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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  August 25, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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jillian: wednesday august 26th, straight to a fox news, president biden bowing to the taliban announcing he would not extend his august 30 first deadline to get americans out despite countless desperatelys for help blue just and now our allies are fearing for their lives as the terror group continues calling the shots saying no more afghans can leave. carley: we start with doug was later with bipartisan backlash to president biden's decision.
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>> reporter: this deadline may be next week but us forces in afghanistan are not wasting time. some have begun to draw down already. the situation around kabul is pretty dire as desperate americans and others remain stranded, us allies tried to pressure president biden yesterday to extend his troop withdrawal deadline but he would not weaver. >> we are on pace to finish by august 30 first. the sooner we can finish the better. each day of operations brings added risk to the troops. i asked pentagon and state department to continue to plan to adjust the timetable should that become necessary. >> reporter: at this point we don't know how many americans remain trapped in afghanistan and many afghan nationals who assisted the us the past few
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decades fear for their lives may simply be left behind as tell man checkpoints become impenetrable. the chorus of critics in washington includes democrats and republicans blue just >> the most dishonorable thing i commander-in-chief is done in modern times. biden signed a death for a thousands of afghans who helped us. he is washing his hands of afghanistan at our peril as a nation. >> i think the decision to get out is the right decision. this looks like a planning failure, military planning failure blue jazz to how we draw down our forces and evacuate our forces out. >> reporter: the members of congress on the house for will get a closed-door briefing on the lay of the land in afghanistan as things stand and president biden will get his own briefing from his national security team about where we are but there is no indication he's going to change that end of
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august deadline blue just jillian: thank you. yesterday we spoke to an american mom stranded in afghanistan after pleading for help from the biden administration. here's what she told us about her situation and what her husband had to say last night. >> we are stranded. i am afraid for my life. our congresswoman -- my only strength here. i need our president to really consider this serious. we are in danger. we are in danger, mister president, please help us. >> each and every one of us are stranded in afghanistan but we are all left behind in afghanistan and each and every one of us now trying to go door by door and look for those people, trying to kill them and if the us leaves them behind
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that will be -- jillian: yesterday we learned several things. not only that president biden is sticking to the august 30 first deadline the troops are leaving afghanistan so the mission is coming to a close blue just there are still people in afghanistan not just americans but the afghan interpreters and when president biden pulled his troops out that is a death sentence for them. jillian: they know what they are up against. it was shocking when we heard troops were already being pulled out of afghanistan. everybody knew you were going to have to pull troops out before august 30 first to meet the deadline. you can't pull 6000 out in a matter of moments but was upsetting to a lot of people because for the people there who do feel trapped and stranded like they don't have a way out they know it is a death sentence and when we heard reporters ask
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if there was a last call for americans on the ground the administration didn't have an answer on that and i found it disturbing because people want to know the timeline arab against. august 30 first a reporter in the white house briefing room asking jen psaki when on the 30 first, that is a full day of the difference. carley: it is eight hours earlier in afghanistan than it is in america so you're dealing with the thirtieth and it is going to be before then. i appreciate the administration is saying there are threats they are receiving. they have reason to believe each day is an added risk to our troops. there is a growing risk of an attack from isis. you had contingency plans for every scenario and that had to be one of the men there are people over there and they can't be stuck there including the woman on the show yesterday, fatima. peter doocy was in the briefing and asked about her.
