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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  August 16, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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but, rather shocking to not have heard from our president and vice president at this point. carley: lara trump thank you for speaking out this morning we appreciate it very much. carley: thank you, lara. we have more coverage of the news in afghanistan continues continuingright now on "fox & f" have a good day. ♪ ♪ [gunfire] >> the taliban seized control of kabul. >> this is one of the worst foreign policy disasters in the history of the united states. >> i was supportive of the withdrawal. the execution of withdrawal has been an impairment to this country. >> in haiti, a powerful magnitude 7.2 quake has killed hundreds. >> haitian government declaring a state of emergency for the mexico month. >> 7-year-old girl shot dead in chicago. more than 250 children have been shot across the city this your. >> i can only hope every resident of the cities is
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saddened and angry as i many. >> a bleak message. >> 90 million people still unvaccinated who have -- virus. >> if you transparent about the nursing home scandal. >> i have a lot of priorities but i will absolutely make sure that my administration fully cooperates with requests for data. >> good morning, everybody. we're going to start "fox & friends" with a fox news alert. overnight, at least five people have reportedly been killed during the chaos at the kabul airport as thousands try to get out of afghanistan before they are killed. ainsley: yeah. in the meantime the white house is under fire for going silent. everyone is on vacation amid this collapse. brian: right. but they gave us a couple of still photos that should be enough. ryan joins us live from overseas with the latest. ryan? >> yeah, chaotic scenes at that -- the international airport in kabul as people scramble to try get out of afghanistan. keep in mind, thousands of people want to get out of kabul,
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not just u.s. personnel. and the best bet for almost all of them is that airport. there have been reports of sporadic gunfire at the airport this morning. we are looking into those. there have also been reports that some of that gunfire was generated by u.s. troops firing warning shots into the air to disperse crowds that had gathered on the tarmac. what is clear is that it has absolute mayhem this exexit to the door has caught u.s. and allies off guard. taliban already in control of kabul much the country. evacuate personnel if needed before the taliban enters of the capital. that is not going to happen. they arrived yesterday. taliban are already in the presidential palace which the now former president of afghanistan fled yesterday. and our r. clearly seeking to project calm. promising an inclusive
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government. >> popular up rising were [inaudible] because of the >> meanwhile, the evacuation of u.s. personnel and at least some of the afghans who helped the united states and its allies on the ground continues. the state department says that the u.s. embassy has been evacuated. and that the american flag there was lowered just before dawn which happened just about nine hours ago. more u.s. forces are on the way afghanistan to safeguard what is going to be a very large air lift operation. meanwhile, president biden issued a statement over the weekend that was on saturday saying he is in touch with his national security team and that
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the evacuation will happen in an orderly fashion. no public events on the president's schedule today. back to you. steve: that's right. brian: what does he have to talk about. thanks, ryan. why would he be in charge. why we need to take a chopper back from camp david in order to run his exit from afghanistan? i mean, it is so -- it's so embarrassing to this nation. it's so embarrassing to the people who fought and died there. and the way he left and to pretend as if it is not all his fault. if you wanted to leave, get in line. at love people did. anyone who thinks that this is the way we should have left is so blindly political you are not even paying attention. ainsley: the president said the taliban takeover is highly unlikely. he promised us this would not happen. just about five weeks ago. listen. >> the taliban is not north vietnamese army. they are not -- they are not remotely comparable in terms of
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capability. there is going to be no circumstance where you see people being lifted off the roof of an embassy of the united states from afghanistan. the likelihood there is going to be the taliban overrunning everything and owning the whole country is highly unlikely. steve: well, he was wrong about all that stuff. brian: not even close to right. steve: apparently "the washington post" did a story this morning at 3:00 in the morning. and it tells the story behind the scenes in the situation room last week when things started going south. and it talks about how joe biden's decision was guided by his conviction going back more than a decade. the mission in afghanistan had little chance of success. joe biden thought 10 years ago. keep in mind he supported it when he voted for the war in afghanistan and iraq. but when he was vice president he saw afghanistan as futile. and then months before joe biden announced the withdrawal,
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general miller top commander of u.s. and nato forces in afghanistan warned joe biden and the white house that a rapid government collapse was not just possible but was the most likely result of a quick exit. and in the meantime "the washington post" says general mark milley, who runs the joint chiefs privately advised joe biden don't do it. but, that changed. ainsley: the taliban used such brutal tactics to enforce their dictatorship. that includes public executions, stonings, whippings, you can't play music. petty crimes like a theft will results in harsh punishment including amputation of your hands if you are found guilty of these crimes. women won't be able to work. they won't be able to go to school they will reinstate sharia law. brian: for anyone to say this is trump's plan and biden said he was boxed in. this is the same president biden that got back into the paris deal that trump got out of. he immediately had a conference scheduled with the iranians to get back into that deal.
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the same president biden that reversed the remain in mexico policy and every border policy that's been effective. the same president biden that sat down with 36 executive orders to reverse everything donald trump did. but this is the deal that he said donald trump cut. not a chance. if you talk to the trump officials whose conditions based this is not what they pick. he picks to leave in the beginning of fighting season. ainsley: now begging opec for oil closing down our pipelines. brian: on top of that here is congressman michael waltz the first green beret to serve in congress. he is incensed. he predicted it. and keep in mind, they now have our stuff, all our military hardware. they emptied the prisons, most of which were full of isis and carbon monoxide. carbon monoxide. andal qaeda. >> one of the worst foreign disasters in the united states getting nothing from president
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biden and a shoulder shrug from his cabinet. see the flag flying along al alqaeda. reemergence of al qaeda 3.0. it will be far worse because now they have access to tons of weaponry, artillery, ammunition, armor and others that we have essentially in a massive air base that we have essentially handed them. ainsley: president biden remaining silent on this. if you write jen psaki for a comment on this you will get a message that says i will be back in a week next sunday on the 22nd. steve: the president will be back in washington by wednesday, they say. so, in the meantime, radio silence. but, you know, going to those images, and they're absolutely terrifying of the people running. brian: worse than saigon. worse than vietnam. steve: here's the thing. all those people, the good news is the state department says all
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of our embassy personnel are at the airport. but the airport is a mess. because right now all civilian air flights are canceled. and the only hope is for those people to get on some chartered flight to get the hell out of there. because, to your point, ainsley, with sharia law and the medieval punishment that they met out, anybody who has been involved in helping the americans during the last 20 years is marked for death. and so they are scrambling to get out as soon as they can. and do you know how many people they say they need to get out? 88,000. we need to get 88,000 people out of that airport. ainsley: civilian flights have been canceled. the video, not this one but a video of everyone running on the tarmac. if you zoom in you can see children, moms holding their little girls hands trying to get on the airplane. apparently bloody grounds at the
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terminal a and reporting five people have died. brian: going to get worse. please don't tell me anyone planned for this. thought eeventuality. talking about dealing with the taliban government. really you? watched them go through the afghan forces like paper mache. you scramble in 5,000 military person know secure a border. then you have to grind up all our intelligence apparatus and intelligence and hard drives rapidly. you take down our flag, get rid of everything american in a matter of hours because you cannot believe how every major city has fallen. this is the worst planned exit in the history of our country. i hope he doesn't have his hands on any other military involvement. but, think about the people what america represents hope and freedom. and these people in afghanistan say, wait a second. you could stop them from entering kabul. you could have stopped them from entering shareef. with the people we have there with the 8,000 there we could have stopped and prevented them from actually penetrating the capital. but we walked away. so it makes america and our
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ideal of looking for hope and liberty look like a joke. we cannot be trusted. any future alliance with another country with another group, no longer has credibility because president biden has the sense of we don't belong there. we are not sure what our mission is do you know what the mission is keep america safe from another terrorist attack. keep an eye on a region that foements so much violence around the world. we have now removed that you will intelligence and operating procedure. we have turned over air base after air base for no reason and left them all our stuff. ainsley: the president said you have 300 well equipped afghanistan troops. 75,000 taliban. but look what is happening? brian: so he lied, ainsley, are you saying that he lied? ainsley: he promised this would not happen. steve: the irony is, the taliban will be running afghanistan 20 years after 9/11. ainsley: what's scary is what does it mean for america for the
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future? the. steve: the "new york post" afghanistan will go down not american history a failure similar magnitude to vietnam. where this is different is in its legacy. we don't know what new threats might rise from afghanistan. ainsley: scary. steve: new 9/11s will be planned there the world is less safe today, president biden, and that is on you. we are going to be talking to senator tom cotton, dan crenshaw, joey jones plus an afghan translator and gold star families all coming up. we have a busy, busy. program. brian: also, keep in mind, too. france and england are scrambling to get their people out. they are uretersing the same one airstrip to get the people that helped them, england lost 450 people during this conflict fighting by our side. we pulled out and didn't even tell them what we were doing. they had to watcher in a press conference. ainsley: they gold star families say they have been betrayed. they have lost their kids. brian: they're right. ainsley: 6:12 on the east coast. coming up a 7-year-old was shot dead as her 6-year-old sister is
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clinging to life in a chicago hospital. the mom was just buckling them up in the car. the latest violence and lawlessness running through major u.s. cities. steve: the proof tough start showing today if you want to eat indoors at a restaurant in new york city. all right. that's coming straight ahead on "fox & friends" live from new york city. ♪ with voltaren arthritis pain gel my husband's got his moves back. an alternative to pain pills voltaren is the first full prescription strength gel for powerful arthritis pain relief... voltaren the joy of movement oh! are you using liberty mutual's coverage customizer tool? so you only pay for what you need. sorry? limu, you're an animal! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ this may look like a regular movie night. but if you're a kid with diabetes, it's more.
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jillian: good morning, we are back now with more of your headlines, a community honors a fallen deputy sheriff killed in the line of duty. saluting his draped casket. a civilian found him injured on the side of the road after he was shot during a police pursuit. the suspect was later shot and killed by other deputies. turning to fox weather.
