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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  August 30, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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todd: it is monday, august 30th. this is a fox news alert. we are following two breaking news stories for you this morning. now tropical storm ida battering louisiana, knocking out power to the entire city of new orleans. we're tracking the monster storm as it churns inland towards mississippi. jillian: breaking news out of afghanistan a, the u.s. intercepting at least some of the five rockets fired at kabul airport as officials warn our final days inside afghanistan will be the most dangerous. it comes hours after the pentagon successfully carried out a drone strike on a vehicle
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said to be carrying multiple suicide bombers. and we're hours away from president bidens' evacuation deadline tomorrow. >> there are hundreds, there could be thousands of americans that are going to get left behind in afghanistan. >> the state department has made a decision that the 31st is the deadline. they're allowing taliban to dictate our foreign policy. any time you allow a partisan political decision designed for a photo op it will lead to a fatal national security problem on the battlefield. jillian: it is a very busy monday morning. you're watching "fox & friends first." i'm jillian mele. todd: i'm todd piro. moments ago, ida downgraded to a tropical storm, hundreds of residents still needing to be rescued at this hour. the storm hitting the gulf coast, putting over 1 million people in the dark. jillian: we have team coverage with fox news senior meteorologist janice dean tracking the storm in the studio for us. we start with fox weather multimedia journalist will nunly
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live in mississippi with the conditions there. will. >> reporter: even though the downgrade may have happened, we have punishing wind happening where we are along mississippi's coast. keep in mind that people here have been in these conditions for about 14 hours now. we have sustained winds of 30 to 40 miles an hour with gusts closer to 50 and 60 and we're starting to see the effects of the long-term exposure to these winds starting to cause. we believe we have tornado damage, we've had multiple reports of tornadoeses where toe standing, we've had multiple tornado warnings throughout the night. it's believed that at least one of the tornado warnings resulted in damage that forecasters believe was a result of one of those tornadoes, downing several large trees and possibly damage to structures as well. on the other side of this, we have the never-ending rain and the flooding. highway 90 along mississippi's coast has been closed for hours. it actually closed about 5:00
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yesterday afternoon. it has been closed since because water is still across the road. there is still debris there. it cannot be passed at this time. also flooding happening inland. so we're waiting for first light to bring you what is certainly going to be damage results here along mississippi's gulf coast, in gulf port and biloxi. it's incredible to wake up today and still see this endless tropical storm conditions battering this area. todd: thank you so much. fox news senior meteorologist janice dean live for us in the weather center. we always get the 5:00 a.m. update, it's now downgraded to a tropical storm. what can you tell us. >> it is weakening, it will continue to bring tremendous heavy rainfall for the gulf coast states and tennessee, kentucky and here in the northeast by wednesday and thursday, getting several inches of rain because of this system.
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we are going to see the tornado risk throughout the morning and into the afternoon on the right side of the storm. the center of circulation now moving into portions of mississippi, the heavy rainfall will be ongoing and we've seen reports of over a foot of rain in a matter of hours and that's going to be ongoing as the storm lifts north and eastward. we're seeing wind gusts in excess of 40 and 50 miles an hour and that's going to cause some concern, especially if the storm is moving slowly, which it is right now. further in time, there's the latest track as of 5:00 a.m. low pressure moving through the mid atlantic and northeast but i can't stress enough, it's going to bring flooding rainfall and the possibility for devastating floods on top of what we've seen last week with henri and then of course tennessee had historic rainfall of over 17 inches last week. this is not going to be a good situation for them. so still dealing with this area of low pressure, this tropical
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storm in towards mississippi. it's going to lift across portions of the tennessee valley, the ohio valley, the mid-atlantic and northeast and here are the rainfall amounts. so 4 to 6 inches certainly in areas as it is a tropical storm and lists north and eastward and then we're going to see the potential for more heavy rainfall in the areas that have been saturated by the last tropical system, henri, on wednesday and thursday. the tornado risk is going to be ongoing. we've got tornado watch in effect for parts of mississippi, through alabama, the florida panhandle and then we have talked about katrina, a very similar path to katrina but this storm was stronger and as will mentioned, the sun light is going to come up and we are going to see catastrophic damage. this will be one of the worst hurricanes to hit the u.s. coastline since records started. yeah. jillian, todd. jillian: we might not know the extent of it today. it might take a few days. >> it's going to take several
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days, maybe even weeks to get into some of these areas and that's what i'm fearing. jillian: okay. janice, thank you very much. to another big story we continue to follow, the u.s. intercepting some of the five rockets targeting kabul's airport overnight. there have been no reported deaths. todd: the car the rockets were reportedly fired from seen engulfed in flames. the white house says president biden and the national security team have been briefed on the attack. jillian: it comes on the eve of president biden's deadline for troops to leave afghanistan and just hours after a u.s. drone strike on a vehicle containing at least one suicide bomber in kabul. todd: meantime, the 13 american heroes killed in kabul returning home yesterday. the president receiving the remains at dover air force base. jillian: lauren blanchard is live in washington, d.c. as the president is facing new backlash over the withdrawal. lauren. >> reporter: good morning, jillian, todd. president biden met privately with families of all 13 service members at dover air force base,