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>> someone said i'm stranded. is there a better word for somebody who can't leave their house to get to the airport because jake sullivan says isis is outside the airport? >> providing their phone number and reach out to them today. jillian: that is a generous offer from the white house to reach out to people individually but you have to wonder how many fatimas are there? how many -- going back to the afghan interpreters, so important to the military mission and these people are living, they are so brave because they are working with the american military and not living on a military base, they go back into the community and their neighbor could be a member of the taliban and the taliban is emboldened to the most extreme degree, their lives are over once the was pull troops
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out, that will happen and they know it. so important to get those people home. fatima was on the area yesterday, you've heard her voice and how upset she is and how desperate she is to get home, she reached out to west virginia congresswoman carol miller who has been trying to help her get back to america to see her kids again and she was on air this morning, listen to what she had to say. >> it is our job to make sure the administration understands how important it is to bring our people home. americans don't leave americans on the ground. i'm sure people at the white house are feeling these things but they are trying to be upbeat and positive. they've got to in their heart of hearts feel the same fear and anxiety we are hearing. jillian: the focus is getting those allies safely out of that country and back onto us soil
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but in the long-term you have to wonder what this does to the united states, to our relationship with our allies, to the trust of other countries have russell the world stage. earlier this morning i interviewed nigel farage and he had a lot of strong harsh words for the situation. listen to this. >> why would we ever trust america in any international mission given they make decisions without consulting their closest friends? this american president came in saying he was kind, compassionate, america is back, remember that message? america is back on the world stage. not only has he betrayed us and america's friends in the world but actually he showed himself to be deeply callous when it comes - jillian: strong language. carley: speaking of strong this
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is why having a strong leader is an important. of president obama had listened to president biden when he was vice president usama bin laden would still be alive. the fact that he's taking the opinion of the taliban - in europe and britain and france is so embarrassing, that's one element of it. the other thing is 9/11. anyone who lost a loved one in 9/11, so disgusted right now with how this whole situation is playing out. the taliban and al qaeda are responsible for the image of that woman jumping out of one of the towers in the world trade center holding her skirt down so her last moment on this earth could be with dignity and the president is relying on the people responsible for that, for american safety and afghanistan.
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jillian: the president said none of us take the taliban and's word, talking about g7 virtual media, we will judge them by their actions. the wording of it almost makes it sounds like they are considering even judging them at all -- carley: considering possibly considering them a legitimate leader of the country. if you judge them by their actions look no further than the fact that they are keeping afghans from going to the airport. that says enough. jillian: a lot more to come. it is 10 minutes after the hour. craig steube joins us with the house foreign affairs committee later today. carley: peter has a message for the president on behalf of americans and allies left stranded. knows everyone's unique. that's why they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. [ nautical horn blows ] i mean just because you look like someone else doesn't mean you eat off the floor,
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jillian: a group of veterans demanding a meeting with president biden over withdrawal of us allies in afghanistan, they say it is important the country honor its commitment to those who assisted troops overseas. christopher goldman joins me. thank you for your service which i appreciate your time and what you're trying to do here. tell me why you and others decided to pin this letter to the president?
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what do you want to say to him? >> thanks for having me on. we had 44 organizations sign up this weekend to tell president biden it is essential he meet with us to hear from us. i as an iraq veteran left my interpreter back in iraq. i didn't have a choice. policymakers make those decisions. we have generations who served in afghanistan, people on the ground, we don't want to make a liar out of home. we want to make sure every one of those interpreters, afghans hosted by our side for 20 years of war come home. otherwise they have to live with those choices policymakers are making for the rest of their lives. jillian: telling what it is like for those interpreters, us troops go home like you said, you had to be yours over there
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when you came back here and it is devastating for you and for him but how much do they put on the line to perform this job and do it side-by-side with the united states? >> they put everything on the line blue just when i joined the army shortly after 9/11 i deployed to iraq. i put myself at risk. my mom was at risk of losing her firstborn son but she was safe. my brother and sister were safe. when sandy served with me in iraq, my interpreter stood with me and went on patrol with us every day, he put his family at risk. i lost contact with him. i don't know if he is alive or dead. because he served by my side, he served america, believed in our promises, if he was tortured and killed like so many people i unfortunately saw in iraq. always afghans today haven't lost touch with those who served in their country.
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since i've been speaking out on this issue i've been getting tons of messages and they are brutal. i'm seeing photos and videos they are sending of them, their babies they are carrying standing outside these gates praying and hoping, the most heartbreaking part of this is they are sending these messages saying they are sorry they are bothering me. it is heartbreaking. i want president biden to make sure we can fulfill our promises. these arbitrary dates the taliban set, they want to prove they are strong and everything but we are stronger. we are morally guided. we are a good country filled with good people. we can't let those who are trying to slander our afghan allies and say -- they are all getting streamed.