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tropical storm fred gaining strength as it heads towards the florida panhandle. the national hurricane center warning it could bring heavy winds rain and storm surge. it is expected to make landfall later today. starting today new york city will require proof of vaccination to eat indoors, use a gym or see a show. it's the first major city in the u.s. to have this indoor vaccine mandate. there are three forms of acceptable proof of vaccination that includes the vaccine card, the new york state excelsior pass and covid app. this is all part of bill de blasio's key to new york city plan. that is a look at your headlines. send it back to you. steve: do you need to have proof of vaccination to go shopping? jillian: great question. i guess so. brian: do you? jillian: it's indoors. brian: also, depends on what you are buying, too. jillian: explain? steve: food you would have to
3:19 am
it's a restaurant. ainsley: children 12 and under cannot take them inside with you they are not vaccinated. brian: senator schumer says there is a problem with knock off cards do you think so? i saw hundreds of people with these empty cards because it's a little card with just blue ink. jillian: black and white. brian: there is no technology to it i don't really think we are going to have a hard time forming them should that be the case. ainsley: thank you so much, jillian. it's monday morning. we always say on monday we get the stack of information about all of the bloody cities that were -- some shootings have occurred and this monday unfortunately is no different. are. ainsley: start with chicago, steve. steve: chicago, of the numbers are jaw-dropping. five people killed over the weekend. same people died at the kabul airport yesterday. 48 people shot in chicago. five killed. the most heart wrenching story is of these two little girls,
3:20 am
sisters, 6 and 7 years old, both shot in the chest. and it sounds like, once again, it was one of those random drive by things or caught in the crossfire because the mom was just strapping them in, the dad was around, going around to drive off. and they're caught in the crossfire. and they -- one is dead this morning and the other is fighting for her life. ainsley: 7-year-old serenity is the one who was killed and her to take her first plane ride. she had dreams of going to the airport. she just wanted to seat airport. she wanted to go up to the plane. other little girl 6-year-old fighting for her life. aubrey keeps saying it's not your fault, mommy, it is not your fault. brian: unbelievable. the chicago police said nine teenagers and those two young girls were shot in the city just on saturday afternoon. into sunday. another thing that strikes me about all of this crime, especially in new york city, is it's happening in broad daylight. it's the wild west. the cops aren't around, they
3:21 am
have been hamstrung and the prosecutors u. to do something really aagreement just in order to get any type of prison these days. ainsley: new york a lot of violence this weekend. philadelphia 11 shot, five dead. indianapolis, surpasses chicago now as the most dangerous city. steve: gave a stat last week where so few of the homicides are actually solved where is the deterrence? people are committing these crimes because they know they will never get caught. somebody who lives in chicago near where the two little girls were shot in the chest said this. it is sad, man, because two little girls can't even play outside. kids are getting killed left and right. in new york city, 15 people killed or wounded in 11 separate shootings. in new york city, just on friday, to put it in perspective, one year ago, there was six shootings. this past friday, 15 people killed or wounded. 11 separate. so, double the number of last
3:22 am
year. brian: man, do they need new leadership. they have got to have a new governor in new york and hopefully going to get a new mayor, one that actually cares. meanwhile there is a man attacked by a hatchet wielding maniac as he went to the atm. can't go to the atm anymore. good. in downtown new york city not a bad area a neighborhood area. 20 minutes after the hour. a story probably resonating on your kitchen table, and it is masks in schools with the rise of the delta variant, different governors, different mayors are making decisions about mask mandates. governor famously in florida and in texas says no, i will go to court. i want to make sure parents are in control over their kids wearing masks. it's gotten so heated we have to have security now over in colorado. ainsley: brian is talking about eagle county schools 100 miles west of denver. steve: veil. ainsley: they are sending security into the school system because on friday the school system announced elementary and middle school students have to
3:23 am
wear masks. steve: that's a turn around. they were planning on going into school without the masks but the disearnt mersing everything up. they do point out, look, everybody in the school is going to have to wear a mask. but, this is going to keep us in school. in person. you won't have to do what we are looking at right there where it's all on a screen. just the fact that they are having to send sheriff deputies posted to every school, that's something. sign of the times. the sheriff's deputy department says this. our goler is the same as yours. getting our children back to school safely. law enforcement is requesting that persons who are wishing to express their opinions not interfere or interrupt the movement -- the freedom of movement and the functions of the school. so, in other words, they are looking for people, probably parents, to protest i don't want to send my kid back to school with a mask. they are going throb just in case things get out of hand. and, you know, derail school.
3:24 am
ainsley: on social media some are saying there could be a walkout. some are saying let's have a meeting during the day to discuss this they say they haven't gotten any threats of violence. steve: the good news is the deputies are not there to enforce the mask mandate. it's there to keep the peace make sure there is not some crazy thing happening. brian bryant mayors are suing school boards and superintendents are suing governors. governors are suing back. president biden injecting himself in because make worse to interject his opinion and going after a future presidential opponent that is governor desantis in texas. remember knee an democratically thinkers. remain in mexico back in play. from yesterday he says let's put aside personal liberty and recognize the common enemy covid-19. i don't know if he has met americans but we are not going to give up one for the other. we are in to the liberty thing weesmght understand responsibility. but giving up personal liberty,
3:25 am
he would have -- he comes from the land of shut everything down, now wear a mask, say everything is bad. are any study that goes against something that he believes they have to study it more like, for example whether a israel found out the moderna vaccine is more effective than the pfizer vaccine when it comes to the variant no. we're still looking at studies that is some issue. what do you mean? how about another country you? embrace the issues that you like the results and don't others. the delta variant why don't you bring up once in a while if you look at india and u.k. it will probably subside in the next week or two if past is prologue when you look at the trends when w. this variant. ainsley: we hope. so 6:25 on the east coast. imex, the desperate search for survivors after massive earthquake rocked haiti killing 1300 people. jack brewer, such a good guy, is he heading down to the caribbean island and we are going to talk to him this morning. is he heading down there to help. first, he joins us live with
3:26 am
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at camp david instead of returning to the white house to deal with the international crisis. 911 calls doing with the panic after a woman shot in the head during a video call. >> loud kaboom and then she leaned back and we just saw blood from her face. >> i literally just got home and my girlfriend she just laid back. there is blood everywhere. >> oh my gosh, she died after her toddler found her loaded handgun unsecured in her apartment. the gun reportedly belonged to lynn's boyfriend who tried to save her after finding her body. it is unclear if any charges will be filed. income new york governor vows to be fully transparent with the investigation of andrew cuomo's covid nursing home scandal. >> i'm not going to raise expectations that i have those documents in my hand on day one. i have got a lot of priorities but i will absolutely make sure
3:31 am
my administration fully cooperates with requests for data. jillian: cuomo's resignation goes into effect next week. >> retired nfl quarterback jay cutler says he has been cut from uber commercial over his stance against masking children. he took to twitter saying in part, quote. lost a commercial with uber eats partnering with the nfl going to film in l.a., quote, views aren't aligned. guess they don't like future school board members. the father of three has been vocal on social media fighting for children not to be masked at school. ainsley: is he running for school board now? that's what it sounded like. ainsley: all right. stay tune, everyone. rescuers are searching for the survivors in that wake of the devastating 7.2 earthquake down in hades at death toll climbs to nearly 1300. the jack brewer foundation is there on the ground. they are sending in doctors. they are sending in medical tents and supplies to the area as the country is bracing for a
3:32 am
tropical depression. the founder of that organization evangelist and the ceo group jack brewer is leaving for haiti today. he joins us now from the airport down in florida. hey, jack. >> hey, ainsley. ainsley: good morning. tell us what's happening there on the scenes in haiti and what you are going to be doing. >> it's a lot of chaos as you can only imagine to have to back to back earthquakes. the folks there are still feeling aftershocks. the southern region of haiti. are. [broken audio. roads are completely blocked. i mean, boulders have come down into the road and people don't have access to medicine. don't have access to food and water. and so this relief effort is very urgent as we know the people of haiti have been. [broken audio]
3:33 am
seen so much. ainsley: jack, we don't have good connection with you. we are only hearing about every other word. i know you have such a heart for the haitians and have you helped with the or fans there and you always go down there any time there is a natural disaster. if you want to donate they need so many supplies. jack was telling us earlier they need sanitation products. they need anything, water filtration systems. if you have any connections to that it's jack brewer jack, i'm so sorry to say goodbye but we just have a bad connection. god bless you and thanks for everything you do down there for those folks. back now to top story. the taliban taking over afghanistan. we talk next to a panel of veterans who served in the country and afghan translator who worked with our very own pete hegseth. stick around. ♪
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3:38 am
capital after the president ghani fled the capital like a coward. five reportedly killed as americans had and afghans scramble to accept the fallout from the disastrous withdrawal plan. that actually contains people allied with france and england. all of our allies, you are oklahoma city our next guest knows what's at stake after serving in the region. joined by retired marine technician joey jones. also running for congress again over in his state of wisconsin. and is a bora an interpreter who worked in afghanistan with our own pete hegseth along with many other americans. is abor, let's start with you, your thought at this hour. did you think this would happen as quickly as it did? and like did i. >> thanks for having me on the show. no i didn't.
3:39 am
it took us by surprise just as the white house. the white house did not play this the way they did not plan it as it turned out to be. the military collapsed in a matter of days. 300,000 plus soldiers collapsed. this means right now chaos in a country without rule of law, without any accountability, over 20 years of hard work of american soldiers, afghans and international community put together and it just all vanished in a matter of just 24 hours. brian: unbelievable. derek, to you, as a navy seal, you are ready for all contingency plans. they are not ready for this. we had to put 5,000 theater and another thousand yesterday just to get our people out to the airport. now we have got to get tens of thousands out with one airstrip. this is worse than saigon 1957.
3:40 am
you are absolutely right. did i two tours. the biden administration defining the word incompetence. secretary blinken and austin they need to tenure their resignations right now. millie needs to go peel potatoes for about a month and resign also. these folks' primary duty is to advise the president in the united states in diplomatic matters they abjectly failed that the national security architecture of the united states of america is clearly broken right now. this is playing out in realtime. so, people can't pretend like this isn't happening. this -- we truly understand now that the emperor has no clothes. in fact, we don't know if he is wearing clothes right now because he has disappeared from the public. the president of the united states in clearly the most dramatic foreign policy crisis in the united states in a very, very long time probably since september 11th, 2001 has disappeared.
3:41 am
jen psaki has taken the week off, too. this is unacceptable. brian: you got it. joey jones, they have emptied the prisons full of al-qaeda and isis and taliban guys. they have left our bases naked so they have taken all of our stuff and equipment. now they are going to the capitol and i don't know what we are able to do in 48 hours in order to destroy all intelligence for 4,000 people as we left our bases and ran to an open airport. how much damage is done and what do you think? if you are a member of the afghan forces or just an afghan citizen, the measures could have stopped the taliban at any point even outside kabul and we didn't. >> i don't know what they think. i don't know what the people in afghanistan feel right now. obviously my heart goes out to them. but even, you know from, my personal concern right now today, we had one promise here that was to make sure that al-qaeda and the taliban didn't have an opportunity to train and attack us again. i just don't know how president biden feels that's exactly where we are today. that's not where we are today.
