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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  September 6, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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may increase your risk of thrush, pneumonia, and osteoporosis. call your doctor if worsened breathing, chest pain, mouth or tongue swelling, problems urinating, vision changes, or eye pain occur. it's time to start a new day. ask your doctor about once-daily trelegy. and save at >> emily: fox news alert, around a thousand people, including americans, have been stuck in afghanistan for days, desperately awaiting clearance for their private charter flights to leave the country. but organizers say the biden state department is preventing the site from taking off, and they are now accusing the administration of recklessly endangering american lives. this is "outnumbered." i'm emily compagno. here today, host of "kennedy" on fox business, kennedy. fox nation has, tomi lahren. syndicated radio host, leslie marshall.
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individuals interested, david avella, capac chairman. americans dandies private evacuations tell fox news the state department is the only reason their plans have not left afghanistan. this is a satellite image here showing six planes just sitting on the tarmac, and then there's confusion over what causing the holder. people involved in the effort say that the u.s. is banning them from landing in nearby countries. they say, quote, "this is zero place to be negotiating with american lives. those are our people standing on the tarmac, and all it takes is a phone call. if one life is lost as a result of the scum of the blood is in the white house's hands." ." state department spokesperson responding with the statement. quote, "we understand the concern many people are feeling as they try to facilitate further charter and other passage out of afghanistan. we do not have personnel on the ground. we do not have assistance in the
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country. we do not control the airspace, over afghanistan or elsewhere in the region. given these constraints, we also don't have a reliable means to confirm the basic details of charter flights, including who may the organizing them, the number of citizens and other parity groups on board, and where they plan to land, among other issues." michael mccaul claiming passengers on some planes trying to leave afghanistan are essentially being held hostage by the taliban. watch. >> we have hundreds of american citizens left behind enemy lines in afghanistan as i speak. we have six airplanes at sharif airport with american citizens on them as we speak. also wheaties interpreters. and the taliban is holding them hostage for demands. >> emily: kennedy, this is a tragedy of our own making, it appears. >> kennedy: absolutely right. you have a lot of former
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military who have gone over to the region to help process some of these people and get them out of afghanistan, so now they are helpless, they are stranded, and they are doing whatever they can to get out of the country, including using networks for people communicating with various veterans groups to that and get a list of names of people who need to get out of the country, and that's what they are doing. they are working feverishly still. can you imagine being trapped on one of those planes can make you can't trust the federal government or the white house and you are, essentially -- and i think congressman mccaul is right -- being held hostage by the taliban. you are in between these two cobehemoth institutions, and it should be the government that has your back, and the people who are facilitating these flights are saying, you know, they want to fly american citizens and visa holders and allies to qatar, but in doha
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they say they can't because they don't want to upset the federal government, and apparently they are blocking the site, as well. >> emily: david, to kennedy's point, the hand-wringing by the state department is particularly untenable given they share the lion's share of the responsibility for this. and they are not denying the accusations that it is indeed they who represent the largest roadblock. >> david: absolutely. we now have americans who want to leave afghanistan who cannot, and we have afghan nationals who are coming to the u.s. that we are not sure if we want them or not, because the reports on the vetting process are questionable at best. i mean, this whole fiasco, if you are building a house in your builder, your contractor told you to do a, b, c, and you did d, e, and f. that gotten counsel from our allies are their own department officials, the white house has
