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tv   Fox Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  August 28, 2021 3:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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media, very good research on me. >> we brought up before, president trump can't be on twitter but the taliban spokesperson can, that's what social media will do. that does it for us, we will see you back here tomorrow 5:00 p.m. eastern with the big sunday show. the fox report with jon scott starts right now. ♪♪ >> jon: good evening, i'm jon scott. this is a special two-hour edition of "the fox report." ♪ ♪ the president's warning comes two days after that suicide attack at the kabul airport, which killed at least 169 afghans and 13 u.s. servicemembers. the u.s. military is beginning
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its final withdrawal from afghanistan, as evacuations wind down tonight. we begin with fox team coverage on the latest in afghanistan. lucas tomlinson live another the pentagon, and david spunt has the latest live from the white house, where president biden is spending the weekend. but we begin with alex hogan live from our london bureau. alex? >> good evening, jon. these are the final moments in afghanistan after two decades, britain's final flight leaving today. and this of course is just inching closer to the u.s.'s deadline of august 31st. it's currently early sunday morning in kabul. again, just two days' time before the u.s.'s set withdrawal. the taliban already announcing plans to fully take over the airport after american troops leave. gunfire there today. the taliban firing in an attempt to hold back groups of passengers and slow traffic to the airport. in desperation, long lines forming outside of banks, passport offices, and travel agencies for those still hoping
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to flee. masses of people are now attempting to escape the country by foot and by car. this scene that you see here taking place on the border between afghanistan and pakistan. as far as last night's alert by the u.s. embassy urging americans to leave parts of the airport, the white house says that's not uncommon for the state department to make such warnings especially in parts of the world like afghanistan. today on the ground, at the airport, the u.s. has processed 1,400 people at the airport, and 66 flights left kabul in the last 24 hours transporting 6,800 people. that brings the total number of evacuees to 120,000 people, since the taliban took over. meanwhile, hundreds of people continue to mourn loved ones and care for the wounded after thursday's suicide bombing. american officials releasing the names and the images of the 13 servicemembers who were killed. five of them were just 20. three were 22.
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three were 23 as well as a 25-year-old and a 31-year-old. their family members speaking out saying they were so young with so much more life to live. meanwhile, protests are taking place around the world, with protests and demonstrations, rallies, in paris, here in london, in berlin, just to name a few. all of them afghans protesting the taliban's takeover on their homeland. jon? >> jon: alex hogan live from our london bureau. thanks, alex. the pentagon announcing a u.s. drone strike has killed two isis-k terrorists and wounded a third in afghanistan. the overnight strike in retaliation for thursday's suicide bombing outside the kabul airport that killed 13 u.s. troops and nearly 170 afghans. lucas tomlinson live at the pentagon with more on that attack. lucas? >> jon, officials say these two isis fighters are part of a planning cell ready to carry out more attacks on u.s. force at the airport in kabul, ahead of
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president biden's deadline of august 31st, which is fast approaching on tuesday. earlier at the pentagon, john kirby described who u.s. forces killed. >> they have two -- they have two high-profile planner -- one planner and one facilitator that are no longer on their role. they have lost some capability to plan -- make no mistake, nobody's writing this off saying well, we got them, so we don't have to worry about isis-k anymore, not the case. >> kirby refused to name who exactly the u.s. military killed, calling these two guys planners and facfacilitators, ws usually for lower ranking. note the word leader was not in that description. they carried out the strike at a hotbed of isis activity in eastern afghanistan.
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it is located on the board we are pakistan the same place where president trump dropped the mother of all bombs against the same isis affiliate shortly after taking office. also where navy seals launched from to kill bin laden. president biden approved the drone strike less than two days after the deadly suicide attack that kill 1d 3 american troops -- killed 13 american troops and wounded 20. over 160 afghan civilians were killed. just two hours out before the warning the u.s. embassy in kabul urging americans at the gates of the airport to quote leave immediately. >> there are gates that are closed, absolutely, right now, but as we said earlier, we do have gates that are continuing to be open as we coordinate and still work with the department of state to get people in for evacuation. >> all british forces have evacuated from the kabul airport, leaving just 3500 u.s. troops. by tuesday they will all be gone, and for the first time in nearly 20 years, there will be no u.s. military presence on the ground in afghanistan. jon? >> jon: no extension of that
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deadline, lucas tomlinson live at the pentagon, thanks, lucas. president biden acknowledges that another terror attack at kabul airport is highly likely, but at the same time, he's committed to his troop withdrawal deadline. david spunt live at the white house with more on that. david? >> jon, highly likely within 24 to 36 hours, no question that is the big headline out of the white house today. the president put that in a statement. he also met with his national security team in the situation room and spent much of the afternoon inside the oval office, getting the latest briefings from national security advisor jake sullivan and other officials about the situation on the ground in afghanistan now and what may be happening over the next 24, 48, even 72 hours. the president also touched briefly on the attack, the u.s.-led attack that lucas specifically mentioned, that drone attack that killed those two isis-k members. isis-k the group that the u.s. is holding responsible for the
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airport attack. the president wrote this strike was not the last. we will continue to hunt down any person involved in that heinous attack and make them pay. when anyone seeks to harm the united states or attack our troops, we will respond. that will never be in doubt. jon, there's an increasing chorus of calls for the united states military to reopen bagram airfield, just north of kabul. critics say the president needs to reopen bagram. military leaders need to think about this option because it gives them the opportunity to get more people to fly out. >> i believe we could have maintained it safely. we've just gone 18 months with no casualties. we could have maintained two runways. >> -- 6800 people were evacuated from friday morning august 27th at 3:00 a.m. until this morning at 3:00 a.m. that brings the total to around 112,000 in the last two or so weeks. the president also spent
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sometime today, another huge story here in the united states, hurricane ida, he met with fema officials today to receive several briefings on hurricane ida. it is expected to hit louisiana tomorrow as a category 4 hurricane. tomorrow marks the 16th anniversary of hurricane katrina that has many concerned tomorrow in the gulf coast region. president biden did approve a disaster declaration for the state of louisiana and says that the federal government is here for anything that is needed down there pertaining to ida. jon? >> jon: david spunt at the white house, david, thank you. well, the biden administration facing withering criticism even bipartisan criticism over its handling of the u.s. withdrawal from afghanistan. michigan republican congressman peter meyer telling the washington examiner, quote, we need to have accountability for this catastrophically failed withdrawal. i fully support a 9/11 style commission on just our war on terror for the past two decades. this is a failure that has a
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thousand fathers. congressman meyer joins us now. he's a member of the homeland security and foreign affairs committees and made a controversial trip to kabul just days ago. after that trip, congressman, you came back and said that you have lost complete faith in the biden administration's honesty. why? >> well, as we've seen time and again, they have not been truthful with the public and frankly not been truthful with members of congress in terms of the situation on the ground. they denied that the taliban were beating americans or blocking their entrance to the airport. they denied that there was al qaeda remnants were still there. they denied that americans were stranded. just yesterday they denied that -- or the state department said that the taliban and the [inaudible] network are two separate entities when they are very much blended and have similar lines of operation and control. we haven't gotten an honest response from the administration on what's going on on the ground in afghanistan. >> jon: we have three days basically till that august 31st
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deadline. are you confident that all of the americans and maybe all of the afghans who helped us are going to be able to get out in that period of time? >> no. if you think of the deadline as the 31st, you have to start backwards planning in terms of when you shut those gates, and by in large those gates at the airport are already shut, when you shift over from the evacuation mission to the military retrograde that's bringing out our personnel and equipment. we have already seen that we have probably removed half of the forces that we have there. i know they are not going to be issues more specific numbers in the coming hours, just because of the sensitivity of that. but i think at this point, sadly, we need to be thinking on how we will get folks out after the 31st, what non-airport options we have and really start planning for that so we do not leave anyone behind who wants to get out. >> jon: you are also quoted as saying that we don't have an option but to abide by the august 31st deadline. why not? we are the world superpower.
