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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  August 16, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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so you can... retire better >> it is monday, august 167th. straight to a fox news alert an unmitigated disaster, the afghan government collapsing to the taliban as militants storm kabul and take the presidential palace. >> the pentagon sending additional troops to evacuate americans. there are reports of people killed in the chaos at the kabul airport but still no word from president biden. >> you're watching "fox & friends first" on this monday morning. i'm carley shimkus. jillian: i'm jillian mele. we have fox news team coverage on the deteriorating situation
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in afghanistan. caroline shibley in live in washington, d.c. carley: , first, ryan chilcote is live overseas with the latest developments from overnight. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. chaotic scenes at the airport, in are thousands of people, not just american citizens, not just american diplomats but thousands of afghans that are trying to get out of that country and at this point the airport in kabul is their best bet. there have been reports of gunfire at the airport and there has been video of some fatalities, some bodies at the airport. of course, we're working to confirm all of that right now to figure out exactly what is going on. what is clear is that it has been absolute mayhem and this hasty exit for the door caught the united states and allied countries offguard. all of this is happening while the taliban are in control of kabul and much of the country. suffice it to say, the united states would have wanted this to happen before this evacuation
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before the taliban entered the capital but that happened yesterday. the taliban in fact are already in the presidential palace, which the now former president of afghanistan fled yesterday, and are clearly seeking to project calm. promising an inclusive government. >> a popular uprising as a result of that all the provinces appeal to us and because of the support of the people we were able to have a resistance against occupation for 20 years. >> reporter: the evacuation of u.s. personnel and at least some afghans who helped the united states and its allies on the ground continues. we have no reports that there have been any obstacles to that evacuation but we will of course be keeping our eye on that. meanwhile, u.s. secretary of state antony blinken is defending the u.s.'s decision to
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pull out. >> i have to tell you that the inability of afghan security forces to defend their country has played a very powerful role in what we've seen over the last few weeks. the fact is, we invested, the international community invested over 20 years, billions of dollars in these forces. >> reporter: back at the airport, there are reports that at least some of that gunfire that has been heard was generated by u.s. troops stationed at the airport of, trying to control the situation, shooting into the air to try to disburse crowds, trying to get control of the crowds there at the airport as they scramble to get on airplanes. mine wheel, at the u.s. embassy, we understand that the american flag has been lowered, that happened just before dawn, about five hours ago in kabul. and the state department reports that the embassy has been
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evacuated. >> ryan chilcote live for us in london. thank you. jillian: the white house is under fire for going silent amid the chaos. carley: caroline shibley continues our coverage from wash a ton. >> reporter: good morning, jillian and carley. reaction is pouring in from all sides in washington as members of congress seem stunned by the swift fall of kabul. as late as last week, some u.s. officials said they thought the afghan government could hold onto power for at least another month. this weekend, the taliban marched straight into the capital city, easily taking over. the biden administration is now taking criticism from both sides. >> this is a crisis of untold proportions. this is an intelligence failure. we underestimated the taliban and overestimated the resolve of the afghan army. >> it is one of the darkest, most embarrassing days we've had in our country and it's a tremendous embarrassment for the
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biden administration. it literally is time for this president to resign. >> reporter: in a statement on saturday, president biden said i have authorized the deployment of approximately 5,000 u.s. troops to make sure we can have an orderly and safe drawdown of u.s. personnel and other allied personnel at special risk from the taliban advance. since that statement, the president ordered another 1,000 troops into the country, that's the last time we heard from the president. a member of congress who is on the foreign affairs committee call over the weekend told fox we've heard more from the taliban than we've heard from buy done. mr. biden is expected to address the nation in the coming few days. white house press secretary jen psaki is also not talking. she is out of the office and her auto reply on e-mail directs reporters to reach out to other press officers in her absence. jillian and carley, back to you. >> thank you so much. now let's bring in jim hanson, president of security studies and u.s. arrest a my special forces -- army special forces veteran. thanks for being here this morning. how did we get this so wrong and
