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tv   FOX News Primetime  FOX News  August 25, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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headline after pelosi and white house smack down, lawmakers want to see afghan fiasco with their own eyes. >> bret: panel, there you go. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight, that's it for this "special report" fair, balanced and still unafraid thanks for trusting us. "fox news primetime" hosted by jesse watters this week starts right now and it's just a ton of guests that i saw on the graphic. >> jesse: not a democrat in sight. [laughter] thanks so much, bret. >> jesse: good evening and welcome to "fox news primetime." i'm jesse watters. ♪ we have a great line up tonight as bret mentioned dan bongino, trey gowdy eric trump, governor ron desantis and tucker carlson are all going to be joining us very soon. first, could joe biden face impeachment? recommendation i think this is dereliction of duty at the highest level. i think joe biden deserves to be impeached because he has abandoned thousands of afghans who fought with us and he is
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going to abandon some american citizens because he capitulated to the taliban 1 august deadline. >> jesse: we should have seen this coming, sleepy joe's handling of afghanistan has been a disaster on all levels. we know it doesn't take much to impeach a president these days. democrats tried to impeach george bush for a lot of things. including global warming as we all remember donald trump was impeached over a phone call. some would say a perfect phone call. and what happens when you ignore intelligence and strand thousands of innocent americans behind enemy lines in a war zone? and then blame them for not being able to get out. >> particularly given the security situation in afghanistan, for many years, we have urged americans not to travel there since march of this year, we have sent 19 separate messages to americans enrolled with the embassy in kabul, encouraging and then urging them toe leave the country. there could be other americans in afghanistan who never
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enrolled with the embassy who ignored public evacuation notices and have not yet identified themselves to us. >> jesse: was that secretary of state tony blinken, it's not a secret how dangerous he is. even john mccain was worried about him back in 2014. >> this individual has actually been dangerous to america and to the young men and women who are fighting and serving it. >> jesse: putting americans at risk and ignoring intelligence has defined the crisis in afghanistan. the question is: is it enough to impeach a president? democrats certainly thought so back when trump was in the white house. >> we must say enough, enough. he has betrayed our national security and he will do so again. >> the president was -- believed he could act with impunity. he believed he could disregard all of the warning signs. >> president trump was impeached for one reason: because he deserved it. it's a as a matterof fact that s
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ongoing threat to our national security. it is tragic that the president's reckless actions make impeachment necessary. he gave us no choice. >> jesse: dan bongino joins me now as everybody knows host of unfiltered saturday nights at 10:00. all right. let's just use dan the democrats' words against them what they said about trump. betrayed our national security. biden armed the terrorist state to the teeth. ignored warning signs, biden was briefed all summer about the taliban advance. no other president did what he did. okay. well, what other president triggered a hostage crisis and then went back to vacation? and that's reckless in nancy pelosi's own words. >> yeah. jesse, joe biden has a 100 percent success rate of failure it's really incredible. he has succeeded at failing in foreign policy for, what, 40 years? my friend, you would think by mistake joe biden would fall at least once on the right side of right on a foreign policy.
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right? just by -- throw the dice. throw the dice. get the magic 8 ball and let it make a decision and once in a blue moon, joe biden would have made the right call. they were like should we get bin laden? joe biden is i said no, no don't get bin laden. they got bin laden. joe biden's decision to abandon bagram air base go down as the single dumbest commander-in-chief decision. in the history of sentient beings not just the united states that's how catastrophically awful this guy is. yes, he should be impeached or should resign immediately. i said it last week on my show and i will say it again. >> jesse: it reminds me of george castanza from seinfeld. >> oh my gosh but watch my show i brought this up a thousand times. >> jesse: every single instinct i have ever had has been wrong. why don't i do the opposite and he goes up to the chick at the coffee shop and he says my name is george, i'm short, i'm bald
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and i live with my parents. would you like it go out with me. and the girl says yes. let's go. >> george steinbrenner he gets a raise. i swear on my life on our friendship, my friend, i bring that example of that seinfeld episode up all the time. he has got to try that joe, if you are listening, joe biden, whatever your instincts are follow the castanza model do the opposite and we'll be okay. even the obama people famous bob gaetz line this guy has been on the wrong side of every foreign policy decision in years. the problem is this the guy with the nuclear codes right now. the military can't do what we know they are capable of doing. this is not you know well, our boots on the ground. they goal get our people tomorrow. they will door kick tomorrow and get our people out of there. it is this guy on the screen right now who created this potential hostage crisis pending. and i hope that doesn't happen.
