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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 3, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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>> i did not get a christmas card. the one erik prince, you can watchul the full episode on fox nation. that is it for us tonight on "tucker carlson." have a greatat weekend. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> sean: and welcome to the special edition of "hannity." biden's afghanistan disaster appeared for the hour, we are going to review joe biden's catastrophic withdrawal from afghanistan, leaving americans >> welcome, everyone. we will cover the moral cowardice, the idiotic plan, for a president that is clearly not fit to lead this country are t tonight on. >> we are going to get them all out. >> we do take care of our own.
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believe nobody behind. >> the joe biden administration is managing that as well as we can. >> is what america is all about. leaving nobody behind. >> could this have been done and what orderly manner? >> i respectfully disagree. sean: americans held hostage, held behind enemy lines and tonight we began one month before the fighting season and this was the deadline for withdrawalit, if they follow through, they knew if they harmed and the americans were killed inul the allies, they knw the consequences that they would be dire. and according to president trump no matter what the united states
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would maintain control and opportunity. we own it, we are keeping it, but then came joe biden. the self-proclaimed foreign-policy expert in his coolest advisors arbitrarily pushing a withdrawal date to august. okay. during the peak taliban fighting season. and he did nothing as the terrorists began what was a full-scale assault on the afghan highlights allies which started in april, may and june, and insf fighting back at any point, pushing back on the taliban and holding them accountable is donald trump said that he would, stopping their advance, joe biden ordered a full-scale retreat abandoning base after bayes, leaving weapons and aircraft and military and
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biometrics data behind all for the taking of the taliban and he's now harmed them completely. in private they knew that his policy was rapidly collapsing, but instead of being honest with the american people and warning americans that were there as we had control and telling them that we are going to speed up the- withdrawal, immediately he goes on national tv and is now, everything is great. we have one of the best trained armies in thehe world. he promised that they were more than capable of defending the country. that's what he said in the month of july, the same month that he talked t about this. >> you have the afghan troops, you have 300,000, well-equipped, as well as any army in the
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world. as well as an air force come against something like 75,000 and it is not inevitable. a maximum of that was true, we now know that joe biden knew that was not true. joe biden had lied to you, the american people, right there. and we have the proof to show you and according to a leaked phone call conversation transcript from the month of july courtesy of reuters, we know that he also encouraged the afghan presidentnt also lie and change the perception whether it's true or not. project a different picture that all is great. he needed a political when, so perception was more important than the reality that we all knew that he knew and the rest of the world knew. so while engaging and encouraging to change perception, he abandoned the airbase in the middle of the night. and in doing so he left every american and every one of the afghan allies in kabul totally
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and completely defenseless. within one month the taliban marched to the outskirts of afghanistan and the capital city. not prepared to take control of such a large city. "the washington post" is now telling us that the taliban actually offered notot to invade and let joe biden keep kabul. warning to the report, he said no,or nothing. just let us have the airport. and don't worry, he was telling us the american people, he plan for everyll contingency. he promised the united states would not leave any american behind. he said that over and over again. >> the commitment holds to get everybody out that we can get out that should come out and that is the objective in what we are doing now, that is the path we are on.
