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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  August 22, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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conversation on twitter at howard kurtz and check out my podcast. i enjoyed being out here, the la staff is terrific. we are back in washington next sunday. you know the time, 11:00 eastern. we'll see all then with the latest buzz. >> a fox news alert, president biden will speak this afternoon on the crisis in afghanistan and the push to evacuate americans from taliban controlled territory. more on that in a moment. but first, henri downgraded from a hurricane to tropical storm but still pummeling the northeast coast with 60-mile-an-hour winds and it could make landfall this hour. hello, welcome to "fox news live." i'm benjamin hall. . the national hurricane center warning some air class
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could get up to five feet of life threatenings storm surge. brian llenas has more from connecticut? we are really feeling it over the last couple hours in connecticut, the southeastern portion of the statement you can see the white caps on the connecticut river, the wind really picking up. we're seeing 45 to 60-mile-an-hour winds in the area from tropical storm henri. now, if you look over to the left over here, we've got the boats and the yacht that's tied up over here, they've been tied up all morning and they've been seemingly doing their job, we haven't seen the boats move too far from where they are. you look at the hurricane flag, the american flag, you can get a sense of the wind gusts here. we're seeing gusts up to about 50 miles an hour here in the area of southeastern connecticut. we're 35 miles i would say west of where this tropical storm is likely going to be making landfall between rhode island and connecticut. the big concern here right now
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is all this water that you're seeing and that's the reason -- the reason is, that tropical system fred dropped a ton of rain before tropical storm henri came on so the ground is extremely saturated which means the big trees in the connecticut area, they could topple down with a few more inches of rain. we're talking about anywhere from 4 to 6 inches of rain in this area. that could be expected on top of all the rain that they they've seen here. when the trees come down, power outages are the main concern, particularly what we're seeing in rhode island, more than 44,000 customers now without power. that leaves the nation and -- leads the nation and here in comet cut, 11 -- comet cut, 11 you thousand -- connecticut, 11,000 are without power. the main power suppliers said we could see anywhere from 50 to 69% of customers in the entire state without power when this is all said and done. they expect that number to go down. they don't expect it to be nearly as bad because the storm
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has obviously downgraded to a tropical storm and it is now really a rain and wind event here. 2 to 4-foot storm surge is what we're expecting. this is the connecticut river, meeting the long island sound. we've seen white caps. visibility is very low. we used to be able to see the number 10 bu ease in the back. -- bu ease in the -- bouy, we can't see it anymore. this storm is going to -- well, they're expecting lots of power outages for up to seven, maybe eight days for some customers. last year, about a year ago, tropical storm isaiah came through connecticut and 750,000 customers were without power for a week. tropical storm, yeah, it's downgraded but it could have significant impact here as the rain a is falling and the wind is blowing in southeastern
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connecticut. >> brian llenas monitoring the situation in connecticut for us. thank you, brian. >> let's turn to a fox weather chief meteorologist rick reichmuth who is tracking the storm. hey, rick. >> brian did a great job of explaining the saturated ground, the additional rainfall and the wind on the trees that don't have -- the t root system may not be as intact because of the saturated ground. that's the big problem. a 60-mile-an-hour storm, it weakened significantly over the last around six hours from a hurricane this morning now down to a 60-mile-an-hour storm. there's the center of the storm getting very, very close. in fact, i think we're seeing that pullon to the rhode island coastline at the border of connecticut, that means a lot of moisture and a storm surge being pushed up near but you buzzards. it's not coinciding with high
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tide which is good news. the storm surge came in, that might help matters a little bit. earlier we had hurricane warnings, they have been brought down to tropical storm warnings, the winds have dropped below 74 miles an hour. yesterday we had the storm over the really warm waters, going over the gulf stream and that's why we see how it strengthened into a hurricane. now the water temperatures along the coast are in the lower 70s and upper 60s. you need a storm to have 80-degree ocean water temperature in order to be able to form a hurricane. we're seeing it weakening. we're watching it begin to transition from a tropical storm into a regular storm that we see when that happens. the wind field expands out, we're watching a lot of rain, far away from the center and in this case far off to the west, it moves the moisture on the west side of the storm. this is the official track. we're going to see it slowly move for the next 12 hours into the overnight hours before it
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makes a right-hand turn. the slow movement means we'll see more rainfall, more time to have more water from the sky, rain, continuing to pile up. because of that we have all kinds of flash flooding going on and flood warnings, parts of eastern pennsylvania, all the way up through areas of vermont and new hampshire. we saw last night the biggest one hour rainfall total ever in new york city from this. just under 2 inches of rain in an hour. brooklyn, new york saw about 6 inches of rain, caused massive flooding. we've seen massive flooding across areas of new jersey as well. this is the additional rainfall. normally it's the east side of the storm. hurricanes are generally the right side of the storm where we see most of the moisture, it's not going to be the case because this is transitioning to a regular storm, a lot of the energy spreading out. a lot of places, upstate new york, throughout the berkshires will see maybe 4 to 6 inches of rain and do have big concerns as