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>> jesse: you mentioned bin laden, he was also against the soleimani airstrike. this guy was against dessert storm. this guy was against reagan's tough build up in europe against the soviet union. i mean, he was the one that pulled out of iraq and gave birth to isis. you just go on and on. but, i know we are getting out too far ahead on this. let's say the republican does take the house. do you want kamala? is this where we are going? is that even any better? >> listen, that's a fair question. and i brought this up on my show where a number of astute smart listeners and viewers the podcast on the fox show said dan, then we are stuck with kamala, you know, jesse, i'm being serious when i say this. i don't think it could get any worse. this is not -- remember, let's for a second think about this. this is not a choice between good and bad. this is a choice between catastrophic and really horrible. and, i mean, what's your call?
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i don't know. like kamala is awful beyond belief but at least she can cognitively function. this guy, i'm not sure he is even thinking straight right now. really? i mean, you can't tell me our military commanders told him abandoning bagram air base was the smart tactical decision while we had 20, 30,000 americans, maybe more in afghanistan. you can't tell me anyone told him that. you get a private out of boot camp, they would have told joe biden wait, wait, wait, you are going to evacuate the air base we control to try to control an airfield in the middle of a 4 million population city friend and foe everywhere? high ground all around? you don't even need a private. seriously, my daughter, the youngest one, not the oldest one, could have figured this out. >> jesse: tactically, this will go down in the annuals of military history. we are talking custer's last stand, the bay of pigs. this is bad, dan. this is bad.
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dr. is no escaping it. dan bongino check him out at 10:00 on saturday nights. thanks, dan. >> thanks, buddy. >> jesse: host of sunday night in america with trey gowdy. got the whole weekend lineup here in one show. got to love it all right, trey. you are a house guy. you see how these things play out. it's not just the intelligence failure that's happened to commanders in chief in the past. it's that he ignored the intelligence, and then he gave 600,000 guns to the enemy and then stranded americans in a war zone with no plan to rescue them. is that a dereliction of duty in your opinion? >> well, first of all, congratulations on, yet, another show. that's the last thing you needed was another show on fox. but, congratulations. i mean, legally, jesse, yes. it's malfeasance is incompetence in office. is that something for which you can be impeached? yes. this is where i disagree. i mean, the reason republicans
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find themselves where they find themselves sometimes because they set expectations so unrealistically high. there is a zero chance that joe biden is going to be impeached between now and the midterms. >> jesse: that's true. >> and there is a zero chance unless something miraculous happens that there will be 67 votes to convict him in the new senate. so, why don't republicans focus on what we should be focused on? number one, get americans out of afghanistan. get the people who took us at our word out of afghanistan. protect the women and children regardless of their nationality, and then once all of that is done, if you can't win the 2022 midterms with the border, with afghanistan, and with surging crime, then you don't deserve to be a political party. >> jesse: yeah. lindsey graham teed the impeachment deal up so othat's why we are covering it you are right. we have a long way to go with this. this could get a lot worse.
