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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  August 30, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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then we add the speed of verizon 5g. we provide security that's made for business no ♪ >> welcome to tucker carlson.on tonight america's longest war ended today. after nearly 20 years the final u.s. military aircraft lifted off of afghanistan. general mckenzie oversaw this war. here was his announcement. >> i'm here to a pounceen the completion of our with draw from afghanistan and the end f of the military mission to evacuate american citizens, third country nationals and vulnerable afghans.
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the last c-17 list it did off on august 30th this afternoon at 3:29 p.m. east coast time. the last mannedas aircraft is cheering the airspace above afghanistan. >> we got everyone out and we're done. a poignant moment. over 4000 americans died in afghanistan over two decades. last week enlisted marines who were infants what troops first arrived in the country. finally after decades it's done. is it done. just moments after the clip you just saw, we left afghanistan for good general mckenzie said actually not all of us did leave. there are still americans trapped in afghanistan. the united states military left them behind. watch. know american citizens came out on the last, what we call the joint tactical filtration, the last five jets to leave.
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we maintained bringing them in immediately before departure. we were not able to bring any americans out. that ended about 12 hours before our exit. we continued the outreach and prepared to bring them to the last minute. none made it to the airport to be accommodated. >> none of them made it to the airport. so that answers a lot of questions. in the past week you may of wondered about the large and unknown number of american citizens you read about that are still stuck in afghanistan. who are these people. maybe they don't want to leave. maybe that's the conclusion you have come to or we don't owe them anything.s it would be nice to believe that. very nice. we can't believe it we learned from the commander of american troops in the region that some of these people, our country men, fellow americans, are trapped in a nation controlled by the taliban.
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these americans tried to flee. it was too chaotic and dangerous. as general mckenzie put it they didn't get to the airport in time and the military left. tough. call us if you make it to tampa. it's hard to believe that general mckenzie just admitted this in public. the reporters in the briefing room think it's normal. a pentagon briefing. there is nothing normal about this, not in this country.ri it's appalling on every level. it's the definition of what's the important of having a military that doesn't bother to rescue it's own citizens? why do we have an army? the guns, helicopters, missile systems? isn't the point of it to protect americans. apparently there is another purpose in the view of the man overseeing the military central command. those trapped americans are no longer our problem general mckenzie explained. we will let the state department handle with that.
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with that, part time secretary of state tony blinken took the podium.e yes it's been confirmed more than a hundred americans have been abandoned in afghanistan and desperate to get out no. , we have no actual way to guarantee their safe passage. the military is gone. no problem the medievalness that runs the country has it under control. the taliban hast given us their word american citizens will be fine with. that tony blinken took the stage, no questions. nowhere did joe biden appear then or anytime today to explain what is happening in afghanistan. the president i of the united states appears to be missing you can see clearly we're watching a pivot point in our history. the most obvious casualty apart from the 13 dead service men last week is -- diminished.
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there will be huge consequences of this moment. will you see them both in the near term and generations going forward. for now it's worth answering a simple questiont' who is taking responsibility for this? who is paying for the disaster we're watching? not so long ago that would'r of been an easy question to answer our leaders pay the price. until recently the people in charge understood leadership comes with obligations not just privileges. if you make big decisions you have to suffer if they go wrong. in the springing of 1912 edward smith ran his ship into an iceberg in the north atlantic. as it went down smith didn't blame climate change for the disaster. instead he wept to the bottom of the ocean and people applauded. it was expected. he was in charge. he stayed until the end. so who is in charge of this. who is paying for it?
