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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  August 18, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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pleasure, thank you, sir. jillian: thanks for your service, joey. >> thank you. jillian: well, still so much news to follow out of afghanistan. todd: we mentioned all morning long some unanswered questions. hoping to hear from the white house today. it will be on the channel if it happens. stick with us all day long. jillian: "fox & friends" has continuing coverage. have a great day. ♪ jail jill president cutting his vacation short as he faces backlash. >> meanwhile, there is growing concern about the weapons left behind. >> data has gone into the hands of the taliban this has been the most humiliating period of time i have ever seen. >> thousands of americans still stuck in afghanistan. >> can you guarantee u.s. troops will help them evacuate? >> that is day by day. >> we are really now at the mercy of how long the taliban is willing to grant safe passage. >> two shots aren't good enough. the white house is about to push a covid booster shot. >> there is no evidence really to support that my opinion it is
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not helpful and not good timing. >> new york's mayor bill de blasio requiring proof of vaccination. >> not discrimination this and protecting people. >> segregation, we are trampling on civil liberties. we are discriminating against people. >> texas border agents arrest two ms-13 gang members after they illegally entered the disblus showing there is always that criminal element always trying to get across as well. brian: here we go. the news is not slowing down. straight to a fox news alert. president biden cutting his vacation short, returning to the white house as the national security adviser admits u.s. weapons have fallen into taliban hands. >> will video shows taliban members violently beating a man who was trying to escape and get to the airport. steve: i thought they were going to give people safe passage? what's up with that? mark meredith is posted right now in washington as thousands of americans remain trapped in the country and the question is, mark, can they get out before august 31st? >> steve, ainsley and brian, you
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are right. what is the question this morning? as you mentioned the president is back at the white house, got back last night cutting his vacation short for the second time this week. lawmakers certainly demanding answers about how the u.s. can evacuate thousands of people still trapped in afghanistan in the white house says the president has spoken with the british prime minister boris johnson. the two leaders are said to be working on expanding humanitarian assistance and we know that next week leaders of the g-7 which include both biden and johnson they are going to meet virtually. overnight new video shows the chaotic situation on the ground in kabul. this video appears to show a taliban supporter beating a man trying to get to the airport. the biden administration insists though it is working to evacuate upwards of 5,000 people a day. >> we don't have a complete picture, obviously, of where every article of defense materials has gone, but, certainly a fair amount of it has fallen into the hands of the taliban. >> there are also serious and growing concerns about the safety of afghan women. the taliban, of course, has a horrible track record when it
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comes to women's rights. but, now, it's pledging to change its tune. during a press conference, the taliban officials said, quote: we are committed to the rights of women under the system of cherie a they are going to be working shoulder to shoulder with us. some see it as an empty promise. there are already reports that fox news has learned of one woman being beaten and killed by the taliban for not wearing a burqa. as of now, president biden is not scheduled to speak about afghanistan today. it's possible that he could take questions at an event this afternoon. is he also going to be taping an interview with abc. a lot of people very eager to see what the president has to say. steve, ainsley and brian? brian: yeah. he has been mia. thanks so much, mark. he is going to speak 2:30 to say we need another shot. big story what's happening in afghanistan. my hunch is he is not going to take any questions. he has no good answers. it's pretty clear also what's appearing is the intel agency tired of being the fall guy so to speak. they come came out and warned over and over again and
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documents seen in the "new york times" said this could actually happen and they did not have any faith in the afghan forces which means when the president came out and spoke up on july 6th and said just the opposite, he was either not believing his intel agency or lying to us. also pretty clear that austin and millie are making it known by their nonappearance so far in pressers, which is not doing their job, by the way. they were against this pull-out to begin with. jake sullivan and antony blinken, you could tell by how they have scared to death they look at their press conferences evidently did not disagree with the president's disastrous dismount from this country. ainsley: jake sullivan admitted the president since the fall of afghanistan over the weekend the president hasn't even spoken to a world leader. then the president heard that message and he had a talk with the prime minister of britain. but, listen, this is what happened. he pulled out our troops. left our civilians over there. the numbers are staggering. some are saying 11,000. we are also hearing from other people tens of thousands could be there less civilians.
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they have to fill out a form and hope someone comes and rescuing them. they are sheltering in place. he retreats to camp david. he stays on vacation. it was supposed to end tomorrow. but he came back last night to the white house. it took him days to come back and address this issue. he came back briefly on monday for that presser. but he doesn't talk to these world leaders until last night. our embassy there is closed. you know, when you go to a foreign country if you are trapped by yourself or have a problem you know you can go to the u.s. embassy. that's closed now. ainsley: it's all a mess. one of the things as we look at these images from a couple of days ago where people were so desperate because they thought okay the taliban is taking over. they are coming for me. there is going to be a knock at the door that's going to be it i'm going to be dead. the question is what's the false story on the slow evacuations? all those people you see right there, should have been evacuated beforehand. and joe biden said, you know, the country was optimistic that things would turn around and we didn't want to start a crisis in
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confidence. but, nonetheless, that's one of the big questions, why did things go south? and, brian, the blame game is going on not just the intel community, all over washington, d.c. the pentagon is blaming the department of state. you should have gotten people out faster. the state department is blaming the intel community, that, you know, hey, you should have said that it was going to happen quick. and the intel community says we told you it could happen quickly. donald trump was on last night with sean hannity in a great interview wide ranging talking about what's going on in afghanistan, something that donald trump knows a lot about, and he says what is happening there right now is epic historically. >> i don't think in all of the years our country has ever been so humiliated. i don't know, would you call it a military defeat or a psychological defeat? there has never been anything like what's happened here. you can go back to jimmy carter with the hostages.
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we all thought that was a great embarrassment and we were pulled out of that by ronald reagan. this is many, many times worse. i looked at that big monster cargo plane yesterday with people grabbing the side and trying to get flown out of afghanistan because of their incredible fear they are blowing off the plane from 2,000 feet up in the air. nobody has ever seen anything like that. that blows the helicopters in vietnam away. that's not even a contest this has been the most humiliating period of time i have ever seen. ainsley: he said we should have blown up our 40s and taken out our equipment. we should have gotten the civilians out first before our military. and he said when sean was questioning him about may 1st. well you said you wanted to pull out our troops may 1st. he said but i warned the taliban leader last year the u.s. will strike back 10 fold if americans are harmed. steve: ainsley, the federal government could have done all those things you said but they because they miscalculated on
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how fast the taliban was going to take over, they were caught flat footed. the taliban was in -- embedded in all the big towns, including kabul. they were just waiting for got sign joe biden goes on vacation. they give the go sign. it's done right now the arteries have shut to can a wall. we -- i -- kabul. why didn't we protect the embassy. the russians stayed, chinese stayed. are you telling me america can't protect an embassy feet from the palace? that's a joke. so now we can't get to the airport german plains can leave, they need a few thousand out. nobody can get to the airport. you have to open up the arteries to get there if you are in kabul. and then if you are in another city, you have to get to kabul, then the airport.
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what -- and i don't have an answer to this. and they don't have an answer to this. what are we going to do to get americans first out of these various cities into planes and out of the country? believe it or not, jen psaki will not even commit to getting americans out of the country of afghanistan. listen. >> can you offer any guarantees to the americans and afghan allies that if they remain there past the end of the month, u.s. troops will help them evacuate past the end of the month? >> our focus right now is undoing the work at hand and on the task at hand and that is day by day, getting as many american citizens, as many siv applicants as many members of vulnerable population who are eligible to be evacuated to the airport and out on planes. and we're going to do that and expeditious fashion. that is the focus of the president, of our secretary of defense, of ourselves.
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and everybody on our national security team. that is where we will keep our focus. >> steve: right, that comes down to current plan which is we are going to have everybody out by august 31st. the question is what if everybody is not out by august 31st? they were cagey yesterday about how many americans. ainsley: they don't even know. steve: it's a secret. they don't' want talibans saying 11,000. brian: i don't think they know. ainsley: heard up to 30,000. steve: the latest number this morning is there are as many as 80,000 people in country that they have got to get out. and that is why. brian: astounding. steve: that is why that particular question what if not everybody is out by the end of the month is so oimportant. there are 44 members of congress who yesterday wrote a letter to joe biden. this is bipartisan. republicans and democrats as well. 44 members of congress urged joe biden change his august 31st deadline for full withdrawal until all the americans and all the afghanis who work with the
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americans. ainsley: i don't know why they are putting a hard line. august st. they will say we will get them out until the last man is there. until we pull out the last individual. the pentagon said they evacuated 700 on monday. they hope to get between 5,000 and 9,000 per day. steve: they got 1100 yesterday. that's it. 1100. ainsley: we are interviewing a family. a man and his family are stranded there. they are americans. they can't get out. they went over in 2021 to visit family and to care for this sick dad. they are planning to return home to colorado on august 28th. now they have lost all communication with the airline and with the u.s. embassy, obviously. because we don't have our embassy there anymore. brian: senator tom cotton weighed in on jen psaki's befuddling answer to the question about getting americans out of that country. and let's be honest. it doesn't matter what you want to do. we will have to deal with the taliban or we are going to have to physically with our military again go in there and get the humvees back, maybe we still
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have the serial number. we can prove ownership. or get new ones in there. now we are up to about 7,000. we had 2500. because joe biden was tired of the war. and reopen those roads ourselves. here is senator tom cotton. >> joe biden told a boldfaced lie when they planned for every contingency they did not because there are 10 to 15,000 americans behind checkpoints. my office has been in contact with hundreds of these people who have not heard from the state department. who cannot get to the airport in kabul because the taliban have checkpoints all over the roads and control all access to it. and joe biden's administration won't even commit to stay in afghanistan, to secure that airport for two more weeks to get all those americans out. and we're really now at the mercy of how long the taliban is willing to grant safe passage to american citizens. brian: yeah. we are waiting for them to give us permission. is this sad?
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i mean, these people are just flat out terrorists. they're livin in the seventh century. and now they are in control because of the way we fumbled and they will -- also, we had cash going in to afghanistan that we were giving to that crook ghani who is hanging thought uzbekistan now with all of our money, and we are debating upon -- actually, trying to figure out how to make sure the taliban doesn't get that money. and right now, considers writes in the "the washington post" for people to make it clear. the afghans did not choose the taliban and they did fight alongside us. we have lost between 50 and they have lost between 50 and 70,000. that's another falsity that's been jammed down our throats by the 39 of the united states who is struggling to understand what's happening right now. ainsley: remember that afghanistan woman a journalist who was crying who was at that briefing at the pentagon? and she had -- jillian and todd had a great interview with her
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earlier on "fox & friends first." she said i am not optimistic that this is going to be good for the women. she said pre-9/11, they were under sharia law. women weren't even allowed to walk outside without a chaperone. girls were not allowed to walk outside without a chaperone. they weren't allowed to go to school or work. now she says they can. i'm not optimistic. it's so hard to change their ideology. brian: a woman on the ground bleeding to death because thee didn't have a burqa. ainsley: talking about women's rights and being able to join the movement. the taliban said yesterday women will still have to wear hijabs, but will not have to wear burqas going forward. and the taliban spokesman said there is a huge difference between us, the taliban of 2021, and the taliban of 2001. 20 years ago. ainsley: how about women can wear whatever they want? steve: let's just see, words, they are just putting out words. let's see what they too. we need people to get to the airport. let's see if they allow the safe
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passage that they have advertised. a whole bunch of people are going to talk about this over the next 2 hours and 445 minutes including tony and morgan ortagus. ainsley: we have taya kyle and mark levin. brian: think about what mark luttrell is thinking the lone survivor. hear from an american air force pilot. how do they feel at this hour? >> how do you feel about this? covid got going away any time soon. given the fact that the delta variant continues to surge, it looks as if 8 month after you got your second shot, if you got the second shot, they are now suggesting that you get a booster. we are going to probably hear from the president later today saying i'm going to make available all these shots. as soon as the fda. ainsley: all three companies? steve: well. brian: jobs and johnson. steve: all hinging on the president later today is going to talk about how the fda, it is
3:16 am
expected very shortly to give final approval to firdz pfizer. moderna still hasn't had it. we'll don't know the efficacy of the j and j shot. will you need another j and j shot if that's the one shot you got? we don't know yet. ainsley: greg abbott is in our prayers this morning. he announced that he tested positive for covid yesterday. he has been vaccinated and still got covid. i think he is doing okay. is he planning on getting the regeneron. steve: no symptoms, he said. ainsley: if you don't get vaccinated and you go to the hospital, most of the time you are going to get regeneron. but regeneron are the antibodies, still basically getting vaccinated because they are sticking you with an antibody which is the virus. brian: guess what they're doing in this terribly run city they are deciding you can't go to movies, bars, restaurants, gyms. you can't go to anything unless you have your vaccination card. which takes a dollar to make a knock off card or there is a different celsius passes.
