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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  September 3, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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animals are jerks. animals are jerks. >> greg: set your dvr every night so you never miss an episode! thank you to janice dean, greg ellis, joe mackie, kat timpf, our studio audience, fox news at night when shannon bream is next! i'm greg gutfeld, and i love you, america! ♪ ♪ >> hello, welcome to fox news that night, i am shannon bream. breaking tonight, a texas judge siding with planned parenthood. was a blower lawsuits under the new law. it all comes after president joe biden called the texas law un-american.
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and police in new jersey are going door-to-door, checking on those missing, remind people in five northeast states are dead after catastrophic flooding. storm ravaged louisiana, and the booster shot plan expected to start september 20 could be scaled back. health officials say that more time is needed to determine the proper dosage. the air force is announcing the mandatory that means and guidelines for active duty personnel. but we begin with the americans and special immigrant visa holders stranded and desperate in afghanistan as congress is pressing the defense department to submit a plan on how to evacuate those left behind. the white house admits that some of those have shown up on the watch lists.
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reporter: that's right, the secretary alejandro majorca spoke out about a derogatory background of some of the people entering the country. but others have been flagged actually on terror watch lists. >> we deny information that is not resolved and we do not feel confident in the safety and security of the american people. >> the former secretary of state says no matter how confident homeland security feels about them coming to america, mistakes can be made. >> we didn't catch the right folks. >> the department of defense insists the screening process making it onto american soil has come a long way.
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with biometric screening and multiple agencies including the fbi and background checks. anthony bullington did not answer when asked if anyone americans have gotten out of afghanistan since the united states withdrew. he did say the joe biden administration will hold the taliban for their commitment . >> their different communities and different communities. >> there will be no issue about women's rights, no problem about their education or work. women will still be expected to receive education and work. on of this, they say it has been
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clear for months according to boris johnson that the situation could escalate quickly. shannon: thank you very much for the update. the mainstream media focusing on the controversial abortion law in the widespread devastation of hurricane ida. many are pushing afghanistan into the background. howard kurtz host of media buzz is showing us tonight. >> showing public disapproval, some commentators are focusing upon the decision to pullout united states forces. >> it's a fact that it required a level of resolve that nobody had prior to president joe biden cemented and maybe a poll today shows a crucial distinction. 77% backed joe biden on getting out of afghanistan, a striking 60% said they disapprove of what proved to be a chaotic and violent evacuation. only 7% of republicans approve
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them. the obvious damage to the president could explain why many are moving on after the war. one hour after he defended it in the extraordinary success of this mission. >> several started leading with comments by freshman republican congressman who said the failure to change what he calls a rigged election could lead to bloodshed. >> he is a sitting member of congress. >> since that time, most of the evening have not even mentioned the war in. >> he led an assault through measures, the marches on. >> to executives are set to testify before a manhattan grand jury this week.