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you have got thousands of americans outside the wire. the clock is ticking. they are going to have to do commando raids to get these guys or just pay bribes. but you are going to have phoners from stranded women and children. people screaming, people crying. interest is no way the biden administration is going to be able to ignore that. and carter had a hostage crisis for, what, a year, maybe a little over? got three more years left in a biden term. this just isn't going to go away. so, if you add this to, as you said, the open border, to inflation, to crt and the schools, to back sliding on masks, you get delta coming up in the fall and the winter, we are talking catastrophe politically for this guy. i don't see how he hangs on and i see democrats running for the hills. >> well, i think -- i think you are right. unless republicans over play their hands. let me say this about lindsey because i spent the weekend with him. he really believes it lindsey is
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an air force guy. is he a military veteran. he has been to afghanistan. this enrages him and it breaks his heart it should do the same for each of us, which makes me kind of wonder how the guy got elected in the first place? it's not like robert gates didn't warp us. -- warn he always wrong. what is possible win not guilty fall of 2022 is possible. flipping the senate is possible. and then nominating someone who can win in 2024. anyone who thinks that kamala harris would not be worse than joe biden has not listened to kamala harris. and she is going to go pick a vice president. i mean, who do you want? do you want cori bush? do you want a member of the squad? do you want elizabeth warren? or god forbid do you want nancy pelosi to ascend from third in line to second in line to maybe first in line? so, look, it's interesting to talk about. but there is a consequence. when people used to ask me why haven't you impeached barack obama when i was in the house. my answer was because i met joe
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biden. that's why. so, what comes after him, i don't think you are going to like it any more than you like him. >> jesse: well. we got a little breaking news here. the u.s. state department has issued a report warning u.s. nationals to avoid traveling to the airport asked those waiting outside to leave immediately. that tells me there is an extremely dangerous and deteriorating security situation at the airport. we don't know what that is. that's just speculation. but they are telling americans don't come to the airport and if you are there right now, to leave. and we're going to follow that and bring you any updates to that. but that does not sound good. trey gowdy everybody. thank you so much. >> thank you, jesse. >> jesse: what does president trump think about his successor taking a knee? admits the afghan crisis. his son eric is up next along with ron desantis, tucker carlson, mollie hemingway, joe concha and more. ♪ ♪
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>> jesse: a fox news alert. breaking just moments ago in afghanistan. an order issued by the u.s. state department, it reads, quote: because of security threats outside the gates of kabul airport we are advising u.s. citizens to avoid traveling to the airport and to avoid airport gates at this time. u.s. citizens who are at the abby gate, east gate, or north gate now should leave immediately. here now eric trump, executive v.p. of the trump organization. that just tells me there is imminent danger, eric. what's your reaction? >> >> what are people supposed to
4:19 pm
do they have got to get out of this country a week ago the tall back were writing around on scooters mope heads. thousand flying our black hawk helicopters with our night vision glasses and rifles. expects disgusting the incompetence of this administration. the incompetence of this president. our family, myself included. my father every single day we fought they're this country to is nonsense wouldn't happen. i was on the campaign trail you know every single day for a we're telling people how incompetent he is. honestly he was exceeded every expectation i possibly could have had. >> jesse: your father was known for bringing hostages back. evidence negotiated dozens and dozens of releases ofs who thages that had been strand overseas many years. even featured that at the republican national convention, never leave a man behind just seem to be the priority of the biden administration chosen to leave man and woman behind.