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overtime an entire class of form policy experts and political leaders are responsible. they watched for twenty years as afghanistan turned to a pointless mess. damage beyond repair and they lied about it repeatedly. who are these people? heliz cheney comes to mind. there are many, many like her. then there are the people responsible for what has happened the last couple of weeks. a pullout that couldn't of been more ineptly managed than if you planned to screw it up. joe boyd en and his lieutenants. what is their punishment? how many have fired. how many have resigned? how many have apologized? so our knowledge none. not one. i fact so far as we can tell the only military leader to suffer so far for this disaster is a
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marine corp lieutenant colonel called stu scheller. he didn't plan to a been don the air base. scheller's crime was posting this video on social media. >> if a battalion commander has a complaint, boom fired. we have a secretary of defense testifying in may that the afghan forces can withstand the advance. we have those advising military policy. a marine combat ant commander all of these people are is a pose to advice. i'm not saying we have to be in afghanistan forever. i'm saying did any of you throw your rank on the table and say it's a bad idea to abandon the air base before evacuating everyone. >> this is a disaster. that is obvious. the disaster is a result of series of bad decisions by
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peoples names we know. have those people been punished explain themselves, or apologize? that's the question that stu scheller asked. for asking he was relieved of his command. he is resigning. he has three years until retirement and the pension that comes with it he is leaving. this is why. >> all i asked for accountability of my senior leaders when there are clear obvious mistakes made. i'm not saying we can take back what has been done. all i asked for was accountability. for people to comment on what i said, to say yes, mistakes were made. i think them accepting accountability would do more for service members with ptsd than a transparent message. i t have not received that. >> ya.
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i mean thousands of americans died in afghanistan. tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands were permanently damaged after 20 years. the exit diminishes our country permanently. who did that? why haven't they apologized? it's a really simple question.n. for asking it scheller was relieved of command. instead of taking any form of responsibilityon for this disasr that they caused the biden administration is doing the opposite. bragging in public with a straight face, what a great job they have done. joe biden's flack has announced they don't plan on punishing anyone for what we're watching now. no one. >> does he believe he was given bad advice, will he ask for b resignations from his generals given the high cost of american and afghan lives? > no to both of those questions.
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>> so the biden administration position has not changed in the face of all of the evidence we're watching on television. they're telling you they did ass well as they could of done. joe biden said that first august 19th prior to the bombing in kabul. recent as today the pentagon's top spokes person said it today. watch john kirby explain there was no way to predict the afghan president would suddenly abandon the country told the taliban. >> our expectation was that the afghani government would stay in place. nobody would of imagined how quickly the government just dissipated almost over night. there was no way to predict that. >> we could spend the rest of the show. rest of the week, rest of the year until new year's day going through each lie they're telling you and batting it down. these are flimsy lies. we won't do that, it would give
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everyone a headache. let's take a close look at this one. "there was simply no way to predict the the president of afghanistan was going to fold and run away." if you want a sense how ludicrous that statement is and what a lie it is consider what our government knew about the president of afghanistan. a wording to the washington post they didn't know he fled afghanistan until it was on television. they had no idea. "u.s. officials were surprised as anyone. officials expected him to stay for a orderly transmission. -- about his departure. nowhere did ghani contact the u.s. government piecing together the movement from rumor and media reports ." our intel agencies received a combined $85 billion last year alone in federal tax dollars.
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that's more money than russia germany, andat the uk spend on their entire annual military basis. for all of that money our general and spies were confident that ghani would stick around for a "orderly transition." no way to predict otherwise. meanwhile no one could say where ghani was. they had no idea our authorities say have no problem finding a middle aged women waving a flag at the capitol building but can't find the president of afghanistan. that doesn't say we're completely in the dark. before kabul fell it was evident ghani was not interested. as taliban seized key territories of afghanistan ghani was trans fixed by a new government payment system slated to roll outt soon.
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even as a cascade of prevential capitols fell ghani appeared distracted. "ghani would want to talk about the digitization of the economy not the dire threat." keep in mind ghani no background in relevant discipline. he was a college professor working at john hopkins. we picked a completely incompetent tool from american then an actual afghan that could run the country. of course we did, tony blinken liked him. people like tony blinken liked him. so the personal behavior reportedly raised red flags with u.s. officials including frank mckenzie, head of central mckenzie was mystified by ghani's behavior. did anyone in the pentagon do anything about it? of course they didn't.