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the president, first lady, defense secretary and secretary of state plus family members and press gathered on the tarmac to witness as 11 of the 13 transfer cases carrying the fallen were taken off the c-17 they were brought home on, two families requested privacy. the service members, ages 20 to 31, there they are, including a soon to be father all leaving behind families. the national security advisor told fox news sunday the president will ensure those responsible will pay. >> the president will stop at nothing to make isis-k pay for the deaths of those american service members at the kabul airport. >> reporter: president biden stopped by fema headquarters yesterday for an update on hurricane ida. while there, he refused to take questions ahead of tomorrow's deadline to withdraw troops as republicans in congress are hammering him and his administration for not stepping the deadline. >> -- extending the deadline. >> mr. president, on
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afghanistan -- >> i'm not answer now. >> the parade of horribles are about to unfold. we're leaving thousands of afghan allies behind who fought bravely with us, we'll leave hundreds of american citizens behind. the chance of another 9/11 just went through the roof. >> reporter: a new abc news poll released yesterday shows 84% of americans believe u.s. troops should stay in afghanistan until all americans are out. 71% say they should stay until all afghan allies have been evacuated as well. todd, jillian. todd: lauren, thank you. jillian: it is 8 minutes after the hour. calls are mounting in washington for president biden's resignation over the crisis in afghanistan that led to the deaths of 13 u.s. service members and dozens of civilians. jillian: florida congressman kat cammack one of those voices. she said we need more accountability out of washington. she joins us live, next.
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plus, ask how to get a prepaid card up to $500. call or go online today to learn more. comcast business. powering possibilities. >> a catastrophically awful decision, he should resign immediately for it, the decision to abandon bagram, trusting the taliban at checkpoints and giving a list and leaving
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equipment behind. jillian: dan bongino blasting president biden and dozens of lawmakers are calling to remove the president. todd: that list includes florida congresswoman kat cammack and she joins us live. why are you echoing calls for president biden to resign. >> good morning. great to be with you guys. it's with a heavy heart that we come to this point where we have dozens of members of congress calling for the resignation of our president. now, this is something that we never want to reach in our nation, particularly a time where it's the quote, unquote, impeachment era, where one president does something the other party doesn't like which we saw under the last administration, president trump couldn't do anything right and the democrats were screaming at the top of their lungs. it's frustrating. i never thought we would reach a
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point in our nation's history where we would want the man in the white house to fail rather than the country succeed. we demand accountability. that's what it means when the buck stops with you. so i am reluctantly and with a heavy heart calling for the resignation of the president of the united states because we have left americans behind, not just on the battlefield but through the disastrous economic policies, open border policy, it's unconscionable what the administration has done. if you're looking for an america last agenda, you've got it right now in this administration. so that's why i'm calling for the resignation of this president, americans deserve better and we deserve transparency and accountability. jillian: i've asked a number of people in the last week this question and i still haven't really received an answer that really goes into much detail about how things would then be better if that were to happen. right. because you look at the chain of command. if the president is to resign or he's impeached or the 25th amendment is invoked the chain
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of command says the vice president is next in line and beyond that it's the speaker of the house. how is this scenario any different? >> you know, it's -- trust me, this is something that i have struggled with. i absolutely would take weekend at bernies any day over a potential president harris but this is where we are at and if we continue to allow bad decisions to go unchecked, then we are perpetuating a cycle where really they can get away with murder. as we have seen the bodies of our marines coming off of planes at dover airbase. that right there is a sign of just how deadly these decisions are, that this administration is making. now, everyone keeps saying, well, the next one, the next one. let's be fair and let's be real. we don't have the votes. but again, president biden has said repeatedly that the buck stops with him and a since he's done all the unconscionable
2:16 am
things, giving achilles to the -- a kill list to the taliban, where a group of interpreters, just last night was murdered by the taliban. it was captured on video. it was horrific. these are things the president needs to be held accountable for. without the accountability i feel people start losing faith in their government at a time when we need to come together and focus on getting every american out and our allies that helped us, that accountability should be front and center when talking about how we're going to respond and move forward. todd: our other focus this morning, of course hurricane, now tropical storm ida, battering louisiana on the 16 year anniversary of katrina. you are the ranking republican overseeing fema operations. is fema ready for the aftermath of this storm. >> i've got to tell you, i've been in touch with my colleagues in louisiana and they are in it.
