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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  September 8, 2021 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> guys, check out tonight i'll be on tucker at 8:00. a great show planned. catch you on the radio. >> bill: good morning, so much for that kinder, gentler taliban. the group staffing its interim government with former gitmo prisoners and zero women. as if you expected anything less or more. good morning, i'm bill hemmer, how are you doing? >> dana: i'm dana perino, how are you? >> bill: stunner there, right? >> dana: the state department might be stunned. i don't think the rest of the world is. as greg gutfeld said the world is watching. but they're rolling their eyes in the situation. the taliban might be laughing
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at us. incoming cabinet. get this. it features four members released by the obama administration in exchange for bowe bergdahl in 2014. not easing fears for women and minorities. >> bill: antony blinken still overseas on a tour in doha standing by his claim that the taliban are not stopping americans from getting out of afghanistan. >> there are groups of people who are grouped together. some of whom have the appropriate travel documents and american passports, a green card, a visa, and others do not. and it's my understanding that the taliban has not denied exit to anyone holding a valid document have said that those without valid documents at this point can't leave. because all of these people are grouped together that has meant that flights have not been
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allowed to go. >> dana: congressman michael waltz is standsing by with reaction. mark meredith from the white house and trey yengst following the evacuations in doha. good morning, trey. >> good morning. we have quite a development. originally it was understood the taliban was blocking evacuation flights. now it turns out it's the u.s. state department. a leaked email reveals charter flights from northern afghanistan and other parts of the country are not being granted permission to land at u.s. air bases or other third party locations. some important context. the state department has a reason. according to a senior u.s. official no way to verify who is on the private flights and taliban is in control of security. anyone boarding a flight there afghanistan in the northern city is only vetted by the taliban. u.s. secretary of state antony blinken addressed it yesterday visiting doha. with the kabul airport still not operational for
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international commercial flights many people continue to flee on foot. neighboring pakistan has seen an influx of refugees. no camps will be set up along the border with afghanistan. pakistan has an estimated 1.4 million displaced afghans in the country. you still have thousands of people both afghan civilians and foreigners trying to flee afghanistan. protests and the taliban responding forcefully. >> dana: thank you, good to see you. >> bill: the taliban announcing the formation of interim government in kabul. leaders include four gitmo inmates released in a prisoner swap for bowe bergdahl back in 2014. one of the f.b.i.'s most wanted who will serve as the acting interior minister. mark meredith follows from the white house to see reaction from there. >> the new afghan government
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has been announced. the list is generating a lot of ko*nlt. among the names include hassan akhund acting prime minister despite being on a u.n. watch list. interior post haqqani, is already wanted by the u.s. officials believe he has been coordinating and participating in attacks against u.s. forces. ben sasse is speaking out against this and outraged. he is a blood thirsty terrorist, armed, dangerous and running a country we just abandoned. americans are still trapped behind taliban lines. four men once detained at gitmo hold senior positions. they were leleased by the united states in 2014 under the obama administration in exchange for the release of bowe bergdahl. he had been taken prisoners after desserting his post in afghanistan. nouf we hear also from the
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state department weighing in on this. officials are trying to assess this announcement and that they plan to hold the taliban to previous commitments to allow for safe passage of foreign nationals. we got a statement from officials saying we note the announced list of names consist of individuals who are members of the taliban or their close associates and no women. we were also concerned by the affiliations and track records of some of the individuals. a lot of world leaders reacted to this as well. as the government gets up and running if you were to say that there is huge humanitarian crisis in afghanistan. u.n. saying yesterday it needs 600 million dollars to help 11 million people by the end of this year and that basic services throughout afghanistan, bill, are either collapsing or have already collapsed. >> bill: thank you, mark meredith from the north lawn. back with you later today. >> dana: for more on this former green beret michael waltz. we have to start by asking you about how four of these members of the new government were
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released in that prisoner swap for bowe bergdahl under president obama. you have very personalworse, it. as you d special operations forces in the search for bergdahl, who we knew at the time had stacked up his gear, left his weapon behind, sent emails to his father denouncing america and deserted his post. yet we stopped everything because we don't leave fellow americans behind, even deserters. and good soldiers were killed in that search looking for him. then to see fast forward to see him declared a hero by susan bryce and the same people that were around obama that are now
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around biden, on top of this trade allowing the taliban to pick its most wanted, its top draft picks out of gitmo to see them what is in charge of a terrorist super state is a slap in the face and to have it on the 20th anniversary of 9/11 is outrageous and unforgiveable. >> bill: one of them is the acting director of intel. how will that go? acting minister of information and culture. we saw what happened many years ago especially with women. and then deputy secretary of defense on there as well.can report. we're trying to track this all over the globe as you are as well. frankly, a lot of this is confusing. who can get out who can and can't get out. who is allowing departures and who is denying it. our digital team is reporting the department of state has refused official removal for private flights. that means organizations, a lot
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from america, maybe some western european countries are trying to get people to safety. jen griffin is saying there is context because the taliban is essentially serving as the tsa for every flight that may or may not leave. this is a massively confusing and mixed up soup here, michael. >> on top of it all, bill, the head of the haqqani network a serial hostage taker, holding americans hostage continuously for two decades including holding a navy veteran right now as we speak. the leader of that group is now in charge of the interior ministry. that decides who stays and who goes. i mean, it's truly unbelievable. oh, by the way, on the f.b.i.'s most wanted list, $10 million bounty, very close to al qaeda
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and is responsible, amongst other things, for a truck bombing in 2011 that killed dozens of american soldiers. that's now who is in charge of deciding, i guess, according to blinken, who has appropriate documents and who doesn't. that's the most bureaucratic double speak coming out of the secretary of state and then the other piece of that is we're seeing now from emails they're sending the various veterans groups heroicly stepping up to get americans out, that well we're not going to help you with landing rights in other countries but we won't oppose it, either. so good luck with that. look, i want to say this very clearly. the state department should be working with these groups. they should be forming a task force and pulling these groups together in a public/private partnership focused on the mission, not taking credit or being bureaucratically embarrassed or saying my way is the only way. we should be working together
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as americans public/private partners. no diplomats or groups on the ground. we should be helping, not hindering and throwing bureaucratic obstacles in the way. >> dana: congressman, the taliban is basically saying looking forward in the future a couple of days on saturday, the 20th anniversary of 9/11. that day they anticipate having a big ceremony showing their new government. and i just wonder what you think about that. you signed up to serve after we were attacked and to have this happen on the very day on 9/11 what is your thoughts on that? >> dana, honestly and i think i speak for so many. it is paining my soul. it is -- it hurts me to my core. but i do want to say very clearly to so many veterans, gold star families, victims of
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9/11, we've all said it but i want to say it again your sacrifice was not in vain. an entire generation of americans grew up without planes flying into building or suicide bombers on school buses. but to see the taliban, al qaeda and haqqani back in charge to go back where we were before 2001 is gut wrenching, it's awful and what i keep asking for is where is the accountability? who is going to stand up and say here were our mistakes. it shouldn't have happened this way. instead, we seem to have this administration with their foot on the gas creating and iran-style terrorist super state that future american soldiers or future victims will have to deal with. that's what has me so mad and so heartbroken. >> bill: thanks for coming back today. michael waltz. he said the story only gets worse, we can agree on that. a terrorist super state in the
6:12 am
making in afghanistan. if these reports are true that this swearing in ceremony comes on saturday, on 9/11 plus 20 years we'll be down at ground zero in lower manhattan when that takes place. >> dana: the other thing that's happening. the idea of international recognition of the taliban and how they'll get money. keep an eye on china. here is something. listen to this real quick. >> china has a real problem with the taliban. they'll try to work out some arrangement with the taliban, i'm sure, as is pakistan and russia and iran. they're trying to figure out what do they do now. it will be interesting to see what happens. >> dana: one of the things that might be interesting a report today that china is thinking about the possibility of utilizing bagram air base as a place that they could actually have an operation. >> bill: soviets built it, we took it over. the chinese may be next. alleged 9/11 mastermind shake
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mohammed is smiling and >> this time this man is behind bars for murder. >> bill: in other news, in other news, dana, big news in the britney spears saga, is the pop star on track to win back her freedom? we have an update on that and tell you what's up coming up next. ♪♪ retirement is an opportunity to fill each tomorrow with moments that matter. and a steady stream of protected income can help you secure the life you've planned.
