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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  September 6, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> we love them. by the way, jesse wrote a book "how i saved the world?" he is the savior of the world. >> >> no one is going to take it and that is it on this labor day and we will see you tomorrow. have a good day. ♪ ♪ >> bret: good evening and welcome to washington i'm mike emanuel him for bret baier and there is no holiday for many americans who are stuck in northern afghanistan tonight. they are on charter flights awaiting to leave but the taliban blocking their departure. we have fox team coverage, brit hume with his analysis all things afghanistan and president biden in his home in delaware and trey yingst endo hall cutter and the latest on the evacuation efforts. good evening, trey.
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>> might good evening u.s. officials in doha the fate of americans and afghans trapped in northern afghanistan. satellite images shows planes at the airport in northern afghanistan. at the taliban reporting the blocking of the planes from taking off, stranding americans in afghans. republican house member michael mccaul told fox news hunted that the plates were cleared for takeoff by the u.s. state department though provided no additional effort didn't spirit up to 1,000 people could be stuck at the airport all on uncharted planes. the afghan of kabul shows the flag painted outside the u.s. embassy as the group works to put together a government. >> work is underway on technical issues so that the new government is announced. we are also working, but efforts are being made to do the basic work. the announcement of the government will be made in the next few nights.
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the taliban officials have met with representatives from the united nations and the red cross. though questions remain about willingness to engage with the international community. u.s. secretary antony blinken and lloyd austin in doha to discuss how american diplomacy could prevail in afghanistan but the presence on the ground. the biden administration will have to rely heavily on the good torque to act with a middleman but the taliban and get u.s. citizens out of the country. the senior state department confirm today at an american family trust to a neighboring country by land and thousands expected to do in the coming weeks. fearing taliban violence to lack of opportunity, civilians flee afghanistan. two neighboring iran to pakistan. >> we didn't have money for our sick members. we are taking them to a charity hospital so they can get aid.
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>> we do expect u.s. and qatari officials to take questions tomorrow morning on the evacuations and the growing humanitarian crisis inside afghanistan. mike. >> mike starting us off live from doha, thanks. the biden administration keeping quiet about afghanistan and peter doocy in wilmington, delaware, where the president is spending his labor day. [applause] the president spent part of labor day at a union hall in delaware. >> he hasn't spoken about afghanistan in six days when he posted about... speak with extraordinary success of the mission. >> but the rhetoric does not match. speak with the administration would stand up and talk about all the great success and certainly evacuate a lot of people. i don't want to take that away from them. but we are hearing different things on the ground. >> likes explains with american and afghan interpreters that can't take off because of the
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taliban. >> all kinds of reports coming in. >> dan quinn shall reap said that biden goes back on delaware retreat, they were still americans and allies trying to get out of afghanistan. they have planes and ready to go but taliban won't let them an biden burned up any leverage we had to. he is not the only one questioning the priorities of the president and vice president. >> i haven't seen her, really, publicly, i haven't seen her on capitol hill and i haven't seen joe biden. you know, they want to go on vacation. speak with white house officials tell fox we continue to work around the clock for safe passage out for americans seeking to leave afghanistan. that is proving difficult. speak with the state department is incapable of assessing the situation on the ground right now because they evacuated to. >> that is why some experts worry it will be a safe haven for terrorists soon. >> what you have is a terror superstore in afghanistan where you have got all these heavily fortified operating bases that
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terrorists such as isis or al qaeda can come into and plan and prepare operations against the united states. >> about an hour and a half from right now, back to work for president biden who will fly to the white house after spending a long weekend in wilmington area going to the labor hall, going to church and visiting with a friend in the neighborhood whose identity the white house is choosing not to share, mike. >> mike: peter doocy up the road in wilmington, delaware, thanks a lot. let's bring in senior political analyst brit hume, good evening. >> hi, mike. >> mike: what is your assessment of where things stand? >> well, much about the biden administration would like to turn the page away from the story, and other things come i don't think the story will let them do that. the media decides to comply and focus less on afghanistan then did so intensely for weeks. but the afghanistan is like a
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time bomb over there. you have the situation that is described at mazar-e sharif airport and the renewal of terrorist attacks either on the u.s. or its allies emanating from afghanistan and you've got the questions undoubtedly will be raised about a couple of other things, mike. one is how do we get these people out and not get our own people out? we needed to get out and who are these people that we did get out? were they properly vetted? who are they? and the question is, did any turn out to be actual terrorists? that will raise questions anew. so we have a long way to go on the story, mike, by the administration with that they like it or not. >> mike: for those who cope with the white house over the years the senior officials served at the pleasure of the president meaning you might be out of the job if that is what the president needs. do you think, senior officials will be ousted due to this messy withdrawal?