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it will cause a lot of flooding, especially in the mountains. >> the good news is that it's downgraded. thank you very much, rick. alicia. >> the last 24 hours, about 8,000 people on about 60 flights evacuated from kabul airport. since this effort began at the end of july, about 30,000 people all told on our military flights and on charter flights that we helped organize and get out of the airport. >> secretary of state assent anthonyblinken defending the wil from afghanistan as thousands of americans remain stranded. we're also getting reports of taliban gangs beating u.s. citizens. the president expected to update the nation today at 4:00 p.m. eastern after meeting with his national security team. white house correspondent jacqui heinrich has more from the north
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lawn. >> reporter: we are not sure exactly what the president is going to say today. the big announcement from the white house so far has been that that he will meet with the g-7 leaders on tuesday but the president has been under pressure to square some of his statements that he made earlier in the week where the rhetoric did not match the reality on the ground. he faced questions about whether his military advisors did support his decision to withdraw. today lloyd austin did not reveal what he advised the president but he said he supports his decision. >> i would just tell you that like everyone else, the president listened to our input. again, he conducted a very rigorous and thoughtful process and he made a decision and i support that decision. >> reporter: the last time the president spoke, he said that he was not aware of any instances where americans were having trouble with the taliban as they
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tried to get to the airport but a half hour later after the statement, secretary austin undercut that claim on a call with house lawmakers. yesterday americans were told not to travel to the airport because it was too dangerous. and as reports come out telling of afghans who died in in the crush of people flooding the gates, the administration is acknowledging the rescue is being hampered by a terror threat. >> you know, chuck, i know that the scenes around the airport are heart-breaking, large crowds of people wanting to leave. i know that there is complexity and there is turbulence on the ground in kabul and it's very risky and dangerous because there's a genuine threat from isis k. that is the reality of what we're up against. i'm not going to sugar coat that reality. >> reporter: we know the evacuation effort is not hampered by a cyber attack on the state department. they made notifications of a possible serious breach, weeks after the senate homeland
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security committee ranked the state department's overall security a d, the lowest possible rating in the model. it caused alarm because of the wealth had of national security information the state department houses. since then, fox news learned that no other agencies are impacted and no classified systems were breached but whether a foreign entity had a hand in this hack is yet to be determined. alicia. >> jacqui heinrich at the white house, thanks, jacqui. fox news is getting a close-up look at the chaos in kabul as the british military says seven afghan civilians were killed today in the crush to get to the airport. trey yingst from our middle east bureau travels with the qatari air force to kabul international airport. qatar is currently hosting the largest number of afghanistan evacuees. >> reporter: we've just arrived in kabul, afghanistan where evacuations are continuing at
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this hour. you can see behind me visa applicants and those that have been approved and vetted are here at the airport, waiting to take flights out of the country. many have been waiting for hours. it does seem like the flights are picking up. the taliban took control of afghanistan just one week ago and there are still thousands of afghans and americans trapped. how did you get here? what was the process like of getting to the airport? >> the airport is very hard to get in four days, five days. it was very hard to come over here. they need to go to who is the first eligible people, they need to come, green card, u.s. passport and special visas. >> reporter: and that wasn't happening? >> no, it's not happening. >> reporter: off in the distance, you'll see there are planes waiting to take them to safety but many cannot get to safety. that's the big problem happening right now on the ground in
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kabul. you have these gates. you've seen the video of the chaos outside of this airport. the taliban just feet away from american troops pushing people back, setting up check points across the city, and now there are very, very serious intelligence reports indicating that isis could target u.s. citizens who are trying to make their way to the airport so you have this very difficult situation and the taliban took over the entire country and got weaponry, machinery and more man power by freeing their fighters from prisons across the country and now there are american soldiers on the ground once again, trying to ensure that american citizens and these afghans can get to safety. and it really appears like a recipe for disaster because you have weaponry that the taliban you now controls. you have not only taliban fighters but also members of al-qaida who are freed from