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>> the troops may have to be there beyond august 31? >> cement they understand we will try to get it done before the 31st. >> but what if they don't? >> that will determine who is left. >> and what? >> and if they're american citizens amah we will get them all out. cement rearward disdainfully get them all out. joe biden seen lying to the american people. it was terrific, thousands of people rushing to get in. many trampled, many eaten and cast at theea checkpoints, there were scenes of babies being passed tots u.s. soldiers, moths and fathers even throwing themnd over walls of our wire and razor wire, taking hours and sometimes days for anybody to get to the airport gates, american citizens, those with american visas weree all left to fend for themselves. countries like france, uk,
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dutch, they were sending special forces behind enemy lines to extract their citizens, u.s. forces were under strict instructions not to leave the airport walls. as a result, many turned to private security agencies, ofnding tens of thousands dollars to secure safe passage to the airport. make no mistake, there was no safe passage. the state department memos to people in afghanistan so that we cannot guarantee your state of trance cd, but you might want to make w your way to the airport. how comforting. and a suicide bomber detonated a massive bomb at the gates of the airport, killing 13 u.s. servicemen and women and more than 150 others and yes, their blood is on the hands of joe biden because all of this could easily have been prevented. just four days later on the u.s. forces were gone and now we have note the dramatic presence on
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the ground, we have no embassy, limited intel, no security forces whatsoever. but there are still hundreds and maybe more than a thousand. they don't know the exact number of americans trapped behind enemy e lines and that includes hostages to the whims of the taliban. thousands more of our allies, yes, they remain hopelessly trapped. there is no way out, and now they are at the mercy of the terrorist in the taliban and also was. it is the single worst foreign-policy failure in my lifetime and one of the worst in american history. for this weor joe biden, congratulating himself as mission accomplished a job well done. he goes on j to say it is an extraordinary success, the best decision. >> the extraordinary success of
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this mission was due to the incredible skill, bravery and selfless courage of the united states military and our diplomats and intelligence professionals. some are now saying that we shouldd have started evacuations sooner. could this have been done in the more orderly manner? well, i respect leaders agree to matt joe biden has failed this country and we will never forget it. you'rere with reaction is our station chief dan hoffman. and a fox nation host as well. okay, starting with you, like all of you here to your credit, you have been been told that it is much higher than what they
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are saying. >> o, without a doubt. i mean, day by day, officials and those that were in the evacuation, when joe biden said there were 7000, they didn't even have an m&a people on the tarmac that day. we didn't have the ability to process 7000. so i mean, they said it on even a fraction of that. and there's a lot buried in there as well. they were not letting people in. the gates were closed. so when he said we are not leaving anyone behind him outside of the airport was all enemy lines. the taliban controlledmy at all, except where the afghan president and the special operations forces are still fighting rightht now. so it was so extraordinary is that you can have american women, one woman who is three
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months pregnant was at the gate begging for help for the third day, she had been there for the third day. i really want people to try to understand that there were american citizens, a mother with her three american children, green cardholders. all of these people were left behind in the joe biden administration state department has dropped every effort at every turn. what i heard from multiple sources is that they have been going to all the neighboring countries and blocking the rescue efforts. but they are furious that there has been concern americans who are saying enough is enough. they don't want to be misrepresented by the administration that doess not represent the heart of the american people. and this is a mark of shame that they refuse to carry.
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>> he also promised the allies that we would get them out as well. not necessarily that we would get them out of there. okay, joe biden claims he has leverage here. and so i argue, we don't have any leverage. they are called hostages. where i grew up, we call them hostages, we talk about financial aid, where i grew up, we call that ransom. that's the only option we seem to have. so what if it becomes isis beheading people. we have seen the videos and all of us have watched them. smack you know, it is inevitable right now. can you imagine h the horror of being a woman with american
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passport there in afghanistan. you heard the president of the united states promised that, you know, the taliban is not going to overtake afghanistan, they have 300,000 people. we have billions of dollars of equipment right there and also cash. not only was he wrong, but he lied. july 23 is going to be that pivotal moment when the democrats have got to come to the table and be honest about the principle. the president of the united states lies to the american people, he created a façade that was nott there. making life or death decisions about whether or not to depart and leave the country based upon what joe biden and kamala harris told them to do. and it was a death sentence. >> dan hoffman come you have sure been here in the intelligence community for a long time. one thing that i know for sure is that this was not in any way an intelligence failure. my two-part question. number one, do you agree with d what people have said when they
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pulled out seven weeks earlier, and they said in no uncertain terms, one day i assume the papers willhe be released, numbr one i want to ask you about what they knew when they knew it and we have anyhe k options here sht of the ransom the joe biden has said that he's willing to go for? >> you know, the cia has the same mission that they always have had, which is to preempt threats before they're on our shores. but the mission also includes taking care of our own. nothing says mission not accomplished like the 100 plus american citizen still sitting inside afghanistan. including the translators and then senator biden, to help to save his life. we don't have an embassy, the military capabilitye anymore an.
