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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  August 19, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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[gunfire] >> harris: watch this new video into fox news. this is the taliban opening fire on afghan protesters near the kabul airport. the scene outside the country's single evacuation point has turned into very, very dangerous chaos. mothers are seen handing their little ones over the fence line, that wall, to soldiers in
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desperate attempts to try to get them to safety. packed crowds and armed militants make it extremely dangerous for civilians to escape taliban rule. one woman is pleading with american troops. watch this. you're watching "outnumbered." my cohost emily compagno with kayleigh mcenany, host of laura logan has no agenda on fox nation, laura logan herself. in the center seat, ben domenech, fox news contributor and publisher of "the federalist." great to see everybody today. new images have revealed the mayhem in afghanistan capital city. going to take another look. the heartbreaking video showing an afghan woman handing a little girl off to troops on the other side of the wall at the kabul airport. a british officer in another section of the airport shouting
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-- the mom shouting "save my baby." the taliban claims they are allowing safe passage, we are getting images. one woman got knocked to the ground. on the right-hand side you can see the child bloodied in a man's arms. that woman we saw gripping the gate, pleading for help to escape the taliban is just one example of the fear that so many are feeling right now. the images and stories, gut wrenching. the president of the united states addressed the crisis in an interview that has drawn severe criticism. let's watch. >> still a lot of pandemonium outside the airport. >> there is but no one is being killed. god forgive me if i'm wrong about that but no one is being killed right now. >> we've seen the hundreds of people packed into a c17. we have seen afghans -- >> that was four days ago, five days ago. >> you don't think this exit could've been handled better in
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any way? no mistakes? >> no. i don't think it could've been handled in a way that -- we are going to go back in hindsight and look but the idea that somehow there is a way to have gotten out without chaos ensuing, i don't know how that happens. >> for you that was always priced into the decision? >> yes. >> harris: it is unconscionable that the president would say nobody has been killed and that he thought about it for a second. well, i hope to god they haven't. what is going on here? when you spit out that kind of information, you better be right. >> the president of the united states is derelict of his duty. he has abandoned not just our friends in terms of afghan interpreters and those who work for the united states but americans themselves. they are in a situation now or essentially the white house is telling them if you can get to the kabul airport, good luck to you in that. though maybe you can get in line to get out.
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eventually. that's the situation that is just absolutely abhorrent and unconscionable. it speaks to the failure not just of the commander in chief of the state department in terms of getting this in order and the department of defense in terms of their priorities of getting people out. there was an obvious way to do this which is to say that you get the people who supported us out. you get women and children out. you get material out and then you get the troops out. instead, the troops got pulled out first and i have to go back in with thousands more in order to try to clean up the mess that you've made. i think the reaction to this on capitol hill among republicans is complete distress and really feeling like this is an administration that has fallen down on the job in one of the most obviously significant decisions that they have made to this point. >> harris: i thought this was
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fascinating. senator cotton told me last hour, it is so bad that he's got his own covert operations going on. he can't tell me how he's working to get people out yet on the record until they are safe and we are beyond all of this. that's because they're not getting the help they need from the state department and from this president. can you even believe that? it's an incredible -- >> harris, i spoke to multiple senators yesterday who are doing the same thing. they are going around the administration because i can count on them. they don't believe what they are saying publicly so they are doing their best to figure out other ways to get people who are relatives of constituents, family members and the like who are calling into their senators' offices and saying please help my relative. help my son, help my daughter who is over there working either as a contractor for an ngo, for nonprofit or the like to get
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out. what kind of nation are we if that's the kind of thing that we have to turn to? isn't this the job of the commander in chief? it's absolutely abhorrent. frankly i think that it speaks to the fact that this is so obviously terrible that we see so few democrats, so if you're the president's own party willing to come on and defend what's going on. >> harris: nobody. i mean... my goodness. let's listen to the pentagon moments ago and then to me, there will be a lot of headlines today. when the pentagon spokesman admitted a short time ago this, when asked, how many americans are in afghanistan that we have to go rescue? here's what he said. >> how many americans, american citizens remain in afghanistan? >> i don't know. the state department will be a better place to go for how many americans are in afghanistan in and around kabul. it's not a figure that the united states military would