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>> i think the messy withdrawal was largely on the shoulders of biden himself. everything we learn from the decisions made as to biden wanting out in the last thing we would have his kabul and the embassy. that meant that had to be closed because would not serve any more troops in. so this is overwhelmingly largely on biden. but they can't fire him. and if this gets worse for him politically, he might feel the need to get rid of some of these people and be seen as turning over a new leaf. but so far, he has stubbornly clung to him as peter doocy just reported, to insistence with this whole think this was a great success. i don't think the public agrees. i don't think it will likely start to agreeing soon. >> mike: with all of these americans and afghan partner stuck in the country, do you worry this could be worse than the iran hostage crisis lay in the era? >> some of the opportunities for
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the americans and others that we care about that are there to be taken as hostages and used for bargaining. and some think that might happen with those trapped in mazar-e sharif. but that remains to be seen. but it is certainly a possibility. you know, you have in addition to having the taliban in control and the united states, you have these terrorist elements there and al qaeda and isis k that may turn out to be willing to grab people on the ground as well. so i'm going to say, it is a worry as part of a ticking time bomb. >> mike: brit, we have a few seconds remaining. do you get a sense president biden's political advisors want out over his national security advisors in this case? >> i wouldn't say just political advisors but joe biden is a man throughout his long career as not had a lot of fixed convictions. he has been a creature of the
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democratic party and its current opinions. in this case, however, he developed a firm conviction. he didn't like afghanistan for a long time and wanted out. and i don't think it was just political advisors. i think it was him. i think his military advisors, indeed, overruled. apparently, they haven't felt strong enough to quit because they are still all there. but i think this is him. >> mike: brit hume thank you for laboring with us on labor day, many thanks. just days before the 20th anniversary of 9/11 attacks, pretrial hearings for the accused architect for the massive terror plot are set to begin. lucas tomlinson guantanamo bay, cuba, with the details. >> 20 years after 9/11 attacks, there has never been a trial for those accused of planning it. after proceedings paused for more than a year due to coronavirus pandemic come at the trial set to resume wednesday. 15 years ago doesn't detainees arrived at gitmo with black
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sites around the world. including accused 9/11 mastermind khalid sheikh mohammed also known by initials ks him. then president bush announced arrival. >> it is invaluable to american and allies. our intelligence community believes that al qaeda and allies would have succeeded in launching another attack against the homeland. >> the attorney for the nephew another gitmo detainee accused of wearing $120,000 for the 9/11 hijackers united emirates. his client was tortured. >> in 15 years of detention of guantanamo taught us anything, it is that justice for america cannot coexist with the management of american values. >> khalid sheikh mohammed charged with killing 3,000 people on 9/11. prosecutors say he boasted about planning the attacks. and he will be in gitmo with other valuable prison numbers don't like prisoners he is one of a high of 680 during the bush
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administration. today it cost $13 million a year to house each prisoner and 70,000 a year for convicted terrorists into supermassive prison in colorado. the biden administration is under pressure to close gitmo, fox has learnt there's a multimillion dollar expansion to build new work spaces. congressman mike walt says it is worth it. >> we still need to detain these folks and detain these individuals and not put them in the united states. >> there is still no trial set for khalid sheikh mohammed or the terrorists in gitmo. some of the officials question if one will take place and even if it does come with appeals process will likely last 10-20 years. these men will die in huma dome at cuba and not be executed. >> mike: live in gitmo, thanks a lot. an update on recovery efforts in new york and new jersey with devastation from the rep and resonance of hurricane ida and a
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the longer you've been with us... the more rewards you can get. like sharpening your cooking skills with a top chef. join for free on the xfinity app and watch all the rewards float in. our thanks. your rewards. ♪ ♪ >> mike: it has been a gram holiday week and for residents in new york and new jersey whose homes and lives turned upside
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down by the remnants of hurricane ida. and bit of good news, president biden approved disaster declarations for several states. he will visit the region tomorrow. senior correspondent laura ingalls in fairfield, new jersey tonight. >> people living in hard-hit areas of new york and new jersey know they still have a long road ahead of them here today was the first date we were actually able to see the actual street. many residents in the garden state who had been flooded out still trying to figure out what their next steps will be. >> you think we can get an apartment there? i don't know. it remains to be seen. >> how devastating for historic flooding event of last week were. this basement completely inundated with raging water has the wall expands the collapse just as a person seen leaving the room. a family of three in queens, new york not as lucky.