4:20 pm
actually taking orders from the taliban instead of killing the taliban if just seems like the exact opposite of what we had before my father could make it up a flight of stairs and air force one without falling down a flight of stairs. put people in lined. that's what the commander-in-chief needs to do. instead, joe biden literally kneeling in front of the wnba team get off your knees joe biden and stand up and show the world some leadership as the commander-in-chief. the reason my father got hostages back from all over the world he didn't put up with nonsense. if you guys are going to act like animals, we are going to treat you like animals. we will droop mow hab on your head. take you out with a reaper drone. he sold showed the world he didn't play around. that's the exact opposite at camp david last two weeks hasn't shown his face. yes i called all the g-7
4:21 pm
leaders. all the g-7 leaders are like we haven't heard from this guy. he is nowhere to be found. where is the vice president during all of this? where is the leadership? i mean, they totally abandoned the world. we lost 6,000 troops, 6,000, meaning troops and contractors in afghanistan. we spent $2 trillion there and in seven days we lose a country, we abandoned all our interpreters, all our allies who fought by our sides and now they are driving uparmoured humvees they have our drones and black hawk helicopters. they have got our best rifles they have our m-16s and everything else. body armor seeing people marching around kabul in our body armor? are we out of our damn minds. $08 billion after losing 6,000 troops. they have $80 billion of u.s. military equipment. i mean, we couldn't possibly be this incompetent. i mean, we are because he is but it's just devastating, jesse, to me as a guy who fought for this country as hard as we did and
4:22 pm
saw the great things my father did to this nation, how much backbone he put into the u.s. military and how much, you know, our adversaries around the world respected us because we didn't play games. and, you know, this guy is flushing the reputation of the united states of america down the toilet. >> jesse: he is he is getting rid of all the successful things that your father had done. the pipelines, the border, afghanistan. usually you throw out the bad stuff. he is throwing out the stuff that works. makes no sense. can't really understand it because he stunt even take questions. he just reads off a prompter. all right. eric trump. we have got to run. >> we have tenuous situation at the airport in kabul and we are going to bring you the latest. thank you so much, eric. >> thanks, jesse. >> jesse: come up a bombshell covid cover-up exposed. why are we just finding out now how andrew cuomo under counseled covid deaths in new york by the thousands? governor ron desantis and tucker carlson on that next. ♪ ♪ re.
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jess jets the love gov andrew cuomo left office earlier this week in total disgrace amid a sexual harassment scandal the true scandal may be the way he covered up true covid deaths in. his secretary of state decided today was the day to release the real covid death count increation new york's real northbound 43400 to 55,400 fatalities, that's 12,000 more than we were originally told what a convenient week for transparency. the media won't talk about this though they will sweep the whole thing under the rug in part to save their own reputation. remember, andrew cuomo was their hero. and the real villain was this guy florida governor ron desantis. they will tell that you covid is ravaging through florida killing all the old people while he is throwing maskless rangers on the beach. he is the one who is out of
4:29 pm
control the out-of-control governor joins me now ron desantis. you know, governor, they frame this guy as cuomo has just the best thing ever. now that he is totally disgraced and out of office i'm probably a much pettier person than you are, goncht you must be feeling a little bit like hey, i told you so. how are you feeling about cuomo's dismiz? >> well, look, i think a lot of it was corporate media. politicians are going to do what they want. but, you know, you go back to when he was being lionized, jesse, at the beginning of this, we all had to make the decision about how to handle nursing homes. florida we prevented hospitals from discharging a sick nursing home patient back into nursing homes because we understood the hazard that would have. of obviously new york and other states made different decisions. the corporate media never talked about that or cared about that. even though that's a decision that had a direct impact on the lives of a lot of very he will
4:30 pm
doctorly people. the media looked at somebody like cuomo and thought it was anti-trump and i thought that they were very much interested in weaponizing covid against trump. trump was their villain and cuomo was kind of their hero. obviously it doesn't necessarily work out for them in that regard at the end of the day, had they been doing their jobs back in march of 2020, some of these nursing home policies would have never been able to be sustained. >> jesse: the media is going to make you the anti-biden. joe is going to want to turn the page from afghanistan. he is going to want to go back to hitting you. he has been hitting you hard and going to want to rielle straight new a couple weeks when people are going back to school and people are going back to work. you are just now the new enemy of the state. president biden is going after you harder than the taliban. how are you, governor ron desantis prepared to handle that? >> look, we are absolutely going to stand in biden's way if he is