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know. i think it's also no, not not every american citizen in another country, there is no obligation they register their presence. and that you can have a perfect, accurate count. a >> harris: laurel, this is some of the most uncurious bunch of folks i've ever seen in my life. how can you plan a military response effectively, how is the state department, addressing americans in trouble if you don't know who you have on the ground. i don't believe it but if it's true, incompetence not to be -- needs to be in all caps. >> laura: harris, this is not about incompetence in any way, shape, or form. this is about very effectively shifting and making sure that the conversation about afghanistan is focused on this obvious catastrophe that's unfolding on the world stage in front of everybody in real-time. what is happening at the very
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same moment is we are not addressing any of the other aspects of this. chief among those is the fact that the united states government is preparing to install in afghanistan a terrorist regime on the 20th anniversary of 9/11 that was responsible for killing almost 3,000 americans on 9/11. yesterday in kabul the former afghan president hamid karzai and dr. abdullah abdullah, one of the leaders of the northern side, met with the how connie hi network. creating the building blocks. chief among them, the united states did not have to make a deal with the taliban. they are withdrawing. they are literally withdrawing. there is no peace deal to be made. they didn't need the permission
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of a terrorist group in order to leave afghanistan. united states also has been negotiating with the taliban and their al qaeda brothers who are represented in the haqqani network in al qaeda itself. pakistan knew exactly what the taliban was doing because they are based there and the u.s. has said nothing about pakistan's role in this. absolutely nothing. there were 400 other examples about how it was engineered and it's not accidental. >> harris: we are going to break into this because we have breaking news and nixon capitol hill. -- suspicious car and bomb threat near the capital. >> we don't know what the motives were at this time. >> what can you tell us about the suspect? do you know if he is veteran of the afghan war or the war in iraq? >> we don't know a whole lot. we do have a possible name and identity of the suspect.
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we don't have much information at all about him at this time. we are going to give periodic updates and i'm sorry we don't have more information. this is an ongoing situation. will give you another update shortly. >> neighborhood nearby here? >> harris: reporters trying to get beat on the suspect in all of this and they have locked down a pretty wide perimeter around the capitol. we don't have lawmakers in session but we do have is an inordinate amount of tourists obtained of the summer that are in that area. businesses, restaurants, so on and so forth so they are working to keep that area, mark meredith is on the ground and is more news pops, will bring you that. i want to get back to the situation in afghanistan and i will do it with you, kayleigh. it's pretty unbelievable. if you don't know how many people you are trying to extract from an enemy territory, it makes it very difficult. even in vietnam we had lists of
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people. brian kilmeade last hour kind of joke, maybe he ripped up those lists when they were leaving the embassy. come on. we know whose they are. here is the information fox news is getting. from sources on the ground. even though the president promised on abc that america will take off on the 31st and then he said maybe we'll get them all out. we may have to stay longer. i couldn't figure out where we are were going with that with him. which one is it? now we learn with the pentagon we don't know how when people are on the ground, so which is it? do we know what we are doing or we don't? >> kayleigh: we don't. the president saying the intel didn't want him when in fact reporting, we are getting our own intel at fox news. this remarkable moment from the pentagon briefing. jen psaki promised us a daily white house press briefing. there isn't one today. there wasn't one monday. when the going gets tough, the daily press briefing she promised goes out the window. we don't plan from hearing from biden again today other than the
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abc interview so we are left with the pentagon briefing. he said i don't know how many americans are on the ground. when you're a press secretary, you anticipate whatever the questions will be. one of the most obvious questions is how many americans are on the ground. he didn't take the time to pick up the phone and call secretary of state antony blinken and get that number for us when you're the one place we are getting information from today there are nearly 16,000 americans, hostages on the ground? they may not be in jail but they are indeed unable to escape afghanistan. the pentagon spokesperson could not pick up the phone and jen psaki won't go to the podium to give us these very basic answers we deserve. >> harris: it's an extension of what we are watching potentially with his administration. we have a president who delivers the message and then walks away, doesn't even turn back, very robotic, scripted, whatever you want to call it.
