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tv   America Reports With John Roberts Sandra Smith  FOX News  August 31, 2021 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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america safer, and we owe all of them a debt of gratitude. >> harris: to the gold star families, i hope you feel the love, the support, the kindness coming from every single fellow american all of us are grateful to you and your sacrifice and for raising amazing family members. here's "america reports." ♪ ♪ >> sandra: god bless our troops indeed. this is a fox news report, awaiting president biden as it is officially over, nearly 20 years after it began. but there are growing questions about what a taliban-controlled afghanistan looks like and what happens to those who have been left behind? hello, everyone. i'm sandra smith in new york. welcome. >> john: good to be with you again. i'm john roberts in washington. this is a picture of major chris donahue, boarding a midnight
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flight out of kabul, last service member. spin on the comes as the administration admits 100-200 americans who wanted out have been left behind. the president promised less than two weeks ago that u.s. troops would stay until every american was out, that did not happen, now the future of those left behind is in the hands of the taliban. >> john: we have this historic day covered for you, bret baier and martha maccallum for a full analysis allying with ari fleischer, michael mccaul, general jack keane and general tell-all. coverage right now, jacqui heinrich at the white house. >> sandra: but we begin with jennifer griffin live from the pentagon. hi, jennifer. to speak of last plane carrying u.s. troops took off at 3:29 yesterday, one minute before midnight local time. president biden's august 31st
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deadline, the top general overseeing the operation admitted some americans and afghans were left behind. >> there is a lot of heartbreak associated with this departure, we did not get everybody out that we wanted to get out, but i think that if we stayed another ten days we would not get everybody out that we wanted to get out and there still would be people disappointed in that. >> here is a bit of background on the major general chris donahue, general of the 82nd airborne division shown in this iconic almost ghostly photoperiod of the last american soldier or to leave after 20 years. working in the pentagon and his fourth deployment to afghanistan leading a delta full squadrons and was head of special operation forces last year. last night secretary of state antony blinken explained who some of these american citizens are who were left behind. >> they are longtime residents in afghanistan who have american
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passports and who are trying to determine whether or not they wanted to leave. many are dual citizen americans with deep roots and extended families in afghanistan who resided there for many years, from any at the painful choice. >> many of the americans left behind our babies with u.s. passports with afghans with green cards in the u.s. those babies were dependent on parents to get them to the airport and many of the green card holders wanted to bring a dozen or so nonamerican family members and the taliban block them. 20 years ago they defeated the taliban, today, sandra they rule afghanistan once again. >> sandra: thank you for your reporting. >> john: set to address the nation this afternoon in the first time since the five u.s. troops left afghanistan yesterday. to the withdrawal marking the end of america's longest war, but also the beginning of new challenges with more than 100
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americans still stuck in afghanistan. jacqui heinrich live from the white house with what we can expect later on. hi. >> the administration has not given us an exact number of how many americans were left behind saying it's between 1-200 which would indicate that the president made the decision to withdraw u.s. troops before really determining the exact number of americans that were left in that country. general kenzie said last night there at least 2,000 hard-core isis spiders in afghanistan. and legitimate concern about hostage situations involving americans or allies with targets on their back. the u.s. embassy put out an alert saying that it extended its operations telling americans to keep a low profile, notify a trusted person of your travel plan and make contingency plans to leave when it is safe to do so that do not rely on u.s. government assistance. the administration insisting that bringing american allies
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out will continue to diplomatic channels, one which could in the future include giving economic and development aid to the taliban. listen. >> there is an important humanitarian assistance that should go directly to the people of afghanistan. they need help with respect to health and food aid and other forms of subsistence. when it comes to the economic and development assistance relationship with the taliban, that will be about the taliban's actions. speak of the president statement last night with international pressure and resolutions from the u.s. security council, asking for free passage. but china and russia did not sign on. the president looking to explain his decision to keep that augus. i will point out that last week the white house pushed back on my reporting from a source briefed on the situation saying there is a certainty that americans will be left behind and they pushed back saying that was not true, but clearly the
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president has broken his promise. he made a couple of times to keep u.s. troops on the ground until every last american was out. we are waiting the words from the president later this afternoon, john. >> john: looks like you had some pretty good sources there, jackie, sandra. >> sandra: let's bring in former national security adviser mike pence, keith kellogg joins us right now, thank you for talking to the viewers throughout this period the fall of afghanistan to the taliban and now the conclusion of the 20-year war. we are starting to get a glimpse of what the president's remarks will be when he begins speaking the short time from now at the white house. his press secretary gave us a glimpse of it with a statement saying the remarks this afternoon, expressing his things to the commanders and service members who who executed a dangerous mission in kabul and lifted 124,000 people to safety and will also offer thanks to the veterans, the volunteers who
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supported this effort. let's start there, general, because it is important we acknowledge all who fought and lost their lives during this long war, and those who are directly involved in the most recent mission to get as many people out of there as possible in the recent weeks. >> yes, sandra, thanks for having me today. it's got wrenching, when i saw chris donahue on the airplane and the picture that you showed, the iconic photo, i hope looked at the arms 82nd years ago and i know what he was feeling because it was a former squad commander as well and he knew that he was leaving people behind. on the remarks today, and i know that the president is going to say that there was a noble effort and the troops we lost over there over the 20 years, the 2,000 plus in the hundreds of thousands we have alluded, but i hope he tells the american people why he got out. what was the reason for it, and i hope he says why we got out on 31 of august before we finish
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the mission of getting every american out of there. i think you see as the days go by that will be a big question, why do we leave a single american still in place? why did we not extend the deadline? it was a self-imposed deadline, the taliban did not create it, they just accepted it. there are some questions that are going to come out and i hope he addresses. those that they have lost in the effort, especially the 13 we lost just a few days ago. >> sandra: secretary blinken did not take questions yesterday afternoon, we don't know if the president well when he speaks, but we will see. as far as your point to him explaining how he went about this decision that ultimately led to 13 dead americans a couple of days ago now, it has been and obviously the millions of dollars of american military
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equipment left in a terrorist organization. jen psaki said that he will end the war in afghanistan after 20 years including the tough decision he made over the last seven months as he took office to bring the war to a close. to your point, general, just how important is this moment to stop and take the american people aside and say, look, this is the detailed explanation. this is the intelligence i received on the ground. if that's how he came to the decision, this is how i made the decision to get out. how important is that this afternoon? >> well, it will be important he explains to the american people. but this is a debacle of international proportions. i mean, we created the deadline and set it. it did not have to be this way. there was another way to do this. going forward, and he did not take that path. he said the date is certain, 31 of august we were going to leave come hell or high water. and he did that.
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and left people behind, which to me is really -- i just can't believe he did that. so he has a lot of explaining to do going forward. here is what he has left behind, a fragmented state, it is basically the wild west on steroids from years ago and it is a well-equipped wild west organization, these people are not jeffersonian democrats. they don't like us, they don't look like us, they don't act like we do. they don't have the same ethical or moral standards that we do so we will have an adversary in there and address of again because i have a bad feeling because what we did we are either going to have to go back in there or fight on the fringes of what is going to come out of there. >> sandra: i hear that the biggest concern and priority would be 100-200 americans left on the ground who wanted to get out to her now left stranded, but there's also the growing threat to the homeland and the security here at home as a result of a taliban that is now
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further emboldened. the president, jen psaki says in the final glimpse from the statement says he, president biden will make clear this afternoon that is present and he will approach the foreign policy through the prism of what is in our national interest including how to best continue to keep the american people safe. i will finish by asking you, general, what is the threat to the homeland to day considering what has taken place over the last two weeks? >> the threats are very multifaceted. to the you are going to have a terrorism threat we will have to accept. out of the middle east they are always does in other places throughout the world because isis and al qaeda have migrated to other places throughout the globe because of our efforts in afghanistan and activities in africa as we go forward. so it's going to come from a married of sources, but we have to be ready for it and react to it. here's the biggest question i've got, does he have the will to really do that?
