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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  September 1, 2021 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> i'm getting set for radio. ronna mcdaniel will talk about the impact the latest approval ratings for joe biden are around 44%. down from about 54%. >> he has had a rough month and a rough week. thank you very much for joining us. we'll be back on the couch tomorrow. >> everyone have a good day. >> bill: good morning. here we go. president bide than making no apologies for the chaotic exit out of afghanistan touting the mission as an extraordinary success. a lot of fallout as we say good morning midweek moment. >> dana: easy for you to say. i'm dana perino. "america's newsroom." good to be with you again. >> bill: if you were head of the communication department at the white house, what do you do about the speech? did it meet the moment.
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i would have written a different speech and would have done a prime time address. i don't know if i would have taken questions. i would have let it stand. i would have followed up with a press conference today. does that answer? >> bill: i don't know if we'll get that press conference. >> dana: we won't get that press conference. president biden yesterday so he is again deflecting blame for his messy operation while addressing the nation yesterday. he pointed the finger at everyone from president trump to afghan security forces and even some of those americans who were left behind. the president claiming the state department reached out to them 19 times since march. >> bill: meanwhile we get a new look at the taliban and they're decked out in billions of dollars of u.s. military equipment. the images stoking outrage and fueling calls for the president's top military advisors to resign. frnlts lloyd austin and mark milley are expected to take questions at 1:00 p.m. eastern today. this amid a growing push to
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hold the white house accountable. >> we will live with the reality of the taliban and humiliating abandonment of afghanistan for joe biden for years to come. >> joe biden has learned nothing in the last 20 years. >> the world is a more dangerous place just because we're out of afghanistan does not mean this war is over. >> we're about to see the biden administration hand them a mountain of leverage in the form of american citizens that are now hostages. >> dana: let's begin at the white house where peter doocy is live on the north lawn. peter, looking at all the commentary this morning, where do you think the president believes that -- whose fault it is that americans are left behind in afghanistan? >> if somebody is stranded in afghanistan president biden thinks it's their fault because the state department gave them
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a big, big heads-up. >> president biden: since march, we reached out 19 times to americans in afghanistan with multiple warnings and offers to help them leave afghanistan. all the way back as far as march. now we believe that 100 to 200 americans remain in afghanistan with some intention to leave. the bottom line, 90% of americans in afghanistan who wanted to leave were able to leave. >> we're learning as the president publicly said it was unlikely the taliban could quickly take over he privately knew it was coming telling the former afghan president i need not tell you the perception around the world and in parts of afghanistan i believe is things are not going well in terms of the fight against the taliban. there is a need whether true or not, there is a need to project
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a different picture. but despite that the president is trying to claim he actually didn't see it coming. >> president biden: that assumption that the afghan government would be able to hold on for a period of time beyond military drawdown turned out not to be accurate. >> president biden continues to blame the conditions on the ground in afghanistan that led to everything we've seen in the last few months on donald trump. dana. >> dana: what do we know about the interpreter who once helped president biden when he was a senator and this interpreter remains in afghanistan? >> we know this interpreter known in a "wall street journal" piece at mohammed wants to come home but can't and he was part of a day that was so impactful on then senator biden that he has told the story of this day many, many times including here at the white house. >> president biden: lieutenant general richardson, who i might add i want to thank you for getting me off a mountain.
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it was about 12 to 14,000 feet up on a goat path when our helicopter went down in a snowstorm. >> bill: interpreter has a message for president biden. don't forget me here. as of last night the white house chief of staff says president biden hadn't seen it, dana. >> dana: peter doocy, thank you so much. >> bill: to the pentagon as we wait to hear from top military leaders later today. lucas tomlinson is there today and what can we expect? >> good morning, bill. expect the first look back from the mull tear how this evacuation was conducted. in his first public remarks since the last plane departed general mark milley had a message for veterans of the war. >> for any soldier, sailor, airmen or marine and their family, your service mattered and it was not in vain. >> the u.s. military's top officer said the 13 americans killed in the suicide attack at
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the kabul airport gave their lives to save others and no higher calling. general mark milley explained why bagram air base was closed. >> our task given to us was to protect the embassy. in order for the embassy personnel to continue to function with the consular services and all that. if we were to keep both bagram and embassy going it would be a significant number of military forces that would have exceeded what we had, stayed the same or exceeded what we had. >> questions about why u.s. forces departed afghanistan forces so rapidly all out of the country in early july and questions why so many afghan interpreters were left behind and those not evacuated helped the u.s. military for two decades. the state department and pentagon are refusing to say how many were more than 100,000 afghan refugees evacuated and it was the generals decided
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which airport to close according to the white house. >> on the tactical decision which is the right airport to have for an evacuation, of course any responsible president would give significant weight to the advice of the commanders on the ground and their advice was to close bagram and focus on kabul. >> officials here at the pentagon are pushing back saying they were ordered to go to zero by the president of the united states, leave a small embassy presence behind and forced to close bagram and abandon many afghan allies. >> bill: talk to you later this morning. >> dana: joining us now wisconsin congressman mike gallagher, he served with the central command and now on the house services committee. could i play one thing for you? as we think about the americans and -- it is not available for us but president biden i want to read one thing to you. now it's good, okay, let's play
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it. >> president biden: will not conduct a haishy rush to the exit. we'll do it responsibly, deliberately and safely. there is a home for you in the united states if you so choose and we'll stand with you just as you stood with us. >> if there are american citizens left we'll stay until we get them all out. >> dana: we know that didn't turn out to be true. >> the president continues to lie. there is no plan post august 31st for getting american citizens or getting our allies out other than to put all our hopes and dreams on the goodwill of the taliban. they think they have leverage because the taliban want humanitarian assistance and international recognition. what the taliban wants is to humiliate us. they've beaten us on the battlefield because we surrendered preemotion actively. we have no leverage. for the president to call it an extraordinary success as shameful. it is the lie of the decade.