3:17 pm
at nypd but he can put it shows officers desperately trying to access the locked door where two adults and a toddler trapped in a basement apartment. none survived. at least 50 people lost their lives in the northeast with fears that number could rise as floodwaters go down. new york city mayor bill de blasio with lawmakers alexandria ocasio-cortez and chuck schumer to word hard-hit areas with climate change as paf unprecedented flash flooding while pushing for a financial relief. >> we've got to get the insurance companies to really step up to the plate as well. they can't say, oh, this i wasn't door-to-door this tea crossed. >> president joe biden to tour the devastation in new york tomorrow after announcing federal aid for both states that will help those directly impacted.
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and something new jersey governor phil murphy says can't come soon enough. >> we not only have to get people back and it won't be overnight but we will stay with them the whole way. >> here in new jersey, four people are still missing. two fm france, 18 and 21 years old. they were in a car swept up and river flooding right here at the river. >> mike: a lot of heartbreaking stories, laura ingalls in the garden state, laura, thank you very much. cruising louisiana and 70% of new orleans and all of baton rouge after hurricane ida. outside of the large cities, the officials describing a complex challenge that could take almost all of september. also tonight a heat advisory flash flood watch in effect for parts of the state. the storm is blamed for the 17 fatalities in louisiana mississippi and alabama. a combat sharpshooter accused of fatally shooting a mother, her 3-month-old baby and two others
3:19 pm
said he was high on methamphetamines when he invaded a florida home saturday night. 33-year-old brian riley was ordered jail without bond during today's court appearance. the sheriff in polk county said riley stopped by the home and announced he was on a mission from god. an 11-year-old girl was shot seven times and survived. she is critical but. and a lawyer whose family members were killed and who apparently suffered an attempt on his life just days ago and charles watson has the latest from atlanta. >> we are here in prominent south carolina attorney alec murdoch for the first time being shot in the head over the weekend. the 53-year-old releasing a statement that reads more questions than answers, reading in part "the murders of my wife and son have caused an incredibly difficult time in my life. i have made a lot of decisions that i truly regret. i'm resigning from my law firm
3:20 pm
and entering rehab after a long battle that has been exacerbated by these murders. i'm immensely sorry to everyone i have heard, including my family, friends and colleagues." murdoch received a suit superficial wound shot once in the head on saturday as he was fixing a flat tire in south carolina just west of charleston this as authorities prove the unsolved murder of wife and son maggie and paul. and both shot to death on the family's property back in june and called 911. >> >> where they breathing? >> no, ma'am. >> you said it is your wife and your son? >> my wife and my son. >> are they in a vehicle? >> no, ma'am, they are on the ground. >> the double homicide with long-standing questions about the family's influence with law enforcement. last month the prosecutor in charge step down citing his relationship with the murdoch.
