we owe it to these people who sacrificed so much over 20 years do not do it like this. this is the way to exit afghanistan. did anybody think this through? >> it's okay to differ i wrote an op-ed for president trump, these are two men i've had faith in and they did it for the right reasons, it's okay to disagree how we do something but when we as american people start questioning why, what your intent is, that's when it matters. i don't know how to be the
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president of the united states, eight years of vice president, in 2010, i don't know how you can be taken by surprise by what the taliban is doing. how does the president of united states have more faith in the afghan security force than i did as a boot on the ground? i was there every day without bed, i know what they are capable of and not capable of. the culture of that region does not allow for national identity indefinitely doesn't allow for indoctrination into military to go fight it out and we are seeing it happen right now. these men have to choose between safety of their own family and security force that may not be there tomorrow. of course they laid on the weapon and walk away, there is no reason or indoctrination to keep them there. how does the president get surprised by that but i have seen everything you just read about, how come the 15 of us in my group off laugh and say we
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knew this would happen and have been saying it for weeks now? that's what i want to know the answer to and joe biden knows. dan: you are right he owes you that. you lost a piece yourself overseas. i have friends of mine who communicate with me often, i only spent three weeks in afghanistan but i wasn't parole, i've been in the embassy, why the speedy evacuation, why is expectation, my friend told me there's a difference between iraq and afghanistan for as awful as the iraqi army was, there was a sense however corrupted it was. afghan national military, no sense of what afghanistan even is. there's a lot of tribal allegiance, it's a different situation. expecting them to defend their country with a lot of afghan people being loyal to the tribe
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rather than the sense we have of afghanistan, it's strategically inapt. >> the country is reasonably split. this is preposterous and we've known this for 20 years we've been there. this way of life has been there longer than islam and vastly different than other regions of islam and they are never going to feel the culture the way people in california and new york, it's a different culture. it doesn't make a good or bad but the leadership is what they are used to, it's not our job to fix that. it was our job as sometime in failed attic to show the next generation of afghanistan that there's something better than the taliban, it may not be democracy or what we believe in and probably wasn't the corruption that's the afghan government but was to show them the opportunity there better than the taliban, we failed at that but if we are going to leave, and are not saying we should, i'm not in the position to have that definitively in my
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head of what we should do but i know what we should not do. we shouldn't leave in a way that puts more americans at risk. that's all any of us could ask is to have a strategy and exit plan that's not putting more americans at risk. if i was the only promise we made when we went there, kill the people that kill us make sure they can't do it again. making life better for the women in afghanistanan, i've sacrifice my body for the opportunity to have a but that wasn't a creed we make, that wasn't the promise, that wasn't why i raised my hand and with their week allow them to lie and cheat and steal and go from midterm presidential election and change the goalpost imperative and perhaps about the general student so they make them a career and make them famous, i don't know. all we promised was make sure that 11 doesn't happen again and al qaeda doesn't have a place to grow and plan the next attack and you can't tell me that tomorrow we are in a better
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place if you are president of united states, you have to look at that and say how do i prevent our country and help the people in americans still in the country leave without being attacked in the meantime? my biggest concern right now is what happens if an american guys in this? what happens of the taliban targets in any specific way, american citizens and troops, what is the next step? it's hard to believe there wouldn't be a huge call to go back to work, hard to believe joe biden doesn't see that coming. dan: joey, i want to thank you again on behalf of me, my family and i know speak my friends as well what you did for this country, unimaginable sacrifice. thank you fairly unimaginable to people who have their freedom because of people like you. a real warrior. thank you for coming on tonight. >> there's hundreds of thousands just like me.