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and the new york city mayor bill de blasio he is looking out for our interest. i mean, this guy can't get away quick enough. believe it or not, is he actually running for governor. listen to him explain to us how he is looking out for us. >> but the reason i also want to say it's not discrimination, this is about protecting people. in our society, for generations, we have done all sorts of things to protect people. we have driver licenses, so many things we do to protect people. this is a way of protecting people. but, for the many, many establishments they still have a huge number of people they can serve right now who are vaccinated. and we know a lot of people now are going to be encouraged to get vaccinated because of these mandates. it's just the truth. it's going to be the decisive factor for a lot of people. so, this is about moving us out of a global crisis. that's what is motivating us. brian: what if you have the antibodies and what if you can't get the vaccination? you have to shelter in place now
3:18 am
like an american in average? and if you don't, these people are the worse. these inspectors. they will come blitzing in there these health inspectors fine you is thousand dollars for first offense. think what everybody has been forced to do in the hospitality industry. $1,000 first offense. 1500 after that. steve: could be forced to convince people to go ahead and get the vaccine so they can get to these places. brian: people are making decisions. you shouldn't have the mayor making medical decisions. steve: if you talk to him they would say it's a public health crisis. brian: why why talk to him? steve: he is the mayor. you have said. a lot of people out there who want to feel safe when they go out places. danny meyer runs a chain of the biggest restaurants in new york and david burke said we are on board with this. we want our staff and guests. brian: why didn't he make that decision for himself? ainsley: it's his restaurant. ainsley: there is a lady in
3:19 am
brooklyn in bay ridge. she is the manager of a restaurant there and she said the city is segregating people. she said this reminds her of the civil rights movement. she says just replace the words vaccinated and unvaccinated to black and white or muslim and catholic or gay or heterosexual. listen to her. brian: yeah. >> to me, it's segregation. we are trampling on civil liberties. we are discriminating against people. the mayor of new york essentially just locked out tourists. he has locked out families. he is telling people who have not been vaccinated that they don't belong. they are not allowed to roam freely in society that they don't count, essentially. i mean, i can't believe that we have created two new classes. ainsley: look at the sign in the window it says we do not discriminate. steve: it's going to go into effect tomorrow. they are going to start enforcing it on september the 13th. the exceptions are if you need to go into one of those facilities to use the bathroom or be indoors for a couple of
3:20 am
minutes. brian: you better get out right away you will get fined. keep in mind too, if you look at the stats, mostly african-americans in new york city are the ones not vaccinated. where is al sharpton on that. how is that fair? they can't go to theaters or plays or restaurants or gyms? ainsley: you can't take your gyms in even if you are vaccinated as an adult your kids 12 and under aren't eligible. brian: what if you have the antibodies, you don't need the vaccine. steve: what you call a squeeze play trying to get as many people as possible vaccinated. 6:20. thank thank you for joining us on this very busy wednesday. ainsley: did we just run a marathon? steve: i know it. ainsley: down playing reports a taliban leader freed by obama from guantanamo bay. we will talk to a gitmo bay sounding the alarm on the danger us of releasing these terrorists, these prisoners. ♪ ♪
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'. jillian: good morning, we are back now with headlines, a manhunt is underway in southern california for the suspect who shot a sheriff's deputy during a traffic stop. officials say the patrol car was later found torched. the intern county deputy is expected to be okay. and in texas, a standoff is underway in county after a chief deputy was shot trying to serve a warrant. the suspect remains locked inside a home. the deputy is seriously injured but is expected to recover. two people are hurt in separate i have lent attacks in new york city. first, a man is hit with a hatchet while pulling money from a manhattan atm. his back was turned when the attacker sneaks up and beats him before running off. the victim is hospitalized in
3:26 am
stable condition. police say a man matching the suspect's description was found smashing car windows and was taken into custody. and a woman is broached then beaten walking down a street in brooklyn. the nypd releasing this video showing a video of the man it. the man punches her several times. her face is bruised and swollen but is said to be okay. police are still look for that suspect. tucker now to fox weather. remnants of tropical storm fred releasing heavy rain. crews rescuing drivers submerged floodwaters. flash flooding could reach as far as upstate new york. this tornado was one of several causing dang across the south. no injuries were reported. and did you see this? an alligator handler is speaking out after a terrifying attack during a kid's birthday party. watch this. >> he is going to rip your arm off and go in and there is a chance can you keep it.
3:27 am
this video is unbelievable. and a brave dad jumps in and holds the 8-foot gator down. see him right here until lindsey could get her arm out from the beast's jaws. she is expected to make a full recovery and return back to work at the utah petting zoo, but my gosh, i mean of all things kid's birthday party, brian. >> what a brave dad. two of them. oh my goodness. >> absolutely. thanks so much jillian, 27 minutes after the hour. a fox news alert. the white house down playing reports that the taliban mastermind who helped orchestrate the afghanistan takeover was released from gitmo by obama. >> the administration is left to negotiate with the taliban including one of the commandos who was released from guantanamo bay as part of the bowe bergdahl prisoner swap. >> the department of intelligence community to assess the identity of the individual. our focus right now is on, again, not taking the taliban's word for it we are assessing. we are closely watching and we
3:28 am
are being very clear about the capacities and capabilities we have at hand should they be needed. brian: brian you know she knows the answer to it saw no reason to answer it that's the guy and that's the guy we h a member of the taliban five. he was accused of being a close associate of bin laden, was previously deemed too dangerous to be released but we swapped him for bowe bergdahl. reports of his role in afghanistan declared victory inside kabul in the palace. spent 8 years in the same detention center. here to discuss former gitmo guard, army veteran montgomery ranger. the montgomery, your reaction to this? >> yeah, it's very disturbing, brian. and thanks for having me on again. you know, returning gitmo detainees to the battlefield sends a message that we don't care about or acknowledge the global war on terror. or those who protect us from that threat. namely our great men and women in uniform. and all who support them including our allies. with few exceptions.
3:29 am
these detainees are the worse of the worst as labeled by donald rumsfeld. brian, most people don't know that tens of thousands of unlawful combatant islamists were captured in afghanistan over the last 20 years now. just only 800 were ever brought to the u.s. detention facility at guantanamo bay, cuba where i served as a u.s. army ranking medical department task force 160. these detainees, we released 732 of them. and none of them have been beheaded, executed attacked. dragged, until lifeless through the streets or. all have done to us. until all islamists are dead or no longer have the means or will to kill us. we must defend ourselves by any means necessary. brian: do you know what i think about montgomery? i think about the people who gave their lives to hunt these
3:30 am
guys down and get them the first time and put them into gitmo and the determination for president obama to empty gitmo. we're down to 39 now. and we said -- we said we are going to let you out. but they promised to stay in qatar. i'm pretty sure they broke their promise almost right away. they were hailed as heroes. and who knows what intelligence they were able to pick unjust a little on rouhani the guy in the second picture we showed. he was called one of the very worst prisoners at gitmo. he was there for a while from 2002 to 2007. he was released after promising authorities he was returning to afghanistan to, quote: care for his sick father. he said he was just a shop keeper. he spent four years in the intelligence service in kabul. he got 26 left. tell me if i am wrong here. i fear if we want our it americans back in country they are going to say we need a few more from gitmo out in average if you want those arteries open. and if you want that airport to
3:31 am
be no longer ringed with taliban fighters. what do you think? >> i think if we had an american first president, instead of america last president, that would be a no-go. and i think all those guys in gitmo belong there. i think with few exception, most of them should still be in there. you know, after world war ii the u.s. held over 400,000 lawful combatants, mostly germans, and we didn't have to have any charges or trials for them. the geneva convention says we can hold them until the end of hostilities. that's exactly what we should do. brian: it's not over even though america and most people would want it over. montgomery granger i know it's frustrating for you as army veteran and guard. appreciate it? >> thank you, brian. brian: cities across texas are bracing for hundreds of refugees you won't believe this as the state already deals with a record surge of migrants.
3:32 am
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tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection. may cause headache, injection-site reactions, back pain, and fatigue. ask your doctor about nucala. find your nunormal with nucala. ♪ brian: u.s. military bases are preparing to house thousands of afghan refugees who are fleeing from the taliban and they are going to be used in texas, too. ainsley: this comes as border communities are already dealing, as you know, with a record number of migrants.
3:36 am
steve: here to discuss navy vet and texas congressman tony gonzales. mr. gonzalez, good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: okay, so the estimates are as high as 80,000 people need to get out of afghanistan. it could be at least 30,000 afghanis who work with us. they can't stay there because the worry of retribution. do you think that this deadline that the administration has of august 31st needs to be changed? because if we don't have everybody out by then, then what happens? >> yeah. the administration is absolutely created a tee back kel on this afghan withdrawal. they need to be held accountable for it. they have to change course now. because the world is watching. you know, our legal immigration system was built to take on board political refugees, which in many case is what is happening in afghanistan. it's not built to take the 1 pulp 3 million illegal aliens that is happening. i will also add i served five
3:37 am
years in afghanistan to my brothers and sisters that served in afghanistan and gold star families we honor them and thank them for keeping our shores safe for two decades. we can't lose sight of that you don't hear that enough from the administration thanking the men and women that sacrificed so much to keep our country safe. but to the immigration situation, we have to defend our allies. ainsley: congressman, i know that you enlisted in the navy when you were 18 years old. you served for two years and retired from the navy. steve: thank you. ainsley: thank you so much. i know you spent time in afghanistan, iraq and asia as well. you collected surveillance on the taliban for two decades. i want to hear about that what you heard about the taliban and also you have been in contacted with some of the interpreters that were there. tell us their stories as well. >> yeah, the taliban are a brutal regime. that's how they govern. that's exactly how they will govern. and, you know i was there at the very bin beginning from 2001 to
3:38 am
2006. one of the things in particular that i look back on now is mullah, an individual that we actively targeted. unfortunately we weren't able to kill or capture him and now you are seeing him lead the taliban. i think back and i go if we were able to accomplish that mission how would that change history? as far as the interpreters, yes, it is very frustrating, we have got several open case where you have got afghans that have fought alongside us for decades that are just fighting to survive and we're doing everything we possibly can to get them in safe areas. whether that's in america or elsewhere. we deserve. i go back to it, the world is watching. i just got back from ukraine, coddle in ukraine, they are concerned about russian aggression, where is the world going to be when russian evades ukraine again. i got back from south korea three weeks ago, same thing. they are going to worry about what happens when china evades taiwan. brian: don't worry the vice president is going over to
3:39 am
vietnam to reassure them that we are going to have their back, then go over to singapore. great optics there, saigon and kabul, fantastic, so if i was to put you, tony, in charge, congressman, in charge of this operation open up the arteries, knowing how diminished we are as a force and how -- we have no more bases there, how do we do it? taliban says i'm not letting americans come from outside kabul to kabul to get out, what do we do? >> number one, every american needs to return home. and we have to ensure that every american, whether you are a correspondent, whether you work for an ngo, whether you work for the government doesn't matter. if you are a united states american, you deserve to come home, that's one. two is our allies, our allies, we cannot leave our allies on the battlefield. because, again, the world is watching. now is the time look, the biden administration, huge debacle but you have got to change course. you can't double down on a losing hand. you have to change course. and they have to do it now,
3:40 am
because russia and china are waiting in the wings to take advantage of this political debacle that the biden administration has created. steve: all right. let's see what happens today. congressman, thank you very much for joining us today. ainsley: thank you. >> thank you. ainsley: coming up next, parents protest as a south carolina school get this goes virtual again. our next guest is a mother who says this back and forth is causing chaos for families. ♪ (burke) this is why you want farmers claim forgiveness... [echoing] claim forgiveness-ness, your home premium won't go up just because of this. (woman) wow, that's something.