3:42 am
i'm not saying that we should have fought a 20 year war for another 20 years. i also hate with when people talk about having 3,000 troops in afghanistan the same way we would talk about having 100,000 troops in afghanistan. one is legitimately fighting the war and the other one is an operation to gather intelligence and ensure the taliban doesn't take over the country. so, i just wish we got more from our politicians on these issues. the fact that we allow politicians to gain pop peculiarity and votes by saying they are going to end a war that hasn't really been fought in a few years to begin with xz that's part of the problem there. as far as president biden, this guy was vice president for 8 years. during the years that i went there and lost my legs, during the deadliest years of this war, you are telling me didn't understand the of a began situation force any better than pontificate 300,000 troops than reports come out every day it was much, much less than that that number was only on paper? how is he this misinformed or did he know and arrogant enoug h
3:43 am
as bob gaetz would say to be wrong again on a foreign policy decision. >> saboor estimated 5,000 lost their lives with americans. do you think about them right now. >> yeah, among some of those people that it hiding is my own brother and sister. you know, for the past 48 hours, we have been living in a state of scare. my brother has gone into hiding. is he burning every evidence he has got, including english books, proof of his service with armed forces. the u.s. armed forces in afghanistan. so, he is out hiding. without any hope or any possibility of not knowing what will happen in the future. listen, this is not -- this is not an enemy that we don't know. you know, clearly the situation, circumstances in afghanistan are only three options. you either end up with a settlement in a country where the leaders come together, you
3:44 am
end up with a civil war had which is chaos that no one expects it to happen. and then or you end up with hundred percent taliban control of the government or the country. and that is all options if it does not go well. then you end up back where we were, you know, just the entire 20 years that we have been working in afghanistan, it is just a nightmare or just a dream for a lot of the afghans who put their sweat and tears to build a nation, a government and here we are, it all vanished in a matter of 24 hours. it. brian: you are right. we never said we are going to build a democracy there we are going to tell you about hope and liberty and maybe make your own. but without our presence, it wouldn't have happened. tarik, do you think that b. people that lost their lives or changed their lives forever? i mean, we lost over 2,000. but over 20,000 have been wounded. >> yeah. the first service member killed in afghanistan his name is neil
3:45 am
roberts. when i graduated from navy seal training we had our arms over each other's shoulders, it's very personal to me. i have actually held one of my friend's hands as he was dying in a tent in bag gram listening over a satellite phone as his wife cried because she knew she was never going to see her husband alive again. i want to talk to every person who served in afghanistan. i want you to know your service wasn't wasted. we have seen. so greatest aspects of the greatest condition, bravery, honor, courage. we have seen selfless sacrifice for people. so, if you went to average and you served, i want you to hold your head up high. don't worry about what these politicians did. i'm going to go to d.c. and fix that in congress. but you guys take pride in your service because have you earned it. so thank you very much for everybody that went to afghanistan and i wish you just the best. this too will pass. brian: i hear you, derek, joey? >> yeah, i mean, i don't know
3:46 am
what else i can say on that. i served in afghanistan and i'm proud of it the result of my service hopefully is more u.s. marines came home alive and that was enough for me. brian: we will see how this plays out with now we need to get 30,000, 40,000, maybe 80,000 people out and we are going to be putting them in military bases where they will be joining in some cases illegal aliens who we are housing because he left the border wide open, too. guys, we are going to call on you again because this sun folding. this is live action. and we don't know how it ends. joey jones, thanks so much. derrick van orden in your quest to get in congress and you missed by a point last time. and thanks for speaking so clearly and all the things did you for the men and women in uniform. thanks, guys. >> appreciate it. >> thanks, brian. brian: let's check in with meergts adam klotz for fox weather cast. >> hey, brian, tracking a couple of tropical systems impacting portion of the united states in
3:47 am
the next couple of days beginning with tropical storm fred. this one now sitting just off the coast of the florida panhandle. rain now in apalachicola over in panama city. see a large area with tropical storm warnings. bend western panhandle. areas impacted likely making a landfall this evening or later this afternoon or this evening. and then you see that entire path running up through alabama and getting up into north georgia. heavy rain are w. this it one. the line of total rainfall. some areas 4 to 8 inches. isolated areas of 10 or 12 inches of rain. tropical storm fred making landfall this afternoon or this evening. those are your weather headlines, back into you. brian: all right, adam, thank you very much. down play and denial. a top health official brushes off the impact of covid carrying immigrants crossing our border. are you kidding? first, the teacher hit with a fine after quitting his job for refusing to teach critical race theory.
3:48 am
he joins us with his reason to refuse the wokeness. nothing rhymes with liberty mutual. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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3:51 am
jillian: good morning, back with your headlines, a harvard
3:52 am
sprofer caming south dakota governor kristi noem carrying a flag during the parade is the reason why the taliban are winning in afghanistan. tom nickels now clarifying his now deleted tweet in party a charlatan like nome riding through a super spreader while america falls is 2021. unserious, destructive and unpatriotic. ible he says it's quote an honor and privilege to represent road cycling. wounded in combat after serving in afghanistan in 2008 following the 9/11 terrorist attacks. steve? steve: thank you, jillian. a kansas teacher is now facing a $1,000 fine after quitting his job over mask requirements and about concerns regarding critical race theory. josiah was a sixth grade teacher at shawnee missions school
3:53 am
district for 11 years in the kansas city area. he said the mask mandate was the final straw and is now pulling his own kids out of the district's schools for home schooling. and he joins us right now from kansas. josiah, good morning to you. >> good morning, how are you doing? >> doing okay. so, are it all started, you had mismichigan government television about the fact that you feel that your school wants you to teach critical race theory anyway, right? >> yeah. not the school but the district itself. i mean, everything is top down as far as how it gets down to me as the teacher. but a couple years ago when the training started, it was kind of inevitable on where they wanted it to go. you know, where you spend your money, that's what you are going to do. they were spending plenty of money on it we knew it was going to be something we were going to have to could. steve: sure that had been simmering on the pack burner. then, just a couple of weeks ago. they announced that kids k through sixth grade were going to have to wear a mask.
3:54 am
you were not planning on that, were you? >> no. i wasn't. they told us back in the fall, i mean, they being everybody who just kind of talk hoping back in the summer and spring that fall was going to be normal. we were going to be moving forward, you know, then when it came out, really the thing that got me was that my kids were going to have to and had no say. pulling them out was step one. then realizing that the only way i can give them the education i wanted them toe have was resigning. steve: so you resigned, and famously we ran a loudoun county teacher resigning in front of the school board last week on this program. show has already found a new job. you resigned and then the school board hits you with $1,000 fine? >> yep. steve: explain that. >> i guess nea and nsc has a contract that says if you resign after june 4th they will charge with you liquidation damages. to say me it was them changing
3:55 am
the termination of my employment and me having no other option. i tried to give them as much time as possible. i called my principal right away because i wanted them to be able to replace me and not be struggling to get the first days of school without a teacher. and so, you know, it was almost a two week notice for her and then i immediately put in the paperwork so that they could open the job up. and hire somebody. but then i got an email saying turn in your computer and bring $1,000. and that's kind of how this all got started. steve: it just seems so unfair there is a global pandemic going on. all the rules have changed. you know, you would think that given the fact that you make -- you say, look, i have got a problem with the agenda, the school is pushing. >> um-huh. steve: the district is pushing and the masks, let me out of the deal for free. come on. >> yep. and so, fortunately, i went to the board meeting and just in order to bring my 'letter to the board, to get my resignation
3:56 am
approved and to ask to have that fee waived, i had to give them the check. i went to the board meeting to see how it turned out but fortunately i met some really good people and next thing i know the money is raised and more than that as well. steve: that's right. some folks started a go fund me page to help pay the $1,000 fine. we also understand that you are now going to be, you found something else to do and tutoring other kids who are home schooled, so it sounds like for right now it's going to work out with you. josiah thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. ainsley: good luck to you. we did reach out to the shawnee mission school district for a statement. did not hear back. all right. we're going to step aside. lots of great guests. you are watching "fox & friends" live from new york. ♪ ♪ and new ways for them to reach you... is what business is all about. it's what the united states postal service
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[gunfire] steve: thousands try to get out of afghanistan before they are killed. ainsley: in the meantime the white house is under fire for going silent. >> the biden administration is redetyping the word incompetence. >> think about how weak this makes the united states look. >> nih director says undocumented immigrants are not driving the spike in covid. >> rate of infection in mexico is actually lower. >> we don't know that. do you really trust the texting in mexico? if you look at the hospitals right now they are overrun. >> 7-year-old girl is shot dead in chicago. >> police say more than 250
4:01 am
children have been shot across the city this year. >> i can only hope that every resident of this city is as angry and saddened and outraged as i many. >> the biden administration reportedly set to announce increase in food stamps. >> this will give 40 million americans on this program more assistance but it's going to add billions to the cost of the program. >> on the ground now a battle for the leave. >> the winner of the first ever road course race for the cup series. [cheers] brian: now this i wish it wasn't true but it is. we start with a fox news alert. at least five people reportedly been killed in the mayhem in kabul airport which sun folding right now. thousands, tens of thousands trying to flee afghanistan amid the taliban takeover. steve: this as the white house is under fire for suddenly going silent amid the collapse. the president apparently is, according to that picture, at camp david. ainsley: peter doocy joins us live from the white house with the latest. good morning, peter. >> good morning.
4:02 am
taliban fighters reportedly going door to door asking afghans to hand over their weapons claiming they don't need them anymore while at the same time reportedly murdering anyone who worked with the united states or fought for the afghan army. but these taliban fighters that you see in the picture there insist this is what afghans want. >> the president of afghanistan was here at the white house a few weeks ago has fled the country. taliban won the judgment of sword and guns and now they're responsible for protecting the country men's honor wealth and self-esteem. the white house posted this photo of president biden being
4:03 am
briefed. you can see him there sitting there in empty room. you can see the faces of american skies and c a's qatar station. the clocks don't match up. showing three hour time difference between london and moscow when it is only two hours right now. some critics say that afghanistan's falling should not have been such a surprise to the people in this picture. >> totally blew this one. they completely under estimated the strength of the taliban yet, the state department, secretary blinken, the in the white house want to paint this rosy picture somehow these peace talks in doha were going to deliver a rabbit out of the hat at the 11th hour. guess what? that didn't happen. president biden remains at camp david until at least wednesday until the schedule changes. camp david is a place where there can be no public events, press are not with the president so we don't expect to see him
4:04 am
any time soon. back to you. steve: all right. peter, we are going to put up a wrong picture. we are going to put up the correct picture of the president. this is the one the white house put out. it's interesting you mentioned the time difference. any, you know, i'm looking at twitter, somebody said either camp david's clocks are wrong or the photo are from before march 28th when london went ahead on daylight savings time because the time for london and the time for moscow it's two or three hours but not the correct time for this time zone, right? pete: right. showing standard time instead of daylights savings time. it's possible that the clocks at camp david are just wrong because this is president biden's first major international crisis, which is also the same reason that a lot of his critics think he should be here dealing with it. ainsley: also, if you reach out to jen psaki, we're being told that the response comes back in an email that she will return on
4:05 am
sunday. is there not someone else in her office that takes over when she goes on vacation? >> yeah. they have a whole big press staff and they, i'm sure, this week they are going to have their hands full. but there are many others who work with jen who we hope to hear from many times this week because we have a lot of questions. steve: put on your mask, go over to the white house and knock on some doors and get some answers. >> will do. brian: this is pretty astounding and humiliating. the worst thing that's happened in my lifetime foreign policy wise and it is as the "wall street journal" headline reads, it is saigon on steroids. yes, mr. president it is not going to be saigon it is going to be worse. right now it's worse. we don't know what's going to happen. how do we get 80,000 people out? how do we get them out the people that have helped us? now, here's the other question? these are the people that are in kabul there are people that helped out in the in jalalabad.