2:17 am
really, really in a tough spot. and i'm frustrated because earlier in march i had asked point blank secretary mayorkas with all of the considerations that we have at hand, global pandemic, a surge at the southwest border and a very, very busy hurricane season, would fema be prepared. he reassured me repeatedly they had all the resources necessary, yet we were caught a little flat-footed in preparation for this particular region for this storm. we're still in the middle of it. there's a lot of power outages, storm linger as a tropical storm so we're waiting to see really what the damage is looking now as we get on the backside of the storm but we will be ready. as i said before, if this administration won't respond, congress sure as hell will so we will be in touch with our colleagues, moving through this storm. we will make sure that we have people ready to respond. i have been chatting with my utility companies here in florida, our emergency
2:18 am
management director, we always are ready to deliver that aid as are other states. we're americans. we come together. we leave no american behind, be it in afghanistan or after a category 4 storm. jillian: congresswoman kat cammack, please keep us updated. thank you for waking up early and joining us. we appreciate it. todd: time now, 18 minutes after the hour. hundreds of americans and our allies still stuck in afghanistan. desperate to evacuate before tomorrow's deadline. jillian: the save our allies coalition has already helped thousands of people escape afghanistan, just returning from a mission, tim kennedy joins us live. ♪ music playing. ♪ there's an america we build ♪ ♪ and one we explore one that's been paved and one that's forever wild but freedom means you don't have to choose just one adventure ♪ ♪
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♪♪ (upbeat pop music in background throughout) jillian: patriots on a mission to rescue afghans who helped america, save our allies has evacuated more than 12,000 people who are in the taliban's cross hairs. our next guest just completed a mission with the organization. here with more, former army
2:23 am
ranger, sniper and special forces operator, tim kennedy. thank you for your continued service to this country. it's unbelievable what you are doing over there. when the suicide bomb attack happened on thursday, you were actually there. can you tell me, for those of us who aren't on the ground, we're seeing pictures and the video, it's hard to really know what this experience is like. tell us what is happening on the ground firsthand. >> the marines are heroes, every one of them that were working there. what they were trained to do, the most extraordinary service i've ever seen, the troops on the ground, the 82nd airborne and the marines, exceptional professionalism from all of them. we were on the airstrip, we loaded a c-17 with evacuees and we were taking off, getting
2:24 am
people to qatar when the explosion happened. it's horrific and a nightmare situation. everybody who is in kabul, is in the airport, and the chaos, seeing the explosion, killing hundreds of people. so the time on the airstrip, the ramps were closing and it went from moving from the runway to that poor pilot getting up and out as fast as they possibly could to get away from the unknown amount of violence and attacks. it was absolute chaos and mayhem. jillian: you're breaking up a little bit there. i'm going to ask this question. you've seen a lot in your lifetime of service that you obviously continue to do quite admirably. i want to ask you how this experience compares to anything else you've done in your life. >> this is different. i'm here as a volunteer. i'm here helping supporting save
2:25 am
our allies coalition and i wanted to be out there stopping the taliban but that's not what we were there to do, we were there to get as many people out as we could and get the right people out. i've been in the military for 17 years, special operations, and i saw more pain and suffering in a week and-a-half than i have seen my entire career. but what i also saw was the most selfless, courageous, incredible humans that were doing the most remarkable things at the most -- at the highest level, functioning in ways i never imagined, both nonprofits and ngos and volunteers and there were a lot of them, a lot of them that were trying to help in every way they could. my team leader and my colleagues that i was on the ground with, a team of four of us, they have careers and resumes that are far
2:26 am
superior to mine. i was really just labor, trying to help and assist in any way that i could to get these people out. they were true masters of their craft. it was so. awe-inspiring andhumbling at th. jillian: you helped save the lives of 12,000 people. are you surprised it appears new -asif he with put so much trustn the taliban and do you have faith we'll get our american citizens and allies out by the deadline tomorrow. >> the taliban are thug and gangsters. they push gays off roof, they throw babies on wires. they're not a political organization. isis-k and taliban are one in the same. i have no faith in them. i do have faith in the american government, our ability to get our troops out on a deadline.
