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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 8, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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you're looking at some of the video of how he was assaulted. jesse watters will be hosting the show. six days left until california can fire their governor gavin newsom. also, i will be on the radio from 9:00 to noon and don't forget to catch me w on the roa, the president and freedom fighter tour. i will be in charleston, orlando, clearwater, go to for how to get tickets. the war on history and how to win it. ♪ ♪ >> sean: welcome to "hannity," busy breaking news night. disturbing news from afghanistan. four dangerous get my detainees released by obama and biden in s2014. they have now been appointed to key positions in the new islamic emirate known as14 afghanistan. great job, joe and barack. they joined several other notable terrorists at the top of the taliban's new government. these radical islamists are holding our fellow americans hostage, blocking them from leaving the country, hunting for anyone that helped america that
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has western ties in the last 20 years, but tonight the biden administration are more concerned withth the taliban's lack of inclusivity. i wish i was kidding but i am not. day 25, americans held hostage. >> with h regard to the composition of this government or interim government, it includes people who have very challenging track records. >> allowing the taliban to pick its most wanted, it's top draft picks out of guantanamo, to see them in charge of what is quickly becoming a terrorist superstate is just a slap in the face. >> so i guess we shouldn't be surprised when terrorists, people have been let go and everything else are running the very organization that the state department and administration is trying to negotiate. it makes absolutely no sense.
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>> every time i don't think the situation could getit worse, it does. >> americans held hostage behind enemy lines, day 25. >> sean: abandoned behind enemy lines. let me say this one more time. all of this could have been prevented easily, from april to may, from may to june to july to august, we had months to withdraw all of our people. we had a duty, we saw the taliban advancing, we could have easily maintained control of the air base, we could have aggressively bombed the taliban with drones and we could have expedited the withdrawal of americans and their families and also our afghan allies and the billion dollars plus, billions of dollars worth of military equipment while we had full control. biden was warned daily by the
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intel community about the deteriorating situation. he chose to live to this country, lied to all of us about the well-trained afghan military. they were all getting asses cakes while the entire world watched and lying to the world. now the fate of our fellow americans rests in the hands of terrorists including islamists once in prison at guantanamo bay free in exchange for a former army deserter by biden and obama. in 2015 during his announcement speech then candidate trump predicted that this bergdahl taliban prison swap, he predicted it would end in disaster. osama bin laden, a bad guy, that was not going to end well. take a look. >> the people don't have a clue. our president doesn't have a clue, he is a bad negotiator.
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he is the one that did bergdahl. we get bergdahl, they get five killer terrorists that everybody wanted over there, we get bergdahl, we get b a no good trader and they t get the five people they wanted for years and they are now back on the battlefield trying to kill us. >> sean: donald trump was right, two years later bowe bergdahl pleaded guilty to desertion and misbehavior before the enemy and now four out of the five detainees, they are in leadership positions now atop the new government which will swear themselves and i believe on the 20th anniversary of september 11th 2001. and as we first reported last night, these terrorists are blocking private charter flights from extracting our own american citizens and according to biden's own secretary of state, antony blinken, our ability to get those planes in the sky is pretty limited without the control of an airport or boots
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on the ground. watch this. >> as of now, the taliban are not committing the charter flights to depart. they claimed that some of the passengers do not have the required documentation.. while there are limits to what we can do without personnel on the ground, without an airport howith normal security procedurs in place, we are working to do everything in our power to support those flights and to get them off the ground. >> sean: and the state department said that even if those private charter planes get permission to land in a country, they can't come to the u.s., that is not an option. how was that possible when we shave u.s. citizens on board? but if they get permission but that permission is predicated on permission from our state department, the answer will be no. explain that to me. biden said we had all the leverage? where is the leverage, joe? if only we h held out or kept forces on the ground, or used predator drones to push back the
