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tv   Fox Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  August 15, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> how does that impact our security here in the united states? >> it is the ultimate irony on the approach of 20 anniversary of 9/11 we are in a weaker position today. >> thank you very much. the world watches the taliban seize control of kabul as a stunning collapse of afghanistan plays out in real time. good evening i am jon scott and this is "the fox report". that taliban insurgents tie in grip setting off a man —- to
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get us personnel out of the country defense officials tell fox news president biden has employed another 1000 troops to aid in the process to bring the grand total of 6000 afghan president places country this morning the taliban fighters are inside the capital city of kabul as we speak and inside the government complex the taliban officials say they expect a complete handover of power. fox news has you covered on all angles we always reaction from the white house and retired enroll jack keane joins us with analysis and congresswoman mays will way and how this stacks up in the growing list of crises president biden is facing both at home and abroad. but first from the middle east. we're tracking the situation on the ground in afghanistan teacher that evening the taliban is now meant control of afghanistan. and look at capital videos of taliban fighters inside the presidential palace taking photos and speaking to a journalist inside the compound.
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we have confirmed the afghan president's fled the country with top aides it was complete chaos throughout the afghan capital. at the airport us military personnel working around-the-clock to evacuate key embassy personnel and us allies. ultimately the united states and other countries moved all personnel to the airport to continue evacuations. extremely concerning images out of afghanistan has the taliban could take over a prison outside of the city of bagram air force base and free fighters and al qaeda insurgents once this happened and then looking at those vehicles that were left throughout the area. and that that they will
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implement sharia law to take over key government relations such as russia and china. the focus for the united states not only will be figuring out what to do with the military personnel on the ground right now but that the rolling effect in the snowball effect from afghanistan and experts fear will be something the biden administration has to deal with months or years to come. jon: from jerusalem thank you. we will hear from you more later. president biden is said to be monitoring the situation from camp david where he is spending the weekend the latest developments have left officials to justify why it is moving forward pulling our troops out of afghanistan we are alive with more on that. reporter: back in july the
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president said it is time for the afghan people to make the decision of the future of their country and tonight the future is decided in real time as we have been watching unfold throughout the day. a major shift especially when you consider what we have seen over the past 20 years and this is happening with the shock and horror and disbelief of others. and afghanistan is now bad and memory as afghanistan seizes control that fears of recriminations spread as sharia law she sweeps the country, the president of the united states conferred with his national security team that remains one —- remain silent refusing to address the crisis as the world watches the taliban take over unfolds. >> it's worth noting this did not happen on our watch. we reduced our forces significantly they did not advance.
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every president confronts challenges this confronted a president one —- a challenge but he has failed to protect the american people. >> the white house is blaming both the trump administration prior agreement and the afghan fighters themselves for the precipitous unraveling of the country. >> i have to tell you the inability of afghan security forces to defend their country has played a very powerful role in what we have seen over the last few weeks the fact is we invested over 20 years, billions of dollars in these forces. >> meanwhile the white house issued a statement it is important but this reads our hearts go out to the brave men and women who are at risk while working to evacuate those who help the cause and their families.
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sentiment echoed by those on capitol hill including matt romney who tweeted but today i more and for my afghan brothers and sisters and struggle to hold within me. my god how could we have so forsaken thy children. the president of the united states remains at camp david at this point we have no sense whether he will go on camera today or in the days ahead. you would thank you would be he is still getting updates as he works at camp david. jon: from the white house, to begin the president at camp david. the taliban lightning quick advance with all expert predictions here is what john kirby said just days ago about the possibility of kabul being taken over. >> without getting into a battlefield that kabul right
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now is not the imminent threat environment. >> less than 72 hours ago let's being in retired four-star general jacking but institute of the study of war and fox news senior strategic analyst. how did it happen so fast, general? cobble over one this morning? it was lightning fast. >> certainly. and it's interesting to watch the administration try to shift this claim to others to the afghans themselves in the previous administration. what happened is the administration had solomon advice for military leaders to include a secretary of defense
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and the field commanders the national security team that were advising the president night not to conduct with unilateral withdrawal and our allies who were operating in afghanistan with us, and follows the president we should stay there to keep 2500 they would keep seven or 8000 collectively he dismissed that advice and put in place what i believe is the ill-conceived hasty withdrawal and now we watch this emergency american retreat take place with all of us it turns our stomach and then to let down the afghan people that the hasty withdrawal made no sense. it should have been a condition based withdrawal.
