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tv   The Five  FOX News  September 8, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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success has been that you listen and you don't school people. they are genuine human beings regardless of faith or denomination. that's no shock there, and many, many and much more success in the future reverend. thank you. ♪ ♪ >> greg: high, i am greg got filled along with debbie mcdowell, and dana perino, "the five." the taliban has formed a new government in afghanistan and a big surprise, it is filled with terrorists. sorry, not a single female among them. it's all sexist. their incoming cabinet includes 4g bodies released from gitmo by
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the obama administration in exchange for the u.s. army sergeant bill bergdahl back in 2018. >> maybe they were picked up in afghanistan but they were picked up all over the world. they are terrorists and enemy combatants are not prisoners of war. >> greg: and so you have a catch and release game with maniacs, it's okay to let them go because they will come back. it's awfully insane. who is not gora gorgeous truth teller? then there's the taliban's new interior minister who was wanted by the fbi with a $10 million bounty on his head and he's said to be holding least one american hostage. and this, there was no hostage like situation stopping them from leaving. anthony lincoln is now changing his tune. >> as of now the taliban are not permitting the charter flights to the park. they claimed that some of the pastors do not have the required documentation.
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both whites need to be able to depart. we will work every day to make sure that they are able to do that. we will continue to press the taliban to allow the tartarus to leave. >> greg: you know dana, i love how the state department was surprised and dismayed that it was an all-male cabinet. it was like they expected a brochure on diversity from a local college. >> dana: and the statement that said we are very disappointed, we are very concerned. like strong letter to follow. i guess they thought they were going to be more friendly, less like getting high on your own supply if you know what i mean. >> greg: i bet you do know what you mean, dana. >> dana: you said yesterday we have to ban the phrase, the world is watching. the world is averting his eyes, and when these characters, not only do they have the detainees from the bow bergdahl exchange, but they've invited some countries to the ceremony. the countries are russia, china and iran.
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so yeah, that's happening. >> we weren't even asked. >> dana: i also feel like there's been some semantics over the hostage and at this point there are people that can come to america, they have got their paperwork, there might be american citizens amongst the group along with people who helped americans on the taliban will let them go. to me, you look up in webster's and that's the definition. i think he is a soft-spoken person. it would be nice to see a little fire and a little determination that yes, we are going to get the people back. >> greg: they seem like they don't know what to do. they are in a quagmire which is a word i just came up with. jessica i noticed in the new cabinet there is not a single trans individual. what do you say about this?
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>> you know when there is a new administration that comes in but there is not actually a new administration because they are holdovers and this is like the greatest hits of terrorists from the 1990. like people who went into the bunker is essentially for a 20 or 30 years and now they are back in their in prominent positions. dana, you referenced the inauguration. the rest of the world can't come because we will be thinking about the lives that we lost on 9/11 or doing it on 9/11 which is probably the greatest troll of all time, as were sitting here having a somber moment as our allies who went to war with us over what happened and when we lost 3,000 plus americans and one day, then obviously they are countless lives since then. it's terrible. it's a hard-liner government and the people are sitting on these plains. like what do you do? they are lying that they don't
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have the right paperwork, no one got on those flights without it but it's government plans and then, $750,000 per plane, couldn't get them off the ground a couple days ago. it's really diplomatic disaster at this point. >> greg: it's beyond belief. when you think about bowe bergdahl, we knew that was going to happen and i was happening, and they are in charge. >> dagen: maybe i shouldn't be surprised by the language that 20 blank and is using, but they were dismayed about the taliban the interim government with an inclusive, and he's calling them, they have challenging track records. listen, the taliban is horrible and evil and they will always be horrible and evil, there's no born-again taliban. and that's who we just surrendered to.
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with the greatest dishonor, and now putting our americans and our allies in the greatest danger, even here at home. in in terms of the language this goes to what carter did with the soviet union and clinton did it with al qaeda and obama did it with iran. they act like, well, if we may be hope and not pray because that's evil, right? they just evolve into good democrats. if you treat them say with iran, if you treat them like a normal western government, if you treat them like britain than it will be britain and it just doesn't happen. you always talk about the rednecks and the rubes and the hayseeds with love, but we know top looking at a rogue or reprobate you can't treat them like a normal duty because they will come at you and they will steal from you because they are a rogue and a reprobate.
