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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 19, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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shot? they have absolutely no idea what path they are taking us on. and again, sorry, thanks -- >> tucker: we are out of time. it's too crazy, we can't participate. alex berenson, great to see you. brand-new episode of "tucker carlson originals" on ufos, and genuinely interesting on we'll see you tomorrow night. have the best night. here is sean. >> sean: tucker, thank you, welcome to "hannity." americans trapped behind m and enemy lines, being kept at the whim of the taliban, yes, a terrorist organization. on sunday, the entire country of afghanistan fell to the taliban, as joe biden gears up for yet another long weekend in delaware. wow. only the airport remains under u.s. control at this hour tonight, thousands of americans and thousands of our allies hopelessly stranded all over the country, as we
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said, behind enemy lines. at this hour, the biden administration, they still don't know exactly how many. joe is estimating about 15,000. they don't know where they are located. they can't even tell us exactly how many have been evacuated, and worst of all, they have zero plan to rescue any americans, and according to "the wall street journal," this is the return of america held hostage. some 15,000 u.s. citizens and residents are behind taliban lines, and there is no easy way to get them out. that is just a fact. they have allowed it to get that bad. and as we speak, there are other countries at least trying, and they are extracting their citizens with their special forces. for example, the british are calling it operation pity. but the united states, as of now, has no such program. and a press conference, the department of defense told us that the u.s. military is under orders to protect the karzai
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international airport. that is it. according to a state department and memo, the united states government cannot ensure safe pi international airport." what they are suggesting people might think about going there, but we can't provide you safe passage there, so we are securing an airport that people will take great risk to get to. only someone as stupid as joe biden could come up with a plan like that. of course, now he is going on vacation again. according to reports, the biden administration, they are looking for what they call nonmilitary ways to move americans to the airport, past of the taliban. okay, i'd like to know what that might be, what are the plans? look at your screen because this is what it looks like outside of the airport. it is chaos, it is carnage. taliban fighters viciously beating, whipping, stabbing crowds, seemingly doing it at random, shots ring out
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constantly. men are abducted on the back of pickup trucks. even american journalists have come under attack. take a look. >> you can see that some of these taliban fighters are just popped up on adrenaline or i don't know what. it is a very dicey situation. suddenly, two other taliban charged towards us. you can see their rifle raised to strike our producer. when the fighters are told we have permission to report, they lower their weapons and let us pass. >> now we are going. >> sean: god help every american that is there now. as you can see, this is now beyond dangerous. anyone making their way to the airport, they are literally putting their lives in the hands of the same vicious terrorists, yep, that allowed the plotting and planning and scheming of 9/11 2001 but according to
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joe biden, it's all going according to plan. knock on wood. take a look at this. >> granted, it took two days to take control of the airport, we have control of the airport now. >> still a lot of pandemonium outside the airport. >> there is. but no one is being killed right now. god forgive me if i am wrong about that, but no one is being killed right now. >> sean: no one is being killed right now. well, you are wrong about that. people are being killed and beaten and whipped and stabbed at checkpoints. we have reports taliban fighters are blocking many from even getting through. and americans are being told to attempt to get there, but they can't be protected. there is no guarantee of safety. now flights are taking off half empty. joe biden doesn't seem to realize the magnitude of what is going on and what led to this mess and how it could have been prevented. take a look. >> what happens now in afghanistan? do you believe the taliban have
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change? >> no. i believe -- let me put it this way. i think they are going through a sort of existential crisis about, do they want to be recognized by the international community as being a legitimate government? i'm not sure they do. but look, i'm not sure i would have predicted, george, norwood anyone else, when they decide to leave, provide safe passage for americans to get out. >> sean: existential crisis? safe passage from terrorists? okay. when you saw that the taliban took over 10% of the country, 20% of the country, 30% of the country, 40% of the country, why was there no urgency then? does this look safe to you, joe biden, as you make your way back to delaware? would you want one of your loved ones outside of that airport, behind enemy lines, getting pistol whipped, getting beaten, getting shot, or just in fear of all of the above? look at your screen. these are afghan families