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he's very good at it because he doesn't over and over and then he passes it on to the next person. that's what the pentagon is doing. they said we don't know how many americans are there but check the state department. that's the lesson and what we are watching. what they do is hard. i'm not saying that but it's impossible if you don't all get on the same page with the facts. >> emily: is a rolling humiliation as "the wall street journal" called it today may point out that while there haven't done any american captives taken hostage yet, it's clear they write that the jihadists have taken the biden administration as political hostage. you pointed out our sources in kabul. they tell fox today there is a real concern on the ground that despite president biden's assurances they will stay passed august 31st, they don't believe we will hold that commitment. the glacial pace of processing which has deadly consequences, they worry that there will be thousands left behind. americans will get the blame. final quick point. yesterday when we did hear from biden about the vaccination
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situation, he said it was on acceptable about the unvaccinated. such fervor and conviction. what is on acceptable as a lack of transparency about the americans, the evacuation situation, the fact that all we do know is the only thing we do have faith and is the ability to control one runway in that entire country. >> harris: the pentagon today said they can move 5,000 to 9,000 people per day. why would you know you could do that if you don't know how many people are on the ground? >> kayleigh: we got three different estimates. >> harris: and one 24-hour period. went from 5,000 people to 11,000 people. the point that you and i are talking about with the opposite of what's going on on the ground for our sourcing at fox news to what president says will happen, and that is if there's anybody left behind after august 31st we will go get them. everybody being concerned on the ground that that's not actually
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going to happen. i don't want to wait to find out who's wrong. i want to know it's going to be okay. in the case of the president, he can blame that on anybody else at that point. he was either lying or didn't know. if we get past august 31st and there are americans on the ground and we don't stay, he was either lying to george stephanopoulos or doesn't know what he's doing. it's a binary choice at that point. the clock is ticking. president biden promised allies america is back for now the chaotic afghanistan withdrawal has world leaders condemning his actions. years.
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>> the commander in chief to call into question the people i fought with, to claim that they
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ran. it's shameful. those who have never fought for the colors they fly should be careful about criticizing those who have. >> harris: oh. >> kayleigh: that was tom's -- this after the president boasted that america was back on the world stage saying our allies could finally trust us again, instead our fans have been left blindsided. it took days for the president to even call world leaders another present claims there was no intelligence indicating afghanistan would fall so rapidly. that is in direct contrast to reports that officials saw it coming. ben, we knew afghanistan was on the verge of collapse friday. it collapsed around sunday. he didn't call a single world leaders?