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acapulco in mexico. people in mexico city also felt the tremor. one person reported dead. extent of the damage to all the buildings is unclear, dangerous nonetheless. >> bill: vice president kamala harris wheels up in california campaigning alongside governor -- gavin new some. president biden will rally for newsom early next week. he should be in california monday or tuesday of next week. two questions on the ballot. do you support the recall? if the answer is yes you have to select one of the people listed below. larry elder leading the field. >> dana: i have a theory. i think that they added this visit by president biden because they've looked at the numbers and they think that governor newsom is going to win and hold on and that way the white house can say see, president biden is not a problem for the democrats.
6:20 am
he is absolutely fine. that's what i think. that's my theory. >> bill: we might know wednesday, right? coming up. >> dana: we'll move on. alleged domestic abuser in minnesota bailed out by the fund backed by kamala harris is now charged with murder weeks after he was set free. mike tobin is live in the midwest bureau with this update. >> george howard was released on $11,500 bail. his bail was supported by the minnesota freedom fund. if you remember back to the murder of george floyd and the riots that followed politicians and celebs got on board with the minnesota freedom fund bailing out those arrested in the riot. kamala harris was one of them. evidenced by her tweet from jun 1, 2020. if you're able to chip in now to the minnesota freedom fund to post bail for those protesting on the ground in minnesota. with support like that the freedom fund banked some $35
6:21 am
million. the freedom fund continued to bail people out and stated that if a judge deems them eligible for bail they shouldn't have to wait simply because they don't have the money. one of those bailed out is george howard jailed on domestic abuse charges. august 6 just a few weeks after he got out there was a road rage incident. martinez was shot and killed. howard was arrested and charged with second degree murder. the freedom fund acknowledged they supported his bail and tweeted under new leadership we have implemented changes to its policies and procedures. and we'll continue to assess them. we are being responsive to the safety and needs of our community. it should be noted howard says he didn't do it. he says someone in his car shot martinez. p convicted he is facing a potential of 80 years behind bars. >> dana: thank you. >> bill: in an unexpected turn of events britney spears father filing a petition to end the
6:22 am
conservatorship. a change of heart? we thought it was a couple of weeks ago. is this the real deal now? >> remember in june britney said in court i just want my life back. it appears she will get it. her father, jamie, said yesterday he believes britney can manage her on life and driving her own car and speaking rationally in court and britney can choose her own doctor, how to manage her career, get married, have a child, it's up to her. as mr. spears has said again and again all he wants is what is best for his daughter, said his lawyer. if ms. spears wants to terminate the conservatorship and handle her own life mr. spears believes she should get that chance. this is a major legal victory and vindication for the 39-year-old singer who refused to perform until her father stepped down as conservator.
6:23 am
he stepped in back in 2008 when britney suffered mental health and drug issues in her mid 20s. this was not expected. previously he said he would stay on as conservator until the court appointed a new one. so it's no longer the case. what is next? bill, a hearing is scheduled september 29th where we would expect britney's lawyer to file papers to end the conservatorship of person and finances. will the judge require a psychiatric exam first? britney doesn't want one. the father says he doesn't think she needs it. >> bill: we'll follow it. thanks, dana. >> dana: a supreme court order reinstating the trump-era remain in mexico policy is already having an impact on the migrant crisis. could it reduce the number trying to cross illegally? chad wolf will join us next. homeland security warning of a heightened threat environment as the nation prepares to mark 20 years since 9/11.
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>> dana: customs and border protection expected to soon release the number of migrant encounters at the southern border during the month of august as agents report a spike if runners at the border since the supreme court reinstated a trump era policy for most asylum seekers, christina is with us. >> good morning, we're expecting those new numbers any day now and this comes after those record breaking figures from july that showed about 212,000 arrests here at the southern border. that's a record high, a 20-year record high. but again, those are the migrants that actually got arrested. there are still runners getting away, lots of them. law enforcement is doing their best to track them down. our fox cameras caught this video from last night of more
6:30 am
migrants being taken to get processed in the rio grande valley, the busiest sector during this illegal immigration crisis. not expected to slow down soon. since friday border patrol disrupted several human smuggling incidents and seized over 900,000 dollars of cocaine and methamphetamine from ports of entry here. late friday smugglers tried to get away from a border patrol checkpoints migrants trapped in the trunk and taken for a wild ride by highway 77 before the vehicle was abandoned off the highway. several migrants died over the week trying to get away from authorities. this video shows the end of a car chase on highway 281. a fox source tells me when the alleged smuggler stopped driving there was a man and adult son had died and was die
6:31 am
hydrated and starved. early monday morning a got out of a vehicle and ran across the highway and i'm told she was hit by a vehicle and died. a tragedy for that woman and of course the driver and these are just two of the devastating incidents that are happening along the southern border during this immigration crisis as border patrol and other authorities around here try to get this situation under control. dana. >> dana: thank you, we appreciate it. >> bill: more on this with chad wolf former acting secretary of homeland security and part of the heritage foundation. is remain in mexico coming back? >> i sure hope so. the biden administration is under a court order to reinstate that. i have misgivings and i think they'll slow roll this. they are not a fan of the program said it multiple times and they are certainly appealing the decision from the court as well.