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>> portrayed as the enemy, the super spreaders, the antiscience crew and now most recently domestic terrorists. we are here because we are defying these illogical, nonsensical one sided guidelines. we are parents and our job is to protect our children. steve: well, a proposed mask ordinance failed after parents spoke out as charleston city council meeting on school mask mandates yesterday. dozens of parents protest south carolina's largest school district over a decision to move temporarily back to virtual learning due to a spike in covid cases in the classroom. amanda are rollings is the mother of a fourth grader in the pickens county school district she joins us from home. good morning, amanda. >> good morning, how are you. steve: i'm doing okay. i know your fourth grader has been back in school for coming up on a couple of weeks now and,
3:46 am
you know, they there currently are 142 students in the school district with covid. and so the school district decided, you know what? we're just going to pull the plug on in person for now. people are going to have to go home. that's the problem for you and other working parents, isn't it? >> it is. it is. steve: so you decided to circulate a petition? >> yes. friday afternoon, the school district had an emergency closed door meeting. and decided the school board decided that it was time to go virtual based on, as you said, 142 students positive and there were, i think, less than 30 teachers positive. the fact that it was so sudden and teachers didn't even know about this meeting. we found it at 4:30 friday afternoon that we were going to be virtual starting monday. steve: yeah. >> and, you know, it's -- we
3:47 am
were in school for nine days. and don't get me wrong, i understand covid. i understand people get sick and it can be very serious. >> and i want people to be safe, of course. especially the kids. but, there has to be a common ground between pulling out everyone, i mean, there is close to 17,000 students in our school district. and i think this could be done much easier on a school-to-school basis. steve: right. amanda, if a particular building building has a covid. you are fine with them closing that down as long as the kids can continue via zoom or whatever. >> yes. >> if the school stunt have any covid? why close it? that's what you are saying? >> exactly. >> well, what about the pickens county school district? did they consider that? >> honestly, i'm not sure. over the weekend, they sent an email out to parents. i believe it was sunday night, that said we have decided to ren
3:48 am
face to face august 23rd, this coming monday. they are looking at their safety protocols to see what they can do differently. and i'm all for that. like i said, i want everyone to be safe but also receive the quality education that they deserve. steve: absolutely. it's always better if the kids are in the classrooms, the actual building to see the teachers and everything else. >> right. steve: right now they have decided that's not going to work out for them. amanda, thank you very much for joining us today. i know you have got to -- your fourth graders are in the other room. you are going to help start school in just a couple of minutes. >> yes, just a little bit. have a good day. steve: you as well. good luck. we did reach out to the pickens county school district and we are still waiting to hear back from them. all right. we have heard back from jillian and she has got some headlines. jillian: sources tell me i will give you the news now, steve. good morning to you. outgoing new york governor
3:49 am
andrew cuomo is using his final in office days to grant clemency to three felons including 10 convicts. i'm full fulfill unique responsibility to harness the power of redemption incourage those made mistakes and engage in meaningful. he officially filed for retirement to receive $50,000 annual pension. more than 51,000 people left without power as more than 100 wildfires burn across california. pacific fast and electric says it cut power to prevent winds from knocking down power lines and starting new fires. a state of emergency is declared for el dorado county as the fire triples in size and destroys dozens of homes. two people air lifted to the hospital with serious injuries. how about this? story? students could pay for not being vaccinated. the connecticut school is threatening to cut internet access on campus and fine
3:50 am
students every week until they get a shot. fines start at $100 per week and go up to $25 every two weeks until reaching a $200 max. students can avoid penalties by uploading their are vaccination records that is a look at your headlines, steve, back to you. steve: that's going to get a lot of kids the vaccine, nobody wants their wifi privileges taken away. stay tuned for that thank you, jillian. up next on this wednesday, fears are growing, following the murder of an afghani woman for not wearing a burqa. the country's first female air force pilot now living in exile believes it will only get worse. her story next. so then i said to him, you oughta customize your car insurance with liberty mutual, so you only pay for what you need. hot dog or... chicken? only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
3:51 am
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♪ ainsley: let's first check had in with our meteorologist adam klotz for our fox weather forecast. hey, adam. >> good morning, ainsley. of it is steaming out here on fox square. that's not the story across the country. really soggy in town squares across the country as post tropical cyclone fred that's what we are calling it continues to lift its way up the appalachian mountains. eastern portions of ohio. now we have a large area of flood watches and warnings as we can see another couple of inches
3:55 am
all the way up into upstate new york. otherwise, paying attention to tropical storm grace that is currently just moving off jamaica. this is going to become a hurricane before it makes landfall in the yucatan peninsula. back knew. ainsley: thank you so much, adam. a fox news alert breaking right now. at least 17 people injured in a stampede near a gate at the airport in kabul. we will bring you more details on that as it develops throughout the show. meanwhile, the taliban insists that they will be granted amnesty and that women's rights will be upheld. >> women will be afforded all their rights whether it is in work or other activities because women are a key part of society and we are guaranteeing all their rights within the limits of islam. ainsley: this as the terror group is caught beating afghans attempting to reach the airport and a woman is murdered for
3:56 am
goings in public, walking out in public without her burqa. next guest these first female air force pilot in afghanistan's history fears the taliban's oppressive laws and fears they can be stronger now than ever before. -- good morning to you. >> good morning. >> are tell us, first of all, i want to hear your story. >> well, since the 2001, when the u.s. invaded afghanistan, i become the first afghan female pilot because for over years and years taliban silenced the woman. they didn't want the woman to be in the military. they did not want woman to wear uniform, to be part of the society. and this shows the freedom and the symbol of freedom that the united states brought to afghanistan. and it was one of -- it was me. and, of course, of the taliban did not like that. i have a it been receiving
3:57 am
threats from the taliban since 2013 and been ashamed by not being a good person, by wearing the uniform in my family and myself put in danger and targeted by taliban. ainsley: so then you had to flee to the united states? >> yes, unfortunately in 2016. the situation never stopped for me. so unfortunate that the way that afghan government abandoned afghanistan at the moment, they abandoned me long time ago. and i had zero support no. support. nobody supported me. they just basically handed me to just be killed in the middle of city. and there would be other killed me for that. what i have done wrong because i wanted to serve my country. and it's so upsetting that i do not want the story to repeat again. i do not want this for any other girls in the world to see this and go through this. because it's very painful. that you get punished for
3:58 am
something that you haven't done anything wrong just because you are a woman that's what you deserve in afghanistan just to be punished and killed. ainsley: you were very brave to too what you did. you wanted to fight for your country which we celebrate here in our country. that's why you had to come here for refuge. what about your family? are they still there? >> unfortunately, my family is still there. and since i haven't heard what happened in afghanistan, i cannot sleep, i cannot get my mind together, i am so in fear for their security. and, of course, it hasn't been only about me. my family is in danger. my parents, because they supported me entire time, entire my career and, of course, they have been targeted by the taliban as well. and now i am definitely, definitely scared for their life. because if the u.s. leaves and the taliban now promise that they are going to give all the rights for woman.
3:59 am
that's not absolutely right. i do not believe it because we will be the world be -- the world will be the witness of the taliban that they are going to stone a woman in a kabul stadium again for nothing. ainsley: wow, was it worth it to you to not have your family here to have to leave your country? you could have done what they told you to do to stay there. you stood up you were brave. was it worth it? >> i'm still happy for what i did, and i will always be happy and proud for what i did. at least i have a voice for other afghan woman. and i hope -- i am sure afghan women are strong and every day fighting for their rights. i just wish somebody will save them from this situation. because from this situation, afghan woman is going to get hurt the most. this is a war against woman. not against men. this is exactly what the afghan woman is going to be witness and
4:00 am
going through from now on. and i am not actually degrading what i have done. i'm proud of it. i'm so much in fear for my family that i do not want to put them at river for what i have done for my country. ainsley: well, i know you are speaking out because you are a strong woman and doing this to help other women over there. niloofar, thank you so much. may god bless you and may god bless your family. >> thank you, i appreciate that. ainsley: the second hour of "fox & friends" starts now. ♪ ♪ brian: the national security adviser admits u.s. weapons have fallen into taliban hands. >> we don't have a sense that they are going to readily hand it over to us. >> there really is a worst case scenario in every state and form. >> the mastermind behind the taliban tackover. we had him in custody but he was released for bowe bergdahl. >> these are the worst of the worst, 732 of them. >> two shots aren't good enough. the white house is about to push
4:01 am
a covid booster shot. >> boosters could start being administered as soon as la mid to late september. >> it's not good timing and it distracts from our main mission right now. >> it across the country at odds with school boards over mask mandates. >> we are defying these illogical, nonsensical, one sided guidelines. steve: this is a fox news alert breaking right now, at least 17 people are hurt in a stampede at the airport in kabul. this is breaking news. ainsley: afghans are desperate to escape the taliban takeover. video shows taliban members violently beating a man just trying to get to the airport. brian: it could get worse. if it's like last time they had power they will. peter doocy joins us from the white house as the president makes first call with a world leader since kabul's collapse, peter, it's amazing. just one. >> this is a president who tried to contrast himself with trump by saying once he took over, america is not going to go alone, we are going to lead with our allies. he didn't talk to any of them.
4:02 am
while this was all going on. as kabul was falling. until last night when he finally rang boris johnson in the u.k. and the white house tells us in a read out they agreed to hold a virtual g-7 leader's meeting next week to discuss a common strategy and approach. and this is what they're dealing with the taliban reportedly killed a woman for not wearing a burqa the same day taliban leaders explain what women must do to live under taliban rule. quote: we are committed to the rights of women under the system of sharia. they are going to be working shoulder to shoulder with us. >> we would like to assure the international community that there will be no discrimination. taliban fighters have also been seen beating people on the way to the airports the main hub for 15,000 americans to escape the country. and many of these fighters now have weapons designed and paid for by the u.s. >> don't have a complete picture, obviously, of where
4:03 am
every article of defense materials has gone but, certainly, a fair amount of it has fallen into the hands of the taliban. >> the national security adviser jake sullivan says the u.s. intends to get all 15,000 americans, many stranded away from the airport out. but nobody is explaining whether these americans are going to have help from u.s. troops if they are still stuck past the last day of august, which is the last day president biden wants u.s. troops to be on the ground. back to you. steve: all right. hey, peter, got a question for you. yesterday, you just mentioned jake sullivan, the national security adviser. he said that apparently we are in contact with the taliban, and the taliban has agreed to allow for safe passage for civilians to the airport. buff, as you know, bret baier reported yesterday, about the same time, that apparently there are checkpoints around the airport, the taliban people are saying hey, turn around, you are not going over there so how are they going to fix that? >> they are not saying. the state department is also
4:04 am
advising americans to shelter in place until they get instructions because the u.s. government cannot guarantee their safe passage to the airport. so if there is some secret way that they have worked out with the taliban for u.s. citizens who are far away from the airport, to get there, they have not shared it yet. and maybe there is an prational reason for that. ainsley: so chaotic and rumors spreading around everyone in the white house behind you, everyone is blaming everyone. what's the truth there? >> well, the truth is, that we didn't expect president biden to come back until later on today for an event about covid-19 booster shots. but, he wound up come back from camp david last night and so there is a new urgency. he has been back and forth, pack and forth from camp david to here and delaware. but, it seems like there is finally a desire for everybody just to get on the same page or actually be in the same room to
4:05 am
try to figure out what's going on. steve: yeah. it did not work out well. peter, thank you very much. there is a report out that regarding what you said blame game going on. why didn't the united states act sooner in the pentagon is blaming the state department. you should have gotten the people out faster. the state department is blaming the intel community. they said you should have told us how short it was going to be. and the intel community said hey, we told you this could turn around on a dime. and it did. so there is a lot of cy namplet d.c. ainsley: it doesn't look good. the president is on vacation. is he not talking to world leaders that. was announced yesterday earlier in the day and later in the day he picked up the phone and talked to the prime minister of the u.k. boris johnson. but, our embassy is closed there. so the americans that are trapped there, how do they get out? where do they go for refuge. >> according to the people at the airport but how do you get to the airport? ainsley: you are supposed to fill out a form tom cotton said last night. fill out a form we will know that you are there.