4:31 pm
going to bring his destructive policies to florida. if is he trying to have the federal government take away parents' rights in terms of their school children. if he is trying to continue with his inflationary policies. if he is going to try to continue to dump. [lost audio] >> jesse: unfortunately, i believe we just lost governor ron desantis. do we have him back? governor? can you hear me? >> i'm here. do you hear me? >> jesse: yes, i can hear you now. >> we will be standing up against his failed policies at the border. you know, he said he was going to end covid. he hasn't done that. we are the first state to start the treatment centers for monoclonal antibodies. having great success with that that should have been a bigger plan. a bigger part of this whole response throughout the country from the beginning. at the end of the day, he is trying to find a way to distract from the failures of his presidency. and so he thinks that he can attack florida. sometimes he attacks texas
4:32 pm
because we're republican states. but i can tell you that dog is not going to hunt down here. florida parents want to be able to make decisions for their kids. biden is obsessed with forcing kindergartens to have to wear masks for 8 hours a day even if that is not what the parent wants them toe do and he has all these other problems that he is not tending. to say so we are ready. we will be willing to respond in kind. >> jesse: i know you are a governor. you don't have a foreign policy jacket. but you have got a lot of naval ports down there in florida, a lot of bases, a lot of vets. how would you, governor ron desantis have handled the afghanistan situation if you were commander-in-chief? >> well, i'm also a vet. i served in iraq. did i not serve in afghanistan. i know a lot of my fellow veterans who did. many of them multiple deployments. and you have got to -- you can't leave any american behind, jesse. you have got to take care of americans first there should
4:33 pm
have been a plan to redeploy all the americans and a plan to redeploy or dispose of all the equipment which is going to fall not just in taliban hands, terrorist groups, probably i think they are driving all of some some of this stuff over to iran. it was a very ill executed redeployment and he left a lot of americans left behind. that's not the way you do it. >> jesse: no. now he is going to arm the taliban but he wants to takes americans' arms away from them. totally backwards. something we will have to deal with the next four years. governor ron desantis from florida. >> they are more willing to send people from the border to our cities -- they will roll out the red carpet. much more difficult to get them to get all the americans out of afghanistan. where are your priorities that you would do something like that? >> jesse: right. if you help save an american's life as a driver or a translator, sorry. can't make it to the airport. terror threats elevated. all right. governor. good luck down there. we appreciate you coming on the show. >> thank you.
4:34 pm
>> jesse: tucker carlson joins me now. theory of the new book "the long slide" available in stores and tucker in fact, he has a few signed copies right there and, of course, he is the host of this show right after this one. now, tucker, we have got to talk about oregon, the governor kate brown is going nuts. she wants people to wear masks outside but the homeless tucker, they don't have to do it. they can wear whatever they want. >> because they are holy and you are not. homeless are the so-called -- the transients, the drug addicts the i have a grants living across from your house and defecating in the sidewalk are destroying things that previous generations built; therefore, they are good. you, who are paying for the whole thing must be punished, therefore you are required to wear a mask outdoors even though there is precisely no science to suggest outdoor transmission of covid is a thing, even fauci has
4:35 pm
admitted that every study, there is a huge study in ireland a quarter million covid cases they study deed. one in 1,000 with outdoor transmission. even if you ignored that science and convinced yourself that people were getting covid while jogging you still wouldn't force them to wear masks because paper masks don't work. there is a lot of research on the subject. it's almost not worth comparing her order against logic reason and data because she doesn't care. nobody seems to care. but it's kind of galling for those of us who are over 25 and get our news from sources other than tiktok that governors of states are making up the science and nobody is saying anything. it's like insane. i guess i would just end by saying this. if you think covid is a serious problem, thousands of people have died, millions have died globally, it is a problem. people are dying now. this new variant is absolutely real. it's filling up hospitals. it's a serious thing. you need a serious response. you need serious people who