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was this a major miscalculation of u.s. intelligence and if so, how does that happen? >> this is a major and a most embarrassing defeat in u.s. history. we lost more lives in vietnam but this debacle is more damaging to showing the failures of our institutions. the biden team was busy making tiktok videos and feeding joe ice cream. the pentagon was busy studying white rage and planning pride marchs and a bunch of savages in sandals undid 20 years of work and untold billions of dollars. anyone involved in the planning of this exit should be fired or court-martialed along with anyone who ever reported that the afghan army was in any way ready for duty. >> yeah, you know, jim, the biden administration essentially blamed former president trump because he negotiated a troop withdrawal on may 1st. what do you make of that sort of passing the blame moment from
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the administration? >> joe biden does not get to pass the blame. donald trump started a deal to get us out of the longest war we've ever fought, as we should have. we had no plan to win. the military leaders over the years had created this year after year of the same thing over and over again as if that was going to change. biden decided to go ahead and do this and assumed responsibility then for doing it competently, for failing to stop the advance of the taliban on the capital while we were still there and our people were at risk is 100% a failure of joe biden and his national security team to plan for that. why weren't they bombing the approaches to kabul when the taliban was rolling in and we still had diplomats, civilians and afghans at risk. that's their fault. >> this is all about the execution of the withdrawal or in this case what appears to be a lack of execution at least a lack of a plan anyway for
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ensuring the safety of americans over there, for ensuring the safety of the afghan translators, making sure women and children would be taken care of and to that point, it seems like the biden administration has been caught so offguard and surprised by the events that we've seen unfold and i'm not really sure why. because take a listen to what senate minority leader mitch mcconnell had of to say back on may 6th, warning this could happen. >> there's a high likelihood that the taliban will be back in control of the country, maybe as early as the end of the year. we will end up in a situation much like we found ourselves in, both hillary clinton and conde rice, two former secretaries of state expressed the same concern. >> he went on to say he worries about the afghan women and girls. we've seen women's faces white washed over on store fronts and public places. what does the future look like
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for women and girls in that country? because reports of what we're hearing are quite frightening, jim. >> it's dismal. and there's no question that there was no planning and no care taken to ensure that this handoff was done in a way that would keep them safe. joe biden has shown what everyone knew during the campaign. he is not competent to serve as president. it's time to look at the fitness of duty for him and basically everyone he has brought into power. they're a bunch of people who do not understand the dangerous world we live in and we're seeing the horrifying results of that for the afghan people and for u.s. strategic you power worldwide. >> it's not just the future of afghanistan that we have to worry about, it's the future of america and america's top general, general mark mille, he was on a call with senators yesterday and he said the u.s. could face a rise in terrorism because of this complete takeover over in afghanistan, he said terrorist groups like
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al-qaida could reconstitute in afghanistan sooner than the two year defense officials previously estimated to congress because of the recent taliban takeover in the country. i think that's a pretty obvious statement. so how concerned are you that there could be another significant terrorist attack in the united states because of this? >> just leaving afghanistan was not a bad idea. leaving it in a way that makes america look weak and incompetent invites exactly what you've said, the terror groups to go ahead and take a shot at us. i don't know why we haven't seen more generals and civilian leaders at the pentagon walking out the door, having resigned in disgrace. they should either be fired or an investigation done to see how we managed to let these people walk us into this kind of a debacle on the world stage. it's putting everyone in the united states at risk and i want somebody held accountable for this. >> we're out of time but real
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quick i want to sneak this question in. do you think we're in a worse position now than we were in 20 years ago after the results of what happened the last few days. >> sadly, yes. we should have deposed the taliban in 2001 and carpet bombed the country with leaflets saying don't make us do that again because we'll bomb the country flat and come back and make the rubble bounce. that would have been a smart move. >> jim, thank you sow much for joining us -- so much for joining us this morning with your analysis. >> thanks, appreciate t. >> still ahead, two families who lost their son during the war in afghanistan react to the taliban takeover and laura trump will join us live later this hour. as someone who resembles someone else... i appreciate that liberty mutual knows everyone's unique. that's why they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need.
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get started today. americans and a afghans are trying to flee kabul, 6,000 american troops are being sent in to assist. >> fox news contributor joe concha argues this is biden's fall of saigon in afghanistan and calls it the worst moment of his presidency yet. he joins us live to explain. good morning to you, joe.