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literally passing their babies over a wall, covered with razor wire, begging the british to take their children, because they know that their children will be murdered by the taliban if they don't get inside of that airport. think how desperate a mother or father would have to be to do such a thing, but they do it because that's all they think they can do to save their kids. because they know what the taliban is all about it, and how they treat people. now, there is no safe passage, not for the afghan people, not for americans, not for the allies, not for the interpreters that we promised we would protect, and now we are witnessing what is one of the biggest hostage situations in the history of the u.s. and the biggest military debacle in the history of the u.s., and you have a president so checked out that he is spending most of his spare hours on vacation, with no plan, except that, well, the
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taliban has said that they are going to allow safe passage to the airport, when we know that is not happening, considering they have multiple checkpoints, they have surrounded the entire perimeter of the airport, and nobody is getting through unless they get taliban permission. and even worse, so many innocent souls are already dead, but according to biden, this is really much ado about nothing, apparently. take a look. >> we have all seen those pictures, hundreds of people packed into a c17. have seen afghans -- >> that was four days ago, five days ago. >> well, you don't think this could have been handled, this exit could have been handled any better in any way? no mistakes? >> no, i don't think it could have been handled anyway -- we are going to go back in hindsight and looked, but the idea that somehow, there is a way to have gotten out without chaos ensuing, i don't know how that happens. >> sean: well, you could have done it before they made their march to kabul. you did not have to get them to
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the air force base, either. you could have acted earlier. it didn't have to go chaotically. it could have gone very smoothly. logistics could have been employed. we could have had a plan to extract, identify every american and get them out weeks before. but biden said the taliban take over, well, was not inevitable. joe was just telling us that a couple weeks ago. he was reassuring the american people that the afghan army, one of the most capable, well-trained armies in the world, and that they even had an air force, and that only 75,000 taliban, and then the taliban makes their march and every step of the way, joe apparently didn't notice. he said there would be no chaotic scenes at the u.s. embassy in kabul, with helicopters seem similar to the fall of saigon in '75. yes, we have those themes, then he pulled american soldiers out in the middle of the night. he abandoned the ground air base, dismantled trump's contingency, crisis response
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bureau, that was back in june, he dismantled that. that was set up by president trump and secretary of state pompeo to provide aviation, logistics, medical support to americans if they get trapped abroad. why would a view of gotten rid of that program? and joe stood by and did nothing as the taliban made all of these rapid advances, all over the country in the past two months. they acted like it wasn't happening. in fact, an internal state department cable in july actually warned of kabul is imminent collapse. joe did nothing. and now we are experiencing what is the single worst foreign policy crisis and debacle ever. the lives of thousands of americans are literally in the hands of evil terrorists. our afghan partners, they have been abandoned and left for dead, and i can promise you, those left behind will die. gruesome deaths. our allies rightly no longer
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trust us. our enemies are only emboldened. billions of dollars in u.s. weapons, they didn't have a plan to remove them, or at least destroy them. you know, night vision goggles, planes, helicopters, armored vehicles, yeah, that you paid for, they are now in the hands of the taliban. that makes them even stronger. and today, joe biden had no public events again. the late, i'm done at 3:30 in the afternoon. no press briefing, i guess jen psaki is back on vacation because we didn't hear from her, we have not heard a word from kamala harris and more than a week, and thousands of american lives are at risk at this hour, and the biden administration is completely totally detached and out to lunch. this is, by every definition, a dereliction of duty. if joe biden is not up for this job, we've joked about it, we have kidded about it, we have shown you the video, and then we stopped laughing about it because it's not funny.
