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tv   The Five  FOX News  September 7, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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system long-term. how do we make our infrastructure more resilient and at the same time paying attention to how we make sure people can stay in their homes in the aftermath of a storm like this. >> neil: good point. thanks very much. you're doing the yeomans work here. that ♪hat >> hello everybody i'm joyce with judge jeanine pirro, dana perino and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 o'clock in new york city and this is the five. ♪ >> president biden left americans behind in afghanistan and now his administration's being accused of stealing credit for getting people out. the state department says it helped facilitate the state's departure of a stranded american mother and her three kids but army veteran cory mills and his
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team who risked their lives to bring them to safety say the federal government had very little to do with it that comes as the taliban's reportedly preventing at least six planes at an airport in northern afghanistan from taking off. secretary of state tony blinken claims the taliban not blocking americans from leaving and said the biden administration is working with the terror group. >> they said they will let people with travel documents freely depart. we will hold them to that. so will dozens of other countries. the international community is watching to see if the taliban will live up to their commitment. without personnel on the ground we can't verify the accuracy of manifests, the identities of passengers, flight plans or aviation security protocols. so this is a challenge. >> jesse: and if you think the situation is bad in afghanistan now general mark milley says things can get a lot worse. >> my military estimate is that the conditions are likely to
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develop of a civil war. i don't know if the taliban is going to be able to consolidate power and establish governance. i think there is a very good probability of a broader civil war and that will then in turn lead to conditions that could, in fact, lead to a reconstitution of al qaeda or a growth of isis or other myriad of terrorist groups. >> jesse: so, judge, blinken has to be the worst secretary of state in my lifetime. and i was alive for john kerry. >> you know what? i think he's the worst secretary of state ever. if you've got a secretary of state who's more worried about whether or not we're a racist nation and running to the un and saying at a time when he should be worrying about this, he should be worrying about our exit from afghanistan, he should be yelling from the roofs, you've got to get my people out before you get the military out. and instead he's over at the un i had theling on this whole
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issue of, you know, we're a racist nation, help us convince ourselves we're racist. the guy's a liar. i don't believe a word he says. he says the taliban is agreeing or facilitating the movement of americans out of there? he's wrong, he's a liar. you lie once, you have the salute right to bluebell you're lying again. that's what i used to tell juries all the time and that's the case now. >> jesse: harold ford so biden's team saying we're not aware of any stranded americans. we're not aware. they weren't aware of the taliban takeover either. so either they don't know what's happening and it's happening or they're lying. that's why their credibility's shot. >> first, it's good to be back at the table. good to see the --. >> jesse: you really missed a couple weeks. >> the mag anonymity has not left. judge i differ slightly. if you told me on august 24th that we would have gotten 120 americans out i would have disputed it. in fact i came on another show on our network to be critical of
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how things had taken place and how they'd unfolded. now, this doesn't mean that oversight should take place. there will be democrats in the house and senate who have already called for it as a matter of fact for us to figure out what happened, why it happened, even some democrats saying how could we spend a trillion dollars in the military and the security forces in afghanistan run like they did and not be prepared. i think we'll get answers and democrats will hold them accountable as well. but i don't lose sight of the familiar fact that we still did the right thing by leaving. and secretary blinken i disagree with your characterization of him being the worst secretary of state. i think there's a lot of trish vacation and anger. there's a competition for worst . and we could have another show to deal will that. but i think they have done -- they didn't do everything right and there's no doubt they will be held accountable but when you look at where we are today, we have to make sure anyone we get out of there tomorrow or the following days, we have to vet them. there have been those on this network and others who say
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there's no reason in the world why we should not be extra careful after we get the americans out that anyone who comes are indeed ones who helped us and the security vet can -- >> you're jumping the issue. the issue to get out everybody agrees on. the issue of vetting, everybody agrees on. >> right. >> the harry issue that we all agree on at this table, i think, is that they did it in the most hasty and unsafe way they could have. 13 servicemen are dead, men and women are dead, because they were like sitting ducks in an open air in a cosmopolitan city instead of the bagram air base because they made a political decision and not a military decision. >> i don't disagree but that's not what jesse asked me. i think there were mistakes made along the way, general milky and secretary austin both said that, we will get to the bottom. there will come a time. but at this point i agree around the table, how do we get people
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out safely and vetted before they get there and let the chips fall as far as accountability. >> jesse: the democrat educate tours dana at the new yorker magazine are saying democrats in the biden state department are blocking americans from leaving afghanistan. how will the fact checkers resolve that. >> dana: what do you do when that happens >> jesse: what do you do? . >> dana: so hard, might take a day off. what do you do? we're in this bizarre dystopian situation where the biden administration is trying to pretend this crisis isn't happening. i know they want to focus on other things, we'll talk about that later, but americans stuck in afghanistan because of your actions, that does not mean they were a political inconvenience. okay? they are stuck and they need help. and then we're having this weird semantic debate about what is a hostage. imagine this. if you are on i a plane in afghanistan, you have a plane. you want to leave, you are cleared to leave, you have the paperwork to leave and the taliban won't let you leave, what would you consider yourself? >> stranded.
