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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  August 23, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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not a credible ally, not someone -- steve: that is what is so. i'm sorry we're out of time, you have summarized it. have summarized it. jillian: it is monday, august 23rd. we're following two major stories this morning. first, more chaos in kabul, the biden administration defending its botched withdrawal from afghanistan while struggling to evacuate thousands of americans stuck in harm's way. this as isis poses a new threat to soldiers on the ground there. we have the fallout. >> tropical depression henri battering the east coast overnight, turning roads into rivers and putting millions of lives in danger. we have the latest warning as the storm settles in over new england. you are watching "fox & friends
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first" i'm carley shimkus. jillian: in jillian mele. let's get to chief meteorologist janice dean, and steve bender is live in new york with a look at the damage. it is busy. carley: first, we go to doug luzader in washington, d.c. on h the latest on biden's crisis in afghanistan, quickly unfolding. what's the latest? >> reporter: the president says he is convinced he made the right call with this speedy withdrawal from afghanistan. he acknowledged the time line to get it done by the end of the month may have to change. >> there's discussions going on among us and the military about extending. our hope is we will not have to extend. but there are going to be discussions i suspect on how far along we are in the process. >> reporter: it is a work in progress and we have seen more violence outside kabul's airport as those desperate to leave the country have run into more resistance from the taliban.
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the white house is facing pressure from u.s. allies like british prime minister boris johnson who is pressing for more time. president biden spoke with french president emanuel macron, he underscored the need for swift, concrete coordination between theal a lies to ensure the -- allies to ensure the evacuation of our citizen, afghan men and women who worked for the allies and those who are in danger. complicating all of this, the administration isn't even sure how many americans are in afghanistan. >> we cannot give you a precise number but we believe it is several thousand. we ask americans when they come to afghanistan to register with the embassy. many come and do that but then they leave and never deregister. many others come and don't register at all. that is their right. it was their right to remain in
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afghanistan and it's our responsibility to get them out. >> reporter: and while the white house says the pace of evacuations from the country has actually picked up recently, the president also said that in his words a lot could still go wrong. jillian and carley. >> thank you. carley: president biden approval ratings plunging amid the afghanistan crisis. jillian: marianne rafferty joins us live from los angeles. >> reporter: with chaotic scenes continuing to unfold, the president's approval ratings are taking a nose dive, while many americans support the withdrawal in afghanistan, they don't like how it was handled. an nbc poll shows 60% of americans disapprove while just 25% approve. and a cbs poll shows 63% disapprove while 47% think he's doing a good job. president biden seeming surprised and unaware of the
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high disapproval ratings during a press conference on monday. a cbs reporter tweeted please share the polling to potus, he said he had not seen it. the president's critics saying with thousands of americans trapped inside kabul, the time to act is now. >> he needs to commit to getting out every american and stop playing word games by saying things like every american who wants to go or as many american as we can, it needs to be clear, we'll get out every american from behind taliban lines. >> reporter: the president's overall approval ratings are also down, a new nbc poll shows his approval down 4 points since april and those who disapprove of the job he's doing up 9 points. with former secretary of state mike pompeo saying the botched withdrawal is also ruining america's credibility. >> this debacle will certainly harm america's credibility with its friends and allies. i hope the biden team has it
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within them to remain a strong force. >> reporter: meanwhile, secretary of state antony blinken is grilled on the president's claim that al-qaida is gone. >> is it gone? >> are there al-qaida members and remnants in afghanistan? yes. but what the president was referring to was its capacity to do what it did on 9/11 and that capacity has been very successfully diminished. >> reporter: now, later today, president biden will meet with his national security team for updates on the situation in afghanistan. jillian, carley. jillian: marianne, thank you very much. let's bring in congressman james comer, house oversight and reform committee ranking member. thanks for being here. appreciate your time as always. >> my pleasure. jillian: the president had a number of things to say yesterday, saying we have a long way to go, but he's convinced he's correct that this was a logical, rational and the right decision to make and history will prove that. he also said this.