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because seeing joe biden, weak and frail and a cognitive mass, is not good for the united states. it's not good for our fellow citizens, those trapped behind enemy lines tonight, and it's not good for the world, either. if he doesn't care about the lives of americans abroad, if he's not up to this job, he needs to either step down or be removed. if he just wants to live out his remaining days on a beach in delaware, i'm fine with that. stepped down, let someone more capable take over. someone that may have a sense of urgency about how dire the situation is and the amount of potential power and leverage that he has now single-handedly given the terrorist organization, and god forbid, what i can think of in my mind, which i will not express, they could do to the americans held behind enemy lines. we pray for those americans from every one of them. we want them home safely.
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they are trapped in afghanistan. we pray for our friends, we pray for our allies who have been abandoned, and we pray also that as many lives as possible, hopefully, prayerfully, every life will be saved before it is too late. if it does work out that way, it will be a miracle, a modern-day miracle, but it won't be because of anything joe biden did. here with more, and he's got some breaking news, lieutenant colonel oliver north. i've never seen a situation like this, colonel, nor have you. you've been in afghanistan, you were in the vietnam war, you have numerous purple hearts, other honors of service, but you have news before we get to anything else. >> well, let's go ahead and commit some news here. everything you said is absolutely correct. so the number one most important next step has got to be finding a way to solve the problem of excellent trading males, not just afghan males, but males, to
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the taliban's outer perimeter at the airport. what we see now is footage of what is happening right at the airport, that is the inner perimeter. the outer perimeter is serious problems because they've got lists, they've got the names and phone numbers and everyone who worked with our country for the last 20 years. they've got the bank records and everything else thanks to the embassy. that's the number one issue. second if you is it true that the taliban are using captured u.s. drones, like the switchblade and others, seized at the bagram air brace and other u.s. air bases that are being reverse engineered by russian, chinese, and pakistani intelligence officers? because that is a major hazard going forward. number three, it's been reported the taliban has captured the payroll data at the american embassy and the kabul banks, showing the names, addresses, and phone numbers for locals now being hunted down. sean, i have been in touch over the course of the last several days with folks who are now, got
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at least a thousand afghan nationals, who worked very closely with us, some of them were my interpreters when i was on the air with you from afghanistan. we are trying to get them out before they are hunted down. and now, the enemy has the addresses and phone numbers, and they are calling them up, trying to entice them to come on over. they come over, they are dead. number four. the resistance units forming in the pender valley are appealing for help. is anyone in the u.s. government answering the phone? if not, why not? call me, i got their numbers, they call me. number five, there are 50 or more afghan air force helicopter air force on the ground safely in neighboring countries. the senior afghan officer has appealed directly for help. i have his phone number, anyone going to answer his calls? if not, if you are in the government of the united states, give me a call, i will give you his phone number, he is desperate to make sure the 500 that came out with him get
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somewhere safely before they are bounced out of uzbekistan or taj extend, or condos anywhere else, i've got his number. number six, the communist chinese are apparently on scene working with taliban and ways to further disgraced the usa. here is bottom line. no one seems to remember the lessons learned from the capture of our embassy in saigon in 1975, or tehran in '79. if biden can't figure out how to deal with these problems, he ought to step down. the scary part of that, sean, in any case, the president not finishing his term, you know who becomes the president. that is a scary prospect, too. >> sean: colonel, we now know from the state department memo, we now know u.s. diplomats, "the new york post" reported in kabul wrote a memo last month warning, warning blinken of the rapid advancement of the taliban. joe biden says, oh, chaos was
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factored in from the beginning, it was priced into the cost of withdrawal, his statement, even though we have americans behind enemy lines, well, no one is being killed right now that i know of. and his own military -- his military advisors warned him against withdrawing. i don't recall -- so, colonel, you have been to every warned we since vietnam, you've been to afghanistan, you've been to iraq. my question to you is, i don't see a military option, at this point. because, well, there's too much leverage available on the other side that bothers me and concerns me, and i won't go into the details, you know exactly what i'm talking about. >> i do, i do know exactly what you're talking about, but we have the capability of retrieving those americans. it's going to take more troops, a lot more. it's going to take more time, a