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>> dana: and a hostage. >> jesse: i almost got it right. [laughter]. >> dana: we're going to get back in sync. the taliban is preventing them from leaving. so you can imagine let's say things were rerefused, let's say this were under president trump very same thing happened, what do you think they would be saying today? they would say you created a hostage crisis and they would be banging the drums on that. the other thing i would say is we didn't get 120,000 americans out, we didn't get all the americans out, we got 120,000 people out, only 7 percent of the interpreters and to the helpers of the americans out. that is a real morale outrage >> jesse: 97% of the guys that came over got to the front of the line faster. >> and none of the service dogs. >> none the dogs. >> well, a lot of the dogs have come back. >> fact checkers? >> greg: i just was very impressed with the first question you came out with, is he the worst secretary of state ever, because it actually created a debate that we had to accept. it would be like me saying, am i
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the greatest talk show host ever? >> greg: people are asking that question. >> jesse: not me, about you some people. first of all, to your point the people being in afghanistan, the americans, that's their choice. that's like a doctor saying to a patient after a patient died to the family, well, you know, he was a smoker. you know, he was a couple pounds overweight. they're like basically saying, it's on them. >> dana: yeah, we put out 19 state department. >> greg: we told them to come. people disputing that. can we ban the phrase finally the world is watching? because nobody cares if the world is watching. the entire he-you know, the entire taliban government right now has not a single non-taliban member, right? and they're still beating the crap out of people and protests and going around doing nasty things. the whole world is watching means nothing. it's like people holding up smart phones while i'm being attacked. can you had he me? put down the phone and help me
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you jerk. everybody agrees, the decision we were into the implementation awful. this is so royally screwed up, it's almost impossible to unscrew it. it's like a car accident. you can't reverse it and get the car back, right? you just hope that the insurance company will total it so you don't ever get that car that never is quite the same. so i think that like there's no way to undo this. so now we're kind of -- and we didn't, we didn't accept this. but we're now along for the ride. there's no choice. when you see the general not even sure. nobody even knows precisely how many americans are there. they're not even sure what's going on. we have to be there, i mean, we just have to sit there and deal with it. we have no intel. we're told what the taliban are doing by the taliban. and we're telling them what we want, please don't hurt the americans and we'll reward you. so we're the first nation in history to actually extort
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ourselves. >> i have one more thing but i'll save it for one more thing. >> dana: i was going to say i have one more thing to say on the world is watching. today when the taliban announced their government and cabinet, they're all on the u n terrorism watch list. >> greg: exactly. >> dana: is the world watching. >> jesse: who cares if the world's watchinging? who's the world anyway? i don't want to name specific chris but we know who we're talking about. >> greg: the world as an entity is overrated. >> jesse: right. have you seen the world? not too good. up next, president biden really trying to change the topic and is hoping the americans forget about the catastrophe in afghanistan. ♪♪
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*laughs* learn more about home security or get our self-monitored solution starting at just $10 per month. >> president biden trying to change the topic after the chaotic afghanistan withdraw by focusing his efforts on fighting covid and his massive
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$3.5 trillion spending plan. biden is said to give an address later this week on his next phase of the pandemic response as well. republicans are saying not so fast. >> i understand the administration wants to turn the page, they want this out of the news, they want to focus on their reckless three and a half trillion dollars spending bills but a lot of members of congress are not going to rest until every american and every legal resident of afghanistan can get out. and vice-president kamala harris will be out as well not to talk about afghanistan she will be in california helping gavin newsome for the recall election next week. president biden all he wants to build back better. he's leak can we just build back better? remember he just wants to talk about happy things. >> jesse: that's right happy things. you can't shift the focus if you're joe biden, he was never focus on afghanistan in the first place. he was focused on afghanistan we wouldn't have lost face lost marines and lost all those weapons. he wasn't even focused on
2:17 pm
afghanistan while he was giving a speech on afghanistan, remember, dana? before i update the american people on afghanistan, build back better. the media doesn't have to do what joe biden wants to do. the media can focus on what they think the action is going to be. donald trump, do you think they let trump turn the page on covid? they asked him -- he talked about tax cuts. what do you think about russia. you don't have to do what the president wants to do. the democrats -- the media let democrats turn the page but close the book on republicans. that's how this works. the media is in bed with biden. if biden goes down, the media goes down because the democrats go down. they know his poll numbers are horrible. those are their own media polls. and if he goes into the 30s and doesn't get this infrastructure thing done, then the midterms are going to be more of a blood bath than they're already shaping up to be. so they're going to say -- which is damning.