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these people in the biden administration don't seem to know that about a terrorist organization. >> greg: it's like dating somebody, you can't change them. they will be a terrorist no matter what. i told you that's the taliban also band sports for girls and you said now that something you could get behind. >> jesse: [laughs] which sports? i think they should be able to play sports, not all. if i could go back in time to change one thing what do you think that would be? i'll answer it for you. all time, i would go back in time and make sure that barack obama was never president. i don't know how i would do it, but here's why. it's like, you kill two birds with one stone because if barack wasn't president, then joe biden wouldn't be president. butterfly effect. the book was better than the movie. think about what barack obama did in afghanistan.
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even i can't take it seriously [laughs] my friends brother produced the movie. [laughs] he is the one that starts 100,000 troops into afghanistan and he is the one that nation built. he's the one that trained the afghan army. he was the one who got hoodwinked by the pakistanis. that bin laden was just hiding there in plain sight. he was the one that told of some of this great progress there that was a mirage. he was the one that traded five taliban commanders for a deserter. in four of them are now back. i don't know what the other one is doing. he's like assistant to the regional commander in afghanistan. and barack obama was supposed to be the smart one. never joe biden was the joke, and now the joke is the president, the jokes on us. how stupid do the feds look? the feds put trump campaign officials behind bars, and then they released the taliban.
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the feds framed carter page for colluding with the russians yet the fbi's most wanted terrorist in afghanistan is colluding with al qaeda. his holding american citizen hostage and joe biden wouldn't even call him the enemy. so that they are now upset there's no women in the government. it's an onion article. joe biden thinks he can me, too the taliban. they don't have women in the taliban. i mean lincoln, anthony, where is the h? instead of being so concerned about the gender of the tele- band cabinet, be concerned about stranded americans. >> greg: you know, biden doesn't like the taliban and because of hard to sniff here under a burqa. >> jessica: i know we have limited time, that wasn't what i
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was looking for, and a lot of stuff just flew out of jesse's mouth. if that would be the first thing, the search is widely looked upon in all political circles as being one of the most successful parts actually of the war on terror. >> greg: and iraq, not less necessarily in afghanistan. b5 we will get other people in the show to talk about that. we have to go but everything you said basically was kind of absurd. [laughter] >> greg: this might have been the best discussion ever of afghanistan. days away from the anniversary of 9/11, americans feel less safe under president biden. ♪ ♪
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learn more at your local xfinity store today. >> greg: we are three days away from the anniversary of 9/11 and the majority of americans don't feel safe from the terror threat.
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that's down from 64% a decade ago, and maybe this is why. president biden has botched afghanistan's withdrawal and the taliban returned to power could turn the war-torn country back into a terrorist safe haven. dhs secretary mei orchid says that while there is no credible threat, he still concerned. >> we seen the threat evolve from the foreign terrorist seeking to enter the united states to the individual here radicalized to violence by a foreign terrorist ideology to now what we consider the most serious terrorism related threat on her homeland which is the domestic violent extremists. so am i concerned? yes. i'm concerned today, tomorrow and i was concerned yesterday. >> greg: he's not too concerned because its border is wide open and people are just pouring across. why do you think the american people are more concerned at this point?
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>> dagen: because everything america touches turns to chaos. just sounding like you drank half a bottle of benadryl doesn't make us feel good. when the world aspiring out of control. it's not only to keep us safe, their jobs, it's to make us feel safe. and you look at what happened in afghanistan clearly but it's also the inability to stand up to the wuhan virus. tony blinken not let office will lambaste him about america and didn't say anything or do anything so when is biden going to stand up to china on the wuhan virus? you can connect to the two because they were running by a weapons lens 20 years ago. they probably learn something from the what, four and a half million people who died worldwide because of a single virus that spread around, more than 650,000 americans?
