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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  August 15, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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this helps you understand where we are. that's all we have for tonight, i have important news to tell you must not only thank you for joining us, judge jeanine is next for michael. ♪♪ >> welcome to justice, i am in for judge jeanine. crime pandemic continues to sweep across the nation and few cities have been hit harder than chicago. one week ago 20-year-old officer tragically murder while conducting a traffic stop in the city. according to recent released fbi data from this first month of 202144 law enforcement officers were murdered in the light of duty, over 41% increase from the
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previous year. so what changed? district attorney prosecuting violent offenders, liberal judges decided it was a bright idea to grant repeat violent offenders and recently in anti- pop rhetoric, defund police movement ramped up. the officer's death was an honor from chicago's mayor this week. she didn't even know the officer's name. >> horrible tragedy of the murder. >> the mayor wasn't the only one superintendent of the chicago police department called her fitzgerald. back drew a quick response from the order of police released this tweet saying her name was ella french, not frank. officer french, we appreciate your sacrifice to keep the city of chicago safe. unfortunately there's more work
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to be done. look at these stats. the past week alone there have been 21 murders, 36 sexual assault, 164 robberies and 199 car theft in chicago alone. people feel hopeless, many families still forgotten and the cops feel demoralized. how can anyone tell me this is not a failure of leadership? for reaction, fox news contributor, lara trump. the least they could do is remember the name of the fallen officer. >> you would think they could get something right. sadly they can't. what a disgrace to see they gave no respect to the officer by the way, mayor got it back, they turned their back on her whenever they were on the way to see her comrade in critical condition because of the shooting.
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this is discussing disgraceful cut you're right, it starts at the top. the leadership in chicago ought to be ashamed of themselves and it starts with the mayor but don't forget a cause larger than that. look at the fact that joe biden is allowing people to flow into our country, violent gang members across america to all major cities, we know crimes are up and police have been defunded and demoralized. it is shameful and sappy these great american cities are going to be lost if somebody doesn't get a handle on this. it in chicago and new york and also because they let these people out, they've changed policies allowing violent criminals back on the streets to commit more crimes. the officer did not need to die. she was murdered and she's dead today because the man who killed her was not in jail when he
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should have been for a hit and run. crazy this is happening in america. if we don't get a hold of this not only are we going to lose our great american cities, we are going to lose america herself. lawrence: you picked on and where i was getting ready to go. thank you for joining me. a hit-and-run incident going back to camp and her leadership or lack of leadership. violent offenders should be behind bars. why is this happening all across the country. >> good to be with you this evening. the reason is because you have district attorney's being elected whose sole for you when it comes to criminal justice is to not prosecute anybody and it's going to be a tragedy for the inner cities in our country, it's not just chicago. portland, seattle, los angeles,
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new york city. you have district attorney's who choose to play politics. they will try to get into the headlines and prosecute people because of politics or because where they might be on a certain political framework or racial framework but they won't just punish crimes no matter who commits it, no matter where they committed and talking to somebody like this get on the street, is a.something like this is happening in our country to the citizens of chicago who elected your d.a., it's time to bring summary often because they are not doing the job making sure violent offenders stay behind bars. that's what's going to keep our cities safe while also supporting our police but it's these pas that aren't doing their jobs. lawrence: they are going to grant bail yet people arrest in society. the congressman picked up on something that i thought was great, that is election. election to have conference quinces. what do republicans need to do and what does the message need to be in the midterm when it comes to these local races? this is a local issue and it's
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happening to communities all across the country. >> the case is really being made for republicans like now by the democrats in leadership. look around the country, it's in democrat run cities you see massive spikes in crime. people getting punched in the street and robbed in broad daylight in cities new york city that used to be a safe place to be, they no longer are so i think the republicans are being given a gift and it's a gift we don't want because we don't want to see this happen in america but we need to make sure we are standing behind our men and women in blue. we need to get behind cops and refund police department. using across the country places like minneapolis who took money away, they are bringing the funding back to the police department because guess what, when you don't have police on the streets, crime goes up and
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murders increase and offenses increase so let's get the cops funding and get behind them. lawrence: it seems like an obvious case to be made. you've got to run in the races and as one who travels across the country and sees the decay, please people, i don't care what political party is running, republicans have to run in those races and there seems to be lack of republicans in those races but you can't just make the case, you have to be there and get the job done. what you think? >> i think it's right but it's difficult. to be pump perfectly blunt, they are heavy democrat. the voters just vote democrat too often in don't look at the people running, they just say partyline and that's how they do it so it's import for the citizens of inner cities and they have to look at the people running if not just party idea