4:36 pm
believe in science, who don't exempt black lives matter rallies because they agree with the politics. our leaders aren't up to this disease because they are not serious people at all. >> jesse: the last unserious guy just resigned in disgrace for groping people and under counting the covid deaths. let's stay out on the west coast because there is a big recall election, tucker, larry elder is making some moves. they are calling him a racist. but that's what they do. now joe biden has to rescue gavin newsom, kamala is going to go into rescue gavin newsom. how do you think that's going to play out over in california? >> well, it's just so great to watch. whatever the outcome of the recall is in three weeks, and larry elder actually has a shot to win, remarkably, overwhelmingly democratic state the way that constitutional amendment is written gives him a chance to win. they just to recall the goncht the most amusing part to watch is this is forcing the president, leaders of the democratic party to endorse a
4:37 pm
governor who has wrecked our largest state. they have to tie themselves to gavin newsom. now, you can only do that if you have never actually been to california in the past three years. go to l.a., go san francisco, look around. ask yourself is this going well or does it look like brazil? no, it's not going well at all. the state, it's a mess. that's not a part sap point. they can't keep the lights on. their power grid is faking. so this is a failing state. it matters to all of us but suddenly the president is like oh, no, no, no. gavin newsom is doing a great job. really? you may not like larry elder. maybe you are a hard core democrat. whatever. you can't say that california is being well-run if you actually go there. and they are going to have to say that, which is hilarious to me. >> jesse: do you think they are going to host a fundraiser at french laundry? >> i would say this. if he doesn't get recalled, i mean, i hope that there are election observers out there. california is a lot more corrupt than we give it credit for being. we have this image of california as a clean state politically.
4:38 pm
but that's from the 70s, california is completely corrupted. run by the teachers unions, the prison guard unions, it's a complete inside game. tammaro any what palm trees. you really need outside observers to make sure this election isn't stolen. that's not the big lie. that's the big reality and i hope they get them. >> jesse: didn't they just bust the guy passed out at a 7-eleven weapon meth and about 300 ballots? most secure election of all time just passed out people donald trump in the 7-eleven with hundreds of ballots. not worried about that not widespread, right? [laughter] >> to identify laugh, it's perfect perfect. >> jesse: you interviewed erik prince. everybody knows erik prince, tell us about that interview. >> erik prince is a remarkable person. one of the great few people not elected to anything ever but yet been in the center of the swirl of recent history last 20 years. really historical figure i would say founder of black water and expert on afghanistan. had the largest contracting
4:39 pm
company in afghanistan for 20 years. and, he present the last two administrations with an exit plan that made a lot of sense. for those of us who wanted to get out today, it wasn't exactly that. but it wasn't the kind of abrupt ridiculous humiliating disaster that this administration has foisted on the country. it was a mid away and in retrospect i think it was a wise answer and the last two administrations ignored him unfortunately. he is now, i think, in afghanistan tonight. right after our interview he flew there, evacuating people because the state department and dod don't seem capable of doing that it's a fascinating interview. >> jesse: i hope he is safe because the airport in kabul just got hit with a huge alert. americans have to flee there. if you are there now. don't go. don't come. it's requesting to be a mess and we will keep you updated as things progress. tucker carlson at 8:00. just around the corner. thank you, tucker. >> thank you, jesse. >> jesse: fox news alert. dire warning from the state department as i just mentioned,
4:40 pm
tell americans waiting at the airport in afghanistan to get out now. more details after the break. ♪ ♪ i booked our hotel on kayak. it's flexible if we need to cancel. cancel. i haven't left the house in a year. nothing will stop me from vacation. no canceling. flexible cancellation. kayak. search one and done. hearing is important to living life to the fullest. that's why inside every miracle-ear store, you'll find better bedtime stories. you'll find a better life is in store at miracle-ear, when you experience the exclusive miracle-ear advantage. it starts with our free hearing assessment. plus innovative products that fit your needs and budget. with free service and adjustments for life. we're so confident we can improve your life, we're offering a 30-day risk-free trial. call 1-800-miracle today and experience the miracle-ear advantage for yourself. (gong rings) - this is joe.