6:32 am
so they are going to continue to work through it. i hope they do it. what we know is the remain in mexico policy was one of the most effective policies that we implemented to address the 2019 crisis. it works. it is a proven track record and they need to implement it as soon as possible. >> bill: we assume they want to slow the flow. has there been any evidence of that? >> you are exact will i right, bill. there has been very little evidence. what we know they continue to treat it as capacity issue. they are trying to build more facilities to accommodate the increase they are seeing. as long as you do that, you will continue to see that flow. they have to get real, they have to really start implementing the rule of law along that border and holding those people that break the law accountable and returning them back to their home countries. until they do that, until they implement mpp or remain in mexico you will continue to see the surge that you mentioned at the top of the segment. over 200,000 in the month of
6:33 am
july. likely the same numbers in august as well. >> bill: migrants crossing the border in july up 13% since last month, and then you had 416% increase compared to july of last year. 160% since 2019. those are extraordinary numbers. mayorkas was talking about the flow of afghanistan refugees from there. listen to this and we'll tie the two together. >> federal government is focused on the screening and vetting of individuals evacuated from afghanistan. the department of homeland security remains ever vigilant against attempts by foreign adversaries to exploit you vulnerable populations as a means of gaining access to the u.s. for nefarious purposes. our resources are indeed stressed. >> bill: well, they helped create both issues. that's the argument. they enabled the border, right?
6:34 am
and they made the call on afghanistan three weeks ago. what do you think of that? >> you are absolutely right. both are self-inflicted crises or blunders by the biden administration. neither one had to occur. the secretary is a little incorrect. they aren't just stressed, their system and resources are broken. they were broken before the afghanistan withdrawal just on the border trying to accommodate and vet and screen and house those numbers of individuals. and now you have thousands of folks coming back from afghanistan in a very short period of time that they are trying to expedite the vetting process. when we do that, my concern is that they will be corners cut and there will be individuals coming here to the u.s. on military bases being screened that probably should not have come at the end of the day. that's a concern. in all these individuals being processed along the border or from afghanistan are being processed through part of dhs.
6:35 am
their system is overstressed on a good day plus two crises at the same time. >> bill: 122,000 out of kabul. 5% were considered americans holding passports. another 7% had the special immigration visa, siv. another roughly what, quick math, 15,000 let's say. not more than that. so the remaining number that came out of kabul are people who were lucky enough to crowd on board a plane that was departing at a time they were there, sir. last comment on that. >> absolutely. what you see the department doing is you are paroleing all them. thend do the security checks on the back end. the vast majority of these folks will apply to asylum and go through the same system that all the folks on the southwest border are applying for, too. there will be back logs for
6:36 am
years and years because of these self-inflicted crises or blunders. >> bill: thank you for coming back. 8,000 of the special immigration visas, we'll talk about, thank you. >> dana: thank you. important issue. homeland security secretary mayorkas is addressing concerns about a potential threat to the u.s. as the nation prepares to mark 20 years since the 9/11 terror attacks. >> right now we don't have any credible specific threats against the united states of america. now what we consider the most serious terrorism-related threat on our homeland. domestic violent extremists. it is our job to be concerned every day, to be vigilant, to share information. am i concerned? yes. >> dana: interesting when he talks about the importance of sharing information. every time there has been a problem, we haven't had a large scale attack since 9/11, it has been because there was a lack of communication and so hopefully the government is
6:37 am
doing a better job on that. >> bill: we were talking a bit earlier off camera about the semantics that you use for those who are trapped in afghanistan. your analysis of the wording has been what then? >> dana: i feel like there is a semantic argument. let's pretend for a second that you are on a plane, you have your documents. >> bill: i'm waiting for the plane. >> dana: you have your documents, ready to go and cleared to go to america. worked at the embassy and helped america. here you are and you are on the plane. >> bill: i have a taliban guard allowing me to get on that plane or not. >> dana: they aren't allowing you to and you aren't allowed to leave the country and you are stuck there. you would consider yourself a hostage to the taliban. now, the state department might say we're working with them, a temporary delay. if the shoe were on the other foot politically i think the democrats would be saying we're on day 17 of a hostage crisis in afghanistan.
6:38 am
getting these people off the ground into safety i'm sure the state department is working on it but having a little more muscle behind it would make a difference. >> bill: big time timing issue, too. thanks for that. >> dana: thank you. i have a lot of theories today. >> bill: keep them coming. hundreds of thousands in louisiana still without power in the wake of ida. not easy to get gas for your generator and a billion unveiling for a futuristic here. at aspen dental, we help you find your happy place like tailgates, doubles dates and great escapes. through all your favorite moments, we keep you smiling with flexible financing
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>> bill: federal judge throwing out the death sentence for the man convicted of north dakota college student drew shed aoen. the judge ordered a new sentencing phase arguing that his constitutional rights were violated during the trial. the woman was murdered after being abducted from a parking lot of a shopping mall. the national sex registry was renamed in her memory. >> dana: frustration is growing in louisiana where some 300,000 people are still without power. more than a week after hurricane ida. let's bring in tyrus. he lives in new orleans. >> mandeville, louisiana, louisiana is a big place and new orleans is just a city. so let's not forget the
6:45 am
lafayettes and the other places that are really hurting, hammond. we're seeing the power is not coming back. we're not seeing -- you are not seeing one fema jacket on the ground. one of the biggest criticism i have on the administration there is a woke attitude for everything. more focused on looking for fraud than helping families. it is frustrating. the people of louisiana, talking about boots on the ground in gas lines looking for generators because a lot of people that were set up the big generators weren't working. people were just going on. the great state of mississippi helping people get gas and stuff. so the community of the people of louisiana are working hard together but not seeing the help from the government and not getting any air time. it is like an ida flash and that's it. >> bill: forgotten story. i know some people who live near you in your neighborhood and me video, the trees, massive trees, snapped. telephone lines just everywhere.