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13 people that didn't need to die is not a success. hundreds of people behind enemy lines is not success. military equipment given to the taliban is not a success. this is a historic, humiliating failure and command are in chief's failure to recognize that is compounding the problem. more to the point the victim blaming in the speech was appalling. >> bill: you proposed a bill yesterday shot down by the democrats. makes sense after what we watched the last 2 1/2 weeks. you want to know the plan for what the administration has to bring americans home. you are requesting an accounting of all the equipment left behind in the billions. you want transparency on any deals or agreements made with the taliban by the add minus traition. you want a sense that congress should not recognize the taliban. you want to prevent any federal funding or sanctions relief for the taliban. i would think that you would
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get a majority of the american people saying yes on all those provisions. does this die now in the dark halls of washington, d.c.? >> well, yesterday when i went to the house floor to ask recognition that the bill be considered, i was joined by my republican colleagues who have served in afghanistan and iraq. and we were gaveled down by the speaker on the floor. we couldn't have a debate. the democrats in private are saying they agree with this but in public when given the opportunity to vote on legislation to allow congress to do basic oversight to insure we don't leave any americans behind they aren't willing to join us in that effort. i hope they will change their mind and i hope the speaker will consider this common sense legislation. thus far she has chosen to prioritize the progressive domestic priorities over bringing americans back home. >> dana: to that point you will take up the defense department
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spending bill and they want to cut it. some people in america think the defense department has way too much money but at this moment they've been shaved over and over again. president trump tried to put more money back in. how do you think that will go when trying to pass a $3.5 trillion in human infrastructure and tie the defense department down with cuts? >> in less than an hour a armed services committee will convene to mark up the defense authorization bill thanks to the leadership of representative rogers we have a chance to increase the top line number for defense spending and taking my bill from yesterday and submitting it as amendments to the bill to conduct basic oversight and insure we aren't abandoning americans to become hostages of of the taliban and sold to al qaeda. i hope we can repair damage that was done but when you have our leaders the highest levels, commander-in-chief continuing to refuse to accept any responsibility.
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not just blaming the afghan allies but casting american service members as victims of their own chosen profession using us as an excuse to surrender, we chose to fight. we trained to fight. mr. president, don't blame us for your cowardice. >> bill: thank you for your time. mike gallagher. don't know if you will have success on this. tough to be in the minority. don't get much done, right? you found that out yesterday, didn't you? >> very true. let's take back the majority. >> dana: thank you so much. a couple of things from yesterday. as you mentioned the president didn't take questions. gave a speech. let's take a look. walked away from reporters but just like us, forgot husband mask and had to go back and get it. >> president biden: it was time to end a 20 year war. thank you so much. [shouting questions]
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>> bill: so many times here we've seen him come out and make statements and turn around. reporters scream and you see his head go out of the room. millions of people are watching this wondering give us something. gallagher's point is well taken. we'll get into the "wall street journal" piece. a must read, by the way. so many amazing lines here. here is one. mr. biden wants to take credit for putting out the fire he started. think about that. take credit for fire he started given the chaos and exit out of afghanistan. just a few other quotes here. claimed he was ham strung by donald trump's bad deal with the taliban only choices were total withdrawal or escalation with thousands of troops. blame americans for not leaving afghanistan sooner. afghans not fiengt. the war in afghanistan is now
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over. the last point will be debated for a very long time. >> dana: also about letting american citizens in afghanistan know they should leave. he said they told them 19 times to leave. where are the 19 times are? state department cables are not -- i don't know if the urgency was there. a few weeks before all this went down president biden said very unlikely there would be a problem. there wasn't an urgency. american school children are still stuck over there. >> bill: we aren't going to forget them and we'll be on it after labor day. after labor day weekend, there will be a big push from the administration for the trillions of dollars they want to spend and the argument will be look how much money we're saving from overseas and we'll spend it on americans back here in the u.s. that's the debate and that will be the center for washington, d.c. into september. much more coming up in a moment here. another alert now. i want to tell you about this unfolding disaster. a wall of flames moving closer
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to lake tahoe. thousands flee to safety. >> dana: very scary. no power, no water and scorching eat adding to the mystery after hurricane ida. how folks on the gulf coast are -- >> bill: democrats running for cover after kabul. how does it play out? newt gingrich will give us analysis coming up in moments. >> the lies have to stop. the accountability needs to be there. most importantly americans need to be able to be brought home.
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>> bill: 20 past. fox news alert. search and rescue operations underway after a u.s. navy helicopter crashes off the coast of southern california. one has been rescued, five are missing. matt finn is live in l.a. to
6:21 am
bring us the details as the sun breaks there today. matt, good morning. >> a coast guard commander tells fox news this morning the urgent search and rescue for the five missing people is ongoing right now as the sun rises here in southern california. the navy says the overnight search was by air and water with help from the coast guard. the mh60 helicopter crashed into the sea 60 miles off the coast of san diego during routine flight operations. circumstances of the crash are not known. the navy hasn't given information about the status of the one person that was rescued. the helicopter was involved on the uss abraham lincoln based in san francisco. it is used in missions including combat support, disaster relief and search and rescues. we'll keep you updated as we learn more about the crash this morning. >> bill: thanks, matt.
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>> dana: new weather threats of the gulf states. massive heat wave sending temperatures soaring near the triple digits at the same time areas where ida knocked out power to more than a million people. fox weather correspondent steve bender is live in new orleans with an update. >> good morning. the lower 9th ward here. already just after 8:00 a.m. local time feels like temperatures into mid-90s. the concern for the next 48 hours are the temperatures rising into the triple digits. not just in louisiana but also mississippi. louisiana has over 900,000 people without power. mississippi over 30,000 people but when you are looking at feels-like temperatures in the triple digits. how quickly can we restore power and get the residents some a.c. one of many examples we've seen here, a downed power line. notice how the hurricane force winds snapped it like a twig. it is now leaning up against
6:23 am
this building here. this is in the lower ninth ward of new orleans. the main concern was eight massive transmission towers knocked down. that took out the bulk of the power. in order to get it restored they have to fix the transmission power. the good news, the leading electrical companies in the region was already able to establish power for parts of eastern new orleans. the reason why it takes a while is look at this street. it is nice and clear. because they've been working around the clock the last two days to clear debris and get the trucks in here to be able to reestablish power into these different parts of the community. the big concern, though, is the fact this is new orleans. there are so many people without power. how quickly can we get the transmission powers back up? outlying communities, they are on the same power grid and completely decimated. they could be without power for weeks. something that we'll continue to track for you here in new
6:24 am
orleans. reporting live send it back to you, dana. >> dana: great to have you aboard as well. >> bill: firefighters are racing to put out this fire near lake tahoe, california. live pictures of the smoke and flames today. screen right a wall of fire forcing mass evacuations. called the caldor fire scorched 200,000 acres. 18% contained. more coming up next hour from the american west. >> dana: taliban celebrating victory in afghanistan. a crowd pouring into the streets apair ntly holding a mock funeral for the united states. we'll have more on that plus president biden looking to turn the page on this foreign policy disaster and resume his push for trillions in new spending. we'll talk about that and more with newt gingrich coming right up.