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we serve alongside these people in war. they don't need vetting the same way some americans might. these people are american patriots and we need to bring them blue just jillian: people some data. i will be interested if you get a response to your letter. sorry to hear about your interpreter blue just >> time is 18 after the hour. prominent afghan air was forced to flee the country because her historic election made her a telegram target. now she's fighting with her group by shining a light on their barbaric ways. we are talking to her next. ? lowering your a1c with once-weekly ozempic® can help you get back in it.
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>> as the taliban takes over afghanistan, women are watching in fear and knowing their rights and safety are at risk. >> that includes one of the first female mayors in afghanistan. before flee the country she warned the taliban would come for people like me and kill me. she joins us now. those words are so powerful. we are happy to report you were able to make your way out of afghanistan so you're safe but many others are not. tell us where that line comes from, you had multiple assassination attempts, your father was assassinated in kabul last year. is that correct? >> yes, to the real image and
2:24 am
talking about. carley: how do you get out of afghanistan and what did it feel like when you got to safety? >> the moment was like going back all alone. i left everything back there. it was always so hard. it is good but always normal. not being able to do that and able to do it safe for at least 10 days before.
2:25 am
>> once air force gates are closed and us troops are out of afghanistan and that date has come and gone, what does the country look like not only for americans who are stuck there, afghan allies were stuck there, let's hope none of them are stuck there and we get everyone out but if there are people who remain in that country, what does it look like for women, children, what happens? the worst because of you know walking at the last point in the community and they are all going back to the situation especially women, struggle 20 years and we are back, things are more bad and it will be more -- the
2:26 am
taliban, not exactly as speaking about their actions on the ground. jillian: the go before the taliban took over you had hoped for afghanistan and told a news agency things are not like they were 20 years ago. younger people will fight for progress and our rights, there's a future for this country. how do you feel about the future of afghanistan now? >> i don't know what will happen. what needs to happen and what needs to be done, discussion on women's rights, discussion on human rights. that is why i am calling on
2:27 am
taliban's leadership, top commanders, my generation are not the ones -- in 1999 -- more important, let's talk because now you are there in afghanistan and it is time to find out if the taliban did anything. that is for when they said to me and talked to me i am here to talk to then. and they sat there. carley: you are 27 years old, youngest they are in afghanistan
2:28 am
and one of the first females, a trailblazer and you are going to continue to fight for your country. thank you for joining us this morning. sorry to hear about your father, terrible. the afghanistan crisis, president biden building back better as the house passes a massive budget blueprint. jillian: cheryl casone sat down for us right now, good morning. >> reporter: president biden started his press briefing not with afghanistan but praise for house speaker nancy pelosi. >> the house of representatives taking a significant step toward making historic investment that will transform america, cut taxes for working families, position the american economy for long-term long-term approach. i thank speaker pelosi who was masterful in her leadership on this. >> pelosi striking a deal with moderates and ending a standoff over $3.5 trillion spending
2:29 am
package, the to 12 that had no republican support and moderate democrats wanted the infrastructure bill to be brought to a vote first, republicans voicing concern the president should be focused on afghanistan, not spending bills. speaker pelosi committed to voting on the infrastructure bill. no later than september 20 seventh moving through the house together. the president spent 5 minutes praising speaker pelosi before he began to discuss the crisis in afghanistan. jillian: we talked a while ago people are taken aback by that, that when he came out everyone expected him to talk about the situation in afghanistan. it was like wait a second, the speech was moved back 5 hours and you talk about build back better, no one cares about your
2:30 am