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chosen to go the other way, and now we have a big mess on her hands. >> emily: and that refusal to go with option a-b, or c, had deadly consequences for our service members. all of this including horror stories mounting up from that country, all of this as the commander in chief is on vacation. >> tomi: once again on vacation, every time there's a major event in this country he seems to be out of office. and we know that kamala is that to campaign for gavin's and later this week. but this shows how poorly planned this operation was. i would like to compare what's going on with those american stranded in afghanistan to our wide open southern border. we have illegal immigrants surging across our southern border, and yet we've got americans in afghanistan and the state department is saying they don't have a plan to get them out? they are saying that they don't have responsibility for it but then reports are saying they might be blocking these americans from getting out,
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these planes from leaving? let's compare and contrast that. it seems to me that this america-last administration at every turn continues to put america further and further behind while opening the floodgates and opening our doors to the world's people? my goodness, this administration is one disaster after another, one dumpster fire after another, and the worst part of it is they don't even seem to care. >> emily: and leslie, the juxtaposition is so stark. as we showed on the screen a moment ago, the video of our commander in chief being able to leave his tarmac. i believe that was on marine one for his vacation, while there are six planes stranded, downed on the tarmac of the afghanistan airport there, and the white house spokesperson maintains they don't want to leave. but these charter flights really say otherwise. >> leslie: there is so much here to unravel. responsible for one of those charter flights, she has 34
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passengers for that charter flight. she said no and it's being held hostage and we are getting conflicting information. one, because reuters and other news outlets have not been able to substantiate and verify these claims. two, we have two republican congress people, congressmen, we have mccall saying that it's the taliban holding them hostage. we have them saying it's the state department holding them hostage. if the state department is holding them hostage, you're getting that information from the taliban, who i think we all agree none of us would believe. we need to have the facts. the facts are approximately a hundred americans are in afghanistan. some of them do not want to leave. i have spoken to some family members who want to stay with their family members there, at least for the time being. we have no evidence that there is a hostage situation. not only have the white house and state department said that, but with regard to the president going to their home, whether it was george w. bush in texas, barack obama visiting his family in hawaii, donald trump playing golf, or joe biden at his home
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in delaware, presidents really never stop working even if they go to their home away from the white house home while they are president, if it's one or two times, i think we all know that. they have a staffer than they are apprised of what's being done. the state department repeats it they are doing everything that they can. there are private companies, the state department is saying we need those manifests. obviously they can't just give a green light for anyone to get on the plane. we certainly don't want any of that taliban government getting on one of those charters. >> kennedy: fox news has verified some of those manifests, and they published that reporting. you can see that and, to your point about joe biden at his home away from home, he doesn't even work when he's in the white house. if i am one of these family members in america waiting for someone to return from afghanistan, i'm sorry, but that's not satisfactory to me. you don't trust the taliban?
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neither do i, but guess what? i also don't trust the state department in this of mensuration, because it's been lies through four administrations and they are continuing now. >> emily: tomi, part of the rebbe as leslie and kennedy have outlined, despite the global convention that the taliban is untrustworthy, this state department, it is required to gt americans out safely. so as leslie points out, we don't even have information coming out reliably because it's one big opaque mess. >> tomi: is always easy to look back and said he could have done it better. most americans would agree we could have made better plans, so we didn't have this kind of gas disaster we are confronting now. i would say last week president biden did tell us it was in the self-interest of the taliban to work with the united states, that it was in their self interests to be in semihelpful to us, the united states.
