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tv   Woke Inc.  FOX News  August 15, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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trump showed them up, he got results, the minute he is gone, they try to reverse it, look what happened. tammy, thank you. you nailed it. set your dvr, we'll see you next sunday when the next revolution will be televised. ♪ ♪ >> companies like ours must speak out, allies to the black lives matter movement. >> you didn't post the right black square at the right time of the year, your boss is screaming at you. >> the corporations are paying for riots, ceo of cisco announced his company is donating 5 million to the black lives matter, airbnb half a million and drop box. >> open borders another staple of radical democratic party is their love of mixing politics with sports.
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>> mitch mcconnell calling out the outrage industrial conflicts as others say, maybe they should boycott companies like delta and coke for bowing to woke mobs. >> woke reforms that the commission is plan vote on. >> raytheon to identify their privilege, give those with marginalized identities the floor during meetings. >> big businesses can make money by critiquing themselves. it is a way they deter regulatory scrutiny. ♪ ♪ vivek: i am vivek ramaswamy, i am a trader to my class. i know how the elite business world works, i have seen it first hand. from wall street to silicon valley, elite academia to big pharma, i got my first job out
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of college before the 2008 financial crisis here in new york city, in my new book, "woke inc.," i reveal the truth about the invisible new force at work in the highest ranks of corporate america. >> you pretend like you care about something other than profit and power. precisely to gain more of each. all magicians, master of the art of distraction. today a business titans promote progressive social values, their tactics are more dangerous for america than those of older robber "barron's," do go smoke screen expands power over the market and every other aspect of our lives, as young 21st century capitalist, the thing i
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was supposed to do was shut up and play along, wear hipster clothes, applaud diversity and inclusion. and after flying on a private jet to a fancy ski town, not a bad life. but the most important part of the trick was to stay mum about it. now i'm violating that code, i am pulling back the curtain to show you what is really going on in corporate boardrooms across america, it demands a small group of investors and ceos determine what is good for society rather than our democracy at large, that new trend is not just ruining companies but racializing our politics it is dividing our country to a breaking point. america's top companies, universities, and nonprofits, have turned their back on america. this is the story of how it happened. why it happened.
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and what we can do to stop it. >> if there is a person with the ruling class bio, it is vivek ramaswamy, he went to harvard, and you would think he would be like everything, but something happened within vivek ramaswamy that made him question the system that produced him, he decided there is a huge problem with this system, it off the rails, he talked about it he god attack for saying -- he got attack for say it he wrote a book about it. he does not need the money, he thought through. it is smart. and interesting it is called woke inc., inside corporate america's social justice scam. >> thank you. >> tell us what wokeness is. >> >> complicated definition and simple. complication boroughs from boarm
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marxist thought, they were defined by economic relationships. agree or not, i not identify wise marxist, there is something key here ant about that, anyone can be disempowered if they don't control capital in an economy that relies on flow of capitol, that was marxist view. >> there some truth in that. >> there is a more fluid understanding, you can go from a capitol holder to someone economically powerless in the other direction. >> any country, any skin color, but disempowered because you don't have money. >> universallest message in this. >> kind of. >> everyone and it is based on principles that have to do with
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your behavior rather than genetics. >> 100%, wokeism borrows from the theory, saying marxists you did not get it right. they are off by half, wokeism is different. the real of disempowerment are genetically inherited. the problem was racism. and -- misogyny and bigotry, that presented an opportunity of generation for wall street around 2008 financial crisis, i was working in an investment firm in new york, i lived the 2008 financial crisis. they shrunk massively, a lived in new york city during occupy wall street movement that shaped my view of capitalism, i grew
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wary of capitalism what it was comingled with politics. and in interesting thing about wokeism it was born around that same time. if you are a wall street bank, occupy wall street is a tough pill to swallow. the new woke stuff, that is easy, you applaud diversity, inclusion, put token minorities on your board. and you are good to go. goldman sachs as they did last year, can issue from mountain tops of davos, saying theys not take a company public in u.s. if their board is insufficiently diverse. but they were happy to dance to the new woke tune. but they didn't do it for free. they had an -- to the new left. to deal with the devil in both direction, the new left, has to
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look other way with leaving their corporate power in tact. you have is a bunch of woke millennials get together with a bunch of big banks they birthed woke capitalism and put occupy wall street up for adoption, that is when it went from a "fringe" theory to super charged with potency of capitalism. >> talk about an axis of evil, it might be ugliest more dangerous alliance in america. >> this is an arranged marriage but not of love, like mutual prostitution, each side of the marriage secret contemps for the other, any marriage that will not end well, like that, right now it is working, each side is getting something out of it. >> can we skip to part they eateach other and we enjoy it.