2:18 pm
we're going to ignore stranded americans in afghanistan, and the fact that the president is considering turning the page on stranded americans, like you said in the a block, that means he sees stranded americans as a political problem for himself, not a duty or a priority to rescue. so, you know, he'll spend this 3.5 billion. >> trillion. >> jesse: and turn the page, trillion, butle' only get credit for inflation. >> there's that as well he brought up the poll numbers greg, used to be a few months the president's worst numbers were on immigration, really bad in the 30s, but now he's upside down on afghanistan, covid, the economy, crime and immigration. so that's not a good trajectory. >> greg: yeah, everything he touches turns to poop. i want to talk about the recall. that excites me. >> dana: okay. >> sean:. >> greg: kamala is going to help
2:19 pm
him out. >> jeanine: the recall is part of of it. >> my question is kamala harris the worst president in the history of vice-presidents? right? >> well, we've had some bad ones. >> it is the d block. >> sending kamala to help gavin is like asking charlie sheen to be your sponsor at aa. this is not a good decision. she has the persuasive skills of gout. she's able to do two things that no person could possibly be. be invisible and unpopular. like flat lens. she's political flat lens. >> are you going to read that in d block as well? >> no. >> dana: trying to turn the page. >> jeanine: she is the cabbingler in chief. i have no idea why they're even asking her to go there. who's excited about seeing her? she hasn't done anything.
2:20 pm
she hasn't been present on any of the issues. look at mike pence. that guy, he was, every day he was on something. he was working. he was on this issue or that issue. he was always moving. this woman is hiding in a basement. she's probably at joe biden's old house. and meanwhile, joe biden, by the way, is -- you want him to deal with afghanistan? the guy keeps going back to delaware. i don't know what's wrong with him. even during afghanistan, he went back this weekend. he wants to talk about the economic, the $3.5 trillion economic build back better. he can't possibly build back better. we're supposed to have a great jobs report, we're supposed to have 750,000 new jobs on friday, we had 200,000. the guy's a mess and she's a bigger mess. >> dana: one of the things the president did today was go and visit storm damaged areas, new jersey and new york, he was in louisiana last week. so hurricane ida did provide him a manner for him to speak.
2:21 pm
but on all those issues, what's an issue that's going well for them right now? >> harold: i think that as we have vital national security interests, we have vital national interests and this president i think is understanding and realizing the rhythm of the presidency. he is down right now in a lot of the numbers you indicated. there was a decision by the governor much texas to try to rewrite abortion laws and reproductive rights laws which may shift some attention as things do in politics. i'll say this i give president trump credit for operation warp speed. i was critical on other ways he handled covid. i think we have to be willing to give president credit where it's due and be critical where it's not. we have to say any president, and we'll say she one day, he has to understand what's going to right and try to continue to amplify that and at the same time he has a responsibility to respond to ida and to compete against china. i would remind us all of this. a year and a half ago at this
2:22 pm
time we were not producing enough soap or paper towels in our country. we now have a trip shortage and can't produce enough refrigerators washing machines and cars because no chips. we have to figure out ways, in which two years from now, we're not having to be reliant on a global supply chain for us to live our everyday lives. >> jesse: that sounds like the trump policy. but you didn't answer the question harold, what's the thing joe biden's doing well >> harold: i think he's being president. i think he's being mature and responsible. i think he's making. >> jesse: is it mature to strand americans in a war zone? >>but i give them more credit today than i did on august 24th. i don't give them all the credit and they will be criticized and held accountable for the mistakes they made and there were many >> greg: i'm just used that you used a pronoun when you talked about she becoming president.