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the president apparently has some line of communication open to the taliban. why not just lay down a marker and say hey, we need another couple of weeks to get our people out? >> because sadly that was not the agreement that was struck between the biden administration and the taliban. there was originally the september 11th deadline. the taliban were okay with it. then president biden didn't like the optics. he moved it forward to august 31st, and the taliban said okay that's the new deadline. if we try to go back and renegotiate that, we don't have leverage. we don't have a position of strength. we are in a very vulnerable position at the airport. i went to afghanistan thinking that we were trying to push that deadline forward. what i saw on the ground, my conversations with commanders there, strongly suggested that that would be a mistake, that if we broke down that agreement with the taliban, we would be putting more american lives at risk. we would be preventing any additional folks to being able to get to that airport and sadly not be able to accomplish our mission if that was the case. >> jon: you went to kabul
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airport with congressman molton democrat of massachusetts, one of the few bipartisan things that's actually taken place in washington these days. both of you took a lot of heat not only from your leadership but also from the administration. was it worth it? >> absolutely. there are people that i don't think i could have gotten out were i not there. there are stories on the ground of the heroic work by the soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines who are down there, diplomats that need to be told. frankly when you are not getting honest information, i have a responsibility to provide oversight. i have a responsibility to share that with my colleagues, to share it with my constituents, to share it with the people, and so we felt we could only get that ground truth by actually being there. >> jon: you are both veterans of the afghan war. you seem to suggest that over the next three days, as -- as this deadline approaches we won't be doing more evacuating of these citizens. we will basically be getting our troops out. do i have that right? >> that's correct. we will need to start planning
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for routes, planning for how to get folks visas to get to neighboring countries or setting the stage for whatever our relationship looks like with the taliban to ensure we can get the people out we need to get out. right now that airport is functionally -- in my view, it is functionally closed to any additional evacuations. we always knew that the 31st never really meant the 3 1st. you have to move forward a couple of days. sadly we are at that point now. >> jon: how many americans are left there? do we even know? >> at least several hundred, and these are just the american citizens. i don't believe that's counting for their families because often times you might have a family that is an american citizen spouse. they may be married to someone who is an afghan national, their children may not be american citizens. we need to uphold our commitment to get them to safety, all of those who wanted to leave. >> jon: getting them to safety after august 31st becomes incredibly complicated, doesn't it? >> incredibly complicated i
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think undersells it. this is going to be an open question of how and what the taliban require in order to get folks out. they made some initial statements saying they will not, you know, forbid anyone from leaving, that folks are free to go, but we will see if that's something they intend to uphold or if that's more, you know, just propaganda and pr. >> jon: the suggestion has been made that perhaps we should reopen bagram airfield, which is north of kabul. it's huge. it offers a lot of capability. i mentioned it, the possibility of that on this program last week. general millie has said he doesn't think that is necessarily a good idea or not even necessary to do. what's your take on that whole controversy? >> you know, i think if we had a time machine and we could go back, we should have kept bagram airfield open. closing that down was a strategic failure of the first order. it was literally the fact that we could not have enough people
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in country to defend it with the cap on the personnel that president biden gave. that was the only reason why our military chose to close that down. we should have continued that as a backup site. it would be a lot easier for our final presence to be at bagram than to be at the kabul airport. you mentioned it before, two runways, easier to defend perimeter. it is not in the middle of the city. where our troops are right now, if talks break down, if the taliban choose to advance on our forces, we are in a very vulnerable position. this is kind of a moment. we have a run away that could be disabled with a single mortar round. we are not operating from a position of strength. we should have put our soldiers, marines, airmen in this position but this is where we find ourselves today. it is happening. >> jon: a veteran of afghanistan, congressman peter meyer, congressman, thank you. >> thank you. >> jon: back in the united states, louisiana is preparing for hurricane ida. it is forecast to be a life-threatening category 4 storm when it makes landfall
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tomorrow, after battering cuba. both voluntary and mandatory evacuations are called for in communities across that state. we have team coverage with fox weather meteorologist adam klotz tracking ida as it gains strength in the gulf. but we begin with mike tobin who is live on the ground in new orleans right now. mike? >> hey, jon, the people here in new orleans, the city itself were given the option, evacuate or count on the levy system to keep you safe during the storm. with traffic backed up on the causeway, clearly a lot of people made the decision to leave with a party going on here at bourbon street, clearly a lot of people made the decision to ride out the storm. we are about two hours out of sunset. the governor warned people to get to a safe location by night fall tonight, and that is where they will ride out the storm and the aftermath. he warned people to make sure they have enough food, water and medicine to last a while. most of all, he warned people to take this storm seriously. >> so we can sum it up by saying
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this will be one of the strongest hurricanes to hit anywhere in louisiana since at least the 1850s. >> be ready to shelter in place this evening, by midnight. finish gathering your supplies today, including water, nonperishable items, flashlights, battery-powered radio and medication for at least 72 hours, food and water, for 72 hours, three days. we say the first 72 is on you. >> as much as 20 inches of rain could hit some areas. the storm surge of 11 feet could hit west of the mouth of the mississippi. winds are already in excess of 100 miles-per-hour, and the storm is only getting stronger. so wind damage, flooding are inevitable. widespread power outages are anticipated. jon? >> jon: mike tobin in the big easy. mike, thank you. let's get a closer look at the timeline of this storm. fox weather meteorologist adam klotz is joining us now. adam? >> adam: hey, jon, yeah, we're
3:18 pm
kind of in the final hours here before this starts to be something that really begins to impact portions of the gulf coast. now not landfall all the way till tomorrow afternoon or evening. i will show you more about that in a moment. currently the storm is picking up a good portion of the gulf of mexico, at times the eye wall has been a bit wobbly, but seeing a better core right now, winds at 105 miles-an-hour. it is moving to the northwest at 16 miles-an-hour. we would love it if it kept that up, but unfortunately, it is forecast to slow down as it makes its way to the coast, and that means all of those threatening conditions linger near the coast a little bit longer. we have got hurricane warnings from new orleans stretching across the coast and then really pay attention to how far inland we're going. typically those winds die down quicker, but because it is going to be so powerful, we're going to see hurricane-force winds running you up near the state line. so it is going to head to the north quite a bit and that means folks who may be usually don't see such power winds from the hurricanes will see them. timeline expected to jump up to
3:19 pm
cat 3 overnight tonight and category 4 storm when it makes landfall likely tomorrow afternoon or the early evening hours. i think the conditions will get much worse much sooner. you will see this here with our forecast graphic, particularly into tomorrow morning. this is now 9:00 a.m., and we see very strong winds having already arrived. so even though we haven't seen a landfall yet, the winds at 40, 50, 70 miles-an-hour, things will get worse continuing through the day. that's now just getting into lunch time, and these numbers only climb. wind will be one of the main concerns. once you make landfall, it kind of lingers there, jon. no doubt with that much wind, we're going to be seeing a whole bunch of storm surge areas here, 10 to 15 feet in some of the higher areas. other areas closer to new orleans maybe 7 to 11 feet. but it is going to be a big storm jon. we will watch it. >> jon: let's hope everybody in its path is prepared. adam klotz, thank you. a florida judge says governor desantis overstepped his
3:20 pm
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>> jon: florida governor ron
3:24 pm
desantis going back to court to challenge a judge's ruling against his ban on mask mandates in schools. this as a u.s. intelligence review fails to reach a conclusion on what started this coronavirus pandemic that's brought the world so much misery and death. jonathan serrie is following it all from atlanta. jonathan? >> hi, there, jon. let's start with mask mandates in florida. a circuit judge in leon county, tallahassee, the state capital, a circuit judge essentially declaring the governor's executive order against mask mandates in public schools, declaring it unconstitutional. the governor is appealing the judge's decision. a spokesperson explains the judge's ruling goes against parent's rights to make the best educational and medical decisions for their children. but advocates of mask requirements argue parents should not be allowed to make decisions for their own children that jeopardize the safety of other children and their families. despite high numbers of