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prisons and you have this innocent civilian population, trying to desperately get to safety and it's moving along but people are frustrated and they want to get out and they're concerned that if they make it out, their family members and friends who are left behind will be in danger from the taliban. >> trey yingst, thank you very much for that incredible reporting there and our thanks to the qatari air force, president biden is set to speak on evacuation effort this afternoon. up next, mike gallagher, serving on the house armed services committee. one, two! one, two, three! only pay for what you need! with customized car insurance from liberty mutual! nothing rhymes with liberty mutual. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ ok everyone, our mission is to provide complete,
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9:18 am
many of the staff that supported our embassy and other embassies, by the way. we want to evacuate them as well. alicia: let's bring in congressman mike gallagher. he's a member of the house armed services committee, also a u.s. marine corps veteran who served as an intelligence officer in the middle east. thank you so much for being here today. what are you looking for from the president today? >> well, i hope he tells the truth. thus far, every time the president addressed the nation he has not leveled with the american people. he's told multiple lies. he said they planned for every contingency. obviously they did not. he said our allies haven't complained about the lack of coordination. yes, they have. he said americans aren't having problems getting to the airport. of course they're having problems. most notably he said al-qaida is gone from the country. that is a lie.
9:19 am
his intelligence and defense officials had to immediately correct him. al-qaida isn't just present in afghanistan. we have reports that the khanni network which has deep ties to al-qaida is effectively in charge of security around the airport. because of the incompetence of the surrender and withdrawal, here's where we are, 20 years after 9/11, we're begging the taliban for mercy. the taliban are mocking us, staging propaganda victories. al-qaida is acting as tsa for our withdrawal. this is unacceptable. the president needs to start by telling the truth. alicia: today iowa republican senator joni ernst was on abc's this week, this morning, and she was asked by martha raditz if she believes the evacuations can continue without adding more troops. take a listen. >> we do have to have the right number of troops to execute that mission. but of course we can do that.
9:20 am
the taliban needs to understand quite clearly that we have the right to get our american citizens out of afghanistan. and if what that means we need to escort them to our airport to get them out, then we will do so. there should be no reason we cannot exercise our authority to evacuate those that have not only supported our american troops, but also our very own citizens. they deserve to be evacuated safely. alicia: what do you think? do you think this can continue the way it is without sending more u.s. members of the military? >> well, it's a highly precarious situation all it takes is one ambitious operative or commander to do something stupid to really take the chaos we're seeing and turn it into all-out mayhem and bloodshed which would require more troops. right now the primary thing we need to do is allow the troops
9:21 am
we have there to patrol beyond the wire, to go get the american citizens that are trapped behind enemy lines and right now the state department and the defense department is saying to them that we can't guarantee your safety and security. that's fundamentally unacceptable. we've thrust our people, american citizens into some sort of bizarre running man situation where they're saying make your way to the a airport even though doing so could cost them their lives. so we need to be prepared for every contingency in the way this add medicine -- administration has not thus far. we need to allow more chartered planes to land. private efforts are underway right now to land private planes, get people out of the country and reset he'll them in countries in the region, the administration has not been allowing enough of those to come in. there's multiple things we can do to get our people out. the administration seems to be intent on shifting the blame and
9:22 am
it's time to start leveling with the american people and do whatever is necessary to protect americans. alicia: and as we await the address from the president later on today, he is meeting with his national security team. at the same time, there is tremendous criticism of this team. coming from both sides. let's take a look. we have tennessee senator republican marsha blackburn. she tweeted this week, joe biden needs to fire his national security team. but then you also have a former obama advisor, brett bruin in an op-ed also saying why biden must fire his national security advisor for afghanistan failure, basically saying that jake sullivan while he may be a nice guy he worked with, he is more of an academic and doesn't understand what's going on on the ground. does this help? >> there's been a massive failure with this team. i don't care how many fancy degrees they have or how many
9:23 am
nice things the think tank community says about them, had this is really a damning failure, the first major foreign policy crisis of the administration and they failed and president biden in particular has failed, the commander in chief test. i hope someone is held accountable. i focused a lot on the military aspect of this. i've been disappointed by the lack of urgency coming from the highest levels of the pentagon and i think we're going to need to hold people accountable and congress is going to need to do -- as much as the focus is getting people safely out of the country and the offices are working to do it behind the scenes, at some point we'll have to do a thorough deep dive into how this happened. even if you supported getting out, which i didn't. i disagreed with it. there was a right way or smarter way to do it if this was the plan, it was a terrible plan and people need to be held accountable. alicia: congressman, mike gallagher, thank you for your service, thank you for joining us today. >> thank you.