9:21 am
what was the president doing if not picking up the phone and calling world leaders? >> ben: first i have to say i appreciate your passion about press briefings. [laughter] definitely coming from the heart on your part. understandably so. first off, i want to commend to everyone tom's remarks. he is a god. >> sandra: the daughter of a friend of mine he is a godparent he is a godparent to the daughter of a friend of mine. they have to become closer with their friends in japan, australia, elsewhere on the globe and to be able to make decisions on their own part as opposed to simply relying on the united states which from my perspective has been an incredible statement to hear from a u.k. mp in the sense that
9:22 am
sending the message, they no longer believe they can trust the united states when it comes to foreign policy, when it comes to this presidency. we were told over and over again throughout the 2020 cycle that joe biden as president would be a return to normalcy, a return to normalcy, returned to respect for america around the globe. by all the ridiculous people at "the washington post" in "the new york times" who made that claim, this has blown up in their faces, made them look like idiots. it's clear that these are actually a bunch of incompetent, naive people that we have put back in power. people who are really showing us the worst aspects of the obama regime and are making decisions that do not reflect the interests of us or our allies and making them, like shooting from the hip. if you thought this was normalcy, what kind of madness
9:23 am
infected you? it's absolutely absurd. this is the sort of thing that ought to be done in a very careful way, in a way that was going to include our allies in a way that was going to protect american citizens. certainly not abandon our friends. it's not ever in the interests of america first to have our friends not trust us or our enemies not fear us. >> kayleigh: i remember the g7 just a few months ago where biden got glowing praise from our allies. we have a sound bite. >> breath of fresh air. >> it's great to have a u.s. president [indistinct] >> harris: we have gone from being a breath of fresh air, there is no oxygen left in the room. he sucked it all out and i don't know if it's politics or what. this was a neato mission. we can talk about friendship,
9:24 am
kinship. you don't pull out without telling your next largest number of troops along your side, great britain, what you're doing. it's a military strategic reason why you don't. it's not about friendship. it's about winning on the battlefield at about the blood and treasure you are left behind and honoring that. the fact that he didn't call nato allies. vice president kamala harris is going to vietnam and i think a couple other places that are not necessarily connective tissue with what's happening in afghanistan but have a broader look and that is, as ben has alluded to, what will our allies around the world think of us? where can we go to shore up. she said she had been to europe when we asked her to go to the border. maybe she ought to be in europe today. maybe she ought to be there. maybe she ought to be shoring up the nato allies that are getting punched getting there people, trying to get there people out. france is on the ground with their troops going door-to-door pulling out as many french as
9:25 am
they can. think about that. this is what was set off by a decision by an american president. it sounds like something an enemy would do to you. >> kayleigh: . absolutely. he didn't call nato but he empowered china and russia. >> emily: unilateral decision on the timing of the method of withdrawal. it's not how you treat a nato ally. nigel farage said earlier today what nato had done since the 1940s to preserve peace around the world, this is not how you treat it. he said in my lifetime i've never had so many friends in my own country question the friendship of america and question he said, how can we ever trust america again? he went on to have a lot of really amusing commentary that frankly is sobering. america's place in the world pretty close by saying no one realized the damage biden has done to america and the free world especially now with china's control over the weaponry in afghanistan as well as the lithium deposits which apparently encompassed our dedication to a greener world, that control will be crucial to
9:26 am
undermining that. >> harris: like i said, put aside the friendships and the kinship, when you go to war with somebody and you make an agreement about what you're going to do on the ground, you have to honor that when you change the battle plan. whether the strategy is to pull out, to surge, whatever. you don't unilaterally do that. they may not like us but we need for them to be with us. >> kayleigh: you don't leave bagram stranded. up next, the taliban pledged to moderate an inclusive government after taking control of afghanistan but the disturbing images that are already surfacing across the country tell a much different picture of what's actually happening on the ground. liberty mutual knows everyone's unique. that's why they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. oh, yeah. that's the spot. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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>> emily: the harsh reality of the taliban's takeover already honestly across afghanistan.