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>> the evacuation of thousands of people from kabul is going to be hard and painful, no matter when it started, when we began. there is no way to evacuate this many people without pain and loss of heart -- lots of heart-breaking images you see on television. it's just a fact. we have a long way to go and a lot could still go wrong. jillian: a week later now, where do you stand on everything we've seen play out and the fact that yesterday the president even said that they're not necessarily ruling out staying past the deadline, that that will be a discussion based off how things are at that time. >> well, we certainly can't remove all the troops until every american and all of our allies who we want out of afghanistan are out of after a began stan. and i think -- afghanistan. i think history will show it's the right decision to remove the troops from afghanistan. however, you remove your citizens before you remove the troops. i mean, it's unimaginable that
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joe biden thinks he made the right decision evacuating the troops and then, okay, let's have all of our american citizens, anyone else who we promised refuge to come on out now. i mean, that is the worst plan in the history of america. history will not be kind to joe biden on this decision and a lot of other decisions but specifically with respect to afghanistan. it's a terrible move. we're not even talking about the billions of dollars of american ammunition and weaponry that are now in the hands of the taliban. this is the worst executed plan from a military standpoint in the history of america. jillian: i think that's one of the most infuriating part of this whole thing is u.s. taxpayer funded weapons are in the hands of the taliban. we're not talking about a few ar-15s, we're talking about u.s. armored vehicles, night vision, machine guns, other weapons, paid for by americans. >> it's very discouraging.
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we're demanding answer as to how much money was wasted, how much weapon ofry is now in the hands of the taliban. i don't think the pentagon has an inventory. i don't think joe biden knows. not only does he not know how many americans are left behind in afghanistan, he has no idea how much of our military equipment is now in the hands of the taliban. had this is incompetence and again, it's the worst military move in the history of the united states. jillian: let's take a look at the numbers here. there have been 17,000 evacuated over the past week, 2500 of them are americans. yesterday during his news conference, the president also talked about the processing stations that are set up in other countries, the planes taking off from kabul aren't going directly to the united states, they're going to other locations to do a thorough screening of everyone and everyone getting background checked before they come into
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the u.s. he talked about the civilian reserve air fleet, which is commercial aircraft helping in the safe movement of people from those processing centers and i think most people agree with that plan. but i think a lot of people are questioning why are we hearing about this a week later. was this going on day one, day two, day three and if not, why did it take so long to get this going. >> that's a great question. why wasn't it happening before we removed the troops initially? i mean, it's unimaginable, again, how joe biden has handled this and how many people are we supposed to evacuate from afghanistan? how many people did we promise refuge? i don't think joe biden has a full accounting of this. are any of these people that we're taking out of afghanistan now a part of the taliban? are they part of al-qaida? we don't know. congress is asking questions, joe biden has refused to answer those questions and i think it's because he has no idea what the answer to those questions are. it's a very sad day for the
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taxpayers. we're weakened from a national security standpoint. our reputation on the nation nal stage has been diminished. the first priority is to get all of our troops, i mean all of our citizens out of afghanistan. i don't think you can put a time line on that. i voted to remove the troops from afghanistan. that's the right decision. the overwhelming majority of americans agree with that. however, we should have removed our citizens first. so now we've got to go back in there. we should never leave any american behind. we should never leave any person we promised refuge behind and unfortunately this is going to take a while. jillian: i want to ask you about why you voted to remove troops from afghanistan. when you do that, you do remove that intelligence on the ground. we closed bagram air base and some people feel like that could lead to a potential -- another 9/11. >> it could. we've been over there 19 years, training a military force that we've all witnessed in the last
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week didn't have their heart in it. it's very disappointing to see the lack of fight from the afghany military force. i have friends that have served over there that have worked to try to train these afghanys to defend their capital city, defend their country and they didn't have the will to fight when it came time to fight. it was very disappointing. you can't be a nation builder. we have to accept the fight as americans, not every country around the world views democracy the way we do. they don't cherish democracy the way that we do. but what we have to do is make sure that we have adequate intelligence, make sure that countries that would harbor terrorists know that if you do anything that would jeopardize one single american, you're going to feel the brunt of the most powerful military in the world and that's the united states military. but unfortunately, because of joe biden's indecisiveness and
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lack of a real plan, i think that we've given the taliban a recruiting tool, we've diminished our reputation on the national stage and i think we're going to have to come from behind now with respect to afghanistan. we're always going to have to keep an eye on it and it's always going to be a problem. but i think that it was the right decision to remove the troops or we should have gotten our citizens out first. jillian: i want to get your take on something going on in your state, in kentucky, the democratic governor there suffers a legal defeat in combating the covid surge, the highest court cleared the way to rein in his emergency order. what does this mean, how big of a deal is it? >> well, it's a good deal. the governor tried to circumvent the legislature. i was a member of the legislature for 11 years.
