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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  August 28, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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for the allies being targeted in afghanistan and a safe withdrawal of everybody. leave nobody behind. my heart is troubled in that heart. let not your heart be troubled, laura ingraham is up next. have a great weekend. pray for our family in afghanistan. >> i'm pete hegseth >> this is the ingraham angle, fox news alert, moment ago we learned drone strike killed and isis k planner believed to be carrying out future attacks according to the pentagon but also tonight the state department once again warning americans at the kabul airport to leave immediately. for the latest we go live to the pentagon.
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>> 48 hours after the deadly suicide attack that killed 13 american servicemembers and wounded 20 others and killed over 160 afghans us military struck back launching a drone strike in eastern afghanistan, the headquarters of the isis khorasan group. captain william irvin said, quote, initial indications are that we killed the target, we know of no civilian casualties and president biden a few days ago said he will hunt down and kill whoever is responsible for this attack. it is likely when it would take place. the us military was busy preparing to leave the country in the next 2 or 3 days which breaking news at the pentagon the us military has struck back and killed and isis planner. i'm told he was traveling in a vehicle and also killed was an associate with him. the american drone strike killed and isis planner responsible for carrying out potentially future
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attacks against the military, not necessarily was he involved in the attack that killed 13 american servicemembers. >> we believe he was the leader or leader of isis k and we don't know if this was directly connected what happened at the airport. >> my sources tell me this was an isis k planner, the isis branch in afghanistan, splinter group from the isis group in the middle east and he was planning additional attacks not necessarily outside the kabul airport that killed 13 american servicemembers, this was a planner not necessarily even a leader. it doesn't say the isis k reader but isis k planner. pete: we are starting to hunt them down and make them pay as the president promised yesterday.
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i saw the phrase over the horizon. do we know this drone strike came from the kabul airport? it emanated from somewhere else? information on that? >> reporter: no drones at the kabul airport, these drones fry from the middle east, the united arab emirates, you have to fly to pakistan and we only have four or five hours overhead where this drone strike took place launched from the middle east through afghanistan. the only air assets at the kabul airport are apache gunship switch your family with. pete: the over the horizon necessary capacity, any news on intelligence, where we've gotten this information? >> not clear at this time. the us military keeps a range of assets, the aircraft that can snoop, mobile phones and all these things. a devastating attack we saw in kabul, the us. are scrambling its assets to
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find out who is responsible and who might be responsible for other attacks. your alert at the top of the show the state department put out another warning telling americans any americans outside the gates of the airport in kabul to exit immediately. it is clear the us military and state department do not want crowds at the gates because of the threat warning and general mckenzie warned future attacks were likely and imminent. perhaps this drone strike took out a leader who was planning a future attack in the next coming days. we have 5000 us troops on the ramp to the kabul airport. pete: these are initial reports, we don't want to get too far ahead and speculate but at the same time intel of this type could come from taliban sources. do we know how linked or unlinked these groups are?
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people were jarred by the ideas the taliban was willing to let isis k fighters out of those prisons at bagram air base, the same people, different flag, we know how intel might be flowing out. >> you struck on something important, jennifer griffin asked john kirby how many of these isis fighters spring from prisons around afghanistan when the taliban took over, john kirby said, quote, thousands. you mentioned isis and the taliban have not always got along, they fought against one another and joint special operations command were launching raids where isis branch in afghanistan is based and in recent years because of isis fighting the taliban, the us was launching drone strikes against a common enemy but you
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cannot rule out the suicide attack yesterday that killed 13 american service members, you can't rule out taliban involvement because this isis bomber, isis carried out this attack, managed to slip through taliban checkpoints, some of them run by the haqqani network. can't rule out collaboration but there's a history of animosity. pete: you and jennifer griffin have been doing humans work on this. ultimately do we have any sense how many isis k fighters there are? when you talk about making them pay, what's the scope of that? >> intelligences hundreds of fighters remain. in 2016 there were 4000. about three months after donald trump took office he dropped the mother of all bombs on isis k in eastern afghanistan in the same province, which devastated isis at the time so based on because
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of joint special operations command launching those raids isis had been devastated in afghanistan. because those raids were so successful a lot of isis k leadership has gone underground in urban areas so any airstrikes in and around kabul or more populated cities very tough because as you saw from the statement from central command they don't want civilian casualties. any isis leaders in more urban areas much tougher to get to them but this isis planner out for a drive, his last one. pete: they changed their tactics to shield themselves. the mother of all bombs, i have not recalled that was isis k back then. you are on the time. jim banks and pennsylvania
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senate candidate sean parnell, author of outlaw. your reaction to the killing of this isis k planner? >> this is a good start but it would be naïve to think it is going to stop more attacks from isis. we have been briefed about the growing threat of isis k and afghanistan. we knew they were there, building up in kabul after the trump administration pushed the caliphate out of syria and iraq, we knew they were there and waiting for a moment like this, for the right time to strike during the chaotic event and that is what we have seen, this strikes close to home for me, found out minutes ago that hoosier marine was killed in the attacks yesterday, corporal sanchez from indiana, the strikes close to home for many of us.