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welcome back to "unfiltered". children typically don't die of covid and only 2% of kids with
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covid possibility hospitalized so why is a biden administration calling for mass in schools? >> everyone over the -- under the age of 12 should probably be wearing a mask in school. >> we want masking in the schools. >> my primary goal is to get all our kids back in prison safely. write out the best way is to have everybody mask. >> my rising kindergarten set to wake days ago she could wear a mask all day and she's just happy to go to camp and school. dan: my next guest wrote the case against masks for children. doctor marty, thank you for joining us, appreciate it. >> thanks, can. dan: i read your piece, a lot of people are interested in it because the mask debate is frequently discussed by people who are proponents of universal masking and never appear to address any potential downside which is odd because the
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process, as you know, it always addresses potential benefits versus potential negative. any your piece to address potential downside for extended ascii and kids, one being carbon dioxide, inhalation of carbon dioxide, pathogens potentially building up in the mask, also important, maybe interference with social development and you can see facial features and language development as well. you could address that, we'd appreciate that. >> some kids do well with masks for sharp you have time there may not be in effect but we are coming on two years and if we use masks, let's see the data that shows it works, it makes slightly reduce transmission and five or six mitigation things we can do but let's not acknowledge this fact that some kids struggle with the masks 40% of cases of anxiety, which by the way anxiety and depression are way up in the u.s. and children
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from some irregularities and breathing, rapid breathing for me anxiousness and when you put a mask on somebody, is going to have interaction the breathing pattern and although adults can downplay it, kids who wear glasses, it can be very real they have trouble seizing seeing, cognitive and physical discipline is, that's about 5% of schoolchildren in america and masks can make it difficult. we got to remember, there might be pluses and areas of active outbreak but we saw with the recommendation to do it every one of the 56 million americans regardless of covid in the background, regardless of their vaccinated or if they have any special eat with got to factor it altogether and we need the criteria, when we can take them off. dan: there's a study in pediatrics discussing potential downsides of masks, hypercapnia
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for some people listening especially if you haven't heard this, we breathing oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide in one downside was accessed inhalation of carbon dioxide with a mask. the study was retracted from what i read, it doesn't appear to happen retracted for scientific reasons, you know anything about that? >> i looked into it and paternal claims the calibration device that measures co2 wasn't properly calibrated. then redo the study. the authors told me the retracted article they were never given a good reason and think ask for additional review done that resulted in the retraction and the journal didn't share with the authors despite multiple requests. this is unheard of in medicine and for all the money we spent in all the money the nih that
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goes to research 42 billion a year given more money to the pond virology institute them to study this are masks and kids or anything else, aging research got twice as much funding as covid research last year. dan: that stunning. think about this, 42 billion in funding and no one has bothered to study long-term effects of masking kids. that makes no sense, that's not even reasonable. a friend of mine wrote a piece about rsp, a virus prevalent sadly in kids and in the piece he seems to suggest looking at the data some of the kids in the hospital now with covid, maybe not the cause of covid, they are there because they had rsv because they were locked up, on
10:22 pm
lockdown, their immune systems were not getting stimulated at office may be conflated the numbers, in other words they are in the hospital because of respiratory virus and an infection of covid doesn't mean you are there because of public and that distinction is important to understand because we're making decisions assuming it's a hospitalized because of covid. your thought. >> if you break your arm and part of the hospital because you felt and got a cut on your arm, you will be tested for covid with the most sensitive pcr test if you're under 18 it will count as a covid admission even if it's not anything to do with it. it's increasing in children because it spreads rapidly but right now we need good data. where the numbers? the studies have not even been done to ask whether or not kids get covid from other kids or from adult. that makes a big difference because if they get it from adult maybe schools are safer
10:23 pm
because kids are inefficient transmitters, these are questions. >> and people need answers to and they are not getting them from the medical research establishment. dan: it is sad we have to ask for data. one quick last thing. there's a lot of information on the internet. i caught a fever in panama and it was nasty. you could have antibody -dependent enhancement if you conduct it later on. there's some information on the internet about vaccines, antibody enhancement on some confusion out there. have you heard anything about that i'm interested in real science and you are one of the few guys i go to for the information. >> you would have had a rare infection for if you get antibodies, they can't hurt you. there are four types of fever if you are infected with a different type, antibodies click
10:24 pm
make the other worse. good news, there's no evidence suggesting we are seeing that with covid we got to be vigilant but right now we see complications for any vaccine early but if you see them at all in a few weeks, but we've not seen that. dan: thank you for your time, appreciate it. >> thank you, dan. dan: many of your communities are failing because of policies. democrat leaders. we start to examine broken lucidity c
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welcome to fox news live, i ama2 magnitude earthquake hit haiti killing more than 300 people at least 1800 others were hurt in the prime minister has declared one month state of emergency anyone ask for international help until the extent of the damages known however president joe biden has had an immediate response to help 80s and it was about 70 miles west of the capitol. and the taliban is captured another major city in afghanistan, and approaching afghan capitol available and then soldiers in the fourth largest city at the abandon
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their equipment and headed for the border the taliban also and president biden has named another 1000 troops to help evacuate the embassy in kabul in no word yet on when that will start predict i am ashley strohmier, now back to fox news. with unfiltered. elcome back to "unfiltered". starting a new series on my show here called broken blue city. we got to highlight the cities being destroyed by democrats and liberal policies. on your screen, murders in los angeles since january 2019th. you can see last month was the most, 46, site. homelessness is also a big problem in l.a. january 2020, there were 6640036 homeless people in los angeles. 13% increase from the year before. why are elected leaders focusing on other issues like guaranteed income, fail reform getting critical race theory in school?