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antony blinken was asked to address the similarities of what's happening now to the fall of saigon. >> this is not saigon. we went to afghanistan with one mission and that mission was to deal with the folks that attacked us on 9/11. we succeeded in that mission. remaining in afghanistan is not in the national interest. >> he says it is not saigon and to that you say what. >> i say boy, there's a lot of choppers flying over kabul right now looking like pictures we have seen from april 1975 in saigon where we had to get our people out in chaotic fashion, as you can see, and it appears that when the going gets tough, the tough hide while on vacation. why haven't we heard from the president of the united states on this? how about the vice president who bragged back in the spring that she played a he key role in this decision. how about the white house press secretary who you apparently will now be out of the office until august 22nd. if this looks cowardly, it's
2:17 am
because it is. again, let's replay the president's own words on this. white house reporter asked him just one month ago, mr. president, some vietnamese veterans see echos of what happened in vietnam. the president responded there's going to be no circumstance where you'll see people lifted off the roof of an embassy of the united states from afghanistan. the president went on to say the after a began military was greatly equipped in terms of american training, in terms of american equipment and this is what axios had to say about this, to get an idea of how bad this is for the president, when even the mainstream media is going after him, axios, quote, rarely has an american president's predictions been so wrong, so fast, so of convincingly as biden on afghanistan, unquote. >> our jacqui heinrich has been reporting overnight, i'm going to read a portion of one of her tweets and she said the pentagon confirmed to her that the
2:18 am
department of defense is preparing to house thousands of afghan refugees. they'll stay there until some of the visas and applications and refugee status is processed. it begs the question why wasn't there a plan for all of this. i mean, you look at we still had americans in afghanistan, afghan translators, i mean, the women, the kids. there are so many people whose lives are literally in harm's way right now and god willing they're all able to survive this. you're seeing reports from the kabul airport that people are already dead over there. this is devastating and it seems like there wasn't a plan. even the mainstream media acknowledging this. take a listen. >> there's going to be no circumstance when you're going to see people -- >> president biden call it highly unlike lay that the taliban would overrun the country and now as diplomats rush to shred documents and
2:19 am
escape, it seems shocking that president biden could have been so wrong. >> you had a really massive intelligence failure here that the u.s. did not realize how quickly the taliban could take over. >> i mean, joe, this is not our typical conversation where we're talking about taking sides. it seems like everyone is in agreement, that this was completely mishandled. >> sure, and we saw general jack keane of this network over the weekend making a great point, other military analysts on tv as well in terms of the planning and timing of this u.s. drawdown. the question is the same. why did biden a announce the departure of u.s. military personnel at the onset of what's called fighting season over in afghanistan, spring and summer. every military analyst out there says they should have done this in the dead of winter. guess what happens then? the taliban retreats back to their bases in pakistan so you can get people out a lot easier. the taliban couldn't have taken kabul as quickly as it did and for its part, just last week the
2:20 am
biden state department was calling on afghans to unite which is laughable when you consider the taliban was taking city after city. and such an organization, given its history, talking about the taliban, has no interest in unity particularly when they have the upper hand militarily. for the afghan people, particularly women, it's going to be hell on earth. that will be their future and this is on this administration, that isn't talking to the world right now. it looks and sounds horrible. >> yeah, joe, just really quickly, i think we're running out of time but to me this seems like a situation that could really warrant an oval office address from president biden, something that he could have done yesterday and yet he chose not to do that. >> no, not even speaking at all, right. and that's the sad part about this, or the vice president. and here's the thing. when people say this is just like saigon, this is worse than saigon, carley, because vietnam didn't serve as a ground to
2:21 am
harbor terrorist organizations such as al-qaida or isis. this falls on president biden, particularly if we're attacked again in similar fashion that we saw on 9/11, instead of the 20th anniversary of 9/11, we will see celebrations in kabul and death to america. >> we have al-qaida insurgents, prisoners free from bagram. you have aircraft not being able to fly out of kabul. >> you have to wonder how that feels what joe just said about what those images will feel like to people who served overseas in afghanistan. >> we're going to get a little taste of that because we have gold star parents coming up later this hour so we'll talk to them. >> it is 21 minutes after the hour, dr. anthony fauci questioning the science, dismissing a study that says the moderna vaccine is more effective against the delta variant. >> dr. marty makary helps us clear up some of the confusion. he is coming up next.