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>> there bi lateral arranged manager, i call a three somewhere china comes in on the act. this is know opportunity, if we can get companies to criticize the united states, in the united states, but stay silent about our actual human rights abuses here in china, we can do the thing we could never have done with our nuclear arsenal that undermine -- they got in on this, a chinese work for wokeness. that referred to woke white people, they are now using that as a geopolitical tool, saying nike, and disney and nba and marriott, you want to criticize united states have at it, if you want to criticize china we'll build a great chinese wall and you cannot enter. but if you criticize u.s. we'll roll out the red carpet for you.
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that is how the game is played. >> you are upsetting me. >> it makes -- >> i don't think that i heard it as clearly explained. you just did. vivek: this is personal to me. in 1993, when i was in second grade. i heard mart martin luther king's i have a dream speech for the first time, he said, i hope my children grow up in a country, where they are judged not by color of their skin but contend of their character, that meant something to me, that was dream that allowed my dad to come to this country from india over 40 years ago, and build a career as an engineer in ohio. it was dream that allowed me to
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go in a single generation from kid of immigrants who came to this country with almost no money to becoming founder of a major biotech company, i stepped down of as ceo to work on a different disease. a cultural disease that threatened to kill martin luther king's dream. the very dream that allowed me to achieve everything that i have in my believe. the consequences could be ex ex --for america. woke culture. fear of becoming a 52ryia and now almost of day someone new is sacrificed at altar of identity politics for saying the wrong thing that new culture of fear erode our culture of free speech, and even worse, it has started to destroy the american dream itself. i'm not here to just tell you
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about the problem, i'll tell you what we need do to fix it first step is to start talking openly again. let's do that. when we come back and talk with with lara trump about what i call the woke industrial complex. ♪ ♪
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vivek: wokeness is a new secular religion in america, whose believe system centers on the judgment your identity is based on your race, your gender and your sexual orientation full stop. it says america is a systemically racist country, if you are black you are inherently disadvantaged if you are white you are inherently privileges no matter your up bringing. it got super charged with muscle of corporate power, that is when it became unstoppable. liberals accept it they love woke causes, conservatives look the other way, their inner conscious tells them that the free market did no wrong, they are both blinded to rise of a new monster that is more pow fur further -- powerful than anything that we've seen, woke
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industrial complex, i sat down with lara trump. >> how did it go to becoming dominant philosophy. >> i think that people who run the companies they feel so much exterior pressure, you hear the idea if you have not said anything, then you are complicit, you must agree with the other side, they feel they need to come out, like the georgia voting law that major league baseball folks had no idea what they were talking about. because it actually makes our voting system much safer. and more dependable that should be positive for all people. but all of these institutions have decided now to the time to speak up and speak out and it is little frightening it does not
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do anything positive. at the end it is about well let me do something before you attack me and call me a racist and say i am homophobic or whatever it is. no one believes they are racist, but they have to jump the gun, and get ahead. it is contributing, i think this really the destabilization of our culture and the down fall of the culture. vivek: i have a couple theories, i think this companies do it because it allows them to make another buck, they blow woke spoke to make another dollar. -- woke smoke to make their dollar. that is the scamy kind of woke capitalism that is different from a number of other companies whose ceos actually do it authentically. >> you are right, reality most
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people are afraid to speak up and speak the truth, tell you what they really think, they are afraid they will be canceled and lose their job. that is really a scary place to be in america, our first amendment right guarantees freedom of speech. vivek: to other side we say this is free market work, they are private companies making their own decisions about what values they did and don't adopt, they say that for silicon valley today they are private companies, they are technology that decide for themselves what that i want to host on their platforms and what they don't. now, i personally think that reveals the true farce of wait that system is working today, we see is that party in power is instructing companies about what they can and cannot put on-line. we effectively expect that new woke left works with democratic party to look the other way when it comes to leaving their monopoly power in tact.