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and labels because if we all get caught up in what big media talks about in terms of republican or democrat beliefs, they are not incrementing their power the way they should. you got to look closely at the people running and vote for people and to support people who want safe communities safe street and walk in order. that's what will help our communities, nothing else. >> i think about all these families as i travel across the country, kids six and seven years old, i see them playing outside and they want to have a great life like the rest of us but it seems they are being robbed of that. can you talk about this specifically as a month, how does it make you feel knowing our american families across the country are being robbed of liberty? that is, liberties have been robbed. >> it is devastating. any american child should be able to go in their neighborhood
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and safely play on the street, ride in a car with her parents without fear of getting shot but now in so many of the cities in america, that is not the case but i think it's important, let's go back to what you are talking to the congressman about, let's get republicans who are going to go door-to-door in the midterm election and knock on doors of people in the inner cities and say i'm a republican, i'm here to clean up the community to keep you safe, i want to make sure that your kids were able to get out and play with her friends on the street so republicans also have to be able to go into those communities and take that step so they interact with people and get your name on the ballot is and why to do it, you got to get into the communities and talk to the people. >> you can't win if you don't show up. people deserve an alternative. thank you so much. fox news contributor. crime wave in chicago doesn't have the recipe for success from
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it. i traveled to boston and spoke with reverend eugene, former gang member who talked about how america can change if you have the right recipe. >> we moved into george -- 1987. as you can see there are three bullet their house was shot into. >> that's how life was in the city. >> that's right. >> you started this committee, law enforcement clergy, community leader and one table. >> lord, we thank you and praise you for your goodness and thank you for law enforcement. >> crime skyrocketing across the country but not in boston. why? community and police are working together and it starts with
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leading every -- >> please make sure our children are safe. >> gang activity. >> thirty-nine bullets fired at our house. five came into our living room. >> police and residents are at odds and a lot of cities. they are not having these conversations so how are you able to do this? >> community policing. >> we've got to do the work the faith community has to step up. the boston police department or supporting this, but not being done anywhere else in the united states. >> in order to have a positive relationship, you have to have a relationship. you've got to be involved and in the community. >> how important is it to help the pastors, community leaders
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working together? >> it's very important. >> together we can do a lot of things. we can't expect the police to make an impact if we are not working together with them. >> we have them in the city and more recently numbers are nowhere near the cities. with the community and our police department. >> crime is going down. even when there is an uptick, the faith community gets together so doesn't become black lives matter, anti- cop, none of that. >> i just watched -- they don't just respect you, they respect the role model. >> you are absolutely right. this is a result of spending 20 years. >> is this the model of the
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country? >> let me tell you, a model based communities law enforcement partnership are the ways to go. with a commitment that the faith community and faithful institutions will provide secular services working in collaboration and transparency. this is the prototype. >> a model for the country. must more to come from a fox news contributor doctor marc siegel standing by with an important update you and your family need to hear about the covid pandemic.
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welcome back to justice, continuing to look for answers to navigate the covid pandemic. a surge of the delta parent is raising concerns about half the kids will return to the classroom. only 28% of young black new yorkers are vaccinated what is responsible for this? running coming out with an important update in color, politics and fear and power of science. participant doctor, thank you
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for draining just as i have been looking forward to this because there were so many misconceptions that these trump voters from white voters who were skeptical of the vaccine meanwhile i'm talking to people in my community the entire time and they have been skeptical of the entire time. they say some of the stories our grandparents told us, what do you hear? >> exactly that. just what we need, black community to be told by the government we know and you don't know. we are going to teach you and you are going to do what we say. if you don't agree, explicit information. bullying and shaming, that works well with the black community which as you said went through experiments where it went untreated with syphilis even after they had penicillin. what a disgrace and then henrietta in baltimore who sells after she got cancer, was sold
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for billions of dollars in the family never got a penny. what about slavery? the black community has been a long history of being mistreated by the medical establishment and now we are going to tell black people what they should do and why. how about using community leaders, how about doctors and people that people know have gotten the vaccine, not the government. the government will never be able to convince the community to take it. >> i feel like it's laziness we are seeing from these leaders. instead of talking about the issues and concerns they have in my community, they just say take it. another thing i've got to go back to misconceptions, reasons with these and eight, they thought it was these trump voters, people hesitant of the vaccine. a lot of minorities and data suggests our evidence as well.