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to really go after people that are going to do something? he has proven that he has not done that. this is the guy who stabbed in the situation room is vice president of the united states with a decision being made to go after usama bin laden and pakistan, he was the one that said let's not go, so i'm not really convinced of the track record of having the will to go after these people wherever they are at. i will tell you for a fact, president trump did. if you do not believe me? try to call soul money or baghdadi, you will get a disconnected number. >> sandra: we appreciate when you join us. thank you, sir. the general shares have very similar point that jack keane has made with us before, we had the capability, he said all along that we have the capability to get every last american off the ground, but do we have the will? and now to general kellogg's point, we are capable of defending the homeland and capable of doing what it takes, but does the president have the will to do that?
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i think that's a question we will certainly learn over the days and weeks that come. speak to you also wonder whether they had the capabilities to do it, the pentagon and other assets in the administration looking at their horizon capability which we do have with the assets on the ground to hide in afghanistan, can you truly know and be able to address what is going on? >> sandra: those are big questions, maybe we'll hear from the president on it this afternoon, john. >> john: i don't think so, but we will see. president biden set to address the nation after outrage grows for the allies that did not escape now stranded in that country with the taliban taking over at the kabul airport and everything else. will we hear a plan to save those left behind. press secretary ari fleischer will weigh in on that just ahead. >> sandra: looking forward to that and rescue crews coming to help people trapped in rat addicts and rooftops as a result
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of heavy flooding from hurricane ida. in the ground -- on the ground in new orleans where power is still out for millions in that city. that next period >> the water was flowing so fast and it started coming underneath the baseboards. and before you kno it, it was 3. i just thank god we survived. ♪ ♪ ♪ ayy, ayy, ayy ♪ ♪ yeah, we fancy like applebee's on a date night ♪ ♪ got that bourbon street steak with the oreo shake ♪ ♪ get some whipped cream on the top too ♪ ♪ two straws, one check, girl, i got you ♪ ♪ bougie like natty in the styrofoam ♪ ♪ squeak-squeakin' in the truck bed all the way home ♪ ♪ some alabama-jamma, she my dixieland delight ♪ ♪ ayy, that's how we do, ♪ ♪ how we do, fancy like, oh ♪
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>> sandra: fox news alert, more than a million louisiana residents are still without power after hurricane ida ravitch the region, john edwards says that it could last for weeks. as new orleans and the rest of the region faces a heat advisory. live in new orleans for us, with the latest on the ground, the timeline for getting at least
10:19 am
some of the power back on? >> hopeful estimates would be 5-10 days, sandra, but that was yesterday. now how to do some surveys, it is weeks until we expect power to return, and that's a concern, they heat advisory, right now 9e continues to linger. we talk about the humidity and the impact feels like temperatures near the triple digits and now concerned when people can't cool off because of the power outages. we do have the navy here, just stationed outside of new orleans, a small town behind me. the boats are sitting in the parking spots, this crew is not doing any water rescues for today because the water is starting to recede. that is a good thing and also allows the survey crews to get out and get better estimates on what we can start to replenish the power and notice on the background the gas as well, without any kind of gas. we moved in from lafayette this morning about 60 or 70 miles
10:20 am
away and even gas they are starting to run out. so want to show you right here, we have some volunteers with the navy and said, where did you get your gas? they had stocked up right before the storm system, so they had huge canisters that they plan on being out here for weeks. when we described the ride we have in. notice the roadway in the distance, those power lines are laying flat. look at the bottom. they are splintered and hammered to the ground. so this is because of the brutal wind impact from hurricane ida as it came in with their hurricane-force winds, 130 miles per hour, yes, some rainfall in this area, but it was the wind impact that truly is decimating this region and something we are continuing to see as we move around from different neighborhoods are these trees are starting to fall in people's homes as well, so the concern is not only how fast can we get the power back on, how can we get to portable water to the community
10:21 am
as and when can we get the gas as well? this will be a long road to recovery, sandra. >> sandra: also how many people do we know are still stranded in the floodwaters? >> i was asking this occasion navy crew they said in this area they don't have anybody stranded, but just to the north of us, they still have people stranded. there is a cajun navy crew that is trying to get in there and unsuccessful today but that's why they have docked their boats here. if they were successful they would've gotten their boats to help out, but now it's up to the coast guard with helicopters to try to rescue those still stranded. we will have more updates throughout the day. back to you, sandra. >> sandra: those are heroes that go in there to help so many after the aftermath of the storms and hurricanes. thank you for joining us. we will check back in soon. that is steve spender, watch one fox whether launches in october he is part of the new team.
10:22 am
great to have the onboard. >> john: the occasion navy knows how to get it done as does the weather team, we are awaiting the remarks from president biden as afghanistan begins a new era under the rule of taliban. the last u.s. troops leaving yesterday, our next guest worked at the white house when the u.s. first entered afghanistan in october 2001. ari fleischer was the white house press secretary during the george w. bush administration and joins us now. you would think ending a 20-year-long war which is america's longest war. on one end would be a good thing, but then on the other hand there is the consideration of who and what we left behind. >> you would think ending the 20-year war would feel good. i don't know anybody in the united states who feels good about where we are today in afghanistan. in the last seven weeks we had a president who assured the nation that it was highly unlikely that those taliban would run control of afghanistan, to today where
10:23 am
they control afghanistan. anywhere in the briefing room, john roberts in october of 2001 when it took about two months to wrap the taliban from the control of afghanistan. and today to hear that they are in charge is just a stinking sickening feeling in my gut to hear that the taliban runs afghanistan. >> john: let me take you back to that day for just a second, there has been a point made that the bush administration did not accept the conditional surrender of the taliban back then, and if it had, would things be different today? what you say about that? >> i don't think it would've been different today if they accepted that, the mission was to route those who harbor terrorists and to send a single that if you harbor a terrorist, you are as guilty as a terrorist and that was called at the world needed to hear and they responded to in 2001. i will say that the mission got bogged down. there were a lot more complications after the route of the taliban that we anticipated in the last four
10:24 am
administrations. so is there a case to be made that the troops should have or could have been withdrawn? i'm open minded to an argument that we could've stayed with a very limited number of troops. the president got tired of taking that message, but the point where joe biden is that if he had the country on the side to withdraw the troops, why did he not do it right? why did he not do it well? when i hear that we have evacuated 125,000 people, that's nothing to brag about, it's because we abandon 125,000 people who required evacuation. a proper withdrawal would have allowed in the last several months for them to take commercial flights out of the airport through american porters and american protection, that did not have been. that's why this is such a major evacuation. >> john: started by saying who and what we left behind, antony blinken acknowledge that there are a number of people who did not get out. listen here. >> we believe that there are still a small number of americans, under 200, might be
10:25 am
closer to 100 who remain in afghanistan and want to leave, we are trying to determine exactly how many, we will keep working to help. our commitment to them has no deadline. >> john: we still don't know how many americans are left in afghanistan, jennifer griffin suggesting that many could be infant children born to legal residents when they were here in the united states. how do you get them out? the state department, the white house as we have leverage over the taliban, do we really? >> first and foremost, president biden promised us we would and then he walked away from that promise, so the question of how we get them out really needs to be addressed to the president and he needs to address it in his remarks today, at least i hope he does. getting them out is going to depend on the mercy of the taliban, have commercial flights leave with afghans will depend on taliban, everything in afghanistan is now up to taliban
10:26 am
and no longer right or wrong, it's up to power in the taliban hold the power. >> john: in terms of what we left behind, this is what we gave to the afghan military, much of which is still in existence, 33 black hawk helicopters, 22,174 armored humvees and 358,500 rifles. if you are trying to create an army, that's a pretty good start. >> yeah, we are kind of the defense contractor of the taliban, aren't we? this is where i missed donald trump, when i hear him say that he would've blown to smithereens any of our equipment left behind, you know what, i believe him. and i think that the taliban believe that too, that's why they feared him. does anybody fear joe biden? does anybody think that he would take whatever action is necessary to destroy that equipment? and the answer is no. and this is where america finds
10:27 am
itself in the world right now. and the president speaks, he needs to be very careful not to take a victory lap and find that medium point about being glad that he ended the war which will be his phony words, we have not ended the war, it's now fought by other people, without taking a victory lap and i don't know how he acknowledges all the mistakes that were made on the problems that are now resulted on the ground in afghanistan including a gigantic armed taliban terrorist force. >> john: we will find out what he has to say in about an hour and 20 minutes or show won so. we have more to talk to you about. thanks, we will see you soon. >> sounds good, talk to you then. >> john: one of the things we want to talk to them about is what happened during that dignified transfer at dover air force base when president biden seemed to have a pension for looking at his watch as the caskets were coming off of the aircraft coming to see him do it. apparently not just once, but multiple times, sandra.