2:23 pm
>> dana: can't we just say they? >> greg: honestly i thought we moved beyond these bigoted. >> dana: me, too >> did president biden just admit his policies on the border aren't working? ♪♪ age is just a number. and mine's unlisted. try boost® high protein with 20 grams of protein for muscle health.
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2:28 pm
illegally are now being returned to mexico. so short of, or in addition to this, we're seeing those migrants seeking asylum to remain in mexico. what else should we be doing at the border. >> dana: oh, my gosh we only have five minutes in this segment. there's a lot of things but the remain in mexico piece, when president trump did that initially, even there were some in the foreign policy establishment who were like, oh, that's actually a good idea. and when biden came in he campaigned on it and said we're not going to do that we're going to end that and that's what they did. and because of other things which they said which was basically like come on over, until they actually said please don't come over, then they have this run on the border. and the numbers usually go down in the summer. that didn't happen this year so they have a big problem and they know it. also one, doing the merits and doing the right thing and also i think the poll numbers show he's like in the low 30s on immigration so there's that. what's interesting about this remain in mexico thing is a couple weeks ago when the court ruled, i said and i think everyone agreed, they should
2:29 pm
just take it as a win and say, oh, gosh we really tried to end that but the courts ruled and we have to follow the law. it seems like that's what they want to do but this highlights the dynamic that this administration continues to do. they enact bad policy like the eviction moratorium, this deportation moratorium as well, remain in mexico, then they get bailed out by the judicial branch, which is usually made up now of trump judges. it's quite a thing to see >> harold: greg, do you think these people leaving these desperate circumstances, that this is going to make them not want to come to the us? or what else? again, i agree with dana but what else can we do? because i think these people may still come. i think the remain in mexico policy will work better but do you this i -- >> greg: i think it's always about the process, and the process, there has to be the process for the most desperate people. and the problem is, we really don't -- it doesn't seem like we have it nor do we really have a desire to solve this.
2:30 pm
instead we kind of conflate these things desperation with people coming looking for work. it's all about friction, right? it's like friction addresses your motivations aen your incentives. every problem we're seeing is due to an abandonment of friction. so the border collapse was because biden waved everybody forward and turned the wall into a dirty word. but we do realize probably the simplest visual thing ever, the biggest easiest solution was the wall because it introduced friction as a visual tool. you see the wall coming up you're less likely to go there and cross it unless you're in desperate circumstances and then you have that other process. it just seems that there isn't any solution anymore, and there is no real drive to solve it. and i don't know why, except the cynicism of course is to say it's for voting reasons. but i don't know >> harold: judge you're going to be the cleanup today. >> jeanine: i don't know what other reason there could be. when you violate the law, and
2:31 pm
the united states supreme court comes out and says you have violated federal law which joe biden did on his first day of presidency it's not about deterrence and punishment for people who violated their law it's about letting them come in and do whatever they want. we're talking about a $3.5 trillion infrastructure bill. you know who that bill's going to cover. we have 200,000 people who came in july. how can we afford all this? and what we're doing is, we are a paying for it all. there is a very simple way to resolve it. put up the wall and you say you come here like everyone else comes here. you get a visa, you get our permission. they act like they didn't know how to handle it. i don't get it. >> harold: as you give your answer to this, the desperation thing, i think the wall, i agree, i hope democrats agree they should build a wall but the desperation, how do we address the desperation of some of these countries and you think about your answer to all of it? >> jesse: american desperation first harold how about that? we have desperate american
2:32 pm
boarders here getting crushed on the boarder. pay attention to those people first and deal with the other people after that. americans should look at the biden border crisis through the prism of the biden afghanistan crisis. the sloppiness, the lack of planning, the lack of empathy towards americans, the disregard to law enforcement, the denial there actually is a problem. can i keep going harold? how about, oh, it's trump's fault, did the same thing with afghanistan and the border. the guy couldn't even coordinate with our greatest ally to the south, mexico, and we expected him to coordinate half way around the world with our nato allies. the guy can't coordinate anything. the best part about bringing in a new president is that you get to keep the stuff that works from the past president and you get to get rid of the stuff that wasn't working, and you get credit for all of it. so biden kept the china tariffs, guiden kept usmca. it's like if you're the coach, say phil jackson, when phil jackson took over the chicago
2:33 pm
bills >> harold: he had a guy like michael jordan. >> jesse: did he cut jordan? the remain in mexico policy was the michael jordan policy and joe biden cut it. what else space force? you get rid of the bad stuff and keep all the good stuff >> harold: before the record before we go to the tease donald trump wanted to get out of afghanistan. >> jesse: not that way map man coming up the california recall is a week away and the democrats are upping their attacks on the republican leading candidate larry elder. ♪♪ i brought in ensure max protein, with thirty grams of protein. those who tried me felt more energy in just two weeks! [sighs wearily] here, i'll take that! woo-hoo! ensure max protein. with thirty grams of protein, one gram of sugar, and now with two new flavors!