10:30 pm
maybe save your kids, savior street, public safety first, priorities. joining me back to discuss california resident radio show host, mike slater. thank you for joining us, appreciate it. so mike, the other day i was getting ready to do my podcast and i'm sitting there and thinking liberalism is obviously far, everything it touches it destroys and burns down and it's obvious, it's not like you can't see it and i'm thinking to myself, are we all crazy like drug use, shoplifting, homicide? these are real dead bodies, not making it up. what's going on in los angeles, what when are people going to wake up and take without enough? >> we are to understand the filibuster. i'm going to say, this will not make sense in our brain but i'm telling you this is how he thinks. they believe the criminals are the victims. the criminals are the victims.
10:31 pm
the other victims of racism, oppression, capitalism. so they can't punish them. the other victim here so you and i, law-abiding people, we are the bad guys. the depth of this, he is crazy and communist and we could maybe talk about that in a minute. the defense attorney before this and he said, the prosecutor on behalf of but he's a different attorney because he believes his job is to defend the criminals so that's why we have more crime. dan: we are going to be focused on a lot of these blue cities. i was in new york city resident in queens get into new york city late 80s early 90s was a disaster. there were neighborhoods he went in where there was near one 100% chance you'd be attacked, robbed or copper bid worse.
10:32 pm
>> let me tell you why that's important, we used to be different than l.a., i like was horrible in san diego was conservatism. we are following in the footsteps of l.a. electing all the same, we used to have republic and city council and now is entirely democrat so we haven't learned our lesson because we are still following that trail. we are trying as hard as we can to be like l.a. people have probably heard of this, we seen videos of shoplifting out of walgreens shamelessly stealing, that was 2014. 59% of the vote, 59% interest the safe neighbors. either people are willfully going down this road are being tricked and i don't see much hope. dan: the saddest part is i have a friend in los angeles, a restaurant manager the sad part is i don't even want to say his name or even what part of l.a. because the conservative and
10:33 pm
manages restaurant, liberals burn it down or something if they find out. not everyone can read. i was able to escape, but he can't and they deserve better. these are taxpaying citizens. they should be able to walk out of the restaurant without getting their butts kicked, part of my language in front of the restaurant. they are supporting this. >> the elite protect themselves first and then they serve the lowest income people, they say they do at least in the middle class -- the lower class are actually her in the end as well. let me tell you about lower-class, when we don't fight crime or hold people accountable, there is more and when there's more theft, businesses leave and when businesses leave, there's no jobs. when there's no caps, there's more poverty and less opportunity and people join gangs and seal more and the cycle continues and then the activists complain why is there
10:34 pm
no one investing in these neighborhoods and joining gangs? it's all your broken policies that go on and on and they will not stop and i don't see it stopping anytime soon. dan: is a shame. that is painful to hear but thank you for your honest take on it. >> hopefully we can be helpful if newsom gets recalled and i welcome back more hopeful. dan: fingers crossed. thank you again. appreciate it. coming up next, general anthony, tolerant take over is our next guest. ♪♪
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fox news alert, the last week the telegram rapidly claims territory across afghanistan from the pentagon caused resistance the u.s. embassy destroyed sensitive evidence while thousand u.s. troops made their way to the country, u.s. plan to exit by august 31. >> a country known generations, afghanistan isn't another chaotic desperate area, incredible for its long-suffering people. afghanistan spinning out of control. dan: former deputy commander general retired u.s. army general, anthony. thank you for joining me,
10:40 pm