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lot more. and that may have to be done, because if you end up with, let's say, just a thousand american hostages, and the communist chinese are the ones that are going to act as a protective power for "safe passage," that is the ultimate humiliation, and incompetence that is at every level of this administration, it goes to the top of the pentagon, the top of the state department, the top of the cia. the incompetence is extraordinary. i hate to say that because every minute of my time in uniform, i was proud of the people who i reported to. the fact is, we no longer have people like that in our government. >> sean: all right, colonel, we appreciate you, as always. thank you, colonel oliver oliver north. joining us with a reaction from a former white house press secretary, fox news secretary, ari fleischer. former acting director of national intelligence, ric grenell. regret, it's interesting, we do have a defense department, they are fighting back saying oh, we absolutely warned you. we have a state department memo, and now, we have a u.s. diplomat memo, all warning that this was
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becoming imminent a month ago. the question is, didn't take -- all you needed to do is really watch the news. you could see the advancing taliban, and they were taking over large portions. my question is, was this an intelligence breakdown, or they just didn't seem to care? or they were ignorant to what could happen here? >> sean, i've spent today talking to multiple state department officials, foreign service officers, career officials, and the warnings were early, and let me just tell you, that in early june, i had seen evidence of a warning, a very stark warning to jake sullivan, in early june. then there were multiple cables throughout june warning of what is happening as the taliban rises. now, on july 1st, we shut down bagram air force base. the troops were removed before american civilians or foreign
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service officers and embassy personnel were removed. how do you do that? so, the frustration that the state department was having, the foreign service officers, it finally boiled over after multiple warnings into this dissent cable, which is a very rare thing. 22 of the 23 economic and political officers in the embassy kabul signed a dissent cable on july 13th. after warnings throughout june and july, the troops were removed july 1st. they felt alone. let me just finish by saying this. on january 20th of this year, kabul was free, the american embassy, afghanistan was free, the american embassy in kabul was working fine. and then what happened after that? 2500 american troops and 5,000 nato troops where they are keeping the peace. and then chaos ensued. >> sean: let me go to you,
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ari fleischer. you are a communications pro of all pros. so, the president has remained quiet as the world watched, you know, all weekend long, that this was imminent, that kabul was taken over, and joe biden stayed on vacation. he flew in, he gave a ten minute speech that somebody else had obviously written, he took no questions, he went back on vacation again. then he does what i consider to be disastrous interview with george stephanopoulos. and saying "oh, no, no, we did everything right." you know, "there's nothing i think we could have improved on. the chaos was priced into the fact of any withdrawal, and i inherited this." "well, no one is being killed right now" beautiful you know, no one warned him against withdrawing, now we have all ofe contrary. now he is going on vacation again. help me out with that communication strategy, because that does not instill confidence in me, and i doubt instills confidence in the people trapped
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behind enemy lines tonight. >> sean, before i answer the question about communications, one point i just have to make, i never in my life thought i would live to see the day when the united states of america is dependent on the tender mercies of the taliban at checkpoints. this is the subjugated position that joe biden has subject our nation and our military too. it is a sample, shameful shameful moment, and he did it s early. as for the communications of it, you know, what joe biden needed to have done -- remember that july news conference where he said, you know, we are heading into a three-day weekend, i don't want to take these questions, i don't want to talk about it, he should have gone and talked about it to the american people and laid out the risks. he could have made the case that after 20 years it is right to withdraw the troops, but here are the risks in doing so. there could be chaos, there could be problems getting americans out. we will do everything we can to minimize it. but instead, he took the opposite task.