2:27 am
we're not going to leave any of our people behind. that's not what we do. jillian: thank you so very much for joining this morning. i know everyone is so thankful, the fact you were able to get 12,000 people get out of there. thank you, tim. .todd: it's amazing how selfles individuals like tim are. u.s. troops intercepted rockets fired at the kabul airport overnight after a second air strike on isis-k terrorists and with the threats mounting on the eve of the withdrawal deadline, the white house is relying on another terror organization for help. so should we be trusting the taliban? what does steve rogers say? we're going to ask him, coming up. (noise of fridge opening) guy fieri! ya know, if you wanna make that sandwich the real deal, ya gotta focus on the bread layers. king's hawaiian sliced bread makes everything better!
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2:32 am
to a tropical storm, we're beginning phase two of this storm and that is the heavy rainfall thread for millions of folks all the way up towards southern new england. so tornado risk is going to be ongoing, even if the system is starting to weaken, we're going to see potentially weak tornadoes and structural damage on top of the heavy rainfall and the gusty winds that are going to be ongoing. so the tornado risk is going to continue through this evening, on the right side of the storm, that includes portions of mississippi, alabama, into the florida panhandle, perhaps even georgia. we still have tropical storm warnings as the storm has moved well inland but the flooding risk will be ongoing, well north and a east of where this storm is going to move. so the greatest flash flood risk over the next few days is going to be the gulf coast and then up towards tennessee, the mid-atlantic and northeast and if you recall, last week we had historic rainfall for tennessee with over 17 inches. we're getting more rainfall this week so that's going to be a huge hazard for those folks and
2:33 am
there are your flood advisories for over 30 million people. so we're going to be talking about the remnants of this storm system well into the week, even into friday for parts of the northeast. you can see the rainfall forecast, 3 to 6 inches across a very widespread area. we've got a frontal boundary that's going to add to the lift and potential for the heavy rainfall throughout the workweek. don't let your guard down. of course, we've been mentioning the sun is going to come up and we're going to see some of that catastrophic damage from this historic hurricane this past weekend. todd: tough stuff. janice, thank you very much. >> you've got it. jillian: to another fox news alert, this is the eve of president biden's deadline for troops to leave afghanistan. todd: ashley strohmier live with the new reporting on this attack. >> reporter: overnight, u.s. officials say several rockets were tack down by an anti-missile defense system.
2:34 am
no deaths have been reported. the trucks rockets were fired from seen engulfed in flames, this comes hours after a u.s. drone strike on a vehicle containing at least one suicide bomber. central command said the strike thwarted an imminent isis-k threat, saying we are confident we hit the target, significant secondary explosions from the vehicle indicated the presence of a substantial amount of explosive material. command said there was no indications of civilian casualties but the new york times reported as many as nine people were killed including three children. the president, his deadline, just hours away. hundreds of people lined up outside the airport, hoping for their chance to escape. the state department says at least 250 americans are still trying to get out but the administration insists the taliban will not block them. >> 114 countries have made very clear that it is their expectation that the taliban will permit freedom of travel
2:35 am
going past august 31st. we have very significant leverage to incentivize the taliban to make good on its commitments. >> and if they do not, we can bring to barren nor muse pressure on the -- bear enormous pressure on the taliban with a swift and forceful response. >> reporter: the u.n. security council is considering a proposal for a safe zone the city for those left behind. jillian: ashley, thank you. todd: the taliban takeover in afghanistan sparking new fears that terror threats could soon be on the rise in the u.s. and around the globe. joining me to discuss, retired navy lieutenant commander, steve rogers. steve, great to see you as always. you say the next phase in the war on terror will be fought here in the homeland. describe what that chilling prediction will look like. >> well, i've got to tell you, president biden believes that the withdrawal of american troops from afghanistan will end the war on terrorism. my fear is that it will start a new war on a new battle field here in america.