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we need to hunt down all of these isis perpetrators of yesterday's attack and hold them accountable. i'm glad one drone strike has occurred but it will take a lot more than that to get it done. >> you know about service and sacrifice in the hills on the border of pakistan and afghanistan. the boys we lost at the gate whose names we are learning now. you hear about this drone strike, it doesn't make up for any of it yet but what does it tell you about the type of response to what happened at the checkpoint? >> i am glad a terrorist is dead but in my heart of hearts i am thinking too little too late. it would have been great had president biden and this administration projected strength from the very beginning but the fact that they did not project strength that emboldened our enemies it would have been great of the biden administration ordered a drone strike on isis as they were
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escaping from these prisons, would have been great if they wouldn't be partnering with the taliban who is passing intelligence to isis, the haqqani network, that is undoubtedly -- i'm glad we gotta terrorists, glad the world is a safer place without these people but i wish president biden projected strength from the beginning. pete: we talk about the difference between isis and the taliban and but as sean alluded to the idea that the taliban released these isis fighters. attala band checkpoint the suicide bomber went past before killing americans how do we differentiate? how do you make sense of the difference between the taliban, al qaeda, the haqqani network, isis can what difference does it make as it pertains to our security?
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>> they are all terrorists and we should designate them as such. next week will go through on the house armed services committee, the market for the annual national defense authorization act and introducing an amendment that would designate the taliban is a terrorist organization because currently they are not, the taliban in pakistan is, the taliban in afghanistan was never designated a terrorist organization and you are seeing right now they are complicit in the attacks that have occurred as the taken over the country and allowed the situation to happen, they should be held accountable, the taliban should be held accountable for these actions as well and one way to do that, to prevent material support in any way and further efforts to punish them for those activities would be to designate them a terrorist organization.
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nancy pelosi, speaker alice should be calling every member of congress back to congress tonight, tomorrow morning, go back to work, right now our focus is to be uncovering every american safely out of afghanistan for more blood is shed at a focus shouldn't be on passing fake infrastructure deals or $3 trillion social spending spree but doing whatever we need to do on the part of congress to assist this administration to get every american out from behind enemy lines. if the embassy is telling americans not to go to the airport there is no safe way out of the country, this administration still doesn't have a plan to get americans out from behind enemy lines and that's another complete failure on their part. pete: there is no way out, the gates are closed, anyone attempting to extract right now is finding to 3 or 4 because that course of action is closed. something the congressman said, talked about designating the taliban a terrorist organization.
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makes a lot of sense to those who understand the nature of the telegram. but we are hearing reports from some in the state department would like to recognize the taliban as the legitimate government in afghanistan. explained the gulf in this view 20 years after 9/11, once i said they are still terrorists, they would like to kill americans, the one saying accept reality, they are the ones in control and maybe if we bestow legitimacy on them they will behave and we can work with them. >> there will never be a world we can bestow legitimacy on the taliban and. i reject the notion we should mainstream them, as someone who fought against them for 485, safe harbor, and the taliban and killing american troops. they kill american marines and
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president biden, such an insult that he's trying to mainstream, the taliban sitting around in caves talking about climate change and how to decrease their carbon footprint and make the transfer from a toyota pickup truck to a toyota -- >> and women are going to be treated well. >> absolutely insulting. >> i remind our viewers we kicked off with a new report the us drone strike killed on isis k planner, their headquarters aware isis k operates. one planner was killed along with an associate, no civilian attacks, and over the horizon drone strike from us forces. as far as what relationship the taliban and isis k have really matters to me, the next steps talking about the taliban
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relying on the taliban for the livelihoods of 5000 americans at the airfield yet they have to decide how they manager exist alongside isis k. what does that relationship look like going forward. >> it's a complicated relationship. at the end of the day the taliban and isis k have competing visions for the region. >> the taliban is internally focused and isis k is externally focused? >> isis k wants to build the new caliphate. the case stands for khorasan. it is a region, not just the borders of afghanistan but a region they want to build a caliphate into and isis k and the delavan compete for fighters.