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he made the case the how strong the afghanistan military was, as he called it, 300,000 members of the afghan military. he let american on to believe some of it, did not come true, and the reason it significantly did not come true is because of the decisions joe biden made, just as ric laid out, to withdraw the troops before he withdrew the civilians. he got the order exactly backwards and put us all in peril. >> sean: really, "the wall street journal," in an editorial op-ed today, these americans really are hostage. you are right. i mean, their only option, i don't see a good military option for them because i worry that any operation would end up in mass american death, so the option now remains, just to be clear, depends on the good graces of terrorists? that have promised them safe
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passage to the airport? doesn't exactly instill confidence in me. >> president biden said that he factored in chaos. my greatest fear, sean, is that he factor in a bloodbath? a bloodbath either for the afghan who helped us or, god forbid, for our american troops. we are just a bullet away from the taliban launching a bloodbath, that is how perilous this is on a razors edge at the airport. >> sean: do you see a military option, ric grenell? real quick. >> looked, the french and british are out trying to get their people, they are out, trying to challenge the taliband make sure they get their people. we should be doing the same, and by the way, as the taliban was rising, we should have been pushing back militarily from the sky, that was donald trump's plan. >> sean: the donald trump plan was "we will blow you to smithereens if you dare" -- >> and the taliban believed it. they heard that and they believed it. >> sean: they believed it because donald trump was believable and they feared him, something they don't fear with
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biden. thank you both. all right, when we come back, we have a lot of ground to cover tonight. g.o.p., there is politics in play. they are pushing to hold biden accountable for these failures, and impeachment is being discussed at length. we will check in with kevin mccarthy, retired navy seal marcus luttrell, he has a strong message for president biden, he will joining us live. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> sean: all right, later in the show, we are going to have a big update, what american families, those that have family members trapped inside afghanistan, all the efforts they are using to try and get their family members home, and no thanks to joe biden, how they all must be feeling tonight. also, marcus luttrell coming up. developing tonight, demanding
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president biden provide a gang of eight debriefing on the afghanistan exist disaster, provide the necessary information, means of departure for those americans still trying desperately to get out and ask yourself, is there any doubt that if this was happening under the trump administration, oh, i'm sure that it would be nonstop, never ending, the sirens of impeachment would be going off among democrats. here with the latest, house minority leader kevin mccarthy. you know, with americans in harm's way behind enemy lines, to be honest, congressman, i'm not interested in the politics tonight, i'm interested in one thing only, and that is getting our fellow americans home. with that said, i do think congress needs to be brought in. i think we need to be briefed. our intel apparently had been warning, both intel in the house and the senate, members on both sides of the aisle, have been warning not to do this now. the danger was real.
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but more importantly, what options might be available? and how can we put that plan in place? >> sean, that's true. every single member of congress has one focus, to get those americans home. i asked for a true accounting of the number of americans. sean, when we get it, i'm going to ask you in every show on every network, put that number on your show and let us counted down until every single american comes home. the idea our military is saving they don't have the capabilities to go out, yes, they do, they just need them will and all americans should stand for that. what this disaster has done is put a stain on our nation status for years to come. i have heard from ambassadors of other nations that are our allies. they said they can't go back and tell them whether america will be there again, watching what china is doing with taiwan, what russia talked about within the baltics. i am hearing reports that the taliban now has more blackhawks than our allies australia.