3:21 pm
the family name is connected to at least two other investigations including the death of a 19-year-old woman who was killed in a boating accident involving the son paul and recently re-open investigation into the hit-and-run of a 19-year-old man in 2015. the police have not made any arrest in connection to the shooting of alex murdaugh tonight by asking for the public prayer. mike. >> mike: charles watson, thank you very much. up next the status of afghan refugees and stranded americans facing roadblocks from the u.s. government. first, the fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. fox 5 in san diego u.s. navy releases the names of the five sailors killed when a helicopter crash into the sea off the coast of san diego last week. the fallen service members were identified as: fox 40 in
3:22 pm
sacramento where evacuation orders like tocco and other lakeside areas have been lifted, tens of thousands of people who fled the wildfire ren home as crews managed to stall the flames from the town. and this is a live look at philadelphia from fox 29. the big story tonight, the labor day parade honors front-line workers and families. the philadelphia council afl-cio organized a parade who have worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic and showing appreciation. outside of the beltway from "special report." we will be right back.
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3:27 pm
evacuation was and remains difficult. the possible resettlement of afghans in the u.s. might be just as tricky. one isis member did deadly damage in the kabul airport earlier this month. the worry remains militants could penetrate further, even inside the u.s. >> and we can grabs so many people so quickly, it is kind of come i think they may put them on a plane first and ask questions later. >> one of the transit hubs under way to the states. that is where we heard assurances about the vetting procedures. >> we have from extraordinary vetting process in place with the fbi, the tsa and others to make sure that only people eligible to travel can come to the united states. >> now fox news confirms those who do not clear early security hurdles sent to a u.s. base in kosovo. that country has agreed to host 2,000 refugees for as long as a year. the u.s. embassy saying "the base would handle a limited number of afghan citizens who
3:28 pm
applications require additional processing. this may involve task of clarifying identity, employment history or other ties to the united states." still fox confirms several refugees have been sent to kos of for closer examination. history plays a role here and the refugee from syrian crisis and european terror in 2015. and then, there was terror before that. >> we are in the week of the 20th anniversary of 9/11. many of these issues are coming back. >> officials tell fox, the question is when suspect individuals are identified, what should be done with them? try them, send them back, where? hard choices, high-stakes, mike. >> mike: greg, thanks a lot. tonight let's bring in the panel washington post marc thiessen, stephen hayes, editor of the dispatch and we hope to include harold ford jr., tennessee congressman and ceo of empowerment and inclusion
3:29 pm
capital, gentlemen, welcome. >> good to be with you. >> mike: big picture afghanistan, senator bill hagerty of tennessee said today he's worried about this inspiring more jihadist. let's take a listen and i will get your reaction. >> what we have done is we've actually precipitated the situation where the taliban now have declared victory. a great victory propaganda as well and that is inspiring jihadist around the world to step up the threat of terror. even worse, armed them. the threats that the allies proceed is more costly than her own because geographically they are much closer. they were concerned about humanitarian disaster. the refugees fleeing afghanistan elves destabilized by the taliban. >> mike: steve, you want to lead us off? >> steve: i think he is right. we don't have to match in this either. you have seen the jihadist on social media celebrating the victory of the taliban over the united states. and you have seen the taliban
3:30 pm
itself celebrate its victory over the united states. you have seen the taliban putting out videos making statements celebrating 9/11 attacks and saying that we would win all along. this will undoubtedly be a shot in the arm of jihadist not just in afghanistan but globally. but even in particular, you are seeing and will continue to see but more jihadist come to afghanistan where al qaeda was, where al qaeda remained and al qaeda never left afghanistan. and there is i think a much greater threat to the u.s. its interest in its allies including the homeland because of what has happened. >> mike: we were just days away from 20 years since 9/11 attacks, mark, your thoughts. >> marc: steve is right and we only have to look back to what happened the last time joe biden presided over disaster with all the troops from iraq where only about 700 isis fighters left in the country. they grew within three years, grew over 32,000. soon they carried out attacks in
3:31 pm