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we all know that's not the case, whether it's the taliban, isis, isis-k, one of the 15 other offshoot islamic groups. we shouldn't trust them, we never should trust them, we do not leave americans behind, and we need the facts and answers. the person we need facts and answers from is the president and the commander in chief, but sadly he is on vacation, and to kennedy's point, absolutely, he doesn't work when he's in the white house, he doesn't work when he's in delaware, he doesn't work where he's anywhere, and that goes for the vice president, as well. we need answers, we deserve them, we get nothing. >> emily: david, the state of these americans are in the state department's hands, and those americans include reports of schoolchildren, american schoolchildren, that are still stranded there in that country. >> david: given some of the decisions president biden has made, maybe we want him to stay on vacation and let the experts kind of deal with this matter, which is not seeming to have been the case so far. the president, as we were
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discussing earlier, making every wrong decision to date. this is why the allies in the middle east are so important, and this instability that we have now caused will make many of our allies cautious about helping us get americans out of there. and making sure those afghan nationals who we want to come here actually able to come here. this, as i said earlier, is a mess of monumental proportions, and president biden continues to make every wrong decision when he has to make a decision. >> emily: and i fear the worst is ahead of us, which is even more frightening to consider. just ahead, top military leaders are warning the taliban take over in afghanistan may have opened the door for a new terror threat, and republicans say our enemies will have plenty of firepower thanks to us. ♪ ♪ >> if we are going back to pre9/11, but it's worse. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> kennedy: this is a fox news alert, top military brass raising a new terrorist concerns as a result of the taliban seizing control of afghanistan. joint chiefs of staff chairman general mark milley predicting the possible return of al qaeda or isis as global terror threats. watch. >> the u.s., is it safer today since the u.s. has withdrawn from afghanistan connect >> i think the short answer is we don't know yet, but the conditions are very likely, in my. dominic opinion -- and i've testified this and i said in public -- you can see a surge of terrorism coming out of that region within 12, 24, 36 months. >> kennedy: agencies are reportedly concerned that the terror groups could try to
9:17 am
exploit the anniversary of 9/11 and the messaging to recruit new followers. meantime, republican lawmakers say the botched withdrawal made our enemies more dangerous. >> leaned eyes and ears on the ground to see the threat so they can respond to the fit and eliminate it. we don't have that capability more. and, chris, we are going back to pre-9/11 right now, but it's worse. it's worse because now they are fully armed, with our weapons, our helicopters, and pallets of our cash. >> kennedy: what a horrible thought, david. so it's worse than it was pre-9/11. they've got tens of billions of dollars' worth of weapons, and the withdrawal in itself has been an entire recruitment video. what are your thoughts here? >> david: kennedy, prior to your career in the music industry, michael stanley sang a song called "you break it, you
9:18 am
bought it." and the biden administration has bought us instability now by breaking stability in the middle east. and there are many actors now making their moves. the question now for the biden administration is, what ally can we convince in the middle east to allow us to increase our military presence so they can be ready, should we have to act in the middle east? keep in mind, in 2003, america left saudi arabia. pulled out. it was then, in 2020, we had to go back when iran and its compatriots went after the oil fields in saudi arabia. to think that the u.s. is now out of the middle east is naive at best, and whether it be jordan or egypt or increasing the navy presence in the waterways of the arabian sea, the u.s. isn't leaving the area. we have to go about it in a different way.
9:19 am
>> kennedy: leslie, i don't trust general milley's timeline when he said he could be 12-36 months before there is a real terror threat that emerges from afghanistan. you know, they said that we have maybe a year before the taliban completely takes over the country, and look what happened within a number of days. what is the biden administration to do now? not only do you have terror groups who are prime, ready, and arms, you also have another country on the brink of the civil war. >> leslie: the taliban has been the head of a terrorist organization. even though there is still a terrorist organization, and they are now the head of the nation. very different to run a country than a terrorist organization. in afghanistan, they could actually run out of food in weeks. to our last segment, they've had to bring people in from qatar and other countries for air traffic control because they don't have the capability. speaking about what was left behind, although more equipped prior to 9/11, i want to upgrade
9:20 am
the lists from the military, because our military was very smart before they left. 46 afghan military aircraft were sent to is pakistan it is pakistan. humvees destroyed, see they smashthe commands that can. aviators ripped out the guts, the electronics, and the list goes on. so although the taliban have more equipment than they did prior to 9/11, it's not the list we see. as a matter of fact, al jazeera america had a video of them celebrating where we left and that turned quickly to disappointment and frustration and anger when they found what was left behind militarily was largely unusable. in addition, some of the equipment the fan, they don't know how to use. >> kennedy: they know how to use the 300,000 firearms be left