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the weapon tree that was left, this is a complete disaster, and we should have a complete accounting of it, and yes, if it holds to that, we will uphold our constitutional duty. right now, we are focused on bringing every single american home. stop asking the telephone for permission, and let's go bring me americans home. >> sean: do you like with the british are doing? they are sending in their paratroopers. >> yeah, i like with the british are doing, but also, think about what the british and french are saying, we no longer can count on america and have to do something else. remember, they went there to help america stop the terrorists. the other thing we need to do, shut down our border. even earlier this year, we have been catching people on the terrorist watch list coming across our border. 5,000 prisoners have just left in afghanistan. america is less safe today because of what this president has done. and the president, to sit there and tell us that he has planned for every scenario, why wouldn't they stop planning? who would plan this way? why would they remove come in a
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time of the height of the taliban in the summer? if they wanted to draw down, why wouldn't they do it in winter? to criticize the afghan military that has been losing thousands of lives every month? we had stabilized this nation, without a casualty in the last 18 months, 25 of our very best, and now we had to put 7,000 back in. this is one of the greatest disasters in the history of this nation. and it is going to do damage for us for decades to come. >> sean: and donald trump was very clear, if one american is harmed, they will be hell and fury to pay. and they believed him. and there wasn't a single american killed and almost, what, 18 months. leader mccarthy, thank you. >> you know why, because -- >> sean: they did believe him, you are right. also tonight, the brave men and women in uniform who served in afghanistan, they are speaking out and they are slamming joe biden for his lack of urgency, lack of transparency, lack of action amid what is now a full-blown taliban take over
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all across afghanistan. many gold star, many families of the severely injured in afghanistan, are rightly asking why? why did they give their life, their limbs, for this? and one of those brave heroes is retired navy seal, you might have watched the movie, read the book, "lone survivor," author marcus luttrell. he says we need to do everything we can to get our fellow citizens out of afghanistan. he joins us now with more. marcus, it's been a longtime friend, i know you are watchingd i know your heart, and i think i know the answer to the question before i ask it. what do people like yourself, that served there, you lost your closest friends there, what do you think about the situation, and what do you think needs to be done to resolve the situation and save our fellow americans? >> good to see you, brother, and thank you for having me on. it's been a wild.
6:34 pm
since covid got spread around, a lot has happened since then. my feelings on this are kind of equal to everybody else's. you just kind of watch it go down. we fought so hard in there for so long. we are talking about 20 years now. we got it done, about the time bin laden came down and rob o'neill and the rest of the guys, other than that, you look at the nation-building, and i heard colonel north fired up, and made great points. when you see the taliban walking down the streets with all of our equipment and the way they walked, i know what it is when i am looking at it. or you see something trained up in the way they carry themselves, a lot of that is the army. and how fast that fellow, to fall in 11 days, that takes the will of the people, as well. 20 years, they got so sick of it, they just wanted something
6:35 pm
to change. as far as the airport goes, i keep hearing everybody talk about contingencies and we have all of these contingencies, there was already a contingency written up. tell that guy at the white house -- there's contingencies for airports. you open it up, there is one page in there. a letter that says "rangers." that is what they do. that is their profession, and they do it so well, i mean, words can't even describe. they shut that down and secure in a matter of minutes. if you turn them loose. that is a true statement. that is all they do. that is what they are designed for. the fact they are not even over there is surprising to me. >> sean: so -- >> i've been over there in a hole -- i know how important it is, just to see that american flag, because this is a place but it is also the people. just to get back here, people
6:36 pm
are falling off the sides of airplanes just to come over here to meet our people. the whole time i was over there, all i wanted to do is get back here. and as long as i kept standing, i knew that flag was standing, and someone was willing to stand for that flag, that's the hope. that's the hope. if we have already bailed out of there and all bets are off and you don't have to ask permission from the taliban, anyone says coordination with the taliban in the airport, that just means they are talking -- they don't care what we think. right now, they are worried about security. they took over. they are going to be focused on that. we need to focus on getting our people back. that is what america is. every time you stand for the flag and be acknowledged as an american, every time you look at the flag, it is for this reason right here. if you get in trouble, somewhere where you are away from home, we will come get you. that is the deal. >> sean: leave no one behind, marcus. >> there is no second-guessing