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very disappointing to see the way the governor neglected to communicate with the state legislature, the state legislature passed a series of bills reining in his ability to pass mandates on the people and private businesses, he disputed that. the supreme court ruled in the favor of democracy, in favor of the legislative branch and balanced government. i think it was the right decision by the supreme court and hopefully the governor will try to communicate with the state legislature and rule in a democratic manner and not in a dictoral manner which is the way he tried to rule with respect to these mandates. jillian: thank you so much for waking up early. we appreciate your insight. carley: turning to our other big story, fox weather, the number of deaths climbing to 22 people as raging floodwaters went through middle tennessee. jillian: up to 17 inches of rain fell in humphries county in
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less than 24 hours. floodwaters destroying vehicles, homes and schools. several looters were arrested, despite an 8:00 p.m. curfew put in effect last night. carley: fox senior meteorologist janice dean is here with our fox weather forecast. >> in ten see, it doesn't take -- tennessee, it doesn't take a tropical storm to cause all the devastation and we have the moisture from this system that brought some of the flooding across portions of middle tennessee, mid-atlantic and the east coast. several inches of rain in new jersey, new york and pennsylvania, up close to 9 inches of rainfall. we're not done yet. we have flood advisories in effect from pennsylvania, all the way up towards new england. so flash flooding is going to be certainly imminent over the next couple of hours as this area of low pressure slowly, slowly crawls north and eastward. here is the additional rainfall,
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again, 1, 2, even 3 inches depending on where you live and where the low sets up. we're not done with it yet. it's just an area of low pressure, not even named at this point. doesn't take much to bring a bad situation when it comes to these tropical systems. still very hot and humid across the gulf coast and florida. we're going to deal with showers and thunderstorms, some of those could be heavy rainfall. but you know what? the other big story we're not focused on but we're going to he focus on is the heat across the central u.s. parts of the gulf coast, in towards the mississippi river valley where temperatures are going to soar over 100 degrees and of course people who are displaced because of the storm, it's going to be very hot and people need to go to cooling areas because that's going to be a big issue, if they can't be in their home, they're outside and it's warm and humid, this is dangerous heat. we'll continue to monitor the situation. jillian: the time is now 15 minutes after the hour. still ahead, our fox weather
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jillian: a virginia judge dismissed a group's petition to recall a fairfax county school board member over pandemic shutdowns that suspended in-person learning for 12 months, despite volunteers collecting more than 5,000 signatures to oust that board member. here to react, parent and co-founder of the open of fcps coalition, that launched that petition, zia thompkins. good morning to you, zia. >> good morning, thank you for having me. carley: walk us through how you got to this point where 5,000 people signed a petition to oust this board member, her name is elaine foland. why her? >> so, bottom line is that we are a grass roots bipartisan organization of parents, teachers and taxpayers here in fairfax county that as you mentioned over the last 10 months, snow, burning sun, the
1:21 am
rain, gathered 5,000 physical signatures to bring accountability to the school board. last july, this school board here in fairfax county, the tenth largest in the country, decided to keep schools closed and go virtual in the fall despite ignoring medical and scientific evidence from the departments of health which indicated schools could open safely along with best practices that were being implemented in jurisdictions across the state and internationally. we felt that, myself and the other parents involved and the 5,000 petitioners believed this was a completely oversight of her doing and sign of incompetence and we initiated the recall. carley: i think a lot of parents across the country are fighting the same fight you are right now. how do you feel about the judge's decision to dismiss your effort, that means she gets to keep her job. >> this is a great story. the judge didn't have a choice.