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>> deadly flooding was covered in the northeast as well as a highly restrictive texas abortion law. the war is now afterthought. they are hoping that americans have a short memory and forget about the fiasco that they unleashed. and some americans remain concerned at this time. shannon: thank you so much. and there is more where that came from tonight concerning the report of a troubling phone call between president joe biden and the afghan president. kevin has a closer look at what appears to be a collective disregard by the mainstream media. that evening, kevin. >> good evening. i don't need to tell you how different the media is, that is
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why the mainstream press has collected this over the phone call and then review the transcript of the presidential call and things are not doing well in terms of the fight against the taliban, and there's a need, whether true or not, there is a need to project a different picture. for many, the suggestion was as explosive as it was politically scandalous. too much of the mainstream media in the united states, joe biden
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employing his counterpart to lie about the reality of the war through a collective yawn. not a single second of coverage by abc, cbs, nbc, cnn order msnbc. >> getting louder, he admitted that he did talk with the ukrainian president about joe biden. >> we are entering the second week of news about the allegation the president from a had pressured a foreign government to go after one of his political rivals. republicans in congress continue to remain largely silent about it. >> given his curious past history with the truth, from allegations of plagiarism to numerous misstatements of fact. including about having visited the synagogue after the
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october 2018 mass murder their, which he didn't. the allegedly asking a foreign leader to mislead the world about what is happening in afghanistan. it may not shock the census. what did shock many was the jobs report that our employers added just 235,000 payrolls last month. far fewer than expected 720,000. >> unemployment rate dropped to 5.2% and however the jobs of words showed the rate of unemployment actually rose up to 8.8% up to a .2% in july. and the slow learning hiring spree. we will see how it ratchet up as
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we approach the holiday season. many people paying close attention to that. >> you and i are going to talk about people not paying attention to their phones, they hate talking on cell phones. let us know. shannon: president joe biden trying to channel be counterpunching style during today's remarks at the white house. >> so many records at this in the stock market. we're doing great, it's wonderful, the stock market is up. shannon: let's talk about a growing list of issues facing the joe biden administration. kevin walling, thank you for
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joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> talking about numerous different outlets. president joe biden's approval ratings falling afghanistan disaster is taking. a new poll from abc news and "the washington post" indicates 57% of independents are increasingly asked rated with his tenure in the white house . >> and you know, this whole entire administration taking in support because if you are an american, you care about security and safety, there's been no movement on the board when it comes to police reform.
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and you see food inflation, gas prices increasing and now you look at the job numbers come in the jobs report and so if you are a gold star family come you have a president who made the family terribly upset and they leave americans stranded, we can't trust them, we are frustrated, the american people are fed up.
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>> spew on npr talking about that and that is bad news for joe biden and democrats. >> absolutely, shannon. you know, independents are key in 2020 democrats taking back the house of representatives in 2018 against donald trump. and honestly the situation coming out of afghanistan with the troops and you will see a president coming back and a
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trillion dollars, reimagining our economy when it comes to transportation. seventy points ahead in terms of where joe biden win. obviously i'm not going to sugarcoat it, and we have plenty of time to turn those numbers around 430 days out. >> we're all counting, we are all watching. and it will allow the democrats to paint republicans of hard-liners.
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>> trying to change the attention moving things away when you look at all the things that are happening, covid-19 from afghanistan, the economy, jobs. and the sexes is a local matter and it will not be nationally ad many are suffering across the board and that's what they don't want to talk about. you know, it's certainly not a local issue, the supreme court weighing in. if that were vigilante justice
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is a talked about, it is a very dangerous path that they are going down. >> six weeks, should be protected. >> dangerous. >> thank you, guys. shannon: thank you. president biden and the classification of 9/11 documents. families of victims have long sought the record in hopes of implicating the saudi government. it comes about a week before the 20th anniversary of the attacks.
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>> he was known to multiple agencies. and into a valley, killing 16 and injuring a doesn't others. he says that he actually jumped out of a window. the colombian navy says that they captured a summary used to smuggle cocaine around latin america, confiscating a drug worth $60 million. the crew jumped ship, 21 summaries have been captured this year alone. and off the coast, to separate rescues from overturned veterans trying to make their way from the mediterranean. and fearful of persecution.
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a report on international religious freedom says that north korea has been secretly executing people. for practicing christianity. remaining one of the most dangerous places to be a believer. lauren green has reviewed the report and shares what she learned. >> experts have said the north korean government fears christianity more than any other religion. now the u.s. government has approved. in the report, the u.s. commission on international religious freedom lasted for the egregious violation of religious freedom in 10 citizens, calling it among the worst in the world. >> the north korean government enjoys compounds of control over religion, basically denying anyone. >> the most severe treatment appears to be six christians
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executed by firing squad. >> all the mechanisms of power. >> the most dangerous to be a christian,. >> a mix of an old-school communist state where there is no god and they don't even think about it. and they cultlike worship of leaders, you get that toxic mix along with the inhumane creativity of this regime and his people there. >> while they want to be part of the international community, the demands of citizens devotion above all else.