3:25 pm
pediatric hospitalizations for covid-19, the director of the cdc says her agency has no immediate plans to change its guidance for schools. dr. rochelle walensky says most outbreaks are in places that are not following the current cdc guidance. u.s. intelligence agencies agree china did not develop the coronavirus as a biological weapon. however, the agencies could not agree on whether the virus spread naturally from animal to human, such as, in a place like a meat market or somewhere else out in the community, or whether the virus accidentally escaped from a laboratory, such as, the wuhan institute of virology. when news of the report leaked earlier this week, chinese officials denounced the lab accident theory. take a listen. >> so it is only fair that if the u.s. -- this is a valid
3:26 pm
hypothesis, [inaudible]. >> following the release of an unclassified summary of the intelligence report, president biden issued this statement, critical information about the origins of this pandemic exist in the peoples republic of china. yet, from the beginning, government officials in china have worked to prevent international investigators and members of the global public health community from accessing it. president biden says the u.s. and other like-minded nations will continue to press china for information on the origins of the coronavirus pandemic. jon, back to you. >> jon: jonathan serrie in atlanta, thank you. thursday's deadly attack in kabul raising questions about the terror group isis-k and how big a threat they pose in afghanistan. former cia senior intelligence are service officer is joining us next. as someone who resembles someone else... i appreciate that liberty mutual
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>> jon: as u.s. led evacuations from afghanistan enter their final stages, tens of thousands of those who have fled are in germany. it is a stop over point for evacuees before they reresettle in the u.s. or elsewhere. greg palkot is live nearby. greg? >> yeah, the feeling that we got when we went to the u.s. base not far from where we are right now is that we're looking at the last stages, the last desperate stages of evacuation of people from that afghanistan. also not far from where we are right now, at a u.s. military hospital, the marines injured in that terror attack on thursday. take a look, what we saw and heard today. >> regardless of our perhaps due to the horrible explosion we saw in kabul this past week, evacuations continue here at ramstein airbase in germany.
3:32 pm
20,000 have come in. some 5,000 have left to safer climbs. >> i actually got to talk to the marines that are here. they're doing well, and the good news is that they were stabilized, and there's a good chunk of them that get to go home, and as far as our operations here, they have remained steady through the night. >> through the night and through the day, some 100 planes full of afghan refugees have arrived in ramstein. some direct from kabul. others via other bases. all the people at that base vetted, checked out, fed, housed. some told us they have been there for as long as a week, and then they are transferred to specially commissioned commercial u.s. planes to get to the states. we believe at least two of those planes left here today. take a listen to what some of the folks told us. >> i think the country's going in the wrong way, like it will
3:33 pm
not be the same as it was. >> my brother, my family, [inaudible] stay over there, everybody their life is in danger. >> they are still trapped, still stranded >> they are stranded, sir. >> the taliban didn't allow us to go to school or university. >> taliban would not be good for the future of women in afghanistan? >> no. >> that was a no from that young woman to the future with the taliban. that is why she was here. we heard more from those folks. we also heard more from the general, jon, he said being a father made this humanitarian mission all that much more meaningful, but again, we're looking at the final stages. we're seeing less flights come in, less flights go out. we are seeing a terror threat looming still in afghanistan, and yes, we're seeing the august 31st tuesday deadline for the final withdrawal of all u.s.
3:34 pm
elements from afghanistan, really hemming this operation and probably the end of this chapter, but maybe the beginning of another, perhaps uglier one. back to you. >> jon: greg palkot live in germany, thank you. jon, did the taliban provide any support for the -- [inaudible]. >> i'm not going to talk about intelligence matters one way or the other. >> -- taliban supporting this drone strike? >> we had useful intelligence on our own to conduct this strike. >> jon: that's fox news lucas tomlinson questioning pentagon press secretary john kirby on the u.s. drone strike that killed two isis-k terrorists and wounded a third in afghanistan. with more on the intelligence the u.s. is relying on during this withdrawal and the military strategy which includes abandoning the bagram airfield, let's bring in marc polymeropoulos, former cia
3:35 pm
senior intelligence officer and author of leadership lessons from the cia. marc, thank you very much for being with us tonight. this situation in afghanistan, some in the administration are saying that, you know, the intelligence just wasn't there that would have suggested that the afghan national government would collapse in less than a week basically. what's your take on that? >> so i think, you know, at the end of the day, you know, the intelligence community is often blamed for policy failures, and that's something that i worked for 26 years at the cia, that's something that we're used to, but in this case, you know, i take exception to that. you know, the cia has for decades, you know, provided very pessimistic view of the strength of the afghan army. during assessments we were much more skeptical of the future strength of the army and the government than the u.s. military was. you know, when -- by the end when the u.s. intelligence community was saying kabul might
3:36 pm
fall within 30 days, we don't predictive intelligence time and place. that's got to be a red blinking light for policymakers. and, you know, frankly, i think that, you know, the reviews and congressional, you know, investigations are going to determine that the intelligence community performed the best to their ability and did give proper warning. >> jon: so isis-k, we've got this weird alliance with the taliban now all of a sudden, providing us information and intelligence on isis-k, what do you make of that? >> so boy, you know, this is the classic case of, you know, my enemy is my friend. i mean this is the alliance from hell. make no mistake, we were fighting the taliban, trying to kill these actual taliban members who we are now in fact in liaison with just several weeks ago. it is a unique situation. there is no doubt. i think obviously we cannot trust them. as you see, you know, as they were responsible for the external perimeter security around hkia, isis-k terrorists
3:37 pm
did get through, but, you know, in the end, these are two terrorist groups. they don't like each other. there's no doubt about that. but, you know, aside from the next several days, this very unfortunate but perhaps requisite tactical relationship with the taliban, you know, this is going to try to get us through the withdrawal. this can't stand. isis-k is our enemy. make no mistake, the taliban is our enemy as well. >> jon: hkia is the hamid karzai international airport. aren't many of the isis k members former taliban? >> they are. isis-k is an affiliate of the islamic state, the group that was headquartered in syria, iraq. they started getting taliban members to join their groups in the 2015, 16 time frame. while the groups are enemies, but there is suspicion that there are personal relationships between the taliban and isis-k. make no mistake that the taliban
3:38 pm
and al qaeda are joined at the hip as well. this is terrorist groups that are operating in afghanistan. one of them is going to head the next government. really difficult situation for the united states. as i have said many times before, we wanted to get out of this business in afghanistan, it looks like now we are back in it. >> jon: we also closed the gates to the bagram airfield which was really the -- provided the life blood of our operations in afghanistan. that along with kandahar airfield. why did we do that? and was it a mistake? >> so i think, you know, this is a fair criticism, and so, you know, it is okay to question the u.s. military. god bless the troops on the ground at hamid karzai, they are saving lives in the afghans and citizens trying to get out. they say it was the distance between bagram and the u.s. embassy that was frankly too far, but ultimately one thing i think we should really focus on is when we abandoned bagram
3:39 pm
airbase, there's a prison next door, and the taliban overran the prison and freed 5 to 7,000 hard core militants economy i think in my role, my counterterrorist role, my old role that's something to be worried about. these are hardened terrorists coming out on to the street. it is going to be fair to question the decision to leave bagram. the u.s. military has given their reasons why, but there will be a need for congressional investigation when we get out of afghanistan, which it looks like it will happen on the 3 1st. >> jon: you have hardened terri -- hardened terrorists who have now been released from prison that have access to american military equipment, some of it is fairly sophisticated. what's your take on that? >> there is a reason to worry perhaps in the short-term. but a lot of this equipment does need sophisticated training and
3:40 pm
maintenance to use. in the short-term, no doubt about it. afghanistan was already an arms bazaar and it's grown exponentially. what we have now and didn't have frankly two weeks ago is more fighters on the streets of afghanistan, a government, a medieval terrorist group running the country and weapons that have now flooded the streets. not at all what we had hoped for as we wound down our presence there. >> jon: it is going to be a dark future in afghanistan for, well, the foreseeable time ahead. thanks very much, marc polymeropoulos, former cia senior intelligence officer. marc's book "clarity in crisis, leadership cess lons from the cia" -- leadership lessons from the cia" is available now. demonstrations taking place across the u.s. and around the world today in support of afghanistan including a dramatic -- [inaudible].