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>> jesse: fox news alert. moments ago the u.s. state department issued a dire warning to all americans still stranded in afghanistan it suggests the situation on the ground is deteriorating rapidly. quote: all u.s. citizens who are currently waiting outside the gates of harmid karzai airports need to turn around and leave immediately. be aware of your surroundings, and follow the instructions of local authorities. the state department offered no additional information or explanation for this frantic warning. we're talking to our people on the ground trying to get some answers we also saw a similar warning issued moments ago from the government of immediately to to advise citizens avoid the airport acore guilty to the immediately to herald this is according to the ongoing and very high threat of a terrorist attack from a jihadiist group unquote.
4:46 pm
bring in mollie hemingway federal editor at "the federalist" and joe concha media for the hill. this ising all going on. deteriorating rapidly this tells me imminent threat and american lives at risk already more than they already were, joe. yet, the president is turning his back on the american people every single time almost as he leaves the podium and laughing questionqus eshetions he gets fs just does not seem to be meetings the moment or reading the room. >> reading the room horribly. that state department news bulletin you read there as far as that warning. follow the instructions of local authorities. who are the local authorities that you are talking about? that's the taliban, right? so, again, if i'm an american there, boy, i'm shaking in my boots and i ask the question why is the president of the united states running from a largely friendly press corps during one of the worse crises we have seen in decades because we all know how this looks to the american public, jesse, the polls say it all, president biden in less
4:47 pm
time than it has to have a full pregnancy, just 8 months went from receiving 81 million votes to according to "u.s.a. today" just out yesterday a poll 32% approval among independents. 41% overall. on afghanistan, just one in four voters approve. i have got to meet the 25% who approve by the way of his handling there. >> jesse: it's all taliban. is the 25%. they approve they love it. >> they love it, exactly. >> jesse: right now this dire warning get the hell out of the airport area. your life is at risk. this just doesn't square with everything from what we heard from the administration today. today they were congratulating themselves on this amazing evacuation. they were saying the taliban has been cooperative and they are allowing americans and afghans free passage to the airport. just doesn't square. again. >> that's the issue that we have had with the communications is that they don't match what the reporting on the ground is the biden administration and president biden say that everybody is having no trouble
4:48 pm
getting out of afghanistan and when in reality a lot of people are having trouble getting to the airport. now those people who have made it to the airport are being told not to go. there is this huge disconnect between what president biden is saying and what we know. he keeps talking about why he made the decision to leave afghanistan. that's a straw man argument. everyone agrees with that decision. the debate is over the manner in which it's done and all sorts of questions along with this. what is being done with the americans? how are they being located? how are they being helped out of the country? why are so few of the people who are evacuating the country actually american? how are people being vetted? there are all these important questions and president biden isn't taking questions. and it's at a time when people really need answers. >> jesse: joe, now they are blaming americans for getting stranded. they say i didn't register at the embassy. or, you know what? maybe they don't want to leave. they are going to rescue everybody that wants to leave afghanistan, assuming there are thousands of americans that want to stay under taliban rule. i think they are just setting up
4:49 pm
an excuse for not rescuing hostages. >> yeah. hey. we tried. we told you to get out. >> jesse: yeah we warned you. >> the president of the united states said in july it wasn't inevitable that the taliban could take over. oh you know what? we told you so. don't say we told you so. these are thousands of americans we are talking about. what happens one week from tonight from the u.s. military is out of afghanistan completely? it could be the iran hostage crisis times 1,000 meets the kosovo genocide of anyone who is american or afghans who assisted americans. our media should be up in arms that the president is running from questions or taking very little questions. they allowed him to run for president during the campaign while he basically pleaded the fifth. here's the difference now he is in charge, jesse. his decisions around afghanistan, the border, spending trillions of dollars while inflation is already skyrocketing. they have profound and long-term consequences and this is what we see now his decisions have real consequences yet we don't have the media outside of a few who are will to home him accountable. >> jesse: he owns it now.