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this is a product of a grand bargain. >> i think you are spot on, they have looked other way and ignored the ultimate power that the social media companies have, the way that have the ability to sway elections, we know for sure they did, think back to hunter biden laptop story it was a legitimate story. vivek: very important for american people to hear. >> it was censored by almost all social media outlets, they had, i'm sure made this bargain, a deal with democrat party, they said, as long as you do what we want you to do we'll look the other way, and allow you to maintain the power you have. it is inch dangerous, to the future, of our country, as a republic, it is dangerous i think worldwide, that power these companies have, the bargain they have made, it is
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really like a deal with the devil. the people sad lethal be hurt most --ly, that will be hurt most are american people. vivek: both sides are blinded by the rise of the new uniquely 20 sentry monster, this is unclear what we can do to stop it. >> it is scary to think we have to think about, how do you stop this. what happens next? how do we move forward in a way that is positive for america and positive for the world. really, i feel like we have two direction, one is that people wake up and say, wait. this is not america, this is not the country that we used to know, this is not a free market economy any more, these people have basically over thrown that and have you know this massive power source. vivek: working with political power. with the government in power today. >> right and making decisions for us, we no longer decide things for ourselves or give us
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information as they want us to have it not that we can kraict critically think about and digest, perhaps this continues until it dissolves the u.s. of america and western culture as we know it. i think that is the goal, the end game for people pushing this woke ideology is the end to western culture, they have never liked it, they have wanted it to end for a long time, they get to rebuild it in their perfect image, i don't think that is what any of us want deep down we need to take a long hard look at ourselves as americans, say when are we saying enough is enough, and have the ceos that stand up and say, i'm not going to make a statement politically i'll be neutral, we need more of that, it would go to further a cause that would be positive for america. >> you heard the story. of how wokeness got married to
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capitalism, well, i have bad news for you. a new guest showed up on the scene, turned this unholy alliance into a three-party affair. the communist party of china, we talk about that next with former u.s. secretary of state mike pompeo.
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>> chaos and on the fallen nation. at the kabul airport on sunday there was a mad dash to flee the new rulers and many of the people are americans and moments ago us forces reported they were forced to fire in the air to control the massive amount of people on the tarmac. and then the devastating earthquake that shook haiti has now risen at 1,414,000 houses destroyed and thousands were damaged a massive around-the-clock search for victims goes on that could be derailed by the arrival of tropical depression greece on monday night or tuesday morning. now back to woke inc. go to
10:30 pm for all latest headlines. vivek: welcome back to "woke inc.," inside corporate americans' social justice scam, i am vivek ramaswamy, your host, and author of new book that rips back the curtain of the corporatist agenda, i am warning about a new player in woke capitalism, the communist party of china, i have been an exchange student atlanta -- at chinese universities, i have done business in china, they understand that game more than we do. >> a chinese work for wokeness, they use wokeness as a. a geopolitical tool to ered r to e our standing on the political stage, secretary pompeo thank you for joining me, i think biggest mistake is that we thought our money was going to get them to be more like us. and we have seen is that their
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money has gotten us to be more like them. we sent big macs and happy meals thinking that would spread democracy, they sent back nike, sneaker and disney movies, filled with their values like trojan horses undermining us from within. >> that is largely true, they took our money and fueled their economy as well, they used our money as a resource to come steal our property, and recycled that dumping product here, and knock off product and intellectual property. and recirculating it back to u.s., creating a great coupling they depend othey use it as a tool, your point is right. whether some of our companies like nike and disney, they are companies that refuse to stand up for american values. they will tell you hire at homee they care about. then they go to and chinese
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party tells them to say x oh, --oh,z or. >> this is not democrat or republican. this is the consensus view. since kissinger went to china, after early 2000s, u.s. policy -- they behave in a way or at very least their bad behavior confined to china. but we came to see, and trump administration acknowledged what happens in beijing impacts lives across u.s. >> what do you think policymakers could have done better or could do better in future to make sure they are not able to use corporations as trojan to undermine us from
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within. >> we always have a risk of this. we accept as part of our democracy, fair enough, threw te are a set of requirements we can place on company, genocide is easy, we can make it unlawful and expensive on american companies say there are certain things so far outside of boundary, we're not permitting it to happen. we should do this, commerce department started in trump administration we began the technical decoupling. vivek: would you favor advancing those policies if up to you. >> yes. >> we started to black list product that were connected to american national security app apparatus. vivek: that is just the beginning, public policy has to play a role. >> my biggest regret is that we didn't get to to finish the task. all things we didn't get to, looking at unfinished business