9:21 am
behind command that all of the military. with all of our hardware in kandahar. what are americans supposed to do now? how do they develop a safety plan? >> tomi: there is no way to ensure safety 100%. we know back in the days of radical islamic terror in the united states that were cropping up, it seems very often we will have radicalization within our country, but i'll tell you what we do to prevent threats from outside. we secure our border. that to me is a point that needs to be reinforced. whether we want to talk about the withdrawal, that we should withdraw, we need a presence in the middle east, that's neither here nor there. we need to talk about how they're going to protect and defend our own country, which is a responsibility of this president and this democratic government that is now in control of our country to protect and defend it. when you have a wide open border like we are seeing right now, it's not just people from south and central america coming in,
9:22 am
it's going to be the world's people who are going to explode that open exploit that open border. it's even more reason we know who's coming in to our country, we are aware of it, and we enforce that border. >> kennedy: emily, let me ask you this. general milley himself said that afghanistan is not teetering on the brink of a civil war. it is not an admission that this president's withdrawal has failed? >> emily: i think it is. i think it is one of many that indicates this president's policy has failed, and a reminder again that there are americans left in-country. so we are on the brink and developing into a civil war there, that makes us all the more horrified for these americans' safety and the safety of all of those afghans that fought alongside of us for years. i have to report, as well, i spoke this morning with a retired secret service special agent who served on the presidential details are over three administrations, and he said to this topic that his
9:23 am
spidey sense is tingling for three reasons. that al qaeda has produced the first english version of their magazine and four years. he says it indicates they are attempting to recruit people out west. secondly, what we've already touched on, the mass of almost $83 billion worth of equipment cache we left there, that a significant funding source. and the date of september 11th holds just as much significance for those who wish to do us harm here on the homeland as it does for us. and for that especially, i honestly am terrified. >> kennedy: well said. just ahead, as black lives matter protests erupted outside a new york city police precinct, shocking new video shows one of the protesters dowsing a police officers with a gas can pay and more on the other side.
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9:29 am
as the car with gasoline while officers were still inside. the van drove off before anything else could happen. while protesters attempt to harm cops, meanwhile officers are trying to save lives. body cam video shows an nypd officer diving down into murky floodwater to try to get to a family of three that was trapped in a basement apartment when ida hit last week. sadly, first responders cannot get to them in time. tomi, going back to the gasoline incident, this is not a protester, this is an attempted murder in my eyes. for someone in uniform, it carries an enhancement of penalty in normal times, because now apparently there will be no charges, no accountability, no consequences whatsoever other than the mainstream media to the left calling this person a protester. let's call it what it is, and attempted murder. >> tomi: also, what is black lives matter, why are they
9:30 am
continually protesting, rioting, looting, whatever you want to call it? especially and usually in situations where somebody -- and sometimes it happens to be a person of color -- ends up resisting the rest are getting into a violent altercation with police officers. he can't protest every time the police arrest or have to use force against someone who deserves to have force used against them. so let's first of all define that for what it is. furthermore, it is the selling-coddling policies he mentioned, cashless bail, all these policies in new york as well as california and many other states that are allowing criminals to be in bold and because they know the consequences are diminished. they also know a lot of police department have either been demoralized beyond repair or defunded. moving forward, americans need to start getting angry. when he cds, every american should be outraged by this assault, this war on cops. every american needs to be mad and black lives matter has been mad for too lung. it's time for decent americans to stand up and say this organization is not about police
9:31 am
brutality, it's not about oppression and activism, its violent criminals running rampant in our country and its time to call it what it is and start getting upset and angry at companies and people and politicians that are still placating to it. enough of this. >> emily: leslie, these guys show up, and that was the point of that second clip we showed. regardless of if their lives are in danger, they show up. even if they die trying emily move the seen horrible circumstances of, as well. aside of all these vilification happening, they try to save lives in an emergency. >> leslie: i have police officer in my family, the majority of them are good and to save lives. that video you showed.