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♪♪ . >> jeanine: the california recall is heating up with one week to go. voters in the golden state will decide whether they've had
2:38 pm
enough of rampant homeless less crime and mandates and boots gavin newsome from office. democrats leading up attacks on the leading republican candidate larry elder. a newsome rally even called elder a black face on white supremacy. the candidates taking aim at each other. >> this man has been an absolute disaster. the quality of our schools has declined, homelessness is up, cost of living is up, forest mismanagement water mismth and people are leaving california for the very first time. >> let me tell you a little bit about mr. elder. he is to the right of donald trump. he would make, honestly, donald trump blush. >> jeanine: all right. so this is a segment that you wanted to talk about before. >> greg: well it's about skin color. the donald trump blush. they can't stop judge ask me a question. >> jeanine: can get the question
2:39 pm
out. what do you think of the fact that larry elder is saying the black face of white supremacy. >> greg: there's three examples and hilarious to see liberals attack people over skin color in order to protect the most white live languaged politician in modern history. elder, he should go after gavin newsome about being white. like what would happen? because they're going after him about being black he should have fun and go, you, sir, are extremely white and you're the white face of studentity. but white supremacist are the new uncle tom if you're black and dare to challenge the ideology 0 dare to leave their race driven plantation you will now be called a black face white supremacist, again, while ignoring the virginia governor, you know, the canadian prime minister, late night comedian and good knows who else who actually did black face and were white. >> jeanine: one of the most significant couldn't sequences of this race and they say right
2:40 pm
now, dana, that gavin newsome appears may win. but, you know, larry elder's within striking distance. is what he has said about senator dianne feinstein. >> dana: oh, right, because -- well, senator dianne feinstein has said she's not going anywhere but apparently all the democrats are like oh, counting the days maybe she's going to go somewhere. so they're hoping that -- the democrats are saying if larry elder or another republican wins and they're the governor and she dies, he gets to report another republican and that will be the end of the senate. one, it's offensive to dianne feinstein so not only are they talking about racial issues, sexism and it's awful. but notice in the comments when they said they were going back and forth with each other. larry elder was making all policy arguments and gavin newsome made only personal attacks. so i think that's one of the reasons the californians that want to vote newsome out are thinking about it. i don't love the recall process,
2:41 pm
but i understand why people want it in california. however i do think when it was announced that president biden was going to go and campaign for gavin newsome, i believe that they must feel that gavin newsome is going to win and then biden's team will say, see, he's not a drag on the party, he's fine. >> jeanine: right. do you agree with that jesse? >> jesse: i do it was a coin flip until three weeks ago and the democrats panicked and the union and democrats hollywood powered money into the i say ra. just at the same time he was attacking his race his divorce and his taxes. like you said all personal smears nothing to do with policy. but if i was running the campaign i would make it about management. you can't manage the forest, you can't manage water, you can't manage energy. keep it about management because democrats cannot manage that state. >> jeanine: in addition to that there's some kind of trillion dollars fraud going on in the state unemployment division in
2:42 pm
california. but it's interesting that they're talking about it being an attack on their values if someone like larry elder comes in and on social justice >> harold: a great french philosopher once said. >> that phrase has never been said on this show. >> there's nothing like the focus of the death penalty to focus one's mind. cavb newsome is facing the death penalty. you lose this seat and it's a political earthquake like i haven't seen in 20 years. he's come under criticism for high taxes, crime. >> and going to the french laundry >> harold: that was the catalyst. but republicans may not have thought this thing could have gotten as serious as it has because if they thought this they would have ran more serious candidates. larry elder imi don't have opposition because of his race i'm just not sure he's good enough to be governor of