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benjamin: tropical storm henri is bearing down on new england. these are live pictures from rhode island. heavy rains are expected to continue as henri makes landfall any time now. our live coverage continues next. [♪♪] if you have diabetes, it's important to have confidence in the nutritional drink you choose. try boost glucose control. it's clinically shown to help manage blood sugar levels and contains high quality protein to help manage hunger and support muscle health. try boost today.
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and sgt moore. who leaves room for her room. with usaa safepilot, when you drive safe... can save up to 30% on your auto insurance. get a quote and start saving. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. alicia: long island spared a direct hit from tropical storm henri as it shifted to the east overnight. but henri's heavy rains and strong winds remain a serious danger especially on the island's east end, power outages and potentially life threatening storm surge still major concerns and alex hogan is on the east end of long island. hi, alex. >> reporter: hi, alicia. as we see the storm move, pes personally the first time today that the rain quieted but it's been a downpour all morning long, of course the strong winds, up to 60 miles an hour, something that we have seen and we've seen some people come out to take a look but it's been a
9:29 am
pretty quick look, quickly hurrying back to go inside. now, this was initially supposed to hit as a category 1, something that has not happened since 1985 and it was downgraded overnight to a tropical storm, some welcome news for people who live here. but governor andrew cuomo today urging all new yorkers to take the storm seriously because of the flooding and possible power outages. >> we have deployed 500 national guard, 1,000 state police, 500 pieces of equipment. there are d.o.t. person, department of transportation personnel all across the state. >> reporter: and last night the storm unfortunately raining on the parade of the ceremony, the celebration to bring back new yorkers, that concert taking place last night. everyone unfort netterly was told to -- unfortunately was told to go home because of the
9:30 am
weather. in brooklyn, the streets were so filled with water, it almost looked like a river. for businesses and people living on the lower levels, the water fall of water just pouring into homes and businesses. back here in long island, the winds are picking up again, it's been on all morning. the strong winds are picking up a lot of the sand, so people sometimes have goggles going to the beach because of that. we did see some people in the water, lifeguards are out here all day long, they will be on duty to make sure no one goes into the water. the staircase we took up earlier is falling apart because of how strong the waves are that were initially crashing into this. the main concern that i think we will see across new york is power outages, already 1800 customers are out of power, according to pse & g, something that is unfortunately likely to continue throughout the day. alicia: alex hogan on the east end of long island.