9:31 am
disturbing images pouring in. this photo showing a young boy left unconscious with blood-soaked hair while a woman lies unconscious on the ground nearby. fighters reportedly shot this journal is as he raced the afghan flag in defiance of taliban rule at a protest in jalalabad yesterday. insurgents killed a woman for allegedly refusing to wear a head covering in public, leaving her lying in a pool of blood. laura, your thoughts. >> laura: these are just the examples we are hearing about. the taliban is executing and beating and torturing people all across afghanistan right now. so many reports coming from the ground, one of the things they are doing within 12 hours of taking the cities, they were going in kabul door-to-door hunting down the families of afghan commandos and soldiers who we have heard a lot about this administration saying the soldiers gave up, there were a
9:32 am
few stage-managed surrenders that were filmed and broadcast by the taliban which is propaganda savvy and thanks to twitter and facebook it's their message out every day in multiple languages. what we know is that for you to be able to find those houses, to target the intelligence services, the special forces, their families, to know exactly where they are, who they are, what that means is you have taken over the intelligence apparatus of afghanistan and we know that the pakistani isi which has always been the bedrock of afghanistan's taliban is the one who is really taken over those facilities. think about the brutality of the taliban, everyone who has believed in freedom as an ideal and a way of life. the narrative here that afghans have the american idea forced on them, it's not true. although it's an islamic country
9:33 am
it believes in improving the lives of women or being an inclusive society and all the things that come along with freedom and true rights. the afghans was held up the afghan flag, imagine being an unarmed civilian, today is afghan independence day, holding up the afghan flag being shot shot and killed by the taliban. being murdered in cold blood for that crime. that shows you that there's a real spirit in afghanistan. people believe in it. you know what happened to those afghan soldiers, afghan special operations command, some of the best most experienced warriors in the world, they are a high mobility force that relies on air support. the u.s. region through their air support left them stranded but they fought their way into the valley where they are still fighting today. there has been a major attack in the hospitals are filling up with the wounded and the dead of the afghan special forces and they are there with the
9:34 am
vice president and i'll commend massoud -- acting president of afghanistan and that's not being recognized by this administration. >> harris: it's because president biden is trying to negotiate our way out with the whole event. he does not time for the vice president, the leader in afghanistan. al qaeda, the second person in the taliban is al qaeda. >> the afghan al qaeda is the haqqani network and they are leading the negotiations. the man is in prison, the brother. he's in the leadership of the taliban. he's the face of the afghan al qaeda and they are supported by pakistan and pakistan didn't tell the u.s. that it was invading. or if they did come of the u.s. would've known about it. >> ben: i want to follow on the information that larra has given you to circle back and consider. how big of a mistake it was over
9:35 am
multiple and ministrations to not hold pakistan to account for its continued support of all of this. the fact is we didn't want to get into another messy scenario over there and there were all these different rationalizations of it, and that certainly when, both when masharif was in power and then afterwards. we are seeing the consequence of it play out in front of us witches these taliban fighters have better support, better material, better resources. they were being fed, paid, as opposed to a lot of these afghan fighters who were being isolated, being left behind by the fact that we pulled our air support, pulled our resources that were actually keeping them fighting for their country. there are so many different mistakes that were made. they could go around and they are bipartisan. but this aspect of it, the way that this exit has played out is
9:36 am
on president joe biden. he's the commander-in-chief. this is on him. the buck stops there. >> emily: there is no limit to his tone deafness throughout all this violence. >> kayleigh: people are being killed in afghanistan right now. he was asked about the plane where we saw afghans fall. human remains were found in the wheels. he said that happened for five days ago. stunning words. he said no one is being killed. we know a dozen people have been killed just around the airport. why is he so cold and callous and stubborn? i found the answer to the i think. it was reported by richard holbrook, it was in his diary. he's a special envoy to afghanistan and pakistan and the obama administration. the atlantic reported a revelation from his diary about joe biden. this was back in 2010. according to holberg's diary when he was asked about american obligations to afghans like the girls in the kabul school, biden
9:37 am
