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tv   The Journal Editorial Report  FOX News  August 21, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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♪♪ seven welcome to the journal editorial report i am paul gigot and the chaos in kabul after the capitol filled to the taliban. lightning march across the country and working as an to america's 20 your mission there. the retreat the blood to the u.s. credibility of a broad with and enemies both in questioning americans mobile leadership. and criticism president biden addressed the nation on friday the first about evacuating americans and afghans in kabul.
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biden: for 20 years, afghanistan his minute a joint effort with our nato allies. we went in together, and we are living together. and now we are working together to bring our people and our afghan partners to safety. and there's been plenty of time to criticize or second-guess this operation is over. but now, now and focusing on getting this job done. paul: let's bring in four-star general jacking the "fox news" senior strategic analyst and chairman of the institute for the study of war rated general welcome and is always and i want to zero in on that point about the nato general i mean, i've been reading the british press and listening to what the europeans are saying they are furious about the way this has been handled and they are really are also not very happy to wonder what your sources say about the degree of coordination and getting their citizens out pretty when you hearing and what you think. guest: well i can just only
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underscore that, it's quite unusual, i haven't seen anything like this in years, now universal passionate condemnation of the president's decision to pull out of afghan and take away our insurance policy against al qaeda and certainly this unfolding debacle of catastrophe that is largely due to an ill-conceived withdrawal it didn't have the deliberate and methodical plans that it deserves to have absolute stunner the president to suggest that is not heard any criticism whatsoever from our allies. and it amazes me because the consequences of this operation, on our allies in terms of the impression in the confidence in the united states, nuts for weeks and months but for years. and i think the biden has
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managed to damage and we can nato in a way that putin was never able to achieve. after all, is the only time article five has been exercised by the nato alliance to go to a country and enter into a conflict to defend another country that was attacked. country happens to be the united states of america. the unilateral withdrawal decision without consult of allies and the fact that the allies were all opposed. so i've already understand, we were only 2500 out and they had some - 8000 there nato members. in the united states was attacked but they also believe for my fault that it was a national interest to stay because the al qaeda threat is potentially coming, and impact the security of their people as well as the united states. flabbergasted the president does not acknowledge the criticism that he is received. paul: on the evacuations, president acknowledges difficult but it's fascinating to see or
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read that the british and the french actually gone beyond kabul airport and confident some of their people out. with unilateral military action and yet the u.s., they refused to do that in the president has said, there would be unintended consequences of that predict are we doing enough now, america to get our people, the americans and the afghan allies out of their or should we be doing tomorrow pretty. guest: we should absolutely be doing more. i would've appreciated the president said, absolute commitment and resolve and we are going to stay in afghanistan as long as it takes the market citizens to get them out in our afghan partners and again though, when he is pressured about the fact that the afghan partners are being held up a checkpoint they cannot even get to the airport gate. and i was in contact with the person just prior to our show today and they have 30 people
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are trying to get out made two attempts to get there the taliban has turned them back and they have all the document tatian. they are afghans in fact the president is aware that and he dismisses it and said no problem, is another factual error and here's something else going on. and clearly, as you have mentioned, the brits and the french are up there in the know for a fact that the germans in the dutch and the indians have all left the airport to go get people in some of them were military they did it and some others were not come they were civilians to go help others to get to the airport read there's a certain element of risk aversion going on here in the world's number one superpower and were not willing to lead the gate, i believe because adverse actions could happen. we could get in a firefight to protect our american citizens but that is a risk that is worth taking and we should be out there protecting our people and
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getting them to the airport we should have multiple other sites where people can gather we can pick them up the sites in the taken to airport have a helicopter except. there's plenty of opportunities here for us to do this. there is a risk aversion here paul that is very disturbing and we have considerable forces at that airport if we needed others, resident biden said it, all will mobilize all the necessary forces that are required to get the job done. as a paraphrase of his words, but we are not doing the job to get all of our afghan people out and i suspect probably some american citizens as well. sue and we'll see if you take that counsel good counsel in the days ahead i think you a lot general. appreciated pretty still ahead, facing harsh criticism for his handling of the afghan exit, president of biden is refusing to back down in our panel for the crisis tells us about his judgment and his worldview when