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in and christianity is a threat to that order. >> anyone believing looking to any other structure is something that they are phil frolov. >> a lot of it came from people who had escaped north korea. many believe the conditions are actually much worse. >> a high precision images, and there's only one way to get out of the work, the videos coming up next. ♪ ♪ ♪
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and better friends. no! no! that's why comcast works around the clock constantly improving america's largest gig-speed broadband network. and just doubled the capacity here. how do things look on your end? -perfect! because we're building a better network every single day. shannon: kicking things off with a round up.
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this casual black bear in tennessee. can see it looks like maybe he is going to the chinese restaurant across the street for a bite to eat. then he took off running. speaking of hungry bears. another black bear, this time inside of a man's car. i do not know what the exact seizure is for extricating a creature of the size, i might have called animal control. but what they did was they throughout some flaming hot cheetos. and then he uses his foot, he uses his foot to slam the door closed. okay, it is raining cats and dogs. what does it look like when it is raining bears? these cubs fell onto this woman's roof, saying be just
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fine after the fall after being checked out by a veterinarian. one of the best golf trick shots of the year. even an optical illusion at one point that looks like he may have launched the ball, maybe hitting a firework. it is hard to tell, but you have to watch it and it's a great optical illusion, whatever it is. millions more tonight after 10 million on tick tock. and a satellite helping researchers.
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>> this shows a number of ring tone downloads and it found less than 50% and they said that they consider the phone not the most important method of communication. are you a big text message person and what is your ring tone? shannon: i hate talking on the phone. i don't have a fancy ring tone. but i don't like talking on the phone. i like e-mails.
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and so this is for you, my friend. please stick around, there's more to come. shannon: people are going to look forward to it. thank you, kevin. the cdc urging tens of millions of unvaccinated americans to stay home to fight the delta variant. doctor rochelle walensky making the plea this week. >> people can travel, although given where we are with the
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transmission rates right now, i would say that people need to take this into their own consideration as a think about traveling. if you are unvaccinated, we would recommend not traveling. >> what is known as revenge travel, getting out there, traveling more than they usually would after months of cabin fever. hitting the road in california, more expensive for fuel, $4.39 per gallon, much higher than $3.18 per gallon. and cleanup is underway. hurricane ida tearing apart the northeast.
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shannon: the destruction by hurricane ida from the gulf coast to the atlantic coast. increasing calls to washington. to act quickly to help southern louisiana and northeastern u.s. the democrats could finally summon recovery money into their big spending bill. >> democrats are using this as a rationale to push their agenda.
9:37 pm
>> smacked even some that back the bipartisan plan that that hurricane ida made their case. >> if anything, it points out the importance, the flood mitigation. >> there is skepticism about the infrastructure effort. >> dedicating money to other structure, it gets siphoned off into welfare union contracts and political insiders him. >> it used to be easy to pass in congress. disaster relief.
9:38 pm
>> people thought this was another scam by new york. >> it is already bipartisan demand order covering the long-term cost of the storm. shannon: one of the money goes in louisiana, let's bring in our guest will talk about the long road of recovery. welcome, john. >> think you for having me. you know, i love listening to both sides of the story. we live in the middle of it. i am from new york. and the notion that of the structure is so important. we had a terrible to floods in 2016.
9:39 pm
the thousand or flood on august 13, 2016. in our parish president was able to get a bunch of money and put it toward flood abatement. but just two days ago or flood was -- we had a flood after the hurricane. the flood waters were supposed to be 6 inches, just 6 inches under the worst one in our history and because of the infrastructure we had the picture that we see, maybe about 6 inches of water, had he not done the flood abatement would we would probably have 3 feet of water right there. so flood abatement is very necessary and as far as climate change when. if you fill your bathtub to the top and then put a cinderblock and it you are going to have water come out. so everyone that wants to talk about climate change, they are not talking about the tremendous
9:40 pm
stress to our landscape when we get rid of trees buildings and communities on there, that is one of the problems. it's not an easy fix for an easy explanation, but my goodness, it is so ludicrous for people to say they are using it for their agenda, even as silly as a recovering yankee to have the president .