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taliban or speeding up the withdrawal until every american was out, every afghan ally was out, all our military equipment was out, none of that happened and you had months watching this unfold. now blinken seems less concerned with the americans left behind. he's more concerned with the lack of diversity and inclusion in the taliban's new government. when the taliban was in power the last time, girls couldn't go to school, women couldn't go to work, they were subjugated to men. young girls were taken as sex slaves and wives to the taliban fighters. do you think they have changed? i doubt it. take a look. >> yesterday the taliban named a new interim government. we are assessing the announcement, but despite inclusive, despite thinking that the new government would be inclusive it
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includes no women. it certainly does not meet the test of inclusivity and it includes people who have very challenging trackud records. >> sean: a stunning lack of inclusivity from a terrorist organization that we already know enslaves women, subjugates women and forces young girls against their will to marry taliban fighters andom they murr musicians and artists and anybody they don't like. that makes sense? he is a terrorist, mr. blinken. how stupid are you? they are whipping women and children with wires at the airport. they are hunting down female afghan police officers and murdering them right in the street. you see the reports, you know the truth. they helped plan i the 9/11 terrorist attacks that took out nearly 3,000 americans. 2,977 if my memory serves me
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correctly. the biden administration is worried over the lack of gender diversity in the taliban's new government. goare you really that ignorant? sadly, it appears the answer is yes. a brand-new ad from trump save america highlights the insane level of incompetence. take a look. >> how did president biden get this all wrong? >> they clearlye had the capaciy to sustain the government in l place. >> this has been a disaster. >> theat taliban is not the north vietnamese army.sp >> looks like saigon 2.0 to me. >> the likelihood as the taliban overrunning everything and owning the whole country is highly unlikely. >> this tragedy was completely preventable. >> we told you joe biden was not up to the job. now we are seeing the devastating consequences of his incompetence. biden vacationed while afghanistan collapsed. mpamerican military equipment ws plundered and now america weeps over the sacrifice due too biden's surrender.
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>> sean: joe biden was still telling us one of the best trained armies in the world, one of the best trained militaries in the world after the taliban had the afghan military army in full collapse and had taken over 60% of the country. how do you get it that wrong when you know it's wrong?% maybe that is something to do with his steep cognitive decline. joe biden seemso to have a hard time speaking, thinking, walking and doing any basic function at this point for himself, so his staff of social justice warriors, they seem to be calling the shots but don't take my word for it. just look at this other strange moment from biden earlier today. take a look. >> now i'm supposed to stop and of the room here. [laughter] i'm going to stop in with your permission i'm going to walk into the room. thank you. >> sean: i know we don't call them tornadoes anymore either. it stopped being funny a long time ago. hundreds of americans are held
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hostage, 13 brave american heroes are dead because of that guy's incompetence. one gold star mother invited former president trump to her son'snc funeral, not joe biden. all these 9/11 families saying, don't come to our memorials on 9/11. and this mother says that joe biden has blood on his hands. in a social media post she called biden a weak human being and a traitor. joe biden truly is a weak human being in every way, physically, mentally, morally and now a vast majority of americans seem toty agree. a new democratic leaning ugo economist poll shows biden's approval rating now below 40%. donald trump jr., what would your dad do? if they moved three steps he would have obliterated them like baghdadi and yemen.
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that is step one, they never would've gotten here, right? >> the only thing these animals respect and understand his strength. joe biden exudes nothing but weakness, donald trump exuded strength so they knew he was not the one to be trifled with. they knew he was not someone to mess with. donald trump also has the brainpower to actually negotiate like a real businessman, not a bureaucrat politician with no real world experience. he wouldn't have walked away without having conditions met. he wouldn't have given them 65 billion in u.s. equipment. he wouldn't have allowed that and they wouldn't have even thought to mess with him. t when i watch the secretary of state and these other clowns, we are really shocked that thee taliban doesn't have an inclusive and diverse cabinet? my kindergartners would have known this when they were in kindergarten.