4:06 am
we should send chinook helicopters in that region taliban and bring them to the airport one single land strip will get everybody in and out to qatar to kuwait to wisconsin, fort bragg. do you see what's going on women and children? taliban is not popular. it was not embraced. they are feared. these people believed in us. and they also know that we could have stopped the taliban at any point and we chose not to. so they feel totally betrayed. ainsley: they use these brutal tactics to enforce their religious dictatorship, brian, the taliban. public executions, stonings, whippings, you can't play music, women have no rights. they will reinstate sharia law. women can't work. women can't go to school. some of the punishments are so harsh. if you get caught, a petty crime like theft, that you are punished so harshly, sometimes they will amputate your hands if
4:07 am
you are found guilty of a crime. steve: yeah. the images out of the airport and we are getting more and more in are just breathtaking. , about keep in mind. brian: we are seeing this for the first time, a lot of it. steve: because of the fact that the taliban is going to kill every collaborator who worked with the united states over the last 20 years, as soon as they find them, you know, they are combing through the neighborhoods of kabul doing that right now. and so they, and their families, are running to the airport. now, apparently, all civilian flights have been canceled. the only hope is to get on a charter flight. and all that is being -- you know, we have got the u.s. military there. that is the commercial terminal. but there are no flight. and everybody inside that building left. so everybody is going across the base to the military side. that's where it's being operated. the evacuation flights are on the military side. the u.s. has extended its footprint to the civilian terminal though. and that's where apparently five people were shot yesterday in
4:08 am
the overnight period. in just the -- you know, you can understand how desperate they are to get out of afghanistan. and that is why apparently, the marines had to fire warning shots above hundreds of people. there was a c-17 transport plane where they opened the door upon landing and hundreds of people ran towards the plane because that is their only exit to freedom. absolutely. brian: because of the incompetence of this administration. they didn't plan to protect americans let alone the afghans that allied with us. they didn't expect this. the a.p. is reporting that joe biden and his aides were stunned on sunday, shocked that this was taking place. really? then he puts out a statement blaming trump and his officials for giving him bad information. steve: this is one of the latest images. there you can see one of these transport planes it has just landed. they are so desperate to get on
4:09 am
it. get in it. so that as soon as it can just go to the end of the runway, turn around and they can get in and comply to safety and live. ainsley: desperate exodus. steve look at that remember joe biden taliban takeover evident tillable? no you have 300,000 well-equipped afghanistan troops. and air force against the 75,000 taliban. he was asked do you trust the taliban he? said that's a silly question i don't. trust the taliban but the military better trained and better equipped. five weeks ago. steve: the president has said you are not going to see people evacuated off the roof of an embassy. you look at that image right there. that is just as bad as what happened in saigon in 1975. where you see a trail of people going to the top deck of the embassy to try to get on one of those huey helicopters. brian: two years later. think about this. he pulls troops out in the beginning of fighting season. if he did the same thing in the fall, they would have had four
4:10 am
months to react. to plan, to plot, yes. the taliban. on the other side of it so would we have. now, president trump put conditions based plan be in place. i was not for that to begin with i think a lot of his aides were talking to him. one thing was pretty clear and i talked to somebody last night every time gina haspel would bring up the security issues he would say we have to make sure there is security left. we are able-to-a tack terrorists. general milley has just changed his assessment on the terror threat to the u.s., now that the afghanistan has fallen into taliban hands, it's now become much more treacherous. the fact is they took -- they emptied all the prisons of al-qaeda and isis and guys that even weren't good enough, that were acting poorly for taliban. >> and now joe biden is trying to blame donald trump. ainsley: he is going to have to speak before wednesday. brian: what's he going to say that's of use? steve: trying to blame trump. he is saying i inherited a bad
4:11 am
deal. look what joe biden has done over the last seven months. he is has year turned every trump initiative on everything. now he says afghanistan is one thing he could not change. brian: wrong. ainsley: our border used to be secure now it's not. steve: right. ainsley: begging opec for oil now after closing the pipelines. of the taliban wasn't supposed to take over afghanistan look what happened now after the 20th anniversary of 9/11. how scary is this? steve: brian talked to a great panel a little while ago and they had these observations about what is going on right now live in kabul. >> all of us surprised. 20 years of hard work of american soldiers, afghans, and international community was put together and it just all vanished in artery that of just 24 hours. >> and, unfortunately, the biden administration's redefining the word incompetence. these folks' primary duty is to advise the president of the united states and diplomat and
4:12 am
military matters and they have abjectly failed that. the national security architecture of the united states of america is clearly broken rights now. this is playing out in realtime. so, people can't pretend like this isn't happening. >> this guy was vice president for 8 years. during the years that i went there and lost my legs, during the deadliest years of this war, you are telling me didn't understand the afghan security force situation? how he is he this misinformed or did he know and was arrogant enough as bob gates would say to be wrong again on a foreign policy decision? brian: in politico's playbook richard hole wrook in charge of afghanistan in the early days of the obama administration. richard holbrooke who is democrat allied with president obama and clinton, obviously, really with hillary clinton, according to holbrook's diary when the vice president was in afghanistan he was trying to tell him don't leave because there is going to be a huge terrorist threat to america. he said america's obligation to afghans like the girl news kabul school. you got to remember that biden responded with a history lesson
4:13 am
for the u.s. final withdrawal from southeast asia in 1973, f that we don't have to worry about that. we left in vietnam. nixon and kissinger got away with it, we will, too. that's his attitude in 2010. don't say he is old and not as sharp as he used to be. evidence has always been dull as chairman. he has always been wrong. his instincts have always been folly. what's so terrible which is the anti- -- the anti-definition of leadership, is that he is blaming his aides and blaming trump in a way that's not even nuanced. he flat out is saying it. this is on you. and if general austin who is now secretary of defense austin doesn't come out and speak for himself or resign, what does he stand for? general milley, if you don't come out and say i told him to keep 4500 troops there which according to reports you did. and he ignored me. what about the cia? you might be critical of the cia. you might not. if the cia gave him the
4:14 am
intelligence and it all happened like it said and they are getting the blame. how soon until these guys find a microphone. they had no problem criticizing nobody with the trump team. where are they now? where are their spines. ainsley: see these stories and images he pulled out our troops in afghanistan. he made that choice. not president trump. he made the choice to do this. and now the taliban has taken over. steve: you have got the situation where now joe biden is blaming trump for i inherited that situation. we also heard him say that about our southern border. yeah, you know, i'm too long the best i can but i inherited a broken system, he has said. well, we do know that during covid the number of people who were testing positively for covid crossing into our country is a big number. it's like 20%, 25% in some instances. dr. francis collins nih big wig was asked by chris wallace yesterday about aren't you concerned about the number of migrants who are coming into this country with covid, you
4:15 am
know, we're trying to get a handle on it and you are making it worse, right? listen to his answer. >> well, certainly it's a cause of concern. they have very significant masking requirements there. but it is certainly possible. but, you know, let nobody try to say that's why the u.s. is in trouble. the rate of infection in mexico is actually lower than it is right now in places like texas and louisiana and florida. i think that's a bit of a distraction. we have got enough of a problem without w. our own citizens who have refused to roll up their sleeves. so maybe that would be a better thing to focus on if we are trying to end this that seemed like it was not going to get us where we need to be. it's an issue but certainly not the cause of our current dilemma. brian: these guys always play politics. same guys aren't critical of the race riots that took place last summer. you have a huge problem with of the biker convention over in south dakota. you have got a big problem any time that you don't hear of any criticism about that in chicago
4:16 am
or the one we are about to have in new york. in new york you can't go to a restaurant without a card but we are about to have the biggest acts in the country in central park with a huge outdoor event? steve: got to be vaccinated to get in. brian: right. i'm sure. i'm sure the fake cards aren't going to play any type of role. by the way i hear this break through thing coming through is delta breaking through the vaccination? aren't we supposed to if we are in a big scene, uncontrolled environment wear a mask? how many people are going to be wearing masks in central park. ainsley: blaming people in america who did not get the vaccine. if you talk to ron desantis, the governor of florida, is he blaming joe biden for the increase in case. he says he is not shutting down the virus he is helping facilitate it dr. marty makary says even if the folks coming through our southern border aren't the driving spike, they are not the major problem, they still are causing a problem for the united states. listen. >> may not be driving the spike but it's certainly a problem.
4:17 am
he did say in that interview that mexico actually has a lower rate of infection. we don't know that do you really trust the testing in mexico? do they have the tracking infrastructure to know their true case count? if you look at the hospitals to the say mexico city right now they are overrun. so it is an issue. steve: it is an issue. so you know, brian, regarding the fake cards, chuck schumer came out yesterday in new york and said, you know, they are going to make it against the law so people do jail time. brian: that will be great. jail-time for that but nothing else. steve: if you are faking a vaccination. brian: 25 years to life. steve: one other interesting number i spotted in the "new york post" this morning. since the pandemic started, women with children under five have increased drinking a glass of wine or a couple of glass of wine 323% between the start of the pandemic and the end of the year. the overall number for people drinking more during of the pandemic 40%. but new moms, 323%.
4:18 am
ainsley: home with the little ones all day long. not easy. brian: francis collins for a second. this whole thing started in washington state with a handful of people spread across the country and the world. if you take 1.4 million people arrived here illegally and you see them across america. and you are getting 2,000 a day and going in mysterious unmarked buses and dropped off in cities from tennessee to washington state and sit there and say it has nothing to do with this delta variant? are you in the? this is why no one trusts these doctors. they act like we are all idiots or if i can steal a word from the president neanderthals. we know exactly how this spreads. and 1.2 million throughout our country, that's pretty bad. ainsley: it's called common sense. we all have it. steve: unbelievable. ainsley: hand it over to jillian. jillian: debatable how many
4:19 am
headlines you stole that story women drinking headline. before we get to that experts fear another 9/11 style attack due to airport security concerns. several former tsa and faa agents telling fox business current airport security measures are lacking with the firearm detection rate rising 200 percent last year. according to the it sa, 5.1 guns were seized forker million searched. that was amid a passenger dropoff 75%. experts worry the t is a is making the same mistakes again. nearly 100 people now confirmed dead in haiti following a 7.2 mall tuesday earthquake. that number is expected to rise. locals set up makeshift medical camps as hospitals are completely overwhelmed. survivors are forced to sleep in a soccer field after their homes were destroyed. a live report from our correspondent on the ground is coming up. okay, ainsley, you asked for it i'm here to deliver.
4:20 am
bottoms up. a new study reveals more moms are turning to booze for it liquid courage during the pandemic; you could not provide this video i'm providing to you. rti international finds that alcohol consumption is up nearly 325% for mothers who have children five and younger. experts say relaxed alcohol regulations such as curbside pickup from stores as well as simply nothing to do making it easier to drink. and a door dash delivery driver admits to lying after his tip circulated online. tiktok user letter to non-tipping customer was fake. never tropical depression off at the female customer's home it did state quote if you can't afford to tip then you should go pic it up yourself. he gave out money to other under paid door dashers after including his venmo account in the note. that is a look at your headline. steve: so it never happened. just one of those internet things. thank you, jillian.
4:21 am
ainsley: thanks, jillian. a tragedy for new york city as an extra on the show law and order is shot inside a bronx deli. mother call for more police to it streets and she joins us next. brian: boost in food stamps. where is the money coming from. never bothered them before. can't wait. overwhelmed by the ups and downs of frequent mood swings of bipolar i?
4:22 am
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♪ steve: a community here in the new york city area mourning after 21-year-old aspiring actor who once appeared as an extra on the tv show law and order was shot and killed at bronx new york deli last week. now the mother of jay quan j.j. lewis says her son might be alive today if there were more
4:26 am
police around. jay quan's mom sanchez joins us now. good morning. we are so sorry for your loss. >> thank you. steve: what happened? >> i don't know exactly what happened. all i can tell you is that i was home taking a shower. my son longed on the door. he was like mommy i'm going it the store to get something to drink -- know said he was going to the store i said for what? he tells me to get something to drink. i said j.j. there is stuff to drink in the kitchen. there is at love stuff we have there. mom i want juice. do you want anything? he said no. and then i said hurry up and come back. i don't want you outside. i told you about this. too much stuff going on outside right now he said mommy, i know, i know. he closed the door and opened it back up and he said mommy, i love you. and i said i love you too, baby. and he left and then by the time
4:27 am
i came out of the shower, i got the call from my husband who was already downstairs. he had just arrived from work. that my son had got shot in the store. i just ran to the store. the police wasn't giving me any information. i can look to see inside the store and see they were working on him, doing cpr, and i kept asking what happened? what happened? it was just like at the wasn't giving me any information. then they brought him out on a stretcher and i'm talking to my son. i think my mind, my body wasn't comprehending what was going on. i was in shock. and i'm talking to my son telling him hold on mommy is here. i love you baby, i love you. i could see him laying down on the stretcher and they were working on him. he didn't have no i.d. he didn't have nothing. he just laid down with his air it pod in his ear and he looked
4:28 am
like he was sleeping. and part of me knew but i still had hope that, you know, he was okay. and they took him to the hospital and then at the hospital they pronounced him dead and they actually the doctor told me that by the time he was taken into the ambulance, he already had passed. steve: awful. >> so it was just horrible. steve: it just is a horrible story marisol i understand he decided to become a nurse and start school shortly. >> yes. steve: you had been told by police and this is breaking news he was obviously not the target. he was just in the wrong b it dt make the pain go away. i know you also feel that he would be alive today if there were more police in that area. you used to have a lot of police there. and now they are nowhere to be found. >> no. no. i used to see a lot of police
4:29 am
presence all in the corners over here. and through the pandemic when everything was going on, you just don't see them no more. you don't see them posted at the corners. steve: is it because of the defund police stuff? >> i absolutely believe, yes, yes. definitely. definitely. my son would be here today. steve: would you like it say anything to the mayor of new york city about getting some cops in your neighborhood? >> yes. please help the communities here. we need the help. we need police presence. we need them to engage with the community. we not all bad in these communities, you know. we are not all bad. we need help. there is too many, many innocent people dying for no reason. there is too many guns out here. we need protection we need protection and more police presence and it's like you are
4:30 am
walking in a ghost town because, you know, everybody is just walking around with guns, basically every day. every day. gunshots. somebody just got killed. and apparently about 15 minutes from here, on bainbridge avenue after my son was shot. another man was shot dead, too. steve: it's a terrible situation. marisol, our heart breaks for you and your family. thank you for joining us to tell us about your so o. son j.j. you are in front of a photo tribute wall to him in front of your building. thank you for joining us and telling us his story. thank you, ma'am. all right. terrible. all right. it's 7:30 here in new york city. back to our top news story, afghans rushing to try to get out of the country as the taliban takes over. senator tom cotton enlisted in the army after 9/11, served in afghanistan. his reaction coming up next.