partisan domestic agenda when there's a crisis unfolding in afghanistan. thank you so much. appreciate it. the president facing bipartisan backlash over the taliban's august 30 first of that, congressman break steube says president biden's legacy will be taliban soldiers wearing uniforms and mocking our marines was the former combat veteran joins us next. [sfx: psst psst] allergies don't have to be scary. spraying flonase daily stops your body from overreacting to allergens all season long. psst! psst! all good (vo) i am living with cll and i am living longer. thanks to imbruvica. imbruvica is a prescription medicine for adults with cll or chronic lymphocytic leukemia. it will not work for everyone. imbruvica is the #1 prescribed oral therapy for cll,
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they help keep everyone supplied and happy, proactively. let's workflow it. then you can stop having those nightmares. no, i would miss them too much. whatever you business is facing... let's workflow it. servicenow. jillian: the supreme court dealing a blow to the biden
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administration is republican lawmakers worn are open border could be vulnerable to terrorists as the taliban releases prisoners in afghanistan. carley: good morning, marianne. >> reporter: lawmakers are sounding the alarm on dangers americans could be facing as migrants flood in. members of ms 13 have crossed illegally and agents say if they can get in so can foreign terrorists adding a threat beyond covid 19 among migrants. >> adding terroristic threats put on everybody on edge as well. carley: mark byrne bovic call that frightening and an unprecedented terrorism threat level in their own backyard. republican lawmakers echoing the
2:35 am
need for vigilance. >> we have an open southern border, more of a concern than a terrorist organization, doesn't just have a foothold, they are in control of the country in afghanistan. jillian: the supreme court deals a blow by deciding overnight to reinstate the remain in mexico program. the administration likely violated federal law rescinding that program. the dhs plans to appeal the ruling but will comply with the order. >> president biden will not extend the august 30 first deadline to get americans out of afghanistan despite countless desperatelys for help. >> we are on pace to finish by august 30 first. the sooner we finish the better.
2:36 am
>> the president announces this as they block access to be couple airport. florida congressman greg steube will be there but joins us live. there's going to be a briefing on the situation in afghanistan. >> the biden administration in classified briefings members haven't been given the opportunity to attend, more information than is publicly available not because they don't know what is happening on the ground or don't want members of congress to know what is going on, how things leaked to the mainstream media if they tell us things that are not in the mainstream media. it would be nice to have an update to the numbers friday. 15,000 people, americans
2:37 am
stranded, where is the number now and the president said that includes afghan allies, how many of those are americans, how many americans are left, i heard numbers as high as 70,000, between 10 and 12,000, 50,000. how many americans are stuck behind enemy lines that the department of defense is refusing to get them, saying make it yourself to the airport and we will try to get you out but not doing anything to help them do that. former military servicemembers, veterans, not for profits, trying to help people, the british i getting their people, we are sitting at the airport while americans behind tell a man lines. jillian: thank you for your service and i want to base this
2:38 am
question on your experience because when we pulled out of iraq we had to go back in and a lot of people are making comparisons between these situations saying what happens if we need to go to afghanistan at any point in the foreseeable future and what does it look like without having a blueprint on the ground, it's now a breeding ground for al qaeda and the taliban and any terrorism we've been hearing questions about isis, do you see a situation in which we would have to go into afghanistan and if so what would it look like considering we now have lost a lot of weaponry and machines to the taliban? >> during the obama biden administration the northern out of iraq was taken by isis and we sat back and did nothing to prevent that happening, you are
2:39 am
seeing a similar thing happening, we are not going back in and he's refusing to go in and get our people and they have aircraft, vehicles, weapons, why are we not going back in and if we can't get that equipment back destroying it, we have the ability with drones and aircraft and fighters and bars to identify our equipment but we can't go in and get it to bob that equipment so it falls in the hands of the terrorists. isis or al qaeda or the taliban and should not have our humvees, black box, you've seen videos like everybody else has what is happening in afghanistan. our people should get out and once we get our people out we should go back in strategically and destroy that acquittal get it back.