6:46 am
you know when that happens you don't get power back forever. you are saying you see no fema, no federal government? >> i was in st. louis defending my television championship. hopped in the car, drove from st. louis to get home to be there with my family and keep the generators going and make sure other people who don't have things behave when they come to my house and the whole time i was looking for shelter. that was another thing. people could not get information. they were being told to get out. there was nowhere to go. now katrina got all the attention because it was water and you could not take your eyes off the flooding. this was wind and destruction. still flooding but i'm talking about forests just gone. i would step out of my house and never see another house. it's everywhere. we are not seeing the help and i hate to point fingers but the administration seems this woke
6:47 am
attitude. they already punched small businesses in louisiana in the mouth with the restaurant restoration act that was supposed to move veterans and women and minorities to the front of the line. no one bothered to read the constitution. they can't do that. all the people that were approved for the loans that they were helping got moved to the back of the line and other groups got it. the same old guys got their money and low and behold these restaurants were proof alone but they're out of money. >> dana: it has also affected children again because school just started but guess what? >> they're out of school. we don't know with the power out and all this, what they're trying to take all the precautions dealing with covid and at the same time there is no power. you can't have your kids at school. you can't even get to the schools a lot of times. power lines and trees everywhere. >> bill: we have a place where you can move, however. very soon this billionaire will build the nation's first woke
6:48 am
city. mark lauren will do it for you. >> if he just wanted to throw money away, get on a plane and just make it rain, you know? we've already tried this. anyone been to portland and seattle? didn't seattle from an area that was wokeville? no police, no jobs, no competition, no capitalism and seven days in help me, get out, we can't -- where are the police? woke city with no rules and no stuff. yeah, whatever that would look like i can draw it now. draw fire, people running away, and good old boys in blue running in to save the day. there is your woke city. >> dana: well, you're right. i guess he could spend his money the way he wants. >> if you want to spend some money come down to louisiana. plenty of places you can spend money. you will actually get a return. >> dana: sorry for what you're going through. >> i'm fine.
6:49 am
tyrus will be all right. the people of louisiana, they need to get more eyes on the ground. >> bill: great points. nice to see you. thank you, sir. 12 minutes before the hour now. fox news alert on president biden set to announce a new strategy to increase vaccinations tomorrow. what do we expect to hear on that front? there is a leaked email revealing the state department refused to approve private rescue flights out of afghanistan. what it means for those who have been left behind coming up. >> the state department should be working with these groups. they should be forming a task force and pulling these groups together in a public/private partnership. focused on the mission, not taking credit or being bureaucratically embarrassed. save thousands every year.
6:50 am
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6:55 am
sunday, august 15th, 2021. he produced this letter. it's about six or seven paragraphs in length and he addresses the following. had he stayed, the bloodshed of the civil war from the 1990s would have come back. he addressed the allegations he stole millions of dollars. he calls that categorically false. at the conclusion of his letter he said i apologize i could not have made it better for the afghan people. we believe he is in the united arab emirates. that was the first official statement we've heard from the former president ghani a short time ago filing that online. so a couple headlines in there. >> dana: yeah, the lot to chew on finding out if the money -- what happened there. he is denying it. hopefully there will be an investigation. >> bill: he talked about the years of neglect and corruption and that it was a big thing for
6:56 am
him to take on. not just him but everybody. that's out right now. >> dana: check that out. the white house urging congress to a lot more than $6 billion to help resettle tens of thousands of afghan refugees arriving in the united states. aishah hosni is live on capitol hill as this takes place. >> that's right. the white house is asking congress for about $6.4 billion dollars to help resettle about 65,000 afghans here arriving in the u.s. in a call yesterday, the department office of budget management broke down how the taxpayer dollars would be used. the majority is going to the department of defense processing centers overseas and resettlement operations as well as humanitarian assistance, processing for legal status and funding for health screenings and vaccines. keep in mind these afghan refugees are joining tens of thousands of migrants from our southern border. they are in line now as they
6:57 am
wait for sluggish paperwork to process here. before the chaotic withdrawal from afghanistan customs and border patrol has the highest numbers and now the afghan refugees waiting for paperwork. the back logged immigration services might be at its limit. here is homeland security secretary mayorkas. >> our resources are indeed stressed. but what we already have been able to accomplish in operation allies welcome and what we will accomplish in achieving this effort speaks to the extraordinary talent and dedication of the workforce. >> dana, that $6 billion ask comes as congress is trying to meet a lot of deadlines and also keep the government running. dana. >> dana: it's very interesting watching how all the things they have to do to try to get done. we'll pay attention to you and
6:58 am
your reporting, thanks. >> bill: president biden set to unveil to increase vaccinations because of the delta variant and what may come after that. >> good morning, white house press secretary jen psaki says the president will lay out a six-point plan to control the delta variant responsible for 99% of covid cases here in the u.s. the delta variant has been driving up hospitalizations especially among the unvaccinated. but growing concern over breakthrough infections in vaccinated americans has prompted the biden administration to recommend vaccine boosters for the general population. all this pending fda approval. the u.s. says it can provide these extra doses and still donate vaccine to poor countries but world health organization officials insist rich nations should provide more medicine and supplies to the developing world. >> the rhetoric is fine. all about sharing and fairness.