1:22 am
we were actually betrayed by our court appointed commonwealth had attorney, a hand picked guy from the previous commonwealth attorney of fairfax county who is under recall and had to recuse himself. this is all partisan politics. basically these guys were funded by george soros, specifically to advance an ideological agenda here in virginia. unfortunately, with this hand picked attorney, they colluded with the defense and chose not to pursue our case and in that respect the judge's hands were tied and the case was dismissed. carley: this school board member has responded to the judge dismissing the petition, courtesy of the hand picked attorney as you pointed out. she said i was happy to hear that special prosecutors tell the judge the case was about a policy disagreement, the recall process is not a vehicle to resolve such disputes with
1:23 am
elected officials, that's why we have elected. please respond to what she had to say and what do you think the next school board election is going to look like? >> well, it will look very different than the last one. she has a right to her opinion. the fact of the matter is, when the citizens of fairfax county and across virginia and the country vote for any elected official, they expect those folks to represent the views of their constituents. they decided to basically pass policy reflecting the views of the unions and key special from that had a huge role in their getting elected, thus overruling the actual will of the people who voted for them. that's a key issue here is that ultimately whether it's the george soros money or union money, it's the undermining of local governance that's the heart of this and the removal of account cannability. we believe we have a -- accountability. we believe we have a strong case going forward. we are pursuing all our options.
1:24 am
at the end of the day, what we want, parents, students, taxpayers, everyone in the commonwealth and across the country, we want genuine representation from the people we elect. carley: what is the upcoming school year going to look like for kids in fairfax county, are they back in in-person learn? learning?>> they are. they opened up to five days in person. remember that local school funding for the most part, particularly here in fairfax county, across virginia, is tied to enrollment. right now, the school system it's in their interest to ensure that everyone that -- the veneer is in, that everyone is in school learning, that everything is normal, for fear that additional students bodies enroll and it would -- woulddisenroll and it would jeopardize their funding. they can't afford that kind of hemorrhaging.
1:25 am
carley: thank you for joining us this morning. we appreciate it. >> take care. jillian: still to come, russian water -- rushing water flooding the backyard of a home in connecticut as henri comes ashore. we're live with a fresh look at the storm's aftermath, next
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jillian: welcome back. tropical storm henri weakening to a tropical depression overnight. this slow moving storm battering the northeast with dangerous storm surge and severe flooding after making landfall in rhode island yesterday. carley: fox weather correspondent steve is live with the latest. >> reporter: it's looking much better this morning than what we saw yesterday. we were getting hit with 50, 60-mile per hour wind and heavy rain the entire day.
1:30 am
this morning, beautiful, we have clear skies and great visibility of the moon this morning. we're at low tide right now which is significant. that diminished the concern for the storm surge which was the main concern along long island and smith point beach. to the west of us, if you look at brooklyn, they saw heavy rainfall start late saturday and continued into yesterday with over 6 inches of rain in brooklyn. that was something that led to cars being stranded and flooding on those streets so you'll notice here there's cars driving through the bronx queens expressway last night, there's parks that turned into what looks like a waterfall with the overflowing water and debris that's floating through the streets as those cars drive safely through. officials do want to warn you that if you are driving and there's water on the roads not to race through. that will create waves and that can lead to more flooding into homes and businesses nearby.