paris, brussels, ottawa, and all across europe. and so, you know, the threat is real. and we are about to mention, we are about to celebrate 20th anniversary of 9/11 attacks. joe biden is going to go to ground zero on saturday while thousands of people come americans from american visa holders from american permanent residents, afghan alleys of the united states are stranded behind enemy lines not by accident, by choice, by his choice. he intentionally left them behind. he ordered the last plane to leave afghanistan knowing they were there after promising he wouldn't leave until every american was repatriated. the reality is, why did he set that deadline? he said it in april when he announced it. we will be out of that war by the end of september 112001. he set the deadline of next saturday with those people behind so that he could and this operation could be done before he went to ground zero on
3:32 pm
saturday and that is shameful. >> mike: on that point texas republican with explosive comments yesterday on fox news sunday. let's play the clip. >> we have six airplanes at mazar-e sharif airport, six airplanes with american citizens on them as we speak and also these interpreters and the taliban is holding them hostage for demands. this is really, chris, turning into a hostage situation, where they will not allow american citizens to leave until they get full recognition from the united states of america. >> mike: full recognition from united states of america. steve, your thoughts. >> steve: i don't have any specific reporting to add to what he said on the planes in mazar-e sharif but generally, it is clear the taliban have leverage and they can do and make demands because the biden administration chose to leave hundreds of americans in afghanistan, who are virtual targets right now for the
3:33 pm
taliban. to extract concessions from additional concessions from the united states. the state department spokesman gave a statement to johns france-presse and said tonight, we can't do much with these plans in mazar-e sharif. we can't do much to tell you what's going on on the ground in afghanistan because we are no longer there and we don't have good visibility what is happening. no kidding. that is why you don't do it this way. that is why you don't do it in reverse and the final line of that statement was something to the effect of "we will hold the taliban to its pledge to allow americans and others to pass freely from afghanistan." how are you going to hold them to that? what are the consequences? we have no army. there is nothing we can do right now. president biden has made it clear he doesn't want to do anything. i think we are stuck. i think it is really a careless situation for the people who remain on the ground in afghanistan. and beyond the planes in mazar-e sharif, there were people in and around kabul and the rest of the country.
3:34 pm
we need to be doing more as a country to get them back. >> mike: we have one bit of good news, particularly one good news for an american family, an american citizen and family members getting across the border to a neighboring country today, but they need to do that many, many more times, marc, your thoughts. >> marc: that is because biden holds a u.s. military out of the country. a bunch of american veterans have gone in and established to carry out rescue coverage. biden said lots of americans have left afghanistan. that's not true. there are american soldiers in afghanistan right now but not u.s. government soldiers but veterans, former soldiers who went back in on the ground at this time trying to explode treat people. i would add one other thing, it's not just americans we forced nato to pull out early and they left thousands and thousands of their people. canada left and forced to leave behind 1,250 canadian citizens, residents and people holders.
3:35 pm
britain left a thousand, germany said they left behind 6,000, all forced to do that by the biden administration's decision to pull out. so they pulled out, left and abandoned our allies and left our american veterans and let them go back in the place they served and risk of these people and it's absolutely horrible. >> mike: i spoke a hero of afghan. let's play that clip. >> it's only going to continue to get worse. what you see is the biden administration continue physically trying to kick this can down the road. you have heard the narrative of biden came out, tell us what we want to hear. he said one day we will not leave until all americans are out. this is not true. at some point, they have to do something. or just come out and say, "look, this is not our issue. we don't care. we messed this up and good luck to everyone." >> mike: steve, final thoughts from you on this? >> steve: i think that is right.
3:36 pm
look, and you agree with withdrawing u.s. troops or whether you agree with eliminating the u.s. presence in afghanistan, the way it happened was catastrophic and has created these follow-on problems. in the short medium term, hostages and americans getting out and the betrayal of allies as marc suggested. in the long term from a real security threat that is greater because of this decision we made. >> mike: all right, gentlemen let's leave it there. we hope to get harold ford up and running for the next one. it is shaping up to be a pivotal impact september for congress. we will look at the agenda. >> congress has to act and act fast. >> today's the national democratic party a bunch of socialists. kidney alert! ckd often has no symptoms until it's too late! help protect your kidneys.