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condition number one, let's make certain the taliban don't take over. what does that mean to take out our airplanes and intelligence how can we do that? we have to have a base in the region to be responsive to the needs of the afghan military. and then we try to coordinate in a short period of time but the russians will influence because the influence countries but we need a longer period of time to negotiate the leverage to get the base. we have to ensure the afghan support for their forces is what they needed. that is why ashraf ghani came to the united states begging the president to give them the contract to sustain his air force when we plow august 31st. they would have no air force to fly. this plan was not condition based are well thought out and then most of all, think of this, the fighting season
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in afghanistan begins april or may and ends the fall in the beginning of winter. the taliban pick up their bags and go to afghanistan mostly leaders and fighters there is no fighting doing that period so if you pull out wouldn't that be a logical time to do that? not in the height of the fighting season in the summer. and the taliban new we had seven military bases that is a huge task. there was no time or resources or airpower or intelligence to provide for the ground forces because what were we doing? that this was just poorly thought out and not condition to the outcomes that we wanted to achieve know taliban takeover conditions based to
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make sure it stays there for the afghan security forces why did they collapse? they have always been weak to begin with. and then to contractors to take care of them and then most differently and then dad decisive airpower and then to pull out the that forces. and then the largest share of the fighting we stopped doing that they are the ground force. so what happened this time? we did not have the will or the means to provide support and that broke their will and resolve. and that implement it a lot faster. jon: the secretary of state
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and then for what has happened here was listen to what he said this morning. >> we have known all along that the taliban is that the greatest position of strength at any time since 2001 last in charge of the country that is the taliban we inherited. and then beginning to take back their country the fact of the matter is we've been unable to defend the country and that has happened more quickly than anticipated. jon: the trump administration did sign the agreement in 2020 but there were goalposts. there were trade-offs if you do this we will do that. >> today the trump administration to enter into those negotiations those who are in prison in pakistan in our leader of afghanistan
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because the ambassador to afghanistan convince the trump administration and that they would be willing to power share. i saw the draft and he showed it to me. i read it is a complete surrender. one thing and one thing only military victory and control of afghanistan. and mike pompeo is right. and then to use force to ensure that the taliban would not take over all the districts and the capitals any
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withdrawal taking place by the united states forces to make certain are focus and then that is conditions based withdrawal. jon: senior strategic analyst jacking we will talk to you later. president biden is facing crisis after crisis the taliban takeover is the latest but the political fallout is immense let's bring in republican congresswoman for one —- the house transportation infrastructure committee the oversight reform committee and veteran affairs. congresswoman we have not heard from the president today what does that tell you? like it tells you the president isn't confident of what is happening right now in afghanistan. coming from a military family
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and members active-duty , family and friends and friends that have died in the middle east over the last 20 years. and then resoundingly. and with the last 72 hours at the exit strategy and the administration and that is not a planned exit strategy based on conditions before in the last segment. it is heartbreaking and said we were there for 20 years to spend $1 trillion. it is unfathomable that is happening right now. jon: the speaker of the house where you work nancy pelosi put out a tweet to say that the president is to be commended for the clarity of
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purpose for his statement on afghanistan and action the taliban must know the world is watching actions and we are concerned about their brutal treatment of all afghans especially women and girls. pick apart that statement. and then to be bothered by nancy pelosi in the rest of the world is watching? >> and to be emboldened by the fact that they are showing their strength in the middle of the fighting season they can override and overtake afghanistan and anything we have created over the last 20 years including taking our equipment and flying our helicopters and taking our alienation and running away with it. that is not be allowed to happen to have the very clear exit strategy.