9:31 am
thank you. benjamin: the taliban takeover in kabul fueling new terror concerns, the u.s. embassy warning americans stuck in afghanistan to avoid coming to a bull airport unless they have special instructions because of security threats from isis. meanwhile, one day after president biden said we had wiped out al-qaida in afghanistan, the pentagon acknowledged that al-qaida is still there on the ground. >> we don't have military intelligence estimates about how many al-qaida remain in afghanistan. >> we know that al-qaida is a presence as well as isis in afghanistan and we talked about that for quite some time. we do not believe it is exorbitantly high but we don't have an exact figure for you. benjamin: dan hoffman is a perform cia station chief. he's also a fox news contributor. thank you very much for being with us today. i want to start off with the new security threat, the warnings of potential attacks from affiliates in isis in syria,
9:32 am
they're at war with the taliban who they say are nationalists. what are the immediate threats to the airport and what is the long-term threat in the country from this group. >> there's massive threat. i think it's telling that admiral kirby admitted that we don't know how many al-qaida are in afghanistan. i served in the region for two years. , to detect and preempt threats before they're on our shores, we don't have that capability a anymore. we have a triple threat to our citizens, an immediate threat from isis, al-qaida and the taliban. and if you think it's safe for american citizens than kerr down in place -- hunker down in place, i would argue that it's not. it's not safe to hang out in kabul without security for you. this is an immediate crisis an i fear our administration is not
9:33 am
taking appropriate action by sending our military out to actually get our citizens out of harm's way. i think that's an ex the record extraordinarily serious concern. we're leaving afghanistan with a terrorist sponsored safe. in the failed petri dish the terrorist threats will continue to grow and we don't have the capability to detect them or prevent them from reaching our shores. benjamin: help us understand this then. i know personally this morning british soldiers were inside kabul, taking bus loads of people to the airport, including some people who worked with us who are now on planes. the brits have been doing that for the last week. help us understand why the u.s. are not doing the same. >> well, i don't know the answer for that. i think it's a great question that we should be asking our elected officials and i'm sure there will be congressional
9:34 am
testimony after the fact. right now we're focused on the immediate crisis at hand. there's the potential that for op security reasons the united states military is not divulging exactly what they're doing and how they're doing it. i hope that's the case. at the same time it doesn't look like we're able to relieve the bottleneck. people are trying to get to the airport and it's a massive amount of crowd out front and it's very hard for people to get through once they're even close to it. the other thing that's of great concern is that admiral kirby admitted we don't know how many there are. benjamin: we had a presence for 20 years. we built up a strong intelligence gathering network there and no one seemed to guess that kabul would fall so quickly. do you think the intelligence was wrong or do you think the
9:35 am
administration wasn't listening to the intelligence or didn't care, they wanted to go ahead anyway. what went wrong here? >> i can tell you from my own experience at cia that the cia has been providing massive intelligence, analytical reports on the state of play in afghanistan over the past two decades. the weakness of the afghan government, the strength and weaknesses of afghan security forces and growing strength of the taliban. the cia provides intelligence analysis with levels of confidence. they don't give you a date when the government is going to fall but they tell you it's at risk of doing so then it's over to the executive branch to ensure we have contingency plans. i can tell you we look at what if scenarios. i've planned for even the most unlikely of scenarios and i'm quite sure in this case the questions were asked. what happens -- benjamin: like the rapid fall of kabul, that would have been planned for. >> absolutely. you have to plan for every
9:36 am
eventuality. that's how much we're ready for things, even if it's unlikely it might happen. i'm sure the discussions took place, the president was hell-bent on getting us out. he removed military capability, closed down bagram air force base and withdrew the intelligence footprint. we are weakened and in a precarious state. benjamin: i want to ask you one more thing. you've written an op-ed, you say on the even of the 20th anniversary of 9/11 afghanistan is more of a threat now than it was 20 years ago. explain. >> i wrote that column in yesterday's edition on fox news website and there's no question to me that the one lesson we learned from 9/11 is that you can't allow terrorists to exploit ungoverned space which is exactly what's going to happen right now and we won't have the capability to detect those threats. afghanistan is a very difficult
9:37 am