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so that's why people are utterly freaked out. >> greg: and it's not just republicans, independents and democrats are also much more concerned. >> dana: independents are fickle voters usually come up they pretty much don't like it either political party so they like to -- and basically they don't like washington. but what you would hope is that they could at least trust washington. you can dislike but still hope. i do think actually on the merits youth the united states a safer today than it was on september 10th, 2001. it's unlivable to think about now but at the time it was illegal to have an intelligence community and law enforcement to share with each other. and you think back, how could that possibly have happened? that changed with the patriot act. it wasn't perfect, but that doesn't make us safer. it was true then and it was true now. terrorists only have to be right once. that could be with weapons of mass destruction or not.
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but they don't have to be right once, we have to be right every single time which means we have to have a committed focus. the second thing that's true as this is a generational war on ideology so you have to fight it from various different perspectives. i think you have to stay on offense and i wonder if the american people, they feel like right now we are on defense and that doesn't feel good. i don't think that's necessarily true. congressman michael waltz today said afghanistan under the taliban is now a terrorist superstate. and josh kraushaar of the national journal, i highly recommend is called today about the politics of all of this. you could see a return of the security moms of 2004 because yes, the economy is a critically important but if you do not feel secure, that's your first priority. >> greg: soccer moms, security mounds, lots of moms, greg. >> greg: so if afghanistan is a terrorist state then that makes us the world the largest
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sponsor of terror. with like $30 billion worth of weapons. so secretary mayorkas so there's no credible threat unless it's white supremacist and face paint. you have to wonder, why is it that when the democrats enter power we instinctively feel less safe? it's that reason because we'd met the enemy and to them is always going to be us. we had terror under both parties, but we feel like the dems are always more concerned about our phobic response. and they had a terror attack. and the phobic response, and it's often denied the signs of
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organic terror and converted islamic radicals. maybe if al qaeda decides to attack it, we've identify as white supremacist which by the way as cultural appropriation. that would probably be the most offensive thing about it so hard left progressives. you have to wary about bioterror, cyber terror and attacks on our grid. that will be the new 9/11 or those of spectacles. it's more constructive if you can shut down country. >> jessica: leon panetta has been talking about this right now. we are starting to see that certainly from china and russia and iran and we will see how the middle eastern players get into this. terms of the drop, and around nine and 9/11 things get antsy
2:22 pm
or for people. every paper you open an channel you turn to, and that's what's going on in the hub of extremist terror. that's compounding things for people and greg has mentioned a few times that this is a story where people could largely turn away from over the past few years. even foreign policy nuts are thinking about it and it certainly matters but now, there is no escaping basically our worst national nightmare which was what a nine. and i think that is a tough thing for a lot of people. and it's informing how secretary mayorkas is talking about what's going on, we see the domestic threat which has been huge and prevalent. >> i want to thank andy mccarthy cummings talk to me a lot on the phone and he is
2:23 pm
dismayed that we seem to be repeating what we did 30 years ago. he said they don't understand the jihadist enemy and they refuse -- to greg's point, conservatives get treated as if they are evil because we refuse to coddle the enemy. >> jesse: we are highlighting a major problem, next on "the five." ♪ ♪
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overdose cases show america's street sense on crisis is far from over. canadian food quad johnson was t week after investigators say they consumed a batch of cocaine that had been laced with fentanyl during a party in los angeles. police reportedly think "the wire" actor michael k williams may have overdosed on pencil after he was found dead in his new york city apartment. it's a deadly drug it's up to 100 times more potent than heroin it keeps pouring into the country. it set to kill hundreds of thousands of people. >> greg: but i'm going to do the whole refrain and they separated from the drug user or
2:29 pm
the drunk, junkie. fentanyl is made in china and it's killed everyone from tom petty to mike miller to prince. these deaths could be prevented. and they legalized it and that went away. the other big story is that spreading from heroin to coke. and it a lot of kids in college try it once, they try it once in a party, a friend says triad, and all it takes is one and buffy is not coming back. all it takes is one line of fentanyl and you are dead.