appreciate it. >> great to be with you. dan: why expedia evacuation? as a military man at the highest level obviously we focus on force protection and know how to do this. what you think the motivation, if you could get ahead of military leadership to leave like we did regardless of long-term plant in afghanistan, this was not the way to lead. >> that's right the first thing i would like to say is for all the soldiers and marines, you and i both have great amenities for men and women in uniform, did your duty the last 20 years and what's happening now this chaos doesn't reflect on your good service to deny sanctuary to our enemies in the country afghanistan so the men and women in their uniform did their job, politicians that history has shown us i get around so what's happening now we have forces
10:41 pm
from the 82nd air force decision division ready force one moving to kuwait announced today and press briefing and we have forces from the marines forward antiterrorism security teams moving in to join their brethren in the area and by definition, if you deploy the forces down, things are not going according to plan, now it's happening is noncombatant evacuation taking place in what's going on is agreed upon a plan within nato and united states military has fallen apart, the taliban has significant momentum and someone asked me earlier today whether or not i thought they would stop, why would they stop? have a quality on its own so what's happening is the taliban,
10:42 pm
that is their objective and want to control the country and now we are sending soldiers into a precarious movement in this situation where we've got an airlift coming in-and-out, we have known routes to the airport, ied's, air pistols and direct fire, all real threats to civilians and military. dan: general, i spent some time at the embassy there which we evacuated rapidly, i am still confused why we did it the way we did but we have such a surveillance and intelligence advanced in the region, we spend there 20 years. how is it a few days ago we were told if cabal gets overrun, it could be three months from now and good happen any day now, am i wrong? i'm not trying to throw anybody under the bus but it seems like
10:43 pm
better intel and surveillance capably spent to be caught by surprised. >> you and i both know the intelligence we have in the region we've focused and there is no greater concern commander has been during transition and whether into or out of combat or in-place unit so what we have is classic, we are moving out of a combat zone and the enemy sees it as a chaos and confusion and they are going to sell more of that the fact that we did not anticipate this at the senior policy levels is something that needs to be investigated because this decision-making this president against the wishes of secretary of defense against the recommendation of the chairman of the joint chief against the recommendation of commander,
10:44 pm
general mckenzie, they recommended do something different and what's happening is the trump administration we had a plan to engage the taliban in the political process they were vested in the outcome politically. when that was abandoned, they promote the telegram has no investment in the world stage jen psaki said the other day, they don't care about that because they are not vested in it because we didn't compel them to be vested in a in the other think, we are learning leaving during the summer. when we took them down around 2000 troops, we did it last december and traditional slow months when they are snowed out everywhere and you have to pause to think your way through all of this so there is no excuse that we didn't go on what they had been known, a very poised
10:45 pm
taliban and ready to go whenever they saw the marine line. dan: i got to run but i agree with your assessment pretending the telegram are interested in diplomatic gestures having coffee with people discussing. it's insane so i appreciate your input. thank you. >> thank you, dan. dan: a horrific murder of chicago police officer, i hear from the police department and what people are talking about. next. ♪♪
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i gave a speech once at an event honoring law enforcement and there was a woman who spoke, her husband was there except you know what the greatest sound in the world is flex the spouse of a police officer? she's at the sound of velcro at night. probably wondering what does that mean? everyone in the room knew exactly what that meant. police officers where body armor, bulletproof vest, i assure you they are not bulletproof. they have big velcro and it makes a distinct sound when you take it off at night, it's loud but the spouse of a police officer knows or loved one, that meant a woman is home safely.