replied saying "f that. we don't have to worry about it. we did it in vietnam. nixon and kissinger got away with it. "this was from a credible person in the obama administration from 2010 in these callous remarks in 2021. unacceptable. >> emily: the fact that that perspective and mind-set is occupying the commander in chief position of this country, it's absolutely abhorrent. it's disgusting and shameful. it is beneath the office of the presidency. many afghan christians are terrorized by the taliban's takeover. what will happen to them now under taliban rule and what will the biden administration do to help them? lp. we earned a lot of va benefits with our service, but the va home loan benefit is a big one. by refinancing up to 100% of your home's value, you could take out $50,000 or more. you could use that money to pay credit
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9:42 am
pope francis for help. writing a letter to the pontiff, saying "if they were ever to capture me or other members of my family, i would rather die." we had with the hope of being found as late as possible so we don't know for how long we will be able to protect ourselves in this way." their plate echoing that of the thousands of christians and other religious minorities trapped on a mountain in the iraq sauna by ice his fighters back in 2011. after president obama decided to quickly pull troops out of iraq despite warnings. lara, it's a real tragedy, impossible to estimate the number of christians in afghanistan because most are underground. open doors rating afghanistan is the second most peerless country for christians. >> lara: yes, and christians all over the world have been abandoned by the u.s. government for quite some time. president trump tried to do something about it and there was a lot of hope that he would do more in his second term. christians in nigeria are being
9:43 am
slaughtered. there is a genocide of christians by the very same people by the way and the same ideology that's obliterating christians in nigeria. that's the ideology that the united states government is giving to recognize formally, they are getting ready to organize the ideology and the islamic terrorist groups who supported and fight for it as a legitimate government of afghanistan. they're going to give them international recognition. they are going to give them a base of operations from which to proliferate in unprecedented terms. they are going to get them u.s. taxpayer money. all of us taxpayers, we are going to fund it. we are going to pay for the terrorists to have power, the same people who carried out 9/11. and at the very same time we are going to ignore and rewrite the history of the afghans who are fighting and dying right now for being written out of the narrative in afghanistan. >> kayleigh: that's right. christian churches underground
9:44 am
in afghanistan reportedly receiving notes from the taliban sing we know where they are and what they are doing. seems like a bit of a warning. >> ben: look, this is a -- this is a temporary situation that is just being held off until all of the american troops are out of country. you're going to see a massive crackdown. you're going to see many people died. it's awful. it's reprehensible. but i think it has to be something that is understood as avoidable if you would have the kind of run-up to an american force leaving that i think anybody would consider reasonable. the kind of process that would allow people to apply for visas, et cetera, it never happened under this administration. >> kayleigh: emily, there was a catholic church in the italian
9:45 am
embassy that had to shut down when they have a covid-19 pandemic. >> emily: pope francis made an appeal to afghanistan hours before the taliban overrun kabul and he said i join in the unanimous concern for the situation in afghanistan. i ask all of you to play with me to the god of peace to that the clamor of weapons might cease and solutions can be found at the table of dialogue. as of yet, that prayer is not been answered. you read in the intro the pleas by the christian afghans and one of those families, the catholic family that used to live stream the pulp services, they ratted out by their neighbors and the father arrested and no one has heard from them. he talked about the nonprofits to spinning activities. so also it has the italian catholic nonprofit caritas. >> harris: they are on a charm offensive. the world is watching. but then, i fully believe that it will be something that you can set by an end timer to figure out how long it's going
9:46 am
to be after our departure that things will feel like whatever this taliban is going to be. everyone said the new taliban. how do we know it's not worse than the old one? i love optimism by like pragmatism and reality better. they have to prove to the world that they are different but in a good way. i'm not going to hold my breath on that but i will say this. as long as we are on the ground, we effectively may be keeping some people alive just by being there. and that leaves you conflicted. because the taliban may do some deals to help us get out. i am like senator tom cotton, now that he set it boldly on the air today. i am growing more concerned about those americans and we leave behind the pentagon and the state department say they can't account for because they don't know exactly who is there. what if there are 50 or so left behind. what if it looks like 1979 in tehran and they took our hostages, are: students for 444 days? that will break us.