6:37 pm
it. i spent my whole life -- imagine with those people would do. >> sean: marcus luttrell. people haven't read his book, seen the movie, it's an appropriate time. you can reread it, watch it. leave no man or woman behind. when we come back, speaking of women, afghanistan women are fearing for their lives tonight, rightly so, made the taliban take over. later, what american families was trapped in afghanistan, those families in that situation, you will hear directly from them as we continue. ♪ ♪
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they are beginning to see the tragic consequences of a return to taliban rule. for example, according to a new report, the taliban is marking the doors of prominent afghan women, even taking female news anchors off the ale or, and the terror group reportedly killed one woman for not wearing a burqa on the same day the taliban was bowing to honor women's rights. they have since backed off that, as we predicted. and as "the wall street journal" reports, many women are fading from public view, rightfully, fearfully, for their lives, as the taliban crackdown begins. remember, under previous taliban rules, girls were prevented, they couldn't go to school or work, prevented from appearing in public without being fully covered, having a male relative with them, also restrictions on what health care they could receive, what types of transportation they could take. and severely limited on when and where they could work, if they
6:43 pm
could, and were even subjected to forced marriages and abuse and rape, and those who broke the rules, they face public flogging and even execution. here with the reaction, fox news contributor sara carter come along with syndicated talk show host dana loesch. sara, you've been there many times and have friends there and have been a nonstop contact with them for the last week, with people on the ground there. what is the latest you are hearing? >> it's terror, it's just terror, sean, i can't even begin to describe what the people in afghanistan are going through. you spoke of women in afghanistan, i have been in communication all day today with a woman in afghanistan and her small child. she was traveling from gate to gate around kabul airport trying to get inside. she has a visa, she has family members in the united states, she can have access into the country, but she cannot get to a gate. the perimeter around kabul
6:44 pm
airport is completely surrounded by taliban. they pushed her and pushed other women, they were threatening them, they were pushing them onto the ground, it was horrifying. i was there, sean, as you said many times, i remember going to kabul university and talking to young afghan women, women that would go to school and were wearing their genes, they were wearing a hijab, but no burqa. they were very educated, very free, standing up for their rights, women who were judges, now all of their lives are being threatened. i can't begin to stress that the united states government must secure the perimeter around the airport so that people can get into the airport to get on the flight. sean, people are literally being held hostage by the taliban around the airport. >> sean: let me go to you, dana. there has been a silence, people have been eerily silent, the squad, the me too movement, et cetera, et cetera. knowing what the taliban's history is, knowing what the reports are that we have been
6:45 pm
describing in great, graphic detail, why? why are they silent on this? >> oh, sean, and thanks for having me, it's good to see you again. they are silent on this because they are fake, they are frauds, they are grifters, these are people have turned the idea of third and fourth wave feminists history to secure their interest instead of the interest of women everywhere. it is really easy, for these third and fourth wave feminists, to talk a really good game about me too and your truth et cetera, but that ends at american borders. they don't have the bravery. the squad, they are not brave enough or courageous enough to actually advocate for these women in other countries -- and quite rightly, sean, neither is the united nations, whose ridiculous tone-deaf response about inclusivity when forming a legitimate government by the taliban, the taliban is not going to recognize that. they have women's abuses, too. this is about cowardice. >> sean: you know, and the interesting -- i mentioned
6:46 pm
earlier, i know it was apparent, as a father, i know, you see these images of mothers and fathers literally taking their babies, they are young babies, throwing them over the wall witw the fate of these women, sara, i will give you the last word. >> that's absolutely right, sean. these are people who are brave, who stood by the size of our soldiers, many who believe in liberty and freedom, they believe in liberty and freedom more than even some americans believe in liberty and freedom because they know what it's like to not have it. sean, our government has to do something. they need to secure that perimeter, they need to get americans outcome and we need to get our afghan allies and americans home. >> sean: thank you both. dana, thank you, sara, thank you. last night, all right, the personal side of this beautiful you've heard the story of an afghan interpreter living in the u.s. desperately trying to get his young family out of afghanistan. what is it like for those
6:47 pm
families? that are talking to their loved ones, one of the hearing, what are they saying, and what hope do they have? that is straight ahead. ♪ ♪ cranky-pated: a bad mood related to a sluggish gut. miralax is different. it works naturally with the water in your body to unblock your gut. free your gut, and your mood will follow.