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it is so absurd that this is the stuff they are pushing. and i guess it explains it because it is the only thing that matters, checking off a lot of boxes. they spent a lot of time bragging about how they have the most diverse cabinet in the history of america. look at what it's gotten us, because they are actually not hiring competent people. they are checking off boxes arbitrarily and putting in clowns that have no business having american lives, thees american economy in the palm of their hands, because you see exactly what they are doing. they are destroying it all. the one place i have to be surprised about is joe biden is over performing. i thought it would take him years to destroy america, sean, and he's been able to do it in a mere few months. it's absolutely ridiculous. every day the clown show gets worse and worse. you are seeing now, the state department confirming, we are not really letting flights of american citizens get out of there because they want to make the world's largest airlift
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where they took out a lot of afghanis, aak lot of people on suspected terror lists, some convicted rapists out of afghanistan but they left citizens of the united states behind. i guess they want credit of that so they allow other people to do the job they should have been doing for the last 25 days because they are incompetent, sean. >> sean: i want to read you something, if i can, because this is our state department. we've all these efforts, we have guys retired, navy seals, guys retired, guys watching those that are sick and tired of watching america retreat and surrender and leaving americans behind enemy lines. they are risking their lives. others are putting in a lot of money to try to really expensive planes and they are sitting on a tarmac from six, seven days in some cases and the state department memo goes out on september 1st, no independent charters are allowed to land in a specific air base.
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the military air base you mentioned in your communication with samantha power. in fact, no charters are allowed to land and any department of defense bays and most if not all countries in the middle eastern region with the exception of perhaps saudi arabia will allow charters to land. then it says you need to find another destination country. it can't be the united states. and then it says from our state department, it may require official approval from the state department before accepting a private charter flight, which our state department will not provide that approval. so we've got americans in chartered planes, don jr., in chartered planes ready to take off, a country willing to accept them and they are saying we won't let you come to the u.s. and we won't give you approval to go to the country that will accept you. are you kidding me? >> it's disgusting. american citizens are doing the job that the biden
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administrationng should have ben doing from day one but they see the lack of leadership. theyth see the incompetence. it's literally the most biden thing ever. like you spoke about earlier in your monologue with bowe bergdahl. let's trade four terrorists for a deserter, for a traitor. that is the most obama-biden democrat trade ever. this is the next iteration of that. it's a continuation of biden's america last policy. >> sean: appreciate you being with us. tonight while the biden administration complaints about the lack of inclusion in the taliban's a new government we are getting a picture of what the taliban will be like under talibanl rule where sharia lawr rules supreme. afghan women will soon be banned from playing sports, holding most jobs, their travel will also be restricted, most music is also going to be banned, comedy is banned and all women will be forced to adhere to a strict dress code and moral code. the punishment for breaking any of these barbaric rules is
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death. here with more, the host of fox nation, larra logan along with the medal of honor recipient, fox news contributor to kota myers is us. i want to ask you, my understanding is our intelligence was able to track the terrorist attack that killed 13 americans and injured 200 more and killed over 100 more, and they had, they ran up the chain. they knew what was happening, the intel was exactly right andd they had the ability to take this guy out. jennifer griffin says the pentagon denies this report and they didn't take out the suicide bomber. you've been looking into it, i heard you thiss morning talking about it, what is the latest on it? is the department of defense telling us the truth or are they lying? >> are we going to trust the department of defense, are we actually going to trust the people part of the biden
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administration who continue to lie to us? no, talking to the people on the ground, we have confirmed with three different sources that were involved in this that set it up, intel reporting that there was going to be an attack, that they found this person, they actually had drone lock on this person, they set it up andd requested to take the shot and the response was no for the reason being they were negotiating, in negotiations with the taliban. this is coming directly from sources on the ground, services who were actually involved iny this incident. g so of course, do you expect the government to go ahead and take accountability? because that is what would happen if they actually admitted to this. >> sean: let me go to you, larra logan. we know what life was like for women under the taliban before. we've seen these reports, wen know what they say they are going to do. i guess the obvious question is why would anyonene expect anythg
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different? and the idea that tony blinken is so out of touch with who the taliban really is and they force young girls into sex slavery and marriage and subjugate women so they can't go to school or work in the fact that they don't know that and they are saying they are concerned about the lack of inclusivity and the government of the taliban, how dumb are these people not to know the taliban fornd who they are? >> it's not stupidity, they know exactly who the taliban are. they are counting on the fact that american people don't know who the taliban are common too sell you a pack of lies and this didn't stopca with tony blinken. this started with the obama administration. you can go all the way back to right after obama was elected, this was the message from the very, very beginning, that there is good taliban and bad taliban. they packed the administration with apologist and just ignored all the evidence. the taliban has had control over