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you may qualify to get eargo at no cost to you. veteran homeowners. the newday two and a quarter refi is the lowest rate in their history. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. newday's holding the line on rates so veterans can save thousands. >> dana: new images of the taliban celebrating after the u.s. withdrawal. the photos appear to show
6:30 am
taliban fighters holding mock funerals for foreign soldiers carrying boxes that look like caskets draped in the flags of u.n. forces. >> good morning. the taliban is certainly going on a victory lap this week. we saw those images out of southern afghanistan of a mock funeral with american and nato flags draped over coffins. also the images coming out of the airport showing taliban fighters next to u.s. military equipment. even reports today the taliban staging a parade with all the gear they obtained. once those celebrations are over the group faces the uphill task of governing a country. already across the afghan capital you can see lines at banks. people report you can only withdraw between $100 and $200 u.s. dollars every 24 hours and people aren't shopping as much. >> two weeks ago the market was good and people were buying. but now the situation is not
6:31 am
good and no one buys. people's money is stuck in the banks and no one has money to buy anything. >> the quick economic downturn comes as thousands continue to flee afghanistan on foot. there is a safety corridor for people who want to flee but the countries don't want a huge influx of refugees. the u.n. general half the population needs aid. a qatari plane landed in kabul. an indication but the turkish government and qatarys are getting the airport up and running and open the window to civilian flights and allow americans trapped to leave. >> dana: thank you. >> president biden: the american people should hear
6:32 am
this. 300 million dollars a day for two decades. you take the number of one trillion as many say. that's still $150 million a day for two decades. what have we lost as a consequence in terms of opportunities? i refuse to continue a war that was no longer in the service of the vital national unt of our people. >> bill: you can expect to hear that debate and hear more about the money. here to talk about that former house speaker newt gingrich and author of the up coming book "beyond biden." we're talking to mike gallagher from republican from wisconsin and had a lot of good points he wants to draw out of this administration. not sure if he will succeed. on that point right there. does this all die in the abyss of washington, d.c.? >> i doubt it just because, you know, afghanistan is going to go on. the taliban is going to go on. we are going to find out -- the
6:33 am
president was right yesterday 10% of americans are still in afghanistan? that's potentially a hostage crisis on a giant scale. we don't know what the taliban is going to do. they could say any american who wants to can leave. come to the airport. planes are coming in, etc. but there is also a possibility that at least one part of the taliban is in a very aggressive attitude. they have been out killing people. we've seen this. they have begun to hunt down people who helped the americans. they have shot at least two police chiefs for having helped the americans. and so if they decide to go on a retribution cycle you will see a lot of people die in the next 3 to 6 months. so we just don't know how they are going to govern at this stage. they spent 20 years at war. they didn't spend 20 years preparing to take over the country and govern it.
6:34 am
their goal was just desperation survive long enough for the americans to get tired and go home. >> dana: the sound bite we started with, the president talked about how much money will be saved that is not being spent in afghanistan that we could spend at home. they want to spend $3.5 trillion in the human infrastructure bill they will start debating. combined spending plan if you look at this is $1.7 trillion for the american jobs plan. 1.8 trillion for the american families plan and 1.9 trillion for the american rescue plan. in a way that might be persuasive for some people to hear that. what do you think? >> it might be. there are two challenges. one is we did a survey and something like 59-16 people preferred free market capitalism to big government socialism. i'm not sure a bernie sanders
6:35 am
3.5 trillion dollar big government socialist bill will be very popular once people look at it. second, this is going to cause -- this collapse in afghanistan, the way that biden presided over a total disaster, this is going to cause us to have to think about funding against china, funding against north korea, funding against iran, funding against russia. i'm not sure we'll save any money by having proven we're weak and afraid to stay and that we're willing to cut and run. if anything, the world will turn out to be more dangerous and we may actually be forced into just as jimmy carter was spending more money on defense because of the nature of our enemies. >> bill: i don't know what you thought of the president's tone yesterday. it is getting a lot of attention. dana pointed out there was a reporter's briefing. jen psaki briefed after the president came out. we took most of it. the others took a little bit i think. what was the question the
6:36 am
reporter -- >> dana: cbs reporter said a lot of people in the room had noticed president biden seemed very angry. the question was who are you mad at? >> bill: think about that as you look at the poll numbers. they found 84% of all americans want to stay until all americans are out. 71% until all allied afghans are evacuated. look at the poll numbers in the white house. why do you come out with such a forceful defense as he did yesterday? >> look, i think he is -- i'm guessing, but my guess is he is extremely angry. he saw himself as a heroic figure getting us out of a 20 year war and then it all went to pieces. the imagery of him at dover receiving the fallen bodies while looking at his watch was as devastating as anything
6:37 am
you've seen. and to have the gold star families, the parents and the relatives of the dead, to have them erupt against the president in that kind of a setting is literally unprecedented. i don't care which prior president was involved. he must right now feel like he is almost trapped because every time he turns around, there is somebody telling him how stupid this is or how bad it is or how destructive it is. he has decided he is going to go straight forward and force his way through and hope that we'll go to a new topic and we'll get beyond this. i think he is in for a rude shock. there are certain events, 9/11 was one. which are historic. they don't disappear or go away. i think the way he left -- not that he left, the way he left afghanistan was so humiliating and the notion that by his own words that we would leave 10%
6:38 am
of our people behind, that is so unamerican and such a violation of our traditions that i think he is going to find that this is just not going to stop. i think milley and austin will find the demands for their resignation will keep going. there are no defenses for how bad they did this. this project you could have given to a half dozen lieutenants and captains and they would not have done any worse than the chairman of the joint chief and secretary of defense. >> dana: as expected the texas democrats' political stunt fled to d.c. to stop a voting reform bill. it didn't work. the texas legislature passed the bill and governor greg abbott will sign it in coming days. a bruising defeat to state democrats who skipped town in july to stop the vote.
6:39 am
>> bill: in a moment america's longest war might be over. political battles on the hill getting started. how republicans plan to hold the president accountable for the botched withdrawal. the u.s. pull-out stoking fears of a terrorist resurgence. will afghanistan once again become a safe haven for al qaeda, isis and more? >> the reality of the taliban and the humiliating abandonment of afghanistan by joe biden for years to come. it is not just bad political story that you can turn the page on. to j.d. power. number one in reliability, 16 times in a row. most awarded for network quality, 27 times in a row. proving once again that nobody builds networks like verizon. that's why we're building 5g right, that's why there's only one best network.