4:31 am
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4:35 am
the a.p. says they are all stunned. >> too bad. you are the president and you got us into this mess. the next guest slamming the president ill planned retreat and calls on biden to destroy every taliban fighter near kabul. tom cotton served in average joins us now. senator, we got about 5 to 8,000 now. we know we could destroy these guys. we let them come into the capital. the president gutless guy he is, who as corrupt as the day is long, he fled for the hills, nobody as replacement. why did we do nothing? >> brian brian the scenes from kabul and afghanistan more broadly are tragic and catastrophic for america. joe biden announced about four months ago that we would withdraw from afghanistan. there is a difference between the decision to withdraw and how
4:36 am
the decision was executed. whatever you think of the first decision, the execution of joe biden has been recklessly negligent. just yesterday i heard from are a can san stuck behind taliban checkpoints in kabul. the best advice he was getting was to shelter in place and try to go fill out electronic form on the state department website. we opened up our phone lines and emails to any americans stuck behind taliban lines and the last 12 to 18 hours we have had 400 to 500 people contacting us pleading for assistance for how to get to the airport and get out of the -- get out of afghanistan. remember, these are not just afghan civilians who helped us. these are american citizens holding american passports who for four month did not receive guidance about what to do and now the country is overtaken by outlaw criminal gang like the taliban threatening the least of hundreds, if not thousands of americans to say nothing of the strategic consequences of this debacle for the years to come
4:37 am
for america and the world. brian: right, keep in mind this came -- this is where the attack on 9/11 came on. we are coming up on 20 years now. i don't know how president biden even shows his face at an recent there the taliban leader has already made speeches. we can't get our president to make a speech. taliban went to the palace. gave a little speech with his favorite henchmen around him and rifle next to him. and taliban leader claims he spent 8 years in gitmo in the victory speech now he sits in the kabul palace. man, this was all self-inflicted. we let him out. probably never should. negotiated with the taliban five from there. we never should. and then we turned -- then we walked away and we were their colonels and captains. they had no leaders because the americans were their leadership. they would filt fight but when their leaders left, you know what happens better than anyone. you are a military guy. they had no leadership. >> brian, we have let people out
4:38 am
from gitmo for 20 years. we should have had military trials for them and summarily skewed most of them as war criminals. now they are back on the battle field. thousands of taliban and al-qaeda prisons from afghanistan have been released from prisons in the last few days. once again back on the battle field. and, as you said, afghanistan is the place from which the 9/11 attacks were planned and launched. ever since joe biden announce in the spring that we would withdraw from afghanistan, i have asked for answers about how we plan to protect ourselves, that's our core interest in afghanistan is not allowing a group like al-qaeda or isis to gain a safe haven to once again attack the united states. we have never had an answer. you see the consequences of the terrible ill planned disorganized withdrawal that joe biden is responsible for. now he won't even appear on camera to explain the circumstances and what is next for the american people. brian: what do you say to people like you, like president trump who said i'm going to get this endless war. i want everybody out of there. do you guys have a leg to stand
4:39 am
on to be critical of president biden? >> well, brian, as i said, there is a difference between the decision to withdrawal and how this decision was skewed. the last three presidents have all wanted to get out of afghanistan. i understand the sentiment. buff the consequences of that withdrawal are now being played out on tv. the ill planned and disorganized chaotic withdrawal that joe biden oversaw is going to be catastrophic for america for years to come. look, he has announced his decision at the height of the fighting season. he wanted it -- all troops out by september 11th a politically symbolic date to be sure but a tactically dangerous one. that is when the taliban traditionally is reaching peek fighting season. all he had to do was wait few more month to get into winter month and much more orderly transition and time to get all of these citizens out of afghanistan. as it is now we have americans stuck behind enemy lines in afghanistan with no clear way to get out of the country. brian: you said afghanistan not
4:40 am
kabul. kabul they have some hope are we going to be sending our choppers into afghanistan. into jalalabad and kandahar where some of our people, allies and americans might need some help? are we going to go into harm's way and then what if the taliban shoot at our -- shoulder fired missiles take aim at one of these chinook helicopters? what do we do then? back in a car that joe biden didn't like anymore? so many questions it's unfolding in realtime right now and i don't know how it ends. but i hate the way -- i hate the way what we are experiencing now, senator, and, also, there is a story here. the president of afghanistan disarmed the northern alliance over the last few years. why would he do that? legitimate fighters disarmed that would have been able to fight off the taliban. we have to look into that. >> yeah, brian. we do. the situation is so much worse now than it was in 2001. the taliban is in charge of the whole country. back then they didn't control the north.
4:41 am
look at all of the weapons and equipment they have been able to seize as well. and, they can claim that they drove america out of afghanistan in a chaotic disorganized withdrawal. brian: al-qaeda has their party hats on and report to kabul for training. senator tom cotton, thank you. >> thank you. brian: up next, a hike in handouts president biden beefing up the amount being given to people on food stamps. our next guest says these feel good policies aren't helpful and they are unaffordable. ♪ from prom dresses to workouts and new adventures you hope the more you give the less they'll miss. but even if your teen was vaccinated against meningitis in the past they may be missing vaccination for meningitis b. although uncommon, up to 1 in 5 survivors of meningitis will have long term consequences. now as you're thinking about all the vaccines your teen might need make sure you ask your doctor if your teen is missing meningitis b vaccination.
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4:46 am
still stuck in the rubble. 5700 people injured. at least 100 people killed. behind me you will see this is a plane from chile bringing in water food and urgent medical supplies to the hardest hit areas of haiti in the southwestern peninsula. this is an inaudible try to get aid out there before the tropical depression grace hits here tonight into tomorrow. getting to where this earthquake hit is very difficult by road. there are roads that are impassable right now and this weather is only going to make things worse with landslides as well as mud slides. so they are trying to get as much air support there as' possible. 5,000 homes destroyed, 7,000 buildings destroyed. people are displaced all throughout the southwestern peninsula. this epicenter was 80 miles west of prawns, the capital, and that is why it is very difficult to get those splice out there. we saw u.s. coast guard helicopters take off this morning. they are taking those the most
4:47 am
severely injured and moving them over from the areas in the southwestern peninsula to here in port-au-prince. on top of that would you know usaid has brought in a search and rescue team 65 member team looking into the rubble as much as they can and as quickly as they can before the weather gets bad. we also know that samaritans purse, the charitable organization landed their aircraft here yesterday. they have 31 tons of medical supplies and help. this is a nation, guys, that has gone through just horrific moments over the last 10 years, particularly right now. we're not only dealing with the after-effects of this major hurricane, but we are also dealing with the fact that gang activity has made it nearly impossible to travel to these areas. so humanitarian aid will be slow and obviously the assassination of the nation's president here a month ago also making things very complicated in terms of political turmoil. so right now u.s. doing everything they can with other
4:48 am
nations to get that aid there but that number of deaths and injured is expected to climb. 1300 dead, 5700 injured thus far. steve, brian? steve: what a mess. brian: yeah. steve: thank you very much, bryan. let's hit the streets with meteorologist adam klotz for a look at the "foxcast" and we have got all eyes are on the gulf of mexico. >> yeah, you are absolutely right. we have a couple tropical storms. brian was talking about one that's heading that way. another tropical storm just sitting off the coast of the florida panhandle heavy rain in apalachicola panama city beach. currently tropical storm warnings from the florida big bend. over western panhandle including places like fort walton. this is the track likely making landfall late this afternoon into the early evening hours and all of that heavy rain lifts itself through alabama and up into north georgia right on the coast we could see anywhere from 6 to 8 inches of rain. i do think isolated spots getting up to a foot of precipitation. you see that drags all that
4:49 am
moisture up into the mountains of north georgia up into tennessee. eastern tennessee. there is going to be a lot of rain on the way and i will leave with you tropical depression grace that is on the way for folks in haiti. unfortunately another round of weather and maybe severe events are going to be happening there those are your weather headlines for now, ainsley, back knew. ainsley: okay. thank you, adam. the biden administration is set to approve the largest permanent increase in food stamps in history. under the new rules, the average monthly benefits will increase by $36. the new maximum for a family of four will go up by 21%. and the plan is expected to cost another $20 billion per year. but our next guest says these feel good policies are not good for you. here now to explain executive director for cure america action incorporated, marc little. good morning, mark. >> good morning, ainsley. it's good to be with you. ainsley: so glad to have you here. tell us your reaction when you heard about this increase.
4:50 am
>> well, it saddens me because, as you said, feel good policies are not good for america. and it's associated and attached to what's happening in the economy with jobs. joe biden is really redefining work in america and our character with these stay at home benefits. the reality is that we are paying people to stay home and now we are making sure that they don't have to work because they have got food stamps in abundance. we have got nearly 10 million jobs available with nine workers. 9 million workers available. and so we have got more jobs than workers. but, yet, these folks have been polled and they said that they are going to live off the largess of the government. that is playing itself out. so, work brings dignity. work brings value. and when you pay people to stay home, you really do change the character of a family and of the community. ainsley: marc this will benefit 42 million people but costing the american taxpayer
4:51 am
$20 billion a year. how can we afford this? >> well, we can't afford it and this simply ensures that the nanny state survives another generation. we spent over $22 trillion trying to eradicate poverty. we can't afford it just like we can't afford the infrastructure bill that was done. that's not infrastructure. we are on our way a click slide into something that we don't want to really talk about. but it's socialism and we are trying to break the system. and it's really a tragedy to see smart people really breaking the back of america with policies that have been proven not to work. ainsley: we have seen cost goes up for food. we are seeing costs go up at the gas tank as well or at the gas pump. how is this going to affect inflation? is it going to make that increase as well? >> oh, i think it absolutely has no -- absolutely it will. with all of the policies that are happening with garks regressive taxes, it's really
4:52 am
hurting the american family. we're not focusing on the american family. and i'm very concerned about that. because we are -- we are paying people to do nothing while the things that we have to pay for with food, gas, and so many other things. we're not creating an environment that allows a family to thrive. ainsley: more government spending, marc little, thanks so much for coming on with us. >> thank you, ainsley. ainsley: you are welcome. steve is out on the fox square because the new york city auto show is not going to happen, right, steve? with you we are bringing it to the people? steve: that's exactly right. the auto show was supposed to hope to the public at the end of the month once again canceled because of covid, so our own buddy mike caudill is bringing the vehicles here not want to going to miss fox square. this car i love this thing. it pretty much drives itself this is from nissan this. is the nissan reo all electric.