1:31 am
of course, always a reminder, if a road looks flooded, turn around, don't drown. more of an emergency situation yesterday in newark, new jersey where 85 people were rescued, including over a dozen children. the swift water rescues were spurred from henri yesterday as those vehicles became submerged and stuck in those roads that looked more like rivers many as i mentioned, officials are urging today to be cautious as you head out. we are still seeing the remnants of henri sit over the region and continue with that rainfall so if you do see those roads that are flooded, make sure that you turn around. it will be soggy outside and so another concern are the power outages and looking at the latest number, rhode island leads the way with just over 40,000 people still without power this morning. as we look over into connecticut, they have just over 10,000 people without power. now, president biden has already approved emergency declarations
1:32 am
for rhode island, connecticut and new jersey. hopefully expediting some of the relief aid as henri turns back towards the east, those same areas will see those showers today. the good news, though, this is now just a low pressure system as janice has mentioned before so not as much of a significant wind impact but we will continue to see the active weather today, into tomorrow. live from smith point beach, we'll send it back to you. jillian: that was fox weather correspondent steve bender. carley: janice dean joins us live. we heard steve say even though it's a tropical depression, people still need to be careful as they head out on the roads this morning. >> absolutely. we have a lot of heavy rainfall and certainly gusty winds and the area of low pressure is moving slowly so it's going to bring in moisture off the atlantic and bring the potential for more flash flooding throughout the day today for the
1:33 am
northeast. so there is where this system is right now, it is a tropical depression, 30-mile-an-hour sustained winds and you can see the legacy of the storm, easts of bermuda, up to the northeast, got backed in from the area of high pressure, the bermuda high. that's why we got the results we did, over 9 inches in some areas of heavy rainfall and it's going to linger because it has nothing to steer it very quickly so this system is going to be with us over the next day or so and then it finally moves out towards the atlantic and atlantic canada has to deal with it but it will be a weaker system. flood advisories in effect for parts of new jersey, pennsylvania, long island, up towards new england. we are in the peak season so nothing on the horizon just yet but these things can crop up pretty quickly. we're not even in peak season which is typically around september 10th. we'll continue to monitor the atlantic and the gulf of mexico.
1:34 am
this is where we typically see development for august and in september we watch the storms that come off the coast of africa and can be quite damaging. henri, ida will be next and julianne and we're very active, historic with all of the named storms. let's talk about the wildfires out west. we have at least 100 of them. that's a lot of problem for the west and the temperatures are going to remain very warm, especially across the southwest and that could lead to more fire danger and then the highs today are going to be very warm. so areas that don't have air conditioning, power out, these are daytime highs but with the humidity it will feel well over 100 degrees. that's a big concern for all of the areas that -- carley: a lot going on. >> we'll continue to monitor it. back to you. carley: seven people are shot dead and 41 injured in another violent weekend of gun violence in chicago. victims range between the ages of 17 to 62.
1:35 am
meanwhile, atlanta surpasses a grim milestone, police recording its 103rd homicide over the weekend for 2021. last year at this time the city had 92. jillian: the fda could give full approval to pfizer's covid-19 vaccination as soon as today, that approval could ease concerns for some american as covid cases spike. but it could also mean more vaccine mandates. >> the numbers are deeply concerning. and i think that this announcement from the fda would likely encourage them and make them feel more comfortable putting such requirements in place. jillian: the surgeon general said it is clear the vaccines are working as the vast majority of those hospitalized or dying from covid are unvaccinated. daily cases of covid increased over 1,000% from june. that's according to the cdc. york's governor assures te tropical storm henri will not
1:36 am
interfere with his plans of resignation. cuomo denied all claims after a scathing report from the attorney general revealed he sexually harassed 11 women. meanwhile, cuomo's office allegedly under reported the number of covid-19 deaths at nursing homes. later this hour we'll get a reaction to cuomo's last day in office. jillian: a world war ii veteran got a sweet surprise for his 96th birthday. take a look. a texas community gathered for a drive-by celebration of doug morris' big day, around three dozen cars drove by morris' front porch to wave hello. morris said he was surprised that so many cars showed up but he said he loved every minute of it. why would he be surprised?
1:37 am
he deserves that honor. carley: he is so loved. coming up, an oklahoma mother desperately rescues a group of girls from afghanistan. she joins us live next on how she was able to free them from the taliban takeover.
