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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  August 17, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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next. i hear he's really, really good. you should watch. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: thousands of american citizens are trapped in afghanistan at the sour pit they can't get to the airport in kabul because the roads leading to the airport are controlled by taliban. this is a problem and it could get worse. you think officials in washington would be very concerned by this, but no, they are far more worried about how to move thousands of afghan refugees to this country as quickly as possible. just in case you were wondering
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about their priorities. the latest on that in just a moment. first, good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." it was just the other day it feels like, in fact it was two weeks ago exactly, that the biden administration announced the suspension of private property rights in america. other people now have the right to live in your house for free. america's housing stock has been nationalized from here on out it's controlled by the biden administration. but wait a second if you ask, this is america, cannot be legal? no, it's not legal. in fact, it's unconstitutional. the supreme court said so clearly. but as maxine waters put it, who cares? what are those old judges going to do about it? what army do they control? they aren't doing anything for the biden administra >> the biden administration ignored the highest court and did it. the media have decided they can do whatever they want and so they are. where does that leave the rest of us, the people who aren't in
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the biden administration? it leaves us exposed. without property rights protected by a functioning legal system, american citizens have nothing at all. everything you thought you owned, including your own body, now belongs to the democratic party. where you travel, he speak to, what you say and write and think. all of this is now controlled by party. everything means everything, even your medical this is funny because for decades they have told us, they have shrieked at us that medical decisions can only be made between you and your personal physician. that it's a sacred pact. politicians have no right topo tell doctors what to do. hey, t politicians, get your has off my body.of that would be the handmaid's tale, remember? it turns out they didn't mean it. just to show you how much they didn't mean it, we take you to new york city whose mayor is not only for missing and company but also physically unclean. of the 340 million americans now living in the country,
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bill de blasio is the single last person you would ever go to for medical advice. his diet consist almost exclusively of bomb hits and progress. there's no chance he brushes his teeth every day. your stoner nephew has better personal hygiene. and yet somehow because bill de blasio still has clinical power due to the fact that a tiny group of people once voted for him four years ago, hs decided to overrule practicing physicians and force his subjects to take medicine they may or may not need and in some cases it might hurt them, whether or not they want to take it. that's the rule. in new york city, you are no longer allowed indoors even on private property unless you've taken the covid shot and carried the documents to prove that you have. that is now the law. it's a law that not only -- that not a single person voted for. voting being part of the outmoded races system we used to call democracy. no more. according to new york's new order, indoor spaces are
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off-limits to the unvaccinated. however redefining indoor spaces? those and have a roof orac overhang. just three or more walls. in order to enter venues you have to show i.d. along with proof of vaccination. that is the law. at a press conference yesterdayc bill de blasio displayed this graphic showing all the places you are no longer allowed to go without identification and proof of vaccination, your papers please pray that would include restaurants, bars, cafeterias, grocery stores, bakeries, fast food places, and aquariums. hope you are not hungry or looking to see fish. you can't go. businesses in new york are forced to hang posters explaining this mandate and have to near their entrances. they don't own their own walls anymore either. watch bill de blasio explainn it. >> it's easy. all you have to do a show proof of vaccination. that could be a cdc paper card. could be in excelsior pass, nyc covid safe app, whatever works. all you've got to do a show the
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proof and have an idea well. >> is totally easy. just show your medical papers. this applies only to covid, no one is checking your hepatitis or hiv status pay that would be terrible! but covid, yes, it's required oe you're not allowed to eat. all you need is proof of vaccination and an i.d. a government i.d. wait a second, you may be asking if you have lived in this country longer than ten days. weren't we told it's racist to require i.d., certainly it is for voting. but now it's not racist to require i.d. for people to go inside buildings in our largest city. so what does this mean for the 72% of young african-americans who are not vaccinated? they are not going anywhere. so this policy by the principles of equity has disparate impact, that's the phrase they used toth describe racism and action.