4:53 am
14-inch -- two 12-inch touch screens on the inside. this one peek inside. it's right hand drive this actually came from japan. and show this off at the new york international auto show this thing is amazing. i love what they are doing with it i heard from inside sources they didn't have pricing on it it's going to be about $40,000. steve: which is about what the lexus is. >> that's right this is the nx. offer this in four different power trains. the one that everybody is talking about 450 h plus which is a plug-in electric hybrid vehicle. have your cake and eat it too. gas and electric. get 36 miles on pure electrification and inside beautiful 14-inch touch screen. i'm not going to get too technical but really cool safety feature. a safety latch. if you are driving and have kids in the back and try to open up the door a censor will see a car coming, stop the car from opening the doors. nobody can get out. save people's lives by having that cool technology in there. steve: this is the number one vehicle in the united states. >> i can fit in here.
4:54 am
steve: wait a minute. that's where the motor belongs. >> can i fit in. steve: this is f-15050, right? >> best selling vehicle of all time. this is the lightning they introduced. first time new yorkers going to see this are carrasco this is amazing, steve. they kept all what you have expect ford f 150. 300-mile range of electrification, all electric. look at this massive touch screen. ford introducing something called blue cruise so you will have self-aton news driving with this vehicle. steve: that is bigger than the tv in my house and full backseat for two more passengers. >> starting price under $40,000. before i close it out talk about this on full electrified charge you have in the back of this these outlets right here. can you charge your house up to two days on a fully electrified battery. ford is going the total distance with this vehicle right here. and that starting price under $40,000 to get into the f-150.
4:55 am
it will again be america's best selling car. >> 40,000 multiply that by five and you wind up with this car. >> i did the math for you so this right here starts at $327,000. i could buy 8 ford f-150 lightnings but this is the lamborghini super tralfo on the road and track at the same time. wait right here. i got one more for you. 631-horsepower. $327,000. 660 in 3 seconds. carbon fiber. steve: the jet engine is not that loud. >> no what they're doing at lamborghini stay true to racing heritage done it with this vehicle. again another vehicle you would have seen here at the auto show. steve: get out. >> you be have a problem. >> i want it. >> that the ultimate car. >> it's the ultimate super car.
4:56 am
they are doing great things at lamborghini. this is the future. it's all about electrification. automakers are going in this direction and see them on the road soon. steve: good to see you in person. step asiding, big hour straight ahead. dan crenshaw, dan bongino, beth anthony frankel all on "fox & friends" all live from new york city where cars plug into the wall ♪ ♪ ...
4:57 am
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steve: thousands tried to get out of afghanistan before they are killed. ainsley: in the meantime the white house is under fire for going silent. >> the biden administration is redefining the word incompetent. >> think about how weak this makes the united states look. >> nih director says undocumented immigrants are not driving the spike in covid. >> the rate of infection in mexico is actually lower. >> we don't know that. do you really trust the testing in mexico? >> if you look at the hospital, right now they are overrun. >> seven-year-old girl is shot dead in chicago. police say more than 250 chirp have been shot across the city this year. >> i can only hope that every resident of this city is angry, saddened and outraged as i am. >> the biden administration reportedly set to announce a
5:01 am
historic increase in food stamps . >> this will give 40 million americans on this program more assistance but it's going to add billions to the cost of the program. >> now it's a battle for the lead! >> the winner of the first-ever road course race for the cup series. >> [applause] ainsley: we start with a horrific scene playing out in afghanistan today. hundreds of people trying to get on american planes in a desperate attempt to flee kabul 's airport after the taliban take over. brian: unbelievable. worse than anything saigon produced this is biden hides out as camp david asman mid the collapse of the country's government. he's supposed to speak tonight. steve: maybe, peter doocy joins us live from the white house with new details coming out, peter? reporter: good morning, president biden's position going into all of this was the afghan army outnumbered the taliban, they have u.s. training, they will be fine. now, it turns out that's not the case. >> i have to tell you that the
5:02 am
inability of afghan security forces to defend their country has played a very powerful role in what we've seen over the last few weeks. the fact is, we invested the international community invested over 20 years, billions of dollars in these forces. reporter: there's a frantic scene at the international airport in kabul as people are piling into planes some even just trying to grab on to the outside and falling off the aircraft mid-air, trying to escape a country where the taliban are going door-to-door, murdering anyone who helped the americans and confiscating weapons from everyone else. the president of afghanistan, gh ani, whose here at the white house a few weeks ago now posted on facebook, taliban have won the judgment of sword and guns and now they are responsible for protecting the countrymen's honor, wets and self-esteem. president biden was briefed via teleconference about all this while at camp david, you see it there. it is unclear whether or not he
5:03 am
has seen anything that makes him want to come back from camp david sooner than wednesday as planned. >> i think they can expect to hear from the president soon. he is, right now, actively engaged with his national security team. he is working the situation hard , he is focused on ensuring that the mission, which is to secure that airport and to continue these evacuations that that mission continues and is brought to a positive conclusion reporter: jake sullivan was also asked at one point this morning in an interview, what happened to the president's assurance that we would not see americans being airlifted out of the embassy, similar to at the end of the vietnam war and sullivan's answer was that the helicopter has been the preferred mode of transport from the u.s. embassy to the airport for 20 years. so that's that. back to you. steve: that is it. peter? i know that you just said we'll hear from the president by wednesday. when is the last time he's actually spoke on afghanistan?
5:04 am
reporter: six days ago, last tuesday, and then the last time we heard him talk about anything was thursday, he talked about covid, anti-mask protests and prescription drug prices. he said earlier last week that he was getting daily briefings. i was shouting at him on thursday, is afghanistan lost? he did not answer. we have not heard him on camera since then. ainsley: and there weren't supposed to be any public events for him until maybe wednesday, while he's on vacation, but this all changed? reporter: we don't even know if he will have anything on wednesday. we know he's at camp david until wednesday. that doesn't necessarily mean he's going to do anything when he gets back. steve: peter thank you very much obviously joe biden didn't say to peter's question is afghanistan lost, because at that., he knew it probably was. let's bring in representative dan crenshaw, congressman from the great state of texas, retired navy seal served in afghanistan. congressman, good morning to you ainsley: good morning. >> good morning. steve: it is a dark day for america, because after 20
5:05 am
years of a trillion dollars, thousands of lives, afghanistan is lost. >> i mean, the in competence of the biden administration on this is really overwhelming. there needs to be resignations, there needs to be firings. they couldn't have done this in a worse way. we have american citizens left behind. we have people getting shot in kabul airport, at this moment. it's such a complete disaster. look, but i do have to say this to my fellow veterans. gold star families that have made such big sacrifices. this does not mean it was all done in vein and this gets to a broader point which is why were we always there? were we there fighting this war in any traditional sense? no of course not. we were there uplifting an afghan government that our allies so that there wouldn't be a terrorist safe haven created, the kind of safe haven that caused 9/11 and do you know what all these veterans and the people have sacrificed have done over the last 20 years?
5:06 am
prevented more 9/11 and unfortunately that point has never made it to the american people, and this is what we get because we've been relying on slogans like "bring the troops hope" and"no more end less wars" and that's what led to this. that kind of simplistic thinking is what led to this. brian: i 100% agree with you. it's your party too that was doing this. >> 100%. brian: it was totally irresponsible and i said what about the day when kabul falls are they going to say blame joe biden? unbelievable incompetence. no question. you could not do it worse if you tried. it almost makes me wonder is anyone even full-time employees there? they shouldn't even get benefits but for republicans who kept saying we just got to end end less wars they had to know this day was coming. >> look there's two choices you have in afghanistan, right? one is a residual security force and two is an islamic authoritarian theocrasy that kills a bunch of people and
5:07 am
allows for a terrorist safe haven just like before 9/11. those are your two choices and those have always been the two choices. now look the biden administration screwed this up beyond belief, but this was always going to be the case if with any kind of withdrawal like this. it just blows my mind that this is where we've come to. i've been beating this drum for a long time trying to explain to people that you send people like me over there so you fight them there instead of here there's a lot of intelligence that demonstrates, that the people there do want to commit terrorist attacks here on the homeland. they always have. this is what they do. they hate western civilization and they are ideologically opposed to us and that makes people uncomfortable that fight is required but just because you bring the troops home doesn't mean they will. because you want to end your endless war doesn't mean they want to and i wish we lived in a different reality and if people want to live in that reality they can go write a fiction book about it but i live in the real-world and the real-world just got a lot
5:08 am
more dangerous because offer this in competence. ainsley: congressman, nancy pelosi over the weekend was praising joe biden's handling of this. listen to this. steve: she said, she wrote. ainsley: oh, sorry the president is to be commended for the clarity of purpose of his statement on afghanistan and his action. the taliban must know the world is watching its actions. we are concerned about reports regarding the taliban's brutal treatment of all afghans especially women and girls. what's your reaction to that? >> again it's so unbelievable that she would commend joe biden for this. i've seen other democrat congressmen do the same thing saying, you know, this was a tough decision by joe biden and he made the right one. as if the current outcome is better than a moment more of our troops on the ground. i mean, again those are your choices. the current outcome which is a complete unmitigated disaster, or troops on the ground in a more responsible way, even just for a few more months. i mean, just to develop a plan,
5:09 am
because it's pretty obvious to me that our department of defense did not develop a plan to do this , and for them to just blow past that or blame trump or something else, or blame the afghan army as they've been doing, you're trying to teach a guy to swim as he's drowning, as you pull the life raft away. look, this notion that this brand new, i mean it is brand new in the grand timeline of history, 20 years is not a lot of time to build up a competent force that can stop an insurgence as vicious as the taliban. it's very difficult as it turns out because the taliban can inner mix with civilians they don't care about civilian casualties they have roadside bombs everywhere. this is such a different kind of fight, and just to expect that the afghan army could just defend it as if you're playing cowboys and indians it doesn't work that way. steve: right. >> i'm so sick of people with
5:10 am
no tactical experience making these decisions and again this is what when we allow hollow slogans for foreign policy. brian: president biden's statement said when i became president i faced a choice. follow through on the deal with a brief extension to get our forces and our allies out, forces out safely, or ramp up our presence and send more americans to fight once again, in other countries civil conflict and i'm the fourth president to do this , i'm not going to pass this on to somebody else. were those his only two options? >> of course not. and that's a great point about what our options are look, because unfortunately, so many people when they hear about our presence in afghanistan, all they hear is nation building. all they hear is 200,000 troops nation building and they are like that's just too much. why are we doing it there will never be a democracy but guess what? i agree with you but there's a lot in between that and a hasty withdrawal and the outcome we have now. there's a lot in between and that in between looked like what we had over the last few years. you have a residual force, that's pretty small, can conduct
5:11 am
counterterrorism operations, keeps the enemy at bay, takes some of the fight to them so they don't take it here, we're accomplishing our strategic goals in that way and look to say this is an endless war, we've been at a combat casualty in afghanistan for 18 months. for 18 months, all right? so you got a question like what is the hurry here, and what do we get out of it by leaving because we haven't gotten anything out of leaving. we've just made the people who like to scream slogans like " bring the troops home" made them feel better but that's all we've gotten and that's a really bad trade-off because look, what we did have before was maybe an air base that's only a few hundred miles from china, bases right next to our strategic enemy, iran, and we were denying a terrorist safe haven, again the kind of safe haven that caused 9/11, and the world just got a lot more dangerous because our leaders did plot want to do that cost benefit analysis. steve: and congressman, the world just got a lot more dangerous for the people in afghanistan, who assisted us during our 20 years there.