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sue and marking the first major foreign policy crisis of the biden administration, presidents not backing down from his position to withdrawal where and three is played out printed. biden: if we had decided 15 years ago, to leave afghanistan, it would've been really difficult. if we decided five years ago, if we continue to work another decade and try, there is no way in which the behavior or we will be able to leave afghanistan without there being some of what you are seeing now predict. paul: springer panel wall street columnist and senior fellow, and jason ryan columnist bill. bill, what you learned about president invited in the last
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week in the afghan decision and his political character and belief system and what it says about his presidency in the last week. guest: i think it shows that he is colossal bad judgment and he's unwilling to admit mistakes when they have and what it looks to me as if back in july, he was telling us this is going to be a cakewalk not going to have any of these rooftop seems likely that in saigon. and so if he was predicting, he didn't tell us about it then of course once you screw up, you will make it sound like it was inevitable party to this with it what about five years ago work 15 years ago is, i think it is all about avoiding images in july he's telling us that he didn't want helicopters on the above the pilots are given orders not to men of the rooftop no matter what and i think he's worried about a black hawk down some kind of accident. helicopters go down all the time rate is something that he's
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concentrating on avoiding what he thinks will be embarrassing of rather than insisting on a mission that were going to get every american out and when he confirms to people that this is all relying on taliban permission, it just looks disastrous. paul: jason how persuasive have you found the presidents explanations for what he has been doing in the past few weeks, visibility with reassurance. guest: snow and seems depending on the day of the way, you get a different assessment of what is going on and why we can do things are can't do things in the president biden said in a conference that everyone can get to the airport. he can't tell the americans in afghanistan but he sure says that all of them can get to the airport. that of course does not make sense. he also said •-ellipsis sort of
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inevitable. this was going to happen no matter what. in the u.s. trains the afghan army and this army came we know it better than anybody i find it hard to believe that he was shocked and quickly things went sideways there so no, i don't think that he is been reassuring at all in his administration has been sending mixed messages. paul: 101 of the things of fun striking and disconcerting, one is for the american president in this situation i thank you so just terrible for the country with the fact that the president keeps saying and as people keep saying, when contact with the taliban, or cooperating. and they've assured us that all americans are going to be able to get out and were going to try to get the afghans out as well. minis basically put himself in the position where he is depending upon the goodwill of
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the taliban and that's an incredible position for the market president to be in. guest: and whether no president should be in but he is paul. i think were going to have to come to the chase here. the president of the united states joe biden is obviously disconnected from reality. he is making statement after statement that is demonstrably false such as if we had pulled out 15 years ago work five days ago, all of this chaos which he accepts would be happening. this chaos was not necessary, nobody believes that was obviously nothing is penetrating joe biden's consciousness on the subject at all in my mind paul, raises the question of what is going on around him rated national security advisor jake sullivan and his secretary of state are they trying to talk him out of it are they leading these fantasies because this
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cannot go on the way it is. and we have raised the subject of resignation and one point i thought, the defense secretary lloyd austin should not reside because it would only get worse but i think reaching a point where someone secretary austin is going to have to resign to try to stop or mitigate the course that the president is on because it is a catastrophe and everyone can see that hip. paul: bill this is happening in the seventh month of his presidency. you know, the way the constitution works, we have three and half years ago this long way to go in which the world and the allies and the adversaries are making their calculations about the present his resolve, and the willingness of the united states to back up his commitment. what does this tell you about what is going to happen in the next three and half years. guest: i think it bodes and bodes poorly with three and half
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years left, when jimmy carter a glass presidency that we associate with such colossal effectiveness, as the iran crisis, it was in the third year of his presidency and he did not have much longer to go. the year after they took those heat loss to ronald ragan we still have a lot of room for disaster and it's not any consolation to know that if he steps down, harris steps and rated. paul: thank you belt when we come back to taliban victory in afghanistan, marking a dangerous new opportunity for jihadist groups as a rate organize threaten efforts at home and abroad and does that biden administration have a clear strategy to target them.