place to track terrorists, it's not like yesmen or syria, we need human sources on the ground. we don't have those. benjamin: dan, as always a pleasure thank you so much. tonight, jon scott speaks with qatar's foreign minister about relief efforts amid the crisis afghanistan. don't miss the interview tonight on fox report at 6:00 p.m. eastern. alicia: fox news is live at the southern border as we get reports the releaptless migrant surge has border agents warning of collapsing morale. bill malujan is on the border. bill. >> reporter: good afternoon to you. look, the border crisis has been going on for well over six months now and frustration levels with border agents are really starting to shoot through the roof now. as you take a look at file video of border patrol agents out here, a new report from the washington examiner highlights how bad it's getting. they talked to a bunch of border
9:38 am
agents and border patrol union officials and folks who were in the biden administration and they paint a stark picture, basically saying that border patrol agent morale is in free-fall collapse right now with some agents saying, quote, we feel almost dead inside. specifically they're pointing to the fact they say border agents just can't really do their jobs anymore. so many are pulled off of field patrol duty and brought inside to do paperwork, processing, that sort of thing because so many family units are coming across. the examiner highlights for a 245-mile stretch of the border near del-rio, texas, there are currently 12 agents patrolling that entire area, the lowest number ever for border patrol and the agents we've been talking to in the rio grande valley have been telling us the same thing for months now, they feel like they're babysitters, they feel like they're doing paperwork all day long and they can't be in the field doing
9:39 am
patrolling of the border. august 2nd of this month, we were watching as over and over border patrol busses were dropping off busloads of migrants to a catholic charity in downtown mcallen with border agents telling us they feel like they're glorified uber drivers, transporting migrants where they want to go after they're processed. we watched the busses showing up over and over and the catholic charity was taking in thousands of migrants a day because border patrol is overrun. take a listen to what the executive director of the catholic charity had to say. >> the numbers have increased gradually, from 200, two weeks ago we were almost 1,000 people every single day that were released to us. we didn't have the capacity to manage that number. >> reporter: take a look at this series of photos out of laredo,
9:40 am
texas. the border patrol sector chief posting photos yesterday showing a group of 20 people who tried to come into the united states by literally swimming across the rio grande. we've seen in other areas of the river where they're able to walk you across. this was a group that tried swimming across. they were all caught and some of them even had to be rescued. back out here live, obviously the summer conditions, some folks thought things would slow down in the brutal summer heat. the opposite happened. in july alone, more than 212,000 people apprehended at our southern border, a new 20 year record high. we'll send it back to you. alicia: thanks, bill. benjamin: we have a fox news alert right now. tropical storm henri made land landfall and officials warning of flooding across a wide swath of the northeast. we will have an update on the storm coming up. and new questions about america's standing in the world, as u.s. allies one after the other slam the botched exit from
9:41 am
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are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. be there for you and them. ask your gastroenterologist about humira. with humira, remission is possible. alicia: president biden has been denying that our allies have criticized the botched exit from afghanistan, despite the possible next chancellor of germany calling it, quote, the biggest debacle nato has seen since its foundation, this from a conservative member of great britain's parliament. >> to see their commander in chief call into question the courage of men i fought with, to claim that they ran, shameful. those who have never fought for the colors they fly should be careful about criticizing those who have. alicia: on fox news sunday,
9:46 am
chris wallace pressing secretary of state antony blinken about the president denying that criticism. here's his response. >> all i can tell you is what i've heard and, again, this isn't a -- this is a powerfully emotional time. i've heard across the board deep appreciation and thanks from allies and partners for everything that we've done to bring our allies and partners out of harm's way. this has been a remarkable part of the effort. alicia: joining us now, mike huckabee, former arkansas governor and fox news contributor. thank you so much for being here. as we await the president's words later on today, what do you think his message to our allies should be? >> well, for once he needs to start speaking the truth which he's not done. and i was just sitting here gob-smacked by tony blinken making that comment that universally across the board people are really with the u.s.