5:12 am
that's why we see all these people climbing on the airplane going up the jetway even though the doors aren't open, because that's their only way out and it sounds like the united states government needs to get 88,000 people out of afghanistan or they are going to wind up dead. it's so frustrating but at the same time i'm sure you're frustrated because i saw you were treating over the weekend. you sent this out to jack doors it who runs twitter. jack, why does the taliban get an account? you see why americans are po'd about your bs standards so let me get this straight. taliban, which is a terrorist organization, still allowed to post anything they want on twitter, at the meantime, how many republicans have been taken off twitter for a variety of reasons. brian: including president trump. >> this is what causes this distrust in our tech giants , in our institutions. it's so beyond the pale and jack would say well they haven't technically violated our community standards, so it's
5:13 am
like okay, yeah because they are just doing announcements but those announcements lead to deaths and destruction and terrorist acts, you know? it's very clear that's the official account, the official public affairs account of the taliban. it's just infuriating to see this stuff. i mean, there's a double standard for conservatives to no end. ainsley: why does china want to have friendly relations with the taliban? china's foreign minister is calling taliban a pivotal military and political force. >> well, china's extremely transactional. what china wants is the vast, rich, mineral resources in afghanistan. it's a very resource-rich country. they want that, they want to exploit it, and it really is as simple as that. they don't have the same standards that we do. we tend to care about who we interact with, we care about their human rights violations things like that but china is
5:14 am
one of the biggest human rights violators so they certainly don't care about that they are extremely transactional. brian: they don't want chaos on their border. there's so much to discuss because now president biden is going to come out tonight or tomorrow and make some speeches someone wrote for him and the prompter will be too far away and we're supposed to buy it but i just hope the american people understand, if they could have heard your argument of why we're there, not to setup a democracy, but it's in our national interest they would have understood, instead, they say they get survey questions of do you want to stay in afghanistan? what do you expect their answer to be? but if you said here is why it's in our national interest, all we needed is a leader to frame it that way, and the people would have understood, and it's not a spin, it's the truth. >> that's exactly right. the biggest failure of the last couple decades is the lack of communication with the american people on this , and it just to
5:15 am
the point where they can't hear these arguments anymore. it's exactly like you said, if you're asked a survey question, do you want to leave? well yeah, i mean, i want to leave but what you also have to present the trade-off of leaving if you're going to present that question. it's like well do you want free healthcare? yeah, i want free healthcare. well what are the trade-off of getting that free healthcare because nothing is free. all policy decisions are about tradeoffs and those tradeoffs were nod made clear to the american people. the no more endless wars crowd which is bypassed that argument, they would just bypass the question of what be created in a vacuum? they would just bypass the question of what risks are you willing to take if there's a terrorist safe haven? what risks are you willing to take to the homeland? they ignore these question as if they don't exist again because they're observing a world that does not exist. they are observing a fictional world, and the rest of us have to live in the real-world. brian: the real-world was we on the air when the planes hit on 9/11 and those are the people
5:16 am
responsible, taliban and al qaeda think exactly alike. they are all for the same objective of coming back, and paying back and you'll see it, by the way the afghan allies of ours left behind untreated, be headed, women burned alive, because their hair was exposed during these provincial invasions along the way. for some reason we're not seeing that video and hearing those stories. ainsley: hands cutoff, can't go to school or work if you're a woman. brian: it's happening now. steve: dan crenshaw thank you very much for joining us today. >> great to be with you guys thanks. steve: all right 16 minutes after the top of the hour and jillian joins us with more bringing news. jillian: that's right good morning so let's get right to the fox news alert at least 16 people are shot within 90 minutes across new york city overnight. eight people, three men and five women were shot in brooklyn. four minutes later a 16-year-old behind the wheel of a car was shot in the head. two other teens were also hit and in queens three men were shot. no arrests have been made in any of the shootings.
5:17 am
>> another fox news alert, nearly 1,300 people now confirm ed dead in haiti following a 7.2 magnitude quake. that number is expected to rise. locals setup makeshift medical camps as hospitals are completely overwhelmed. survivors are forced to sleep in a soccer field after their homes were destroyed. >> and then take a look at this , rain floods the capitol building in texas. legislative hallways turned into small streams. officials say a clogged storm drain caused the mess. more than four inches of rain fell across austin yesterday. despite all of this , governor abbott's second special session will move forward as planned today. >> starting today, new york city will require proof of vaccination to eat in doors, use a gym, or see a show. it's the first major city in the u.s. to have this indoor vaccine mandate. there are three forms of acceptable proof of vaccination. that includes a vaccine card, the new york state pass, and the
5:18 am
nyc covid safe app. that is a look at your headlines i'll send it back to you. steve: thank you very much. lots going on and this as well. a kansas teacher has been hit with $1,000 fine after he quit his job because he refused to teach critical race theory. why he's standing up to wokeness , and masks after the break. ainsley: plus thousands of haitians in need of help after a massive earthquake, bethenny fra nkel is mobilizing her team to make sure they get what they need and she's going to join us live coming up. embles someone else... i appreciate that liberty mutual knows everyone's unique. that's why they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. [ nautical horn blows ] i mean just because you look like someone else doesn't mean you eat off the floor, or yell at the vacuum, or need flea medication. oh, yeah. that's the spot. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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5:23 am
>> a couple years ago when the training started, it was kind of inevitable on where they wanted us to go. where you spend your money that's what you're going to do and they were spending plenty of money on it so we knew it was something we would have to do. they told us back in the fall, they being everybody who just kind of talks, that we were
5:24 am
hoping are back in the summer and spring that fall was going to be normal, we be moving forward, so then when it came out, really the thing that got me was that my kids were going to have to and had no say, so pulling them out was step one, and then realizing that the only way i can give them the education i wanted them to have, was resigning. brian: so he says i'll quit, but i'm not giving the check. i'm not bringing the check. ainsley: he ended up having to. steve: yeah, he did so he pulled his kids out of school. he's out of work, but he's going to home school his kids and apparently there's a group of other home schooling parents who are looking for somebody whose a certified tutor teacher, and it looks as if he's going to be able to work with that consortium, a gofundme page has been started to pay for the $1,000 i think it raised something like $23,000 so far. ainsley: yeah, he said when it came to critical race theory, they spent $400,000 on the
5:25 am
training. the district implemented deep equity critical race theory training for the teachers and teachers, we're told, to reject and resist any parents who disagree with critical race theory. at least according to this article. brian: you've got students running for the private schools and home schools now you have teachers doing the same thing. reached out to the mission school district for a statement. we're curious to see if anything turns up. ainsley: home schooling is going up. do you know people going through this we interviewed the guy who pulled his daughter out of new york city schools and he says they are all doing home schooling and they thought about starting a new school. that's more conservative and doesn't teach critical race theory, but he said right now, there's such a need for home schooling. brian: there is a curriculum out there, people have done it since it's really a lot more organizing you'd think, there is a daily curriculum, that you could go through, so you don't need that much experience and that's starting by yourself. meanwhile 25 minutes after the hour up next as the taliban takes over afghanistan, could the u.s. face the threat of another terror attack? former acting dhs secretary chad wolf doesn't just focus on the
5:26 am
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5:30 am
covid-19 complications. maurice shepherd battled the virus for a month after testing positive in july. southwest airlines say they are broken, heartbroken over the loss, he was just 36 years old. >> the national institutes of health director sends a bleak message to unvaccinated americans, as the delta variant continues to surge. >> heartbreaking situation where 90 million people are still unvaccinated who are sitting ducks for this virus, and that's the mess we're inment we're in a world of hurt and it's a critical juncture to try to do everything we can to turn that around. jillian: the cdc reported a seven day average of 129,000 daily new cases, but health officials fear these numbers could soon spike to over 200,000 >> and now to this story retired nfl quarterback jay cutler says he has been cut from an uber commercial over his stance against masking children. he took to twitter saying in part, "lost a commercial with uber eats partnering with the nfl. was going to film in la.