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it affects some groups more profoundly than others in the group most affected by this is young african-americans. so how can it stand? where's the civil rights division of the justice department? arare they jumping on this? it is worse than a standardized test. bill de blasio didn't explain it. people in power no longer to explain anymore. if you don't comply, you're going to jail. not for looting, that's fine. it'soo reparations. failing to follow along no one has voted for and show your papers in a restaurant, that's something that bill de blasio will not accept. a >> we are going to remind people that we want people to take this seriously,va don't fall around with fake vaccination cards. by the way, it's against the law and there are serious penalties for that. >> tucker: . serious penalties, what are you going to do to us, the same thing for the people that polluted macy's? we checked the fine print
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because we believe in the law and this does not allow for exemptions. or, not for religious reasons because religion is stupid, and certainly not for medical reasons because bill de blasio is not your doctor. we called city hall in new york, and said, i think we are missing something here. anyone who had concerns could contact us at a small business f hotline for more information. so like we actually did that and we followed instructions, we talk to an operator at the hotline of the operator told us not surprisingly that they had been inundated with hundreds of calls from people asking the very same question. what was the answer? they didn't have an answer. sorry, it was a mystery. finally this afternoon, probably because were a news organization in which they thought we would report this, city hall got back to us with some guidance. they said businesses cannot allow unvaccinated people
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indoors for anything beyond a quick and limited purpose. that would include people that had already had covid. and had high levels of antibody in their system. it doesn't matter, they have to get the shot anyway because bill de blasio demands it. is it safe to do that? i've had covid, i've recovered, i've got high levels of antibodies. probably not going to get it. but you can get the vaccine anyway -- is that a good idea? not a ton of research on this. that is frowned on now. but researchers at mount sinai hospital have looked into it. here's what they found, it may not be safe. it turns out that serious full body reactions are far more common in people who've recovered from covid and got the vaccine anyway. this is exactly why we don't vaccinate people with diseases they've already recovered from. except now. now they must get the vaccine. even though it doesn't seem to offer a lot of protection from covid infections, weirdly. as texas governor greg abbott --
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he's vaccinated. he's also sick with covid right now. how did that happen? what's going on here exactly? what's this about? we would love to know. we are long past the time and the people in power feel they have to answer simple questions. the emphasis is on us and our total obedience. here's a disgraced governor of new york, may be the second to last person you would call for medical advice. telling more than 600,000 doctors and nurses in the state that regardless of what they think about medicines, he's decided they must get the shot. >> i think we need dramatic action to gain control of the situation. so in new york and our state hospitals, all patients facing health care workers must get vaccinated. there will be no testing optionl for patients facing health care workers. that is a point of contact that could be a serious spreading event and we want to make sure
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that those health care workers are vaccinated. period. >> tucker: nobody has a sense of humor anymore. getting a covid lecture from andrew cuomo? the person single-handedly responsible for the highest death rate from covid in america. let's go ahead and put -- shall we? and not allow anyone to laugh about it. so here we have andrew cuomo, who may or may not be a member of the mafia, telling you he suddenly knows more about covid than practicing nurses and physicians but he's telling them what to do, he's giving them a medical mandate. what's interesting is that he feels he has to. what's interesting is how many of new york health care workers remain unvaccinated. they don't have the information necessary to make that decision. they don't know enough about covid. they treat covid. and yet as of today, more than
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75% of new york's 450,000 hospital workers as well as 74% of the adult care facility workers and 67% of the 150,000 nursing home workers have not taken the covid vaccine. what? why is that? maybe before we mandate anything we should answer that question. why would people in the medical profession be willing to risk their jobs over the shot? that's a sincere question. what is the answer? hey "business insider," hey hey atlantic times, hey "new york times," why don't you do a story on this? and then answer this. why are bureaucrats with no medical expertise whatsoever -- bill de blasio, the pothead who doesn't wash his socks? andrew cuomo tony nurses and physicians what drugs they must take. this is totally nuts. in june, these nurses in houston explain the reasoning for not getting the shot..