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>> welcome back. a 7-year-old girl is shot dead and her little sister left fighting for her life as violent crimes against children surge in chicago. >> ashley strohmier is here with the latest on america's crime crisis. >> reporter: police say 7-year-old serenity bro den was hit in the chest while sitting in a car. she was rushed to the hospital. she did die from her injuries. her sister was hit in the chest and armpit but is said to be stable. >> somebody out here knows who discharged a weapon on these babies. you're going to stop one 7-year-old's future right then and there. she probably had a backpack full of school supplies, ready to start school. you just stopped her future. >> reporter: police say more than 250 children have been shot across the city this year with 32 of them dying from their wounds. >> to say that i am sad and outraged would be an underestimate.
2:27 am
i can only hope that every resident in the city is angry, saddened and outraged as i am about this. too many young people lost their lives to senseless gun violence in the city of chicago. >> reporter: this weekend, at least 46 people were shot across chicago, six people have died. it wasn't the only city with a bloody weekend. philadelphia police say at least five people are dead and six people were hurt in shootings. the city has seen more than 30 minors die from gun violence this year. the mayor has called the surge heart-breaking and allocated $150 million in the city's 2022 budget to fight gun violence and then in the city of new york, police are still searching for the man who walked up and shot a 21-year-old to death in a deli. they say the victim may have been targeted over a, quote, beef on social media. the mother of that victim will be joining "fox & friends" later this morning to call for justice. back to you guys. >> ashley, thank you. we're getting first respond
2:28 am
-- forgetting first responders, the 9/11 memorial and museum will exclude survivors and first responders from this year's ceremony. retired nypd detective angel masonnette put his life on the line during the terrorist attacks. he joined us earlier to act. >> you're going to have politicians to be allowed there for a photo op. we remember in 2019, detective louis alvarez pleaded with them to keep funding this. now they're going to pretend they care and be there for a photo op. >> a spokeswoman said invited family members can bring as many guests as they like. dr. fauci dismissing a study saying the moderna vaccine is more of effective than the pfizer vaccine in preventing covid-19 while suggesting people should get a booster vaccination shot. listen. >> that study is a pre-print study.
2:29 am
it hasn't been fully peer reviewed. it's clear we want to make sure we get people to get the boost from the original vaccine that they had. the vaccines that have been proved for emergency use authorization are all really highly effective. >> joining me to discuss, fox news medical contributor dr. marty makary. good morning to you, sir. >> good morning. >> first let's tackle the difference between the moderna and pfizer vaccine. is one of them better than the other in fighting against the delta variant? >> it's hard to say. this study ah ha just came out of the -- this study that just came out of the mayo clinic did suggest that. pfizer was given earlier to more high risk populations because it was approved earlier so it was given earlier to healthcare workers and nursing home residents and the thought is maybe they have less of an immune response. also remember that moderna had a longer interval, it's a four week interval between doses as opposed to he three weeks and in general with vaccines, not just covid vaccines but any vaccine
2:30 am
when there's a multiple dose regimen, the longer the dose is spread out the better immune protection. which is why many suggest that we should have got the second dose closer to three months. >> what about a booster shot? the cdc approved them for immunocompromised individuals. do you think it's a smart thing to do to get a third shot? >> for that population, yes. maybe for some older individuals with a low immune response. the boosters appear to maybe prevent against the mild infection, the so-called breakthrough infections, those are mild. we're not talking about the necessity of boosters to prevent against severe disease. there's no evidence really to support that at this time. i think there's been a lot of discussion of that but really no evidence of it. now, israel is offering boosters to everyone over 60 and soon everyone over 50 but the u.s. is waiting for the data. >> i've got to ask, are you
2:31 am
concerned that there will be a variant or a strain of covid in the near future that would be totally resistant to the vaccine? >> i'm not. and here's why. we had almost 2,000 variants. we track them -- if you want to geek out on this stuff, there's a website, and that's where we watch the variants internationally and you can see there's been over 2,000. none of them have ever evaded the life protecting effect of immunity. >> there are people coming into the country through our southern border and some of them are test thing pos of testify for covid -- positive for covid and the nih director was asked about they that situation yesterday. take a listen to what he had to say. >> we've got enough of a problem with our own citizens who have refused to roll up their sleeves. so maybe that would be a better thing to focus on if we're trying to end this. it's an issue but it's certainly not the cause of our current dilemma. >> doctor, he says undocumented immigrants are not driving the spike in covid cases in the u.s. your reaction?