4:06 am
you should shelter in place. left these civilians, we pulled out the military before we got out the innocent civilians there. brian: we left all our armament there. probably not going to be able to use the airplanes. they believe what left flew to another country with the pilots in them. thank you. it looks as though they have our bases and all of the prisoners are out. we are looking at whose fault is this? how could the president of the united states july 6th in other interviews and by the way he speaks to george stephanopoulos tonight. i hope stephanopoulos brought his heavy artillery everything that happened not happen. who is he listening to? turns out reports are that the intel agencies gave him bad information. the intel agency never given bad information. reading the "new york post" today there are documents showing in detail what could happen if pulled out right away. basically this also, austin looks like lloyd austin the secretary who is inexcusable
4:07 am
that he hasn't had a press conference is inexcusable listening to spokespeople. he was against this move. he said there is great risk there commanding officer on the ground. thinks highly of him as general. i don't know what he is talking about secretary of defense. the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff not only said 2500 should stay. he thinks 4,000 could be effective. and joe biden he had earlier in his career. he did not want the surge with barack obama. i get it but he always said the best thing we could do there is kill terrorists. i agree. but how are we going to do that over the horizon. it's not going to be effective and condoleezza rice headlines today. tens of thousands believing in america put them into.
4:08 am
>> and what has become abundantly clear at this point, given the fact so quickly. got to figure the pentagon people military will on the ground are saying listen, we know that you are in charge. get everybody out and then you have got the country. you have got to figure it's that simple. because the taliban essentially trying to sound like we have turned over a new leaf. we are going to allow women to join our movement. they don't have to wear the burqa anymore. they have got wear the hijab, they say the taliban of 2021 is much different than 20 years ago. but, there was a journalist who asked admiral kirby a tough question the other day. she is the one who was wearing the afghan flag mask.
4:09 am
she was very emotional about her country. she was on "fox & friends first." there she is right there a couple days ago. talking about the women of afghanistan. what rights will they have next year? listen. my opinion of the afghan women, the afghan journalist, it's really difficult and really hard to change somebody's ideology. i doubt of the taliban change. i'm so worried about the afghan people, afghan woman. i believe strongly that afghan woman they are very strong. they are very brave. will fight. they will fight for their rights. ainsley: some wonder if this could have been prevented. this takeover of the taliban because when you look who is in charge, the commander of this group, the taliban, was in gitmo. in 2014, barack obama and joe biden, made the decision to release five of those detainees, the most dangerous, the pentagon
4:10 am
said too dangerous to release. they traded them for the deserter, bowe bergdahl. now, that commander, is sitting right there at the desk making commands and taking over afghanistan. jacqui heinrich, our reporter in washington, pressed jen psaki on this. does the president regret it? listen. >> the administration is left to negotiate with the taliban, including one of the commandos released from prisoner swap when president biden was vice president. how is he digesting. >> that first i would note one i would point to the department of it intelligence to assess the individual. that's not my -- i would also note prior negotiations and commitments made during the trump administration, there were thousands of individuals who were released. so, our focus right now is on,
4:11 am
again, not taking the taliban's word for it. we are assessing, we are closely watching. and we are being very clear about the capacities and the capabilities we have at hand should they be needed. of course, that's not our objective. brian: pretty amazing. no one has high expectations for the taliban wanting international acceptance. right now the best move we have. maybe the maximum leverage we have is money. we were -- we are in control of the money. and so far we understand we have frozen central bank and only have access to .1% of it there secretary of treasury says about $9 billion. froze it. so they have no money to operate. we obviously know where it is. and we have been supplying that government with finances. trying the best we can the previous one, so that is leverage we could conservative candidate that's supposed to succeed america, he says forces the greatest debacle that nato has experienced since its
4:12 am
foundation. we also know the european union intends to be nice us. he says 9 kind of troop withdrawal they've went on to say noting the long-term demise of nation building projects and decision to withdrawal has foisted on europeans. meanwhile they are saying all these refugees are going to flood their border like the syria civil war, quote, the era is over. unfortunately the west and europe are showing they are weaker globally. and the president with all of his experience and all tease numbers that he has got in his phone has not called anyone to explain why he ignored his own intel agencies and did this by the way there was 5,000 to 7,000 international troops willing to stay and fight when we left, they had no choice. steve: you spoke to an army vet and former gitmo guard earlier on "fox & friends" about what's going on montgomery granger, here he is. >> gitmo detainees to the battlefield message acknowledge
4:13 am
the global protect us from that threat. namely our brave men and women in uniform. all that support them. including our allies. with few exceptions, these detainees are the worse of the worse. i think if we had america first president instead of america last president, that would be a no go. and i think that all those guys in gitmo belong there. i think with few exception, most of them should still be in there. ainsley: the taliban spokesperson has 80,000 followers on twitter. he is allowed to keep that account up twitter is saying as long as he doesn't get too violent. his account was taking down off of the tiktok and facebook but twitter is allowing it. brian: can't do funny videos what a shame. morning cult poll. asked how many want to stay in afghanistan 80% would say no. it has now dropped it 20 points. 49 percent said we should stay in afghanistan.
4:14 am
so 51 percent said wouldn't. sas steve: well, toond now we are just trying to pick up the pieces. we have lots of great guests to talk about this and some more. great mark levin and taya kyle. ainsley: morgan ortagus and charles payne. brian: also hear from an american stuck in afghanistan and the first female fighter pilot in afghanistan's air force. where are the planes? where are the people? ainsley: they have our black hawks apparently you say they flew them out of the country? steve: flew out 65 of them. one of the countries uzbekistan maybe shot down one of the planes where the afghanis were just trying to fly it out of the country, boom. they shot it out of the sky. brian: air force they didn't use to stop the taliban, go figure.
4:15 am
meanwhile jillian mele, one thing we can count on is you to deliver the news. jillian: i'm here, yes. i have the news. let's combine in florida because a florida police officer tragically dies two months after being shot in the head during a traffic stop. officer jason rainer has been in critical condition after since the june incident. the daytona beach police department says he passed away with family by his side. dozens of officers gathered outside the hospital for a fallen officer. texas border patrol agents arrest two ms-13 gang members after they illegally enter the u.s. one of them is from el salvador and convicted of murder by a california court in 19 6. he was sentenced to three years behind bars. the other man is from honduras. cbp says both men had previously been deported from the u.s. let's go it a live look at the white house for today. president biden is expected to recommend a covid booster shot for most vaccinated americans. the dose would serve as extra
4:16 am
protection against the delta variant as cases surge across the u.s. it would likely be administered 8 months after the second dose. boosters could start being administered as soon as mid to late september after the fda formally approves the pfizer and moderna shots. it's still unclear if boosters will be recommended for johnson & johnson jab recipients. and a terrifying moment overshadows a chicago white sox win and we do want to warn you, this may be hard to watch. >> oh. got hit in the head. jillian: oh my goodness. oakland apartment's pitcher taking 100 mile-per-hour line drive to the face during the game that chicago he was carted off the field and tone to a hospital. the team says he is, quote, conscious and aware. i feel like we have seen that happen so many times this season. >> so awful. steve: there is no reaction time. ainsley: did you see what his face looked like? was it bad?
4:17 am
jillian: i cannot. steve: hope he is okay. as stranded americans cry out for answers, we are learning the white house is turning to the taliban for help. morgan ortagus, general keith kellogg and dan hoffman are going to join us live on the stunning development coming up. ♪ ♪ my psoriatic arthritis pain? i had enough! it's not getting in my way. joint pain, swelling, tenderness... much better. my psoriasis, clearer... cosentyx® works on all of this. four years and counting. so watch out. i got this! watch me. real people with active psoriatic arthritis look and feel better with cosentyx. cosentyx works fast for results that can last. it treats the multiple symptoms
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like the athletes competing in tokyo, these entrepreneurs have a fierce work ethic and drive to achieve - to change the game and inspire the team of tomorrow. steve: all right, here in new york city, the mandate is going out if you want to go into restaurants and stuff like that, you have got to prove you have had the vaccine and it's getting a lot of blow back. meanwhile, down in south korea,
4:22 am
they are fighting the school mask mandate in charleston county the schools there. everybody is going to have to wear a mask. but last night in charleston city, the city council there had a meeting on proposed school mask mandates and it got heated. ainsley: it got so heated. parents are furious. so mad that they did not pass the mask ordinance. there is one mother that we interviewed and she said she moved from new york to get away. >> i'm a mother of two children and small business owner, a previous educator holding a three psychology. fled the tyranny of new york in 2021. alone. today i am as enemy, the super spreaders, the antiscience crew and now most instantly domestic
4:23 am
terrorists. we are here because we are defying these illogical, nonsensical one sided guidelines. we are parents and our job is to protect our children. steve: so at the end of the meeting, they did not pass the ordinance. even though in the county they are going to have to wear masks. i spoke to somebody who has heard -- her fourth grader in pickens south carolina. they opened about 0 days ago for class in person great. they have had 142 students who have tested positive along with a number of teachers. so, the school district said, you know what? we're going to send kids home. we'll do zoom in a room but there will not be in person learning. that's causing a big problem because they just changed their mind a couple days ago a and what are working parents supposed to do like amanda rollins. she says it's one thing to decide on the school the school basis. but to have a blanket
4:24 am
determination that's just not fair. listen. >> send an email out to parents. i believe it was sunday night that said we have decided to return face to face on august 23rd, this coming monday. and they are looking at their safety protocols to see what they can do differently. and like i said i want everyone to be safe and but also receive the quality education that they kids deserve. ainsley: i understand her point. why close down the entire district? why send everyone home and do zoom if it's one classroom or one school? steve: one school that doesn't have any covid cases that's one thing. but when you look at the numbers, the school district has 142 students that have tested positive for covid. that is double the number of people who had covid in the schools in the last year. that's why apparently they freaked out. ainsley: i'm sure the parents were like yes, they made it back in school. we did it successfully.
4:25 am
we are back to normal and then two weeks later, 11 days later, never mind. brian: here we go 24 minutes after the hour we change gears. china is painting military as weak american forces from afghanistan still yawg gotten by the way. morgan ortagus will be here live. cut the deal between president trump and dan hoffman the cia's perspective on how the intel community is fighting back after being smeared by this administration. ♪ ♪ usaa is made for the safe pilots. like mac. who can come to a stop with barely a bobble. with usaa safepilot, when you drive safe... can save up to 30% on your auto insurance. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. get a quote today. ♪♪ i'm chi lan, i am a mom, and a real estate agent. after having a kid, everything that you used to do for yourself goes out the window.