9:32 am
just as you can't say all cops are bad when you have an individual who shoots individual wrongly, we can't say all these shootings are wrong, i agree with you on that, but we also can't say this is an entire organization. this is one individual who allegedly has done this. we have seen the body cam, but until there are charges brought forth and certainly until they find individual, horrific. i am a pacifist, horrific. i can't stand, i detest violence toward another human being. whether they are wearing the uniform or not, of any kind. this is horrific. that's one. two, speaking of the facts, we have to look at whether it was a shooting or not. one side claims the victim had his hands up, the other claim is that the police asked him to drop his weapon and he did not. if you still have the weapon in your hand, it's considering not having dropped your weapon. we have more information here.
9:33 am
but never, ever, should anyone, left or right, protesting, harm anyone else. when you look at the polls, the majority of americans actually support the police. that, by the way, goes within the african-american community, as well. and we see that support certainly not just for what's happened here in new york and other places where i am, in los angeles, but also on januare capitol police and metropolitan police defending our democracy and our elected officials. >> emily: kennedy, to leslie's point about the majority of americans supporting law enforcement, than the vocal minority has such damaging consequences because a lot of the rank-and-file officers, a, have to follow command of the city officials saying to stand down, as we saw throughout seattle and portland. we somebody can footage of the gasoline, and yet those offices didn't get out of than interest that person, which they could have. i think a lot of them have lost
9:34 am
heart, and the local officials that have not had their support publicly. >> kennedy: that's a great point, emily. there is a huge disconnect between mary's, like in new york city. they do not enjoy confidence from nypd. he has turned his back on them many times, and vice versa. you also have d.a.s not willing to charge these people, and it's really important point. protest is healthy. speaking to power as necessary and very american. but with this guy did, that is not protest, and there has to be a very clear differentiation. the black lives matter organization has to denounce that kind of violence and attempted murder if they are going to emerge with any integrity and have a voice in this conversation going forward. you're absolutely right. for people who don't trust police, do a ride along with a
9:35 am
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>> tech: that's service you can trust. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ [♪♪] if you have diabetes, it's important to have confidence in the nutritional drink you choose. try boost glucose control. it's clinically shown to help manage blood sugar levels and contains high quality protein to help manage hunger and support muscle health. try boost today. >> emily: rolling stone has been forced to issue an update to the viral story about oklahoma hospitals being overwhelmed by patience who overdosed on the drug ivermectin to fight covid. this after the doctor was contradicted by the hospitals the reference. on friday the liberal magazine published the claims made by the doctor. he is quoted as saying, "the e.r. is so backed up that even gunshot victims were having a hard time getting to facilities where they could get definitive care and be treated." the story originated at a local tv station but was widely shared by media outlets and amplified by reporters, including nbc's
9:40 am
rachel maddow, who shared it with her 10 million plus followers. the hospital put out a statement saying, quote, "although he is not an employee of nhs sequoia, he is affiliated with the medical staff and group that provides coverage for our emergency room. with that said, he has not worked at our location and over two months." nhs sequoia has not treated any patients due to complications related to taking ivermectin. this includes not treating any patients for ivermectin overdose. david, they got the story all wrong. >> david: absolutely they did, and it underscores the doctor-patient relationship is more important than the "rolling stone" readership relationship. it also underscores that it is the chaos in afghanistan that is driving veterans to republicans, it is the chaos of the protesters that are driving law enforcement in that
9:41 am
community to republicans, and it is this hypocrisy and choosing facts by the media that will keep the republican base fired up that sets 2022 up to be a strong year for republicans. >> emily: and leslie, that she was the magnitude, right? amplification that occurs. it goes from a local tv station and spread like wildfire to millions of followers and readers and viewers, and then the correction is probably amplified a fraction of such. >> leslie: when i was a kid we used to go to the sleepovers and play a game called telephone. you'd whisper something in somebody's ear and by the time it went all the way around, in my case a circle of girls, the message came out completely wrong. and that is what we have here amplified, but we are dealing with human lives. rolling stone was irresponsible in its journalism, or lack of journalistic practices. they should have verified. today writers put out a story i just mentioned earlier that i said i could not verify. you don't put it out if you don't verify it. we sell media outlets saying
9:42 am
that joe biden didn't greet the caskets of the fallen service members when this footage of him standing there along with the first lady. i'm sorry, journalists across the board, left, right, online, radio, television, print, they have got to verify. that journalism 101. you don't put out there unless you have verification. >> emily: and tomi, to leslie's point, on the back and met, they note that they did not apologize or retract, they just quoted the updated statement from the hospital. so there was zero accountability or taking responsibility on their part for the lack of verification that leslie mentioned. >> david: i will agree >> tomi: i will agree that journalists have gotten lay and they need to verify their facts and information. i agree with it wholeheartedly. but he think is the treatment here and it seems to be a double standard glaring red in her face. "rolling stone" does this, they don't even have to apologize.