3:41 pm
laura ingal has more. >> it was a call to action heard around the world. 13 countries in all taking part in demonstrations today to bring attention to the humanitarian crisis unfolding in afghanistan. making a plea for help for those struggling to get out and to get assistance to those who have evacuated. from new york to san francisco, nine major cities in the u.s. holding large scale save afghan lives events today. many on hand at the new york demonstration who have people they know stranded in the country are sharing their stories and what their efforts have been like to get their loved ones to safe haven. i asked one organizer for a first-hand account. >> i have a couple. i will give you one. there was a woman with her two children. her husband was a u.s. citizen. she was denied access three times. >> as more afghan refugees are evacuated by the day, demonstrators in 13 countries are sounding off calling on the u.s. government and the international community to commit to an open door policy
3:42 pm
for refugees, by removing limits and expediting processing for visa applicants. >> in afghanistan, that they are not trapped, they are not able -- [inaudible]. we are thinking that we don't have a homeland. we don't have a country. we are afraid that [inaudible] will be taken away from us. >> thousands of afghan refugees are here in the u.s. they are currently being housed at military installations intended to be temporary until they are resettled. jon? >> jon: laura ingall here in new york city. laura, thank you. >> thanks, jon. >> jon: we will be right back.
3:43 pm
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>> jon: evacuation orders in place across southern louisiana now as that state braces for hurricane ida. the storm is set to strengthen into a category 4 monster before making landfall late tomorrow or early monday. senior correspondent live in baton rouge, louisiana now. casey? >> jon, good evening. the storm is coming down to louisiana. 24 hours from now, tomorrow, it will look very different here. right now you can see the last-minute efforts to get sandbags put together. folks drive up here in baton rouge, grab a shovel and make their own bags. another dump truck just left dropping off more sand. in some spots, especially along the evacuation route, look at this video, fuel is in short supply. many gas stations running out as folks try to get out.
3:48 pm
even points more inland, like lafayette and baton rouge, where we are, some 70 miles from the coast, well, those are in harm's way as well, with rain and wind, the primary threats as people spend their saturday boarding up. >> this is a very dangerous storm, and we will -- and will possibly bring life-threatening impacts. it's a powerful storm. please take this seriously and use this time to prepare. >> operations also underway in neighboring alabama and in mississippi. boats were pulled from the water. people moving to higher ground because although louisiana is forecasted to take a direct hit, ida does stretch for some 300 miles, if you can imagine that, when you see the satellite imagery, jon, a monster system, so its impacts will be widespread.
3:49 pm
back to you. >> jon: casey stegall live in baton rouge, louisiana. thank you. the man convicted of killing robert f. kennedy is one step closer to freedom after two of the late senator's sons backed his release. fox news correspondent douglas kennedy was just a toddler when his father was gunned down. why he is supporting parole for sirhan sirhan next. avy breathin] allergies with nasal congestion overwhelming you? breathe more freely with powerful claritin-d. claritin-d improves nasal airflow two times more than the leading allergy spray at hour one. [ deep inhale ] claritin-d. get more airflow. you have the best pizza in town and the worst wait times. you need to hire.
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>> jon: sirhan sirhan the man who assassinated robert f. kennedy in 1968 might soon go free. he was recommended for parole yesterday in california. the final decision will come from the governor. christina coleman spoke with one of rfk's sons. fox news correspondent douglas kennedy. she is joining us with that story. >> douglas kennedy is one of two of robert f. kennedy's surviving sons who supports the release of their father's killer sirhan sirhan. >> i believe that all prisoners who are no longer a threat to themselves or others should be released from prison. i do not believe prison should be used as a punishment, so i would hope that the governor would take into account whether
3:54 pm
sirhan is a threat to himself or others. >> douglas, who is a fox news correspondent, spoke remotely during sirhan's virtual parole hearing yesterday and for the first time he faced the man who murdered his father more than five decades ago. >> i had lived my life in avoiding his name in the newspaper, avoiding his image, and to sit across from him on a video screen, where he can see my face, and i can see his face, allowed me to see him as a human being, and all human beings are worthy of compassion and love, and i believe he is as well. >> sirhan says he does not remember killing robert kennedy, though he did try to take responsibility for the harm his death caused at yesterday's hearing. this is his 16th attempt at parole, and this time prosecutors didn't participate in the hearing due to a policy
3:55 pm
under l.a. county district attorney. believes the prosecutor's role should end at sentencing. the parole board found sirhan wasn't likely to commit another crime. most of robert kennedy's other children strongly oppose the board's decision. his daughter released a statement on their behalf saying our father's death has affected us in ways that can't be adequately articulated. she says they will challenge the recommendation of the board every step of the way. >> listen, i come from a very large family. i grew up with six older brothers. i have father sisters. we have different opinions on a lot of things. i have a lot of compassion for my siblings and their stance. this is a traumatic and awful
3:56 pm
experience to not only grow up without a father but also to watch the images of our father being killed over and over again on television, so i have great respect for all of my siblings and respect any stance that anyone takes in my family. >> the parole board staff now has 90 days to review the recommendations. then it will be sent to the governor for consideration. jon? >> jon: christina coleman in los angeles, thank you, christina. the u.s. faces heightened threats of another possible terror attack, while it races to complete evacuations from afghanistan before the august 31st withdrawal deadline. our live coverage continues with an expanded edition of "the fox report" at the top of the hour. keep it right here.