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nothing. they presented everything was fine. they're dumb. the state department didn't reach out to see what he was doing. instead they worked to get other countries to sign a statement to send to the taliban urging them to let americans out of the country. ultimately the statement was signed by militaryas power houss like haiti, democratic of conga. that's what they feel is significant. a stupid document that means nothing. these are children. no one is apologizing for it. they won't even acknowledge screwing up. they're not having a moment of self reflection. why wereav they on the phone wih haiti while citizens were trapped in afghanistan ran by the taliban. they won't explain why they put the safety of american citizens
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in the hands of a president who didn't care enough to stick around. that president,, ghani, is not apologizing. he was trained by the u.s. he has fled claiming to be a hero leaving his country to avoid more bloodshed rather than what he clearly s a coward. his kids, americans of course with u.s. passports living on million dollar properties demanding this country accept as many afghan refugees as possible. his son worked for pete on the presidential campaign. that tells you everything. our brain dead ruling class chose someone just like them. of course they did. suddenly a lot of what we have seen the past 20 years in afghanistan, particularly the last four months makes sense. the experts took trillions of dollars to install people in afghanistan as clue less as they are.
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remember it was in june u.s. intelligence predict the the would remainent intact for six months. as recently as this month they had no evidence the taliban would take overs afghanistan quickly. >> there was nothing that i or anyone else saw that indicated a collapse of this army and this government in eleven days. >> so they believe that. they actually believed it. because the in competence around them repeated it like it was true and they bought it. that is one of the reasons that the pentagon a man donned the air base. which would have been a much easier place to secure than an airport. commercial airport in the capitol city. sent think they would need bagram. they had confidence in ghani. the biden administration apparently turned down the
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taliban's offer and thought they would have far more time than they did. >> on the tactical decision on which is the right airport for an evacuation of course any responsible president would give significant weight to the advice of commanders on the ground. their advice was to close bagram and focus on kabul. >> close bagram and focus on kabul. we did that and now a lot of people are dead. nobody has apologized. if you catch your kid doing something wrong you don't rest until they apologize. this is an essential part of fixing a problem. it's not just practically important. it's spiritually important. admit youpi are wrong. they won't. they don't care what you think.
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so to this moment the only person who has been punished for the terrible decisions, one marine corp officer who criticized the decisions. this can't go on. when leaders refuse to hold themselves accountable overtime people revolt. that happens.we we need to change course immediately and start acknowledging our mistakes. the people who make them have to acknowledge w them or the consequences will be awful. thousands of afghan citizens have arrived to military bases across the united states. they're all translators, right. no, that's why they need translators to communicate. there is evidence the refugees haven't been vetted and they're walking off bases with no supervision at all. that will end well. we have details straight ahead.