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thank you to veterans and active duty military. and then we have lost people that we love door are friends with. it's very difficult to see we should hear from the president of the united states on this over the next few hours or days and weeks ahead to make sure americans are getting out of afghanistan safely and those that help the american soldiers also. >> i will read this statement from former vice president the biden administration disastrous withdrawal from afghanistan dishonors the memory of those heroic americans who gave their lives and all who greatly serve their defending freedom these past 20 years for troops and
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allies in the stark our. dark hour. you don't get the sense the administration necessarily sees it that way. they seem to be throwing up their hands to defend their country they just didn't do it. >> there are leadership ran off a flat afghanistan this weekend and the question for me and a lot of military families over the last 28 years i have family that is active-duty right now is what was all of this for? i questions and i feel heartbroken and know that the investment of the american people and the taxpayers we put into this, folks fighting for the last 20 years over the last 20 year anniversary and
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then to be reminded of those that we lost. i graduated from the citadel in south carolina i am frequently reminded this weekend because of what we have seen on television going on in afghanistan what was this forward because the outcome is the same as it would have been 20 years ago it happened so quickly and if we had a comprehensive planned exit strategy and then work with different forces in the region that this did not happen, could this on preventable? but now we will never have the answers to these questions and for many soldiers and active-duty it is an emotional weekend for many americans and i feel that pain. jon: south carolina congresswoman we appreciate your time tonight. >> thank you. jon: next we take a look at the political fallout from the
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jon: after 20 years of us blood spilled and spent with staggering speed and politicians and leaders around the world and for more on the follow-up the editor-in-chief of the dispatch also fox news contributor you wrote a lengthy and new wants peace with your feelings on the afghan pullout and you started with an interesting twist the us is asking that taliban to spare the us embassy. get into that a little bit. >> of course this is a couple of days ago the please are no longer coming because there was no foreseeable or possible
3:25 pm
threat of sending troops back in the state department was left in the position to lecture the taliban to make it a bad citizen of the world to have the international community to condemn you. and then to give you a it was embarrassing for the us government to do and also preposterous. and then if they execute people wholesale and condemns young girls to sexual slavery doesn't care that much about the international community that was humiliating and that is the big take away whatever you think about our experiments in afghanistan the last 20 years this is a devastating blow to our prestige and it is shameful.
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jon: i read in your column that the e-mom's have been ordered throughout the country to provide a list to all the young girls of age 15 or above and although widows under age 45 so they can be provided to taliban soldiers as whites - - wives. >> this is not anti- muslim point of view it is anti- taliban. they are barbarians they basically have a view to see women as property. we know this how they conducted themselves in iran and afghanistan 20 years ago in one of the shocking things of the last 20 years was to see how many liberals who believe all this stuff about women's liberation of the rights of women and that humanity and the quality of
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women nonetheless have a blind eye to the progress we made in afghanistan and the consequences of abandoning them the way we have. this is a nightmare for millions of afghan women who are living under the promise of a better life provided under the protection of the united states. jon: i read a statement from a 22 -year-old afghan woman basically she has only known the afghanistan resulted from the invasion in 2001 and that is what offered education and job opportunities to women now that is completely gone as of tonight. >> at the very least if you are a woman or a man who cares about the women in your life or the daughters in your life you should assume it is gone and flee as best you can get the hell out of there because
3:28 pm
anybody who wants to take a gamble that taliban has reformed is taking a gamble with their lives and with the lives of women in their lives. it is insane. jon: i will point our viewers to the p-letter shirov dishonor in afghanistan this is not the way to get out of this war. jonah, good to talk to you. >> great to be here. jon: the search for survivors in haiti intensifies after seven.2 magnitude earthquake strikes yesterday more than 720 people are known dead more than 2000 others injured we are alive with more on that. >> so far 724 people a number that is only expected to rise thousands homeless explaining just in the last day alone.
3:29 pm
>> i did not feel well we run the soccer field. we cannot drink water some people resign themselves to drinking on portable water because people have to drink water. >> destroying 4000 buildings leveled including homes and schools and hospitals the country is not fully recovered from the earthquake in 2010 now we see more than 2000 people wounded from this earthquake which it on saturday morning. the prime minister declares a state of emergency that he will not ask for foreign aid until the scope of the damage has been assessed the us has deployed a search team and the coast guard is on-site helping to transport the injured to safety.