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3:41 pm
to obtain a portion in texas. this comes as federal officials explore options to challenge new state law that bans most abortions. garlands of the government will protect those seeking to obtain or provide abortions under federal law. it is shaping up to be a big month for congress after lawmakers return from their holiday. congressional correspondent chad pergram looks at the agenda tonight. >> sunk leave september could bolster or tank the biden presidency. it starts with infrastructure. if i had a nickel for every one that told me this package was dead of them i would be a very, very rich person. >> only in september docked at the spending bill. the government shut down and perhaps a scrap over the debt ceiling. democrats are fighting among themselves what is sent to the expense of the spending bill. >> democrats are not united on those issues. if they lose a handful of votes in the house or a vote in the senate, it will not pass legislation. >> some will support the bipartisan infrastructure
3:42 pm
package but forget it when it comes to $3.5 trillion in social spending. >> that will beep before us in september, and we will have an enormous impact. >> west virginia joe manchin wants democrats to tap the brakes until they justify the cost beer that triggers a view from alexandria ocasio-cortez. aoc said she was "sick of bipartisan corruption that masquerades as clear-eyed moderation." internal infighting will derail both bills and that worries democratic leaders. >> and the senate we need 50 democratic votes. speak with the afghanistan debacle is part of president biden's foreign policy legacy. democrats know they can't endorse consecutive close. >> it can keep people together in the face of domestic problems. the president may say, everything is on the line right now. we have to stick together or republicans are going to devour us.
3:43 pm
>> september as a medic a month for democrats. the challenge to tackle so much so fast. as the green days, wake me up when september ends. like. >> mike: a few weeks, chad pergram, thanks a lot. up next, returns to look at the busy september for congress. first beyond the borders tonight, the british aircraft carrier makes its first japanese port call in a growing concern over china's expanding navy. the queen elizabeth arrived at the u.s. navy base near tokyo this weekend for the british ship in joint military exercises alongside the u.s. and japan, the netherlands, and canada. secretary of state tony blinken with the conviction and sentencing to cope belarusian opposition figures. charged with extremism and seize power illegally. he is calling the charges bogus, both opposition leaders any wrongdoing. and to a new baby pandas, the twin cubs born at the medford
3:44 pm
zoo. the officials say the birth was calmer because of the mother's panda experience. veterinarians waiting to determine the para sex don't upset mama and beyond the borders tonight, we will be right back. >> tech: every customer has their own safelite story. this couple was on a camping trip... ...when their windshield got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them.
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♪ ♪ >> we are giving it everything we can to stop it. not a single republican will vote for it. it is up to a few courageous democrats to hold to stand up to this. >> we worked with senator manchin every step of the way. he's been a partner of the error administration. he has strong views, others have views. we work together to find a way and put together a package that can pass the house, pass the senate. put it on the president's desk and signed into law. >> back with a panel harold ford jr., tennessee congressman and ceo of empowerment and inclusion p rick marc thiessen, stephen hayes editor of the dispatch. harold, lead us off, it is frequently busy on capitol hill and your thoughts about the month ahead?
3:49 pm
>> thanks for having me on and happy labor day. i was encouraged by all of those remarks by senator mcconnell and ron klain. it is clear that for a package to pass it has to have bipartisan support. senator manchin who really has emerged as far as domestic policy is the most influential and pivotal and powerful senator if not person in washington. but i think everyone should keep something in mind here. we are quarreling over trillion dollars spending imposed structure when china spending $6 trillion what reporting to spend on. and $3 trillion and they are spending $6 trillion on highways, bridges, electrical grid, sails and internet towers and enabling new generation of businesses to compete and win. if we want to be a power that is not declining 21st century, this is something we have to get our arms around. i hope we can do it in a bipartisan way. some can be discouraged about the powers to be in washington,
3:50 pm
no one should outright no. we have to figure a way to work together and hopefully joe manchin is democrats and republicans along with him. >> mike: you have about $1 trillion infrastructure and then $3.5 trillion package that democrats want, spending priorities and so basically the message of leadership democrats need to come together. let's play this clip. >> it's no use doing a bill that will not pass the senate in the interest of getting things, results, getting results. as i always say that diversity is our strength, our unity is our power. >> you need to have both skills. some senators prefer the other but what i have said, we have to come together. >> but west virginia democrat senator joe manchin what writing in "the wall street journal" throwing some cold water "i