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no >> so, our geniuses in washington spent 20 years in
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afghanistan with no clearly defind mission. then they decided to pick a no college professor to run the country, run afghanistan, a guy like him every bit as corrupt as they are in the end. then they get an end to calculate and humiliate the united states. most disastrous exit in 250 years. how can we make this worst? i know,ak let's import rapists. that makes it worst than we have made it. they. have washington times has reported a previously reported rapist has landed at dulles airport in washington. no -- two thousand afghani evacuees are being held. no he hasn't seen a single special immigrant visa holder. all evacuees were free to leave the base when they wanted to. no
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congressman tiffany joins us tonight. congressman, thank you for coming on. thank you for seeing this yourself. tell us whatur you saw. >> so we have seen the debacle in ad began stan. it appearsrs the boyd en administration is doubling down bringing people unvetted into our country. i was at forton mccoy last friday. two thousand evacuees from afghanistan were there. we found none were there one a special immigration visa. they were all there on parole. for our listeners a special immigration visa is a thorough vetting process that takes up two years. the parole authority is granted to the secretary of the department of home land security. he can just wave people in. they have circumvented the siv process.e they're just bringing people in no on parole. the secondas thing, tucker, peoe could leave the base included without the authority of the
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general that is overseeing fort mccoy. >> so we have to islands off the coast. nan tucket and martha's vineyard. i don't think any of these refuges have been moved there. they have been moved to wisconsin, maine. far from the centers of power. is there anything we can do to change that. no why aren't we moving them to the places where people make the decisions live?a. no >> that would be a good idea. what i have suggested. there are afghans that should be able to come into our country. i have talked to service men in my district who say there aree people who should be able to come from afghanistan. some of them have given almost their lives being threatened by the taliban. they should be able to come to the united states. however they're not being vetted thoroughly. they should go to a third, a safe third country light cutter or someplace like that and
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vetted there. no if they get through the vetting they should be able to come in. 84% of the people that in the t first quarter of this year that tried to get an siv in afghanistan, they were rejected. only 16% were able to get in. this has to be a thorough vetting process. the biden administration is circum vetting it. >> they're using a crisis to change the country. they will never lose another election. that's the point as you know. thank you, congressman, for coming on tonight. >> good to be with you, tucker. >> a lot is goingr. on. it's possible you may of missed this from the other day. >> let me say this as parents to, the parents, as you have you have the tools, you have the tools to keep your child safer. two of those tools above all are available to you. one, make sure everyone around your child who can be vaccinated is vaccinated. parents, adults, teens. no
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two, make k shower your child is masked when they leave home. that is how we can best keep our kids safe. >> wait a second. was that joe biden lecturing the rest of us on how to raise our children? yep.p. that is odd, it seems like real estate advice from a homeless man. it's a bit much. a tad presumptuous. a as accustomed as we are to the shameless i sanities of 2021. it's worth pausing for a moment before letting this one pass. here is the response to joe no biden from a radio show host who apparently also has kids. no >> apparently it's good as vice for raising kids as important as
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wearing a mask on the playground we would say. anyone who disagrees with the public health experts is banished from american society and destroyed. one woman says she is not allowed to see her own son. she hasn't accepted the vaccine. meanwhile -- told the truth from day one is permanently kicked off social media. not banned here. he joins us next.
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no no no no 's
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's 's >> if joe biden can lecture you on how to raise your kids anything can happen. maybe he will write a parenting book at some point. we will review it. anything can happen. not long ago vaccine mandates were considered too radical for members of congress.
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no no in april nancy pelosi explained you can't force people to take medicine they don't want this. is america, or it was. no now democrats claim they can no make you do whatever you want. in illinois a judge has ruled a mother can not see a son until she submits to the vaccine. >> he'swe a very sweet boy. he's my whole world. >> you miss him?m? >> i miss him more than anything. h >> rebecca has been divorced for 7 years and shares custody of her 11-year-old son with her husband. a 50/50 split in parenting time. august 5th, cook county judge asked her if she was vaccinated. she told the judge no, she has had bad reactions to vaccines in the past the judge stripped her of her parenting time until she agrees to get vaccinated.
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>> first of all the question to being vaccinated is it's none of your business. if you don't get vaccinated we will take your kid away. stripped her of all of her parenting time. that received television time and the judge reversed his ruling. lots of other things are going on in chicago. a man shot a man in a liquor store for not wearing his mask. the customer wass putting others lives at risk not covering his face so he was shot three times and deserved it. you would think these stories may make people who lectured us about civil liberty he's concerned. no no they're not concerned they're onboard. democrats fantasize about committing violence against political opponents. here is the latest a tweet from arne duncan. barack obama's education --
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>> another words arne duncan says anyone who disagrees is a terrorist and we drone them.on here is the bottom line if arne duncan and others talk like this things get dark really fast. these are disagreements with fellow americans. not terrorists people who disagree with us.. if weit call them terrorists god knows where it's going. -- has been banned from twitter apparently from good. twitter has prevented anyone from reading his posts. he's persistent telling the truth reading the data from day alex's work is still available on substack where his reader ship is increasing every day.