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>> bill: house republicans pledging to hold the biden administration accountable for the exit from afghanistan. the taliban in control of billions of dollars of u.s. weaponry and americans left. >> now the fight over defense spending begins in just about 20 minutes at the top of the hour. the national defense authorization act mark-up will take off and republicans are bringing with them more than 50 amendments directly related to the fallout in afghanistan. some of those include things like finding out what equipment we left behind. creating a counter terrorism
6:45 am
account specifically for afghanistan and restricting iran from aiding the taliban. now expect a lot of pushback from democrats and how much money will go to defense. the senate armed services committee added $25 billion to president biden's $715 billion proposal. on monday, though, 27 democrats sent a letter to the house armed services chairman requesting the ndaa not exceed the president's offer. they are arguing that right now america's largest national security threat is actually a global pandemic. but ranking member mike rogers told me yesterday he thinks he will get bipartisan support on this. >> i know there is a large percentage of the democrat members of our committee that vigorously opposed the biden administration's policy to leave afghanistan and even a bigger majority of democrats who opposed doing it the way it was done. so i expect you to see some
6:46 am
democrat support on a lot of these amendments. >> there is also a lot of talk happening about the $6 billion in unspent funds appropriated for training the former afghan security forces. rob wittman says congress should use that money for counter terrorism in the region while house minority leader kevin mccarthy said it should go towards bringing those remaining americans home, although ultimately he said it is better left to the ndaa mark-up. we're told to expect a very long night. >> bill: we'll be watching. thank you on the hill. >> we have an inept, incompetent leader starting with joe biden and ends with joe biden. i'm telling you, he should be impeached. there should be other people within this administration who should be gone. they should all be gone. this is an embarrassment to the united states of america. >> dana: buddy carter
6:47 am
expressing his outrage over president biden's handling of the afghanistan withdrawal. a poll shows the view is shared by a vast majority of americans of all political stripes. joining us now is democratic congressman from massachusetts, marine veteran who served in afghanistan. thank you for serving not only in congress but in theater as well. one of the reasons i think people are concerned are americans left behind including the sacramento bee reporting 24 sacramento area students are confirmed stranded there. any update how the administration plans to get them out? >> this add minus traition over the last month conducted the most sophisticated airlift in history. 120,000 people taken out over course of 30 days at tremendous risk to the u.s. military. persisting that military evacuation just created an incredible force protection issue as we saw with the terrorist attack last week.
6:48 am
it is transitioning to a diplomatic and humanitarian mission. we're committed to getting every american who wants the leave out of afghanistan. the state department has been working with americans for the last several months to assist the vast majority to evacuate and the taliban have committed publicly and privately to allowing egress to all americans who want to leave. >> dana: do you trust them on that, the taliban? >> diplomacy is negotiation without trust. of course we do not trust the taliban. we have leverage over the taliban. humanitarian, economic, diplomatic and we'll continue to use all levers available to us. i would also underscore that the counter terrorism mission persists in afghanistan. we are going to hold to account anybody who provides a base of operation to terrorists who can strike the u.s. homeland from afghanistan and we're going to bring to justice the architects of the atrocity of the u.s. service members last week.
6:49 am
isis k-leadership will pay. >> bill: let's hope. listen, the military did amazing work. no one will debate that. they did it because they had to. you know that. they were put in a position where they -- there was no way out, sir. now back on july 8th commander-in-chief talked about all the promises. no saigon choppers, i trust the afghan military, that wasn't right. interpreters will be safe. we still know that's not right and then in august on the abc interview he promised that all americans would get out. right now 90% of those who wanted to leave are out today. in addition i think we can argue that there is more al qaeda in afghanistan today than there was 20 years ago. so what are we left with here now? >> we are left with a counter terrorism mission that persists and the united states has conducted successfully counter terrorism missions across dozens of countries without boots on the ground.
6:50 am
with a combination of human intelligence and over the horizon special operations and drones we're able to neutralize terrorist targets in countries where we don't have a strong military footprint and continue to do so in afghanistan. we also are -- the legacy in afghanistan is more complicated than just win or lose. a 20-year war. we've seen infant mortality have literacy double. 10 times as many kids in school. the taliban are taking over a country that has made progress. >> dana: the taliban is not saying that. you wrote that you think accountability is necessary and a review of bagram air base. a last word on that, please. >> well, just to the previous point the american people do not agree we should stay in afghanistan. four presidents said they will
6:51 am
leave afghanistan. this is the first president to actually leave afghanistan. >> bill: i was not saying -- they want to continue the progress we've laid for the past 20 years. please come back. thank you for your time and service. president biden defending that strategy of the country why the u.s. is relying on taliban to get the people out. senator dan sullivan joins us in moments. portraits to honor the 13 service members who made the ultimate sacrifice. that artist using her work to mark the moment. she will join us live next. veteran homeowners, if you're ever going to use your va home loan benefit to get cash, now is the time. because interest rates are near record lows and home values are at record highs. the newday 100 va cash out loan lets you borrow 100% of your home's values and you can take out $ 50,000 or more. pay down high rate credit cards, improve your home, or just give
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6:57 am
towers and lynn mara, the artist, is with us now. terrific work. thanks for being here. we were in touch over the weekend and just explain to us why this moment moved you the way it has, lynn. >> well, it's hard not to be moved, bill. first thanks for having me on and giving me so much encouragement during the week. it has been surreal. just days, six days and as a mom, i was just so moved for the parents of these 13 people and they were the inspiration. i started with johnny joey jones. he was my first portrait. i did a couple more on friday and you couldn't stop. i actually -- i this you will remember you emailed you around 3:00 in the morning still working on them. so i wanted to get all 13 done.
6:58 am
that was the -- you know, the mission. and johnny jones -- joey jones was really my spark of inspiration that lit fire to the rest of these things and i just hope it really works for tunnel to towers. >> dana: it really captures the images. how did you choose the photographs that you did? >> well, they are -- they seem to be almost iconic photographs now. you have been posting them and you see them on the news, in the newspaper, and so that was easy. but what you can do -- i really wanted to immortalize them and can't bring them back to life but i wanted to color them and give their parents something that we would never forget. i don't want to ever forget the date, their names, where they
6:59 am
came from, and i wanted to make something that was beautiful and colorful and something that i think would look beautiful in every home in this country. >> bill: they are. i hear you saying that this was a senseless loss. what i see through the images of you giving voice and emotion to what so many millions of people have been feeling this past two weeks. >> yeah, yeah. it is very emotional. honestly, i haven't slept very much since thursday night. even last night i've been up since 2:00 or 3:00 this morning. you know, thinking of them and, you know, a little bit about just going on with you today but mainly these people and it really set my heart on fire and i hope that i can set other hearts on fire. and that we all do something. i just want to do something good. >> bill: amen to that. lynn is your website.