2:36 am
as an experienced intelligence officer, i can tell you that the terrorists around the globe no doubt in my mind, they're all creating cells, no doubt in my mind that many of the people leaving afghanistan are terrorists, they haven't been vetted the way they should be vetted and keep in mind we have a pathway here to america called the mexican, american border. when i worked at the fbi national joint terrorism task force as a military terrorism officer, that was the greatest concern, during the iraqi war and the extended afghan war. so no doubt in my mind, we better strengthen our homeland security apparatus or we're in for some real trouble. todd: to that point, you mentioned what essentially is an open border there at the u.s./mexico border, plus now terrorists have a planning ground, it's called afghanistan. are our intel services, our u.s. intel services up to the challenge that this increased burden is going to place on them? >> i've got to tell you, i
2:37 am
believed that up until this occurred. we had some of the greatest, strongest, effective intelligence agencies on the planet but i can't wrap my arms around how on earth did they tell the american people, if it was them, i believe it was biden who actually indict, that it would take -- did it, that it would take 60 to 90 days for the taliban to move into kabul when it took six to nine days. something is wrong somewhere. there's a breakdown either between the intelligence agencies and president biden or an epic failure on the part of the intelligence agencies. i don't believe that's the case. somebody, the white house did not take heed what our intelligence agencies gave them. todd: we will need our allies throughout the world to help us with regard to preventing terror here in the homeland. here's the you assurance from antony blinken that the world is on our side. listen. >> 114 countries have made very clear that it is their expectation that the taliban will permit freedom of travel
2:38 am
going past august 31st. we have very significant leverage to incentivize the taliban to make good on its commitments. todd: steve, are you confident in that leverage that antony blinken discusses? >> absolutely not. president biden, the white house gave the taliban leverage. we've got thousands of americans stranded there. could you imagine giving them a list of americans and believing that the taliban's going to escort them to the airport? you handed our enemies exactly what they needed to have leverage over us. antony blinken hasn't -- he just doesn't have a clue and the fact of the matter is is that the taliban now has the upper hand, complements of the white house. todd: there's also the little matter of china and i say that tongue in cheek. all eyes of course over the last couple weeks focused on afghanistan but it does have real world implications for what quite frankly is our main enemy in china. when do you expect china to really test our resolve on taiwan in light of this afghan
2:39 am
mess? >> sooner rather than later. they have their footprints, fingerprints all over the operations of the taliban. they've already sent a carrier task force i believe close to the taiwan border, fighter jets flew into taiwan and by the way, president xi did a few weeks ago send a message to taiwan more or less saying, you know what, look at your american allies, look what they did to help the afghan people. so i think rather sooner than later that the chinese are going to make a move and, again, are we up to it? i would hope so. but i fear we're not at this time. todd: quickly, before i let you go, 10 seconds, what would our response be if tomorrow on the anniversary -- on the 31st of august, which is what we're focused on, they decide we're going to make life tough on america, we're going to go into taiwan. >> i don't know what our response would be but i would hope it would be overwhelming military force. obviously we're not going to hit the main land in china but there
2:40 am
are assets we have that could send a message but it has to be military. no more negotiating. you have to strike and strike hard. todd: lieutenant commander, steve rogers, always a pleasure many thank you, sir. >> thank you. todd: jillian. jillian: till ahead a u.s. marine was relieved of his duties for this video calling out military leadership in afghanistan. >> i have been fighting for 17 years. i am willing to throw it all away to say to my senior leaders i demand accountability. jillian: now he's back with another fiery video and a major update. plus -- >> on afghanistan -- >> i'm not going to answer afghanistan. jillian: again, president biden does not take any questions on afghanistan. carley shimkus has all the details, next.