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>> is not it question about the terrorist challenge in afghan, it is about whether the terrorist challenge in 2021 is fundamentally different from the terrorist challenge in 2001 we believe it is fundamentally different when he to be postured effectively to deal with the terrorist and challenges we find today is a positive 20 years ago. paul: national security advisor jake sullivan this week saying the biden administration is clear right about the tear challenge coming from afghan rated so as the threat fundamentally different than it was 20 years ago and is the administration have strategy to deal with it. now that the countries in the hands of the taliban and is ask seth jones senior vice president and director of international security program and the center for strategic international studies and a former senior advisor at the u.s. special operations command in afghanistan and he is also author of the book in the graveyard of empires americans
12:21 pm
war in afghanistan. so seth, nice to see you again and let's take up the first question from jake sullivan, is the terror challenge, the budget fundamentally different, and from 20 years or 20 years after the fall. guest: i think it is different in one sense, the al qaeda in 2001, 20 years ago was actively fighting attacks against the u.s. linden u.s. interests overseas. it is been significantly weakened over time because of a persistence u.s. counterterrorism campaign in afghanistan and pakistan in the range of other countries overseas but the problem now is that the taliban continues to have a strategic level relationship with al qaeda and there is no room to operate and was been particular concerning over the past week is the
12:22 pm
release of thousands of foreign fighters including senior al qaeda operators from prison. in the kabul area and other places. so we have is a serious and growing terrorism problem in the country and is worth noting paul that we have seen a lot of jihadist chatter over the past couple of days, shifting their focus from as afghanistan as the global jihadist of this does not bode well for jake's comments. >> so if you're a jihadist in syria, that is not a very safe area. there are real risk their know him assuming they will think that okay, going back to afghanistan which is a much harder and harder, gives us a chance to be safer as we set up sanctuaries would you agree with that. guest: i would agree with that with two exceptions and one is
12:23 pm
and is not an easy place to get to so for jihadist there in the persian gulf, they're going to have to either fly or somehow grown by then route through a monarch into pakistan they may be able to fly into an air force in afghanistan but it is not the easiest place to get into and a second, you are a supporters sympathizer on the islamic state, and may not be at least in the near future, the best place for you to go. until amended massacre some cleaner isis leaders of the past week because there's a lot of competition between those groups. >> one of the claims by the president has been that he can do what he calls over the horizon counterterror operations in afghanistan and he compares them to what we do in human and somalia and other places in the world. anything jake sullivan and henson point is saying that we can do that pretty is
12:24 pm
afghanistan could be different in that regard from what we do in these other theaters. guest: will be different for number of those theaters. ideally and i've been involved in this directly on the ground in afghanistan and a few other countries, you need a few things. many of which you do not have in afghanistan, ideally you need a local partner underground where you can invent either cia or special operation forces and you can collect intelligence. any basis in the country are very close by where you can fly aircraft weather is fixed wing or thrones like then unite and also ideally you have a lot of intelligence collection capabilities. so we have given up much of that. we have no immediate basis in afghanistan is a region other than the kabul airport right now but were going to lose that soon we've already said that it would got no allies in the ground because taliban now runs the
12:25 pm
government. and at this point, and is not clear when the president is going to make any kind of a commitment to having a covert presidents afghanistan of cia or special operations forces operating under we call pilot 50 which gives special operations forces the ability to operate through covert actions under cia chain of command and he says nothing along those lines we really have connor needs out from beneath has here. >> what is that mean to my understanding of your piece of the journalists this week is that means playing a drones from clutter or from naval assets which is 12 or ten or 12 hours away. guest: is a really difficult logistical left and we would have to fly some of the am cute nine drones from places like david and cutter and it makes up a long flight time and why that is long time is important is
12:26 pm
because you lose the ability to then go over afghanistan to take videos camera or even a strike target. use any huge chunks of time just getting there and that assumed by the way paul that countries like pakistan give us overflight right to fly this drones over. so that is the problem is that we lose all kinds of time and what would normally be providing intelligence in the reconnaissance over afghan territory. paul: so in summary very briefly, it sounds as if you're thinking this going to be a lot more difficult than the president has spent suggesting. seating is no question that we have really and stroke ourselves in the situation i thank you so more dire the president has outlined in our ability to respond is much worse than the administration is meted out to be. paul: thank you seth very informative and appreciated when we come back the presidency as peril. the impact of the afghanistan retreat understanding of the
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paul: president biden approval rating in below the 50 percent mark in the real clear politics average of the first time this week and the chaos and couple continues to unfold. did coming is congress is set to return to washington is democrats face narrow window to voting rights, infrastructure and three and half trillion dollar thinning plan so it is
12:31 pm
bidens afghan retreat mean for the ability to push that agenda through. let's ask wall street journal colonists, senior advisor to president george w. bush. so carl you been in the hud housing market when things being sent back. so the biden teams for rip performance on another retreat or or the decision but afterwards, after knowing that, how do you think this is. guest: they have shown some grants by defending and being indivisible but i think the relatively calm death and have not acknowledged to la when we see failure and they made no statements that have it has little basis in fact and if suggested things that simply are not true. so there at least shown up but i felt the appearances have not advance the cause starting with the president himself.