6:59 am
in reality when push comes to shove, these products are available they are hoarded in countries and they are not shared. >> meanwhile the new variant, first identified in columbia back in january, has now been detected in every u.s. state except nebraska according to they need to collect more real world data before they can determine how much of a threat mu poses to the u.s. >> we don't know how contagious this is and early studies to suggest it may not respond quite as well to our vaccines. >> bill, right now the mu variant accounts for less than 1% of total covid active cases here in the u.s. so the primary concern for now remains that delta variant. >> bill: we're watching. thank you, jonathan, nice to see you. home of the cdc. >> dana: fox news digital
7:00 am
exclusive. the u.s. state department refuses to grant approval for private evacuation flights. >> bill: good morning. americans and afghan all aisles remain stranded in that country. the taliban putting its new government in place including four gitmo detainees released by president obama seven years ago as part of an exchange then for sergeant bowe bergdahl. congressman michael waltz last hour voicing his own outrage on all of this. >> every time i don't think this situation can get any worse it does. allowing the taliban to pick its most wanted, it's top draft picks out of guantanamo and becoming a terrorist super state is a slap in the face and have it on the 20th anniversary of 9/11 is outrageous. >> bill: benjamin hall picks up
7:01 am
the reporting live in london. >> bill, look, for days we've been reporting on the planes sitting on the runway in the north of after trying to bring americans home but unable to leave. leaked emails from the state department they have refused to give approval for thoefs planes to land anywhere writing the state department says no charters are allowed to land at any d.o.d. base and all countries with the exception of perhaps saudi arabia will allow charters to land. you need to find another destination country and it can't be the u.s., either. commercial flights are taing off from kabul airport. the concern the state department has is they can't verify who is on the other planes. that's being disputed. >> we had an aircraft already allocated, manifest was finished. all ready to go and the state
7:02 am
department centcom command approved it. at the last minute the state department said nope, we have to vet the manifest once more. >> meanwhile the taliban has announced its government. among the senior posts four of the five guantanamo prisoners that president obama exchanged for bowe bergdahl as well as haqqani a close ally of al qaeda, a $5 million bounty on his head will be their first minister of interior. no women or shia in it. it is anything but inclusive. president biden saying he was not ready to recognize the taliban yet. >> bill: thank you. for more on this now texas congressman ronnie jackson joins our coverage. welcome back. good morning to you. some of the lines that michael waltz had for us talking about a terrorist super state and talking about a story that only gets worse by the day. how can we help those who are waiting for it? >> the state department is going to have to do something,
7:03 am
they really are. those four citizens that crossed the border a couple of days ago when citizens from my district in texas. the state department did nothing to facilitate their departure. we had a group on the ground take them and get them to the border and they crossed. the state department wasn't tracking anything going on with them and didn't help at all. they got them tourist visas after they got across the border. the thing that really angered me the most the state department took credit for that and they actually put out this was evidence that they had a plan in place and that they were going to get americans out. they don't have a plan in place. they didn't have anything to do with this particular incident and i don't think they have anything in place right now. we still have lots of people that need to get out. >> dana: secretary blinken has spoken out on this. have a listen to him here. call number four. >> we're working around the
7:04 am
clock with ngos, members of congress, and advocacy groups providing any and all information and doing all we can to clear any roadblocks they've identified to make sure that charter flights carrying americans or others to whom we have a special responsibility can depart afghanistan safely. >> dana: you are saying your constituents, that's not happening for them. >> they're not. my constituents went to that airport three days in a row and tried to get on those planes. 30 minutes from boarding the plane the taliban told them they couldn't leave. i called the state department and talked to them and the state department told us that the taliban would not let them leave until their government was officially set up and organized to potentially recognized. he keeps saying they are facilitating charter flights getting out. where are they? not a single one has left. those six planes on tarmac three days ago are sitting there. american citizens that can't get out of there.
7:05 am
the state department isn't doing their job. >> bill: another argument about the possibility there could be taliban members or people in afghanistan that are tied to terrorism themselves and you have to make sure this they are not given free or safe passage. how would you address that? >> that's fine. the state department is going to have to figure out a way to get people on those planes. get them to another location in a third party country or something so they can screen them outside of control of the taliban and then they can decide who can move on in a permanent situation to go somewhere else. they can't leave people inside afghanistan. the taliban and isis are looking for some of these people. my constituents the taliban was looking for them. they cannot use it as an excuse to people americans stranded and held hostage in afghanistan. >> dana: "wall street journal." meet the new taliban.
7:06 am
same as the old and said this. the taliban's appointment days before the 20th anniversary of the terror attack is nothing less than a slap in the face to the u.s. and western allies. the biden administration has naive. instead of bailing out the new government the u.s. needs to treat the taliban as the poria it is. given your experience there and the 20th anniversary, how are you feeling about that? they are going to basically be able to have a big ceremony on the 20th anniversary of 9/11 forming their government. >> they have are. we started over. we cleared the board and gave them the country back. let the terrorists take charge of it again and gave them $85 billion in weapons. we armed them and we've trained a lot of them. and then we have people coming back from guantanamo bay. people their only lot in life is to destroy the united states. those are the people that will be in the government of this
7:07 am
new afghan government. they are committed to wiping america off the face of the earth. that's what we're dealing with now. the state department keeps saving -- they use incentives the their economy, keeping the airport open, humanitarian aid. those things the taliban doesn't care about. they've been living in the mountains for the last 20 years trying to kill us. they don't care about those things and they don't motivate them. >> bill: thank you for your time and for your service. just to give you an idea, a sense of four of the five that were exchanged for bergdahl have positions in the new government. we believe based on some of the reporting out of kabul today the swearing in ceremony could happen on saturday when this country and the world stops to recognize the 20 year anniversary of 9/11. today in london boris johnson's spokesman was asked about this idea. they said we wanted to see a
7:08 am
diverse group of leadership to address the pledges the taliban set out. that's not what we have seen. what did we expect? you think about ronnie jackson said we just started over again. >> dana: cleared the deck. >> bill: it feels like that 20 years removed. there will be a lot of this thought and reflection over the coming week or so when we're down in lower manhattan friday and saturday toward the end of this week in new york. it makes you stop and think, man. where have we been and where are we going? >> dana: at least we're more able to protect ourselves against terrorism. we aren't naive and our intel community hopefully on top of things and sharing information. >> bill: day two of pretrial hearing for alleged mastermind of the 9/11 attacks underway at guantanamo bay. they appeared in court yesterday for the first time in more than a year and that was due to covid delays. the accused terrorists reportedly appeared to be in a
7:09 am
good mood. smiling and even waving to reporters because why not? we're live in fort mead, maryland, with more. >> it has been slow going here over the last couple of days. it has been slow going in these proceedings over the last decade. they were bogged down yesterday and adjourned until today over an issue and argument over how the judge was selected in the case. they're back up and running moving through the issues. we're here at fort mead, maryland where the federal government set up a secure video link to the proceedings ongoing to guantanamo bay, cuba. the defendants were in court, all five of them. only four of the five are present today. one is a saudi defendant waived his right to be there this morning. his attorneys say he may be back this afternoon. yesterday the court session lasted less than two hours. after the higher court in the
7:10 am
middle of all this ruled that the judge colonel matthew mccaul was too inexperienced when he presided over these hearings last year and that erased some of his earlier decisions. mccaul is the fourth judge in the case, now nearly a decade after the five defendants were arraigned. some victims' family members say this entire process is just a mess. >> i don't expect too much out of them this week. those hearings down there have been a comedy of errors for years now. we got a schedule that is not conducive to justice. we've got a defense team that has no interest in justice. >> the actual trial has not started. these are pretrial hearings. they've been bogged down by personnel challenges and as part of these pre-trials hearings efforts to from defense team to exclude testimony that the defendants gave to the federal government
7:11 am
arguing they were tortured when they gave that information. now previous judge had set the trial date to begin in january of this year. ist is unlikely we're even going to get jury selection in this case before next year. dana, back to you. >> dana: rich, thank you. >> bill: u.s. justice department taking aim at the state of texas vowing to protect women seeking an abortion in the lone star state. can they legally do anything about it? >> dana: plus monica lewinsky opening up about her one-time affair with president clinton. >> it was a long period before my life changed in the last six or seven years where i felt a lot in terms of there not being this resolution. ♪♪ retirement is an opportunity to fill each tomorrow
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7:17 am
tossing ballot college created by the city council calling to replace the minneapolis police department with a public safety department that would have lylesensed peace officers. the judge's ruling said the ballot's language is not reasonable, misleading and would require city officials to include an explainer. the new wording includes a note detailing how police funding would change. so you have that. >> dana: think of all that damage and what's to come for that city. many other cities hopefully trying to figure out a way. >> bill: the reality is much different than the projection. >> dana: keep your eyes and ears open. garland announcing the justice department is taking steps to protect women seeking an abortion in texas days after the supreme court said it would not block a state law that bans abortions after six weeks. the a.g. saying this. the department will provide support from federal law enforcement when an abortion clinic or reproductive health
7:18 am
center is under attack. we have reached to u.s. attorney's offices and f.b.i. field offices in texas and across the country to discuss our authority. carey, what can the justice department actually do here, though? >> you know, right now pretty much nothing which is why all we've seen so far from attorney general garland is just this, announcement saying they are looking at things they can do. this law was very carefully written both to avoid pre-enforcement challenges supreme court and make sure it doesn't get challenged before it comes into effect and the law simply hasn't triggered that yet. i think what we're really seeing is garland trying to brag and throw a bone to some of the dark money groups that help get biden elected very interested in trying to help the abortion industry in this case. >> bill: two questions.