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>> houston methodist hospital requiring all staff members to get vaccinated for covid-19 or be fired. >> right off the bat i pretty much decided i was not going to do it. everybody in america should have the right to decide what they put into their bodies. >> jennifer bridges had worked at the hospital for more than six years. she spent the last year and a half treating coronavirus patients and even got sick herself. >> i had an antibody test -- is still of antibodies in my system, but it doesn't count for them. it doesn't work. >> more than 100 coworkers have joined with this lawsuit against the hospital. it claims methodist is forcing its employees to be human guinea pigs. >> tucker: it's kind of hard to argue with their reasoning. and if you want to argue, what's the argument against? speak slowly so we can
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understand. but no one wants to argue anything anymore. it's purely about obedience, it's hardly about medicine. more than 150 health care workers in that houston hospital system were fired. so remember that the next time they tell you there is a health care shortage in this country. this is lunacy. we should not go along with it. it has nothing to do with medicine. it is a terrifying precedent that if we let solidify, we will deeply, deeply regret. this is not about covid, this is about the existence of rational decision-making in this country and personal autonomy. most people are going along with this because they are afraid. a few brave souls are not. becky paul is one of them. she's resigned from her job in the face of forced vaccine she joins us now. becky paul, thanks so much for coming on. we are grateful you are here
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tonight. why did you resign from your job? >> first of all, i'd like to thank you for having us on and for giving health care workers a voice. we have so many of us doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists, physical therapists, pas, nurse practitioners -- we are all educated health care professionals and are willing to walk away from a job, our careers essentially. we worked our entire lives for these careers. and when you have that kind of conviction, you've got to ask yourself, what did they know that we don't know? >> tucker: what do you know that the rest of us don't know? this is what so striking about it is you are a practicing nurse, you treat covid patients. doctors and respiratory therapists do, too. no one can claim you are uninformed or don't believe in unlike the people commenting on this. you've decided not to take the vaccine. what should we conclude from that? >> absolutely. tucker, we've been trained our
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entire lives to always practicer with the questioning attitude. that is what we were trained as nurses. we question doctors orders, we question if it's the right medicine for the patient, is it the right patient? we are the advocate for the patient. so our entire lives, this is how we practiced our profession. and now we have this mandate that has come through in the first thing we are going to do is question okay, does this make sense? and none of it has made sense to any of us. first of all, where did the flu go? that was my first question when this all hit a year and a half ago. and we were heroes last year. and now we are made out to be the villains if we decide we are not going to take this vaccine. it's just unfortunate, because right now we have single momss who depend on this job for their livelihood. for their benefits. i have teammates who have health issues. they can't afford to take this
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vaccine. we don't know enough about this vaccine. it's experimental, not fda approved, and we are going to put some inner bodies we know nothing about. i'm not going to run the risk of somebody tomorrow coming up andw saying, by the way, we made a mistake. we were wrong. because nobody can 100% tell us right now that this is a safe vaccine. if were willing to walk away from our careers for that, that's a huge statement. some of us can, some of us can't. i'm here as their voice and if i can be a voice for all of us, it just breaks my heart some of the stories that i've heard. nursing students who have two b classes left. i can't even imagine being in my nursing profession at the end of my nursing career and being told i can finish my clinicals if i don't get the vaccine. essentially all of my hard work is for nothing. that's terrible.
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>> tucker: so if you are a propagandist out in news outlet and you find yourself attacking doctors and nurses because you think you know more about medicine then they do, then you've -- you've come to a really dark place. you should not be attacked, i , becky paul. i think even made an entirely fair decision and it's a hard decision but i'm grateful you were willing to talk to us about it tonight. thank you very much for coming on. >> absolutely, thank you. >> tucker: i misspoke just a minute ago. only 75% of health care workers in new york have been vaxed. again, health care workers. the question remains, why is that? and we hope that many more, not just becky paul, will come on the show and explain themselves, calmly. nonpolitically. because it's a real question. and that we should have the answer before the rest of us are forced to do something we don't want to do. they are already calling tonight with thousands of afghan refugees into the united statest
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thousands of american citizens are still trapped in kabul. an issue that seems a much smaller concern, the geniuses who got us there in the first place. in fact, all of washington on the bipartisan level tells you very much.ti we look at the latest for youu after the break. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: as of tonight, there are thousands of u.s. citizens, americans trapped in afghanistan for they can't get to the airport in kabul because the roads to the airport are controlled by the taliban. the u.s. government allowed that to happen.. joe biden is on vacation, so he can't allow don't like to he allowss that happen today the white house press secretary said that the biden administration will not guarantee the evacuation of americans stranded in afghanistan.n. sorry.ea >> can you offer any guarantee to the americans and afghan allies that if they remained there past the end of the month u.s. troops will help fund evacuate?d >> we are focused right now on
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undoing the work at hand. and on the task at hand. and that is day by day getting as many american citizens, as c many members of vulnerable populations who are eligible to be evacuated, to the airport and out on planes.ln >> tucker: notice how she puts all three together. americans, special visa applicants, vulnerable populations -- what is that. there are american citizens, the american government exists to help american citizens. not to help vulnerable populations, whatever that is. it's americans but that's the point, the american government. but nobody cares.ob our leaders are telling us that what really matters is importing tens of thousands of afghan refugees into the united states. before we've even evacuated all of the americans who are stuck there. keep in mind, these aren't just translators that they want to import. people who loyally served the
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u.s. military or whatever. it's anybody in afghanistan who wants to come here for the free health care. who's in favor of this? on the record, 46 u.s. cemeteries, 43 democrats just call biden administration to "create a dash for other public figures to quickly and efficiently relocate to the united states. brian kemp -- a pathetic governor of georgia -- he's a republican apparently. he says he wants afghan refugees in his state. of course, the media is completely in favor of theyb this, they hate the population of the united states. and anybody who doesn't want this is a racist. so by the way, a lot of them are whiter than i am. it has nothing to do with race, to do with putting american citizens first, period. but they don't get that. as if we owe afghanistan a lot.