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jillian: welcome back. a u.s. marine resigning in protest after he was punished for sharing his thoughts on afghanistan. former lieutenant colonel stuart sheller sacrificing his retirement to take a moral stand. todd: carley shimkus here with the story. carley: good morning, guys. shortly after the attack at kabul airport lieutenant colonel stuart sheller posted a video on facebook demanding accountability for top brass. he says military leader let
2:45 am
troops down by not taking responsibility for the disastrous withdrawal. take a listen. >> i have been fighting for 17 years. i'm willing to throw it all away to say to my senior leaders i demand accountability. carley: that was a portion of the video that went viral after he posted it on thursday. after that, he was relieved of his command but was still a u.s. marine. however, he just released another video saying he has officially resigned. watch. >> forfeiting my retirement, all entitlement. i don't want a single dollar. all i asked for was accountability of my senior leaders when there are clear, obvious mistakes that were made. carley: he says when he was asked by his boss why he is doing all of this, he says he wants leadership to take responsibility because that would do a lot more for soldiers searching for the purpose than the messaging they're getting right now. jillian: interesting. so the president was at fema yesterday to talk about the
2:46 am
hurricane but he was asked about afghanistan, did not answer. carley: that's right. he didn't. we heard this from the president before, when reporters ask him a question, he says i'm not supposed to take questions, you guys are going to get me in trouble. and he was asked a question about afghanistan yesterday and then walked away. watch. >> mr. president, on afghanistan -- >> i'm not going to answer afghanistan now. carley: so obviously not the first time that the president has turned his back on reporters, you're watching him do it again on august 20th. and you know, i think when you run for president, when you ask the american people to put their faith in you as their leader, it is part of the job to take those tough questions that reporters have. he's not doing it on this. todd: the very least he could do. nikki haley painting a grim picture of the united states stature in the world. carley: former u.n. ambassador nikki haley was on fox news, she broke down the situation on two fronts. she says first of all, jihadists
2:47 am
around the world claimed a moral victory that will help them with recruiting. also the united states alienating our allies. watch. >> look at the optics, look at what our allies are saying around the world. did you think nato was thinking about doing things without the u.s.? are you watching now that all of our allies are having conversations without us. carley: the u.k. sunday times asks is joe biden up for the job. between the covid surge, the migration spike, prospect of more american lives being lost to terrorism in afghanistan, biden's empty sigh is -- presidency is approaching something pretty close to crisis. i would add the rise in crime in cities across the country to that list as well. todd: carley, thank you. jillian: thanks, carley. we're back with a look at tropical storm ida as it slams louisiana and moves into mississippi. todd: a failing flood gate and bridge collapse forces hundreds of residents that need to be rescued. madeleine rivera joins us live on the ground in new orleans
2:48 am
with the entire city out of power this morning. madeleine. >> reporter: good morning, todd and jillian. take a look at this. we are on iconic canal tree which is usually filled with people, now look at it. blanketed in darkness, almost completely empty. more than a million people in the state of louisiana now without power. we had a chance to survey some of the damage around us and there's a sign on my feet, there is glass on the ground, a tree that's toppled down the street from us and it's going to take some time until people get a chance to really assess some of the damages around here. you talked about some of those floodings that already occurred, roofs ripped off homes, home toppling down, some levees over-topping. it's going to take some time until people see the consequences of the storm. take a listen to what govern for john bel edwards had to say about this. >> it's really going to be tomorrow morning, the sun comes up, that we're really going to
2:49 am
be able -- first of all, the weather will allow us to get out but then you'll also be able to see but we fully expect to see an awful lot of catastrophic damage to homes, to businesses, and to infrastructure. >> reporter: and just down the street we see linemen ready to go once conditions allow them to be able to address some of the power outages. one of the utility companies in the area says people should be prepared to be without power for three weeks. that's going to be a problem. we're in the middle of summer. it's going to be hot, it's going to be humid, another problem these people have to deal with. jillian: madeleine, thank you. it will be interesting to see how the levee systems held up throughout this. as you recall after hurricane katrina, $14.5 billion upgrade to the levee system so everyone's just holding out hope that they are going to be working as they should be. todd: we've already heard fears that they aren't necessarily going to hold up. fingers crossed that some or all of them at least get us through this.