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it was charting the right approach to confronting chinese communist party, not only commercially but challenging them ideologicaly or militarily, they are not just the commercial but also here at home, chinese communist party is operating united front department in the u.s. of americas, they are serious matters that american people need to be away, -- awakened to to think about policies we have address, and do right by our chinese citizens here but confront communism in the way that ronald reagan did with soviet union but added complexity that chinese party knows binds us and makes it more difficult for us to do. >> one thing we need to talk about building on where you left
10:35 pm
off. china's understanding of the kinks in armor in the american system, one that i talk about on the show in the book, it the woke movement and what it does to racial identity politics in the united states i think there is a chinese word for wokeness. they understand this game far more deeply than any of us do. i think they are now using wokeism as a geopolitical pool to advance their -- tool to advance their own agenda. >> there nothing like the threat of getting it wrong here as home. we need american leaders, we need president biden standing up saying we'll win this, this is -- reagan talked about we win they lose, this is a we win they lose moment with the chinese communist party. we have to seize it and focus our energy, commercial,
10:36 pm
diplomatic, energy of making sure our military structure and strategy is correct in every space, whether missile, space or cyber systems, ai technology all systems, you are, medical community, and technology surrounding biotech. and harness the american brain power and know how and energy to crush them. we can. i am convinced of that, but they operate in a command and control structure. america does not have that, if we get it right, policy set correct, chinese communist party itself will crumble from within just as soviet communist part did, we cannot continue to let them walk all over us. vivek: what should we do about it? that might be single most important political question of our time. we talk about solution with house minority leader
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vivek: let's talk about the slugs in 198 -- talk about the solutions, in 1980, ronald reagan talked about. big government. he did what me needed to do in his era. but today that is half of the story. the ruling party -- in the united states has co-opted silicon valley to do through backdoor what the government cannot do. that is the new trick for how big government does the work today. crony capitalism 1.0 was about private companies, bribing government for favor in urn butt 2.0 in reverse. how do we fix the problem?
10:42 pm
new policies for the modern era. >> i talked with house minority leader kevin mccarthy. >> i think should be at the top of the conservative agenda. to say if you can't discriminate against someone on basis of race, or sex or religion or national origin or sexual orientation, you should not be able to discriminate that person on account of their political perspectives either, why is that not at the top of the agenda. >> i agree with you. vivek: if you look at latest polls, you poll liberals in america, 60% say they have no fear of what they can say, 50% of them believe you can fire someone if they vote for president trump. america is not supposed to be a country that forces you between putting food on -- the dinner table and expresses your views.
10:43 pm
i used to think this way myself, what would you say in response. >> i think that world has changed, you take tradition of past you apply it on changing future, we know we're not a perfect nation, we strive to be a more perfect nation. almost like we went back to the dark ages, you would think that political beliefs would have divide us. but now it is divided us so far. vivek: this is the problem, not government using it but those in government that are fostering it. why is democratic party more socialist today than before, they use that funding. to fund their philosophy and grow it. vivek: might say congress, republicans in congress were obstructionist, that is part of two party system. >> have a debate on policy and ideas let the public decide what is best. would public want to have this
10:44 pm
inflation, and gas prices this high. do we want a bored they're is not protected or wokeism, that should be a free debate. let people decide at the end of the day, most of the problem lie in not legislation passed but administrative action. now they take administration to punish you, if you are not giving the government, they take it and fund their own liberal operation to foster further. vivek: so good, have the public debate. that does not mine that your side or other side will win. have a debate and what we're seeing today, is the use of economic force. in private sector, subplanting g public debate. >> they first intimidate you, you can't speak up, you will lose your job if you don't have the same point of view then
10:45 pm
networks and then business and fund them. we're capital is king, economies grow. >> right. vivek: american system works well when people know what to expect, but what they get duped we get into quagmire we're in today. >> i pro no problem, they are promoter of value to run their but what are they values. be honest with what it is. if it is value of the dollar, you just want a market share but you bow down to what they say, china communist party is no different from american government. because influencing the same way, that is the foundation of what we should be fearful of. i fundamentally believe that best days are still in front of us, we have to take traditions of past and apply them to the changing future, philosophy of a
10:46 pm
smaller government, focusing on the individual, that philosophy works, american is more than a country, we're an idea. still rise up from cuba, hong kong to tiananmen square, you created a freedom of speech, i never thought there was a moment we have to fight so hard. >> what we need today in america is a cultural cure. is a cultural cure. we'll talk about that with brian [sfx: radio being tuned] welcome to allstate. ♪ [band plays] ♪ a place where everyone lives life well-protected. ♪♪ and even when things go a bit wrong, we've got your back. here, things work the way you wish they would. and better protection costs a whole lot less.