5:31 am
viewer's views aren't aligned guess they don't like future school board members." the father of three has been vocal on social media fighting for children not to be masked at schools. that's a look at your headlines steve i'll send it to you. steve: thank you, jillian. 8:30 here in new york city. you've got a fox news alert. the taliban has stormed the kabul airport after rather at kabul as afghanistan's president fled the country. the capture of the afghan capitol prompting new concerns here in the u.s. for a possible new wave of terror threats. former acting dhs secretary and heritage foundation visiting fellow, chat wolf joins us right now. chad good morning to you. >> good morning to you, steve. steve: okay so you know we just had dan crenshaw on talking about his service in afghanistan he said the reason one of the reasons people went over to afghanistan was to make sure that what the bad guys over there couldn't come over here. well now, we're not over there,
5:32 am
and now the worry is, how much longer until they come back? >> well, representative crenshaw is exactly right. we always wanted to take the fight to them so that we didn't have another 9/11-style attack in the homeland but what i would say is just as though we had warned them what would occur on southern border it seems the biden administration again has no plan and has created another crisis in afghanistan where it didn't need to be at the end of the day. this is about leadership and the way in which we are removing ourselves and withdrawing from afghanistan didn't need to occur president biden needed to have a plan in place to withdraw u.s. assets while still protecting the citizens of afghanistan as best he could and we don't see that now and so you see that leadership and the vacuum of leadership i should say and it's very telling and that at the end of the day though from a homeland security perspective, it's what are, you know, how is the safe haven of afghanistan is going to reemerge for terrorists and be terrorists and then how is that impacting
5:33 am
the homeland? we had intelligence and assets there that could monitor that as we withdrawal them as we drawdown the embassy, that capability is no longer there and so that gives me pause as i look at threats to the homeland. steve: you know, and we're all worried about all threats to the homeland. it be nice to hear from the president but according to what we've heard from the white house it doesn't sound like we're going to see him until wednesday when he comes back from camp david and we might not even hear from him then. >> yeah, it's absolutely un fathomable that the president of the united states is not talking to the american people about one of the largest events that have occurred over the last several years, and really what we've been involved in for the last 20 years. when you see the taliban giving press conferences now from kabul but you don't see president biden talking to the american people about the sacrifices and the strategy and the plan forward, to make sure that
5:34 am
there's terrorists are again not providing safe haven to attack the homeland, i think it's just unconscionable at the end of the day. steve: meanwhile i know you're very concerned about what's going on on our southern border with all the migrants streaming across and coming into the country, but ever the weekend, a judge odderred the remain in mexico policy, which joe biden tried to pull the plug on, but the judge says no, you can't do that, mr. president. and so it's back in effect. >> yeah, certainly an important ruling i think what the judge said is really really important for viewers. he essentially said that the biden administration canceled that program without any reason, with no reason at all, and that it looked more like politics than anything else and that's of course what we've been saying over the last several months. it was a program that worked, there were results, and the biden administration and the dhs didn't need to pull that down without putting anything in its place. nothing was put in its place, and it contributed heavily to
5:35 am
the crisis that we see , it's ongoing today. they need to be clear, and they need to hold those folks that are crossing that border illegally accountable and they aren't doing that through all of their various actions that we see today. steve: all right, chad wolf joining us right now. next time you see him i bet he turns off the notifications when he's going to be on tv. it's just a guess. all right, chad, thank you very much. >> thanks. steve: you bet. all right, meanwhile, up next, thousands of our service men and women paid the ultimate sacrifice fighting in afghanistan. gold star families react to the falling of the nation, as taliban takes over, straight ahead on "fox & friends." find your breaking point. then break it. every emergen-c gives you a potent blend of nutrients so you can emerge your best with emergen-c. at this stage in my life to be able to be here as a part of newday usa,
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from prom dresses to workouts and new adventures you hope the more you give the less they'll miss. but even if your teen was vaccinated against meningitis in the past they may be missing vaccination for meningitis b. although uncommon, up to 1 in 5 survivors of meningitis will have long term consequences. now as you're thinking about all the vaccines your teen might need make sure you ask your doctor if your teen is missing meningitis b vaccination. brian: here we go the fox news alert coming your way. the u.s. is suspending all evacuation fight from kabul 's international airport as video surfaces showing hundreds of people chasing after an american plane, so terrible. this according to a source all
5:40 am
military and charter flights are grounded until the runway with decleared. my next guest knows all too well the sacrifice on america's longest war, joining us are gold star mom christa keating joseph, gold star dad david horton administration gold star husband joe kent whose running for congress in washington. i just know this is special significance for every american but especially to you guys. christa, can i start with you. what are your thoughts at this hour as we watch it all collapse and the taliban come back? >> well it's horrible because my son, on 9/11, i don't know how many people remember 9/11, but thousands of americans were killed and that is what motivated my son to want to be a navy seal and he went into do his job and he did his job and matter of fact because of him and others that have died he saved the christian village, he helped those people, he started stabilizing their area, and it wasn't iraq but he also did serve in afghanistan, and it's sad because those christian
5:41 am
families and those mothers are going to lose their children like i did and it's just as sad, and, you know, we need to remember that we could have gone out of there in a better way so that we could have kept that stability, to stabilize the middle east really and save all the christian families and other freedoms that the women were driving, they were going to school, the children were going to school. that's not going to happen. it's over for them. brian: it does seem that way and of course your son is charlie keating. david, with you, you're a gold star dad. >> yes, i am. brian: your thoughts? >> well, i agree with christa. today, our feeling and a lot of gold star families, the feeling is just sadness. my son went there as many others and laid down his life. he gave it all on the battlefield, was killed in
5:42 am
action. he was an army sniper, and chris was fighting for what he believed in, in his heart, to protect our freedoms here and a lot of people don't recognize that when they think about afghanistan that a secure afghanistan made our nation more secure and made our nation safer brian: of course. >> so we are, we're just sad to see this. i agree. we had to leave, but we didn't have to leave this way and with things in such a disarray. brian: and we have presence in so many different places around the world. can you imagine if we didn't keep it in south korea? there be no south korea? imagine, we'd have no eyes on china at all, and i appreciate and so does everyone watching what your son did, he lost his life, september 9, 2011. >> yes. brian: his name is christopher. joe kent, tell me about your wife. >> absolutely, my wife shannon kent was killed in 2019,
5:43 am
fighting isis in syria. the parallel here that i would make, she was killed a month after president trump attempted to get our troops out of syria the first time and after that the military industrial complex turned against a duly-elected president and conducted slow rolls so that we'd leave our troops in harms way when they didn't have to be and when we had no clear national anthem objective to be over there. less than a month later she and three other great americans were killed. brian: now you're looking at what's happening in afghanistan and you think? >> i think that we had a plan to get our troops out in may. president trump negotiated this deal. we can criticize the deal all day long. the bottom line is we should been out of afghanistan a long time ago, after bin laden and his crew crossed into pakistan, we changed the mission into nation building and from there, administration after administration was lied to by the military industrial complex to keep our troops in harms way. we should have been out in may. trump tried to get our troops
5:44 am
out for all four years of his administration. biden comes in and in order to not give president trump a victory by having our troops out in may, he gave the taliban three months of prime fighting season time to plan this a salt and now we are where we are because once again, the lies and the intelligence failures and also the current administration, we need to do everything in our power right now and move heaven and earth, destroy whatever we have to destroy, kill whoever we have to kill, to get all of our people out and that needs to be our top priority right now. brian: right and including afghans allied to us and some of them aren't in kabul yet and i will say this. if general austin didn't or couldn't assess the quality of the afghan army, either he did and joe biden ignored it or he can't, and he couldn't even run a boot camp so i don't know how you become general and can't assess the quality of an army. christa, a lot of people are saying wait a second. if we now that we're out, at least there will be nor more gold star families emerging from afghanistan. what do you say?
5:45 am
>> i say there's going to be a lot more deaths right now because we have americans there, we have translators that helped us, and they're all, i mean, i hope they get out. i hope we send some of the teams in there and get those americans and those people out that helped us in the beginning, because it's not fair that we turn outbacks on them at this point. brian: david ursino know this because your son is a military guy. they need readers so you could be a great fighter and you need a colonel and you need a captain we were the colonels and the captains for that army. we left so they said i don't know where i'm going. that's the simplistic way to say what happened to the, it wasn't 300,000. it was superior numbers, but that's what happened. >> yes. that is what has happened, and again, it's just as krista said , this situation has grown more dangerous with
5:46 am
every passing hour, and, you know, again, we've got to continue to pay attention to what's going on here, and, you know, attempt to do something. i'm just, i almost don't have words to just to see the horror of all this. brian: i know. i'm seeing 9/11 2001, and you see 2011 with your son, and finally, let me just ask you at the end here, joe. joe, when you look at this situation, and you find out we suspended flights so that means there's no evacuation, that means they didn't even plan for the next day. they can't plan within one day. what does that tell you about the in competence of what's going on right now? >> it's an absolute disgrace. we need to get our people out. this just shows this lack of planning show once again the military industrial complex
5:47 am
right now led by someone like lloyd austin was completely, they were expecting that they could slow roll joe biden once more to leave our troops in afghanistan. their plan has always been to leave our troops into harms way and to continue these wars. we need to get out. the day we leave the taliban returns. that has always been the fate of afghanistan. that is the history of that region. it's the graveyard of empires for a reason and absolutely ridiculous we stayed this long. right now the priority has to be to get all of our people out and use whatever force is necessary. brian: i respectfully disagree. we need an eye on the terrorist, that's going to be terrorist university and now we're not even going to have intelligence there, but i appreciate all you guys, your insight, and your sacrifice, and we'll just stand by and watch the horror unfold. thanks, guys. >> thank you. brian: straight ahead, helping haiti, bethenny frankel is deploying her "be strong" team to help those impacted by the devastating earthquake, but first let's check in with bill hemmer and dana perino for what's coming up at the top
5:48 am
of their show. bill: yeah, riveting broadcast this morning thank you, brian for all of us this is a moment in american history in world history for that matter, so we'll find out what we get over the next two hours, good morning dana: there might be additional breaking news and we'll bring all of that to you. we'll talk to general jack keane and also, senator joni ernst who has a lot to say about what is happening. bill: so many thoughts so many feelings so much is wrapped up in all of us and the coverage we've done for the last 20 years and now we're wondering what's next, top of the hour, 9:00. dana: see you then. before nexium 24hr, anna could only imagine a comfortable night's sleep without frequent heartburn waking her up. now, that dream... . her reality. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts, for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn?
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5:52 am
ainsley: rescue efforts continue in haiti following saturday's devastating earth quake that left nearly 1,300 dead and thousands injured. it was the largest earthquake to hit the area since 2010. that 2010 earthquake inspired our next guest to work on crisis relief, now her "be strong" initiative is once again mobilizing the help needed there for that country. entrepreneur and philanthropist bethenny frankel joins us now. good morning to you. >> good morning. ainsley: i followed your career, and you were on the housewives and then you started skinny girl , sold that company, and now you're giving back through this "be strong" initiative it's wonderful. i watched your coverage of
5:53 am
hurricane maria when you went down to puerto rico you were actually giving physical gift cards to people, handing them money to go buy groceries and they were in tears. so thanks for what you do. what are your plans now for haiti? >> so haiti, we are hearing from local authorities the death toll is more than 1,700 and that it will be in the several thousands but so many other people are displaced and their buildings are obviously condemned or crumbled and it's just the beginning, so you're getting new information literally by the minute, so what we're doing and we have had my partners at global empowerment mission have done over 90 relief missions to haiti, since 2010 so we're very experienced, very well-connected, very respected, and we know exactly what we're doing, so we now have secured $1.4 million in medical supplies , food, drinks, to be distributed. that will take a couple of weeks to move through the system and
5:54 am
get there in 2040, those massive containers you see we're sending those so in the meantime because this happened in the south, we are securing aid from the north to be distributed on the areas worst hit and surrounding areas, and it's absolutely terrible because this place has already gone through so much and now, it's here we go again, with history repeating itself, so with "be strong" 100% goes to the initiative as always, we're always immediately on the ground we have people on the ground. we are flying in with additional military and green berets because it's about rescue, recovery, and then rebuild and we'll be there throughout september to make sure that they get the things that they need. right now to just live, it's life or death right now for certain people. ainsley: how do you get into these areas because we've been reporting some of them, it's not easy to travel, some of them don't have roads into these areas. >> well, because we have established such a reputation
5:55 am
worldwide for doing immediate relief work without the red tape , we just go in immediately, we have incredible contacts and incredible network, amazing relationships, and we've worked all over the world from mexico to guatemala to the bahamas to puerto rico, australia, so and haiti happens to be a place that we've distributed and been to over 90 times, plus our warehouse, which is constantly filled with aid, donated aid, distributed and it keeps getting replenished that's in miami so it's not as difficult for us to get to as other places, and we've helped all over over the caribbean, we specialize in this , this is something that we know intimately and there's so much corruption, and so much error and so much bureaucratic waste of money, that that's the thing that we specialize in being so lien and every single dollar going exactly where it needs to go. ainsley: well, thank you for what you're doing god bless
5:56 am
you. >> thank you so much. have a great day. ainsley: you too visit fox & to learn how to donate to the "be strong" initiative. thank you, for everything. all right we have more "fox & friends" coming up. >> ♪ at this stage in my life to be able to be here as a part of newday usa, everything that we do is centered around how can we help that veteran? how can we help that veteran family? we'll help anyone we possibly can. we'll get them in that home. we'll help them do a refi. we'll help them to get cash out of their home. whatever it is that's going to help that individual. and if it's not going to help them, we don't do it.
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from near to far. and see every detail in sharp focus. when you see no limits, there are no limits. book now at your local essilor experts to push the limits of your vision. varilux lenses by essilor. welcome to allstate. where our new auto rates are so low, ♪ you'll jump for joy. ♪ here, better protection costs a whole lot less. you're in good hands with allstate. click or call for a lower auto rate today. >> before we leave we got an image, a photo of the u.s. embassy flag. it is a big flag as you can see
6:00 am
right there being flown out of kabul. very symbolic and it is safely somewhere. >> it is coming home. >> radio we'll talk more about this. general david petraeus and liz cheney. >> joe biden is still on vacation. >> bill: to our colleagues at fox and to you at home and around the world a fox news alert. fast-moving developments on kabul perhaps this is the moment so many will remember. this is a u.s. air force c-17 at the airport in kabul from a few hours ago. afghan's by the thousands desperate to escape life under the taliban. if that video continues to roll you see the plane take off


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