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limited parts of afghanistan and their rule has been identical to what you are seeing now. it's not a question of they didn't know, they had all the evidence. i received today footage of young women in protests which i think are in kabul. i will release that when i havew been able to vent it to know for sure about gun v fire outcome of these women are screaming and terrified. another photo from reuters of a taliban fighter appointing an m-16, american-made rifle courtesy of the u.s. military at a woman and another picture of her body and i'm trying to vent and confirm that. there is women protesting all over afghanistan now who are being shot at, there's been a number of policewomen executed, as you mentioned, and the biden administration has all of the evidence that they need. they had a before and what they are doing is lying to you. you remember schindler's list. we all know what schindler's list is. you talked about the special
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operations vets and the biden state departmentyo in the justie department and the agency arede working overtime to threaten and intimidate all of those vets. they are using every lover of their power to shut down those rescue operations to drag them out in they are now encouraging people to go to kabul. that is the message going on and i am one of the people that is trying to help rescue afghans and i am telling everybody that before they slap some phony charges on everybody and try to imprison people for trying to rescue people the same way they've got people in prison for going to the capitol on january 6th. that i want to tell you what they have actually been doing. they have ceded control to the taliban and they have sent out to their active duty forces to let them know that all of those manifests will be vetted by a man who has a $5 million bounty on his head. he's one of the most wanted terrorists in the world. that is by the u.s. the u.s. designated him a terrorist.
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there are americans who have died and have been wounded going after him and his network. there are tens and thousands of afghans who have been killed by him and now he is in charge of security. he is the man that they went to before the u.s. h forces were bombed at that airport. he's the guy guy they turn to for help, unknown terrorist. this is who the american people are being told is going to be our counterterrorism partner. this is the cabinet that tony blinken says there are some people with questionable kinds of issues in their past. excuse me?y you are a designated terrorist by the united states government and this administration has been breaking the law over and over again. they are now going to take humanitarian aid, which is your tax dollars, the tax dollars of soldiers families who died on that battlefield and the families of 9/11 and they're going to try to pass it to the taliban. you know why, sean? because we were sending cash
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every week to the afghan government and the taliban can't function without it. they want that money and the biden administration are the ones to give it to them but they are looking for a way to get it there and they've got a little problem here because they were going to make recognition of the taliban government, they were going to make that transitional based on their actions but look at their actions. the going house to house executing people. there is a potential in the making. the people we were fighting with a few weeks ago, our allies are being slaughtered by the pakistanis and the u.s. is doing nothing. someone in congress needs to ask, what are we doing about pakistan?.s why are we not sanctioning and stopping pakistan question right we believe in covering by fear and terror or do we believe in democracy and freedom? >> sean: great report, thank you larra logan. ndwhen we come back, a new repot shedding light on why the biden staffers are quick to cut his mic off. for reaction, busy news night
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straight ahead. stay with us. ♪ ♪cr
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and care for kids and adults with muscular dystrophy, als, and related neuromuscular diseases. join me, and learn more at today. thank you. >> welcome to "fox news live," i'm jackie i finance in new york and to reinstall fencing around capitol hill or ahead of next week's planned with a rally. according to the associated press. house speaker nancy pelosi with extras safety precautions saying "we intend to have the integrity of the capital with fencing around the capitol for months and they are following january 6th insurrection. meanwhile the taliban reportedly will allow 200 americans and other civilians to leave afghanistan on chartered flights. that is according to u.s. officials. departures to take place thursday, but the official could
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not say whether the 200 people are among those stranded for days in mazar-e sharif. i'm jackie ibanez, log on to you are watching fox news channel. >> sean: joe biden struggles are now so glaring, it is so undeniable that even his own staff or putting him on mute, literally. according to a new report from politico white house staffers often for the president on silent or don't watch him live at all in an effort to quellta their anxiety about what they might say or might do. thisis report already tells us what we know and that is that his presidency is imploding and why biden has told don't take questions altogether because he is weak, frail, cognitive mess and frankly, deteriorating daily. common sense americans, the world have all taken notice. listen to the welcome that
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joe biden got yesterday in new jersey that the media tended to ignore. >> [bleep] leave americans behind! [bleep] leave americans behind! we should leave you behind, you guys! you guys! >> sean: meanwhile, biden's failures abroad continue to embolden americans enemies and adversaries because, get this, according to a new report, u.s. news, they are now weighing new ways to embarrass the biden administration including occupying the bought, paid for, built, abandoned airbase in afghanistan.