2:32 am
>> well, it may not be driving the spike but it's certainly a problem and he did say in that interview that mexico actually has a lower rate of infection. we don't know that. do you really trust the testing if mexico? do they have the tracking infrastructure to know their true case count? if you look at the hospitals, say in mexico city, right now they are overrun. so it is an issue. remember, dr. fauci, walensky, dr. collins h they are following a political -- they're political appointees so you're going to hear a sort of message that's consistent with that. just look at their position on school closures last year. they were quiet, look at their position of kids wearing masks outdoors, none of them said anything about either of those issues. >> it all boils down to politics. thank you so much for joining us. appreciate it. >> it is 32 minutes after the hour. the taliban taking control of afghanistan shortly after u.s.
2:33 am
troops withdrew from the country. next we are joined by two gold star families who say their warriors have been betrayed. ♪ music playing. ♪ there's an america we build ♪ ♪ and one we explore one that's been paved and one that's forever wild but freedom means you don't have to choose just one adventure ♪ ♪ you get both. introducing the all-new 3-row jeep grand cherokee l jeep. there's only one.
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>> we are back with a fox news alert. overnight at least five people have reportedly been killed at kabul airport amid the chaos to flee afghanistan. shocking video shows thousands of people trying to force their
2:37 am
way on plane as the taliban takes over the city. american troops fired shots into the air to try and control the tarmac. >> the pentagon authorized an additional 1,000 troops to be sent to the region, bringing the total to 6,000. but as they go in, the department of defense is preparing to house up to 30,000 afghans at military bases in the u.s. the move comes after the american flag at the u.s. embassy in kabul was removed and the building evacuated. >> our next guests know the sacrifice of those their lives on the line for america. because these gold star parents lost their sons during the mission in afghanistan. joining us now, billy vaughn, father of fallen navy seal, aaron carson vaughn. thank you for joining me and i am so sorry for your loss. i want to give each of you a moment to describe how you're feeling because i imagine you have so many emotions all over the place right now. billy, i'll start with you.
2:38 am
i knows you said this is an american tragedy, the biggest in your lifetime. why do you say that? >> well, i think it's pretty apparent. we went into afghanistan kicking butt, taking names, we did a good job, trying to he rebuild a nation, the obama administration we had a vice president then, you look back through your records, who said the taliban is not our enemy. we had generals and admirals, one in particular, general admiral robert harwood who said we want to win their hearts and minds. how does that look like it's working out in kabul right now. it's an american tragedy. it is a shame on the american government, on the leadership of the american military and the thing is, they move on to better jobs while the rest of the country has lost loved ones and the american citizens have been betrayed and we deal with the carnage and the afghan people have been betrayed just like american citizens. i don't know how something like
2:39 am
this happens. i'm just an american citizen but american citizens need to band together, hold this government accountable. we need an investigation from american citizens, not from a government we can't trust, to find out what happened in afghanistan and why we're having to leave like we are this quickly under joe biden. >> aman taxer you heard billy -- amanda, you heard billy there multiple times use the word betrayal. is that how you're feeling this morning? >> i really do, just as mr. vaughn said, we're looking at something that's been 20 years and there was nothing in place to stop this, you know, and i agree with him. this is the worst tragedy in my lifetime besides receiving my son at an airport in greensboro, north carolina. a flag coming down i just remember my son and so many others saying that was their hope that things were going to get better and it's not.