7:19 am
governor abbott yesterday making exceptions for rape victims. is that new? can he do that and change the law that way? >> so the law itself includes an exception for when there is a medical emergency for the life of the mother. the law i don't think the governor has the authority to make exceptions in that case. that is something that really the legislature would have to do if they want to change it. certainly some states have decided to write their laws that way. >> bill: the second was the supreme court. it is my understanding there is already a case before them, the dodds case out of mississippi. would this preempt this case out of texas? >> that's the case that really is going to get to the heart of the question that everyone is looking at here which is whether roe vs. wade is good law. the texas case, the court was deciding procedural issues. they have weren't going to get
7:20 am
into whether it is constitutional. dobbs will look at that question. we have a majority of the court originalists. it is clear abortion appears nowhere in the constitution. it is hard to see where they could justify upholding roe vs. wade in that situation. what that would do is throw the issue back to the states, which would mean we would see things like states that tie regulations to a fetal heartbeat. six weeks in texas or 15 weeks in mississippi and new york and california that really allow abortion up until the day of birth. we would see a range and that's what the framers intended. these controversial issues not be decided by unelected judges but have the people decide. >> dana: i want to ask you about this. a pattern here. we talked to chad wolf in the last hour. former secretary of homeland security about the remain in mexico policy that president trump put in place.
7:21 am
president biden ended it and then the supreme court said actually you can't just end it like that you have to go through a procedure if you want to do that. reports the biden administration might take the win and say gosh, sorry progressive left we really tried here and the courts tied our hands. it is a pattern. you see other bad policies like the eviction moratorium. progressive left really wants, the biden administration said we'll give it to you. they get saved by the courts from the bad policies they're producing. >> there is no doubt they are trying to find a way to appease the dark money groups that help get biden in office even though he campaigned on moderation he gives them the most extreme results that they are begging for, demanding. trying to get through the courts rather than the proper process. in this case biden should be grateful it is helping to alleviate a crisis at the border. but i think we have a supreme
7:22 am
court that will apply the regulations even handedly. it is based on process. not saying a good or bad idea to have the remain in mexico policy but if trump's team went through a process to put there you can't just wipe it away with a stroke of the pen. you have to follow the same process. now we have the laws applied even handedly to both sides and that's great news. >> dana: i like going to law school with carey. thank you so much. >> bill: thanks. >> dana: supreme court is set to resume in person arguments this fall. it's different because of coronavirus. they were all on zoom. kind of interesting. you got to hear them that way and see them. this shows an ability to get back to normal. they will have arguments in person this fall. >> bill: they would probably favor it anyway, right? >> dana: i think so. >> bill: i would if i was a justice. i don't know you mentioned getting back to normal, right? was it me or did new york city
7:23 am
feel more crowded yesterday than it was in a long, long time? did anybody -- there were more people on the sidewalks all over mid town manhattan that we've seen really pre-covid. march of 2020. >> dana: welcome back, america. >> bill: maybe. we're hoping, right? we've been waiting for you. okay, monica lewinsky getting candid about her past relationship with former president clinton. she explained ahead of the premier of a new show that she is nervous for viewers to see some of her worst judgments she calls it brought to life. she also talked about whether or not she thinks clinton should apologize for his role in the scandal. she said that. >> a long period before my life changed in the last six or seven years where i felt a lot in terms of there not being this resolution. he should want to apologize in the same way that i would want
7:24 am
to apologize any chance i get to people i have hurt and my actions have hurt. >> bill: she is not only the subject of the show but also a producer on the program as well. >> dana: this woman has gone through because bill clinton himself, his wife, their allies decided to trash her. they effectively tried to ruin her life for political expediency to try to save him. i met her a couple of times and she is a really lovely person and it is really nice she was finally able to gate project she really wanted to work on. she is very candid and honest and been through the ton and i wish her the best. >> bill: the points you made we'll hear from her and how she feels having a bull's-eye on her with the national spotlight. >> dana: taliban's continued presence on twitter reigniting the debate on big tech censorship. what will it take for lawmakers to act? the california recall,
7:25 am
democrats are coalescing around gavin newsom. we are going to hear from one democrat hoping to change their mind. he is coming up soon. ♪♪♪ a veteran who may have served in my time, during the vietnam era, would be eligible today for a va home loan. so many do not know that. there's no expiration date on your eligibility for the va home loan. every veteran, every service member out there if you're thinking about buying a home if you're thinking about a cash out refi whatever you're thinking with a mortgage, you should come to newday usa first. veteran homeowners. three reasons to do a cash out refi right now. home values are high while rates are low. newday lets you borrow all of your home's value. and you could take out $50,000 dollars or more.