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4:29 am
♪ >> for american citizens and others expressed interest in relocation out of afghanistan. shelter in until and unless you receive a communication from the u.s. embassy. brian: how is that acceptable? shelter in place? no way to get americans out. ned price looks scared to death and he is way over his head. the state department telling thousands of americans trapped in afghanistan just stick around this as the white house relies on the taliban for, quote, safe passage for evacuations just weeks after president biden said he didn't trust the militant group. try to get your head around all of this. joining us now to react former
4:30 am
state department spokesperson morgan ortagus. former national security adviser to the vice president mike pence jeff kellogg and dan hoffman. today the intelligence community strikes back. unnamed sources reveal and documents prove that joe biden and his staff knew the risk of this pull out and saying he was surprised means he wasn't paying attention or he is lying. i guess you would notice your people are sounding off through the media. >> well, i think there is a bit of frustration here frankly and calling this an intelligence failure is really just a red herring. this was a policy decision by president biden. he made it clear during the campaign that he wanted our troops out. i think he mischaracterized our involvement in afghanistan as an endless war, really we were deployed out there. and i served in that region for two years. we were there to detect threats and preempt item before they were visited on our shores. this is a policy failure and a
4:31 am
failure of execution of the withdrawal of our innocent -- of innocent civilians as well as our core of diplomats and other officials. we removed our capacity to deal with those contingencies by closing bagram air force base and removing our footprint. it's no surprise having to rely on the taliban as horrific as that sounds for safe passage right now for oure. brian: it's humiliating. gene thanks for having me. made a deal with the taliban over 18 months ago, an agreement with him. and also with the ghani government going forward. and very clear about it series of conditions dates going to go and continue to withdraw. the last at a time of withdrawal
4:32 am
we would leave 2500 troops in place with 3500 paramilitary gina haspel the cia plus the air power there enemy we had an agreement. an agreement was a reconciliation government a peace treaty going forward. we were going to ensure that until those conditions were met, we weren't moving. we told ghani that, more importantly, the president of the united states, donald trump, picked up the phone and called the chief negotiator for the taliban who we have gotten out of a pakistani jail and told him in only terms that trump can relay that if you screw this deal up, we know where you live. and we're going to come after you. he understood that and because of that for the last 18 months, not a single american soldier had been killed in afghanistan. they respected strength. he respected power. and we were very, very clear on the end state. and until that end state was complete, we weren't moving. brian: ghani would have been gone. put together some coalition government. more than likely iten over.
4:33 am
but just the fact that you are dealing with the taliban, a lot of people are critical of as the president brought up last night. who else am i going to deal with? morgan ortagus, the answers we got yesterday about americans stuck no, guarantee to get them out. no guarantee to push back this deadline end of august, unacceptable. how does this happen? what do we do from here? >> well, what happens when there is absolutely no plan in place, brian. so the embassy had to put out these messages and they thought the best way to keep americans safe was to tell them to shelter in place. that is very sad. it's tragic, but it's a reflection of the fact that they never anticipated that this would happen, clearly. tony blinken had said, i think, in june well it's not like afghanistan that kabul would fall from a friday to a monday and kabul literally fell from a friday to a monday. i think the embassy state department is stuck in between the rock and a hard place. they either tell americans to shelter in place and negotiate with the taliban or they get our military into a shooting war
4:34 am
trying to get americans out. brian: so, dan, in general, real quick, how do we open up those artery? we had about 3500 on the ground. going to get as big as 9,000. we don't have a base of operations. if i gave you the charter to open up the arteries to allow americans and allies to get into kabul and the airport and gone, what would you do first? general? >> i would set up a lane of access to the airport and tell the americans to go this lane of access and united states military strength paratroopers on the ground and marines on the ground to enforce that i would pick up the phone and call the leaders of the taliban and say we are going to do this. do not screw with us. we will ensure that our people get out of there. this shelter in place is necessary but it proves to everybody in the world how bad our planning was. brian: dan, now we have no cover, men in camouflage walking down the snreets taliban run afghanistan makes them
4:35 am
vulnerable, correct? >> yeah. for sure. and the taliban have imposed checkpoints throughout the city. and i think even if we warn taliban leadership the taliban it's not like they are very disciplined force and exercise command and control over all of their militants. the concern that i would have is for all of our people trying to get out and getting into that lane as the general mentioned is how they do that safely and securely with patrols of taliban militants hunting them down potentially. brian: he says the answer is going to be strong and direct, right? okay. are we back at war, morgan? >> we're not back at war. we are negotiating with them. i think we are trying to recover from just a disastrous embarrassment to the whole world. and, brian, we talked about this a lot. you know, what does this show the rest of the world? you see that the chinese are already having a field day with what the events we have seen transpire over the past week. they spoke -- i thought it was interesting. the chinese government spoke directly to the citizens of taiwan and said see, the americans won't be here for you.
4:36 am
they won't be here to defend you. so we're going to see that all over the place. we are going to see the iranians use propaganda. see the russians use this propaganda. our enemies are having a field day. by the way they all have embassies open. china and russia has their enemies open in afghanistan. they have relationships with the taliban. this is a win for them. brian: i don't even know why we closed our embassy. we should have secured it and left it. guys, thanks so much. appreciate it. and morgan, you too. i meant that collective guys. meanwhile, straight ahead, americans may be on the hook for afghan refugees as democrats taxpayer dollars to fund resettlement. isn't that nice. host of making money charles payne joins us next. ♪ ♪
4:37 am
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for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn? ainsley: this is a fox news alert some democrats already eyeing budget reconciliation money for the afghanistan refugee settlement, as part of their $3.5 trillion infrastructure plan. this comes as the new report reveals that the 20-year war already cost taxpayers $978 billion from the fiscal year. here to react is air force veteran and host of making money on fox business, charles payne. good morning, charles. >> good morning, ainsley. ainsley: good morning. so that's the conservative number, right? almost a trillion dollars spent on this war? and now we are going to use taxpayer dollars to pay for the refugees after biden botched this pull out plan. >> it's just, i mean, it's -- i would say comedy of errors but that would understate everything. that's the mostly department of defense. you know, there is a lot that
4:42 am
goes into this, a better number, a more realistic number is from brown university. $2.2 trillion. here's the catch. 296 billion spent on veterans care. you know, once they come back from the war. how about this number? 530 billion spent on the interest on the interest on the money that we have had to borrow to fight this war. 530 billion. $300 million a day. i want people to put all of this into focus. now, think about the images we saw this he can would. a plane loads, plane loads, cargo planes full of men, able-bodied men who left their women behind, their children behind, listen, i think we do have some obligation to the people there who helped us. now, this is all part of the planning. we didn't have to pull out. we didn't have to make the world -- retreating like this. we could have gotten those people out. focused on the families first. the military could have stayed behind and secure, orderly and
4:43 am
smart. disaster. what i'm concerned about now is how these numbers are going to be inflated. i have read that some people think there is as many as 88,000 folks who have either helped us and their extended families and things like that. the vetting process. i know they say there is one in place. but come on, look at the chaos that we have seen there, ainsley, there is no real vetting in place. all those 600 men on that plane that we saw in the photography able-bodied men who left their families, their country behind. give me break. i think we owe a serious obligation to those people who put themselves on the line and their families but right now. i know what's going to happen. i know it's going to happen in congress. this thing is going to become a boon dog and watch the numbers go through the roof for something -- by the way, let's get our people out first, right? let's get our folks out first. ainsley: we don't even know how many we have over there. how are we going to vet the afghan individuals? we don't know how many we have over there because this thing
4:44 am
was so stupid so haphazard so irresponsible so, yes, we are dealing like from -- we are going through the rubble of a mess trying to figure out how to do this in a timely, delicate manner, and i hope politics don't play a role in this from here on out. i just hope this is strictly a military and intelligence operation so that we can do the best that we can, a, of course, to your point, get our folks out. how many are over there, get them out right now. now a hair on their head should be harmed. and then let's make sure we vet the folks that we bring over there. we want to help those who help us. that is it. we have spent $3.2 trillion, 500, almost 600 billion on interest. think about that for a moment. how many schools could we have funded with that money? how many people could we have helped in this country. it's time to get smart about this. ainsley: charles, thank you so much. you can watch charles "making money" on fox business today at 2:00 eastern time. it is 7:44 here on the east coast. hand it over to jillian for more
4:45 am
headlines. jillian: that's right. good morning, ainsley. nearly 2,000 people now confirmed dead after the massive earthquake in haiti. nowly 10,000 are hurt. hospitals pleading for help saying they can't keep up with incoming patients. tropical storm grace adding to the devastation. hitting the country with heavy rain and winds. wiping out this for those who lost power and lost their homes in the earthquake. the storm is expected to become a hurricane as it heads towards mexico. the man seen in this shocking video dangling from a cable car ride has died after falling 50 feet to the ground. utah police say it's unclear how the 32-year-old ended up over the safety bar at lagoon amusement park. he did not appear to be struggling to get back on. officials do not believe the sky ride malfunctioned. the incident is under investigation. every state accept new hampshire and new mexico grappling with the shortage of special education teachers. that's according to the department of education, some district are offering monetary incentives to feel hundreds of
4:46 am
vacancies, others are looking to certify teachers already on the payroll to take on special ed classes. and to california, where governor gavin newsom $6 million mansion ahead of next month's recall election. property records show the democrats sold his pregovernorship home outside of san francisco in may. 4,000 square foot house four bed many ares and 5 bedrooms, pool, hot tub and views of the san francisco bay. that is a look at your headlines. send it back to you. ainsley: recalled and moves out of the mansion where he is going to go. >> that's a good question. ainsley: have to buy another one. check in with adam klotz. >> hey, it is hot and sticky and steamy out here on fox square. the story across the country though, mayb soggy in a couple of town squares as we look at the past 24 hours. this is post tropical cyclone fred. you see it lift from the southeast getting up to the appalachian mountains, heavy
4:47 am
rain currently in eastern ohio, portions of west virginia, virginia, pennsylvania, this will eventually shift its way up into upstate new york. but we are going to see another 3 to 4 inches flood watches and warnings because of very, very heavy rain and that will be some rain eventually falling in new york city here also. those those are your weather headlines, ainsley, back into you. ainsley: we will be prepared. thank you, adam. coming up next, women across afghanistan fearing death as the taliban takes over this as the country's all girl's robotic team is desperately trying to taliban controlled country. our next guest a human rights lawyer direct directly from the women in danger. and she is going to speak out next. ♪ ♪ oh! are you using liberty mutual's coverage customizer tool? so you only pay for what you need. sorry? limu, you're an animal!
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steve: afghanistan's all-girls robotics team is desperately trying to flee the taliban-controlled country. we invited team members to share their message on our show, but they're too afraid to speak out, and you blame them? our next guest is an advocate for women in afghanistan, and she says a disturbing voicemail
4:52 am
from anonymous woman in afghanistan. listen. steve: please help us. kimberly motley is a human rights lawyer fighting for these women and members of the u.s. military, and she joins us now. kimberly, good morning. >> thank you for having me. steve: tell us about the robotics team. who are they? >> i mean, the afghan girls' robotics team are girls between 12-18 who are these amazing, educated young women who are into s.t.e.m., who are -- they build robots. during the covid crisis, they actually built a ventilator, and this is significant because i think at that time when they built it, there were, like, five ventilators in afghanistan.
4:53 am
and they competed around the world in different competitions including in canada and won awards. so they are the future of afghanistan. steve: absolutely. apparently, they built the ventilators out of car parts. so these are geniuses, and they want to get out because they're just worried about if the taliban -- we've seen this movie before, kimberly. if the taliban takes over the government as they have taken over the country, there could be problems for women. >> i mean, i think we're definitely seeing those problems for women, and frankly, if this government wants any legitimacy, then they need to agree right now, realtime, that all women and girls should have freedom of movement within the country without a male guardian and also go out of the country by air and land. if this government wants any legitimacy, they need to make sure that women's rights are respected and are fold x if they're not, there -- followed, and if they're not, there needs to be consequences. they need to allow women to have businesses. these are things they can do
4:54 am
right now in realtime. stop telling girls schools are closed. stop turning women away from their jobs. stop painting in black paint in public over women's faces. if they want to be legitimate, they can actually show the world that they are for women's rights. steve: i know justin trudeau, prime minister of canada, has been a big supporter of what they're doing. you have reached out to the canadian government. they would like to help, but the problem as a we've been detailing this morning, kimberly, is other countries may want to take them, but they can't get to the airport to fly out of that place. >> i mean, it's a chaotic mess, unfortunately. i think part of the problem is, is that women are scared. i mean, as you saw in the pictures in afghanistan, there's virtually no women that you see in those pictures, those horrible pictures at the airport were people were throwing
4:55 am
themselves on planes. it's just all men. there's a reason for that. it's, frankly, again, this government needs the allow women to move freely within the country, period. and also to move freely outside of the country. i mean, i know right now there are high proprofile women that are currently on house arrest. they haven't committed any crimes, but they're currently on house arrest. and if they want to be legitimate show us, not just by words -- tier -- steve: right. >> show us. steve: you're also working with u.s. military members trying to get passage into the united states or just out of afghanistan for their interpreters and other afghanis. we've heard the number, up to 80,000, trying to get them out before it's too late. >> exactly. i mean, there's so many u.s. military folks that have reached out to me that have people that they fought -- afghans that they fought along siepped, pilots, interpreters, things like that, including women, by the way, who
4:56 am
our government is turning our back to. these are people that have been is embedded, fought bravely alongside our military members, and a lot of the u.s. military community feels very strongly about protecting them as well. they just feel like we're doing such a disservice. for a lot of the military members, literally there's reports they're going door to door looking for them. so have to do something about this. steve: absolutely. well, thank you very much for joining us and telling us about the robotics team, and good luck trying to get those people out of the country. kimberly motley, human rights lawyer, thank you. all right. coming up next, gold star families and veterans are expressing frustration over the 20-year war and how it's ending. the lone survivor, marcus luttrell, join us us with the widow of the american sniper, kris kyle, next. no way.