10:28 am
>> sandra: a lot of people have decided how they feel about that and veterans with some harsh reaction to seeing that. "the new york post" covered at this morning taking it on with this headline, dishonor photographing the president and the first lady with the president looking at his watch as the caskets come home and also obviously those americans left abandoned as the last five planes not carrying any americans back home. >> john: we will hear from some of the newest gold star family is about it as well that were not too happy. >> and all that coming up, the longest war is over, the taliban now control afghanistan, but with some americans, between 100-200 stranded there wanting to get out of the country, the white house is done, but what is congress doing about it? peter meijer, remember he made the trip, he will join us live next. ♪ ♪
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>> john: waiting to hear from president biden coming up in the next hour after handing over afghanistan to the taliban, trey yingst has the latest, live in doha, qatar where the united states will conduct operations after leaving afghanistan. doing it by remote control? >> john, good afternoon, a developing human demand humanitarian crisis following the withdraw from afghanistan that could see half a million ae on foot to neighboring countries in the coming weeks. the refugee express overnight about access to water and food, basically saying that the americans gone, and these problems will not be as visible to the international community. despite the challenges the united nations are committed to continue operations inside taliban controlled afghanistan as the world health organization said it delivered its first batch of medical supplies to the country since the taliban took over. international bodies will have to work directly with the group
10:34 am
to display the flow of aid. also external humanitarian issues as thousands continue to flee the country by foot to neighboring pakistan and iran, full independence over the country and has control of the airport in kabul, gunfire was heard and seen throughout the afghan capital is the group celebrated what they are declaring as a victory. images from earlier this morning showed taliban air fighters were walking next to u.s. equipment. there is some hope on the horizon, we know that they committed this morning when they spoke to local press about reopening the airfield and actually starting civilian flights again, they may need the help of turkey to do so, but if they are able to reopen the airport it could mean good news for the americans currently trapped inside the country. >> john: i'm sure they want to get out, the snapshot of what is happening in the country, the state department, travel advisory came out four years ago, do not travel due to civil
10:35 am
unrest, terrorism, kidnapping, and covid-19, travel to all areas of afghanistan is unsafe. that sums it up. trey yingst, and doha, qatar, thank you. >> sandra: 200 americans that wanted out or stranded in afghanistan according to state to secretary of state blinken, it is a country now taken over by the taliban, a terrorist organization. what is congress' plan to bring those americans home? joining us peter meijer who served in the army reserves and travel to kabul recently with democrat massachusetts congressman seth moulton. he made a lot of headlines for that unsanctioned trip, democrats came after you saying you wasted resources and should've been known by other members of congress, i will ask you about that and just a second, but you saw the situation on the ground firsthand and you know where we are today, what can congress do? and what is congress doing about those stranded americans? we are told there is between
10:36 am
100-200 of them? >> keeping the pressure up, making clear no matter how many victory laps they want to take in speeches or how they want to spend this, we have americans who were left behind and we have loyal afghan allies left behind. we have an obligation to get them to safety. the challenge here is that it is going to require a lot of creativity, it's going to require a lot of diplomacy, i am curious to see the armed forces working to reopen the airport, but we need to make sure that we are not losing sight of those we have left behind. >> sandra: just brutal to think about the fear of those americans have all they are on the ground with the taliban now in complete control, here's your colleague mike gallagher on this bill that is now being introduced by house armed services g.o.p. members to do something about it. listen. >> we are going to reintroduce the bill that starts with a simple goal sense of congress than americans do not leave american citizens behind in
10:37 am
afghanistan, trapped behind enemy lines. it also requires an evacuation plan from the administration, and clear reporting on the numbers of americans left there and a report with many agreements with the taliban and a report on the status of any equipment classified material we abandoned in afghanistan. >> sandra: how confident are you that something will be done to get these people out of there? we know that there are many in harm's way in this moment, high-risk of the taliban could come at any moment. obviously this is the day, the plan day of the full evacuation, we know that the troops are all gone as of yesterday and we know that there is bipartisan concern about how this happened. we know that you made that trip over there was seth moulton. is there enough support to ban together and get those americans out? >> i sure hope so, we have seen a significant number of folks on both sides of the aisle who are
10:38 am
furious and frustrated with the way that the biden administration has handled this. again, there were many opinions on the withdrawal. i was supportive of a withdrawal, but when it comes to judging the execution, there are very few folks who say that the biden administration handle this well and the fact that we have to continue to go back and continue to focus on getting all of our american citizens and all of our loyal afghan allies out, this is something that is our mission today. again, this mission is not over. we may have no american troops on the ground, but we still have a mission to complete. we still have a responsibility, and our officers are all working tirelessly in communication with these folks on the ground, american citizens and our interpreters, and we are working every angle we can. but frankly we're not waiting for the biden administration to come up with a plan, we are working on our own. >> nancy pelosi slam to you freelance afghanistan trip, her
10:39 am
words and called it deadly serious what you did. why did you do it? what did you see when you traveled there? >> quite simply we were not getting the truth from the administration, information that was inaccurate, outdated and downright deceptive. i have a responsibility to my constituents in my oversight, responsibility as a member of congress to understand what is going on. congressman and i have served with military in iraq and also had been in afghanistan and civilian capacities and strong networks on the ground at the airport, so we could get and then get out with minimal use of resources and without taking away from the broader effort, and there are stories that need to be told, lessons learned that we need to make sure we apply in the future, you never should be in a position of putting our men and women of the military and such a vulnerable and precarious spot as they were at that airport. this is not just something we can leave behind and focus on domestic priority. we have an ongoing mission to rescue the use that we left
10:40 am
behind and we have to maintain and we have an obligation to all who served in afghanistan to make sure that we learn and apply all of the lessons we can for not just the past two weeks, but for the past two decades of this war. >> sandra: i have to leave it there, just a couple of seconds left, you have been adamant about calling some to resign in the wake of this decision and how the evacuation was executed, we have not seen that happen. are you surprised by that? >> to be honest i thought that we would start to see that today, i hope those individuals who understand the mistake they made have the honor to do the right thing. >> sandra: appreciate your time this afternoon, thank you. >> john: the military pullout from afghanistan may be complete, but some brave former service members are still working to help our allies and americans who continue to be stranded in afghanistan, now under taliban rule. one of the veterans involved in that effort joins us straight ahead. >> sandra: over 100,000 evacuees have fled afghanistan,
10:41 am
so how will the u.s. government handle vetting this massive amount of refugees? we have an exclusive look at that next. ♪ ♪ tworefi is the lowest in their history. two and quarter percent, just 2.48 apr. save thousands a year. age is just a number. and mine's unlisted. try boost® high protein with 20 grams of protein for muscle health. versus 16 grams in ensure high protein. boost® high protein also has key nutrients for immune support. boost® high protein. the tempur-pedic breeze makes sleep feel cool. because the tempur-breeze transfers heat away from your body... so you feel cool, night after night. don't miss our best offer of the year, with savings up to $700 on adjustable mattress sets.
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oh, oh, oh, ozempic®! you may pay as little as $25 for a 3-month prescription. >> john: the last evacuation flight may have left it afghanistan, but for some of the veterans the mission is far from over a period of the guest worked with generals kristol and petrus and afghanistan and now a part of task force pineapple, dedicated to helping afghan allies and american citizens escape the country. formerly the u.s. assistant secretary of defense and special forces. it's great to see you, we should point out for the folks at home the task force pineapple started out as an effort to help former afghan commander who received death threats from the taliban to escape the country and then ballooned to getting more than 1,000 people out of the country, did you get out everybody who you wanted to get out? >> john, thanks for the chance
10:46 am
to join them. let me recognize the extraordinary heroism and service of our paratroopers, marines, special operators who just completed an incredibly difficult mission under incredibly difficult circumstances, they do not complete the mission, the decision to pull them out before the mission was completed, getting all americans, green card holders and all the tens of thousands of afghans who helped us. we have to honor the promise to get them to safety. i am humbled to be associated with task force pineapple, but the credit goes to some extraordinary former special operators, like scott man, green beret and afghanistan, and took off lead, and thanks for giving them some time off to get to work and leverage their networks and bring these people out, and when the airfield closed, it shifted recovery and we set operations, but the mission continues for every american out safely and every green card holder and afghan who risk their lives to support americans and whose lives are now at risk of safety.