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maybe there are alternatives. alex, thank you for joining us and coming on. no one watching is surprised you have been banned. appalled but not shocked because you have been fearless in truth. the tell us what you were banned foe and tell us the alternatives are turning out to be. >> i don't know what i was banned for i can't get into my account. they told other people i was banned. on saturday if i said look at the vaccines it's more right to call them therapeutic than vaccines and the side effects and dosing in advance that's a decision for people to make op h. own and not something we want to mandate. i think every statement i made in the tweet was totally accurate and defensible. i think if it gets to a jury we will find out what a jury has to
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say about that. twitter has not told me i can't tweet. i can't tweet under my name or should not's account. we know ghost writing is a thing on twitter. as fared as i'm concerned i cant get into my account right now. now twitter has 200 million people, two hundred million daily active users it's a tremendously important active platform. for me to be denied access when i'm getting public health information out there i think is dangerous. i haveet substack. i'm amazed by the response. thousands of people are signing up every day. twitter is much larger of a platform. i think i have a first amendment claim in that twit certificate modern town square. in california where twitter is based there is special protection. there was a interesting ruling by the california supreme court on this issue involving malls. twitter wants to fight in california we will see if it
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works to their advantage or not. there is another issue. twitter has defamed me saying my information is inaccurate. as a result people from vice and other platforms say terrible things about me. that i'm disgraced and putting out false information. twitter is not just one voice on it's site. it's the operator of it's own site. it has a special responsibility not to defame users of the site. it's not just i have a s right o put out information right or wrong. it's that i think the information is right. please join the movement. come to substack. support this fight. >> i hope you sue the crap out of these totalitarians. i hope you do and if you do i hope you come back and tell us how to buy popcorn and watch. >> it's more than that, tucker. people want to be part of this and fund the lawsuit. it's amazing to me. >> i want to fund it. i do. i mean that, alex berenson, i appreciate it.
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>> thank you. >> it turns out the american citizens were not the only thing the biden administration left behind in afghanistan. we armed the taliban to a extent you won't believe. we didn't just leave 1911s left behind. they're one of the most powerfullest armies in the world now. we have details next.
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homelessness, housing, taxes, water, electricity, crime, wildfires. [sfx: bear roar] gavin, you've failed. we have to immediately cut taxes twenty-five percent. fix housing and homelessness. and make life in california affordable again. i'm a businessman, the only cpa running. shouldn't we choose ability this time? do you think john cox will be a better governor than gavin newsom? [sfx: bear roar]
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does a bear sh*t in the woods?
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no >> on it's way out of afghanistan the biden administration left behind a lot of of americans and nearly $90 billion in military equipment. how much is that? only two countries on the planet have a military budget larger china and the united states. the taliban has the best equipped military of it's size in the world. the taliban received more than 22,000 humvees. 50,000 trucks and armored vehicles and a sizable airforce with four c130 transport planes
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dozens of fixed wing aircraft. 350 combat helicopters. the taliban has more black hawks no than many developed nations. soldiers got more than 350,000 american rifles. hand guns and approximately no 61000 heavy machine guns. quite an arsenal ought your expense. a disaster y m obviously. it makes for a striking contrast of this country. at the very moment the white house is arming our new friends the taliban and they're working hard to disarm you. whether it makes the news it's happening. the administration just announced quietly it's banning some of the most commonly purchased ammunition in the united states. this will end intentionally lead to severe shortages in the country. joe biden has said he would like to prevent you from owning the firearms most americans use to defend themselves and their families.