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7:30 am
>> dana: fox news alert. former president of afghanistan president ghani tweeted a statement. the first time he has spoken in the three weeks said he left because he wanted to avoid a bloody civil war in the country. what he believed to have happened if he had stayed. he also says he did not take millions of dollars out of the country. and then the third thing is he said that he apologizes that he could not have made it better for that country. it is about a page long. you can see there. take a look at it. the first time we've heard from him since he fled the country.
7:31 am
>> bill: 10:30 in new york and we're entering the final stretch of the california recall election. only six days remain before voters decide on gavin or governor gavin newsom's future bringing in heavy hitters, kamala harris and joe biden next week. claudia cohan is live in california. good morning. >> good morning to you, bill. here in the homestretch gavin newsom holds the biggest campaign event yet with the vice president who had to cancel a car rally in the bay area two weeks ago because of the chaos in afghanistan. today is keeping her promise to help the embattled governor hang onto his job. the smaller venue this time around could reflect growing confidence in his chances. the latest polls show newsom up by 10 points on top of that, because of covid, every registered voter in the state got a mail-in ballot. 28% of them over 6 million ballots have been returned. a high turnout in the deep blue
7:32 am
state will favor newsom. the state is sending out billions in covid stimulus checks just days before the election. newsom isn't taking any chances holding rallies this past weekend with senators elizabeth warren and amy klobuchar claiming it as a power grab with ties to donald trump. 26 candidates and radio host larry elder is leading the pack hammering newsom over policies on issues like crime and homelessness and hypocrisy like sending his children to private school for in-person learning and dining out at the french laundry in nap -- napa not wearing a mask. it's fresh in the minds of many voters. not only is the vice president here today but the president himself is heading to california early next week to lend his support. the 11th hour campaign stops underscoring the administration's investment in
7:33 am
gavin newsom. widely considered a democratic star and if he loses this recall it will be a huge embarrassment for the white house and democratic party. >> bill: we're watching. nice to see you there. bells and all. >> dana: let's bring in kevin, one of nine democrats seeking to replace newsom as governor of california. you told me, kevin, the popular nickname for you is meet kevin from your popular youtube channel. tell us why you wanted to get in the race and if you hope to beat gavin newsom next week. >> i plan to beat him next week. throughout the campaign i'm doing it because i'm tired of the partisanship we have in california. we have to focus on the common issues we have. this isn't a republican recall. this is a republican to get rid of a leader who failed us. we're ranked in the bottom 20% of schools in the country. yet we're the fifth largest
7:34 am
economy in the world. homelessness and gun violence despite the fact gavin newsom says we have a gun violence epidemic. it is time for new leadership and that's what i'm running on. >> dana: based on what you are saying you and one of the larry elder, you have a lot of the same concerns, education, crime, people fleeing the state. you care a lot about the economy. do you share more commonality with somebody like larry elder like gavin newsom? >> one of the big things i believe is i have very large detailed plans that i don't think larry elder outlined. he has his ideas, my plan at meet breaks down a strategy for solving homelessness and solving the school crisis. i plan to provide financial education in our schools so we can finally teach folks how to build wealth so that way they
7:35 am
aren't reliant on california dependency programs like immediate. one-third of californias are on that program. it's because the governor and state of california failed the people of california. it is unacceptable. you ask why i'm running? i don't want my children to ask me in 20 years dad, why did you raise us in california? the state is bankrupt. that's what i fear in california and i hope we get a new leader whether it's me or in the future somebody else to finally lead our state back to prosperity. >> dana: what would you say about the homelessness issue? california is not the only state dealing with this. it is everywhere. in your plans, what is the thing that you think would actually make a difference here? >> for contrast gavin newsom wants to spend $3,000 a month for homeless person on motel rooms. that's more than my mortgage. our governor wastes money.
7:36 am
a complete failure. very sad and why our problems are getting worse. you have to bring scale and economics to solve homelessness. build 80 emergency facilities like the javits center in new york city during covid and provide shelter and then provide food. we provide mental health support, drug support. educational opportunities and opportunities to rehabilitate the homeless population. >> dana: that sounds expensive, too. >> not if you do it at scale. with each facility we expect to bring the cost per homeless person down to about 10 to 15 dollar a day. a fraction of the $3,000 a month gavin newsom is doing. >> dana: if next week doesn't work out and looks like newsom's poll numbers have come back and harris and biden are going to help him campaign. you have put your hat in the ring this time around. would you do it again? >> absolutely.
7:37 am
i'll run as a jfk style candidate next year. you just played an image of ghani, an update of the president right before this. here is the thing. newsom is just like ghani. ghani left afghanistan with no leadership. army threw down their arms. the same thing is happening in california. you have a failed leader so we have bureaucrats throughout the state who feel hopeless. no surprise why california is failing. we need a strong leader, not somebody who is failing the state like we have now. that's why i'm running and i will continue to run. >> dana: very strong comparison and invite governor newsom. he is always available and if he wants to respond to that we would take him. meet, thank you. >> thanyou so much. >> bill: 22 before the hour. interesting development in d.c. president biden 3.5 trillion budget suggestion facing new uncertainty.
7:38 am
axios reporting overnight that west virginia senator joe manchin is telling the white house and colleagues he will support as little as $1 trillion of the proposal. so that would be less than a third, folks, which could be a damaging blow to the president's agenda. democrats are unlikely to pass a budget packet without manchin's vote. the senator penned an op-ed in the "wall street journal" calling for a pause in new spending. he also gave a speech last week in west virginia where he said hit the pause button, sit back, let's see what happens. i think his concerns are real. you don't know what the cone me is going to do and what mother nature can bring you and what sort of international events you may encounter such as what we watched three weeks ago in kabul. all that going into his decision. >> dana: can i tell you how much i would love to be a fly on the wall in the squad's little coffee meeting today at the coffee klatch? we're mad, i can guarantee that.
7:39 am
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>> bill: we have more trouble to alex murdaugh, the 53-year-old south carolina lawyer at the center of the growing murder mystery. the state supreme court today suspending his law license amid allegations he misused funds from his law firm and the local solicitor's office sentding him a letser saying after the events this weekend some of the accusations that took place at the firm and he entered into rehab we won't volunteer his services as a prosecutor. more to the story, too. it comes as the investigation continues into the brutal murders of his wife and son
7:45 am
which took place back in the month of june. a lot to this story. thought we would bring in nancy grace, the host of crime stories on fox nation to make sense of it. nancy, good morning. let me just start with some new developments here. i mentioned he is 53. apparently he was battling an opioid addiction and go to rehab for that. the law firm sources close to the law firm are reporting about millions of dollars missing. you had this incident from the past weekend where he was apparently shot on the side of the road. you were just down in the area. what did you learn? >> i learned a lot. yes, i just got back from south carolina and savannah, it's critical because the hospital there, memorial medical, is where he was airlifted to after being shot in the head on a very rural route. it is a two-lane, very narrow.