4:57 am
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or that her grandpa's dog tags would be left behind. but that one call got her a tow and rental... ...paid her claim... ...and we even pulled a few strings. making it easy to make things right: that's what we're made for. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. get a quote today. ♪♪ >> thousands of americans still stuck in afghanistan -- >> can you guarantee u.s. troops help them evacuate? >> that is day by day. >> policy failure. it's no surprise we're having to rely on the taliban. >> meanwhile, there is growing concern about the weapons left behind. >> a fair amount of it has fallen into the hands of the taliban. >> it's a disaster, embarrassment to the whole world. >> the taliban has said that women's rights will be upheld, this as a woman is murdered for going in public without her
5:01 am
burka. >> this is a war against women, not against men x this is exactly what the afghan woman is going to be dealing with. >> the former president of the united states remains blocked from twitter. the taliban hasn't broken any of the rules yet, the stance. brian: straight to a fox news alert, the taliban putting up checkpoints around kabul's airport, i should stay still, making it even harder for afghans to leave. steve: they're trying to intimidate them. meanwhile, 17 people were hurt in a stampede at the airport just this morning as thousands of americans are suck in the country -- stuck in the country being told to shelter in place. ainsley: people are at the gates saying let me in. peter doocy joins us with more. >> reporter: good morning. officials here are saying thousands of american troops on the ground in kabul are just there to secure the actual airport. they are not going to be going into neighborhoods and rounding
5:02 am
up the 15,000 or so americans in country who need to be sack waited. for that -- evacuated. for that, u.s. officials are going to rely on the goodwill of the taliban. >> the taliban have informed us that they are prepared to if provide the safe passage of civilians to the airport. and we intend to hold them to that commitment. >> reporter: we do not know what goes into that deal. we hope to find out later today. meanwhile, president biden came back from camp david for the second time in two days as officials reveal he didn't speak to any allies while kabul fell. and we got word late last night he and boris johnson finally talked and agreed to hold a virtual g7 leaders' meeting next week to discuss a common strategy and approach. this is what they're dealing with, the taliban reportedly killed a woman for not wearing a burka in public the same day they explained what women must do to live under taliban rule. quote: we are committed to the rights of women under the system
5:03 am
of sharia. we would like to assure the international community that there will be no discrimination. we will see president biden later on today delivering an address about his administration's covid response and vaccination efforts. back to you. steve: we've seen his response to what's going on in afghanistan. peter, you started your report talking about how the people who are stuck in afghanistan, americans and what not, who need to leave, jake sullivan said they are relying on the goodwill of the taliban for safe passage. do we have any instances where we've seen some goodwill by the taliban? >> reporter: no. and officials are saying if the taliban strikes out at u.s. forces or interferes with the evacuations, then the u.s. military will strike back. but the full u.s. military effort right now is just happening at the airport. these people are not at the airport yet. and so the officials here at the
5:04 am
white house, pentagon and state department have been asked what are you going to do, and also are you going to go -- can u.s. citizens in afghanistan count on american troops' help after the end of august when they're supposed to leave, and jake sullivan yesterday said they don't want to get into hypotheticals about that. steve: right. it's a yes or no. ainsley: that's crazy. if we have americans over there, we have to commit to getting them out safely. thank you so much, peter. brian: so the intel agencies have had it. they have been getting the blame for this from this administration through unnamed sources and directly are were all surprised by this. were they really? "the new york times" writes today classified assessments by american spy agencies over the summer painted a grim picture of the prospect of a taliban takeover and warned that the rapid collapse of the afghan military, it was going to be the case, even as president biden and his advisers told us what they told us on july 6th. of later on in july more intel
5:05 am
reports questioned when any afghan security forces could muster serious resistance and hold on to kabul. how could the united states say he's surprise -- the president of the united states say he's surprised, leave our people vulnerable, pull out all our military, not do the paperwork, not get the planes in place, not provide the security to get the routes open to allow our people to leave let alone the afghans that have been allied with us for 20 years? this is inexcusable. and for jake sullivan, ron klain, ned price for them not to offer to resign in the biggest humiliation in modern american history, i think, militarily the biggest embarrassment is beyond me. ainsley: at least they're working though, brian. jake sullivan's been talking, standing up at the podium and giving us information. the president has been vacationing, came back at 9:00 last night, didn't talk to any
5:06 am
world leaders. finally, he picked up the phone last night and called boris johnson is. he closes our embassy, people who are stranded there can't get to the embassy and get help. they're told to shelter in place. fill out a form at the state department and let us know where you are. they left the civilians. meanwhile, our troops were pulled out before our civilians were. steve steve yeah. given the fact, brian, the intel community is fighting back, this is how washington works. when something goes haywire, it's never your fault. we heard from the pentagon on monday saying, hey, we told the president this was going to happen. the state department said, you know, we advised the president this could happen. the intel community says we gave the president all this information. ultimately, it was not an intel failure. it was not a military failure. it was a policy failure. joe biden has made it clear from the get go he was going the go through with this, and he's holding true to it. and as it turns out, it was a
5:07 am
gigantic miscalculation. ainsley: let's bring in our next guest, he and his family were supposed to return home to colorado last week but have lost all communication with their airline and the u.s. embassy. thank you for joining us -- steve: in afghanistan. ainsley: i'm hire you're feeling very scared -- sure you're feeling very scared. tell us about your situation. >> hi, everyone. i'm in kabul. i was in the airport, kabul airport 20 minutes ago, so i went to see if i can get in because i got an e-mail from the embassy, and it says safely get yourself to the airport so we can get you in. but when i got this, there's thousands of people in the street and walking around, and there's not easy at all to get in the gate which is on the east side of the airport. that's not a normal gate, they just open it up for us to get in. but there's a lot of people.
5:08 am
it's really hard to get in. brian: haroon, who are the people trying to get in? are they afghan citizens looking to get in? are they security? are they taliban? >> there are taliban on the roads, you can see all over there too, and there's afghan, i think afghan military. they call it unit 01. actually, that was a good thing, good thing and bad thing. they broke my phone. i was making a video, and they just threw it on the ground and broke it. i was, like, hey, i'm a citizen of america, i'm just trying to get in here here. i just went there the look to get an idea how to get in here. it's crowded. afghan citizens and permanent residents and afghans who have worked with americans, have the paperworks in their hand, and they're just -- they just want to get out of afghanistan.
5:09 am
we all know what's going to happen next few days or next couple weeks after america leave afghanistan. so everyone is scared. i have my family, they are waiting to get approved. like, my family, they were trying to go in there too because they know our embassy, our u.s. embassy not exist in afghanistan. they have no idea what else they can do. steve: sure. and we should point out you and your family went in afghanistan in june of this year to visit family, to care for your sick family, and our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. and now you want to get home. but the stories are americans are being told, like yourself, if the embassy, whatever's left of the embassy, shelter in place. have you heard shelter in mace? and also they -- in place? also they say there are these checkpoints where the taliban is
5:10 am
stopping people saying, where are you going? oh, you want to go to the airport? not today. did you see the taliban at the checkpoint in. >> exactly. today i went through, the issue just today. the day before yesterday i went to the embassy, i thought the embassy was open. when i went there, i saw taliban. so when i saw them, i couldn't get the courage to go and ask, hey, i'm american, i want to go in the embassy. i knew already america was gone. today when i went to the airport, what i saw was all the checkpoints they were asking where are you going, if you're going to the airport, not. why are you guys going? why are you guys leaving? they sound like normal, they just want to be like -- they don't let people get chose arer to the gates. no one wants to say, hey, i'm an american. so for my safety, for my family's safety, which already
5:11 am
our safety is at risk. and then my family, i'm try thing to get my -- trying to get my family out of here, both my parents and my father-in-law. worked with americans for nine years, security supervisors and all that stuff. and they don't deserve this, to stay in afghanistan and deal with taliban. everyone should get out of here as soon as possible because when america leaves, they're all -- steve: yeah. ainsley: well, we've shown video of the taliban yelling death to america. do you -- how do they respond to you when you tell them you're an american? i'm sure you're fearful. >> i don't think anyone's going to say that. ainsley: you can't say it? >> no. i'm not going to get out. i'm going because i'm an american, there's no way. and the american side is of the units, they're shooting, blindly
5:12 am
shooting right in front of the gate. there's thousands of people, two little children and other family with me, like my parents, my brothers, sister and their -- so if i take them with me, how are they going to make it through thousands of people? hey, here's my passport, i cannot show my passport from 1,000 feet away, hey, i'm an american. so how are they going to -- [inaudible] check my passport or take whatever i have, kill me with a knife or shoot me, whatever. brian: i just want to ask you one thing. couple of things. you said there's afghan forces that aren't taliban, but afghan forces are still a unit? >> yeah. there's a unit which is, i think it belong to -- they're afghans, but they're working with
5:13 am
americans, to is they call it unit 01, but they are providing security on the east side of the airport. and those people that went there today was checking the video from the street from thousands of people, i was just trying to take a video, and one of them just jumped and took my phone, hit it on the ground and crushed it like this. that's why -- brian: do you see the american troops anywhere in do you see americans anywhere? >> i saw americans, only one gate which is afghan and american together. so they are crowded right there. everyone's showing their paperworks. they should have some types of way to let people one by one and they can go in and check them inside. so way to just go on the street and because they're crossing in there right where you're standing in the road, the main road, people are right on the main road with kids, thousands of them, they're trying to show
5:14 am
their ids and their paperworks like -- it's really hard to the to go through with the kids. steve: you know, we reported a little while ago there was another stampede at the airport. we've seen the chaos over the last couple of days. this is all because of president biden's decision to do what he has done. haroon, the president of the united states will watch this video of you later -- >> oh, you're breaking, sir. steve: can you hear us? haroon? if -- hello -- >> yeah, i can hear you now, you were breaking. steve: okay, thank you. the president of the united states will see this video of you later today. what would you like to say to joe biden about a what is happening on the streets of kabul, ask, -- afghanistan, today? >> my message to biden is, please, as a human rights, as a people who serve for americans,
5:15 am
we put our live in danger, help them. and to help them for their goals. now we need biden or whoever has the power, please, help all these families that they're on the streets. their kids are not deserving this. they help you and they help america. they help the world. so they put their life at risk to help the world to do the right thing. this is what my family did. i'm not talking about just my family, i'm talking about all of those people that are right behind the airport. 80% of them, they have paperworks that proves they did work with america, they did work with americans. and now the talibans are right there. how you know they can videotape those guys and when you leave next month, they can one by one get them all up there and kill
5:16 am
them. they're showing the paperworks from hundred feet away. so, please, find a good way to get them all out. steve: yeah. ainsley: haroon, we saw images of a man in the back of the truck getting beaten, a woman who was dead on the ground, she didn't wear her head piece, her burka, so she was killed for that lying in a puddle of blood. we're hearing that there are gunshots being fired outside, another guy was stabbed at the airport. have you seen any of this? describe what you're seeing. >> since yesterday when i was going to the airport, i see a lot of families that they brought their woman on the street, i should say like homeless people, they've been sleeping on the streets waiting for and praying someone to come help and get them inside with the paperworks. i saw a lot of hem.