2:30 pm
the street substance is doing the killing it is not prescription drugs. they tell them they can't get the oxley that they need and they give them tramadol. give me a break. it's kind of like gun control going after law-abiding gun owners and so the solution is identify the problem, it's fentanyl poisoning imported by china. take out the producers of it, as they are a tell a terrorist cell. they can do it independently and lay off prescribers and doctors and patients who are not abusing the drug and leave them alone. >> dagen: to greg's point, a lot of doctors have said more people are struggling with substance abuse. if you more overdoses because because of the tainted drugs with fentanyl. it's a controlled substance like cocaine but they have no control
2:31 pm
over it. >> dana: i will never forget a couple who lost one of their children, a teen who was in covid school, board, never try to before. the first time he ever tried was laced with fentanyl and he died. it's amazing how many of these issues come back to the border because this is another political albatross, that these are not no want don't like what to with, and the findings are, and he loves to vacation in mallorca. no. we do know a lot about the sentinel is coming because it's being stopped, the big shipment.
2:32 pm
we know that because the feds were able to confiscate it but the transformation is becoming from something that was used by people who can't get their hands on opioid to party drug time. it's a really tremendous problem. and it was interesting. i was reading some accounts from people who interviewed drug dealers and what was going on and they were saying it was a supply-chain problem in the drug world just like you can't get lumber to build your houses, that we had gas shortages et cetera so covid-19 has clamped on everything. and i thought that was really interesting. so i guess we don't get as many repeat customers if you kill them. and now and now they are finally let loose. they may be vaccinated but they want to party and they are 18 or 19 years old. on the michael k williams front there is an amazing article on new called them redemption of michael k williams
2:33 pm
about his road to sobriety, and oxley that did not end well for him. and a specific -- the river on is the one i think he is to see in new jersey. basics what you think about comparing fentanyl to lumber which has killed a bunch of people? >> greg: joe biden has to do something about this. he's in a new unique position because his son was an addict but he doesn't talk about it. he reduced sentencing guidelines for illicit federal traffickers here in united states, that was his proposal. he was asked about it on cnn town hall, what are you going to do? and his answer was we will hire more lawyers at the department of justice. then he said, we have to do something. a lot of people are asking
2:34 pm
questions because hunter has a stake worth millions of these chinese concerns. is that why biden hasn't been tough? he had a perfect opportunity to take that lab leak until report and turn the screws to the chinese and instead, they whitewashed it. if that had come out honestly they could have said it, this was on you. you killed 600,000 americans. we want money, we want accountability. one of the things the chinese could have done is cracked on these manufacturers, the drug chemists and all the shipments i go out. but i didn't doesn't use leverage like that, he's not smart enough. so we still get washed and through these cartels that bring you through what mexico into the border and we are getting killed. and it's because his donors don't want to make waves with the chinese, he wants to get reelected more than he wants to fight the chinese drug warriors. >> dagen: . the wuhan virus killing 650,000 americans, that wasn't enough. day after day.
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dead americans, dead americans. i headed, dr. tony fauci and the media scolding fans for going back to the stadium.
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♪ ♪ welcome to allstate. where everything just seems to go your way. ♪ ♪ you're in good hands with allstate. click or call for a lower auto rate today. >> jessica: at welcome back. college football fans are packing stadiums across the country and it's giving dr. fauci some heartburn. >> i don't get smart on the rule is if you want to participate you get vaccinated, and if not, sorry, you are not going to be able to do it.