12:32 pm
the interview was dreadful. he blamed his predecessors and took blamed everybody but himself rated so particular horrific intact afghan saying it in a fight enough something like 60000 afghan casualties over the last 20 years. >> 66000. thus the camp that i've seen. carlson would you do in the sun kind circumstance of those only so much only for so long you can continue to defy what people see with your own eyes, yet to see was going on. you have to take action to change the reality, the only way out of this. guest: and therein lies the road, because the administration was quick to say that we can truly airport near poor is secure access to the airport is not secure and in fact is controlled by the taliban so how are we going to get this as of yet to the airport to be lifted
12:33 pm
out and how are we going to get the afghans were very much a risk of death to the airport motivated the united states in the last ten years. have a friend here in austin is very close friends and allies and interpreted who helped him during his time during afghanistan is already gotten a report that the interpreter was killed. his arms were cut off in front of his family and his family was slaughtered and only one member of the family members, a ten -year-old girl who is turned over to the taliban. this is barbarity that we will see the only way for this administration to do something about it is to do something about getting access to the airport really markets in the afghans who need to lifted out of that country. paul: that is horrific and stuff targeted almost now turning to the domestic agenda and that kind of a story. but when impact this is going to have in terms of the democratic
12:34 pm
determination to get to the biden agenda through this make that harder or not. congress is not good at doing little things at the same time and now a large number of people are saying we need to investigate the circumstances surrounding his decision in the execution of the policies were quite event down as part of the september agenda and when we come back. and then of course number of things on the plate, they got the bipartisan infrastructure build a $3.5 trillion budget resolution at the $3.5 trillion spending a bill that god debt ceiling lifted in all of which the need to be network try to get it done rapidly. commerce is not good it rapid things and i suspect that they give the budget resolution, suspect it will get the debt ceiling and find it difficult to believe that they're going to quickly get $3.5 trillion bill particular with all of the revisions in their and they're going to take a bite out of a lot of people if you're a farmer
12:35 pm
or adventure, you raise corn in illinois or reform ranch in montana, your senator or congressman get excited about making it virtually impossible for you to passes on to your kids pretty because that's exactly with this would do their other provisions like this throughout it. paul: but i want to ask about this of this because you watch nancy pelosi for a long time and i have an seems to me that she is going to basically say the swing straight democrats, are majorities in jeopardy right but it is even more jeopardy if we do not pass these things pretty see you might as well sign up for this and take the risk by keeping your own party united and will take our chances in november of 2022 by the way, then you have a legacy. and that i thank you so with the argument they're going to use and i would not downplay her chances of getting through.
12:36 pm
guest: person something to that, you're right, she's a powerful persuasive personality rated no fans or butts about it, the theme underneath that is you are at risk and you're likely to lose your seat the least have a legacy passing a bunch of stuff that aoc bernie sanders liked the question is, are there eccentric democrats like those in virginia new jersey and elsewhere are going to say yeah you know what, as i assign my own death what i want to do something that's going to be cathartic to my party not certain that new jersey or virginia or texas, they're going to be that excited about going along with an agenda that they fundamentally do not buy into. sue and thank you carl, appreciate very much your insight in still ahead, nancy pelosi, is that has returns from the summer break of the speaker is facing pressure from the opposite sides of her party so can she keep those factions
12:37 pm
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paul: is a house returns next week, abbreviated summer break, nancy pelosi is falling to push had with the biden agenda despite a growing divide inside of her own party, democrats pushing to pass the bipartisan infrastructure bill before taking up the bernie sanders back three naturally dollars budget resolution as peers of her midterm election grow. second the speaker hold her carcass together and she looks to advance both measures. this bring back our panel. so, dan, so take stock, what is this affect all of this is having on the biden's presidency section of biden as a leader because he owns approval ratings are all before even afghanistan into for example from the covid-19.