5:17 am
what's happening with with that'll barnes they're killing everyone. look at these -- taliban, they're killing everyone. they're kind of giving them -- or where are you going? so, like, why you have your baby out? they have to bring them out. they have to bring their kids out. so it looks like, they're just acting like they don't care. it's not true. it looks like they're giving people hard time, but they're just slowing down a little bit. there's no difference between -- brian: right. haroon, people at home say look at how the taliban went right through all these cities. it shows the afghan people want the taliban. they're happier with the taliban. what's the truth as you know it? >> someone has a rifle and says, hey, come here, you're going to go and give them a hug.
5:18 am
this is what's happening with the afghan people. with myself if i go out, me personally, i went to the taliban, hey, look, so happy that you're here, because i'm scared. steve: yeah. >> i'm scared. steve: survival. haroon if, do you feel given the situation you're in and thousands of other american afghanis, you're an american citizen, but thousands of afghans who worked for the u.s. government during our time there, do you feel abandoned by america? >> i feel -- all i want to say is i feel those thousands of people, they should be helped, and they should get them out of here. no one -- they're saying they're helping, but how? how do you help them? they're on the streets and you tell them show me your passport or your green card. you're telling them, -- where should they go?
5:19 am
just show us an office. u.s. embassy does not exist anymore, so we need an office that we can go. my parents, this video, i'm putting my life at risk and even my family's life because there are a lot of people that know me. for a while i'm taking my dad around because he was badly sick and now, gladly, he's doing okay. but everyone knows this. everyone sees these videos. my family's in danger now as well. like a lot of people. they need to go and ask for the help and check paperwork. my dad applied five years ago. he got denied because their companies they work with, they're not in afghanistan.
5:20 am
taking it really hard -- [inaudible] they have the pauperrerworks, it's not their fault that america left us here and don't answer anymore their phone number. they need to find a way to approve -- like 20 paperwork that shows he did work with american search team. all that stuff. they know him. but still they give him -- [inaudible] if embassy is not approving their cases. they're going harder. ainsley: haroon, you said that you were putting your life at risk by doing this interview and your parents' life at risk. why did you, why was it important for you to be on with us this morning? >> because i want the world to hear my voice. i want to hear this is what we
5:21 am
are struggling with. we need immediate help. mr. biden, please, help us, all these afghans who did support you, who help you. these people deserve this. you need to do this for them. as a human. brian: right. and you're an american. last thing. do you believe since russia kept their embassy open, since china kept their embassy open, are you surprised we just shuttered, took our flag and just left and closed our embassy? >> no one knows -- just went there and they're gone. steve: well, you are stuck in afghanistan. you went to visit your family and your sick dad a couple of months ago, and now you don't know how to get out. haroon -- ainsley: can i can ask one more quick question? are you filling out paperwork? how can you get word to america?
5:22 am
how are the americans there getting word to america what your address is? i don't know what joe biden's going to do, hopefully send troops to pluck out americans, save everyone's life. what's the process to let americans know where you are? >> the process for that, i mean, i already logged the forms for them, but i cannot give my address -- [audio difficulty] we give them the e-mail address and give them phone numbers. steve: right. and that way they can get in contact with you and say, to your point, this could be a rendezvous point or something like that. ainsley: hopefully, you can get your phone fixed. you're going to need that. steve: that's right. haroon, we'd like to talk to you again in a day or two to see how things are if you have not if
5:23 am
gotten out. ainsley: god bless you. please say a prayer for him and his family. steve: and thousands of others just like him. they want to leave, but they can't because the taliban is around the airport. brian: because we took out the military before we took out our civilians. jillian, you've been following the other news. >> reporter: it's devastating. brian: unbelievable. >> reporter: a manhunt is underway in southern california for the suspect who shot a sheriff's deputy during a traffic stop. the san bernardino county deputy is expected to be okay. in texas a county chief deputy was shot while trying to serve a warrant there. deputies engaged in an eight-hour-long standoff with the suspect. the deputy is seriously injured but is expected to recover. two people are hurt in separate violent attacks in new york city. first, a man with hit with a hatchet while pulling money from a man at -- manhattan atm.
5:24 am
the victim is hospitalized in stable condition. police say a man matching the suspect's description was found smashing car windows. and a woman is groped, then beaten in brooklyn. the nypd releasing this video showing a man a approaching the woman and groping her. when she tried fighting back with, the man punches her several times. her face is bruised and swollen, but she is said to be okay. police are still looking for that suspect. a supposed mask mandate failed after a city council meeting gets heated in charleston, south carolina. the mandate would have required people over 2 years old to wear a mask at all public facilities including schools and daycares. >> -- can here to represent the parents who are being portrayed as the enemy, the super-spreaders, the anti-science crew and now most recently as domestic terrorists. we are here because we are
5:25 am
defying these illogical, nonsensical, one-sided guidelines. >> reporter: while the city of charleston doesn't have a mandate, masks will be required at county schools through october 15th. that is a look at your headlines. ainsley, back to you. ainsley: thanks so much. the taliban spokesmen still allowed to stay on twitter as long as he doesn't, twitter says, get too violent. twitter claiming in part that their, quote: top priority is keeping people safe, and we remain vigilant. we will continue to proactively enforce our rules and review content, specifically policies against glorification of violence and platform manipulation and spasm author douglas murray joins us now to react. good morning, douglas are. >> good morning. ainsley: i know you heard the interview we just had, haroon, who's an american trapped in afghanistan. he is risking his life to come on fox news for, to give biden a message. yet the taliban is allowed to stay on twitter.
5:26 am
what's your reaction? >> we, it was a very moving interview, and i really hope that people in positions of power in washington hear that and act on it as fast as possible. it's an appalling situation that's occurred. as you just said there in the studio, you know, the troops were pulled out ahead of american civilian citizens, it's just unforgive bl as an oversight by the white house and the top military brass in america. but, yes, what you just mentioned there, it's an extraordinary thing, and it's something we've talked about before. you know, one of the stories that's been going on rumbling under this is the whole issue of social media platforms. twitter is perhaps the worst social media with platform in its total hypocrisy. we have seen in recent years conservative after conservative banned from the platform, is suspended from the platform, muted on the platform for expressing key views.
5:27 am
and that has -- conservative views. and that has develop on for years. at the same time, they were chucking conservatives off the platform, the group that carried out the mumbai massacre were still operating on twitter. and now we see this ultimate betrayal. and their demonstration, really, of a completely warped value system in twitter. the taliban, the taliban, a group that gives the term medieval a bad name, the taliban is allowed to be on twitter so long as they don't get violent. this is the sickness of the twitter and other social media platforms displayed for all of us to see. a group takes over a country, they're still allowed on a platform that believes that normal conservatives thought is just too dangerous for the american public to hear. ainsley: and they hope that they don't get too violent? isn't that what they embody? we just saw this morning a
5:28 am
woman, she didn't wear her burka, she went outside and was killed, lying in a pool of her blood with her family members and loved ones mourning over her body. that's not violence? the whole group is violent. >> exactly. what do they think the point of the taliban is if not violence? it's the only thing they do. what else are they? are they a humanitarian operation? are they some great finance whiz kids? if of course not. the one thing the taliban to do is violence. it's one thing they've done all of these decades. it's one thing they've done against american troops all of these years, existence british troops. it's -- against british troops. it's all that they do. the sick naivete of twitter even speaking like, it's totally reprehensible. ainsley: douglas murray, thank you for coming on. >> great pleasure. ainsley: coming up next, thousands of our servicemen and women paid the ultimate sacrifice fighting there in afghanistan. retired navy seal marcus loo
5:29 am
trel and ty ya kyle is going to join us as well. they're going to come on with their messages for those who lost loved ones. my nunormal? fewer asthma attacks with nucala. a once-monthly add-on injection for severe eosinophilic asthma. nucala reduces eosinophils, a key cause of severe asthma. nucala is not for sudden breathing problems. allergic reactions can occur. get help right away for swelling of face, mouth, tongue or trouble breathing. infections that can cause shingles have occurred. don't stop steroids unless told by your doctor. tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection.
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5:33 am
from afghanistan by the end of the month, gold star families and veterans are sharing their frustration as they watch the end of this 20-year war just as it started, with the taliban in control of the country. here with her message is taya kyle, widow of navy seal chris kyle. taya, good morning to you. >> hi, how are you? steve: doing okay. but, you know, i'm -- these images out of afghanistan are so frustrating, and they've got to be frustrating to you given how many americans have given their lives to make sure that the bad guys over there don't come over here. >> yeah. and it's 100% true. i also just want to give a little bit of hope -- i know there's a lot of widows and gold star families that are struggling. i've heard or that 70% of afghani population is 30 years or younger. don't know if that's true, but if it is, all of our warriors gave them such a way of life that they never would have had,
5:34 am
so their presence there is not in vain. id admit give them hope. there's no excuse for what's happening now, but their lives mattered. steve: i've been in contact with some gold star families, and they're frustrated and heartbroken that it's ending this way. america doesn't go into war to lose it. >> no, we don't. and, you know, this is an atrocity on so many levels. it's going to have a worldwide impact. i mean, india's in a rough place now, and that's going to have implications as well. china and india, islamabad, that's going to be a tangle that's going to affect all of us. in addition to the individuals there, right in that's the horrifying part, the people that are dying, interpreters, people who have helped us over the years, all of our allies. i don't know who would want to partner with us after this. steve: sure. i don't know if you were watching about a half an four ago, we had a fellow by the name of haroon, he's an american
5:35 am
citizen, went to see his father who's been sick, he can't get out. he went to the airport, it's a mess, show is us your passport. i can't do that or the taliban guy standing right over there is going to follow me home, and that's going to be it. and then there's video this morning of, apparently, an afghan girl at the airport, and there she is, right there, those are the images -- she is pleading with the americans, please, let me into the airport, please. get me out of this hell hole. your heart breaks for these people. >> oh, it's horrible. i mean, they know. they know the stories. they know it wasn't perfect while we were there, but it was so much better than what it's going to be. you have a terrorist organization running the place. it's going to be atrocious, and they know it. i cannot imagine how dehumanizing they have to be at the white house to just not even consider it, the human impact of this. it's awful. steve: you know, the white house
5:36 am
says we didn't think it was going to the to go this south this fast. but you know. you're a military family. the military plans for every possibility. and apparently, they were just really optimistic. , this is gonna go great. >> yeah. i don't think that biden's had a track record of doing well when it comes to the world, the business of the world impacts and military and all that. he has no, obviously, no experience. he's a career politician which don't even get me started, right? the whole other reason why we shouldn't have career politicians. they have no life experience and take things like this so casually that turn out catastrophic. steve: catastrophic is a good word. taya, thank you very much for joining us on this wednesday. >> thank you for having me. steve: all right. still ahead, former president donald trump has some harsh words for joe biden over the crisis in afghanistan. hear what he had to say to sean coming up. when the great one, mark levin,
5:37 am
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♪ >> i don't think in all of the years our country has ever been so humiliated. i don't know what you call it, a military defeat or a psychological defeat. hook at that big monster cargo plane yesterday with people grabbing the side and trying to get flown out of afghanistan because of their fear, their incredible fear. they're blowing off the plane from 2,000 feet up in the air. that blows the helicopters in vietnam away. that's not even a contest. this has been the most humiliating period of time i've ever seen. brian: and as expected, there's reporteds now of 17 -- reports now of 17 people getting trampled in the airport. former president trump last night. ainsley: this comes as president biden cuts his camp david trip
5:42 am
one day short to return to the white house and spoke with u.k. prime minister boris johnson, his first known call to a world leader since the taliban took control. steve: with reaction, author of "american marxism" and the host of life, liberty and levin, mark he vin. good morning to you. -- mark he vin. >> good morning, steve. steve: you know, people who have been watching afghanistan for a while saw this coming and people thought, you know, you can't possibly go through with it. he did and now it's absolute chaos. there are tens of thousands of people who need to get out of afghanistan and right now they can't. >> you know, steve, let me, let me take a little different position on this than i think most people are. number one, 2500 noncombat troops backed up potentially by a thousand combat troops, 6-7,000 nato troops, and we had
5:43 am
neutralized afghanistan. i went to the reagan library last week and we had 1500 people. 2500 people, a massive country with awful terrain, we had an impenetrable air base in northern afghanistan. and we neutralized it. so people say 20-year war. what are they talking about 20-year war, do we have a 70-year war in korea, north south? is the whole foal wasn't just to take out a ma bin lad aren, service -- osama bin laden, it was to make sure they couldn't attack us again. the whole goal was to keep our intelligence there, to keep the fighting there. and then i hear the afghan troops won't fight? they've lost 69,000 men, that's more than we lost in vietnam or korea. they were fighting. except in the middle of the night when we left are our air base -- why in the hell would we pull the military out when there
5:44 am
are civilians there? we trained them the fight like we fight, with air cover. we pulled out our federal contractors which meant even their air force, their helicopters couldn't be maintained anymore. they were going the lose parts. of course they have of a corrupt government, we know that. most of these places we go cough corrupt governments do have corrupt governments. if we could rewind the clock and have our base back and with all horrific activity that's going on in afghanistan, would we coit? we we sure as hell would do it. that's number one. number two, our southern border's still wide open. we're in a more dangerous position than we were on 9/11. we now is nation-state enemies like china, russia, iran working with terrorist organizations. that's the new axis of the enemy. this is prior to 9/11, we didn't even have that.