2:40 am
we go from a country that was having flags flown every day and standing beside each other no matter your race, your color, your creed, your religion to vietnam all over again where they're wanting to spit in the soldier's face and yell at their families for standing tall and standing proud for them. this is not the america that my son fought and died for. it's not the one i want my grandchildren coming up in. >> amanda, i want to stay here with you for a second and talk about christopher who died tragically in 2011 in afghanistan. i know he want todd be -- wanted to be a marine ever since he was 11, right after 9/11. i'm sewer just what you think he would say today. do you think he would consider the mission accomplished in afghanistan or do you think he would consider all of the efforts the last 20 years wiped out? >> i know at one point when he came home from his first deployment he felt that things -- they were making a difference
2:41 am
but i honestly think rights now he would be so angry, i've even spoken to some of his marine brothers, they're angry. they want -- you know, they feel that it was, you know, part of their life gone for what reason, and all i can tell them right now is they can't give up, you know. i know they're -- they can't give up because if they give up, again, what has jacob fought for, what has aaron died for? we just can't give up. we can't let them give up. but the government has failed them. failed them tremendously. >> billy, i know that aaron died on-board extortion 17, may of 2010. he served in in seal team one for many years. he completed numerous deployments around the world including after gap stan and iraq. we're -- afghanistan and iraq. we're seeing photos on the screen you now. what do you think he would say this morning. >> let me correct you, august
2:42 am
6th, 2011. >> my apologies. >> aaron would be very, very disappointed. sometimes he would call home from afghanistan and talk to me and his mother and i would just say what have you been doing, he said getting bad guys, dad, getting bad guys. he loved what he was doing for this country, thought he was helping the afghan people and that's the heart of our warriors. this is not on our warriors. we have the best -- this is what makes us even -- makes it even worst. we have the best military the world has ever seen and we have found a way as a government, our government has found a way with political military leaders and by the way, on both sides, this lays with both sides but political military leaders as you amanda said for 20 years politicized this war instead of winning the war, instead of helping the afghan people to take this and turn it into a tragic defeat and it is not on our warriors. they've given their blood, the families have given the
2:43 am
sacrifice of leaving our son died there, amanda's son died there, thousands of others, thousands who -- tens of thousands who came home injured, thousands and thousands more who committed suicide after they've come home of because i believe the way they were made to fight this war by our politicians. don't blame our warriors. i'll tell you what you, it needs to go to the highest place in washington, d.c. there is blame to be had, blame to be placed, and what do you think the rest of our allies in the world are thinking right now about the united states of america after we have abandoned the afghan people and left their country not safe for them to live in. my son would be -- i don't know. i do not know how he -- it's just as it is for all warriors many we had military calling us yesterday and talking to us. this was a bad day for them yesterday, the one whose are still alive. this was a bad day for thousands and thousands across this country. >> so sorry for your loss, both of you.
2:44 am
billy vaughn and amanda jacob ballard, i know it took a lot of strength to come on here and talk this morning and i know that it wasn't easy but i think it's a message that the world needs to hear. thank you for joining us and let us never forget fallen navy seal aaron carson vaughn and lance corporal christopher jacob lee y and everything they've done for our country. we'll be right back. as someone who resembles someone else... i appreciate that liberty mutual knows everyone's unique. that's why they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. [ nautical horn blows ] i mean just because you look like someone else doesn't mean you eat off the floor, or yell at the vacuum, or need flea medication. oh, yeah. that's the spot. only pay for what you need.
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good morning, everybody. we've got a busy breaking news morning coming up on "fox & friends," 12 minutes from right now. as after a began stan completely -- afghanistan completely collapses senator tom cotton is calling on president biden to destroy every fighter until americans in the region are safe while congressman dan crenshaw is criticizing the administration for allowing emotional slogans to dictate foreign policy. they will join us live. rescue missions are underway in haiti after the 7.2 magnitude earthquake, former nfl player jack brewer and bethany bran kell -- frankel are going to share how they plan to help that
2:49 am
country and you can you do, plus chad wolf and dan bongino. we've got a busy three hours, kicks off in a dozen minutes. in the meantime let's hand it back to jillian and carley. jillian: thank you, see you in a bit. experts sounding the alarm on -- carley: cheryl casone from our sister network fox business has the details. >> the situation in afghanistan could lead to another 9/11 style attack on the united states. several former tsa and faa agents telling fox business current airport security measures are lacking with the firearm detection rate rising 200% last year, that is because in were more screenings amid a drastic drop in passenger levels. 5.1 guns were seized for every million searched that was you amid a passenger drop of 75%. experts say the tsa is making the same mistakes now that they made 20 years ago and with
2:50 am
what's happening in afghanistan, they're even more concerned right now. jillian: the biden administration reportedly set to announce a historic increase in food stamps, is that right. cheryl: that's correct. average benefits will rise among monthly. that will give the 40 million americans on the program more assistance. it's going to add billions to the cost of the program, billions with a b. the changes do not require congressional approval. the change could be announced as early as today. i have a feeling the white house might be busy with other things. we shall see. jillian: thank you. carley: and the time is now 50 minutes after the hour. no word from president biden on the collapse of afghanistan overnight. but the president did find time to blame the previous administration. jillian: laura trump joins us live, next. that spin class was brutal.