10:47 am
>> john: more than 1,000 people out, who do you believe are left and who are they? >> we think there are at least a couple of american citizens, but with the special immigrant visas and a lot of them with things pending. and who are alive at risk, we want the promise to get them out to safety. and we have groups like task force pineapple and others who stood up to fill the gaps of the government is not serving, but hopefully filling those gaps soon and to the mission continues not able to point fingers, and at risk now the time is to mobilize all the resources we have for getting these supporters out to safety. >> john: how difficult do you think will be to get those people out now that the u.s. military has left in the taliban is in full control of the entire country. >> it's a lot more difficult, we
10:48 am
need to rely on more than just the debris volunteer american veterans. we are going to need to support the region in the central age. and leaning forward to allow the use displace personnel at risk to move forward, we need the diplomatic efforts to bring to bear the contra sections to bring the paperwork and make sure they can get to safety and get and move forward to areas where their lives are not at risk. >> john: how urgent is the need to get these people out? what are you feeling for them now that the taliban has taken control? we heard reports of the associated press, laura logan reporting reprisals by the taliban. >> i was speaking with some afghans this morning i'm trying to help get out with task force pineapple. i think yes, the taliban will allow safe passage, but the track record does not give us reason for optimism even if the
10:49 am
leadership wants a passage, down at the lower levels, these were just terrorists fighting against a brutal insurgency just a couple of weeks ago, so to be expecting them to avoid their reprisal is a little bit optimistic. time is ticking, lives are at risk, and the taliban will show their true colors and we need to get everyone out as fast as we can and with all the support of the allies and partners and our government agencies, it is possible. >> john: thank you for taking time away from the urgent work you are engaged in to talk to us, we will let you get back and thinks forgetting those people out. >> sandra: on both sides of the aisle demanding the biden administration take responsibility for the botched withdrawal. mike mccaul, the top republican on the house foreign affairs committee will weigh in on how congress plans to hold the white house accountable. he will join us next hour.
10:50 am
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i'm a businessman, the only cpa running. shouldn't we choose ability this time? do you think john cox will be a better governor than gavin newsom? [sfx: bear roar] does a bear sh*t in the woods? >> sandra: tens of thousands of afghan refugees were evacuated from kabul over the last couple of weeks and some being held at military bases around the world waiting to be allowed into the united states. fox news with an inside look at the vetting process that is taking place to bring them here. senior correspondents greg palkot live near one of those bases in germany with the
10:54 am
latest on that. we are all curious how this is going to happen. >> absolutely, sandra, flights might be finished out of afghanistan right now, out of kabul, but the humanitarian evacuation through this massive air base where we are continues. overflights have evacuated, the other basis, many more leaving for the states. some 13,000 refugees are there being screened and vetted by a state department team if they don't check out, they are held back. at some of them told us they have been here over a week. meanwhile, following last week's attack in kabul which left 13 service members dead, we learned about the role played by another facility nearby. take a look. >> all service members injured in the terror attack last thursday were met back here to
10:55 am
the huge u.s. military hospital in germany. many were in serious condition. they were treated with urgency and with care. we have learned that some of the 20 marines and kicked others were close to death, several needed emergency operations, most were young like those killed, some were women like those killed all were stabilized and listen to the hospital's chief in the head of nursing? >> we trained for this every day. we wear the uniform exactly for this circumstance, it is why we all, this health care team raised our right hand, we feel the calling to serve when our nation's finest need us >> they can go out and do what their country is asking them to do because we have their back. so yeah, it gets you a little choked up. >> gets you a little choked up,
10:56 am
sandra, the finishing line two this is that all of those service members recovered enough to be flown back to walter reed medical center. back to you. >> sandra: greg palkot, thank you. >> john: still awaiting the first address to the nation after ending the longest war after 20 years, and to those that were left behind in afghanistan and questions remain over whether the country will once again become a hotbed for terrorists. jack keane will join us with his thoughts on that i don't miss an all-star lineup in the next hour coming up. ♪ ♪ we called and we got $58,80. newday lets you borrow 100% of your home's value. i called and got $54,200. near record low rates means lower payments. turn your equity into cash with the newday 100 va cash out loan.
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11:01 am
hour right now, i'm sandra -- sandra smith in new york, good to be with you as well, john. phil stranded here in the country despite president biden promising to stay until every last one of them has been evacuated. >> john: in complete control the horrifying reports increased by the day including word that militants are going house to house executing people. >> sandra: we have complete coverage as we await the president a short time from now, our team standing by from washington to germany to the middle east. >> john: general jack keane will join us in a moment. let's bring in special report anchor bret baier, flashing back to august 18th, here is what president biden said. >> the commitment holds to get everyone out that we can get out and everyone that should come out. and that's the objective, that's what we are doing now, that's the path we are on. and i think we will get there. >> and then just jen psaki
11:02 am
burress told the question suggesting it was irresponsible to say that, now there are definitely people stranded in afghanistan. >> there are and it is amazing to see the individual efforts of private groups going to rescue these folks, let alone the thousands of other afghans who have helped the u.s. over the years. "the wall street journal" has this amazing piece about this interpreter who in 2008 saves senator joe biden, senator chuck hagel, and senator john kerry after the black hawk goes down in the mountains in the snowy area of afghanistan, this interpreter is trapped there and is pleading with president biden to help him and others like him get out, it is a dire situation, and i think, john, unfortunately we will see the real taliban show up in just a few days. >> john: what you expect him to say this afternoon? the white house and the pentagon, suggesting we continue to have leverage with the
11:03 am
taliban to get out the americans that want to get out, but as we saw before, once they shut the gates on the country, it's pretty hard to get in. >> very hard, and i think he is going to say that they will put diplomatic pressure and that the taliban once recognition and the money and the trade, but that just goes and flies in the face of what we know about them in the past, i also think that he has some empathy to a midtier because of the lives lost. you saw this reporting of the families who met with him who described him as bristling sometimes at talk of each individual marine, obviously the image of him looking at his watch or his wrist or whatever he was looking at did not sit well with those families either, so they will probably have a lot of the speech that he tries to get in as well. >> john: when it comes to responsibility for everything that has happened in the last three weeks, president biden has said that some of it is his
11:04 am
responsibility. listen to how he put it. >> i am president of the united states of america, and the buck stops with me. >> john: he says the buck stops with him, but he says as you all know my predecessor left us with a deadline that we had to adhere to them push that back to the end of august, but my hands were really tight in all of this by a bad deal by donald trump. >> it does not hold up, we have gone through the deal and the conditions aspects of it, that does not hold up. he also did not speak yesterday, the day when it all came to a head, the fact that we heard from general mckenzie, and in the secretary of state late in the evening after our show was ending was really striking, a paper statement from president biden on this historic day when there are still americans on the ground, and outcome of the speech has a lot to deliver four. >> john: "the new york post" was reporting that dozens
11:05 am
retired generals and admirals under the heading of flight officers for america and the chairman of the joint chief of staff to resign. i don't expect that they are going to get the head that they are looking for there, but the fact that there were so much distention of the former ranks is an indication that there are a lot of military people who are looking at us and saying despite the amazing efforts of the u.s. military to airlift more than 100,000 people out, this did not go like it should have. >> no, and the fact that there have not been resignations, the fact that there have not been firing scum of the fact that the only person who has really paid the price is a marine who spoke up about the chain of command and the problems that they have had is really striking. and obviously, the 13 who died in those families that are dealing with the loss, it's amazing to see, but i don't think we are done with this, i think that we will get to a point where capitol hill steps in and some hearings lead to other things. >> john: they have to get to work for that, we will see. it's always good to see you, we will see you tonight at 6:00.