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i think that the cia is going to figure out a way to get there, but it's not going to be the same and we won't have military bases and we won't have the leverage to extract our people. and i don't think the taliban needs our money. they have china, russia, pakistan, they have had a relationship with iran that has provided them with material assistance. we are in a bad place. we have somema leverage. we had all of that. and that was our leverage. if we had evacuated civilians and at that time, we would be fine, but we reversed it and said -- and that is the key takeaways. president joe biden realized back then the afghan national army wasn't going to make it. and that was the time to hold and keep our military until we got our civilian out as a
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population. sean: i want to thank you for helping fellow americans now behind enemy lines. i know all three of youyo have done a lot that probably hardly anyone will know about. and to gold star father's losing their sons. that terror attack and their message to president joe biden after these messages as the special edition of "hannity" continues special edition of "hannity" continues. ♪ ♪
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>> this is the weather briefed, the cdc and fda are still waiting on critical information before approving a rooster.
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the astrazeneca will not be approved until october, the pfizer shot is expected to meet the president's deadline. and hurricane ida breaking more than 2000 transformers, leaving more than 1 million customers without electricity, more than 25,000 workers are welcome around the clock to restore power. back over to "hannity" for all your headlines on fox single malt though. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ sean: earlier this week i spoke to to gold star father's about their sons paying the ultimate sacrifice. and they had a message for joe biden about his administration
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and loss in last week's terror attack at the airport, 13 brave men and women from all across the country, as young as 20 a years old made the ultimate sacrifice, serving their country with honor and dignity. remember we have an all volunteer military. they took on the challenge and representing the very best and so much better than this, looking down as checking his watch during theat dignified transfer over the weekend. and they lost their sons, the father of the staff surgeon and
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let me start with you, mark, if i may. and send back to the evacuation effort, he said it's something you always wanted to do and i have never seen a young man playing his heart as he could be the best soldier that he could be. he went back just for the mission. did.s, he i just wanted to say that he has exemplified so much that any man could strive for. so proud ton watch him undertae this and completed his new camp, he went to jordan, he was so excited about that. constantly looking to do more to have an opportunity.
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>> nobody could understand the loss the both of you have gone through and i can imagine the pain that both of you are living through and i'm very sorry about that. working with that but joe biden over the weekend. >> initially i wasn't going to meet with him but it didn't go well..t >> you know, he talked more about his own son and even my son and that do not do. well wih me. >> your son was a hero and i cannot imagine the pain. >> upset about your son, you have the biggest heart in the world. and there's no parent should
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have to bury their sons or daughters, his muscles to work that way. he was scheduled to return home onon september 15, then retire d marry his fiancée. i can't imagine how you are doing today area. >> is the absolute worst feeling in the world. and having them be away for so long and doing the job that they all love, there is no doubt about it. and being a marine to these guys is everything. and having this happen -- everyone of them is a hero, there is no doubt aboutut it.
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when they died with their brothers and sisters right next to t them. doing exactly what they all wanted to do and that is defending this country. >> america's national treasure. >> i don't know he won't comment on that. when i saw him look at his watch, i t was like come you hae to be kidding me. because all of this to me was presentable because we saw them on theen march. we had april, may, june and july in our equipment. there is no excuse to make that. >> we didn't want to deal with it, we didn't want them anywhere near us.