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isis k being able to pay a lot more for the better fighters. isis k is more sophisticated, they have better technology. isis k poses more of a direct threat to the homeland of the united states than attala man. >> why are they able to pay more, why do they have better weapons, would they have inherited any of the weapons we left behind from the afghan national army so talk about this dynamic. >> that is it, they have sophisticated surveillance technology. isis k hate america, hate americans, want to destroy america. not to diminish them but dealing with a different caliber, end goals of taking over the government of afghanistan. if sean already said we've gone back in time to september 10th, 2001, before the deadly attack
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when the taliban gave safe harbor to al qaeda and other terrorist groups, usama bin laden to plot and plan their attacks. that is what we've gone back in time to at this moment. the taliban and is a terrorist organization isis k's designs are more destructive and dangerous and the situation president biden has created in afghanistan has empowered isis k to a degree we haven't seen before. we will be hearing a lot more about isis k in the days to come. i hope i am wrong but i consists k is going to continue to build up in that region. i don't believe we have seen the worst of what we've seen in the days to come because of president biden's failure creating situational be very dangerous for the world for a long time to come. >> 5000 american boys at the airport right now, ultimately
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who were attacked 48 hours ago. ultimately does this strike make their job easier or more difficult when there is threat reporting and it is not all confirm that we are seeing and hearing about it the suicide bombers, vehicle born ieds could be and likely are headed in the direction of the airport where there are telegram checkpoints that didn't work well last time. we are looking at the future of the terrorist threat, retribution of what happened but as we look at this retro grade, better known as a retreat, how did this change what our troops are facing in the next 3 or 4 days? >> it changes everything. it puts our troops in a far more dangerous position. this administration, our generals for the last 6 months seemed focused on things like critical race. and wait rage on
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capitol hill. when you are a leader in the military, only so many hours a day for you to plan, dedicated -- dedicate your life to your troops and every moment our generals were distracted by some frivolous political argument on capitol hill, they were not planning responsible which all from afghanistan, looking at what is happening our marines and troops at heart karzai airport, 4.5 million people, it shows what a disastrous decision it was to give up bagram air force the case, we would not be in the situation if we held onto bagram air force base, i can't wrap my mind around the biden administration putting the lives of americans in the hands of the taliban. i've got sources on the ground right now, we've been working around the clock to get american citizens and our allies out of that country.
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the taliban is playing president biden like a fiddle, telling him what he wants to hear, we are going to protect your people but they are setting up more checkpoints and making it impossible for people to get to be a, hunting them down, beating them, taking passports and in some cases shooting at them and making it impossible for them to get to the airport, this is what the delavan does, they say one thing and do another and it is time for president biden and his administration to play hardball. pete: i got a report of people being pulled off the bus and beaten by the taliban, it is happening in real-time. we don't know many details about the drone strike that killed and isis k planner, don't know how significant this person truly was was driving alone,and casualties, lucas tomlinson will join the program as he takes more details to the pentagon but when you look at the leadership at the pentagon, the president it on from austin to million
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dollars how would you gauge their response thus far? not through the entire world looking at the last 2 or 3 weeks, how they've managed what we've done is a military in this situation? >> i hate to say but it is a shameful failure on their part. they are going to go down in history as failing our nation, feeling our troops, failing our national security, they should be held accountable for that but we have to be focused on how we get every american safely out from behind enemy lines and at this point i don't have a high degree of confidence that this team can get that done. yesterday when president biden appeared before cameras with scripted remarks i had hoped he would appear before the american people and say he's replacing every single one of them and instead he doubled down. if he continues to double down and not put capable people in places to listen to, places in all of these positions to figure
12:22 am
out how to get american safely out of afghanistan this will get worse and worse. that seems to be the fact that this point. i wish it was different but president biden has proven he is incompetent and able to provide the leadership america needs. >> when you were in afghanistan everything stopped with you, responsibility was with you, the accountability of your equipment. when you look at who is being held accountable, who should be held accountable for where we are and we recognize is important this drone strike happened at we are putting isis k fighters in the dirt, that's a good thing and the mission is ongoing going forward and we hope they are successful, but we could do the same time, recognize what maybe could have or should have been done better. is there accountability that needs to exist weather at the pentagon or the state department or the national security adviser? >> i've got to tell you i was horrified to watch president biden yesterday, instead of
12:23 am
taking accountability for this botched withdrawal because the book to stop with him, you're responsible for everything that happens or fails to happen into your command, president biden owns this but the first thing he did was blame donald trump for this catastrophe and let me remind the viewers, 7 or 8 months of the trump presidency isis and al qaeda and the taliban were decimated, they were on the ropes in the first week months of the biden presidency the taliban, al qaeda, they controlled the country and these terrorist factions are not going to be woven into the fabric of this interim government. i couldn't have botched withdrawal in afghanistan worse than president biden if i tried. he is an absolute disaster and the only people that have been blamed throughout all this are the taliban for not conducting security good enough.