11:06 am
>> sandra: fox news alert as was just mentioned, bran's story, top of the hour from the exclusive reporting of "the wall street journal," and afghan interpreter who helped to rescue then senator joe biden back in 2008 along with two other lawmakers stranded in the remote part of afghanistan is now asking the president to save him. the man going only by a mohammed to disguise his name for now tells "the wall street journal" that he and his family including four children are hiding from the tallow ban and are stuck in the country. they are just some of the countless men, women, and children who have been left behind in this evacuation. let's bring in the four-star general, fox news senior analyst jack keane. thank you for joining us, we are just getting a glimpse of this exclusive reporting from "the wall street journal," we all remember that trip, because president biden, then candidate joe biden back in 2008 mentioned it many times to show the
11:07 am
foreign policy chops, the helicopter in the mountains, the interpreters tells a story about how you went in to save them when they were stranded, and he is now telling the president, don't forget about me and my family here, that is remarkable, general. >> yeah, well, tragically actually tens of thousands of stories like that to that are still out there, one of the things that i find really disturbing is how the administration is attempting to minimize the number of american citizens that we left behind. and also talk about, well, they are so many citizens because of their deep family ties do not want to come out, we are not talking about american citizens who do not want to come out. they have already made that decision and they largely have made that decision a couple of weeks ago. we are talking about here is the hundreds of american citizens, many of us who have been working
11:08 am
with the different groups to try to get them out over the last week or so and we know from anecdotal evidence dealing with these people that there are hundreds that are still left, not possibly 200 or maybe around 100 or even less than that, the administration please stop minimizing this. the other thing is our afghan partners, we know that there are tens of thousands of those that are out there and as you are reporting, this systematic killing of them has already begun. it has been going on now for over a week, and that has been going on while the united states was still present. you can imagine what is going to happen now that we are gone. going to be put on acceleration. and to those american citizens, i mean, one of the fundamental concerns i have is not just the taliban who are promising to work with the administration, and i hate the idea that we are giving them any kind of political legitimacy, because
11:09 am
they absolutely don't deserve it. this is a terrorist organization that is taken over afghanistan and enabled 9/11. but the reality is that isis is out there and they have operating cells in kabul. what is to stop them from taking hostages of american citizens? this is a very fluid and a very dangerous situation we are on. i personally believe i have no frame of reference for this in my entire public service in the way that i've tried to help public service as a retired general officer. it is a national disgrace to walk away. you can talk about it anyway you want, 126,000, good thing, very positive thing, yes, that is very commendable, but it is a stain on the national honor to walk away from others and you can't -- there's no way you can rationalize or justify that. the mission was to get the americans out. the troops where they are to that would take place at their
11:10 am
personal risk, that the mission was to get her americans out and the afghan partners out and we failed to complete the mission. it's that simple. >> sandra: we failed to get them out, now congress is trying to do this. we had a republican congressman that went to kabul along with the democrats that that field there needs to be some serious oversight here. how this all played out and we worry about protecting the homeland, general, to go back to the story, this is just coming out exclusively, he was 36 years old as an interpreter for the u.s. army back in 2008 when he went in and helped, it was joe biden at the time, and john kerry and chuck habel, apparently why mohammed could not get his family and four children off the ground to your point, they are so many stories like this, he says his visa application became stuck after the defense contractor who worked for a loss the records you needed his application.
11:11 am
then the taliban seized kabul august 15th and like thousands of others he tried his luck and tried to get to the airport gates where he was rebuffed by u.s. forces he said that he could get in, they told him, but not his wife and children. general jack keane if i could finish off with one question to you as we are about to hear from the president, and jen psaki giving some guidelines on what we will see and hear from the president, what does the president have to say to those women and children who so many of them, they made such great progress for so many years, for two decades they tried to build a better life for themselves, i am just curious, how he addresses them if he addresses them and those left behind? final thoughts. automatic >> i don't know if you will address that at all. i mean, there has been a certain amount of callous indifference to the suffering that is taken place in afghanistan as a result
11:12 am
of our decisions to pull out and how he pulled out, so exacerbated all of that. i think that the speech is likely a justification of his original decision to get out and he may present another false choice bringing back thousands of u.s. soldiers to be engaged in a much larger war than what we were involved in with just 2500 people having a stalemate in afghanistan, so a safe haven has not formed. i think that he will distort that as he has done in the past, and certainly will applaud the commendable effort of getting 126,000 people out, and he will rationalize that we are still committed to getting our american citizens out and the afghan partners, but we are resourcing that to the taliban to make that happen. and we can't execute that mission unless we have taliban compliance and also the fact
11:13 am
that isis stays out of the way of all of that. i think that's largely what this is about to. he is trying to wrap this up and put a bow on it. but this is not going to go away. you have seen the surveys. i've never seen surveys like this since 9/11 where in the american people, 86-87, 88%, depending on their affiliation, fundamentally disagree with the biden administration leaving american citizens and afghan partners behind. that is staggering rejection of the president's decision, and the american people know that if we stay longer, our troops would be at risk, but they also recognize that we don't leave americans behind. we don't do that. yes, there will be a rationalization of that. >> sandra: and we will hear from the president, short time from now, this is the picture of "the wall street journal" put up of that reporting, exclusive reporting that they just put up about an hour ago that this was a picture of the president, then
11:14 am
senator biden on that trip to afghanistan when the chopper went down in the mountain and that interpreter are now going by mohammed came to his rescue and now he is pleading with the president to help get him and his family out. the white house official by the way, the comment to "the wall street journal" in that story, they don't discuss individual cases for confidential reasons. jen psaki will be holding a press briefing after the president's speech and will likely be pressed on that. it general jack keane, good to get your thoughts in your analysis, thank you, sir. >> thank you. spin on john, i want to put this up on the screen, jen psaki saying that the president will express his thanks to the commander service members who executed the dangerous mission and kabul airlifting 124,000 people to safety and also offer thanks to the veterans and volunteers who supported the effort and goes on to say that he will lay out his decision to end the war in afghanistan after two decades including the tough decisions he made over the last seven months since he took
11:15 am
office to bring the war to a close. she says he will make clear as president he will approach the foreign policy through the prism of what is in our national interest including how best to continue to keep the american people safe. we will hear from the president soon. >> john: can we put that photo backup on the screen for just a second? as the president is considering what he is going to say this afternoon, don't forget that time back in 2008 when the u.n. chuck hagel on the left and john kerry were stranded in the mountains of afghanistan and the man in that photo came to your rescue and now he is stranded, stranded in afghanistan and begging for the president to help him get out. he helped the president when the president was stranded, now asking for reciprocation. >> sandra: he said save me and my family, do not forget me here. that is remarkable, john, that he is one of many behind. >> john: may be we will hear
11:16 am
about him this afternoon, i don't think so. fox news alert and what is left of hurricane ida heading for the mid-atlantic, a one-two punch for tennessee that was still cleaning up from last week's deadly flooding. charles watson live in waverly, tennessee, with the latest. you know, charles, they had it so bad a week ago and now they are getting it again. >> yes, that's right, john, we have the rainfall here, it has been coming down pretty consistently throughout the morning and afternoon. as the residence -- remanence of her can either make its way through tennessee. and there are people on edge wondering what the storm system will bring after that catastrophic flooding they went through last week. you look and understand why there is the concern. they have their piles of debris with peoples items in there. bicycle, clothing, stoves,
11:17 am
bathtubs. their homes like this that have been completely gutted by the flooding. and then there are large products like this, this vote back here, and this home that was lifted off of its foundation and swept away and still sits where it landed more than a week after that flooding. all of this is what is left over and what folks have to clean up after a storm system dropped up to 17 inches of rain on some areas in central tennessee, that record rainfall causing a tidal wave of water to rush through this area that killed more than a dozen people a little more than a week ago. now officials are not expecting that record rainfall today, but they are taking some precautionary measures to make sure everyone is safe, they are giving out free targeting, they want folks to cover up any open structures and make sure that the rain that is coming down does not cause any more of that
11:18 am
extensive damage we have been seeing out here. the tarpon will also act as a defense in case any gusty winds blow through here, so there is no debris flying around and hurting anyone. we have seen the national guard on the ground. we had a truck drive past us a few moments ago that have been checking the crease right here behind us making sure that the water is not rushing up quickly so it is not spilling over. they have also been making sure that the water waves have been clear so they do not see the flooding out here, john. >> john: i cannot imagine having gone through what they went through in the past couple of weeks and then looking at all of this again. charles watson for us. thank you. >> sandra: much more ahead as we await the president, first remarks as the u.s. troops took off from kabul. >> john: martha maccallum up next on what americans want to hear from their president.