2:43 pm
california i think voters will make that determination. i agree with you dana, the clip we showed showed newsome attacking him on personal issues. i think personal issues should not -- someone's personal life like that should not be involved in politics and frankly newsome should be challenged on policy as elder should be. but unfortunately politics has gotten to a bad place where we like to just attack people. >> jeanine: and it works for some people and that's why they do it. >> greg: arnold pulled it off >> harold: i'm got i got a first out. >> jeanine: up next a special tribute to america's dog jasper. ♪♪ >> jeanine: up next a special tribute to america's dog jasper. ♪♪ out. >> jeanine: up next a special tribute to america's dog jasper. ♪♪ >> jeanine: up next a special tribute to america's dog jasper. ♪♪
2:44 pm
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2:47 pm
>> greg: welcome back. jasper america's dog passed away this past weekend, nine years old but packed more years of living than most at the villages. for years the furry fellow provided this joe with plenty of laughs through his many
2:48 pm
appearances and dana's endless endless endless references in one more thing. but we will all miss jasper. here's one look back. here he is. we waited for him for a long time. ♪♪ >> it's jasper for real. it's his birthday. he's one year old. he's america's dog. >> i didn't know you had a dog. >> oh, yeah, i have a dog. >> he can squeeze into any possible chair we're going to sit in. keeps me warm. i don't even need a blanket. >> we did it about a hundred times that night and it never got old for him. never got old. he just never learned that it was coming. >> been a year since america's dog has been on the five but here he is back jasper perino. america's dog jasper is joining us, much to greg's disappointment although i do think he actually liked him jasper, say hello to your fans. he's much better behaved this year than last year. >> greg: he's getting older. >> dana: time now for one more
2:49 pm
thing. i'll go first, jasper's birthday, six years old today. he comes every year on his birthday. jesse can't believe his good fortune. ♪♪ . >> dana: ijasper hungry? there you go. obviously jasper can sit very easy. cat, see? high five? ♪♪ ♪ >> greg: so here you go. >> dana: thanks. >> greg: this will be right here. and then i have a whistle, so this is called the crying whistle. whenever you start crying i just blow it. >> dana: time out. thank you so much. i know the five. >> greg: i put that together this weekend. >> dana: thank you so much.
2:50 pm
it was very quick. he didn't really show any symptoms until about ten days ago or so and, of course, i was a great google doctor and i thought he had a kidney stone and he was at the vet anyway, it was cancer and it was everywhere. so he had a good-bye on saturday. very sad. but i will say i feel this tremendous amount of gratitude for him and his life, all he gave me. but also -- it's fun to look back about the show and the audience and how much everybody seemed to really get a kick out of him and it connected people from all walks of life. politics had nothing to do with it and he was a really wonderful champion. a total legend i would say. a great dog. >> jesse: a famous french philosopher once said in the depths of winter i finally know within me there lay an invincible summer. >> greg: thank you. >> dana: what does that have to do with america's dog? >> jesse: i think that's what you're feeling right now. >> dana: oh, okay.
2:51 pm
>> jesse: that's how i'm going to lay this out dana. i do want to say one thing. i did sleep with your dog. >> dana: that's true >> jesse: when you invited me over for dinner and i asked if i could spend the night because i was too inebriated to go home and i ended up sleeping on the futon with jasper. >> dana: it was a pullout couch and jasper crawled in. >> jesse: on your pullout couch with jasper who i love and then i got rookie and now i know what made your heart so big. >> dana: dog love. >> jesse: yeah, dog love. >> jeanine: i'll tell you dana. >> dana: one of the first people to call me. >> jeanine: yeah. but the one thing that gives me a sense of peace is the rainbow bridge. you know, and people should google it, it's where dogs go and animals go, and they're able to play and run and play with each other and there's a beautiful rainbow. and it gives me a lot of satisfaction. i'm sure you've read it.