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not only a surrender to the taliban and emboldened terrorists but created a power vacuum that will be filled by the likes of russia, china, iran, all hostile regimes and we are now weaker and the world worries because of joe biden's self-inflicted and preventable disaster. herewith reaction former acting acting director of national intelligence along with radio host dana loesch, good to see you both. from that standpoint, every single military person i know and i know a lot of them, they are apoplectic and those that are severely injured and those who were severely lost, they are apoplectic and they can't believe we left americans behind enemy lines with the taliban holding them hostage and living at their whim. >> they should be furious and you know who else is really upset, our state employees were left behind, intelligence
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officers. what is clear is the biden doctor and leave 10% behind. it's atrocious and i can tell you that career state department officials are horrified. they don't know what's next. and now what we hear is excuses from the white house that they didn't want to get out of afghanistan? i mean come on, this is really bad. >> sean: let me get your position. you are well connected, you know about efforts we should one day be able to tell the american people what's going on right now. behind enemy lines with no help from the state department but the reality is they owned this and it was all preventable. o
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>> i think you're exactly right and i'm also really confused about his statements from earlier today that he said oh, no, it is the taliban that is preventing these plans from taking off and then there were concerns that we don't know we were going to bring these people, the ones that were actually able to get to the airport, his statement made no sense considering the fact that they have all been diverted to third-party neutral countries whether it's albania et cetera where these people's documentation can be gone over to make sure they are not a threat to the united states, so onceon again we have the federal government that isis not making any sense and not being straight with the american people. and this is why furthermore, you know why people are muting joe biden? he can't talk about any of this, it's a walking cringe fest. everybody is going to be paying attention at midtermhi election. barack obama said at the midterm elections that democrats delivered a shellacking. this might be too far a reach for a reference but it will be waffle house level beat down
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because of everything this administration has done particularly as it relates to the disaster in afghanistan. >> sean: thank you, when we come back, a man who is freed by a bail fund promoted by kamala harris has now been charged with murder. great job. also today larry elder in his campaign had eggs thrown at him and hostility broke t out just while walking through los angeles. we've got the take. leo 2.0 terrell is here to react, that is straight ahead.
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>> sean: now the deadly consequences of the democrats' defined, dismantle the police agenda is on full display because get this, last summer kamala harris promoting the bailout of rioters and violent
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unrest. a minnesota man who was freed by that harris supported far left radical bail group is now being charged f with murder. 47-year-old george howard became involved in a road rage incident late last month in minneapolis and allegedly shot dead a fellow driver. he's been charged with two counts of second-degree murder. ask yourself where is the outrage from democrats? their agenda is enabling this all across the country. defined, dismantle, no bail nalaws. what about violence against police officers and other innocent americans. earlier today in los angeles, larry elder. he is out campaigning, attacked by ani bunch of egg serving radical leftist agitators and a fight nearly breaks out. take a look. >> way to go, larry! [shouting] >> we are getting egg from
11:39 pm
behind. >> [bleep]! take your [bleep] hands off me! don't touch me again, [bleep]! >> don't touch me, [bleep]! >> sean: here with reaction, leo 2.0 terrell along with fox news legal analyst gregg jarrett. let me start with you. when january 6th happened, we all condemned it, all three of us. that can't happen in our country, it's not about political disagreement, got to protect them. but we also i had a summer of rioting that was completely ignored by democrats. police precincts burned to the ground. nearly 3,000 officers injured, pelted with rocks and bricks and frozen water bottles, a couple dozen people injured, 3,000 cops hurt. is that commission? hundreds of riots around the
11:40 pm
country? >> you won't see that commission because that commission would basically indict the democratic party. that is left is chaos, what you just saw. first time i have seen it. it is disgusting. kamala harris funded a minnesota freedom fund where the rioters burned down a police department. there has been no action whatsoever for the summer of riots, summer of criminals, summer of misconduct. the democrats ignore that because that is their base, that is their democratic bays and what you just saw with larry elder is the democratic fear that you have people of color leaving the democratic party, a black republicanhe telling other people of color to go to the right side, to the republican side and they don't want it because if you take the black and brown vote away from the democratic party, you don't have a democratic party at all and that is what they fear.