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we've helped afghanistan a lot. not simply by spending more than a trillion dollars -- where did that money go? l but also by letting an lot of afghans move here. more than 100,000 special visas to residents of afghanistan and iraq in the last couple of decades. we've issued a total of 300,000 green cards to residents in those countries. now we are told it's not enough, we are just -- we don't take enough immigrants. this country is getting so volatile and divided, maybe we have a moratorium on any new people coming and so we can sort out our own problems until we can learn to get along with each other. and after we've brought all of our americans home. sean purnell running for senate, and he worked with an afghan interpreter for over year. we are happy to have him on with us tonight. sean, thanks so much for coming on.
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this idea that vulnerable populations, whatever that means, should get pride of place, are more important than american citizens trapped in afghanistan. i've never seen anything that reveals their priorities more. >> first of all, thanks forev having me. if you want to help save this country, go to parnell for we should not have a single conversation about what happens with refugees in afghanistan until we evacuate american citizens first. that should be our number one priority. the situation is urgent, we have to get our people out of there before the taliban takes us hostage. tucker, i was in afghanistan for 485 days. 85% casualty rate in my platoon. some of my men were wounded twice. we worked with an afghan interpreter for over a year. he was on every mission with us and on every fight with us. and one day we got an
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observation post to watch info routes from pakistan into afghanistan -- my platoon that day rolled up onto the hill, we wondered why the afghan villagers all around that hilltop were watching the platoon. rode up onto the hill, one of my trucks hit a plastic italian tc six antitank mine. it wounded four of my soldiers seriously and killed somebody in my platoon. after that, we found out that our interpreter, who had been with us every step of the way, someone who we thought was our friend -- we learned that he was working with a iranian cell in afghanistan and coordinated the placement of that mind and killed one of my troops in a devastating attack. tucker, just because -- just because an afghan works with us and is friends with us does nots actually mean they are safe to bring here.
10:29 pm
and this is precisely why. we cannot bring 30,000 unvented afghan refugees to the united states of america. it's an irresponsible policy and quite frankly, i can't believe we even have to have this conversation. american citizens have to have -- they have to be the priority. >> tucker: yeah, they are not though. and something happens in the brains, particularly lee's middle-aged republican leaders, their brains go soft. low testosterone may be part of the cause. they decide that every dumb idea they have to cringe and oh, that's okay. you know what i mean? the governor of arkansas -- what is wrong with these people? why don't you stand up for american citizens. it's not hard. >> what i can't wrap my mind around, tucker, is that we have talking heads, media personalities and politicians trotting out 20-year-old foreign policy arguments.
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the idea that we have to fight them there to keep from fighting us here, what happens in afghanistan doesn't stay in afghanistan. these are not foreign policy arguments. these arguments for wars and countries at any time at any place for an indeterminate amount of time. think about it, what happens in africa -- it doesn't say in africa. what happens in iraq doesn't stay in iraq. i'm tired of these arguments. our politicians, our leaders have to be more careful with america's sons and daughters. they are the best of us and we need to take care of them. >> tucker: amen. there's an ocean separating us from the rest of the world, let's use it. thank you. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: at one thing we learned over the weekend as kabul fell to the taliban is that washington has been lying to us for a very long time about what's going on in afghanistan. glenn greenwald is not surprised by that, he's been documenting those lies for years.