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>> and that's right. the reason people are hesitant is because they are emotional about a decision where they put a needle and arm or when a mask or somebody is telling you to do something, they are emotional you have to deal with emotion with emotion at the trump situation, it would have helped a lot of somebody had actually said the vaccine came from the trump administration, was made in nine months, used a public-private partnership which is classic for president trump, by the way bringing the private sector in and saying we are going to pay for the vaccine, about telling people the vaccine the research has been in the works for 30 years already. the way this was marshaled out the current administration has led to this mistrust and galvanized it, it's an emotional decision. you got to go to people where they live. you can't bring some super hose -- and then of course we see president obama's party where everybody is frolicking.
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they crashed the party in the end were unvaccinated and didn't wear a mask. you have to actual follow the rules you're asking others to follow. >> classic rules, i want to get your comment on this because i know these public officials have been meeting with fear and it's impacting people. i want to go to this, this is what she had to say. it's not just -- we have a sound player. >> it's just not okay for kids to commit murder coming to school without a mask. >> this is the type of rhetoric but resistant, arnold schwarzenegger as well remark that is a disgrace to say something like that especially since we don't even know to what extent masks actually work.
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i think they have value but how about making sure teachers in this book are being vaccinated? we don't even know that variant this vaccinated accusing kids of murder. kids are small can't get up to themselves, a 5-year-old is going to fight back against a bullying parents? i informed masks, i'm not for bowling or shaming or ridiculing other people. i am sure teachers get vaccinated. >> the kids have to back in school. there were requests made from a they want a new ventilation system an early asked to the vaccine and they have all that they have requested, it's safe to return to school. the cdc said it and it wasn't until the white house changed their guidance, the cdc and then we learn coordination between the cdc and the union. that's not science.
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>> i am so afraid of what you are talking about, i am afraid of it because studies show kids are much more likely to spread love it out of school and the community at home to everyone in the household and that there is will, long-term anxiety, depression, lack of nutrition and you know what it really is targeting poor people who can't afford an ipad it's easy for rich person to sit on the beach and learn remotely and have food broaden but in the inner cities, it's an enormous tragedy and it's going on for another year. >> you been talking about it from the beginning which is why the audience respects you. thank you for what you've done the middle of his pandemic. next, sarah carter has just returned from the border. disturbing details how covid infected illegals could endange look, this isn't my first rodeo
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♪♪ >> we want to lose -- we can't continue like this. [inaudible]
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>> that was the second day of home and security predicting border patrol at the u.s. will lose the battle on our southern border. we are learning apprehensive 200 and 12,000 in july 2021. that's the highest in over two decades. president joe biden at the southern border and peers are on the rise as prices grow tremendously and those near the southern border say they've been abandoned by the administration and migrant are being bussed into their neighborhood. here's the chief of the u.s. border patrol. >> what we are expanding now, unaccompanied children, family units, migrants from countries we don't experience, tremendous blows from an agent are at with each and every day compound that with the covid threat at any given day i may have three or 400 a day in quarantine status.
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>> fox news contributor sheriff carter returned from the border. good to be with you. i want to get your reaction to my office. we've always known this was happening but he said on the record, he didn't know what he was reported what we've known all along. >> alejandro miro chris is doing so because he knows it's falling apart, totally's unsustainable, completely falling apart. this is the biden ministration policies. six months, only six months into his administration and it's completely on raveling. 40000 illegal migrants dropped off in cities that have tested positive for covid. i want you to think about that. others they don't even know like there because they haven't even been tested. tents are overflowing right now
12:31 am
in rio grande valley. some areas of the rio grande valley covid explosion is over nine 100% in some areas. i can tell you they have agents from the front lines being pulled off the front lines because they've been exposed to covid and not only that the national security implications are so huge because while our agents are dealing with people coming in, and overflow of 600, i saw it myself in other areas of the border, they are moving in drug cartel, colombian drug cartel, mexican cartel, moving in narcotics and fentanyl and people they consider colorways, they do not want to turn themselves in and we should be equipped. >> what does this mean for the country losing plane ticket fox news but it's showing folks under coverage we are not able to look inside the facilities because the biden administration still hasn't given the press the
12:32 am
opportunity to see what is going on so what does it mean for americans? >> it is a disaster for the united states. a disaster for the people being brought into this country living in the shadows, i want you to think about this. those thousands of children that have been trafficked into the u.s., some of them have been abused in ways we can't even describe. the people coming here looking for a better life only to realize there's nothing for them here. the failure on the part of our government as a whole, please drug cartel and human smugglers accountable, i literally watched as smugglers aim across the rio grande valley in the middle of the night, 1:00 a.m., 12:00 a.m. bringing boatloads of people and literally handing them off to our national guard and warning the national guard they better not puncture their rap because
12:33 am
it cost them a lot of money and they've got more people to bring across and i said to the national guard, what you doing? they said i can't do anything. i just got to make sure the people they bring across don't drown. those are my orders so that is what's happening at the border and to tell you something else, the residence in the rio grande valley, and arizona in the residence who live along the border communities, they are suffering. their resources are being tied up. covid, this is the reality of the biden administration policy. this is what's going on at our border and it's not just staying there, is coming to every city in america and hurting not only americans but atomic the people that the government here says they care about which is the migrants. >> i could talk to you all day,
12:34 am
this was by design, they know exactly what to do and i've got to tell you i talked to my sources on the ground border patrol, the morale has never been worse, i'm praying for those men and women who keep the country safe. they are excellent reporters, thank you for all you do coming up, mainstream media homicidal shocking take, that's
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mainstream media working overtime charge with no other msnbc, according to jury, they don't care about it. take a look. >> the reality is these governors are taking a stand in favor of that and i don't understand the calculation to do that. >> you're going to die sometime anyway, that's your argument?