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the efforts are now accelerated. how about that an answer, no. you're not allowed to give more than half a million guns to the taliban, guns we paid for and take our guns away in this country. that's not how it works. shut up and back off. not one more word about gun control from these people until they get back every single rifle. that's the rule. no daniels is running for the no congress from the state of pennsylvania. nono he served in afghanistan where he was nearly killed. no daniels is one of the few people running that seems interesting and sincere. no we spent an hour talking to him today. no here is part of the conversation. no >> if you could describe hell to no somebody that is what it would be like. no no you never knew what was going to happen next. no
10:49 pm
again boredom to near terror in no seconds. no we interacted with locals, the no kids, villagers. the problem is fighting insurgency. no you can't always tell the good guys from the bad guys. no i think that was the most stressful part of being over there. you can't tell who is good, who no is bad. >> you were wounded while there. >> yes, sir. no yes, sir. w >> i think we have video. >> yes. >> of that. no >> yes. >> amazing. you had a helmet cam. >> yes, >> this is you in afghanistan in a fire fight. here we go. no no no no no
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>> i'm hit. no i'm hit. no no >> that's you. >> that's me. >> shocking. no that is shocking video. >> april 20th, 201-2679. >> tell us the context.9. >> we got pinned down. no i actually came out into the no open to draw the fire away from our, from our squad. no started to get torn up with no shrapnel, bullet fragments things that had nature. no the rifle at the last part of no the video you show, a round came into the grenade launcher and that knocked the rifle out of my no hands. >> an ak47 round. >> yes.. no no no i was sliding down and the rifle was in front of my face. no the round hit the 203.
10:51 pm
no no you know, tucker, i, if that rifle was not there at that no second at that moment in front of my face as i got behind the rock iac would of caught one. no i wouldn't be here today. i wouldn't be here. no >> what happened to the rifle that saved your life? no >> well we got back to our no outpost they took the grenade launcher off. no i had the rifle for the rest of the time i was in country. no grenade launcher. no >> you didn't get to frame the grenade launcher. >> no a supply guy has it t somewhere in his collection. >> did you think you were done when you got hit. no no >> hi a talk with god behind that rock. >> i bet. no >> i v had a vision. no no my soldiers coming to tell son that your dad was killed no behind a rock in afghanistan. i said, okay. no
10:52 pm
god, i get it this is it. this is the day you bring me home. no i don't want my son knowing that no i didn't go out fighting. >> ya. >> so the camera actually went dead. no i reallied. i stood up. no i started to work down the hill. no had a round hit the corner of my eye protection. no shot right off of my face. i had another round skip off the side of my helmet. i am returning fire as i'm in the open now, just walking down the hill. no i'm bleeding from my arm, my leg. >> you're a big target. >> not a very fast one either. not.t. >> geez. >> the entire time though tucker -- >> shot your glasses off. >> oh, ya. oh, ya. i accepted death though. i had my peace with god. honestly i haveev never felt moe no at peace in my life than i was
10:53 pm
no walking down thatha mountain. never felt more peace. no >> so daniels goes onto explain no how he got from there to a congressional race in his home no state of pennsylvania and what he plans to do if he makes it to no congress. it's great. that full interview is on no we will be right back. no
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>> as we told you at the opening of the show, the most important turning part of living in america right now is not just that our leaders make mistakes but that there never held accountable for those mistakes where they just go back to the hamptons and laughed about it birds are never fired, they never apologized. in 15 days, the long-suffering state of california will have a chance to hold someone accountable, there governor who so mismanage the state they can't keep filled lights on. wildfires are so bad, and in 15 days, voters in california will be able to recall him. in california, noncitizens can vote, so people who don't live in california vote, it's racist
11:00 pm
to prevent them from voting just because you don't live there. we can say that in 15 days democracy has a chance to work. let's hope it does. we will be back tomorrow and every weeknight. sean hannity takes it away. >>sean: welcome to hannity. today at 3:30 p.m. eastern standard time, one of the most humiliating foreign policy disasters and surrenders in american history, the last american plane took off from the international airport. u.s. forces are now officially outt of the country as are all diplomats, and taliban terrorists are in full control of what they are calling now the islamic emirates of afghanistan. four days ago, 13 brave u.s. men lost their lives guarding that airport great if that's not terrific enough, now


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