12:24 am
you and i probably know privates who were fired for misplacing ink cartridges yet we have generals who botched the withdrawal of the 20 year war not held accountable at all. it is backwards and wrong, hard to wrap your mind around. >> i have walked around online for one weapon lost inside a battalion. is a reality of what we're up against. this idea of this attack on this isis k fighter was over the rise in -- we have them back shortly. took eight hours for the fight to remain to get on station and fly over the target. thankfully the timing works out and we are glad. how capable, how sustainable to believe we can degrade the isis k threat from that amount of standoff going forward?
12:25 am
>> you can't. you and i know having served and having been there many times, you can't sustain it that way. this is why giving up bagram was a colossal mistake, why we gave up the position we had before we got every american out of the country and gave up bagram airfield where we could have flown the strikes directly on the ground, it's not sustainable, we can't keep it up. i'm glad the strike occurred, it was a success tonight but it will take a lot more of these strengths to eliminate the isis k threat to be successful down the road. >> how long is it before the underground sources we had that have been central to evacuating so many american citizens and afghan partners over the last few weeks, how long is it until those relationships ultimately runs dry and aren't as effective where we have connections, have until operations and agents capable of cultivating sources that led to the fact that this
12:26 am
isis k planner is dead, if we have no. on the ground or limited sources on the ground we start to not have the eyes and ears we need? >> tragically 31 august. i think president biden is committed to this withdrawal. right now they're blowing up and destroying american equipment and my fears because this surrender has been so botched we have allies on the ground, thousands of americans who are trapped there and my fear is we invested 20 years of blood and treasure into the country, sacrificed, gave them a shot at friedman creating a new generation of enemy have a reason to really dislike us because we abandoned them in their hour of most desperate need and my heart breaks for those people after 20 years of
12:27 am
sacrifice in that country flown away, discarded in 7 months, it is a tragedy. >> don't know if it is a perfect analogy but if you are watching or thinking back on an nba finals 7 game series sometimes the only thing you remembers the last shot, the last 30 seconds and so much more went into it the entire time. sean parnell, representative jim banks, thanks for your time. i want to bring back lucas tomlinson at the pentagon. he brought the report at the top of the hour of this isis k planner, what can you tell us? >> reporter: the us reefer drone fly in from the middle east in the united arab emirates that flew from the middle east, into eastern afghanistan, to kill
12:28 am
this isis planner. not necessarily and isis leader but isis planner in retaliation for deadly suicide attack that killed 13 american servicemembers yesterday and wounded another 20, the dignified transfer to dover air force base, we expect that tomorrow and also expecting president biden to attend that ceremony when 13 americans return. on also told president biden approved this strike. the suicide attack, he said he would carry out revenge, kill those responsible. the big question was with 5000 us troops on the ground in kabul would that strike happen? 5000 us troops at the couple airport, would he wait until after they had departed? president biden's deadline of august 30 first. what we can say is two days
12:29 am
after the deadly suicide attack that killed 13 american servicemembers at the kabul airport we know the us has struck back launching this drone strike, us reefer drone killing and isis planner along with an associate while he was driving a vehicle in eastern afghanistan not far from the border of pakistan. pete: good news indeed. i know the pentagon and rightfully so is tightlipped about stuff like this, do you have a sense they feel confident they have additional targets, they will identify other isis k members to be brought to justice? >> it will be a challenge because you don't have partners on the ground since the us military left and that includes the cia as well. you don't have the relationship. there is a resistance movement we just heard from afghanistan's vice president who was on with sean hannity teaming up with the legendary guerrilla fighter who
12:30 am
defeated the soviets, his son is leading those resistance forces, that is a potential source of information. their pins down north of kabul, anytime intelligence from eastern afghanistan you don't have the same relationships because a lot of afghan forces for the last 20 years are in hiding right now and not available and don't have the same ground assets or air assets, aircraft used to fly around afghanistan and listen to different kind of electronics, those don't exist. >> to the kabul airport, you are seeing many of the same reports of threat assessments, the threat level at the kabul airport, many gates have been closed to us civilians and citizens, told not to attempt