12:39 am
you're going to die something, might as well because it. >> these are not tentacle homicidal evidence. >> that's even low for joy read. fox news jupiter joe concha. are you homicidal? your wife is a doctor, right? the democrat media? >> amazing, on the front lines of credit for 15 months so pretty sure we are not homicidal people but joy read should not be any work within 500 feet of a microphone let alone an actual stage. this is the same person who pop supreme court justice thomas or clarence. earlier this summer she claimed skyrocketing private crime is a right wing talking points without the actual crime stats. she wants conservatives to trade
12:40 am
and tax cuts for the ability to say the n-word like the good old days. the hyperbole on steroids she lied about this by the way from years ago that had homophobic anti-semitic racist, she said it was hacked. what if they do? turnaround and warned her, aforestated. unfortunately the ratings are as low as her discourse and the same, hopefully somewhat of important, comcast msnbc step in and said this poisonous discourse has no place on our air but i would never happen because they are run by, this is a bad combination, incompetent cowards. >> it's simple gas lighting and you know there is no facts to back it up and no pushback from the executives. i want to get your reaction on this because you may know chris cuomo decided to take a little vacation, his brother is going through some things so instead
12:41 am
of feeling it with real news, cnn decided to do a piece on aoc. take a look and then we'll talk. >> celebrities sometimes use their starting to go into politics and remained as a politician. the 31-year-old is outspoken, uncompromising and not just navigating the political world by trying to change it. you have 12 million twitter followers. i'm feeling instagram followers and they all know you as aoc so what's it like to be aoc? your uncompromising in your vision, and your goals for what you want to do. >> she's only 31 years old living quite different than most other women her age. >> all my god, joe, she had so many twitter followers. that is how you win national election, through your twitter
12:42 am
drive. >> right, instagram, too. what aoc watching the cnn documentary, these guys can put together a better one hour campaign commercial than we could ever dream of, a classic case of sizzle over state. the physical is hurt twitter following, nearly 13 million. she's downright provocative. they're perfect petrified and we wouldn't want to insult anybody but here's the thing. something no one touched on the rise no space unit, aoc introduced 21 substantial bills and of those, none received them in front one became law. in terms of her performance against other democrats she ranked 230 out of 240 to get things done. she's a performance artist not a lawmaker and therefore much more media and they say it's more than enough. >> are right about that on your
12:43 am
column you released, i encourage people to read, it talks about all of this but not being able to get stuff done and i think it's important for the country. thank you, as always. next, highlights from the most compelling stories of the week in baseball finally returned to the iconic field from a field of dreams. live with the incredible video. dunkel anywhere. ♪♪
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>> probably just one question to answer. is this heaven? [cheering] >> legendary kevin costner who started in the 1989 classic field of dreams. welcome facebook back to the side of the movie this week. new york yankees and chicago white sox on the field what will likely go down as one of the most iconic moment in major league baseball. my next guest back in 2019, reaction to this. joining me now, fox nation host.