3:30 pm
now whipping up ahead of a tropical storm expected to hit the island by tomorrow the prime minister is reminding everyone the top priority is to save those survivors trapped under the rubble as quickly as possible. jon: haiti has still not recovered from the earthquake from more than ten years ago. life of new york. thank you. just ahead we turn our attention back to afghanistan and the reaction from the media here in the united states and the blame game on that. next. it's what the united states postal service has always been about. so as your business changes, we're changing with it. with e-commerce that runs at the speed of now. next day and two-day shipping nationwide. same day shipping across town. returns right from the doorstep, and deliveries seven days a week. it's a whole new world out there. let's not keep it waiting.
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jon: following the developing and desperate situation in afghanistan as the taliban tightens its grip on kabul the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff's told senators today that terrorist groups could reconstitute in afghanistan sooner than expected. to check back in live at the white house. a stunning turn of events for
3:35 pm
president you may remember last month boasted that the preconception of the taliban to overthrow the country were misguided. that was then and this was now. and now unfolding on the ground with the president said he does not regret his decision but yet we are watching now as the us intensifies the effort to secure transfer of personal and afghan partners. even as the president continues to confer with national security advisors through videoconference critics are accusing him of being out of touch. this tweet from tom, and why is the president in hiding he should answer for the catastrophic situation in afghanistan conference calls between cabinet secretaries and senators don't cut it in a crisis the white house has not yet said when the president will address the nation but we suspect he will at some
3:36 pm
point. now back to you. jon: as kevin mentioned republican members are blasting president biden for being at camp david instead of at the white house the americans longest war appears to and with the taliban taking over afghanistan. for more on the political fallout and the media reaction the spring and fox news contributor. joe, there has been crickets on this sunday nothing from president biden. showing the president sitting alone in a conference table inside camp david and meeting via a secure computer link but it wasn't the image that inspires come i thought we had it, we don't have it i the get
3:37 pm
to it during the segment. and then it doesn't inspire confidence. >> that optic right there the president alone on a zoom collect camp david shows no sense of urgency whatsoever of what could be a catastrophic crisis not just for the afghan people that us personnel still at our embassy in kabul. and the president's own words the white house reporter asked him "mr. president, vietnamese press one —- their experience of this withdrawal of afghanistan do you see any parallels between his withdrawal and what happened in vietnam? the president responded none whatsoever there will be no circumstance we use the people lifted off the roof of the embassy of the united states from afghanistan it is not at all comparable. we are seeing a lot of choppers over kabul in getting
3:38 pm
personnel out exactly like saigon 1975. really has americans predictions according to axial's has been so wrong, so fast and so convincingly as biden on afghanistan. you can make the argument this is worse than saigon because vietnam hasn't harbored terror organizations such as al qaeda and this is completely and president biden. the big question tonight as you see kabul in chaos where is joe biden? why won't he take questions from the press or appear in public during the crisis? nobody says he has to go back to washington to wire the advisors, the same ones who advised him to put us personnel out during the fighting season instead of waiting until winter, hiding the president when the world needs to hear from him most?
3:39 pm
that is the biggest question in every american should be concerned that president is basically an absentee landlord what is going on in kabul. jon: one of the images of the hasty pullout from kabul being helicopter capable of lifting fees on —- 50 people out of the us embassy compound with many such flights in the hours ahead. we hope so. reading a piece from the l.a. times talking about the origins of the pullouts while numerous republicans are already criticizing biden over the withdrawal and the fate of afghanistan to pay attention to news of the taliban study overtaking of the government us has spent $2 trillion to shore up over the last two decades.
3:40 pm
and then launched by president george w. bush now a growing number of democrats and independents long seen as defensible in comparison with the conflict in iraq as a mistake. may be the public is tired and therefore it's okay to get out no matter how we do it. that's a feeling in the administration. >> perhaps. and to agree or disagree with our presence in afghanistan but there's not a person on the planet to defend it being done in this manner but if you waited until the winter that's when the taliban goes back to pakistan where they have a base and then you to do more orderly pullout and perhaps it could be planned better but the taliban taking city after
3:41 pm
city now kabul that was supposed to fall two days ago maybe and 60 or 90 days but now it is gone. we saw press conferences on friday. this was laughable against the backdrop of the major cities. and has no interest in unity but when they had the upper hand militarily and for the afghan people, hell on earth will be the future and joe biden and democrats on this. there is no other way around that you cannot blame trump it was a biden decision to further personnel out when they did in a well-paid yearly in 2022 unless they fix the problem that does not appear to be fixable. jon: already reporting says
3:42 pm
beheading in the streets of afghan men helping america maybe 17000 or 50000 translators working with american forces during the 20 years and every single one is in grave danger. thank you, joe. so what does the taliban take over mean for national security here general jack keane is back with that answer next. to allstate. ♪ [band plays] ♪ a place where everyone lives life well-protected. ♪♪ and even when things go a bit wrong, we've got your back. here, things work the way you wish they would. and better protection costs a whole lot less. you're in good hands with allstate. click or call for a lower auto rate today.