3:57 pm
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-so i can finish analyzing the risk on this position. you two are all set. have a great flight. thanks. we'll see ya. ah, they're getting so smart. choose the app that fits your investing style. ♪♪ >> jon: welcome back to the special two-hour edition of "the fox report". i am jon scott. following two major stories at the hour, president biden warning another terror attack in kabul is quote highly likely within the next 24 to 36 hours. the warning comes two days after a suicide attack at the kabul airport, which killed at least 169 afghans and 13 u.s. servicemembers. meanwhile, back here at home, residents across louisiana are preparing for hurricane ida set to make landfall as a category 4 storm late tomorrow or early monday. we have fox team coverage tonight on both of these
4:01 pm
stories. mike tobin and meteorologist adam klotz both live with the latest on hurricane ida. and on afghanistan, lucas tomlinson live at the pentagon. david spunt has the latest from the white house. doug luzader has more on the victims of thursday's kabul attack. we begin with alex hogan who is live in our london bureau. alex? >> good evening, jon. more countries are finalizing their evacuation missions as the u.s. inches closer to its withdrawal deadline of august 31st. italy's final flight leaving late last night in the darkness, and the u.k. sending its last plane out of afghanistan today. france and spain concluding their operations on friday, and germany and canada ending evacuations on thursday. empty streets tonight in kabul, a stark contrast to the busy bustling streets of just several weeks ago. quiet shops showing residents' lack of confidence to leave their homes after dark. earlier today massive lines forming outside of banks, passport offices, and travel
4:02 pm
agencies for those still hoping to find a means to leave. others taking off by foot or car causing backlogs of people hoping to flee. this scene here taking place on the border between afghanistan and pakistan. gunfire today, the taliban attempting to slow traffic to the airport. meanwhile, the u.s. continues to push ahead in evacuation efforts. 66 flights left kabul yesterday, transporting 6,800 people. since the taliban took over, the u.s. has transported about 120,000 people out of the country. meanwhile, the recovery continues for the more than 200 who were wounded in thursday's airport suicide bombing. american officials also releasing the names and images of the 13 killed. the servicemembers' heart breaking details of the fallen, five of them were just 20 years old. a newborn at the time of 9/11, when the invasion of the u.s. happened there in afghanistan.
4:03 pm
one of them had just graduated high school and trained in the military. for one marine his loved ones say this role was his dream. another marine dying just three weeks before a baby was expected. jon? >> jon: so many sad stories alex hogan from london, thank you. the defense department releasing new details on some of those -- on the u.s. drone strike that killed two isis-k terrorists bombers -- planners i should say and injured another terrorist as well. lucas tomlinson live at the pentagon with more on that. lucas? >> jon, the pentagon is refusing to say who it killed exactly in that drone strike in eastern afghanistan. two isis fighters were plotting to carry out another attack on u.s. forces at the airport in kabul ahead of the august 31st deadline. john kirby spoke earlier today at the pentagon. >> they lost a planner and they lost a facilitator. they have got one wounded.
4:04 pm
make no mistake, nobody's writing this off and saying well, we got them so we don't have to worry about isis-k anymore. not the case. >> a u.s. military reaper drone launched from an airbase in the uae to carry out the strike in the province where the isis branch in afghanistan is based not far from the border with pakistan. the drone fired a missile at a vehicle carrying the two fighters and wounding a third. it killed two and wounded a third. it's notable that pentagon is calling them planners, not facilitators, jon, words normally reserved for lower rak ranking fighters, not being described as leaders. the targets were not on any u.s. military kill lists. president biden approved the strike less than two days after the suicide attack that killed 13 u.s. troops and wounded 20. the drone mission launched a few hours before another warning from the u.s. embassy in kabul urging any americans at the gates of the airport to quote
4:05 pm
leave immediately. >> there are gates that are closed, absolutely right now, but as we said earlier, we do have gates that are continuing to be open, as we coordinate and still work with the department of state to get people in for evacuation. >> with british forces now gone from the airport in kabul, the u.s. military is now alone at the airport. 3500 strong. they will be leaving by tuesday, i'm told, which means the u.s. military presence for the first time in nearly 20 years will be over. jon? >> jon: lucas tomlinson from the pentagon, lucas, thank you. as alex hogan mentioned earlier, we now know the names of the 13 u.s. servicemembers killed in that kabul airport bombing on thursday. we're learning more tonight about the fallen from the families degreeing their loss. doug luzader has more from washington. >> individuals that hail from all over the country, from california to texas to massachusetts, and pictures are emerging of some of them.
4:06 pm
we will start with a former high school athlete who leaves behind 12 brothers and sisters. a 20-year-old that had recently gotten married. his wife is expecting a baby in just three weeks. a 20-year-old's mother told the "wall street journal" that her son had only been in afghanistan for a week before he was killed. a 20-year-old lance corporal who grew up in the st. louis area. his father told a local radio station that he is devastated of course by this and that his son had always wanted to become a marine. and another 20-year-old's father spoke with tucker carlson last night, he said his son had expressed some concerns about this mission. >> i'm still in shock. the family is devastated. from what i saw of the airport that they were in, it looked like a turkey shoot. basically it's funneled in to
4:07 pm
like a single file type entry point. >> all of this brings back painful memories for many other families who have lost servicemembers, including this gold star father, whose son was killed nearly a decade ago. >> now for us, we're coming on the tenth anniversary of chris's death, and the fact that they gave, you know, their all for what they believed in and in representing the united states there and then to see this debacle, you know, i just have a lot of questions, like everyone else, i'm sure. you know, how can we possibly get to this point, you know, after 20 years of being there? it is just -- i'm -- i don't even have words hardly. >> and again, the pentagon has now released the names of all 13 u.s. servicemembers who were killed in that attack. they had served in the marines,
4:08 pm
army, and the navy. jon? >> jon: doug luzader from washington, thank you. president biden says another terror attack at the kabul airport is highly likely, in the next 24 to 36 hours. this comes as he moves forward with his troop withdrawal deadline. david spunt live at the white house with that. david? >> hi, jon. president biden and members of his national security team met here at the white house for multiple hours today, in the situation room and the oval office. the national security team believes, strongly believes that there is a strong possibility of an attack in the next 24 to 36 hours. this does not sound like a maybe. it sounds like something is imminent. that's why the state department put out a warning telling americans to leave the airport immediately. do not wait around. meanwhile, the president put out a statement released a few hours ago. he mentioned the strike that the united states initiated that killed those two isis-k
4:09 pm
operatives in eastern afghanistan. of course isis-k, being the group that the u.s. is holding responsible for the airport attack that killed 13 servicemembers and countless innocent afghans on thursday. the president said, quote, this strike was not the last. we will continue to hunt down any person involved that heinous attack and make them pay. whenever anyone seeks to harm the united states, or attack our troops, we will respond. that will never be in doubt. there is an increasing chorus of calls for the u.s. military to retake bagram airbase north of kabul. we left bagram in the middle of the night early in july. critics of the president say we need bagram to help get people out, but administration officials say it's not going to happen, after being pressed multiple times about maybe using one of those runways to have planes e vk wait innocent people -- evacuate innocent people. the president also spent sometime meeting with fema officials to receive the latest updates on hurricane ida, expected to hit louisiana as a
4:10 pm
category 4 hurricane tomorrow. tomorrow marks 16 years that hurricane katrina made landfall has many people concerned in the gulf coast. the president says he is ready to respond with federal funds and already issued an emergency declaration meaning a lot of money, millions of dollars ready for louisiana should they take a serious front. it looks like that may happen, unfortunately. jon? >> jon: david spunt from white house, thanks. >> thanks. >> jon: for more on the situation in afghanistan, let's bring in national security and military analyst, dr. rebecca grant, also the president of iris independent research. we had that horrible attack on our forces and afghan civilians at the hamid karzai airport on thursday. now the white house is saying we could expect another terror attack within the next 24 to 36 hours. what's going on, dr. grant? >> here's what that means, understand that every type of u.s. intelligence asset is
4:11 pm
focused on kabul right now, on talking about drones with great cameras, spy satellites and signal intelligence. all those assets are screaming big threat warnings. that's why the president has had to come out and say there could be an imminent attack. the problem is, the kabul airport remains a soft target. it is vulnerable. and it's a real real concern. so they are hearing immense chatter in the signals and other intelligence indicating that isis-k may be planning another attack. >> jon: but that drone strike that supposedly took out a couple of isis-k members and facilitators in the words of john kirby, the admiral who is the pentagon spokesman, you don't think that will make isis-k kind of pause and say wait a minute, they have got our number. we've got to back off here. >> i'm glad they did the strike. i mean, it hard makes up for the loss of the 13 lives and all the