12:41 pm
where does he stand. guest: i think he stands on precarious ground with the american people and probably with his own party as well paul having there has been criticism from people in the democrats in congress senators for instance upset at the execution of the afghanistan withdrawal and evacuation and the president gave a speech last of money that was kind of brittle speech, describing the reason for doing it in any went to camp david so i think the president's political standing is weak in the moment, all of these members of the house are coming back after all this happened and they're going to be asked by nancy pelosi to pass an array of bills quickly to give this president a win. the big question is, will these impressed be willing it to help out joe biden. paul: j sortie of all argument, this might make it easier for pelosi to pass a of the sort of
12:42 pm
desperation argument that i'm talking about. it would gotta get this done or we are doomed horses going to make it harder. guest: i think it makes it harder all. she's got a dilemma here, she's in her tremendous amount of pressure and there are nine or so members of her carcass and people from swing districts trying to pressure her into letting them none of the infra- structure package that had bipartisan support and she's holding off because she promised the progressives that she won't do until the senate passes much more ambitious plan and so she has a dilemma and she's got a president with political capitol is diminishing and as you mentioned, his writings have been falling since may sadly and is got in question is you is interesting how if you democrats are giving him cover on what is going on in afghanistan. a few nancy pelosi and annette and chuck schumer but if you look at people like mark warner and etta vento intelligence,
12:43 pm
they would hold hearings and then if you look at people who are up for reelection like market kelly on arizona, he is called this a debacle which gives you some idea of how candidates are thinking about the midterm election. sue and i think, they make excellent points but here is my thinking. just to be the advocate, chuck schumer feels aoc breathing down his neck and thought content possible primary run nancy pelosi is probably going to retire and she was the majority but just for her as a legacy issue, she wants to get these entitlements place was wet with a big win she wants to say that i delivered for joe biden even though you know what, it will be like when we lost obama house in 2010 the republicans will be able to reveal anything in history all look great. and so she's going to make that argument let's make this a legacy project what you think of that. guest: yes think she has make
12:44 pm
that. i wouldn't underestimate she browbeat the pro-life democrats in the obama care and got an over the top and a lot of them wasser sees later but she got the bill. if anyone can do it, would think it does missus pelosi in a dance point i think that they don't distinguish between domestic and foreign affairs. if you look at people start to get nervous. usually when you have legislation, the big guns, the president and he goes out and gives an address to the nation, and he supports and in this case, that's what i think of a gun's policy and twisting the arms and she clearly decided she's going to side with the progressives and trying to squeeze the moderates and maybe that means they be satisfied for example if it is a $2.5 trillion reconciliation bill instead of 3.5 trillion. the problem they have now is everyday and depending on what joe biden continues to say, is
12:45 pm
that all his words will be measured against the images they see from afghanistan and she knows this the make or break moment. paul: i would not sell her short in this effort. when we come back, arriving in california this week, election voters are split on whether to remove governor gavin newsom. so what it all comes as to what that democrats will get their votes out of the latest from the golden state, that is next. ugh, there's that cute guy from 12c. -go talk to him. -yeah, no. plus it's not even like he'd be into me or whatever. ♪♪ ♪ this could be ♪ hi. you just moved in, right? i would love to tell you about
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>> gavin newsom for what he's campaign against him now is using, they want to take down any man any recommendations for vaccinations, that is her campaign so this recall has become a matter of life and death sue and house speaker nancy pelosi in san francisco this week calling the recall campaign against governor gavin newsom a matter of life and death as california battles the summer surge in covid-19 cases but some 20 million ballots arriving in mailboxes this week. voters have between now and september 14 to decide whether the first term democrat should be replaced and if so, but home cbs news poll shows that likely voters are split on whether to remove newsom and 40 percent saying that he should be recalled 52 percent saying they want him to remain in office. back with jason riley and joined by editorial member alicia rated so alicia democrats outnumber
12:50 pm
republicans by two - one in california. so why is newsom so vulnerable as the polls suggest. guest: for lack of enthusiasm, amongst is basin in these polls, not just these recent ones that he's actually just treading water with younger people basically evenly split into young people in the democratic party. he's also doing very well among the minorities and i think the other issue is that the independence the suburban women especially have turned on him and really the school closures and relates to a lot of different followers but i think they are all compounding making it really difficult for him to i wouldn't say reelection but staying in office. paul: will jason, sort of on the substance there, what would you be and where these people sell sour on newsom.