7:46 am
what concerns me about that is he says a truck drove by, passed him, came back, shot him in the head. now, he lives -- he calls 911, 1:30 in the afternoon on saturday. then he calls his brother shortly after that and he is airlifted to memorial medical. i am very surprised. they airlifted him to put a band-aid on his head? pretty soon he was out saying he was going into rehab. wouldn't say why but finally said opioids. here is the deal. on that road you can see a long way to see if a car is coming or not. he would have been able to see if a car had been coming either way. but if somebody shot him in the head why didn't he run for the woods? also he said he had a flat tire. he is driving an s.u.v. mercedes that has what they call extended mobility tire, which means you drive on it
7:47 am
flat, you don't have to change it because i notice at the crime scene there is not a tire out or tools out. this is how we'll find out what really happened. it is called trajectory path. somebody, a doctor, is going to look at the path, the angle that that bullet took. did it come from back to front, top to bottom? can we tell if it was self-inflicted? another thing, almost immediately his lawyer who i might add is a criminal defense attorney came out and said it wasn't self-inflicted. nobody said it was until he did. another saying if this was the same person that murdered his wife maggie and his troubled son paul, they are dead from shots to the head. they would have killed him, which makes this looks more like a self-inflicted wound. >> bill: i don't know why you shoot yourself if that's what happened. we'll have more questions then. news out of south carolina
7:48 am
digging into a lot of deals and they mentioned that item on the mercedes. they said the serve is equipped to easily make it home if he needed to or if he wanted to or if he had the physical capability to do it as well. we'll wait on that. solicitor general. the letter was simply away to formalize the ending of a relationship that hasn't been in effect since 2019. you are a lawyer. is that significant or is that expected now? >> it is significant. that they would put it in writing. the whole process is moving very quickly with the state bar. they are getting him out of there and i don't think they are concerned about his opioids. they seemed to be concerned about the two dead bodies at his hunting lodge. they seem more concerned about misappropriation of funds.
7:49 am
over $1 million reportedly mishandled, missing, you could call it something like embezzled by him is the allegation and why he is thrown out on his ear from the law firm that his grandparents founded. >> bill: yeah. what about this suspension from the law license? just reading an email from griff jenkins to practice in the state. you put those two things together. what are people smelling in this case? >> well, i don't think the smell test is going to be allowed at trial but while i was there, i spoke to 25, 30 locals, grocery stores, jimmie johns, you name it. they all think it is some sort of a revenge vendetta for the death of the 19-year-old woman thrown off a boat that paul his son was driving and it killed her. i went on the water for hours
7:50 am
looking at where the crash occurred. her body floated for five days before it was found but i'm not buying into that. i will tell you why. revenge murders are normally in novels and tv. they tried to take out three members of the murdaugh family? i don't buy it. i think him being shot last something to do with paul and maggie's brutal murder. when i say brutal, they were shot multiple times and unarmed shot in the face and head, a mother and her son. that's what i'm concerned about, not this fiasco on a dirt road somewhere. >> bill: the rivers run deep in this story. we'll talk again soon and see where it goes. nancy grace, thanks. >> dana: facing questions for allowing the taliban to continue using its platform to spread their message on twitter.
7:51 am
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>> the taliban announcing it has a new government and is really sticking it to america. one of the top officials is the founder of an al qaeda-linked terror group accused of planning attacks on u.s. troops and currently holding an american hostage. general jack keane will be in focus. plus president biden trying hard to turn the wheel, change the subject as the afghanistan debacle is crushing his poll numbers. jason chaffetz is in focus, "the faulkner focus" top of the hour. >> dana: facing backlash for allowing the taliban for continue using its platform on twitter when conservatives say they've been silenced. lawmakers on both sides of the aisles. >> they're appalled at the new taliban government and outcry about allowing the taliban to operate on twitter and other social media platforms.
7:57 am
the gop has argued that social media giants curb conservative content yet videos of the taliban beating women on twitter. republicans want action. >> operating basically uncontrolled without consequence. we see where big tech is becoming more destructive whether it's around child trafficking, child pornography, illegal drug sales and other illegal activity on these platforms. >> top gop members, she wants lawmakers to offer bills to reform big tech this month. there is concern what's called section 230 part of a 1990s telecommunications law that shields firms from liability if their users post dicey content. it is just not the gop. >> concerned about offensive content on the social media platforms. even beyond afghanistan. but this is highly dangerous, immediate in its impact and i
7:58 am
would hope that they would act in a responsible way and we have to call them out on it. >> some policy analysts are surprised that the gop taking on big tech. >> this is definitely a federal government control of speech approach which you wouldn't normally think would resonate with people on the right. this is a strange political time we're in. >> lawmakers from both sides want to reform section 230 for different reasons. why there is no consensus how to do that. >> dana: we'll watch it closely. thank you, chad. >> bill: touching moment indiana caught on camera. want to share it with you. two young boys hopped off their bikes to pay respect during an army veteran's funeral. both kids seen standing with their arms behind their backs and silenced as the procession played taps. after the gun salute they went on their way on their bicycles as you do on a late summer day.
7:59 am
>> dana: good kids, right? >> few more things here. tyrus earlier. >> dana: he had something with him. there he is. a couple weeks ago we got ready to do the labor day show for the five. i had a chance to try on the belt. here is the picture. he is my buddy. we like to take pictures together to show the contrast. >> bill: looks good on you, the red and red works. >> dana: makes me look slim. >> bill: gutfeld shared this last night. look at this. looking for a hammock on a summer day. i think he is trying to get on board and chill out. that's that. we got one more, don't we? >> dana: what about the people sleeping in the sky. here they are. okay, so we want to know if you would ever do this. this is in china, of course,
8:00 am
where they try some interesting stunts having a lion in the clouds. >> bill: does the cable drop and send you 200 feet below where you spring back and come back to that position? >> dana: i wouldn't do that. >> i can think of some people i could put out there to give it a shot. >> dana: as could i. we'll think about that. harris faulkner is up next. here she is. >> harris: we begin with a fox news alert. presidential pivot. biden's >> harris: president biden spinning from afghanistan. what can he turn to? high prices on gas and food, more than a million people have crossed our southern border with high percentages of them positive with covid. all on his watch. and the


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