10:50 pm
greatest sound in the world. but that sound is not 20 heard from french who was tragically killed being a hero in the line of duty. her partner is in critical condition. a troubling story. another hero, not every hero carries a gun. our dispatchers out there, you don't hear much about them but i want you to listen to this because what the dispatcher did, the 911 dispatcher in this case, it's critical. >> got an officer down. officer down, officer down. shot fired at the police. they off my air, stay off my air. officer down, officer down. i got an officer down officer down, i want the perimeter of the location.
10:51 pm
perimeter set up two blocks east, north . dan: piece-by-piece, the officer does something heroic, the focus on the location, location, location. you scream location in a rodeo radio, i promise you officers will show up. >> i kat officer down, ten -- one. 63000 -- officer down. sixty-three nfl. dan: location matters before anything. as long as they know exactly where to go. he clears the airway here because other officers have radios, too. if they step on someone, they are not going to hear so listen to them take command. >> stay off my air, stay off the air. officer down, officer down. dan: now one more thing, we don't have time for three here,
10:52 pm
thanks for the dispatcher. he makes sure to get out the description right away. >> male black, blue jersey. i want a perimeter set up. dan: joining me not to talk about the hero, friend of mine, secret service agent. jeff, thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having me. dan: we've been friends a long time, we've worked together in the secret service and you know those three things matter. first, location. we were in the secret service and god for bid you had a sniper incident or something, you know as well as i do, all you need to do is scream location, get out loud enough and clearly and you know you will get help in that spot right away. >> exactly and one of the things that captures me about this audio is the dispatcher, the sense of urgency in his voice
10:53 pm
without the sense of panic he was telling people this needs to happen now but he never stammered over his words or lost his thought, his voice wasn't running faster than his feet could carry him and that's huge because if he gets on the air stammers start losing command of what he wants to say, it cost more time but he never reached where he panicked. dan: you are right and this is peak stress. you and i have been there in these circumstances. pupils dilate and rub what pressure goes up, you know how it is. description, it doesn't do us any good to get to a location or look at a location for an open window or whatever it may be if you don't know what you are looking for so he's clear with the description and clear and concise description of what you're looking for. >> not only did he describe the perpetrator but if you get the chance to listen to the all ten minutes of the 911 call, the way he knows the city, he was able
10:54 pm
to tell the top officers this is the route they need to get to the go to the hospital, clear the route for them and even the second unit taking the second officer to the hospital say we will take them to a second hospital and he told them no, that's not a trauma unit, you don't want to go there. the knowledge he had in his city along with the description and location got out and you mentioned earlier the command he took saying stay off my air and i know we are going to touch on the but you described it perfectly, a heroic act. dan: that's important. you and i haven't dealt with munication radios and law enforcement, multiple people can't talk on speaker at the same time. agent jeff james and his secret service wants to say something and i step on him first and he has an emergency message, but i think get through at his emergency message gets into lost messages and nobody here's a and dispatcher recognizes it and
10:55 pm
takes command off the air. you have eyeballs on the problem, but the emergency with the eyeballs on talk. >> here's the thing stepped on, you don't know who are being stepped on, you think somebody is hearing you and they might not because some guy who wants to hear his own voice besides he needs to transmit something, it doesn't matter and the other thing is if somebody transmits, and the secret service in our case, they would say bongino, we are coming to you, keep the door open if you don't here because somebody stepped on, you're going to look that. dan: not that that has ever happened. i think you and i have both been there. after, i appreciate your time. good to see you. >> take care. dan: before we go, a big thanks to that dispatcher. we'll be right back. (vo) how do you know when you've found your team?
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welcome back to "unfiltered". mark we discussed the beginning of the show all our heroes arthur. our to put this up on the screen can, crisis hotline for veterans and heroes that goes it with us for "unfiltered", you back here next saturday night. ♪♪ ♪♪ jesse: >> i am in for jesse tonight. present biden has had a tough time following through on promises of policies. covid has made up made her come back, spending money faster than the speed of light and 4 cents illegals flooding at a record rate but now policies are putting americans at risk here and abroad. five u.s. in afghanistan since 2001 to fund a new government they could defend themselves but the president for the u.s.


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