5:45 am
we have that now, and the southern border's still wide open, our border patrol's overwhelmed, i.c.e. is undermined. we should be securing that border immediately, immediately, so we're not hit again. we are overwhelmed out there. that's number two. number three, the idea that donald trump would just do what joe biden did is a lie, it's a dam bl lie, and i'll give you quick examples. number one, we still have troops in iraq. we still have troops in syria. why? because donald trump is not an idealogue. he's a practical man, he's a principled man. he decided i'll take most of the troops out of syria, but i can't take all of them. and he didn't. and so he looks at what's going on on the ground, he makes decisions based on that. you heard what admiral kellogg had to say about they're plan was nothing like what bind did -- biden did, everybody get out, military first. that budget the plan of the trump administration. trump took out soleimani when
5:46 am
iran hit us in iraq, he took out the head of isis, he destroyed isis and the caliphate when syria -- he wanted nothing to do with syria, was gassing his own people, he he hit them twice. the idea that donald trump is anything like joe biden is a disgusting effort by joe biden not to take respondent for what he has done. we have not only a human catastrophe, there's pakistan. pakistan is weak. pakistan, pretty much a third of that country is already are controlled by terrorists. that that's where osama bin laden was hiding out. pakistan has nuclear weapons. do you think the taliban is going to sit quietly and al qaida's going to sit quietly? if you've got iran over the border now aligning with the taliban, china's make alliances with the taliban. you notice the russians haven't shut their embassy, so they have some kind of deal going on. india is potentially threatened,
5:47 am
our allies. this is a big deal. what joe biden has just done has completely changed the e geography, completely changed our national security situation. we now have tightened terrorism concerns from the department of defense. so i just wanted to lay out a few of these. i'm not one of those that says this is a 20-year war, so we should have taken every single soldier out of there. it was neutralized. we weren't hit from afghanistan after 9/11. not a single soldier was killed for the last 18 months. we have noncombat military personnel there. our air base was impenetrable. it was powerful. now we don't have any intelligence, we have nothing. finish and the idea that -- and the idea that you shut an air base, you don't tell your allies american citizens are there, they don't even know how many, this there could be 13,000, there could be 20,000, and you're negotiating with the taliban? let me ask you folks this
5:48 am
question, what are we giving them? the taliban's working with iran. you know what iran's telling them in biden's a pushover. he'll give you everything you want -- brian: well, we froze their central bank, and we're probably going to have to pay off to get them back, and it's our money to begin with. and ghaani reportedly left with millions of our dollars in a chopper with four separate cars. when people are watching you just now and they've served in afghanistan and they look down and they are missing a leg or a limb or the visible scars of -- invisible scars of this war, for 20 years we have not been hit because of what they did, number two -- number one. and number two what joe biden did is defy his own defense department, defy his own chief of staff that he was against the cia and his intelligence unit. so i ask you, who told him to do
5:49 am
this? who is he listening to? and are you more than ever worried if he's capable of having this job? >> listen, brian, i do things, i guess, that are unpopular from time to time. i said republicans in the house should be talking about his impeachment. you don't defy a supreme court decision the way this man did, willy-nilly, when it comes to the attack on private property rights. you don't keep a border open when people are coming across the border who have the virus, when people are coming across the border who are ms-13, who are drug pushers and now we have more terrorists coming across than ever before the former border patrol chief said. particularly under these circumstances. if you're the president of the united states who is mentally incapable -- and i don't mean because he has dementia, he's always been mentally incapable of being president of the united states. don't people remember that isis built its caliphate under obama and biden?
5:50 am
we talk about these five terrorists that were released from guantanamo bay, but it's okay, folks, they promised us they won't go to the battlefield. and i want to add this, brian, who are the baa foons who are 'em embracing -- embracing the idea that the taliban are going to treat women differently? we're going to treat our women properly? you know who else said that in 1936? josef stalin, under his constitution that he put in place. when the hell are the media of this country, the flunkies who sound like the media in this country going to get over this? if they'reville people. these people attacked us. they gave safe harbor to obama. they now control afghanistan. they didn't even control the northern part of afghanistan. thanks to biden, they control more of afghanistan than they did before 9/11. our border's wider open now than it was after -- before 9/11. this president refuses to do
5:51 am
anything about it. well, what are we supposed to do, just sit here and talk about it? i want the house republicans to start talking seriously. i mean, donald trump -- there's a letter and there's a word in a letter to the ukrainian president, and look at that, he was trying to go avenue biden. no -- after biden. no, he budget. we'll impeach him anyway. joe bide within deserves to be impeached and removed from office. that needs the begin right now. ainsley: mark, i don't know if you saw the interview, we talked to an american who is trapped in afghanistan, wentover there to take care of his sick father, and he can't get out. and he's too scared that the taliban's going to know where he lives, but it was very important for him to do this interview with us even though he was putting his life on the line. his message to biden. >> we need an immediate help. mr. biden, please help us, all these afghans who helped you.
5:52 am
these people deserve this. you need to do this for them. as a human. ainsley: mark if, how are we going to get these americans out safely? >> i don't know that we are. i mean, if the taliban chooses, it's going to have the biggest number of americans kidnapped in american history. i know what donald trump would do. do you remember several years ago even as he was pulling some too muchs out the that'll -- troops out, the taliban were on the move, they were building an offensive, thousands of them, and they were in these tunnels. remember this? and he dropped the biggest ordinance short of nuclear weapons and killed them. that's how you deal with this. you tell the head of the taliban, we're going to till -- to kill you, we're going to kill your family -- they're terrorists. they already struck us. that's all they understand. but you know what? if i hate to say this, but under
5:53 am
joe biden does anybody really think that he has the courage or the strength or the intelligence to do what needs to be done to get our people out of there? you're negotiating with them? you already are negotiated with them. they're surrounding our, they're surrounding the kabul airport, ask you -- and people have been asking, the press secretary, the press secretary of state, the press secretary of defense because all the main figures are hiding right now, and they've asked them, how are you going to get americans to the airport? what is their answer? they don't know. brian: they don't know. outside kabul, there's americans outside kabul, and they've been shut off. there are checkpoints now. so unless we're going to march them -- and we might have to -- unless we're going to march those men down the streets ask and reopen it ourselves knowing they're going to be targets to the taliban, how are we going to convince them? if do we have to let more guys out of gitmo in order to get our guys back? >> well, that's my point. what exactly are these
5:54 am
negotiations? we have no, we have no cards. because who the hell pulls the military out before they pull your citizens out? who the hell shuts your air base and doesn't even tell your ally of 20 years about it? i want to remind people, again, this has not been a 20-year war with. afghanistan has been neutralized. we had 2500 noncombatant troops there backed up by 6-7,000 nato personnel. and the afghans, you know, i spoke to colonel richard kent who said i was disgusted and offended by this president saying these men didn't fight. they were fighting, and they were fighting near the end until we pulled our air force out and we pulled out and shut that base down. then they realized, we can't win. steve: mark, as you know, we're going to have a break in about a minute, but we wanted to ask you about the fact that one of the taliban commanders is somebody we actually had in captivity --
5:55 am
the. brian: two, actually. steve: -- down in gitmo, now calling the shots. we exchanged one of them for bowe bergdahl. ainsley: five of them. steve: yeah. one of these guys though. what do you make of that? >> when you with elect disastrous presidents, you have disastrous consequences. obama released those five. clinton gave pardon to a number of domestic terrorists, as carter gave pardon to a number of domestic terrorists. when you show weakness to the enemy, they strike you. he still won't secure the southern border. that southern border's wide open. does anybody think our enemies don't know that? and i'm concerned we have thousands of american citizens stuck there. i mean, we have, we have individuals in our country, some on t, some on -- on tv, some on radio who seem to think this is all over, we can't just get the hell out of there now.
5:56 am
we're stuck. we have thousands of americans -- what do you think theodore roosevelt would do? what do you think franklin roosevelt would do? what do you think ronald reagan would do? what do you think donald trump would do? do you think they stood back and negotiated with the sate state apt or they'd take steps now saying we're going to give you our people, or we're going to crush you militarily. you've got 24 hours. open that damn airport, we're getting our people, and the clock is ticking now. that's what a leader does. brian: mark levin, "american marxism, "number one book in the country. thanks for joins us. i wish we had a better story, but we can't keep our eyes off this one. mark, thanks. >> god bless. steve: god bless you. brian: all right. let's change gears for a second and talk about this. the president's going to be talking about 4:30 eastern time today about booster shots. he's going to be talking about a booster shot for most americans who took the moderna or the
5:57 am
pfizer vaccine. add to that the las vegas raiders are becoming the latest football team to require all home teams, all home attendees who want to go to the game to get vaccinated. prove you're advantage vaccinatt go in. clay thomas here to react. clay, does that mean you're not going to raiders games, or do you think this is the right thing to do? >> no, i don't think the right thing to do. i think it's going to be a colossal mess. for anyone who has been to a football stadium and stood in line outside as kickoff nears to try to get inside with all the ticket taker obligations and the crush of humanity, now you're going to have people checking vaccine passports in las vegas? at the same time they're trying to let people into the stadium? i just don't see any way that it's going to be either effective or in any remote possibility efficient. and i think it's going to be a mess, and it makes absolutely no sense. as you just said, we're also going to have booster shots
5:58 am
going on. what what can does fully vaccinated even mean during the course of a football season if after eight months you have to go get a booster shot? this is turning into yet another colossal mess of the mid biden administration -- of the biden administration, and i think the nfl is making a poor decision in allowing teams to check -- brian: i got vaccinated, i don't think the raiders should be doing my health care. meanwhile, you're outkick founder, the thriving head of it, and you're not content just to do that. you want to spend your saturdays launching a bus tour across the biggest games in the south in a season that can have fans unlike last year. where are you going? >> yeah. i can't wait for this. we're announcing it right now with you guys. fox news is going to be a part of this. we're going to do fox and friends hits on saturday, and we're going to be telling people after the first three weeks where we are going op your show every wednesday morning during the fall. we are starting off with the
5:59 am
biggest game of them all on opening weekend in college football, the georgia/clemson game. then on the anniversary of 9/11, texas is joining the sec, and they're giving an early preview on the road in fayetteville, arkansas. and then alabama against florida. every week the biggest game in college football in the south, we're going to have the outkick cruiser. it's going to be like the madden mobile back in the day. awesome tailgates, fox sports pregame show and fox news plus a documentary about southern tail item gating and the experience of southern football. i know people need some fun, and we're going to be a big participant of it at outkick with you guys and all of fox. brian: clay travis, thanks so much., the place to go. clay, thanks. >> hey, i appreciate y'all having me. brian: good luck on your radio show at noon. steve: thank you very much for
6:00 am
joining us. we started this hour with the interview with the american stuck in afghanistan, a guy by the name of haroon. we're going to try to set up for us to talk to him again tomorrow, so join us for that, god willing he'll be able to get through. ainsley: i know. pray for all of the people that are stuck in afghanistan. god bless you all. we'll see you tomorrow. brian: "america's newsroom" is now.


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