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she quit and now there's a new lung cancer screening that could save her life. you stopped smoking. now start screening. no matter how much you smoked, early detection could save you. talk to your doctor or learn more at jillian: welcome back. house of speak her nancy pelosi
1:41 am
and chuck schumer are facing backlash after video shows them dancing and hanging out in wine country while americans remain trapped behind enemy lines in afghanistan. schumer was spotted dances with stephen colbert saturday night. the video racked up more than 3 million views. in california, pelosi was maskless, rubbing shoulders with donors in napa valley. twitter criticized pelosi for the lack of diversity at the event. coming up next hour we'll be joined by congresswoman lisa mcclain. jillian: an oklahoma mother of 11 now being called super woman as if she wasn't already for rescuing members of an afghanistan all girls robotics team from the taliban's take over. allison reno joins us now, fresh from her historic journey.
1:42 am
thank you for being here. can you tell me why you decided to do this. >> first of all, it's an honor to be on the show. i appreciate it. i met the girls first in washington dc at a space conference and as you know i'm the mother of 11 children and nine of them are daughters and these girls were just amazing and we just kind of took to each other and became friends and i kept in touch with them for the last two years. jillian: what are their ages? they're teenagers, correct, or 16 to 18 range a lot of them? so i guess the question is, with that as a backdrop, do they understand how much you really helped them? because they haven't lived under taliban rule for their life. >> they've been under oppression their whole life. it was a challenge to get their high school education. a lot of them paid a huge price for that. i don't think our kids understand how much we love them. i love them very much. that's what drove me to help them. jillian: tell me how this
1:43 am
happened. you left the u.s., went to qatar to go over there, to try to rescue them from afghanistan. tell me the details. >> the fact that i went to the middle east, it's been reported i jetted into kabul, i never left oklahoma city. but that doesn't detract from what happened. sometimes the press gets it wrong. you guys always get it right. on august 3rd, which was a tuesday, i woke up in the morning and had a bad feeling that something was wrong with these girls, that they were in danger. at that time afghanistan a was not in collapse but i couldn't shake it. so i reached out to them, i reached out to their mentor and leader and we began just to try to do our very best to reach out to influential people and find a way to get those girls out. jillian: a lot of them are out and i understand there are still more that you would like to try and rescue out of afghanistan and get them to safety? >> jillian, there are other members of the robotic team and in addition with all the media
1:44 am
coverage, the cries for help from professional and educated women i'm getting on my phone is overwhelming. i will continue to rescue as many as i can. jillian: what have their lives been like? >> prior to the escape? jillian: you huh. ? their nickname is afghan dreamers. that's what they are. they're sweet and a humble and they're geniuses. jillian: you mention for a lot of them in afghanistan it's hard to even go to high school, get the schooling they need to get. have you heard a lot of their personal stories and are there any that really stand out to you? >> yes, there's one in particular. she was harassed and her father was murdered by the taliban for her desire to be an engineer and go to high school.
1:45 am
these girls have paid the ultimate price to go after their dreams. jillian: where are they now? >> the government of qatar stepped up and helped evacuate them out along with embassy officials, on the ground -- our u.s. officials on the ground in kabul. they were flanking the whole operation. they're now in qatar. they're i'm sure taking a big deep breath. now they have freedom of choice to be the architects of their future and i'll be standing by them and assisting them as they chase after their dreams. jillian: what an incredible story, an incredible journey. thank you for everything you've done. keep us updated, if you're able to make contact and help others we would love to hear back from and check back with you. thank you for what you've done. >> thank you. carley: still ahead, today is governor cuomo's last full day in office. he'll be out of the job at the stroke of midnight. but a woman who lost her mother in a new york nursing home says her family's fight family room
1:46 am
justice is far from over. she joins us live, coming up.
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jillian: tonight, the house returns to work but not all democrats are on the same page when it comes to biden's mull tri trillion dollars infrastructure agenda.