11:41 pm
that is what is happening in los angeles and what you saw with kamala harris. in my opinion, a benefit for larry eldern, to campaign becaue she is a total disaster. >> sean: let me ask you, gregg jarrett. i don't like to see violence anywhere. we saw what happened last summer. joe biden never even mentioned it at his convention speech. the reality is all these people were murdered, police precincts burned to the ground, had the interview with horace lorenzo anderson sr. who lost his son, namesake, junior, and in each as summer of love autonomous zone, nobody says a word and they continue with this dis-funding, dismantle agenda. i would argue kamala harris is aiding and abetting across the country. >> one thing to argue is but for kamala harris luis ortiz would
11:42 pm
be alive today. she didn't pull the trigger but she champion to the fund that set the man free who did pull the trigger. i wonder what kamala harris would say to his grief stricken, heartbroken family members but she refuses to talk about it. a trick she learned from joe biden. but this is kamala harris' idea of being woke. let's help the accused criminals and victimize innocent individuals. her fund set free 1 of 7 different men accused of beating women. kamala harris helped to set free. that is not all. this will shock you. here are some of the other criminals that her fund put back on the streets. a registered sex offender accused of raping an 8-year-old girl, twice convicted with sexual assault and kidnapping and the defendant charged with
11:43 pm
stabbing a friend to death for refusing sex. i could hear kamala harris saying, the $35 million i helped raise for the bail fund, i just wanted that to go to the good protesters in last year's summer of love. let's remember what they were charged with. looting, arson, destruction of property, assault and battery, setting police cars on fire, vandalism of all kinds. so many innocent people were victimized by vice president harris obviously supports accused criminals over police, lawbreakers over law abiders and we are all in america worse for it. >> sean: well said, both of you. gregg jarrett, leo 2.0 terrel. jimmy kimmel staying unvaccinated americans should not have access to icu beds. why not?
11:44 pm
don't we care about everyone's health? you're going to make everything that political?do travis, kayleigh mcenany, they respond as we continue. ♪ ♪
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♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> sean: now the mob and the media tonight, they are continuing to launch disgusting and vicious attacks on americans who value medical privacy. you know, doctor-patient confidentiality. and as it relates to who has and has not been vaccinated or decided not to get the vaccine v for whatever reason, just listen to jimmy kimmel saying that they should be denied hospital beds. okay, what is wrong with
11:49 pm
liberals? how about we take care of the h sick when they need help? take a look. >> dr. fauci says of hospitals get any more of a credit they are going to have to make some tough choices about who gets in icu bed. that doesn't seem so hard, vaccinated person having a heart attack, come on in. the guy who didn't get vaccinated and gobbled horse goo, rest in peace. >> sean: what is the litmus test going to be? if you are an alcoholic, drug addicts, if you made choices in life we will apply those standards to everybody, whether you agree or disagree? to which that for any fellow american, to actually want them to suffer based on vaccine status that frankly is nobody's business? and remember, there are some americans, they can't get the vaccine due to other serious health conditions and a lot of rare conditions are out there. millions of people have natural immunity. the cleveland clinic, their sciences if you have covid you
11:50 pm
don't need any vaccine. that is what they say. i'm following the science. these are important decisions that can have life-and-death consequences that need to be based on science. your unique medical history, your current medical condition and consultations with your trust and theou research that you do and we should reject one-size-fits-all medicine from people who have no knowledge of medicine. i've been very open with this audience. intake it seriously, research hard. make the best decision for you and your family based on your history, based on your current condition in consultation with your doctor or doctors. yes, i believe in science and i believe in the science of vaccination and i don't want anybody to die. anybody, regardless of their political point of view. the media mob, they are just ramping up their smear tactics by saying stuff like this. >> is it time to start prioritizing icu bedss for peope who are vaccinated?? i just think if you don't want
11:51 pm
to play by any of those rules and all of a sudden you end up in the hospital, i feel bad for you but maybe you shouldn't go and take upup the resources from someone else. >> but at some point, you know what, you can't work for the federal government if you don't have a vaccine. you can't teach school if you don't have ahe vaccine. you can't work in hospitals if you don't have the vaccine. >> sean: what if you are following the cleveland clinic science and you have a rare condition like a young woman we interviewed on this program had a rare condition where she got her last vaccine in 2019, she got paralyzed for over a month of her life. her doctor doesn't recommend it for her. the vast majority of americans are not unhinged, hysterical agenda-driven liberal socialist lunatics who support what appears to be at times medical tyranny and one-size-fits-all medicine. in fact, just look at the medicine college football fans sent to your president joe biden over the labor day weekend. take a look. >> [bleep] joeee biden!