11:19 am
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>> sandra: awaiting remarks from president biden on the conclusion of america's longest war after 20 years, trillions of dollars in american lives, the united states is out of afghanistan, the taliban in control of the country after a chaotic withdrawal what do they expect to hear from the president, martha maccallum joining us now, anchor of "the story. the fact is we have left americans behind in the country, secretary of state lincoln estimating between 100-200 americans left behind, exactly what the president promised he would not do if they were still there, we would stay and get them out. that did not happen. >> i think that will be the focus for a lot of people, sandra, i doubt that that will be the focus of what we hear from the president in a short time from now. there has obviously been an effort to end this in a better
11:25 am
way then it began or in a better way than we saw play out over the last ten days. there is a lot of attention to the number. 122,000 that were airlifted out. i think it will hear president biden talk really about the success of the people on the ground in terms of getting them out and i think that everybody agrees that that is a success. i do not think that you will hear him focus too much on people like mohammed who you all have just been talking about in "the wall street journal" story. and the stunning -- the stunning reality of this story, right? and you know, the rescue of stranded senators. i think that there is a lot of meaning in that, right? oh it's only meant the rescue of stranded senators, and foul on one of these missions in afghanistan, doing their thing, going into the scene, going into the battle area and they are
11:26 am
helped by a 36-year-old interpreter. so this interpreter reaches out and says, now i need your help to the stranded senators, one of whom is now the president in the united states, and i think that this story really touches on what is so disturbing to so many people, because we as a country stand for something, we don't leave americans behind. we don't leave those who literally put on our black jackets and our uniforms and fight alongside us that behind. so i think that you will hear a lot of focus on the good work that was done by the military. i think they will hear a lot of focus on the fact that the war is over. there is no doubt that the end forever war was a poll tested positively during the last election. we know that president trump wanted to leave and said it would've been done under very different terms and circumstances, i think a lot of attention will be paid to what he said this morning about the way that he would've done this and the conditions that needed to be in place. we will talk to former secretary mike pompeo coming up in the next hour about that as well,
11:27 am
but you have to look at the way that president biden has carried this out, and these issues and problems and people are not going to go away. but i am expecting a fairly short statement by the president of the united states. we have artie been told that right after he has done and we don't expect any questions to be answered by the president, we will see what happens, but that jen psaki will come out right after that and she will be the one who answers questions, and then i think this administration is going to try to put this behind them as quickly as they possibly can. whether or not the circumstances on the ground are going to allow that to happen, we will see. but when you look at this video, to everybody at home, this is people, the taliban members in the u.s. military uniforms walking into our hanger and getting into our planes and sitting in them. i think that there are so many questions about the leadership, no one doubts the incredible commitment of our armed forces and men and women on the ground. they made the biggest sacrifice that a human being can make over
11:28 am
the last several days. and i think that there is a lot of attention paid to that. i will speak to the sister of rylee mccollum from wyoming today. but when you look at these scenes of them climbing into our equipment, climbing into our military gear, i don't think that it has much meaning for people as we heard from general mckenzie yesterday that those have been disabled. i think that the symbolism of that is so potent and strong that it is deeply disturbing americans for some time. >> sandra: i don't think that we can hammer enough on this story, because the white house is going to have to speak to this. if you put that picture back up there of then senator joe biden in 2008, the rescue mission where mohammed came to the rescue of senator biden, chuck hagel coming to see the picture and john kerry as well, where are they on getting him home, by the way? we are told that the interpreter, this is the picture provided by the state department i believe to "the wall street journal," we are being told that the
11:29 am
interpreter is not pictured. we were wondering about that, because obviously that could increase his level of danger that he is in currently with his family, four children stranded in that now taliban controlled country. he was 36 years old at the time. an interpreter for the u.s. army in 2008 and the army black hawk helicopters made an emergency landing during a blinding snowstorm, martha. i mean, this is remarkable. the crew sent out an urgent call for help at the airfield and he jumped in a humvee with a quick reaction force from the 82nd airborne division driving hours into the nearby mountain to rescue them, that was including senator biden at the time. he spent much of its time and now a tough valley where the soldiers said he was in more than 100 firefights with them. countless veterans and members of congress who had written to the president calling on them to go and save him and his family, this is lou turn it colonel andrew guild, his service to
11:30 am
them at military men and women is just the service i wish more americans displayed. sing if you can help any afghan, choose mohammed, that is sean o'brien, an army combat veteran that worked in 2008, he earned it. and it's a stark reminder and a very fearful one that's when these interpreters go into harm's way to help out our military, are members of congress in this instance, their families are equally at risk. mohammed could have gotten out of that country, but he could not get his wife and children out. >> sandra: what strikes me as a couple of things. number one, the president should do everything he can in his power to get this man out, because he symbolizes the help that so many others who like him have given to our country and in this case to a man who went on to become the president of the united states. so when he asks for help, we should be there for him. to the other thing that is so disturbing about the story in "the wall street journal" is the
11:31 am
bureaucratic mess that he had to go through. so when antony blinken coming out, reads his speech from the teleprompter and talks about what he thinks about how all of this has gone, how do you keep your job when you have run a bureaucracy that has malfunctioned to the extent of what we are hearing? when these people have, i am reading about the letters that were sent by the u.s. servicemen and women, what more does a person need than what looks to be his proper documentation that he tried so hard for the past couple of years, going back to the prior administration as well, the bureaucracy is so thick, the fact that we can't function with the money that we expend on the united states government that this is so hard. any company that you order something online from could run circles around what we are seeing from the state department when it comes to these visas. so somebody should be fired for the handling of the special visas, because they dropped the ball in a way that has now
11:32 am
potentially cost these people their lives. so who answers for that? >> sandra: and certainly the white house should answer for mohammed. jen psaki holding a press briefing, this is only hours after this exclusive reporting from "the wall street journal" emerged, we will see if it comes up in the briefing room, that in your our "to the story" at 3:00. >> john: family members and service members killed in kabul speaking out saying they feel disrespected by president biden. let's bring in the press secretary ari fleischer, this happened in delaware and the dignified transfer, at least two gold star families are not happy with the president. listen to what the father of staff sergeant taylor huber, as well as a family of rylee mccollum, both of whom died in that blast in afghanistan. listen. speak up we went to a separate room, i had no desire to meet with the president. as a way has handled this, everything he has done every step along the way has been
11:33 am
absolutely backwards. >> his fake scripted apology and i had to walk away. >> we did not want to deal with anything, we did not want him anywhere near us. >> john: for a couple of families to say that they did not want to meet with the president when their sons remains came home, your thoughts on that. >> this is gut wrenching. there is no more difficult task a president has then to be the consoler-in-chief. and i was there and personally witnessed president bush do that for many of those who did not come back from iraq and afghanistan in addition to the space shuttle when it exploded, and he gathers with the families of those who were lost, whose relative is lost, and the key as i learned watching is he let the family speak and you're just a good listener. you ask the family, tell me about your son, tell me about your daughter, they want to talk to the president about their child, they want to make that
11:34 am
connection, and in the case of these families, i watch one of the gold star dad say that president biden talk more about his son bo than he did his son who just perished. it's inexcusable. and i thought joe biden was good at empathy, they are there to listen as a president. and that's with these families want, and he let them down. >> john: the president losing his son bo who himself was a service member and served in theaters overseas, a terrible tragedy, but as you point out, this is about the families who have just lost their loved ones in the last 48 hours. the sister of rylee mccollum who is going to be joining martha maccallum in the next hour told her local newspaper president biden, you can't f up as bad as he did and say you're sorry, this did not need to have been in every life is on his hands. as sister of another service member yelled at the
11:35 am
president, i hope you burn in because of this. this has not gotten a lot of play, ari fleischer and many media outlets and i only think that if people were saying that about president trump, it would be front page headlines. >> it certainly was when president bush had to go through that and there were families that were furious at president bush, and it became front page news and it lasted for weeks. there was one family remember one woman from crawford who went down to crawford texas, her story was famously picked up by all the media, and nancy pelosi at the time. "the washington post" did do a story about this today and they should be commended for their story, but this really gets to the point of who joe biden is. and presidents have to connect. it's hard to come i'm not saying this is easy for joe biden and it's part of what wears presidents out. it's part of what exhausts them, because there is nothing you can say, but you are there to listen. the family wants to talk about their child and that's your job as president to sit there and listen, and that brings some