2:51 am
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♪ carley: u.s. troops are taken trofl the kabul airport following the chaos as thousands attempts to flee the taliban. jillian: president biden placing the blame on former president trump when i came to office i inherited a deal cut by the predecessor. i was the fourth president to preside over presence in afghanistan. i would not and have pass this war on to a fifth. isn't it a little too late to be pointing finger the joining us is fox news contributor lara trump. this is bipartisan effort people across all aisles of the political spectrum wanted the removal of troops from afghanistan. that is not the argument. what is in question here is how this was done. the execution of a supposed plan that doesn't even seem like there was a plan in place at this point. >> yeah. you are exactly right. it does not seem like there was any plan. we left the afghan people high and dry.
2:56 am
we left americans in the region high and dry. people at our embassy had to be air lifted out on a helicopter, a military helicopter even though joe biden said we are never going to see that happen. maybe he has forgot, ladies, last time i checked as of january 20th of this year, joe biden is the president of the united states and is ultimately the person that has the ability to make these decisions. so, of course we don't want to be in endless wars. that is something that my father-in-law, president trump always talked about. you have to strategically do these things and you don't want to create a vacuum in a place like afghanistan. now what has happened is not just that the taliban has taken over a city. they have taken over an entire country. and in the eyes of terrorist organizations around the world and the eyes of our adversaries around the world like china, iran, russia, think about how weak this makes the united states look. there is one thing that these terrorist organizations
2:57 am
recognize and it is strength. there is a reason that not once while president trump was in office was there a terrorist attack on american soil. not once did we get into any new wars and there were military morale was through the roof. it's because donald trump exuded strength. they knew he would fight back if he was pushed. now joe biden is just letting them overrun a country. it is shameful. it's embarrassing. for the united states. joe biden owns this. just like he owns the disaster on our southern border. skyrocketing inflation. and cody going through the roof because of the illegal immigrants he is letting flow over our southern border. carley: here is former secretary of state mike pompeo on this very subject. take a listen. >> it looks like the biden administration has failed in the execution of its own plan. it also looks like there is a bit of panic having to reinsert soldiers to get them out. this did not happen on our watch. we reduced our forces significantly and the taliban
2:58 am
didn't advance on capitals all across afghanistan. if. carley: do you think, lara and i know president trump wanted troops out of the region, do you think this situation proves that the u.s. does need to be a stabilizing force in afghanistan for our own personal safety here at home? >> >> yeah. well, i'm obviously not a middle eastern expert, but i do think that that's been the role of the united states in many places around the world throughout history. to be a stabilizing force. we cannot ever allow terrorist organizations to get a strong hold like they now have over an entire country. so, of course, again, we all want to see our troops out. we never want to see people in harm's way unnecessarily, but it sure would have been nice not to let them overthrow any of our military bases, take our -- all of our military equipment and now overrun an entire country because you see now that the terrorist threats to americans here at home has gone up because of this. so, let's see what happens. but i hope the biden
2:59 am
administration shows at least a little bit of strength here. jillian: lara, we have about a minute left. are you surprised we have not heard directly from the president or vice president at this point? >> absolutely. you know, joe biden is on vacation at camp david while the middle southeast crumbling, while, you know, all of this is going on and it's really shocking to see. where is joe biden? where is kamala harris when they are needed? well, this is sorts of akin to what happened during the campaign, right? they allowed the -- the media allowed joe biden to hide out in his basement for most of the campaign, now they are allowing him, i guess, to hide out at camp david alongside his vice president kamala harris. the american people need to hear from our leaders that they have this situation under control, that more americans are not going to be put in harm's way and that, gosh, there is a plan moving forward here. so, i sure hope that they get in front of this. i think it's a little bit too
3:00 am
late at this point. but, rather shocking to not have heard from our president and vice president at this point. carley: lara trump thank you for speaking out this morning we appreciate it very much. carley: thank you, lara. we have more coverage of the news in afghanistan continues continuingright now on "fox & f" have a good day. ♪ ♪ [gunfire] >> the taliban seized control of kabul. >> this is one of the worst foreign policy disasters in the history of the united states. >> i was supportive of the withdrawal. the execution of withdrawal has been an impairment to this country. >> in haiti, a powerful magnitude 7.2 quake has killed hundreds. >> haitian government declaring a state of emergency for the mexico month. >> 7-year-old girl shot dead in chicago. more than 250 children have been shot across the city this your. >> i can only hope every resident of the


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