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he joins us next to explain what they were. ♪ ♪
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now start screening. no matter how much you smoked, early detection could save you. talk to your doctor or learn more at >> tucker: over the weekend, if you like the entire country was watching television slack-jawed as the impossible happened. the taliban swept into kabul, afghanistan. no matter how you feel about the occupation, we were very against it. you have to ask yourself, how did this happen and why wasn't america prepared for it? most people reach the obvious conclusion, they've been lying to us about the state of affairs in afghanistan. lying to us for a long time. and by they, we mean not just political figures, multiple secretaries of state, an awful lot of generals and the pentagon. they haven't been telling us the truth. most people are pretty shocked by that. but not everyone was shocked. glenn greenwald has been chronicling this for a long time
10:37 pm
could he write some sub stack, you can read his stuff there and youu should. thank you so much for coming on. you've been proved right. see you are not surprised to learn that they are assessmentsd of what was happening on the ground in afghanistan were totally false? >> absolutely. you know, i grew up one of the big events in my childhood that shaped me a lot was the pentagon papers when danny oldenburg inside the government leaked into newspapers the fact that the statements being made by thf military about the war in vietnam where the exact opposite of what they were sayingm internally, which is there's no way we could possibly win this work at the best we can do as a stalemate. the same thing happened in afghanistan, but even worse. the argument that was being madt all the way back to george bush was the goal that we have and are making great progress is building an afghan national security force that will protect the government and democracy and
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be able to ward off the taliban in that way we can leave when they stand on their ownty feet. internally, for 20 years, they were saying the afghan national forces are a joke, they are corrupt, they are illiterate, they have no capacity whatsoever. and five weeks ago joe biden stood in front of the country and said the afghan nationalai forces are way more powerful than the taliban. it's unlikely that the taliban will overrun the country when we leave with all internal documents showing exactly the opposite.n it's not a case where they got it wrong in good faith, it's a case where they deliberately lied to the public to justify because so many people were profiting from it. >> tucker: i think you answer the question i was about to ask, which is why would you lie about something that everybody is going to learn about in the end? they had to know they were going to get caught, because in the end taliban did sweep into kabul. do you think they lied because people were profiting from this debacle?
10:39 pm
>> the last time i was on your show and one of the last times when we talked about why americans should be ending theib resources to fix the government of cuba. the whole point of america first as articulated by donald trump was we should focus on american citizens. why should american citizens risk their lives to determine how kind of hard is governed when instead, americans aren't being covered very well at all and life expectancy and every other initiative of happiness is declining. the reason is, there's a tiny segment of people, so people ind the corporate media whose ratingso co-op and the defense contractors who fund both parties who make a lot of power and a lot of profit as to the security state services. at the pentagon, the cia, when there's war. and that's what happened, the propaganda is really powerful. it is a tendency to say i want the u.s. to go back and save them but we don't see all the
10:40 pm
people we've killed in afghanistan who are innocent civilians. that happens in war and that they control the information that theyti cede to keep us alws wanting the next word to forget what we learned about the prior ones. >> tucker: that's so true. if you would have said that five years ago i would've been like, glenn greenwald, a nice guy but a little kooky. but now that makes sense. thanks so much. you know what kind of president that most americans would be grateful for in either party? if americans are dying younger of causes that are clearly linked to desperation and unhappiness like suicide, drug o.d., diabetes, what we used to call diseases of despair, the president who cared enough about that number which is the most basic of all numbers and set about trying systematically to fix it, make americans live
10:41 pm
longer, healthier, happier, more meaningful and fulfilling lives, that's all it would take. that person could have all kinds of crackpot views on all kinds of different subjects but if he did that he would be the greatest president in american history. so back to afghanistan, like many experts, laura logan has spent a lot of time in afghanistan and she lived thereo during her 20 year work. n today she joined us for an entire hour on fox nation's to explain what's happening. she said it's not us complicated as we think it might be. it may be more simple than anything anybody wants us to know. >> what they want you to believe is that afghanistan is complicated, because if you complicated it's a tactical information warfare called ambiguity increasing. so we are all talking about the corruption come of this, that, all of these conflicts. but at its heart, every single thing in the world, at its heart, it's very simple.
10:42 pm
>> tucker: that was an interesting conversation. the cameramen were totally absorbed in that, it doesn't happen very often. the full interview on tucker carlson today. she describes precisely how the public in this country has been lied to about what's happening in afghanistan. it shocked us, that conversation will be on antifa is against fascism, right? no, they are now in favor of beating people up over mandatory vaccines. they are for it. how are they not the youth wing of the democratic party? that's exactly what they are. we will be joined by a man who was violently assaulted byby antifa and he will explain what's going on. be right back. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: so they told you that antifa was a left-wing group that opposes fascism, right? a that was never true. antifa is the militant youth ring of the democratic party.