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>> that happened on every single one that came out of that airplane. on every single one of them. they would release a slew, on every last one. and as a father, you know, seeing that and the disrespect and hearing from his former leaders, one of his master surgeons said exactly what you just said, that this was avoidable and that they left them over there, they had themoe
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>> did you notice the same thing? >> yes, i did. i said i swear to god if he checks his watch one more time and that was only probably four times in, considering especially the time and why we were there, it was on the most disrespectful things i've ever seen. >> is going to take your pain away. >> this audience shares in your anger and chairs and a deep
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appreciation and thankfulness and sadness, and unnecessary loss of life. and we will be praying for all of you and your families and these incredible young man that you raised making this the greatest country on earth. they make the country rate, there is some leaders that make the country great. our thoughts and prayers are with you. >> don terrorist attack in afghanistan that killed 13 u.s. service members as we continue after these messages. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ sean: last week donald trump was aghast on his program on the
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night of the devastating attack, and this is the one that killed 13 u.s. service members. getting your reaction to the events of today, a lot of questions i'd like to ask. >> is probably from the standpoint of t military tactics and embarrassment the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to our country. we look like fools all over the world, being led by people that have no idea what they are doing. they take the military outno and then we will bring out the people and all of a sudden tell them often, we had the taliban under control. we had an incredible agreement, they were killing our soldiers come you know that, it was part of it and joe biden actually said that today, that they were killing him due to the agreement that we have thatki we did in te
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head and killed one of the soldiers in many months and they were not going to because they were afraid to. we have them totally in control and all of a sudden joe biden amendment regime takes over and the day hey, we are taking the military over, $80 million worth of equipment, and i have decided that i think that the soldiers and even civilians, i think they are in tremendous danger. and the best equipment, rockets and tanks and one of them are immensely valuable in russia wants them as well because they want to examine him because we have our superior technology and this is the dumbest thing, it the dumbest move than anybody
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has ever made perhaps in the history of the country. and when i hear about the general saying that the tell them what to protect us, the tell them as the enemy, does the leader of the taliban this is not a boy scout. this is a tough and hard in person that has been fighting us for many years and we are using them now to protect us? well, looks what happens. in 13 of the incredible military wereat killed. and that is just the beginning. many are in the hospital right now, very badly wounded in her. >> mr. president, let me ask you and get your reaction to the presser today where he is sticking to this artificial
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deadline, accepting him acknowledging that the idea that americans will be left behind in the allies among those people will be left behind and promises were made, or we would give them the heck out of there, pretty much a death sentence for all of them, the taliban has already had reports of it. and that includes the notions of leaving america behind. smacks of a gave this, tough fighters, good fighters and they can be much better. they are selling it, they -- we
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knocked it out and that is members of thes taliban and tht are far more vicious and they are not vicious enough. so this is the taliban fighters that are much more vicious and we are using the taliban and when the meaningless of the americans and so now you just knock on the door and grab them and take them out. and this country has never seen stupidity like this in our country is really in trouble. and what we are watching is only going to get worse when i let them know that if they do any thing we hit it where it hurts, which is their homes and they know it and they were waiting for us, they would've been very happy to let usve go and take
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every american in the video stream on it, take our equipment and for b some reason it's a vey sad day for our country and the great embarrassment. she won mr. president, we talk to peter ducey today, and he inherited your plan, and i would like to go over it, because i have both the secretary of state and the formerd cia director ad chief of staff on my radio show. those on this television show and they went into great detail about what your plan was to be the joe biden administration, i would love this one to be released. that on numerous occasions but before any negotiations began, but you got on the phone with the leader of the taliban
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emitted as thursday, reminding him about killing his associates and your mind at him of the caliphate that youin destroyed. and the al qaeda leaders in yemen. and he said that if they didn't follow every i dotted and every, and period, you would obliterate them and use every means available to you to do that, and you brought this up at the beginning of numerous times. also that conditions on the ground, which included you keeping control of the airport space. can you tell us about the call and then the deal? >> it was a tough call, and started off by saying that they will be hit harder than any country has been hit hard.
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and that includes many months of the agreement that was said because i wanted to get out. i wish that we never went in there, the biggest mistake that we made in the history of our country. >> we could've left with safety, we could've taken everybody with us, all of the great american citizens and people that helps us, whether its interpreters or others. and we would not have had a rush because the taliban was notco going anywhere, we have them totally under control, and the movement, we had very little of
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that because he that i spoke to turn out to be the leader, he would not let anybody do anything. and i can tell you what happened in my opinion, they went to him and the other leaders and they said the american military is leaving, they are pulling out and probably looking at the people that said you have to be. there's no way that this is happening. >> you see them marching down the streets, and it's not about to withdraw comments onit about getting out, getting out of something that i've wanted to do for a long time.