9:43 am
isn't the first time they've gotten something wrong. we all remember the scandal story they got so wrong. this is not a first for them. in fact, it's probably many. i will say this, if a conservative publication or a more conservative publication get something wrong, imagine the treatment. imagine if one of us even said something about covid that they deemed to be misinformation or that they simply do not like. they would count us as murderers and say we are trying to kill people and spread misinformation. the white house itself has worked with facebook to try to tamp that down and any conversations about covid. so with the double standard here to me that is so aggravating and so annoying, and it's up to journalists on both side of the aisle to hold each other accountable and end this. >> emily: kennedy? >> kennedy: there is a fun saying in journalism. when your mother tells you she loves you, check your sources. [laughter] no one's really doing that anymore. incredibly lazy. they don't need a correction, they need a full retraction of the story. the premise of the entire story
9:44 am
is false. that means the story is completely wrong, it is not based in fact. you have to retract the whole thing! you are not just correcting someone's name, or a date to, or that doesn't change the threat, the entire story is wrong. and this is the kind of thing that gets stuck in people's heads and they go, "well i heard that horse dewormer is killing people faster than covid!" that is not necessarily true. if we have the vapors over misinformation, this is a classic example of it. speed went up next, critics raising questions about president biden's leadership after the commander-in-chief was again spotted using -- stay with us. r strength and energy.
9:45 am
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>> emily: fox news alert, we are following a developing story at this hour. americans involved in efforts to evacuate u.s. citizens from afghanistan on private planes tell fox news that the biden state department is to blame for the delay several planes remain stuck on the tarmac. foxes reach out to the state department and a spokesperson tells us they, quote, "understand the concern." but without personnel on the ground, they "do not have a reliable means to confirm the basic details of charter flights." while this is unfolding, the president is in delaware and is not scheduled to return to d.c. until later tonight. we'll keep you updated on this story. >> kennedy: thank you, emily. as president biden tries to step into the role of consoler-in-chief, riddick's accusing of being weak and
9:50 am
incompetent after it appears he used a cheat sheet with names and photos of local officials including the mayor of new orleans, latoya cantrell, while surveying storm damage in louisiana. it's not the first time he needed a little help remembering details. you may recall the first formal press conference back in march where the president had several cheat sheets highlighting key policy planes as well as the names of journalists. so i look at this, tomi, and i think to myself, if this were president trump and he had a cheat sheet, there would be a deafening cry, 25th amendment! remove him from office! >> tomi: and this is how well this president does with a cheat sheet. let's think about the fact that he could not have a cheat sheet a teacher and then where would press conferences be? in the unlikely event he actually holds press conferences regularly, which we know likely will not be the case. but i think this again goes back to some of the comments he's made several times saying, "i can't answer that, i'm going to get in trouble, they don't want
9:51 am
me to say this, they want me to call on you." who is "they?" we deserve to know that is. he was controlling him? i don't think it's kamala. i'm not sure, quite frankly, who it is. but i think the american people deserve her to notice to mike who is controlling our commander in chief. who is making the cheat sheet, who is in charge of this administration and this white house? >> kennedy: they do call his chief of staff the prime minister. leslie, it's kind of sad, he's an older fella, he's a grandpa. needs a little bit of help. they are doing whatever they can to prop him up like "weekend at bernie's" every day. >> leslie: then i guess you think i'm old and a grandmother, because when i read off that military equipment, it's right here in my cheat sheet. i don't think that has to do with age. have a great memory for faces, not so much names, not so much numbers, and i have no problem, quite frankly, with presidents, democrat or republican, having some notes.