10:48 pm
they are enforcers. and in charge of beating anyone who opposes the regime. want proof off this? on saturday in los angeles, antifa stabbed a guy outside city hall. what did he do wrong? he imposed mandatory vaccinations. [sirens] >> tucker: so that's happening in america. it seems kind of newsworthy, and somehow one of the only reporters in america who covers antifa and for that he was assaulted by them. he's the author of "unmasked." and he now joins us tonight, we are happy about that. thank you so much for coming on. so, antifa is for vaccine mandates. i mean, i'm not surprised at all. if you thought they were antifascist, you're probably surprised to hear that.
10:49 pm
>> to the public, they present this facade that that they are revolutionary anarchist communist. often you will see that they are just a violent enforcer of the liberal establishment. after trump lost the last election, they lost a lot of the meaning and purpose and their reasons for beating up before was to oppose trump and his supporters. but now we are seeing a pretty troubling development in that there is violence out onto christians engaging in public acts of worship, taking place in portland. and as we saw last weekend, and los angeles they are opposing violently -- people who are he critical of medical technocrats. >> tucker: this is unbelievable.
10:50 pm
so anarchists are for vaccineli mandates. so what you are saying, susan rice and kamala harris are in favor of something, they are willing to stab anyone who criticizes it in public. why is this not a militia? >> we should be questioning more about why their political agendas align more often than not. the disturbing take away for me in the recent acts of violence in cities in the west coast is that essentially if you don't have your own volunteer security to provide protection, you are going to get assaulted while participating in these activities. there was a stabbing that required a hospitalization in los angeles from l.a.p.d. -- before that they were violently rioting and before that in portland.
10:51 pm
so this is an ongoing issue with antifa, even though we aren'tn hearing much about them in the national press anymore. >> tucker: i'm glad we shot ashley babbitt. i love how anarchists are just enforcing the dnc line of the day with weapons. anarchists. you are a brave man to do this. much reviled for it, but it's worth doing. thank you.u. >> my pleasure.h >> tucker: the republican party is very frustrated. but it is changing. a frequent guest on the show is one of the people who looks to change it. a major announcement coming next. we will be right back. ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: when they were widespread and legitimate
10:57 pm
worries about election integrity several months ago, adam lacks adulthood is the former attorney general of nevada was one of the very few elected officials former or current who took those seriously and got to the bottom of them. he did it on the show and we've always been great grateful fornt that. adamur laxalt joins us now. >> tucker: and thank you tucker. on the backdrop of what we are seeing in afghanistan, is there any more important time forgh us to get new leadership for this country? we are sitting here watching as the left has destroyed every institution it matters in this country and we saw last year they did to law enforcement, the basic building block of civilization to keep a safe. at they attacked our law enforcement, whether it was big corporations, media, our elected leaders, and now no one will become a cop.
10:58 pm
our streets are on fire and as i look at what's going on in afghanistan i have to say that someone who has served in iraq it breaks my heart to think of our service members gave their lives over there and widows at home, children that don't have their fathers or mothers and they are looking and saying, what happens to these leaders? they were supposed to represent us, they were supposed to do the right thing and instead they are more focused on localism and transforming our military. who is going to sign up to serve our country in this backdrop for catastrophic -- leaders in washington. none of these are willing toof protect me. do you think the party can be changed? >> people need a voice. we need people who will say, stop. this is not enough with the lies
10:59 pm
in the the falsehoods. we need to stand up to these things. people are hungry for it, people are ready for change and they want our country back. they want to defend our founding editor institutions that made our nationnd so great and to coe out look. i think this will be a change election and a change cycle. people are tired of it likeat people of my senator, they want new blood and people who will stand for what's right. they aren't just going to go along with things like blm riots are just blindly support their president on this catastrophic afghanistan withdrawal. and i think if we can get new blood in our party we can change america. >> tucker: amen. do you think if blm burns your house down, ben sasse would notice or mitt romney would care?? no. adam laxalt, we are rooting for that party to change and for you to be part of that change.
11:00 pm
>> adam >> tucker: before we go there is new questions and new evidence about how ilhan omar got citizenship. that marriage, and there's an investigation on that. see you tomorrow. >> sean: welcome to "hannity." we begin with what is chilling a fox news alert. in moments the 45th president of the end of the states donald trump states donald trump will joining us live on camera to respond to the gut wrenching disaster that is now unfolding inside afghanistan as 10,000 plus american citizens are trappedze inside the country and we see no immediate plan to geth them out as joe biden has been asleep at the wheel for days. we expect, oh, you might moment


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