2:40 am
carley: images of taliban and fighters strapped to the teeth with weapons american taxpayers paid for is one of the most disturbing things we've seen this year. thank you for joining us, keep us updated how everything goes today. senior meteorologist janice dean with a look at the fox weather forecast. a very busy week. you look beautiful by the way. when you come into the studio, let's talk about us. >> we don't have much to talk about in terms of the weather. the forecast radar happening, showers and thunderstorms across the midwest moving in towards the ohio river valley, central us but no big weather systems to track, the next couple days we see heaviest rainfall on the east coast of florida and the ohio valley, hot, hazy and humid is the deal across the mississippi river valley where we have many heat advisories in place as well as parts of the
2:41 am
southwest. typically really hot that time of year and let's talk about the tropics. we don't have anything imminent yet but there are several things we are watching for potential development and we are reaching peak season. you look lovely. you do look beautiful. jillian: democrats are pushing a new policy ahead of the 2022 midterms, refund the police. is it about public safety or just politics? we are asking our police panel next. hundreds of travel sites for hotels and cars and vacation rentals like kayak does for flights. so it's kayak. yeah, like kayak. why don't you just call it kayak. i'm calling it...
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>> good wednesday morning, another big morning on "fox and friends" is president biden refuses to extend the deadline to pull out of afghanistan which we speak to an afghan american woman desperate to help her fiancé escaped the chaos in kabul as he faces threats from the taliban and steve scalise reacts as president biden's approval takes a turn south.
2:46 am
pete hegseth turns us along with his former afghan interpreter and charles payne, tomi lahren and clay travis on "fox and friends" 14 minutes and 45 seconds from now on the channel you trust for your morning news. back to you on level xii. jillian: democrats city leaders looking to refund the police after the movement to cut resources backfired causing crime to spike nationwide. anthony napolitano, founder of blue lives matter, president of the fraternal order of police, clyde boldright. in chicago, new york city and baltimore these are cities that refunded the police or defund and are now refunding the police, took a lot of lives to get there.
2:47 am
>> crime goes up, resources, operation impact to combat the crime. the year before that you saw individuals becoming criminals and victims every day which is wrong. the democratic party, with the elections coming up trying to change around to have something for their constituents. jillian: do you agree? >> i agree. this was a political movement run on a social justice movement, crime stats have no feelings following political correctness, glad to see there's a refund movement going on. carley: we heard a lot of police officers say defund the police is only part of the problem.
2:48 am
the other parties criminals calling policies and if that doesn't get changed there will be crime on the streets. >> over the last year we saw historic levels of violence and for cities to take a mental health approach and a holistic approach to policing is tragically ended with more lives being lost. we need to look hard at things that work, a solution that works, let's get to real policing and putting bad guys in jail. jillian: what happened in new york city, new york city was one of the most violent cities across the country, he implemented broken windows and become a safer place. people are trying to remember the importance of police officers, next time is a
2:49 am
controversial shooting. >> every single day, you could be a hero in the next day on the other side of a jail cell which is terrible especially in new york city, the 21st anniversary of 9/11, first responders and 20 years later it all started where criminals go out and make that happen. it can't happen if they do their job but professionally and respectfully let them do their job and people become victims every day. jillian: you are so in tune to the situation in chicago. and six years of mass shootings, 126 people died and their fully been two convictions. why is that? >> in chicago in cook county the
2:50 am
weakest attorney in the country, she's known for her policies to remove people from prisons, people know in chicago they are criminals, if you do the crime you are not going to do the time. we are shy of 7000 people shot in 20 months. a lot of stunned by repeat offenders, 117 approaching 120,000 gaining members and if we don't have a strong state attorney that is where they will come. jillian: clearly we are in an era of refund the police but to do that you need people who want to be a police officer, they wouldn't want to go into the job. how do you get people to be police officers again? >> we made the profession of policing unattractive for young people. we need to incentivize our
2:51 am
police officers, offer housing, educational incentives, better pay, those are the most important things. across the country, are deplorable, morale is very low. to attract new people that come into the profession and enjoy it. >> so important. thank you for being great voices for police and policing, thank you for joining us. jillian: it appears the white house is taking orders from the taliban and as us troops begin leaving afghanistan and our allies are blocked reaching the airports in kabul. >> pete hegseth wrote reacts to the crisis that is about to get a whole lot worse.