2:52 pm
>> dana: and then a little picture, photo shop really made jasper a star. he loved this show, loved jasper and made this for me on saturday to announce jasper's passing. so there he is at the rainbow bridge so thank you five fan. >> greg: do you have a philosopher >> harold: mine is a great american philosopher jesse watters we have three dogs and lost ours 12 years ago and said we would never get another dog for a year. a week later we had a dog, six months into our second dog. so i'm almost tearing up because i was not a dog person until i married my wife and now i can only imagine. >> dana: what? >> jeanine: what? until you married your wife >> harold: and my wife had a dog. no, no, no. when i married my wife she had a dog. >> jeanine: we got it >> harold: do i hear another french philosopher. >> dana: thanks everybody, thanks greg.
2:53 pm
>> greg: one more thing is up next. ♪♪ ♪♪ energy is everywhere... even in a little seedling. which, when turned into fuel, can help power a plane. at chevron's el segundo refinery, we're looking to turn plant-based oil into renewable gasoline, jet and diesel fuels. our planet offers countless sources of energy. but it's only human . . >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service you can trust. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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♪ ♪ >> jesse: time now for one more thing. dana p.? >> dana: i wanted to, one, thank you for all of your support. thanks to the table and to karen, i think she put the package together. she a producer here. thanks for all of that i am getting to that. give me a moment. because, i want to thank the red bank animal hospital in new jersey. i thought they were incredible and compassionate and really lovely people. i loved it. but at one point they said by the way we were googling your dog which was cute. caroline fritz came through. she is 5 years old. she start kindergarten next week. spent her afternoon making a collage of all the pictures of jasper. he knew her when she was born. she gave a contribute. tribute.thank you caroline frit.
2:58 pm
>> jesse: this is awkward but let's talk about how i saved the world? jasper would have wanted. i was signing books at the book swap. this is becoming a thing now the gutfeld shirt. people have showed up. every time i sign up a gutfeld guy and to identify punch him. that's the standard op. and now this guy came with a jesse watters shirt. >> dana: what did you do to him? >> jesse: i can't say it on television but we made passionate love. but, and also an awkward turn, my twin -- [inaudible] [laughter] good luck, ladies with me as your father. great uniform. let's talk about our fox bet situation. i have already signed up for it you have got to download the fox bet right now. an app. phi theta kappa and enter for fro chance to win a million bucks of terry bradshaw's money. all you need to do pick six outcomes from sunday's game and watch to see how it all plays out. it's free. everybody loves free stuff. coup load the phi theta kappa now and get started.
2:59 pm
greg? >> greg: all right. let's could this. greg's kangaroo are stupid news. take a look at this video. okay? just how stupid are kangaroos? they're stupid enough to think that some hammock is actually another hang could. and he is trying to fight the kangaroo. this went on for hours. kangaroos are so stupid. you have got a pocket. just put the hammock in the pocket. what's your problem, dude? >> that's holding. >> greg: kangaroos are stupid. that's it. jess jets harold? >> harold: tomorrow, i think no other person in baseball or sports personified excellence or integrity on or of the field like this guy derek jeter had to wait a year to be inducted and enshrined in coopers town he will join others. congratulations to a great american and awesome baseball player. >> dana: are you going to be there? >> harold: i will be there. >> judge jeanine: available on fox nation. and you get to come alongside tour some of the most beautiful
3:00 pm
historic castles. >> dana: how do you get this assignment? >> judge jeanine: first i visited bishop's castle in gavelston and castle mcclouds in new hampshire, miami, gwendolyn in morristown and hempstead on the gold coast. you will love it sign up to see real castles. >> jesse: did you go to white castle? i hear that's a good one. >> judge jeanine: castles, jesse. >> jesse: that's it for us. "special report" is up next with mike emanuel. >> mike: thanks, jesse. >> mike: good evening welcome to washington. i'm mike emanuel in for bret baier. breaking tonight, concern over the fate of americans and others in afghanistan as the taliban continue their crackdown on opposition. several journalists were arrested. taliban leaders have arrested their new government. this comes as some of the people trying to get out of the country continue to be blocked. the president's top diplomat says he is focused on getting as many individuals out of the nation as possible. correspondent david spunt starts


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