1:50 am
house speaker nancy pelosi is pushing for a vote this week on the president's $3.5 trillion budget resolution. a group of moderate democrats won't consider that until the house takes up the trillion dollar infrastructure bill the senate passed. republicans oppose the massive spending spree, saying it gives too much to biden's radical liberal agenda. carley: today marks governor cuomo's last day in office. family members of those who lost loved ones under his covid-19 policies are calling on the incoming administration to hold him accountable. haiti pabay joins her mother in a nursing home last april and she joins me live now. good morning to you. >> good morning. carley: so governor cuomo, he will only be governor cuomo until 11:59 p.m. tonight. then lieutenant governor kathy hochul will be sworn into office tomorrow. i want to start with your thoughts on this day as you watch the governor resign in
1:51 am
disgrace. >> this is such an exciting day. i'm ecstatic this will be the last day. family has been waiting for this and this is a time to celebrate, it's a time to celebrate but it's still not over. it's still not over of. carley: i want to ask you about it still not being over. you're right. even though he's resigning, still not out of the woods, the fbi and u.s. attorney's office in brooklyn are investigating the nursing home scandal and incoming governor kathy hochul said she will fully cooperate with requests for data on the nursing home scandal. what do you hope to see happen going forward on both of those two fronts? >> well, i'm part of a facebook group called voices for seniors and we've been fighting, seeking justice and accountability. we are hopeful that the eastern
1:52 am
district of new york, the legislature, even if the fbi they conduct independent investigations because we don't know how our loved ones died and how 15,000 seniors died. it was too soon and it was not their time to die. carley: you still have some questions that need to be answered. governor cuomo isn't walking away empty handed. he's getting retirement benefits, including an annual $50,000 pension. what's your reaction to that? >> $50,000 pension along with his $18.1 million campaign fund. he should not be rewarded for causing chaos in new york state. he's going of to be known as the governor who harassed 11 women
1:53 am
and helped kill my mother and 15,000 other seniors in new york state. that's what's going to be his legacy. carley: tell us a little bit about your mom. she died in a nursing home in april of last year. and you and your family weren't even able to give her a proper funeral? >> correct. after the governor shut the state down, all communication was lost. my mother passed away. she lived at the center, sadly more than 100 seniors died there as well. we were not allowed to see her .we were not allowed to have a proper funeral. my sister who was supposed to be with me this morning, ada, she could not bear -- she was in tears because they just brought back so many memories and we believe that mom should be with us here today. we're still heart dark broken
1:54 am
and we're looking for some type of closure. carley: governor cuomo is going to have a lot of time on his hands. if he stumbles across this interview and hears us talking, what would you like to say to him? >> i would like to say to him the only -- i don't want to see you again. you made me nauseous and family -- the only time families want to see you is in a court of law and behind bars. carley: thank you so much for joining us this morning. tough topic but you've been a vocal advocate for your mom's legacy throughout this whole thing and you are a great daughter. so thank you for joining us this morning. >> let's celebrate. thank you. carley: all right. jillian. jillian: nascar driver ryan blaney getting his second win of the season. >> ryan blaney is going to hold them off, to the bottom of the track, blaney goes to block, blaney is going to win at
1:55 am
michigan. jillian: blaney edging out william byron by 0.07 seconds, the closest finish at the michigan international speedway since 1993. blaney's last win was in march where he earned his spot in the nascar cup series playoffs set to start next month. carley: our coverage of president biden's crisis in afghanistan continues. in the next hour of "fox & friends" first. jillian: we have michigan congresswoman lisa mclain and former arkansas governor mike huckabee joining us live. don't miss a moment.
1:56 am
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jillian: it is monday, august 23rd. we're are following two major stories this morning. first, chaos in kabul, the biden administration defending its botched withdrawal from afghanistan as the taliban makes a bold new threat to washington. plus, tropical depression henri battering the east coast overnight, turning roads into rivers and putting millions of lives in danger. we have the very latest warning as the storm settles in over new england. you're watching "fox & friends first." i'm jillian mele. carley: i'm carley shimkus. chief meteorologist janice dean is tracking henri this morning and fox weather correspondent steve bender is live in new york with a look at the damage. jillian: first we go to doug luzader live in washington, d.c. with the latest on afghanistan.


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