4:12 pm
fresh mistakes from the white house, but here's the problem with isis-k, they have carried out over 70 attacks in kabul just this year alone. this is the gang that attacks funerals, mosques, hospitals, maternity wards. isis-k is now taking the chance to try to build up their presence in afghanistan, so they will try their hardest to carry out another strike. i do think president biden has options pre-briefed to do some additional either drone strikes or other airstrikes, if they see isis-k targets developing. i hope they will go and do some more strikes to try to back down that isis-k threat. >> jon: but the administration has decided to abide by the deal that it struck with the taliban and get out by august 31st. it appears not all of the americans who are there are going to be evacuated. how do you assess that? >> right. no one has claimed that they are going to get all the americans out. and here's something about that
4:13 pm
deal. we were relying on the taliban to control isis-k. obviously with the tragedy at the airport, we see that's not happening. it's just gone to pieces. the one point about operations in afghanistan was to make sure afghanistan was never a haven for terrorists, and now it is. it's a magnet for terrorists. and i think we expect to see isis-k trying to grow its strength and become an even bigger terrorist operation in afghanistan and in other areas as well. serious, serious risk. >> jon: i've been to afghanistan once. the place is kind of a basket case already. this doesn't bode well for the future of that nation. >> no, that's right. remember everyone said that the taliban would not be good or capable at governing there. now with this isis-k threat as well, and you know, the longer implications are that the u.s. may have to go back to carrying out more drone strikes, i think
4:14 pm
that's what they mean when they talk about the over the horizon capability, the obama administration did over 1800 drone strikes in many different countries, iraq, syria, somalia, on and on, but it didn't prevent the rise of isis in syria and iraq. that's now been eradicated. so really tough turning point here as we look at not only a taliban in control of kabul and most of afghanistan, but the rise of isis-k, and they like to extort -- they are like the mafia, get in there, extort local businesses and try to extend their rein of terror. it's the worst type of outcome. that's why that big threat warning is out there tonight. >> jon: dr. rebecca grant, let's hope the warning doesn't come true. thanks, dr. grant. >> thank you. >> jon: hurricane ida could make landfall in louisiana tomorrow as a category 4 storm. it already hit jamaica and cuba. now residents in the southeast are trying to get out of its
4:15 pm
path or stay home and hunker down. we have team coverage, fox weather meteorologist adam klotz is tracking the storm, but we begin with mike tobin live on the ground in new orleans. mike? >> and jon, i can tell you that traffic is backed up on i-10 and other exits from town as a lot of people are heeding the warning of local officials and getting out before night fall tonight, after which time officials say it will be too late to be moving around. what you can hear and see behind me is the party before the storm. a lot of people are taking the option that evacuations were optional. they are counting on the levy system that's been fortified since katrina to keep them safe and hunkering down throughout this storm. with the people that we spoke, frankly what they said is that what they have faith in more than the levee system are these old buildings that have been enduring storms since the 1800s. >> i'm a native here, so i'm used to this, been riding out storms since i was a child.
4:16 pm
facing god first, and then i have faith in the french quarter. -- i have faith in god first and then i have faith in the french quarter. they have survived every single storm. >> it is another storm. i'm not too scared. this is new orleans. i have been here my whole life. >> the governor predicted this will be one of the strongest storms to hit louisiana since the 1850s. home land security says power outages, damage from wind and flooding will be so extensive, it could take days for crews to reach people. they need to be ready tonight, with enough water, food, medicine, to make it three days on their own. jon? >> jon: mike tobin in new orleans, getting ready for the storm, mike thank you. so let's get a closer look at the timeline. fox weather meteorologist adam klotz is joining us now. >> adam: large storm as we continue to track this moving to the north and northwest at about 16 miles-an-hour. winds gusting out to 125
4:17 pm
miles-an-hour. at 110, this becomes a category 3 storm. we are just shy of that. i expect overnight tonight it will continue to strengthen ultimately as we said getting up to a category 4 hurricane. here's that track turning into a 3 overnight. by early tomorrow morning, a 4. i think you will see things deteriorate through the early morning hours. even though we're looking at an afternoon to leavening landfall event -- afternoon to evening landfall event, it will get nasty by sunday morning. what i want to draw your attention to, if we get a landfall, say, 1:00 p.m., it is still a category 1 hurricane by the time you get into monday morning at 1:00 a.m. that is a long period where this will be traveling over land with extremely high winds, hurricane-force winds, and additionally rainfall will be able to fall over those locations for a while. so you start to see some of these areas getting up to 12 inches of rain to maybe 2 feet of rain, and then all of that moisture continues to carry itself up the mississippi delta, standing water, flooding will be a major concern with this. again, it is not just that rain.
4:18 pm
that will run up to the east coast. that's just one of what is going to be several several things to pay attention to including the wind and the storm surge, some things i will look at coming up later in the show. jon? >> jon: adam klotz, thanks. up next, we will show you how our troops in germany are helping thousands of evacuees from afghanistan. welcome to allstate. where you can pay a little less and enjoy the ride a little more. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ now, get new lower auto rates with allstate. because better protection costs a whole lot less. you're in good hands with allstate. click or call for a lower auto rate today.
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>> jon: the migrant surge continues at our southern border days after the supreme court ruled the biden administration must reinstate the trump era remain in mexico policy. that ruling could have a huge impact on the border crisis. bill melugin is live in la jolla texas with more. bill? >> good evening to you, jon. so far we're seeing little to no impact whatsoever as a result of the supreme court ruling to bring back the remain in mexico policy. part of the reason for that is mexico has to agree to reimplement this policy. they have to set up infrastructure on their side, and it is unclear if they are planning to do that or if they have even started doing that. so in the meantime, we still have migrants just pouring into the country like nothing has changed. take a look at this video we shot here last night right here in la jolla, typical night out in the rio grande valley,
4:23 pm
hundreds and hundreds of migrants coming across the rio grand, crossing illegally and streaming into this ballpark here in la jolla. you can see a lot of family units, women, young children, most of these folks are from honduras, el salvador, guatemala. we have had a chance to talk to a lot of these migrants since the court ruling. they said yes they heard the news that remain in mexico is supposed to be coming back. they are concerned they will get sent back to mexico. nothing has changed on the ground here yet so a lot of them are trying to get over while everything is up in the air. many of these migrants are telling us this journey is incredibly dangerous for women. take a listen >> -- says he's heard of women being abused during the trip, in mexico, luckily nothing happened to them. >> we came across this scene earlier this week, two little migrant girls both unaccompanied, under the age of 10, being worked on by agents.
4:24 pm
they seemed rattled and said to stay back it was a sensitive situation. we later learned that those two little girls had been sexually assaulted in mexico before came to the united states. it's horrible. this happens at the border unfortunately. this is border patrol's tucson sector, so many of these unaccompanied minors are coming into the country right now. what you are looking at here the border patrol tucson sector where they came across a group of more than 100 unaccompanied minors. these are young children who came to the united states all by themselves, and as we've heard repeatedly, this journey is incredibly dangerous for them, as they come across, and back out here live, it's not just families. it's not just little kids coming into the united states. there is a criminal element as well. just here in the rio grande valley, border patrols reports in the last fiscal year, already arrested more than 145 confirmed gang members. those folks are coming in from all over the world. just yesterday, border patrol
4:25 pm
agents apprehended right here where we are, two men from sri lanka who ran and hid in the brush and tried to get away from them. nothing slowing down here even as this crisis in afghanistan continues to dominate the headlines. back to you. >> jon: and the numbers continue to grow. bill melugin, live in la jolla, texas, bill, thank you. president biden says an attack in afghanistan is highly likely, in the next 24 to 36 hours. retired navy seal commander dave sears joins us next to discuss the threat to our troops still in that country, as well as our national security. at usaa, we've been called too exclusive. because we were created for officers. but as we've evolved with the military, we've grown to serve all who've honorably served. no matter their rank, or when they were in. a marine just out of basic, or a petty officer from '73. and even his kids. and their kids. usaa is made for all who've honorably served
4:26 pm
and their families. are we still exclusive? absolutely. and that's exactly why you should join.