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jon: fox news alert the taliban take over in afghanistan wager cause for concern over national security here in the united states as we approach the 20 year mark since 9/11 now retired general jack keane and fox news senior strategic analyst. analyst.
3:47 pm
general, the biden administration and it seems they do not want troops on the h anniversary of 9/11 or the 20th anniversary of them being dispatch there in october 2001. maybe that is why the hasty pullout resulted that would have been better handled if it had come during the winter when the fighting season is over. >> and if we establish the conditions with which we try to achieve. that fails old miserably the initial security concerns are the same ones at the outset. we had al qaeda attacked the united states from afghanistan shield and protected from the taliban regime. and then to come out the last couple weeks and to have that present some enabled ten or 15
3:48 pm
provinces shielded by the taliban right now they are there brothers. president bush offered the taliban to step aside we will not bother your regime and we will just deal with al qaeda and the taliban said no. they lost the regime and thousands of fighters so they have been committed and they have not separated themselves. and because of that is the epicenter again and then to attack america's interest in with the national security concern in troops should take solace that for 20 years we prevented that attack taking place because of their presence and the sacrifices made. and with that debacle witnessing today.
3:49 pm
and then multiple presidents brought us to this point good things and mistakes. president biden owns the taliban victory achieved here. that is at his doorstep piece of the conditions for that victory. with that taliban take over to bring back the number one national security concern about afghanistan and with the international terrorism presence and that is the issue. jon: and one we have to watch very closely in the months and years to come. general, thank you. we will be back with more "fox report" in just a moment.
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jon: for latest on taliban sudden takeover of afghanistan we go to trey in jerusalem. reporter: jon, it is the middle of the night in kabul, evacuations continue, we're hearing reports of u.s. c-17 aircraft carrying hundreds of people, the planes are ment for around 100 paratroopers, they are fitting as many u.s.
3:54 pm
personnel and allies in the plane, to quickly get people out of harm's way. there are reports of sporadic gunfire around the airfield, some cases will temporarily slowdown how many planes are able to take off. the process will continue. we understand across kabul there are taliban fighters that have taken over key government buildings thain clues the presidential -- that includes the presidential palace, today, president ashraf ghani was inside just before leaving, you heard taliban fighters talk about what they see as future of the country expurnd -- under tal taliban control. jon: thank you, trey. >> and we'll be back with more fox report in just a moment.
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jon: more reaction to haiti earthquake, phil keating live in miami. reporter: life in haiti, one crisis after the next, the president assassinated a month ago, and kidnappings are ripe. now a surging death toll from yesterday's massive earthquake.
3:59 pm
the powerful quake rocked southwest peninsula, and the capital it was also felt in cuba and jamaica. houses collapsed and cathedrals, all day long people scrambled to rescue those cries for help under the rubble. >> in miami little haiti neighborhood, church services has soon -- seen an increase. here comes tropical storm grace this week. jon: all right. thank you, phil keating. >> we end the hour with special happy birthday wish, decorated world war ii veteran rocco
4:00 pm
estrago celebrate celebrates 1 s --100 years today. happy birthday. ♪ ♪ trey: good evening thank you for joining us, i am trey gowdy, it is "sunday night in america," we're just weeks away from 20 anniversary of september 11 attacks on our country. 3,000 lives were taken that day. thousands of lives have been lost since in defense of our nation. tens of thousands of our sons and daughters have been injured. and more than a trillion dollars of your money has been spent in afghanistan alo


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