12:48 am
good to have you and see you again. i got to be honest, i'm not a big baseball fan, i have to be there to get the feel, you know? but the production was so good the way they found that, the lead up was almost as if i was there. >> thank you for having me, it's great to see you again and the game could not have gone better. it looked like a movie and ended like a movie. bottom of the ninth, he walked up to the plate and went deep into the cornfields of iowa and a walkoff home run. dancing, the only bad thing is he recently said he'd never seen the field of dreams the movie so let's hope he watches after that i think this is a great thing for the game of baseball but it was also great for america. it gave people something to look forward to, the most-watched regular season mlb game in 16 years. i love the fact that mlb and
12:49 am
residents of iowa, they did have a professional sports team so that something to look forward to as well. it could not have gone better, i truly believe that. >> can you talk more about this message? it made you proud and there is so much division in the country, we are still in the middle of the pandemic clearly, we need something to be excited about. >> yes i think people were excited about this. this is america's pastime. i think baseball gives people something to look forward to because it is a slow game and why we seek low engagement numbers and they've done things to fix it for you can go with your family and friends and have a beer and sit in the stands. when i was there filming vaccination for the 30th anniversary, one of my favorite things is asking people what brought them to the field of dreams and you can tell how much the movie meant to people
12:50 am
because he plowed through a cornfield which is his livelihood to follow voice and he brought the end they came and this year with the yankees and white sox, you see it right now as i'm coming out of the cornfield, it truly gives you a sense of patriotism, it was just pure fun and good old part of baseball. >> beautiful. you are always on the road, i'm always on the road, i have to cover the politics stuff, i'm always a little jealous. what is it like? >> it magical and by the way, you do a great job and i know you're in to tough work but excellent job. it's magical, the people you meet when we were there someone had just gotten married at the feel of dreams and i think the best thing about traveling whether national park or these american arenas and stadiums and things like that, everyone is coming together for one common
12:51 am
thing. historically it's brought people together. the national anthem has become divisive but when they truly step back and see we are all the same, all american we are all one venue realize there is hope for all of us in our country as well. >> you give me hope so thank you for that. >> you're going to come to the next assignment. >> that's right. thank you. next, the soon to be blockbuster movie, he's here to talk about his incredible journey to become a world-class mma start and how he did it against all odds, next. >> i want to be heard. >> he's proven he can handle it. ♪♪ >> he has the career he wants to pursue
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welcome back to justice, partial but my next guest has become a world-class mma fighter. his life story is the subject of a brand-new notorious. >> here for the child's? ♪♪ >> nice going. >> i want you train everyday. be ready. ♪♪ [cheering] >> let's get the real deal. ♪♪ he has not lost. >> joining me now is the inspiration for that movie, the one and only, nick. thank you for coming on show tonight. the producers were briefing me
12:57 am
and i was reading your story, he started off as a wrestler and then you decide not enough, i'm going to become an mma fighter. how did you gain the wheel to do something like that? being a wrestler was already enough. >> i guess ignorance is a little bit of the story. when i started off with wrestling, i started lost my first 17 matches and i had a friend who was wrestling all year long and when i came back my sophomore year i ended up in regions and ended up going allstate so that i realized the value of hard work in putting in the time not doubting yourself so when i was done wrestling in college, i still wanted to compete and went to a few shows and have been training martial arts a little bit for fun and i was like i'll do one fight and one fight turned into a world
12:58 am
title and a career. >> was there ever a moment amongst all of this, this real think you've got to do, you were born this way. you said this is just not for me? >> i think is, going through adversity builds character, right? you can be a victim of your circumstance or create your own. for me, is important to not grow up in a ball and give up because facing challenges when i look at the world and think about people lives and what they are going through, everything a person faces challenges and i have one hand, i was born with one hand but who am i to say my life is ended harder than anyone else? i have a hard road, i just have to take what i have and be thankful that i have what i have and work and accomplish and become something.
12:59 am
>> such a great outlook. there are a lot of young people author who may be struggling, who may be defeated. what you say to them? >> you never know unless you try. people look at me for inspiration and that's good but really the motivator is, you've got to find something you really enjoy and a passion and give the world the best version of yourself and you can go out there and say i failed before i lost, i have one but i'm also last but i try and i never give up and i just keep going and that's why i am who i am. someone to give up when things get too hard, i always, i've never had the easy road so i've learned to appreciate hard work and struggles and taken it and build and grow from those.
1:00 am
>> you have the i have a tiger, you just don't stop and i appreciate that and appreciate coming to this audience and i will be watching your movie. thank you for coming on. that's all for us tonight. thank you for watching. i'll see you tomorrow on fox and friends. dan bongino up next. ♪♪ dan: begin with fox news alert, tolerant closing in on the afghan capitol city of the world. taking over territories across afghanistan, the pentagon for us hey, lucas. >> the taliban surrounded 30 miles outside the afghan capitol secretary john kirby. >> the taliban is trying to isolate the city and they have throughout this last few weeks, you've seen it for yourself


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