3:51 pm
believe that making budgetary decisions under artificial political deadlines never leads to good policy or sound decisions. i've always said if i can't explain it, i can't vote for it and i cannot explain why the democratic colleagues are rushing to spend $3.5 trillion mark, your thoughts. >> god bless joe manchin. look the democrats problem going into this month they were both weekend an end divided. joe biden's approval rating underwater for the first time in his presidency and his thinking. and u.s. today, apple 41% approval, 51% disapproval, 39% disapproval in his handling of the economy and 26% approval of afghanistan. and afghanistan is not going away because they will have oversight with the afghan debacle and everything they have to do. and then they are divided because the progressive won't pass the bipartisan infrastructure built until the $3.5 trillion social spending bill reconciliation bill is passed and joe manchin said he's
3:52 pm
not voting for that. if they were smart, joe biden needs a win right now. pelosi and schumer, get the bipartisan bill on my desk so i can have a signing ceremony at the white house surrounded by republicans and democrats and claim a victory. we need a victory right now. we had nothing but defeats. the progressive wing won't let them have that. >> mike: plus that will need to narrative. steve, your thoughts. >> i think nancy pelosi and chuck schumer will have testing over the coming months. they have both singled that they are confidence that this will get done and it will happen. but as marc points out joe manchin basically did say no. you read the rest of "the wall street journal" op-ed, he talked about $28.7 trillion in debt that the united states is that china does not, by the way. and he makes the case and is not going to be a part of this. we have to start thinking about the consequences of the cost of what we are spending. it was a pretty impassioned editorial. pretty impassioned statement from a senator who is playing
3:53 pm
this role in deciding what is happening. joe biden and joe manchin are going to be the two most important people over the next month. how much joe biden leans in, rolls up his sleeves, works with nancy pelosi and chuck schumer to try to force this through i think could play a big role and whether this turns out to be rid is going to have to make nice with joe manchin. joe manchin, joe biden should have joe manchin at the white house every day this if joe biden wants to be there. >> end of the fiscal year and found that government be on september 30th. they have the debt ceiling at some point. harold was to think it done this month? >> harold: look, everybody here is right, marc is right they need a win and steve is right the political talent will be tested. i hope in terms of explain to joe manchin, this moment we have to play smart and play big. think about where we were a year and a half ago we produced paper towels and soap for ourselves. now we have a chip shortage and
3:54 pm
another paper towel and soap shortage if we don't invest in supply chain. that is the argument i would be making to joe manchin and republicans alike. let them go home and defend that. $3.5 trillion something ambiguous come i think they are right. it is hard to defend. when you nail down what we are competing with ny, i think they can get closer to $2 trillion, maybe not 3.5 trillion if they make an argument here it's going all right, gentlemen many thanks and we will leave it there. when we come back tomorrow's headlines tonight. it's clinically shown to help manage blood sugar levels and contains high quality protein to help manage hunger and support muscle health. try boost today. one, two! one, two, three! only pay for what you need! with customized car insurance from liberty mutual!
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3:59 pm
after leaving afghan women with taliban repression. >> mike: steve, your turn appearance be to mind how many stranded, questions arise about the biden administration's estimate of number of americans left in afghanistan. >> mike: interesting, okay, harold, bring us home. >> harold: aspirational j.t. upsets the grand slam, american j.t. with the joke tonight. the only american to get to the quarterfinals in the u.s. open. >> mike: fascinating lemay tennis hot take from harold ford tonight. you heard it here, folks. it is labor day, right? gentlemen, thanks very much. >> thank you. >> mike: thursday on "special report" education and surgeon general murphy will be the special guests. what questions do you have about covid-19 has the school year is underway? tweet your video questions to at
4:00 pm
bret baier, covid questions. tomorrow night on "special report" we will speak with afghan human rights activist who lives in the u.s. but was trapped in afghanistan as the taliban took over. thank you for watching special report. it's been a pleasure mike emanuel in washington. i will see you back here tomorrow, have a great night. ♪ ♪ >> good evening and welcome to "fox news primetime." i'm rachel campos duffy and the saturday marks 20 years since the tragic attack of september 11. i'm following the darkest days in our history, america vowed to punish those responsible. >> i can hear you. the rest of the world hears you you and the people -- [cheers and applause] -- and the people who knocked these buildings down will