2:52 am
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♪ carley: u.s. troops are already beginning to lee afghanistan as president biden rejects pleas to extend the self-imposed deadline to get americans out. jillian: and now our afghan allies can't even reach the airport in kabul with the taliban calling the shots on the ground. pete hegseth joins us now. thanks for being here. >> good morning. jillian: i know you are sick of this situation. i have been listening to you all over the network. i'm curious if you think this administration is publicly stating that they are sticking to this august 31st deadline to not rattle the taliban to safely get out as many people as they can right now or do you think they are actually going to stick to this deadline regardless of what happens? >> >> unfortunately i think they are going to have to stick to this deadline and here is why. if you want to stick to it you have to start evacuating u.s. personnel very he, very soon.
2:57 am
that means the doors are closing very soon for any citizen or passport or visa holder on the ground. this becomes a matter of not what should we do. becomes quickly what is a matter of what is logistically possible. if you are aware of what is happening on the ground and the amount of planes coming out of personnel on the ground. at some point you shut the gates. and the taliban knows that and why the taliban and their timeline it is the tall ban timeline. the taliban has said no more afghans. don't worry, we need their professional skills here as well. and if you have got that -- if you believe that i have a fridge to sell you outside my lawn here. they are going to slit the throats of everyone left behind. they may say they are going to try to rescue americans later on and all they are talking about are hostage situations because the taliban will take advantage of it we have married ourself to this foolish timeline and as a result the clock is ticking and really hard to come back from
2:58 am
it. carley: you know, pete, there is a small glimmer of hope in afghanistan it's an area called the pant sure valley. only region that hasn't fallen to the taliban because there is resistance fighters there. there is a long history of resistance fighters being there. president biden says afghanis aren't willing to fight for their country he is wrong. can you explain the significance of that region and the story. pete: you are right. it's long been the center of the resistance of the taliban back to the soviets as well it held out from taliban rule 1996 to 2001. it's a beautiful region. it's geography is its advantage. only a few ways in and easily defendable. the leader of the northern alliance famously held out there. relative trying to do the same there. there are afghans that fled to the valley because they believe it can hold out against the taliban. my fear is with all of the equipment and all of the capabilities that we left behind, will they be able to
2:59 am
hold out in that resistance there? think about that. trillions of dollars of advanced sophisticated weaponry didn't exist back when they were fighting the soviets or taliban when they were fighting a couple decades ago. it's a beautiful region with beautiful people. i know people i served with that almost took a vacation there curing our deployment because it's so safe. today it's under siege and i question whether the biden administration would do anything. what indication they would do anything. carley: weapons and money to that reasoning. jillian: pete, we have got about 30 seconds left. what is your biggest dispoiments disappointment in this whole situation? >> there is so many of them but the lack of honor involved in this process. it's not that we are getting out. we know we are. manner of getting out and dishonorable way we turned our back on some people who are invested. doesn't mean we should stay. we are tuck tailing and leaving and leaving people behind it's
3:00 am
dishonorable. it will leave a stain on our country for generations to come. carley: you said it best. future of afghan interpreters who we are leaving high and dry. president biden just sentenced them to death. pete, thank you so much. >> that's right. jillian: thank you for your service. >> thank you. jillian: "fox & friends" has continuing coverage right now. have a good day. ♪ >> i'm determined to finish by august the 31st. carley: president biden bowing to the taliban announcing he will not extend his deadline. >> he will have blood on his hands. people are going to die and they are going to be left behind. >> the supreme court deal as blow to the biden administration deciding overnight to remain in mexico program. under that framework people seeking asylum must stay in mexico while they await formal hearings. >> the bill is passed. >> speaker pelosi killing the way for $.5 trillion bill the called moderates


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