2:40 pm
>> that sort of what i thought, i thought covid is about to have a feast. >> or are we going to be stuck in outbreak mode? >> even though the fact is we are actually merit much worse off than we were a year ago. >> i'm curious to your take on this. i have seen now that the cdc recommends outdoor masking but i still haven't seen an update to the science aspect of it. it i thought that it wasn't the safe spot. >> i think that it still is. it seems to me that there could have just been some political pressure from somewhere. but today we find out that the cdc revised some of its mask guidance and, for while they said even if you are vaccinated you had to mask and everyone said it, where did that come from? it turns out teachers unions were agitating and giving pressure and that's when the cdc
2:41 pm
changed its guidance. so if i were a college student and i'm looking at the european soccer league, because i know a lot of them do. they've had fans therefore several weeks and i could imagine that a lot of these college students, they want to say come up with where the sun don't shine us before was bad. >> dana: anything else to say? >> greg: covid will have a feast, but officially we had one goal and that was to return to normal. the media turned normal into deadly and it's exactly the opposite of, keep calm and carry on. now it's keep screaming and carry three masks. we said this was going to be of battle, and they don't want to accept risk, and that there is
2:42 pm
always going to be a little bit of risk involved. the media should not be listened to except for the show and my show and maybe jesse's. >> jesse: you are promoting trump on got field. who is harrison? oh, from pawn stars. how do you fix that graphic? my goodness. >> trump gets the solo promo. are you new? >> jessica: that was all your talking by the way. >> jesse: here are the list of things that anthony fauci did not nag us about. black lives matter protests, the scene in concert central park, obama's massive vineyard birthday party, lollapalooza in chicago and all these caravans of illegals coming across. here's what dr. fauci did ask us about.
2:43 pm
sturgis, college football, sec football and anytime three people get together in florida. have you noticed something about dr. fauci? is not an equal opportunity nagger. if talk she criticized me every time i went to football games or every time you went to your dixie chicks concert, he never said squat. >> it's the chicks. >> the chicks. >> jessica: that's the whole cycle game that we were playing. >> dagen: instantaneous acidindigestion on site. despite the fact that he has an arm of a 3-year-old, he said nothing about baseball games. stadiums have been packed watching baseball for weeks if not months. but now, college football is a red state sport. it's the neanderthals with the tailgate.
2:44 pm
>> greg: in his defense it will be the only time. do think it depends on how he asked the questions? >> has a pretty big job. i do love crg talking about people exhaling with vigor. exhaling with vigor. >> greg: if you breathe, you have blood on your hands. >> jessica: that we have to go with vigor right now. he's ♪ ♪ 72,808... dollars. yep... everything hurts.
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>> dana: at welcome back. it's time for "the festus." you know when you sit down after a long day watching tv, and you try to figure out what to put on? apparently people spend 100 days of their lives deciding shows and movies to watch, if that's like a show. >> jesse: i don't have this problem. i wait until other people watch shows on the buzz develops and then i watch it years later. >> dana: you're a follower.
2:49 pm
>> jesse: i'm a follower. i'm just getting into "the sopranos" this year. it's kind of built up and enough people have said it, watch "the sopranos." >> dana: have you watched the wire? >> greg: that's after this. >> jessica: even if i know what i want to watch, there's like a journey on the way there. "goodfellas" is on right now. like eight times. >> dana: do you scroll or do you know what you are going to watch? >> dagen: i don't waste a minute, fox news. keep it on fox. >> dana: very good, give her a raise. >> greg: this is why fox news is so successful. i call it the blue aquarium. just keep it on all the time. look, here comes tucker. he comes around, wait a couple hours and he comes around again. it's like a cable news aquarium. i live in the little castle that's not a castle. but it's great because if you keep it on you have all the
2:50 pm
frames that you needn't come, recognizable people. and you say -- it's like who needs anything else, especially netflix. the more options you have, the more self-loathing you have for the whole thing. isn't that weird? you look at the wall of stuff on netflix and you say, there's nothing here. then you go on youtube and you find a podcast and this looks great, turn it on and it's awesome. >> dana: and peter and i have very different tastes and what we like to watch but he will watch things that i like to watch but you know how when you turn it on it's like, is this peter or dana? you accidentally end up in peter's world and it's like terrorism and suspense, i can handle soccer >> i mean, clear my history for a short do we have time for the next one? okay. and the quarantine, nobody has any hobbies anymore. 60% of people have felt the urge to do something outside of their