9:52 am
i would rather them get facts, figures, and names accurate. look, if somebody doesn't have a cheat sheet and the make a mistake, they say they are in a city which they are not, which we have seen presidents do, both democrats and republican. they have called somebody a different name or a different office than they hold. i would rather than get it right. i have no problem with that. i think this is like the tan suit that obama wore when he was president, and this to me is not an issue. there's a lot of information out there and i don't think it has to do with age. if it does, then i guess i'm in trouble and older than i thought. >> kennedy: but tomi raises a good point. who are they? >> david: we should be less worried about that he's using cards and what's on them. to tomi's point, he hasn't convinced us that his afghan strategy was sound, hasn't convinced us on an infrastructure bill, he hasn't convinced congress on the budget bill. whoever is writing those cards
9:53 am
needs to be fired, cards ripped up, and start over. >> kennedy: emily, here's what i think. after seeing the last two coadministrations, i think anyone who runs for president -- just they need to have a psych test and cognitive function test. i think we need to demand more mentally, emotionally, and psychologically, from the leader of the free world. >> emily: i was just thinking that. i want my president to be the smartest person in the room, he would help. if only that encompassed humility. because they recognize where the limits are and therefore where the reliance should be up on people who are smarter than they are and more expert than they are. i think here context matters, trend matters, and performance matters. what i mean by that, at a taco and someone had a couple notes but they spoke almost effortlessly for like 60 minutes, they see them occasionally looking down and then they speak up with the command of a general, we don't have that here.
9:54 am
have someone who, regardless of his consistent cheat sheets on everything, absolutely fails. he forgets, he mumbles, he is not in any way up to that standard that i think this office entails and should hold. especially for something like after hurricane ida, when cities are absolutely devastated and destroyed, and there are dozens of people killed, you would think that in those moments our commander in chief and leader of the free world would take it upon themselves to remember at least the mayor's name. >> kennedy: president biden, if you remember everyone's name, we'll buy you ice cream! coming up, a patriotic moment in honor of those lost on 9/11. it'll give you chills. stay with us. liberty mutual customizes car insurance so you only pay for what you need. how much money can liberty mutual save you? one! two! three! four! five! 72,807!
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for skin that never holds you back don't settle for silver #1 for diabetic dry skin* #1 for psoriasis symptom relief* and #1 for eczema symptom relief* gold bond champion your skin >> texas a&m pulling off an awesome gesture in honor of
9:59 am
america on saturday. the agis had the stadium packed with fans wearing red, white and blue to pay tribute to those lost in the 9-11 attacks nearly 20 years ago. i am a husky but for this i am 100% aggie. >> this is great to see. there are so many college football teams and stadiums honoring not only those we lost in 9-11 but our veterans and military and our law enforcement. i had the opportunity to go to a tennessee game last week. there is a lot of patriotism in this country. >> that stadium is incredible. david, your thoughts? >> we can celebrate at football games and have a good time and go away happy. well, one team goes home happy. >> leslie? >> i am a husky northeastern
10:00 am
university, though. emily. one of the things happens when we have tragedy is our country comes together. what they showed in honoring of what happened on september 11th that we can come together again. that makes me hopeful. >> kennedy? >> a lot of the people in the stands were not even born. god bless them all. >> now fox news live. >> a new era for afghanistan is underway. the taliban claims control over the last strong hold that fought back against its take over. the taliban says it control all 34 afghan provinces. welcome to fox news live. >> hi. the defense secretary lloyd austin and blinken are in quart at this hour. meeting with


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