11:36 am
level of consolation at least to the families. >> john: on the right-hand side of the screen while you're been talking we see the picture president biden glancing at his watch as the remains are being transferred, darin hoover again who is the father of taylor hoover picked up on that as well. listen to what he said about it. >> it happen on every single one of them, they would release the salute and he would look down at his watch on every last one. all 13 he looked down at his watch. and as a father, you know, seeing that and the disrespect, and hearing from his former leaders, one of his master sergeants said exactly what you just said, that this was avoidable. >> john: we have not heard an explanation from the white house as to what the president was doing, was he looking at his
11:37 am
watch to check the time or marking time with each of the remains transferred, but it's reminiscent on a much larger scale of what happened in that town hall debate back in october of 1992 when bush 41 looked at his watch and was seen as being sort of in callous disregard of the people who were there for the town hall thinking that he had better places to be, and that's why he was looking at his watch. >> and he was wildly pilloried for it. we'll see what the mainstream press cork on the white house press corps does to jen psaki about this and to joe biden. i hope that they will answer and ask the hard questions about what exactly was he doing? but it adds up to just increasingly strikes me that joe biden is deeply, deeply out of touch. but something is going on. the pressures of the office, his age, the difficult decisions he has had to make in afghanistan on the way that things have gone wrong, the loss of 13 lives, the statements he made one after the other which turned out to be wrong about the americans who
11:38 am
were not having difficulties getting to the airport, no al qaeda and afghanistan, he was not criticized, we will get everybody out. he is deeply wrong and deeply out of touch. >> john: are now the story of that helped him get out of the mountains of afghanistan being stranded there somewhere and afghanistan, that's another one on top of everything else. good to talk to you, thanks for joining us. we appreciate it. spin on john, ari, thank you, hundreds of students at the university of afghanistan say that they are scared for their lives after evacuations were permanently called off on sunday. the university under taliban control. a student and the joins us now. welcome, thank you for joining us. >> thank you, thank you so much for having me. >> sandra: we want to tell your story, we understand that you are hunkering down, tell us about what you are feeling in
11:39 am
this moment now that our country has departed, that this war is over and that there are so many left behind including yourself. >> yes, so, basically since the collapse of the islamic republic on the 15th, they came over and took over kabul, since they have come in, there have been so many fundamental changes brought in with the coming of the taliban, and of those fundamental changes and basic values have been changed to new and unexpected values made by the taliban that are not accepted by society and people. for the past 20 years, people have had quite a different, and by different, i mean positive situation, but now that they
11:40 am
came, the hope is lost and people are again picturing the same scenario that happened back then in 1996, which is called the dark era of afghanistan. regarding the evacuation of the students of the american university of afghanistan come i have to mention that even with many objections made by the students at the university, the administration were specifically president export of the american university of afghanistan is working in this matter of the evacuation day and night, and there is still no chance for students to be evacuated, all of those on sunday more than between 500-600 students who were on the list to be
11:41 am
evacuated, but unfortunately due to high security threats it was called off. what we want -- >> sandra: i believe we just lost connection, we will try to reestablish that connection, obviously telling his story as an american university of afghanistan student studying political science and public administration for hours, hundreds of the students try to evacuate themselves, relatives, seven hours went by for many of them, they were waiting for clearance to enter the airport gates, they were driving around the city, that group met a dead end, and many of them have been held up in houses, boarding buses, they have spread out to safe houses in the area as you could hear the fear in his voice, they don't know what is next, saying that they had been in contact with the
11:42 am
administration, but that of course meant a dead end. we will try to stay in touch so that we can continue to tell his and other stories as we have now left that country and there are so many, john, still left behind. >> john: there are. and their fate is uncertain considering the reports we are getting from afghanistan of what in some areas at least the taliban is doing to some people left behind. lawmakers on both sides of the i aisle accounting for accountability after the exit from afghanistan left hundreds of americans behind. let's bring in congressman a ranking member of the house, and you predicted, congressman, a week ago that there was not enough time to get all of the people in afghanistan out who wanted to get out by the deadline, you were right. so your thoughts on where we are today as the deadline approaches at midnight, we passed that very soon and the fact that there is nobody left in afghanistan to
11:43 am
get anybody out at this point. >> that's right, john, as i predicted weeks ago on the show, this president will have blood on his hands. we have 13 servicemen coming home into coffins at dover airbase. it's very tragic. and it did not have to happen if we prepared for this. we were warned back in may of the consequences. but now they are left behind. we have left americans behind, i came back up here with leader mccarthy and a bunch of veterans lead resolution on the floor to get these americans home, we had gaveled down by the speaker, and nancy pelosi was not even here and silence, but to that is the american medallion, the american system in the military to bring every american home and those like mohammed, the one that you taed about who saved us and our fighting forces over there. we have a moral obligation to
11:44 am
save them. i have one story as well, last weekend i was on the phone, high levels of dod state and white house. we had four buses from the university of schoolgirls, the choir group that would perform around other countries, they are all orphans adopted by the university, and they sat outside that checkpoint outside the gate and got through the taliban, but our own united states government would not allow them in the gates of the airport. and after waiting a solid day, they turned them around and sent them back to the taliban where they are going to be enslaved. it is one of the status stories when it involves young innocent girls, americans, partners, and young girls behind us un-american, and i think that there needs to be a price paid for it. >> john: what do you want to hear from the president this
11:45 am
afternoon? not too long ago he pledged that every american or eligible afghan who wanted to get out would likely get out. that did not come to pass. we do not know how many are left behind. it may be 100, 200, may be more. what do you want to hear from the president? >> i would like to hear how he is going to do it. here's the deal, it has gotten so bad. the government was so inept at this evacuation, the state department, it was not the intelligence community that was right, the military did a fantastic job, but because it was so ill-prepared, we had active duty and veterans all on their own going off on these task force missions. some called dunkirk, some called pineapple, it is starting to break right now, we were dealing with these rogue organizations that decided this is not working, and we are going to do this on her own to save american
11:46 am
lives and our partners. so they did and they did. they saved thousands of lives because our american government was so incompetent in this evacuation. that's a very sad story and we will be conducting oversight because we want answers to these questions. >> john: this tale has not yet fully been told. we will watch the halls of congress to see what happens. congressman michael mccallum, thank you for joining us. >> sandra: let's bring in the team of reporters at fox news channel, they have done an excellent job breaking a lot of news across their network. for light bunt weeks now in the case of jennifer griffin for the last two decades has been covering the story. >> john: joining us now, jennifer, why don't you start us off with the president scheduled to speak actually 1:25, late again. what do you expect we will hear from the president today about the mission and the mission going forward? >> i think what i expect to hear
11:47 am
is that president biden will talk about getting those americans who are left if they want to leave out of the country, i think that he will be talking about those who want to leave that they are going to make diplomatic arrangements, but we are talking about thousands of people, special immigrant visa holders, some who are simply in the process, and let me give you a little background on the special immigrant visa process, this was a 14-step process as congress passed a law to provide 1500 visas a year to afghan interpreters starting in 2009, it began and it was a very complicated process because they did not want any groups to use the process to flip people into the country, so it is a 14-step process and it would take between 3-5, sometime seven years for the afghans to get the visas. that goes back to the 2009 time frame. fast forward to the trump administration and the visa
11:48 am
process became very entangled with the immigration debate and you heard jake sullivan say the other day that for the last 20 months of the trump administration no visas were granted by the state department. many fast forward to the biden administration and they made a verbal commitment to the special immigrant visa process and said that they were working on it. they had a task force set up, but they were stymied by an industry in the kabul that was close for much of the year because -- or for several weeks if not months in a key time period after the president took the decision to pull out they were close to operations because of covid, so you had covid and the in person interviews cannot take place because of covid, and so they were all of these people stuck in the process and then what happen when the military landed and retook the airport, the process was moving so slowly with the state department at the gates working side-by-side with the military that there was a
11:49 am