2:50 am
coming up, fox nation host lara logan joins us to talk about the reality that afghan women are facing under a taliban takeover. jillian: first let's check in with steve doocy to see what's coming up on "fox & friends." >> they all seem busy. thank you, jillian and todd. panic and desperation continue in kabul with 24 hours left to evacuate. they estimate 250 americans still trapped behind taliban lines. we're going to talk to former secretary of state mike pompeo as officials warn the final days in afghanistan will be the most dangerous. we're also tracking ida after it lashed down upon louisiana with devastating force as a category 4 storm, 16 years to the day after katrina. louisiana senator bill cassidy is going to join us live on the response from his home state. we'll have a live report from the cajun navy in ten minutes from right now, right here on the channel you're watching for our morning news, todd and jillian back with more "fox &
2:51 am
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♪ jillian: a fox news alert. the u.s. intercepting at least some of the five rockets targeting kabul's airport overnight. unclear who is behind the attacks but there have been no reported deathsed to to the the car that the rocket reportedly fired from seen here engulfed in flames. the white house says president biden and his national security team have been briefed on the attack. jillian: it all comes on the eve of president biden's deadline for troops to leave afghanistan. just hours after a u.s. drone strike on a vehicle containing at least one suicide bombner kabul. todd: meantime afghan women speaking out, voicing their fears ahead the taliban takeover. >> i don't know what will happen to me because if they find me they will kill me. >> i feel very bad. now we don't have anything. >> i had lots of dreams, i had lots of hope, but now i'm in a
2:56 am
bad situation. >> what taliban did to the woman is taking somebody's life. jillian: fox nation host lara logan joins us now. thanks for being here this morning. you talked to so many people on the ground there you have so many life experiences that bring you so much insight into what we are talking about right now. can you tell us what life will really be like for women and young girls in afghanistan? >> >> well, lack at what the taliban is already doing, right? i mean, you are seeing a lot of news focused on kabul but you are no longer hearing about what is happening in the rest of afghanistan. that's not an accident. the taliban has shut down all forms of communication for, you know, for people to get their stories out and to get their message out. women have been row moved from the radio and from public life already. they are hunting down athletes according to many reports that i have read. and they have also already now women cannot get through the checkpoints on their own. you're not allowed to travel
2:57 am
alone. and the taliban has done something very interesting their tactics are different this time in the sense that they have taken over media organizations and news stations. there is a picture from tv tweeted out shows his own newscaster delivering the news with two armed taliban fighters behind him. what does that tell you about the nature of the message? i honestly would caution anyone, anyone listen to what's coming out of afghanistan officially from the u.s. state department, the white house, and the taliban themselves. especially the presidential envoy. goodness me, there is something really odd happening there. but the -- there are not 250 americans trapped behind enemy lines. i don't know who gave that you figure. but they're lying on a scale for knee more than 30 years in reporting that is unimaginable. i have besieged all night long once again for the 13th night in
2:58 am
a row working all night long with americans, reports of americans photographs of americans at these checkpoints, holding their blue passports, denied access. a mother with four children that i know several americans are trying to help, there are so many stories that i haven't even been able to, you know, store through all of them, deselm nate or put any of it out. we're all completely besieged by americans and american allies and green card holders and permanent residents who are desperate. and what the united states government has been doing and this is something that people really need to pay attention to and to understand. there have been no planes leaving kabul airport there might have been one or two flying out here and there, but, essentially for the past few days, nobody has been going in to that airport and nobody has been flying out. >> we have, very, very limited flights. and the u.s. government has been putting out notices for u.s. id.
2:59 am
state department saying this gate is open. everybody go to that gate. you will see this mass desperate rush of people going through taliban checkpoints to get there when they get there, they wait seven hours, eight hours, nine hours, ten hours, inevitably, of course, some gates less time but what we know the playbook we see happening is the taliban shows up, they know exactly where you are. they follow people from gate to gate. we count the minutes until there is a security threat and they shut everything down. but they know perfectly well that people are trapped. they are trapped going through those checkpoints. we know the taliban is waiving some people through. do you know what they're doing? they're taking photographs of everyone in the car. gets into a group chat. the group chat is being monitored by chinese hackers who have taken over the ministry of interior along pakistani isi intelligence agency and they are check it anybody they want to is targeted. they get to cross-reference that
3:00 am
with the list the u.s. has given them of all the people trying to get out and the list they got from taking over the afghan intelligence services to make sure they get all the very most vulnerable and high risk and high value people that we have now delivered to them on a silver plate. we know there is no planes going out. we know. jillian: sorry to interrupt. our show is ending right now. i apologize so much. ♪ todd: now tropical storm ida battering louisiana. >> one of the most powerful storms to hit the u.s. >> more than a million are without power. >> we fully expect to see catastrophic damage. some of these areas are going to be inhabitable. >> it's incredible to wake up and see endless tropical storm conditions battering this area. >> the u.s. intercepting five rockets fired at kabul airport. u.s. inches closer to its withdrawal deadline. >> there are hundreds and could be thousands of americans that could be left behind. and the taliban are going to have a hostage bananza. >> now you are


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