12:31 am
any of the gates at all. are you hearing anything more? initial reports about threats in bounty gates and to that airport here? >> the us embassy in kabul put out another warning warning americans three gates including where the suicide attack took place want americans to leave immediately. >> the same morning that preceded the last attack. >> the previous warning wednesday night hours before the suicide attack where the attack took place, general mackenzie, the head of us forces helped plan this attack warned the pentagon yesterday to expect more attacks. the modus operandi of isis k is for more attacks, not just with suicide bombers, rockets, it is
12:32 am
very chaotic and a high threat environment and the general is very clear, expect more attacks, that is why the pentagon and us military went on the offensive to cut the head off the snake and kill some of these planners and we will see if there's more targets. >> mackenzie is open that they can't rule out the taliban who passed through their gates. they are relying on the taliban and there is no level of trust. i'm hearing reports the perimeter around the airport has been pushed out by the taliban, does that comport with what you've heard and is there any increase or decrease in confidence in the pentagon of since we are reliant on the taliban to prevent isis k or other groups from this, any change in their posture? >> us military leaders have been telling the taliban to push the perimeter back. on sunday president biden addressed the nation, said he
12:33 am
negotiated a, quote, safe zone to push the red perimeter back, did not seem likely that happened and one -- the suicide bomber went through a talent ban checkpoint. all the fingers being pointed at isis, drone strike, retaliatory strike, the first since the suicide attack killed 13 american servicemembers, important to remind people that isis suicide bomber went through a talent ban checkpoint. they had knowledge of it. >> you provide an important detail, the idea a talent checkpoint would be manned by haqqani, we have a bounty on his head, what little incentive they would have to prevent that. >> that the beauty of the taliban is a haqqani member.
12:34 am
eric: us drone strike killing and isis k planner. we appreciate it. joining me on set is retired marine corps staff sergeant joey jones, you served in afghanistan and sacrificed as much as anybody else. your reaction to this drone strike, isis k planner over the horizon. >> a deep breath, aren't we on the offensive in some way to establish a show of force. they follow through --
12:35 am
>> psychological warfare -- in this world, fair and judicious as possible. and this is prevented. and and and the bush doctrine -- to take you out. i'm not accusing them of one thing or the other. >> if we had an intelligence that went out before the attack
12:36 am
that killed 11 marines or one navy corpsman, who is telling us and when did they know and why are we not able to action on that intelligence? we all should. >> and the display of the capability president biden has been bragging about. by saying it is offset, it is good we have been skeptical and tonight we see a capability -- i don't think this means we will go on the offensive. so we can get out as soon as possible. it does mean more afghanistan's will be brought into kabul but people at the airport. >> no one has done more
12:37 am
commentary, and and and thread ports, we dropped a bomb at isis terrorist, the retrograde is in front of us. the hardest part is standing in front and about to take action, there's not a lot of noise, and it is not worth its salt. to hold the administration
12:38 am
accountable for the right thing and hope everyone gets out safe. >> thanks for joining us, appreciate it. two republicans looking to hold the biden administration accountable. wh en you're on the lanes, they're right behind you. reunite with your team. go bowling.
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>> pete: we're back with a fox news >> we are back with a fox news alert. and the reefer drone flew to afghanistan. future attacks, a us official told fox news. we will keep you updated through the hour as the situation develops. ralph norman and andy harris who the navy reserve medical
12:44 am
officer, thanks for being here. your reaction to the killing of an isis k fighter overnight. >> the fact is this operation has been bungled. this won't retrieve the bungling. a lot of americans on the ground, and the president has to extend that deadline. >> and it isn't going to happen. hundreds of thousands americans out. and we evacuate 5000 troops, >> your first strike on this. >> 13 americans dead 20 injured.
12:45 am
this administration is a toothless tiger. they don't trust him. if this were donald trump, the pure light of the military would be on the talent ban. biden set arbitrary dates with no plan in place and we have dead americans, 5000 are left there and one drone strike killing one isis member, it is an embarrassment and i don't see anything coming of it. look at his actions, look at his record. that is why we are trying to hold blinken and others accountable. i don't know who he is taking advice from but whatever advice it is is not good. >> introducing articles of impeachment for secretary of state blinken.