7:00 am
later we'll have a link to tunnel to towers, too. you want to raise millions of dollars through these images, lynn. >> that's right. yeah. that's the plan. that's what i sent to you. it is actually i almost hate to say the goal but i am going to. if i say what the goal is, $25 million is the goal. if we can sell what i proposed to you and it is really not that difficult and i will be the first to buy them and every bit of it will go to tunnel to towers. i got to speak with frank last night which was the thrill of my life. he called me around 6:00 and that was really neat. it was like speaking to an old friend. i knew his voice. i'm so inspired and moved by the commercials. i pay attention and brought to tears every time i watch them. it is very fitting. it was just a no-brainer, it seems perfectly this is what we should do with this.
7:01 am
>> dana: god is using you for your talents in wonderful ways. thank you so much for being here and sharing all these with us. >> bill: we'll track the sales and let everybody know how it goes, too. thank you, lynn. lynn mara, thanks. good luck. >> dana: president biden today holding a bilateral meeting in the oval office with the president of ukraine while the world is watching in the aftermath of his decision to leave afghanistan and the subsequent takeover by the taliban. welcome to a new hour of "america's newsroom," i'm dana perino. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. i loved that story. really great. we'll need that, right? president biden moving on after yesterday's speech defending his decision to get out and stick to the deadline. president accepting responsibility making no apologies while claiming success despite the chaotic exit. >> president biden: join me in grateful prayer for our troops and diplomats and intelligence officers who carried out this mission of mercy in kabul and a
7:02 am
tremendous risk, an airlift that evacuated tens of thousands to a network of volunteers and veterans who helped identify those needing evacuation. >> bill: his critics firing back pointing to the rapid return of taliban. chaos at the airport and the deadly terrorist bombing. >> 13 brave american troops are now dead because of the chaos at the airport last week. this didn't just happen on joe biden's watched. it happened as a direct result of joe biden's decisions. >> again, this is one of the worst foreign relations debacle in the history of our country. it is going to take years for us to get over this with our allies, to get over this with our citizens. >> they made a political decision to set a date certain. they departed from the major airfield. never made a plan to make sure we got all the americans home. the end result was chaos. it resulted in the deaths of 13
7:03 am
amazing american young people. >> bill: team fox coverage continues. griff jenkins live at the state department. jackie heinrich from the north lawn where she begins her day with us now. >> good morning. president biden at once cast this as an extraordinary success but also passed blame for some of the mission's failures and challenges on former president trump, former afghan president ghani and to the americans still stuck there. >> president biden: since march we reached out 19 times to americans in afghanistan with multiple warnings and offers to help them leave afghanistan all the way back as far as march. the bottom line, 90% of americans in afghanistan who wanted to leave were able to leave. >> as of this morning, the official white house transcript has updated that 90% figure to
7:04 am
98% indicating the president misspoke. the president did not take questions or address the fact he went back on his word to keep troops on the ground until all americans were out. u.s. officials gave more context on these efforts saying some of the reasons americans stayed are individual and nuanced. some didn't want to go to the airport because of the suicide attack and ongoing threats. others didn't want to leave behind extended family. official told me americans left behind had five plus opportunities to leave but the president was defiant yesterday in blaming trump for the taliban deal that released isis fighters that later took over the country and ghani for fleeing amid -- he took on critics that argued the u.s. should have kept a low grade troop presence to maintain stability. something biden argued for immediately after 9/11. >> president biden: this decision about afghanistan is not just about afghanistan.
7:05 am
it's about ending an era of major military operations to remake other countries. i'm reluctant to use the word nation building because it is such a loaded political term these days. but if we leave afghanistan in chaos, it will be another time bomb waiting to explode. >> yesterday was first day without u.s. troops on the ground and the white house did not say whether anyone else made it out of afghanistan yesterday. we're hoping to get some new answers today, bill. >> bill: jackie heinrich. we'll be waiting and watching. >> dana: president biden putting secretary of state blinken in charge of rescuing the 10% of americans he says are still stranded in afghanistan. the state department tasked with resettling more than 100,000 refugees. griff jenkins is live at the state department with more. where will they go? >> that's a good question, dana. the state department is saddled with a dual mission. many of the same employees right here at the state department who just last week
7:06 am
were frantically working around the clock to get americans on flights are now helping to resettle the tens of thousands of afghans arriving in the u.s. now. this as some american citizens who is have family still stranded describe the chaos as the clock ran out. >> my sister and mother and grandmother being old it is hard for my dad to also bring them along to the airport with him, wait in that line and those huge crowds and everything. the firing that was going on in the air and the smoke bombs everything. being pushed around. it was crazy. it was a situation that probably should have been handled better and it definitely could have been handled better with the proper communication. >> he says the department department has made a priority to get them out but he told me an hour ago and said they haven't given them a plan and said it could be days. the state department estimate of that 100 to 200 americans
7:07 am
remaining still stands as evacuation operations are being run out of qatar and limited to ground routes. that's through taliban-controlled, isis infested territory with the airport closed and no international agreement to reopen. it is dependent on taliban cooperation. as for those siv applicants who fought along forces like carl the interpreter you have been speaking with. the state department not giving us any indication of how many got out, no numbers on how many remain behind enemy lines. dana. >> dana: thank you so much. bill the "new york post" editorial board said with americans and allies left behind biden declares afghan mission extraordinary success. angry that anybody criticize him he showed no remorse and resorted to the talking points for two weeks to explain once again where he had no regrets about his wise decision.
7:08 am
the alternative view from white house. >> bill: we began our program an hour and 10 minutes ago. mike gallagher served overseas, republican from wisconsin asking for somewhat would appear to be kind of some simple suggestions, demand a plan from the add -- administration to bring americans home. why are billions dollars of equipment left behind? it is number three, guys, on the call for it. what he said is what the taliban wanted to do is humiliate us. they've won the war because the surrender was preemptive before we had all our ducks in a row. in the meantime dan sullivan joins us from anchorage, alaska. >> dana: do we have you there, senator?
7:09 am
senator? >> hi, dana and bill. good to be on the program. >> dana: good to have you. let's get your reaction today as you wake up very early in alaska and what you are hearing from your constituents there. >> look, you know, the president continues his holiday from reality and his inability to take responsibility for what clearly is one of the biggest foreign policy fiascoes our country has seen in decades. particularly. we're focused on it, this issue of leaving hundreds of americans stranded behind taliban lines. and you know, it's something that i feel it, americans feel it. certainly dana to your point my constituents feel it. you feel sick. i never thought we would see our government, our president, leave people in the most dangerous place in the world and then call it a success.