9:47 am
>> ben: you will absolutely see that you will see ransom, you'll see kidnappings. you'll see all kinds of threats that come out of afghanistan after our troops leave and for all those americans who you say the dod and department of state state remain unaccounted. >> kayleigh: when president obama left the christians we hide in iraq and they incurred quite a lot of violence. we are praying to my far christian men and women in afghanistan and the other religious minorities that you would stay safe and protected. just ahead, "the washington post" praising the taliban's use of social media as an msnbc op-ed compares the militant group to the republican party. the media's controversial television coverage next. i brought in ensure max protein, with thirty grams of protein. those who tried me felt more energy in just two weeks!
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>> did officials know that a full taliban takeover was in the cards question what was the intelligence ignored? what we are learning, live update from the pentagon enrollments. in a brand-new universe, president joe biden says the taliban is cooperating and lettg americans out. it contrasts with the much different story that's actually happening on the ground in afghanistan. my colleague bill hemmer has
9:52 am
reported across the middle east including afghanistan and he will join us live at the top of the hour. where is kamala harris on all of this question aren't the vice president weighing and only twice with tweets, as women are being brutally tortured, some killed, by the taliban. miranda devine will weigh in. we have all sides of the story covered for you. joining us live on "america reports" top of the hour. >> harris: major media outlets facing intense blowback for the coverage of the taliban. a "washington post" headline reading "today's taliban uses sophisticated social media practices that rarely violate the rules." and then there's this msnbc op-ed. "afghan women's rights are threatened with the g.o.p. isn't their champion. the taliban aren't the only ones trying to impose their will on women's bodies and choices." msnbc host joy reid with this take on the crisis in kabul.
9:53 am
this is the real-life handmaid's tale, a true cautionary tale for the u.s. which has our own far religious right dreaming of a theocracy that would impose a particular brand of christianity, drive women from the workforce. in control all politics. >> kayleigh: "the washington post" tagline is "democracy dies in darkness." there's no better example of that been "the washington post" himself suggesting the taliban communicate in a sophisticated way. what a joke. this from a mainstream newspaper, the same one that called al-baghdadi, called him and his dear religious scholar. this paper is not worth the paper it is written on. democracy dies in darkness because of you,
9:54 am
"washington post." >> harris: what's happening in the media outlets. in particular this idea they are going to compare the taliban to the g.o.p., msnbc. >> ben: i feel like when you look at the situation right now, they are trying to find anything to talk about that doesn't force them to talk about the disaster that is this administration. that they really did everything they could to put into power. kayleigh, i will disagree with you about whether they are mainstream or not. these are propaganda outlets. they are not interested actually and with the news is. they are not interested in telling the truth about the story. they are pushing a narrative and they will do anything in defense of that narrative. the narrative right now is it's everybody's fault but joe biden's. that's what's going on in afghanistan. also that the g.o.p. is worse than the taliban. well, you can live under g.o.p. rule and you can live under taliban rule. compare it for me. then come back.
9:55 am
i know that one of them is going to actually destroy your life and the other is going to cut your taxes. >> harris: there you go. real quickly, lara, your thoughts. >> lara: what we are witnessing here, harris, the end of american power on the world stage. you've all touched on different aspects of it. our allies, we have no real allies left because we are not a real ally. this echoes far beyond afghanistan. it also reinforces the message of all of america's enemies. we are not talking about those weapons in the hands of the taliban. we're not talking about causing kazakhstan. not talking about any of that. >> harris: i refuse for the world to accept we are not clutch. it's just a moment in time and those of us who can, those who are accountable for it. we'll be right back.
9:56 am
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>> john: we want to tell you about laura logan's fox nation show, no agenda, 2,021st century terrorism revealed. that's the sunday on the fox news channel or fox news before we go, thousands of troops are back in afghanistan help. by creating comic americans. i think them for their service, we pray for their safety and pray for the peace of their families at home. >> sandra: we are watching d.c. where police are investigating an active bomb threat near capitol hill and at this hour, police say they are engaged in ongoing negotiations with the suspect. we expect to get an update on this shortly. lawmakers are currently on vacation, we will remind you, on the august recess. we will take your life to the scene in just a moment. but first, this fox news


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