12:46 am
that is where accountability should start? >> on january 20 sixth he took an oath to defend the constitution, but the problem he has is a timeline of events that took place starting with biden getting dates and the embassy evacuated 3000 people on april 20 seventh. on may 15th he got a memo it was dangerous and get americans out. bagram, opened the prisons up, along with our equipment. it has been a disaster, look at what mike pompeo did for the years he was secretary of state, he gave briefings and had an action plan. blink -- blinken has failed and that's why the disaster is there. president biden listens to him
12:47 am
enough, he should resign. doctor harris and i are going to impeach them, put it together and see what happens. >> will you get traction on this and do you think it should stop or other officials you look for accountability for as well? >> very few things we do on a bipartisan basis in washington but on a bipartisan basis we agree this was entirely botched, and the department of defense, they are running this withdrawal. they don't know where they are or have plans to evacuate or allowed the military to leave before we evacuated our americans. and in charge of this withdrawal. pete: keep us updated.
12:48 am
still ahead lucas tomlinson brings the latest on us retaliation against isis k and johnny joey jones and sean parnell returns.
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ingraham angle, and back in lucas tomlinson at the pentagon. >> it killed 13 american servicemembers and injured 20. in eastern afghanistan, former hotbed of isis activity. fleshing out isis leadership, allowed to regroup and launched suicide attacks not just against servicemembers but for years in kabul killing shia muslims. they struck back, presidentbiden to say we will hunt you down and make you pay. major general hank taylor said we have options ready.
12:54 am
just a decade ago, killing tell a man and isis members. this was a drone that flew from united arab emirates, you will not fly around into the arabian sea, and isis planner thought to be carrying out future attacks before they leave on august 31st, that isis planner is dead. pete: we are getting alerts right now. to avoid gates around the kabul airport, do we know that is because it is an isis k bombing threat? >> exactly why this planner was taken out. a lot of fears there would be more attacks, general mackenzie, head of us forces in afghanistan, in a press conference at the pentagon, isis
12:55 am
-- the deadly suicide attack, the night before the attack on wednesday night, the state department alerted a similar warning telling americans to leave their gates including the at the gate, another warning from the us embassy that in a minute attack, no question the isis k planner is part of that and has been taken out, it is a dangerous situation, 5000 us troops and 4 million people. >> every single one of them tonight. afghan war vets, thanks, you have been doing commentary on this. that isis planner is dead. what is your gut check where we are, 5000 being surrounded by
12:56 am
the talent ban, the taliban is still in control. what are you feeling now? >> i am feeling heartbroken for veterans who served in that country for 20 years. they sacrificed not just for the afghan people but for this country and each other. president biden threw it away and 8 months of his presidency. this country deserves leaders are involved and not detached. since the beginning of this crisis it seems president biden was unaware what was going on, didn't approach the situation with much empathy and felt detached, didn't take anything but pre-scripted questions from the press, bungled this from the
12:57 am
moment, abandoning bagram air force base, pulling military out and leaving civilians behind, allowing the taliban to protect troops as we execute the country and pave the way for american citizens and everything about this seems fundamentally wrong and heartbreaks for the people who serve in that country, they are trapped in afghanistan. pete: i want to play a sound, you characterize it one way. this is how the state department spokesman -- >> this is a highly effective operation when it comes to evacuation, the metric matters,
12:58 am
110,600 people since august 14th. >> don't know when that happened but if it was after yesterday's bombing you turn the metric that matters, and innocent civilians we were in charge of protecting, or situational awareness, don't know what it is, it is a different scenario. the talent ban, look over here. new york post article today, these are talent ban fighters that decided -- how baghdadi is now dead, and get down, more
12:59 am
radical than what they are ready to do at the moment. they are in the low thousands, those he didn't kill he had in jail. the point, over the horizon capabilities your way of handling this, donald trump did with a few thousand troops in afghanistan show you can do the same thing. here is your moment, do your job, kill these folks and get our people home safe and we will hit the reset button and reassess. you've gotten us killed and it doesn't work. pete: 20 second, why does secretary of defense austin still have a job? why does not have a job?
1:00 am
there are 13 american families having the worst day of their lives, and not that big a deal, a successful operation, why does he have a job. pete: we will find out in the coming days. thank you for being with us. that is all-time we have tonight. tomorrow and sunday morning on "fox and friends" weekend, now greg got filled. greg gutfeld. [applause] >> so talk about rough week. terrorist attack at the kabul airport killing 13 u.s. service members. 10 marines, two army soldiers and one navy corps men. at least 160 afghans w


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