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>> is in afghanistan. and it's the craziest thing i've ever seen. >> and interviewed with several people that have escaped afghanistan during the taliban takeover. stay with us is a special edition of "hannity" continues. they wanted it fixed fast. they drove to safelite autoglass for a guaranteed, same-day, in-shop repair. we repaired the chip before it could crack. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service you can trust, when you need it most. ♪ pop rock music ♪ >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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♪ ♪ >> sean: i recently spoke with several people who managed to escape afghanistan after the taliban takeover, and here are their personal stories. >> the individuals who did escape afghanistan with the help of senator cotton. a college student who was brutally attacked by the taliban
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while trying to get to the airport, and mohammed a, whose identity we are keeping hit income is an interpreter, and an american citizen, who fled with his family. tell us about your story. >> yes, so, my story is that i tried to go to the airport, >> up my story as i got an e-mail from the embassy that i had to make my way to the kabul airport. and there were people there frot the first visit, they stayed outside. then we went through the crowd into the gates. there are afghan army gates, they are looking at our
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citizenship. they were there with machine guns. and a couple times, we saw children die there. we saw everybody on the ground, the air force and the taliban and we try several days, two or three d days and mainly they hae allies. sean: so you feel lucky that you have gotten out? >> yes, that is correct. i o mean, we ran three times, he still could not get through the
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crowd and it was just unreal what we did with the women and children. >> let's go over to mom muhamed. you were stranded there, you still have family there as well, you have helped the americans out and all of that data that was probably going to identify you and connect you to your family is in the hands of your taliban leaders. that has to concern you tonight? >> yes, actually it really does. most people are very worried about family, friends and family. what to do. so yes, we really worry about that and most are still waiting. but most people are trying to
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talk about it. but that is why it makes problems for everybody. >> the odds are getting less every hour, as i'm sure that you iare aware. i thank you so much. thank you for sharing your stories with us today. two individuals known the united states, working with the united states for two years as a translator, his wife iss c currently trapped. we are disguising his name and identity for safety and will you tell us your story. >> my wife just made s her way through the transfer. and right there,.
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>> i didn't hear you. did i hear you correctly? >> yes,. >> yes, she wanted to return home. >> you do know that the taliban is saying they won't let any of them go to the airport. are you aware of that? 2 smack yes, they just block everybody and that includes the taliban as well, but we are just worried about our own families, those that are stuck in afghanistan. >> the last question.
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>> today know that you work with the and that your t wife helpedn the united states? >> yes, actually know each and every one of them and now we are all left behind. and we are looking for those people and that will be what we should have. >> as of today, they say they can't get to the airport. our prayers are with you and your family. we will monitor very closely. he recently traveled to
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afghanistan, he tried to leave several times, he finally got out last week. can you tell us how you got out? >> the poor was blocked by the crowd and then the taliban and so i went there on monday to get out, but it was really crowded. finally it was behind the terminal and there are certain fair, i showed them my green card and they told us keep going. and there was too much crowding and i could not even get into the airport at. i came back home for the next day, and the next day i received
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a notice from the embassy. finally the soldier took my hand, pulling me here. and it was hard and really tough you cannot even imagine how hard it is. >> i don't know if they are going to get out tonight. joe biden of them seem committed, but thank you for joining us because we do appreciate it. we will continue to keep you in our prayers. we have more "hannity" coming up right after these messages.
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.. ♪ ♪ >> sean: that ends the
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special edition of "hannity," all the time we have left. hope we you set your dvr, 9:00 p.m. eastern, 6:00 p.m. pacific time. have a great weekend on labor day. stay tuned and let not your heart be troubled, the "the ingraham angle" is next. ♪ ♪ >> this is a special edition of the ingraham angle. president biden doesn't want to talk about americans left stranded in afghanistan and the media is behind him. behind the attempted turn the page of the disastrous withdrawal and officials investigating reports the evacuation was exploited by child sex traffickers.