2:51 pm
comfort zone but the average person has not tried anything new in two months. does not include you? >> greg: i don't try anything new. i like rids, so i just keep trying to find a new ways to find ribs. >> is anything else new? >> jesse: i had a baby during the pandemic, i got a new haircut. i wrote a book, still where books are sold. >> dana: how about you jessica? you have something new coming. >> jessica: yeah, and now the audience knows. so i'm pregnant. at this is not how -- b3 [laughter] nicely done. >> jessica: yeah. i also learned how to make sourdough bread. >> dana: that was a great
2:52 pm
answer. congratulations. >> dagen: i can't top that. the only thing i could top it with his like partner swats. >> jessica: and even god is not topping the news that we have. >> dagen: i met you giving it away, not her with the bun in the oven. maybe this is the reason i so to have two shows. i'm just tired. anyway, i'm thrilled. >> jessica: we are excited as well. there was another person involved, my lovely husband. >> jesse: and she was doing a gender reveal biplane. >> jessica: yes. with a big explosion. >> dana: i'm dying. "one more thing" is up next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> greg: all right. time for one more thing. let's do this. greg's plugs. yes, all right. you know tonight i got 45 donald trump on this is part one of five interviews. let's take a look. >> jesse: part one? >> greg: do you remember how much i hated you for that brief period of time? >> there was a period of time when you weren't a fan and then you started and now i think -- i don't know if it's love but it's getting close and we like it. >> greg: i wouldn't say it's love, but i would say it's admiration. >> thank you. >> greg: and also admitting that i was wrong because i was focusing on words and not deeds. >> greg: that's just a taste. also, it will be on tonight. we have two parts. two parts tomorrow. it will blow your mind. also, gutfeld live go to my website to find out ticket info g see you in memphis in october. birmingham in november, newark, new jersey december.
2:58 pm
go to g live with tom shillue. jesse? >> jesse: i'm going to watch that and i never watch exclamation but i'm going to watch that. >> greg: that hurts. >> jesse: well, it's true. >> greg: you are hosting. >> jesse: i am. you weren't supposed to say that. >> dana: oh a pregnant pause. >> jesse: big changes in college sports this year obviously everybody knows now some of these athletes can actually get paid through sponsorship deals our friends at robach have a new thing robach u program. first apparel sponsorship program that awards college athletes with real cash payments for hard work on and off the field. it has over 1,000 athletes participating. if you are an athlete in college and you know a college athlete, and if they want to participate, you have one more week to apply to rhoback go to and see if you can get a sponsorship deal. also "the five," we just hit half a million on instagram.
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thanks to greg. [laughter] congrats, everybody. >> greg: dana? had. >> dana: from our friends at fox bet download the phi theta kappa and you enter for a free chance to win $1 million of, believe it or not, terry bradshaw's money. a million dollars. >> greg: i don't believe it. >> dana: i know. i'm like is that real? how you pick six outcomes from sunday games and watch to see how it all plays out. free to play. download again phi theta kappa. are fox bet super6. >> san diego gab's brother made delicious sorrow dough bread learned to divook are buschy lunch. drunk dagen. kennedy master efficient guy in adam's wedding. happy second anniversary. kennedy and kat timpf's wedding. kennedy all the time.
3:00 pm
fantastic. happy birthday to you. >> greg: dagen, 20 seconds. >> dagen: two little boys in baseball, indiana got caught stopping at a funeral for 89-year-old charles everett yourn they stood and waited until taps were played and a gun salute. >> greg: very nice. >> dagen: well done mom and dad. >> greg: that's it for us. "special report" is up next with the evil shannon bream. >> shannon: stay tuned to find out just how evil, greg. great to see you. >> greg: that's a tease. >> shannon: it is. good evening, welcome to washington. i'm shannon bream in for bret baier. breaking tonight, americans trying to leave afghanistan are pleading with the biden administration for help. a number of them are on charter planes, still being blocked from leaving. the administration is blaming the taliban but not everyone is buying that. correspondent trey yingst starts us off tonight from doha, qatar. hello, trey. >> shannon, good evening. there is tension on the ground in afghanistan as the taliban cracks downn


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