11:52 pm
[bleep] joe biden! [all chanting] >> sean: that happens at a lot of college football games. here with reaction, kayleigh mcenany and cohost of the clay travis "buck sexton show," we will start withna you. i love football fans, they are a riot. a kind of goes against, i guess, the social justice messaging that has now taken over a lot of professional sports that i know you talk a lot about. >> sean, i was so excited. i did your show tuesday from the tennessee-bowling green game and i'm headed to fayetteville tomorrow for the texas-arkansas game.nd i really do believe that college football fans are reclaiming normalcy in this country because when there are millions of
11:53 pm
people unmasked, happy to go sit next to their brothers and sisters in college football fandom, high-fiving, tailgating, having an amazing time and people can all see that happening on television, it makes it impossible to argue that we can't return to our normal life and that is why i'm so excited. i really do think college football fans to a large extent are leading us out of the wilderness and into a free society. one more time. covid is not going away for the rest of our lives. we can't continue to cower in college football fans declared independence last weekend and i hope it continues this weekend as well. >> sean: when you're talking about sports, the most unifying event, all races, financial backgrounds and you have unifying event, shared passion for a sport, shared passion for a team. tailgating, high-fiving
11:54 pm
strangers. it's fun, they ruined it. out of the covid question, kayleigh mcenany, i really worry about these so-called doctors playing doctor on tv and washington that don't know a whole lot, have gotten an awful lot wrong and even the experts have gotten even more wrong and then we have the fauci cover up. the reality is, i want people to take it seriously. i've given out my list of things to do. i would add to that now that we have breakthrough cases, ask your doctor, if you have one, about therapeutics like regeneron that nobody ever talks about. >> exactly. the therapeutics that, guess who gave them to us, president donald j. trump, president trump made that possible. he inherited covid, he got it, it came on his watch and what did he do? he left the coverage there, i'm going to get ppe. we don't have working therapeutics, okay, we don't
11:55 pm
have a vaccine, wait, i will do that in record time overseeing operation warp speed. president biden comes over, completely squanders the situation and his whole numbers are squandering with it and i can tell you why i think we are in such a bad spot right now, because of the orwellian tactics of the left. when bill de blasio goes out there and says, it's time to shake people, the voluntary phases over with with the vaccine, i'm going to mandate vaccine cards and restaurants in new york city, what you think happens? you think it increases hesitancy? i think so. they are responsible for what is happening in the country right now. it's interesting to see joe biden slipping in the polls from the 50s to the 60s and not only that, afghanistan, he is just simply >> sean: thank you both. a lot more "hannity" after this.
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please set your dvr and never miss an episode. 9:00 eastern, 66 pacific. pray for americans, behind enemy lines. they risk their life to help us. may they find safety as well. but in the meantime, let not your hearts be troubled. laura ingraham is up next. we will see you tomorrow night. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> laura: i am laura ingraham. this is "the ing laura: this is the raingraham angle from washington tonight. an exclusive you will only see here, chilling whistleblower accounts in virginia, afghan refugees involved in multiple incidentss of sexual assault and many using uber to leave despite not having completed the vetting process. congressman green is here with the full story of the later on.