9:41 pm
>> there are people devastated by weather conditions are and will be facing as far as recovery. >> well, you know, we do need infrastructure and things that we need, pumping stations and all kinds of things, what we really need is opportunity. we need to be able to institute the oil and gas industry down there. and it's on, as far as i can
9:42 pm
turn, if the government were to try to send me a check my wouldn't take it. i don't believe in sleeping with the enemy at this time, it just doesn't suit me. the oil and gas industry is vitally important. we are going to be without electricity for three to six weeks. but i don't see anyone with batteries on their cars. this notion of trying to get rid of gas and diesel vehicles, it's another one of the most ludicrous things i have ever heard and we need our oil and our gas.
9:43 pm
we need the jobs that the oil and gas provide. louisiana is a wonderful state full of the hardest working people that i have ever seen and we don't need a handout. we need an opportunity. >> i think a lot of these folks. >> yes, and a lot of what happened here, you know, it's not that it could be avoided but i see what happens on the streets in my town and people are helping one another and people are talking about this tremendous division. there is not a tremendous division in louisiana. we're a great country full of
9:44 pm
great people and then we do with ourselves and the communities and friends. as soon as the people say we give in . shannon: that's right, we have seen the louisiana people over and over again the time and every time. it's the best part of america, thank you so much for popping in with us. >> absolutely, absolutely. tennessee, north dakota, california, people are going to
9:45 pm
help each other and so that is my 2 cents and so i think you, we will see you down the road. and get yourself a movie. thank you so much. shannon: okay, and upcoming from mission impossible.
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shannon: living up to its name after production was delayed, up to seven times. karen mount reached the insurance limit, worth $100 million. the insurers don't want to pay anywhere near that. now paramount is taking them to a breach of contract and court. joining us now is our two experts on the matter. thank you for being with us. >> hello, shannon. >> thank you, shannon. shannon: the movie shut down numerous times. there were all kinds of problems. let's go to exhibit a.
9:51 pm
well within the limits of the policy. within $100 million limit for each single loss, however when they sought payment for the full amount of the insured losses, the insurer refused. >> you know, shouldn't tom cruise know that filming a movie during covid-19 is risky, you know, i had to go there. [applause] and you know, they have all the right moves on this. the people need to understand. a key person or a key manager. if god god for bid the actor or director passes away and it happened with john candy, about 20% of the movie had to be made. and here that is not what the insurance is about.
9:52 pm
and they still had been dealing with all he had been dealing with. i think this is going to be a mission deniable case. >> exhibit number two. they say that the shutdowns are covered only under the civil authority policy with government mandated shutdowns. carrying a 1 million-dollar limit. >> yes, first of all an insurance company is not allowed to just collect premiums and not have claims, including honoring in this finish, promising to pay for certain claims and captions of its policy. that policy provided that it would pay for losses associated
9:53 pm
with the unavailability as a result of the threat of bodily injury, and as you just said i'm a production shutdown seven times. both of these covered reasons under the policy. there was an exclusion for any associated with a virus or pandemic. available since 2003. and instead they wanted to rely upon, the lie upon the fact that there is a limited coverage available if the government shuts down production makes it impossible to production, saying
9:54 pm
that we will cover you under the civil authority policy that we will not cover you under the pass coverage and i think it's misplaced and wrong. >> there's a lot of money at stake. brian and joe, thank you both have a wonderful weekend. >> thank you. that good news, tiffany holloway got creative when her son asked for a special creation, it went viral. it made thousands of dollars. she decided to share the wealth by donating in setting up the whole project.
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