7:10 am
so, you know in alaska we have more veterans per capita than any state in the country. my constituents are furious. they want answers and accountability and so do i as a senator. >> bill: talking about the mike gallagher request shot down by democrats yesterday. here he was talking about it last hour. >> the taliban wants to humiliate us. they have beaten us on the battlefield because we surrendered preemotion actively. we have no leverage. for the president to go on tv and call this an extraordinary success was shameful. it will go down as the lie of the decade. >> bill: you probably feel the same way. sentiments are mutual with you there in anchorage on that. do you think you will get any guarantees from this administration after this? >> well look, bill, what i've been asking for for weeks is why did we have the august 31st deadline in the first place? and particularly if we could
7:11 am
have moved it to get american citizens out safely. that was the administration -- should have been the administration's number one goal. i have not gotten one answer from anybody in the white house, senior levels of the department of defense. the only answer that we could come up with is the president, you know, when he put this august 31st deadline out there, the taliban called it their red line and unfortunately looks like the president bent the knee to the taliban and said we are going to keep your deadline and for sake american citizens. shameful. it will go down in history as a huge blunder. as you know there will be major foreign policy consequences that flow from this bad decision. >> dana: can i ask you about that? last question for you is given your experience at the national security council before you were a senator, what are your concerns in terms of their ability to coordinate across all these different agencies
7:12 am
with the possible daylight between some of them especially the defense department and the white house? >> well look, dana, i think the number one thing we still have to focus on this administration does and congress is accountability, holding hearings, who made decisions when but getting our citizens out safely as congressman gallagher mentioned. we have lost almost all of our leverage when the u.s. military departed. again, really a sickening feeling that we had 6,000 marines and soldiers who were ready to go do that kind of mission to save our citizens. they have now departed and we don't have leverage. something else we need to focus on. our adversaries will be testing the united states of america after that debacle whether it's russia and the baltics, china in taiwan, iran with regard to threatening israel. this administration better be ready and better be strong.
7:13 am
that's coming next. >> bill: thank you, senator, dan sullivan live from average this morning. >> dana: got up early for us. >> bill: appreciate that. we had admiral kirby on from the pentagon yesterday and a lot of questions for him. this is the story line for afghanistan in the near term. and that is are people going to be safe there or will the taliban take them out? if they take them out will we hear about it? >> no longer on the ground in afghanistan to facilitate that kind of safe passage but it doesn't mean the administration or government is going to turn a blind eye to trying to help them get home. you have a lot of tools available to us to help facilitate that passage and we'll be focused on that. >> bill: okay. so we are, too. >> dana: jim garrity from the national review if they couldn't help me get out while they were here how will they help me now? we will stay on top of it. search and rescue looking for
7:14 am
five people after a u.s. navy helicopter embarked on the uss abraham lincoln crashed into the pacific ocean. it happened off the coast of san diego yesterday afternoon during a routine flight operation. one person was rescued. that continues. gold star mom getting censored online after blaming president biden for the death of her son in kabul. who is really responsible? bret baier ahead to break it all down. >> he called it a success when it was a catastrophic failure. no question about it. this is one of the worst foreign relations debacle in the history of our country. unlike ordinary memory supplements, neuriva plus fuels six key indicators of brain performance. more brain performance? yes, please! neuriva. think bigger.
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7:20 am
killed in the airport attack in kabul taking aim at the president online blaming him for her son's death and she did it on facebook. and then her instagram account was disabled after the post. they are run by the same company. the social media site said it was a mistake. some are asking is it an error or deliberate show of censorship? >> here is what i know. the corporal was 20 years old when he died at the kabul airport last week. something his mom wrote on instagram. i know i'm still in shock right now. i felt my soul leave my body as i was screaming it can't be true. no mother or parents should ever have to hear their child is gone and one of the marines killed today. she goes on to say god i pray to watch over and keep my son safe and bring him back home to
7:21 am
me but you didn't. instead you took him back home to you. now i pray to you, god, that you took my son from me, that you give me the strength to continue living this life because all i want to do is be with my son right now. the words of a mother who was grieving her son. now instagram went on to delete her account. >> dana: from that? >> they say it was in error. we'll never no who pressed the delete button or why but do know she is a trump supporter. she has said things critical of biden. typically these mistakes go in one direction. >> dana: the facebook statement said we express deepest condolences to her and her family. it doesn't violate any of our policies. the post was fought removed her account was incorrectly deleted and have since restored it. >> she said after she posted the tribute to her son she started receiving a lot of followers and messages from instagram flagging old posts
7:22 am
that she wrote and you have to wonder if somebody at instagram saw her account was getting traction and then said okay, she has in the past posted things like election was stolen and even though she is grieving and she didn't break our terms of service we will delete her account anyway. this is a bigger deal than just a conservative having their account deleted by mistake because this is a woman who is in the news now because her son just died for our country. on top of that. i'm sure she needs the outlet of social media that we all do and the support that she is getting from her followers. but a company had decided to punish her because they disagree with her politically. >> bill: facebook owns instagram. the same company. she went back to facebook and posted this. it seems instagram deleted my account i assume because i
7:23 am
gained so many followers over my son's death due to biden's negligence and him being a traitor. that's what she said in her words. facebook has hired an outside company to monitor the posts. they pay a lot of money to the company every year to watch what is posted online. how is that going? >> they could easily say we made a mistake. this was just a mistake. but i always go back to the same thing. you never hear of mistakes being made when somebody is critical of trump, you know? you only hear mistakes being made when it is a conservative making them. the whole thing about social media companies removing dangerous speech brings me to twitter and the fact that trump doesn't have a twitter account anymore but the spokesperson and leaders of the taliban do. have we forgotten -- keeps on coming into my head, have we forgotten who the taliban are? not just social media but the generals. mckenzie calling them helpful. these are the people that have
7:24 am
coffins with american and british flags draped over them today mocking the deaths of that woman's son and the people who are responsible for 9/11 and the image of the woman who jumped out of the tower and held her skirt down so her last moment would be one of dignity. we're now calling these people helpful and they are allowed on twitter but our former president isn't? it seems like a bad dream. >> dana: we agreed with her and hope she is able to find some comfort. >> bill: a lot of people would agree with that. thank you, carley shimkus. >> dana: stunning new report that says president biden pressed former afghan president to change the country's perception problem days before the taliban takeover. biden is now pinning some of the blame on his predecessor as the fallout grows. >> bill: americans living in border towns under siege from criminal activities. we haven't forgotten about how
7:25 am
the flood of migrants overwhelms police on the border in texas. jonathan, hello. >> we're on the front lines of the ongoing battle between the mexican drug cartels and human smuggling gangs on that side of the border and the u.s. border patrol on this side. we'll show you how that battle plays out night after night after the break. home valuess. and are at all time highs. that makes right now the best time in history to use your va refi benefit and get cash. you could take out $50,000 or more because the newday 100 va loan lets you borrow up to 100% of your home's value. use that cash to pay high rate credit card debt or plan for retirement. the newday 100 va loan. so, you have diabetes, here are some easy rules. no sugar. no pizza. no foods you love.