9:47 am
and how they've handled this. i'm thinking who across the board? north korea? iran? cuba? the russians? china? nobody else is. i'm sure he has access to better insight and information than i do but if he's honestly got people who are with us, why doesn't he tell us who they are because everything we see, those of us who can access the internet or television, or even a newspaper, what we're seeing is we're being universally condemned for the manner in which this has happened. i don't know where they're getting their information. couple of paper cups and a piece of of string. good gosh. this is embarrassing. alicia: and we're seeing reports that france and germany, other countries are getting outside of that airport, going to find their people and bringing them to safety and senator lindsey graham was asked about that this morning on fox news. take a listen. >> you pay now or you pay letter and here's what i hear,
9:48 am
pete. our military members are dying to go inside of afghanistan to get our people. to do what the french and germans are doing. you want to help military morale of this country, tell them we're going to be all-in when it comes to getting our people out. alicia: governor, do we need to take a page from other countries at this point? >> sadly, alicia, i think we do. and this is really tragic. normally we're the leaders, we're a super power and now we have to beg and borrow airplanes from the airlines to get enough capacity in there to get people out but we're still not going out in the neighborhoods and bringing them to the airport. we're telling them good luck, take an uber, get yourself to the airport. we'll perhaps get you on a plane. if we can get one sent in. it's just a complete goat rodeo from start to finish. alicia: and the associated press put together a list of what other countries are doing right now. all over the globe. so let's just take a look at that list right here. you have the organization of islamic cooperation, this is a 7
9:49 am
member nation organization, right now they are warning about terrorism growing and breeding even more in afghanistan, urging for peace. you have moscow, vladimir putin calling the u.s. actions a humiliating approach. you have the u.k. evacuating more than 4,000 people. the ukraine evacuation, india evacuations and the netherlands, the dutch government he donated money to fund aid for people that are homeless and hungry. we have our allies and enemies all over the globe in this spot and they are saying we did this. >> yeah, you wonder what is tony blinken seeing that the rest of us aren't. it's almost like this administration is telling us who are you going to believe, what we tell you, are your lying eyes. the truth is americans are seeing it with their own eyes and realize that our government is lying to us, they're outright lying to us. this isn't just incompetence. it would be one thing if i
9:50 am
didn't think they had access to accurate information but they do, so they know what they're telling us about how the world leaders are applauding them for the great job they're doing, we know that is an outright lie and why they keep telling us, it's destroying what little credibility they had and this is not good for the country. i don't care what one's political persuasion is, this is bad for america. alicia: the disconnect is striking. we'll await the word from the president later on today. governor mike huckabee, thank you. >> thank you, alicia. benjamin: well, you just saw a part of chris wallace's interview with secretary of state antony blinken. you can see the whole thing where they discuss the crisis in afghanistan and the backlash, all that on fox news sunday, coming up at 2:00 p.m. eastern. don't miss it. tropical storm henri making landfall in new i think land minutes ago, we're monitoring its impact. the latest in a live report straight ahead.
9:51 am
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benjamin: tropical stormen ray making landfall a little more than 107 minutes ago, most -- 10 minutes ago. most of long island was spared a direct shift. early forecasts had it targeting the hamptons.
9:55 am
the threat is far from over. heavy rain and storm surge remain major issues on the island. steve bender is live in shirley, new york. hey, steve. >> reporter: good afternoon, benjamin. we're looking at this right now and you can see the wind in the shot, it's starting to pick up. we had two hours of calm conditions. now we're starting to see the counterclockwise rotation and we're seeing tropical storm winds return back here at smith point beach. we're just to the east of fire island. they had a voluntary evacuation last night. the rough surf is behind me. this location in smith point beach, they are actually experiencing low tide and we'll see that through the afternoon so the water has receded. before we saw the surf move all the way up and reach this surf wall right here. that has moved back out. you can see the waves that are crashing and every time they go to crash, you see the mist come
9:56 am
up, an indication from how strong the wind is. we heard from an executive earlier this morning, saying we need to stay vigilant, there is still something left in tropical storm henri. so we know it just made landfall, western new jersey, 70, 80 miles from here. because of the rotation, i encourage you to look at radar. this will bring the wind and rain back into the region and we'll be covering throughout the afternoon. for now, send it back to you. benjamin: thank you. don't forget, fox weather is coming soon. watch for it. alicia: thanks for being with us. we're back at 3:00 p.m. eastern. but first, more news from washington coming up. so then i said to him, you oughta customize your car insurance with liberty mutual, so you only pay for what you need. hot dog or... chicken?
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>> tech: every customer has their own safelite story. this couple was on a camping trip... ...when their windshield got a chip.same-day r. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service you can trust. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ mike: tropical storm isofficiale landfall minutes ago in westerly rhode island with torrential rains, high winds and dangerous storm surges, luckily the tide is low at this hour the next high tide does not happen until this evening. welcome to fox news live i am mike emanuel and we have fox team coverage with alex hogan, brian yanez in connecticut and fox weather chief meteorologist rick, rick let's start with you. we talk a lot about the hurricane season we are just


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