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vivek: this year i met a high school senior said we should tear down the statue of thomas jefferson because he was a slave holder, i asked him a different question, instead of tears down the statue, why not build one for john adams. he was a signer of the declaration of independence, second president of united states and abolitionist. that's build a statue for him, instead of caring them down, we could agree on this, we could learn a thing or 2 from adams and jefferson, they were close friends before becoming sworn
10:51 pm
enemies at height of their political careers to become good friends again before they both died on the same day. july 4, 1826. on america's 50th birthday. you can't make that stuff up. >> that is american history. and that is what we need to each our kids in schools, not who is privileges and who is opressed in the classroom, i johned brian kilmeade to talk about how we fill or moral vac umin america. >> why are we teaching our kids all of the ways we have fallen short of ideals making forget ideals. >> i think we have to recon fig reconfigure how we do history, we now call social studies, people misconstrue is by learning american history saying you jam propaganda.
10:52 pm
till -- tell the story for the kids, make them out to be positive attributes then come 11th grade or 12th grade or college, show the other side of them, the other dimension that humanizes them that makes them more relatable, not saying jefferson did not slave or didn't hava affairs look at courage he showed by the time he was the 30. you could still like jefferson, to me we went from deciding history to judging history. >> america's brilliants it was founded on the idea that perfection is impossible that is our system of checks and balances, no man however high or low, could ever be held to standard of perfection. the constitution if you take a diaper lens to about what it is about, is about imperfect nature of human nature itself.
10:53 pm
it is woven into the american fabric. >> people who if you that will critical race theory, they say, you don't want to admit that america had a racial past and a civil war, and done solve any problems, african-american we're free but not free, all true, nobody and i think that, we studied that, we are not running from our past. we're just not condemning the present and not defining people by their race. >> there is culture of fear that comes out of this, there is a idea that if you are tarred with this scarlet r . a racist there is now greater greatdamnation in in order inchn america that is what is driving choice between either pledging allegiance to new religion or bending the guy, i think that too many are bending knee out of culture of fear. >> i can't believe in my adult life we talking more about race
10:54 pm
not less, we studied race in america, we learned about the black and white bathrooms and water fountains and in the back of the bus, in 2021 you should be watching in a history class or a documentary. and you respect the past, we're acting as if it happened yesterday, robert e. lee is coming to keep the south strong today. and he is taking on grant tomorrow. that is just not the case. and for some reason this is forcing america right now, they want our past to be front and and in a negative way and wants payback for something we have no control over then. nor now it is creates recentment in 21 that has not -- existed since 18 61. vivek: back with my final
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vivek: what does it mean to be an american in 2021? our lack of answer to that question, is the black hole at the center of our nation's soul. when you have a vacuum that runs that deep, bad things start to fill the void. that is what makes wokeness so appealing, it is opium for the american soul, america was first, greatest country to be defined on a sit of ideals. and most important of those ideals, was the dream that i told you about at beginning, the american dream. the idea that no matter who you are or where your parents came from you could achieverring achg you want with your own hard work, commit and your own dedication, that is the american dream, i look forward to telling you more in my book. "woke inc." that comes out this
11:00 pm
week, i plan to donate my personal net profits from the book to advancing that american agenda for more on my conher conversations log on to fox right now for the director's c chris: i am chris wallace more u.s. troops sent to evacuate american diplomats and thousands in the city of kabul. >> were deeply concerned about the trends and where it's going. chris: 4000 troops are sent back to afghanistan weeks before the u.s. plans to in the war. as the situation on the ground unravels and critics blast president biden's execution of his withdrawal. >> we want to get our soldiers back


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