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♪ ♪ life is full of unexpected surprises. for your first day of school. but other times, it helps knowing what to expect. at university of phoenix, you can count on fixed, affordable tuition for your program. learn more at >> jon: i'm jon scott. this is "the fox report". it is the bottom of the hour, if you are just joining us, the look at our top stories. fire crews are trying to protect the lake tahoe resort region as a fire rages through northern california, already burning 149,000 acres east of sacramento
4:30 pm
and is only 19% contained. gunfire killing a young girl outside a high school football game near philadelphia last night. two other children are hurt. police reportedly have detained three people. and sirhan sirhan the man who assassinated robert f. kennedy in 1968 might soon go free. he was recommended for parole yesterday in california. the final decision will come from the governor. our christina coleman spoke with one of rfk's sons, fox news correspondent douglas kennedy. he supports sirhan's parole saying quote i believe all prisoners who are no longer a threat to themselves or others should be released from prison. for more on these and other stories, download the fox news app, scan the qr code on your screen, or go to tens of thousands of evacuees from afghanistan are now housed at the ramstein airbase in germany as u.s.-led
4:31 pm
evacuations enter their final stages. the american base is a stopover point for evacuees before they are resettled in the united states. senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot is live in nearby landstuhl germany. greg? >> jon, it is late into the night here in germany, and you get the feeling it is late into this crisis. we spent the day at that airbase, not far from where we are right now, and yes, the final stages of the evacuation of people in afghanistan is going on, but also we learned that not far from where we are, the u.s. military base, many of the marines who were injured in that terror attack in the past couple of days in kabul are being treated. take a look at what we saw, what we heard. >> regardless of or perhaps due to the horrible explosion we saw in kabul this past week, evacuations continue here at ramstein airbase in germany.
4:32 pm
20,000 have come in. some 5,000 have left to safer climbs. >> actually got to talk to the marines that are here. they're doing well, and good news is that they were stabilized, and there's a good chunk of them that get to go home. as far as our operations here, they have remained steady through the night. >> as for the operations at that base, jon, some 100 planes full of afghan refugees have arrived in ramstein, some direct from kabul, others from other bases. all the people here are vetted. they're checked out. they're fed. they're housed. some told us they had been at that base for about a week or more and then they're transferred to specially-commissioned commercial u.s. planes to get to the states. we believe at least two left today. take a listen to some of the folks who spoke with us >> i think the country's going in the wrong way, like it will
4:33 pm
not be the same as it was. my brother, my family, all the people that stay over there, everybody, their life is in danger. >> they are still trapped, still stranded. >> stranded, sir. >> the situation in afghanistan is scary because the taliban didn't allow us to go to school or university. >> the taliban would not be good for the future of women in afghanistan >> no >> that's a no for a future in afghanistan under the taliban, jon. we heard a lot of that from the people today. we also heard more from the general who said that he is a father and that's what made this humanitarian mission very important to him. again, one more time, we are looking at the final stages of this evacuation. fewer flights come inning to ramstein. -- fewer flights coming in to ramstein. fewer flights leaving. that terror threat remains intensified perhaps in afghanistan. yes, the tuesday deadline for
4:34 pm
all of the u.s. to be out of afghanistan, that is coming very fast too. end of one chapter, maybe the beginning of another. back to you. >> jon: greg palkot, live from landstuhl, germany. thank you. for more on afghanistan, let's bring in retired navy seal commander and seal team six member who was deployed twice to afghanistan, also the author of the book "smarter not harder". dave sears. dave, you served. your fellow teammates served. so many thousands of men and women from the united states military have served in afghanistan. is the time and the sacrifice spent there worth it? >> that's a tough question, jon. i think for each individual servicemember, yes, it is. your service is never in [inaudible]. you are not ever going to stop crime. but you are going to do your duty and serve alongside your brother honorably.
4:35 pm
i don't think any service anywhere in the world, whatever you do, is in vain. >> jon: there's been the suggestion that the united states has lost the trust of maybe some of its allies around the world in the hasty way this evacuation was conducted. you say there was another point, loss of trust in the u.s. government and military leadership by our armed forces personnel. >> i think there absolutely is. i mean, look at the efforts that are going on by former special operations personnel. they're organizing over the phone, in person, different chains to get people out. our government has the capability to do that. i know the troops that have this capability and are chomping at the bit to do that, but the government is not allowing them to. they haven't made the mission to go rescue everybody, get everybody out. i think there's a huge loss of trust in the government, by veterans, at the troop level, that's amazing. it is going to hurt us for years. >> jon: wait a minute. you say the government has the
4:36 pm
capability. defense secretary lloyd austin, former general now retired, he says he doesn't have the capability to go in and get every american out of kabul and afghanistan. >> that's a risk assessment. what he's saying i think is that he doesn't have the capability by tuesday. if we stay, if we take -- we have the capability to take bagram. you can parachute in the 75th ranger brigade. you can bring in the 82nd airborne. you can bring in the marine expeditionary movements, you can take bagram. if you create the mission to be we will stay until every person is out that's a u.s. passport holder, we have the capability to do that, no doubt. we don't by the 31st. >> jon: so you would argue that the president's deadline of the 31st, which well congressman peter meyer was on this program last hour, and he said, you know, after his trip to afghanistan which was a surprise and somewhat controversial one, he said he thinks we have no choice but to abide by that deadline because our troops at the kabul airport, the hamid
4:37 pm
karzai airport are sitting ducks if the taliban decides to take them out. >> they can be sitting ducks. that's why you send in reinforcements. when the administration plays strict numbers in what they can have there and what they are allowed to do, we are able to do this. i completely disagree with the congressman, and frankly he should have stayed out of afghanistan anyway. so we have the capabilities to do this. a political call was made on the date so the president could give a speech on september 11th. there's no other reason than that. >> jon: leon panetta knows a thing or two about the afghan situation, former congressman, former white house chief of staff, former cia director. here's his assessment of the future there. >> we're going to have to go back in to get isis. we're probably going to have to go back in when al qaeda resurrects itself. we can leave a battlefield, but we can't leave the war on terrorism.
4:38 pm
>> jon: what do you think about those thoughts? >> i agree with him. i think that it is going to be inevitable. now, i would say this time if we have to go back in, we do with a very specified mission, and we don't allow it to get [inaudible] the defense contractor, politics to start this roll that created the debacle in afghanistan. i think you have to go in with specified missions, though. they need to be narrow, specific, and to the point. >> jon: dave sears former seal team six member and two time veteran of afghanistan, thank you. >> thanks, jon. >> jon: we're going to have more on afghanistan with the top republican on the house veterans' affairs committee. plus -- >> ida now a category 2 hurricane. winds other 105 miles-an-hour, but they will run over some very warm water over the next few hours, and that means it will strengthen to a category 4. i will have the full forecast and track coming up in my full
4:39 pm
forecast after the break.