12:51 pm
as alicia mention school closures and homelessness but what else is going on there. he claims the california is doing great. guest: well yeah, he also claims this is a plot by a bunch of trump supporters trying to take over california but the reality is that he was elected in 2018 with more than 60 percent of the vote and a lot of people who supported him also signed this recall petition that is led to this recall election pretty so that argument does not hold up to scrutiny but people are fed up with the quality of life in california and you've got blackouts and homelessness and you have crime. enough like a thousand dollars worth of goods make its basically legal to steal and prosecutors other bragging about how many people have or they won't prosecute if you like him and people in california are just fed up, they pay height
12:52 pm
energy bills in comparison to national average but in the neighboring states human and people are very upset about it. the democrats have complete control of the state and have for a long time to go democratic governor and the majorities. c1 alicia, do you agree with that. the revolt against newsom but man are against progressive governments in san francisco. newsom was just a symbol. alicia: i think you're right, is a symbol party to think most of it is preceded gavin newsom. he didn't win in the left until 2018. in working terms of the crimes, top 47 which was passed in 2014 with his backing. and the policies, goes back more than a decade and only the force management with these wildfires, is been going on for decades
12:53 pm
because neglected force management parking is really newsom is for the fall guy here. paul: and jason you mentioned it that the arguments and newsom himself is saying that this is a trump coup basically. what arguments other than that is newsom making to stay in office. what is he campaigning on to keep him on the job read. guest: will funnel think that he's making much of an argument for what he is done printed think it would be hard to do. but the lockdowns in california due to covid-19 were some of the most severe of any state in the country and you talk to people out there and the work that often comes up in describing newsom is sort of aristocratic attitude that he has paul, these rules offer other people that famous incident wary of scott donnie at this restaurant in violating his own covid-19 rules with obvious by the way, they
12:54 pm
said issues about the schooling of his children and how he's presented that to the public in his business, the winery and whether it can stay open while others had to close and so forth. so he's getting a lot of backlash the way he has handled covid-19 but i think it's sent into pre-existing problems that people in the state of had without the government. paul: alicia very quickly about ten seconds, how do you think this. are you willing to make a bet. alicia: you i think he hangs on in the end i think will be close. paul: because the democrats electric printed. alicia: i think all registered voters will get to the ballots which will make it easier for the democrats about harvest. paul: all right, when we come back.
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time now for hits and misses of
12:58 pm
the week. jason. >> the biden administration announced enormous expansion of the food stamp program and i think the timing couldn't be worse, another effort to help people by giving them less incentives to return to work whether we are talking about supplemental unemployment insurance or telling people they don't have to pay rent pay back student loans, there's a reason we have more than 1 million more job openings than people looking for work, this is not what people need right now. >> the 10000 buyers battling more than a dozen cases for the past two months, it's brutal conditions working 16 hour shifts. they're putting their lives on the line tens of thousands of homes, not an easy job but has somebody has to do it and glad california that they are. paul: okay, bill.
12:59 pm
>> paul, a hit for a good man who died this week, joe galloway, they were corresponded, he wrote a book called we were soldiers, a pivotal battle in vietnam. a lot of people know if the movie, mel gibson. not many know that galloway earned the braun store star for that battle caring off when did american g.i. a final salute to a great american and brave reporter. paul: all right, dan. >> a miss to governor kate brown and her legislature which extended a law suspending minimum proficiency requirements for kids graduating from high school there. yes, this means minimum proficiency isn't even required in reading, writing and mathematics and yet they are doing it out of concerns over racial equity. it be a better world out there in oregon if the teachers and schools were doing work to try
1:00 pm
to teach minority kids just the basics rather than eliminating proficiency, not just a miss, it's an absence. paul: thank you all and remember if you have your own hit or miss, tweet us on fnc. that's it for this week's show. thanks to all of you for watching. i am paul gigot, hope to see you right here next week. ♪♪ >> fox news alert, billions in the northeast bracing for the arrival of hurricane henry among five and seven new england. both areas expect to take a direct hit from the storm tomorrow. the first two hit new england in decades. it could bring heavy rain and up to 5 feet of storm surge, we are tracking the storm and we will bring the latest in minutes. >> first, the prices and afghanistan from bad to worse. the rest warning americans