4:50 pm
and it's going to get worse according to latest terror threat. mollie, joe, got to go. don't go anywhere. more "fox news primetime" around the corner. ♪ ♪ and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service you can trust. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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>> jesse: a few minutes left on the show, let's put kat on the clock. first up, taliban not just drawing a red line for america, also talking about on climate change, issuing a statement that it plans to "tackle the challenges not only facing us, but the entire humanity" they range from world security and climate change. this is the stone age of civilization, right? what is the admission? when an ied blows up? >> i think it has been really interesting to watch the taliban try to revamp their image a little bit as well as how people seem to be taking that into
4:56 pm
consideration. i think that's one job that the taliban would be good at is working in light crisis p.r., because a lot of people here in the u.s. have done things not even close to as bad and not seen the kind of aim at reconsideration at the taliban. >> jesse: harvey weinstein should've hired the taliban. we will see what happens next, nirvana being sued is now all grown up, at the record never mind back in '91, now 30 did not consent to the naked photo shoot and nirvana violated federal child porn statutes by using his image. do you buy it? >> this guy is horrible. he is a horrible jerk. he has grown up any grow up to be a jerk. if he did not want to be identified by that, why has he done so many interviews throughout the years?
4:57 pm
he has reshot that album cover three different times and he told rolling stone in 2003 that he wants to redo it and make a print, but where he is naked again, because in the other ones he has shorts on. >> jesse: babies can't consent, i'm sure that his parents consented they did not just find a baby on the street corner. >> nobody loves talking about it more than him. >> jesse: they have those little cherubs in the oil paintings all over every museum i go to. i know you go to a lot of museums. next up, this milk crate challenge we told you about earlier in the week. when the search for the term, they removed it from the social media site because it promotes and glorifies dangerous acts. that's the point, that's why we like watching it. >> i don't want to watch a video of somebody drinking a green juice. and i've done things that are more dangerous than that without
4:58 pm
getting up off the couch. it's possible. >> jesse: you don't have to say what those things are. if you notice my eye is a little swollen, i fell off a milk crate. >> the stuff that i would do when i was a kid, come on. you can't stack of milk crate high enough to die. you can't die -- >> jesse: has anybody died from the milk crate challenge? i don't even know. i think that may be cracked a few ribs, but who hasn't on tiktok? and finally for me and you, more likely to get hired and have higher wages, don't worry, those who aren't eligible for the beauty premium can use a power posed to look better. here's how you do it. stand up, feet shoulder width apart, hands on the hips like this in chest out, chin up, power pose. >> or if you don't want to do that, get some hair extensions. that's what i did.
4:59 pm
some hair extensions and a bunch of hair clipped into my head every day and people see me on tv and they think wow, she has great hair, which i do, but only because i purchased it. >> jesse: those are not real hair follicles. >> no, they are real, someone else just grew them. real human hair. i bought it, but -- >> jesse: you just did not grow it. >> someone else grew it and i purchased it. and now i am far more attractive and have a television show. >> jesse: i like you no matter what lengthier hair is, does not matter as long as you have a powerful pose, kat. what is your power pose? >> it's like this. >> jesse: it sassy, that scares me. don't do that again. >> exactly. >> jesse: we have to run, thanks for watching "fox news primetime," jesse watters, don't forget and i know you want to grab a copy
5:00 pm
of "how i save the world" ever heard of it. i will be signing books next tuesday at the long beach island book slot. come on by and take a picture with me. as i said, i will even let you touch me. see you tomorrow on "the five" and back here at 7:00. of the great tucker carlson is up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening, welcome to "tucker carlson tonight," kate brown first elected governor of oregon by the way back in 2015. at the time there is not a whole lot going on in oregon, so voters did not ask many questions. the one thing they did learn about kate brown over and over again is that she is a self-described bisexual. why is this relevant? perhaps the media did not explain, they told us without explaining what it meant that


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