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4:43 pm
>> jon: hurricane ida set to make landfall late tomorrow or early monday in louisiana. forecasters expected to strengthen into a, quote, life-altering and extremely dangerous category 4 storm, bringing winds up to 140 miles-an-hour and up to 20 inches of rain in some places. we have fox team coverage. meteorologist adam klotz with the latest track live in the fox weather center. first, though, we go to casey stegall live in baton rouge, louisiana. >> typically when a hurricane is heading this way, folks who live in coastal louisiana evacuate and head north up here to baton rouge and also to lafayette. this go around, the governor of louisiana says don't do it
4:44 pm
because these cities are also under the gun, some 70 miles inland. you can see people here tonight making preparations as they are working at this sandbag station. we have been here all day long, and it's been a constant stream of people. the current forecast shows baton rouge could see winds over 100 miles-an-hour and up to 20 inches of rain. so folks here have been doing anything they can to defend their property, while interstates across the region look more like parking lots, as tens of thousands heed evacuation orders, and that is already put a strain on local fuel supplies as well. in fact, reports coming in of some gas stations running out, not to mention so many still dealing with trauma from last year's historic hurricane season. >> this is stronger than laura from last year. this will be a life-altering storm for those who aren't prepared and ready to take what
4:45 pm
ida is going to throw at us later this weekend. >> around new orleans, mandatory evacuations for those living outside the new levee protection system, as the big easy prepares for up to 11 feet of storm surge and long-lasting power outages. the governor of louisiana saying that this could potentially be the strongest hurricane to hit this state since the 1850s. jon? >> jon: casey stegall in baton rouge, louisiana. thank you. let's check in now with fox weather meteorologist adam klotz tracking ida's path live from the fox weather center. adam? >> adam: hey, jon, i want to focus on the timeline of this storm as we speak. still sitting at a category 2 storm, 105 miles-an-hour winds, gusting up to 125 miles-an-hour. it is moving to the northwest at 16 miles-an-hour, but we're expecting a big slowdown right as it reaches landfall. so i do think it jumps up to a cat 3 overnight tonight before
4:46 pm
making a cat 4 storm before making landfall sunday afternoon into the evening. it is important to see where this storm is. even though i said sunday afternoon or sunday evening, you are going to start to see really powerful hurricane-like conditions way before that. so really entirety of sunday is going to be a time when we're dealing with this, and then it moves really slowly as it moves inland, up the state. winds here very heavy rain, still up to hurricane status. so as we saw casey mention, places like baton rouge will be dealing with hurricane-force winds. again, those winds really piling up overnight tonight into tomorrow, and then they are going to be there all day tomorrow, jon. this is going to be something that is not a really quick hitter. it is going to be lingering throughout the entire day on sunday. >> jon: very scary storm, fox weather meteorologist adam klotz. adam, thank you. >> adam: yep. >> jon: president biden today promising last night's strike against isis-k will not be the last. we will take it up with the top republican on the house
4:47 pm
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>> jon: three days away or maybe a bit less from the president's deadline to get u.s. forces out of afghanistan. for more on the situation there, let's bring in illinois congressman mike bost.
4:51 pm
he's the ranking republican on the house veterans' affairs committee. on top of that, he's a retired marine. both his son and grandson are marines as well. congressman, thank you very much for joining us. >> jon, thanks for having me on. >> jon: we hadn't had a casualty in afghanistan in 18 months, until thursday. and then all of a sudden, we've got the largest loss of life for our forces there in more than a decade. how do you assess what's going on? >> well, let me tell you, this goes straight on the commander-in-chief. there's advice that we know he received, as though he claims several times that he had his advisors agree with him. we know from our end -- our meetings that that's not the case. he made decisions. i believe he made those decisions based on the fact of a good political date for him, which was to have everyone out by the 20th anniversary of
4:52 pm
september 11th. the sad reality is that caused 13 servicemembers to lose their life. it also means that we have done one of the worst withdrawals that i believe i have ever seen in my life. remember this, i want to bring up the fact that those 13, you know, the hardest day of my life whenever my son, though i was not a combat marine. i was a marine during peacetime. when my son left through the tsa gates and i knew he was going to a war zone, that was one of the hardest days of my life because parents worry every day when they are out. you know what? their service will not be forgotten. what they did for this country, we thank them. but the fact that it was done under a botched situation is -- we will have to investigate into that, but the most important thing now is to make sure we get americans out and make sure we continue to get americans out. >> jon: you and i shared that feeling. my son deployed to afghanistan in the army. your fellow congressman peter
4:53 pm
meyer was on our program last hour. he says that he doesn't think that pushing back the date of august 31st which the president agreed with the taliban that u.s. forces would be out by. he doesn't think that extending that is possible or even good. -- even a good idea. >> let me say this, i don't necessarily agree with him. there's many of us, as a matter of fact, that are on a bill to try to push that. we've asked nancy pelosi to call us back in so we can vote to make sure we stay past that date. but the real problem is if you want to be able to defend that airbase, you don't let terrorists try to keep terrorists from coming in to and across the secondary line. what we need to do is make sure we have the troops out pushing back that line so the people that they have to come through are not terrorists, but american personnel. >> jon: you would be in favor of deploying more american forces to the hamid karzai airport in
4:54 pm
afghanistan, or are you talking about bagram airbase? >> now, bagram would be the best place, where we can take it back. first off, giving that up was a bad military mistake in the first place. it was someplace we could control. if we have to pull out, the problem is, is right now we're trying to notify our american citizens. we're working with groups inside the country. we've got about 130 cases we've been working since the very beginning. about over 800 people, and we're trying to figure out -- we're not going to tell them now because of the way things are deteriorating. the question is, do we try to get them into a more safe zone that we can move them out in a different way? but we've got to have some kind of boots on the ground to try to figure out how to do that. if it is taking the other airbase and abandoning this one, so be it. but we have to make some decisions. first off, we need to make sure that those people who are best informed make those decisions
4:55 pm
and give that to the commander-in-chief, and he takes charge as he should. >> jon: congressman, wish we could talk to you more. we're going to be seeing an awful lot of activity in afghanistan over the next three days. we appreciate you being here with us. >> we're going to continue to work to try to get everyone out we can. >> jon: let's hope we can do that, congressman mike bost, thank you. we will be back in a moment. feel the clarity of non-drowsy claritin. and 24-hour relief from symptoms caused by over 200 indoor and outdoor allergens. try claritin cool mint chewabls for powerful allergy relief plus a cooling sensation. live claritin clear. that delicious omelet was microwaved? get outta here. everybody's a skeptic. paper money. it's the future! get outta here. i'm leaving with my gold. it's not crazy. help me, mother. it's an omelet. just crack an egg. welcome to allstate. ♪
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>> tune in tomorrow night modern warriors, afghan extraction. we speak with veterans who have been helping allies escape the taliban as well as a translator with his experience. here is a preview. >> how did we get to this point quick. >> i think we all agree we went in with good intentions and people that enabled al qaeda and decide we should spend another 19 years nation building with no victory condition spent they call this the taliban takeover. but i personally wouldn't call it that i would call it a transition transitioning from a shadow government. >> we will do as much as we can on the humanitarian side to save allied forces and international communities we are not giving up.
5:00 pm
>> trend 8:10 p.m. eastern right here on fox news and you can also watch it on "fox nation".com after it airs. that is how fox reports on this saturday, august 20, 2021. i am jon scott thank you for joining us we will see you tomorrow. "watters world" is up next. >> welcome to "watters world" this is a fox news alert president biden issuing a warning hours ago that an attack is highly likely in the next 24 through 36 hours at the kubul airport. american still try to escape the taliban takeover the ongoing evacuation likely will not be enough to get all americans out by tuesday's deadline. if another attack happens and so many more cannot make it out alive us


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