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7:31 am
would be illegal immigrants to try to get into the united states. with went along with border patrol agents last night as they faced that challenge once again. at one point they had a group of around 30 trying to get across. they only have a few border patrol agents staged every half mile so 10 of those got through. about 20 were turned back as border patrol agents watched from across the river. but that's one-third of the thousand or so they say getting through every single night. it is a crisis that senator ted cruz with us last night says america has to look at very closely. also with us congressman chip roy. listen to him. >> if the american people don't wake up and understand this isn't just a border problem. it affects real people, real lives. sex trafficking and human trafficking, labor trafficking but importantly the drug
7:32 am
trafficking killing americans by large numbers. it is coming to a school near you. a community near you. >> bill, take a look across the river here. you can see how narrow it is. i can also tell you it is only about shoulder deep there and easy to wade across. a constant fight for border patrol agents. senator ted cruz says he believes morale among border patrol is at an all time low. >> they are frustrated beyond words because they are wondering what the hell difference does it make? why am i doing this? if the president of the united states doesn't want the border secure. the president of the united states wants an open border. >> so, bill, that's how they get across the border here, the rio grande. tomorrow we are going to show you with some extraordinary video what happens once those illegal immigrants are here on this side and still trying to
7:33 am
evade border patrol. you won't want to miss that report tomorrow morning. >> bill: we'll pick up story then. nice to have you back in laredo. >> president biden: we faced one of two choices, follow the agreement of the previous administration and extend it -- or extend and more time for people to get out, or send in thousands of more troops. and escalate the war. >> dana: president biden yesterday shifting some of the blame for the debacle in afghanistan to former president trump. afghan forces who escaped the taliban and american citizens there who dismissed calls to leave the country. bret baier is the anchor of special report. "wall street journal" saying this. dishonest afghanistan accounting. biden spent the tragedy for u.s. interests into an anti-war victory saying his accusatory
7:34 am
defense on tuesday of his afghanistan withdrawal was so dishonest and lacking in self-reflection and accountability unworthy of the sacrifices americans made in the conflict. it seems as if america as divided as we are might have heard two different speeches yesterday. >> exactly right. good morning. i think most people -- if you look at analysis on all sides, looked at it as very defensive and actually using some of the same lines that the president has used over recent days talking about this. and that comes off to a lot of people, especially politics watchers, as not the right tone and a bit of a tin ear. if you look at what's happening on the ground, it is not just the 100 plus or 200, it's the thousands of afghan allies but you look now the "washington post" and we've confirmed our own journalists, u.s.
7:35 am
journalists with radio free europe and radio liberty. 500 people tied to that group were left on the ground despite promises of taking them out. we're learning more and more by the day and the tone of that speech came off as very defensive. >> bill: i don't disagree with that observation. i was watching and listening and i thought what do they see what we don't? we saw the abc poll numbers and they were across the board, republicans, independents, democrats, get the americans out. strong majority 70% plus make sure you get the afghan all aisles out as well. i just wonder if it came from a position of political desperation perhaps on numbers they're seeing or perhaps from their own caucus saying you have to get in front of this thing. >> possibly, bill. i think they are continually trying to hit and the president is trying to hit he wanted to end the war. this was about ending the
7:36 am
forever war in his words and if the attack came from yemen, that whole story about yemen and would we go into yemen. it didn't make sense. >> dana: i have to say, bret, when he brought up the yemen thing again it drove me a little crazy. it is such a straw man. if al qaeda had been in yemen and planned 9/11 yeah, okay, sure. i don't understand that whole situation and trying to turn it back on the press as a hypothetical. that's a new one on me. >> i agree. i think they're trying to say america wanted to get out of this war. that's true. that is true across the board. but they didn't want to get out like this. >> bill: we've got other reporting out of reuters about a conversation that was had between the former president of afghanistan, ghani and joe biden and it's pretty revealing. what did you conclude from that conversation? i tell you what i saw. i saw we knew we had a problem in early july. >> yeah.
7:37 am
i think you could go back to may when the taliban starts taking over provinces and they're talking to the afghan government and they know that there is an issue here. the fact that the talking point is that they had no clue that this was going to happen so fast, the writing was on the wall. the map was already starting to turn red with taliban control and we were not prepared. it didn't have to be this chaotic which is why this is such a big thing. how long this lasts, how long does america think about this? we operate in chapters. we often close the chapter and move on to another thing. i think this one will stay awhile. >> dana: how do you think reuters got ahold of that transcript? >> someone inside the administration. you are going to start to see, i think, dana, some anonymous sources. you have seen some quotes that are really stunning from inside the administration. we saw this in the trump administration when people weren't feeling the best about the president or his decisions
7:38 am
and suddenly you have a ton of anonymous sources and transcripts coming out. it's starting. >> bill: what's interesting about that point for trump it started on day one it seems. but this group has been airtight now for seven or eight months, would you not agree? >> i agree. the quote i saw today believe it was the "washington post", saying that this person was so distraught about leaving americans on the ground. when you have that kind of emotion being expressed, even anonymously, you have issues inside the administration with the decision making. i think we'll learn a lot more and i think congress will have hearings that suddenly will illuminate some of these early decisions. >> dana: we'll see you tonight at 6:00 p.m. thank you so much. >> bill: in a moment virginia supreme court weighing in the case of a gym teacher suspended for opposing his school's tran gender policy. what happens next for those
7:39 am
left behind in afghanistan living under taliban rule. we'll hear from a woman who fled the country when she was only 7 years old. how is she and her family doing now? you'll find out next. >> unlike 20 years ago, they have social media that they can use in the same way isis did six or seven years ago to inspire and motivate and enthuse islamic jihadists around the world who are today celebrating. there's no more fear of missing out. or as i like to say... (crowd) no mo fo mo! download a movie in seconds, while acting in a movie. hyah! while also writing a movie. game on the go on the fastest 5g in the world. he's cheating! (crowd gasps) (whispers) i gotta go! (vo) 5g ultra wideband, available in many major cities. switch to verizon and get up to $1,000 off. (hasan) no mo fo mo forever! liberty mutual customizes car insurance so you only pay for what you need. how much money can liberty mutual save you?