decision taken here in washington and involve pentagon leadership who had been banging the table, frankly since may saying that we can't evacuate these people, but we need to be given permission by the white house to do so. they said let's then start the finance of not just people with paperwork and hands, but also anyone who was considered a vulnerable afghan, or had worked with u.s. governments. opening up to the university students, two courses, to leaders, so this is a frustrating process. i have called to cover the siv process for four years and there is a lot of blame to go around in government. administration after administration has slow rolled, and that we have people like those interpreters that we read about in "the wall street journal" article, and hundreds of those individual cases that have reached out in the last few weeks. very worthy cases. all of them left behind. we are talking about thousands
11:50 am
of people who had worked with the government over the past0 years and many of them have been hunted right now. >> sandra: to jennifer's point, not just the interpreters that are left behind in the case of mohammed in so many others, it is his wife and children. he could have gotten out of the country when he went to the kabul airport. he would've been allowed in. he could not get his wife and children through, he is pleading like so many others for help. >> yes, we are talking about a whole family, a lot of folks, even americans that don't want to leave without their mother and father's and their sisters and brothers, they may have a passport, but maybe their immediate family doesn't, so after, ask yourself if you could leave your parents or your family members and escape when you have an option? but perhaps you wouldn't. i will bring up a point that talking with my friends over the weekend, there has been so much shock over there -- over this,
11:51 am
because over the weekend the question i kept getting asked the most was are there still americans on the ground? and the reason my friends were asking this is because the americans were their families a life vest. it was their lifeboat, because they thought as long as there were still americans on the ground, surely the u.s. troops would not leave. of course, now it has set in that the u.s. troops are gone, the airfield is closed, the airport is now in the taliban hands and they are out of luck. and there is this deep mistrust now. they are not going to be watching president biden's address, they haven't in the last few days or jen psaki's briefings, because they don't feel like they are getting any answers. they feel like they are on their own and they have to find another way out for their families. they are discussing and talking with veteran groups and nonprofits, because they feel like maybe they are able to do something about it. they are looking at other routes out of the country like a dangerous journey by car to
11:52 am
neighboring countries without even knowing if those neighboring countries would let them in. so it's a really difficult to that tough situation for these families right now, because there is such a lack of information in detail. and maybe we will hear that in a few minutes from the president, but they feel like they don't have any answers. they just want to know how they can get their families out. >> john: let's go to trey yingst indo hall cutter. just before we do, i just want to pick up a little bit about what we were talking to ari fleischer about, that is president biden lifting up his wrist like this as the dignified transfer was happening, the president is known to wear a rosary on his left wrist that belonged to his late son beau, and could have been what the president was looking at, we have not heard an explanation from the white house, perhaps i will be forthcoming when we hear from jen psaki, but now that the
11:53 am
united states is out of afghanistan, it falls to officials in doha to get the rest of the people out. how's that process going? >> absolutely, does not matter what he says from behind the podium, the reality on the ground is that there are between 100-200 americans trapped inside the 12 controlled afghanistan right now. and thousands of visa holders that were promised safe passage out of the country by the united states who are currently left behind. so it's a nice idea to think that to diplomacy will prevail with the taliban, but it's a very, very tricky path forward. and everyone in the region really holding their breath to see what's next. the qatari's will certainly play a role in reopening the airport along with turkey and other players like pakistan. but i think that the real indicator of how bad things are right now in afghanistan and how fearful the afghan people are, are the people themselves. the actions and the civilians we
11:54 am
have seen over the course of the story taken by innocent lives. people don't cling to the outside of an airplane trying to escape their country because they are just disturbed or uncomfortable. they think they will be killed by the taliban. you don't see you at the u.n. up to half a million afghans starting to flee on foot to neighboring iran, because they are uncomfortable. they are afraid for their lives. and i think that we have seen the sense of urgency from people on the ground. we saw when we were at the airport from these individuals who spent four in five days trying to get to the airport to desperately to flee the country, but we have not seen that sense of urgency from officials in washington and the words coming out of officials in washington and the actions have varied throughout the entire process and it was noticed by the individuals not only who were looking for assistance from the united states, but who had assisted the united states over the past 20 years, interpreters, translators, people had to risk
11:55 am
their lives to make sure that americans and nato troops were safe amid the war being left behind, and there are great points when they talk about the people, because there is a deep fear among many of the afghan civilians who help the united states because they understand they could easily be targets of the taliban, but there is this process that will have vetting and paperwork and a state department that will have to work overtime to come pleat the entire process, but getting people out of the country was that promise made by president biden and he simply did not fulfill the promise, and the people who will pay the highest price are the afghans and the americans left behind in a country that is currently controlled by the taliban. >> sandra: greg palkot, who i reference jennifer griffin covering the war, two years, we will tap into your expertise, covering and greg palkot, it's notable by the way, we are about 35 minutes now from that midnight august 31st originally
11:56 am
set deadline for the full troop withdrawal from afghanistan. of course that have been as we out a day early, greg. but here we are as we await president biden, his own words from the white house about 10 minutes delayed. >> it's a momentous moment, sandra, absolutely. we have been covering this for almost 20 years. i am here now with our cameraman, one of the first marines into kandahar december, january, 2021-2022. got to think that this is not the right way to go out come of the past couple of days we have had a chance to speak with afghans who are transiting from the ramped up military air base just a few miles away from where we are now, they are grateful to be out, tens of thousands are grateful to be out. we cannot believe how many told us that they had family members that are still inside. they have friends that are still inside. they were worried about them and they absolutely have no
11:57 am
illusions about the taliban, they feel that they have not changed. they feel it's going to be a backcountry to come. we had a chance to talk to doctors and nurses that have launched to the medical center not far from where we are now. they treated all 20 service members who were injured in that terrible attack last week. they saved many lives. they said that many were in critical condition. if you were in the life-threatening conditions, and i have to tell you, sandra, they were brought to tears describing it. and we just got a whatsapp message from a u.s. military translator about ten years helping out the u.s. military, we have been tracking him and putting the story right in front of fox news channel and also the dot-com site. we have been hearing from him and he says now, i have no future, i am trapped. again, i think that everybody will say this war has had issues. it has had problems and this has been mishandled to some degree by a lot of administration over
11:58 am
the past 20 years, but if it was going to end, this is not the way to end it, back to you. >> sandra: we are grateful for all of your reporting for all four of you over the years, and now it's a big moment indeed, john. >> john: the story will continue, thank you so much, for your thoughts. let's finish off here as we do for us to be 25 west some final thoughts from general jack keane. there's a sense that to the war may be over for the moment, but concerns from leon panetta, general chief bunt kellogg and others that we may be back in the not-too-distant future? >> we just turned over afghanistan to a terrorist organization that enabled 9/11 and for certain we already have a major isis cell in afghanistan whose aspirations are conducting attacks outside of the region, they have yet to have the capacity to hurt the united states and we know that
11:59 am
al qaeda has regained a safe haven as a result of them taking over, it's not something that is going to happen six months from now, it's now. they have it. they can move around freely and do whatever they want to do, and we have lost a lot of our eyes and ears, listen, we will do the very best we can to track the growth of terrorism inside afghanistan, the military will put a full court press on, the intelligent service will do it, but the president has severely handicapped us from not having people on the ground to do that in a way that was effective in denying safe haven. remember, 9/11 commission said, the number one failing we had was we committed a safe haven for the al qaeda to be established in afghanistan for years despite the attacks they made on our embassies and the uss cole, and what are we doing right now? we are letting that happen again 20 years later. that is what has our concern. spin on the wall street editorial board put it this way,
12:00 pm
the day that will live in infamy as thousands are left behind paired we will hear from the president, jack keane, we appreciate your time. thank you. >> great talking to you. >> sandra: thank you for joining us. our coverage of the story continues. >> john: there is a lot more to talk about, not only this afternoon, but the days and weeks ahead, the story is far from over. i'm john roberts, martha maccallum takes it from here. we will see you >> martha: good afternoon. i'm martha maccallum. right now on "the story," we're moments away from president biden at the white house. he will address the nation for the first time since america's longest war ended when the last c-17 cleared afghan airspace at 3:29 eastern yesterday. the president speaks as an estimated hundreds of americans and thousands of our afghan allies are left behind in the country. as our country mourns the loss of 13 american service er


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