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♪ ♪ >> sean: all right come a breaking report from reuters just coming out now, joe biden is going to speak from the white house about afghanistan about 1:00 eastern tomorrow. a lot late, joe, that apparently heading to delaware coming out to make everyone think you are working hard before you jet off for the weekend. now we are continuing to follow the stories of our fellow americans that are doing everything within their power to get their family members out of afghanistan. as we see more shocking footage out of afghanistan, they are even making propaganda videos with american equipment, billions of dollars of equipment
6:52 pm
you paid for that we left for them, we've got an update on the story we brought you last night. he worked as an afghan interpreter with u.s. forces for years. there is a bounty on his head. he is living in the u.s., desperately now trying to get his family out of afghanistan, and tonight, he has another message for the biden administration, and he joins us come along with republican congressman brian mast. a sensibly coming your family is held hostage, aren't they? aren't they being forced to stay there against your will? there is no freedom for them to travel to the airport, ostensibly, or aren't they hostages? >> yes, my family moved from one location to another. they have not been safe yet. they are outside at the gate, and the taliban, they hate my family members. my other family members are hiding right now, and thank you,
6:53 pm
he helped my family, but mr. joe biden isn't. he broke his promise. he left my family and other afghan americans behind. the afghan americans over there, they have very hard times, and the families, they are crying. i received a hundred, hundred messages, and my hands are shaking, it become too weak, i couldn't sleep and eat because i am worried about my family and other afghan american allies in afghanistan, kabul airport. >> sean: congressman, let me ask you, biden apparently is going to address the issue of an evacuation plan a little late for that, considering all these, 15,000, he tells us, americans behind enemy lines, but then we have anywhere between 60,000 interpreters, family members, people like saber. do you see good options? i see options. i don't really see one that i
6:54 pm
say is particularly a good option. every one of the options available is a danger to both our military and to the people that are ostensibly hostage and not allowed to fly out of afghanistan. >> sean, the options get worse every single minute that we wait longer, right? because you have now the taliban being the most well armed taliban. we don't know what surface to air assets that they are going to be moving thousands of people out via aircraft, right, they are not putting them out on boats, so what the capabilities do they now have to shoot those out of the skies as we are moving thousands out of there? i hope when president biden comes on tv, he gives us a resignation because he's going to say, let's say 15000-16000 counts of endangerment of everybody over there, and you know, let's call this for what it is. this is probably about day seven of the afghanistan hostage crisis, which is going to be far worse than the iranian hostage
6:55 pm
crisis. >> sean: americans held hostage behind enemy lines. i can't think of a worse scenario. saber, your message to joe biden? we've got 30 seconds. >> my message, mr. joe biden, i know you broke your promise. i know that you left us behind. but for humanity, please save all afghan american allies, that they are suffering behind the gate, and they cannot go back home. if they go back, the taliban will behead them, so please, please, listen to the innocent people and help them, and if not, i might go back to afghanistan and support those innocent families. thank you, mr. joe biden. >> sean: i don't think there is an option -- they should have done this a long time ago. he had the time to do it. we continue. ♪ ♪
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>> sean: unfortunately that's all the time we have left, please set your dvrs so you never miss an episode. the sad thing joe biden addressing the country tomorrow about, how to evaluate people. there's no real good, save option, it's a sad thing, because he didn't act when he could. in the meantime, let not your heart be troubled, laura ingraham is next, have a great night, see you back here tomorrow. ♪ ♪ >> laura: i'm laura ingraham, this is "the ingraham angle." we have a huge show for you tonight, a lot going on in washington and beyond the let's dive right in. it's time to put americans first, that's the focus of tonight's angle. our elites in politics and the media, they really want you to know that they care deeply about the afghan people so much that they want to bring as many afghans here to the united states as possible. >> accepting afghan refugees and the willingness to accept more because we have to do more. >> the integration of refugs