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>> dana: virginia state supreme court backing the decision to reinstate the gym teacher. he was fired after speaking out against the school's transgender policy. more from washington he has his job back. >> good morning. legal battle from earlier this summer is heating up. new academic year is getting started. virginia supreme court reaffirmed a lower court ruling involved phy. ed. teacher tanner cross suspended by the loudon county virginia school board in june after expressing religious beliefs at a public forum. cross came out against loudon county's transgender school policy that would openly force teachers and students to refer to students by their preferred pronounce. >> i will call any child by their desired name. you can't say things that are untrue. >> the reason it was so extreme. the school board punished
7:45 am
tanner simply for speaking at a public meeting in his private capacity and he even went to work the next day and no problems. they still suspended him. that's unconstitutional and shouldn't happen. it is expected the school board will appeal the virginia supreme court decision. virginia falls within the fourth circuit currently assigned to john roberts. he would likely have to sort out whether cross gets to stay in his job or not as it plays out in court. >> >> dana: interesting details. >> bill: you are about to meet our next guest who escaped afghanistan to decades ago after the taliban murdered her father. the nightmare is just beginning she says. she is with us now and thank you for your time. >> dana: good morning. >> good morning, dana and bill. thank you for having me. >> you just wrote yesterday that conditions are already rolling back to the way they were in 2001 back home.
7:46 am
how? >> well, as we can all see the taliban are back in control in afghanistan and the country and chaos people are fleeing and worried that people that lived under the harsh taliban regime in 1996 to 2001 and those harsh treatments of women are coming back and the taliban are in control and we are concerned and fearful of what they are going to do because we have seen what they are capable of doing by their treatment of woman and minorities in the country. >> dana: the other thing is for example, music is outlawed. they executed a folk singer. you have bands across the world
7:47 am
trying to raise money to get some of these musicians out. that's just how strict, how joyless the taliban are. what do you remember about leaving when you did? >> so i left in 2008, but prior to 2,000 i was very young and when they came in 2001. before that there were a lot of girls including myself we weren't allowed to go to school. i wasn't even in a real school until the americans landed that i got the opportunity to gnglish and able to get a scholarship to leave in 2008. obviously during the time
7:48 am
between 2001 and 2008 things changed a lot. women were able to go to school and women able to work in high positions, you mentioned earlier singers. throughout 20 years we have a lot of talent and singers and people that contributed to society in one way or another. but i remember a time that i was there, i was not scared. i knew that i could have dreams of becoming what i wanted to be. but right now there are a lot of girls are very uncertain about their future and women that have worked for the last 20 years that, you know, it's a dark place for them right now. we just have to see what is going to happen. >> bill: it's a strong message you have.
7:49 am
what's the message for president biden? i read your piece online. what is it now? >> well, my message to president biden and to the world leaders is first of all, that they have to keep an eye on the taliban. i certainly do not trust them. a lot of afghans, right now they are just saying things that they might not do after the international community leaves. so my message to president biden is to make sure that the taliban allow women to go to school, be able to have the ability to work and also, you know, outlaw these absurd rules that women have to be chaperoneed by a man to go out.
7:50 am
also afghan refugees -- a lot of requests but that's what's needed right now. a lot of afghans want to leave and -- >> dana: you are a good advocate for them. >> bill: unfortunately we've lost a lot of our power over the taliban. i know you know that. good luck. we'll stay in contact. thank you for coming on today. >> thank you for having me. thank you. >> dana: state department is seeking the whereabouts of republican oklahoma mullen after he attempted a rogue rescue mission to afghanistan. details of his status. thousands feeling as the caldor fire closes in on lake tahoe. some are ignoring evacuation orders. we have a live report from california next. 2.48 apr. just one call can save you thousands every year.
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7:56 am
deadline. critics are blasting the move saying it will force women to travel out of state for the procedure or continue an unwanted pregnancy. we'll follow the developments. >> bill: caldor fire continuing toward lake tahoe. miles from the popular resort town. residents some will not leave. we'll track it live outside the stardust south lake tahoe, william, hello. >> labor day weekend typically one of the busiest streets in california. right now you can see it is a ghost town. almost everybody is gone. compliments of the caldor fire proving to be almost unstoppable. spot fires are popping up everywhere. it is not just one fire. you have firefighters jumping out of trucks trying to smother the embers. the fire started two weeks ago burning west to east.
7:57 am
312 square miles destroyed, 544 homes, 34,000 are threatened. remember, these are wooden houses, decks, wooden roofs surrounded by pine needles and trees. >> every fire is different. coming up with where you want to put in your control lines and hopefully they hold. >> this is what the evacuation looked like on monday. cars at a dead stop for four miles long. three reasons why it is so stubborn. you have steep mountains, deep canyons. fuel basically hasn't burned for decades. forest is dense, dead overgrown fuels will mean the fire will burn more intense. we have the red flag warnings tonight and dry conditions through the weekend. right now trying to herd the fire away from the people. >> bill: best of luck.
7:58 am
we'll watch it. thank you, sir. >> dana: u.s. official efs are trying to determine the whereabouts of oklahoma congressman mullen after reports he tried to organize a rogue rescue mission to afghanistan. chad pergram live on capitol hill with an update. >> fox heard overnight the congressman couldn't tell me where he was and mullen didn't respond to questions if he got into afghanistan or extracted americans. his office says he is safe and he did have to go dark for a bit. democrat moulton was one of two members who got in and out of afghanistan last week. >> i know mark and i've been asking some of my friends in connections about him. i'm concerned for his safety. >> congressional leaders from both sides implored lawmakers not to go because of it being too dangerous. kevin mccarthy was worried about taliban or isis-k taking
7:59 am
hostages. we haven't heard anything from the state department about mullen. it could indicate he hasn't completely been gotten out of harm's way. multiple members of the gop leadership say they haven't heard from mullen as well as members of the oklahoma delegation. mullen did not serve in the military but he is a former mma fighter. >> dana: keep on top of that for us. >> bill: before we go you want to show you kissimmee, florida, cops there a big tribute to our fallen 13. they all got together and created this heart which is kind of cool. we like that. also lynn mara, great story last hour has created these original pieces of digital art that go to commemorate the lives of the fallen 13. check it out. lynn she wants to raise a ton of money fortune el for towers. >> dana: she wants to raise 25 million and it would go to tunnel for towers. you are close to that group.
8:00 am
as we come to the anniversary of 9/11 that organization has done incredible work over 20 years. >> bill: great stuff. on this day september 1st, 1939 hitler invaded poland, the start of the second world war. that was not the most important thing that happened that day. my mom was born. happy birthday, mom, love you.


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